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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  October 21, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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greg: already. hello, everybody. rosanna: nice to have you with us this morning. it is going to be cerner and warmer these days. greg: a new york city police officer shot and killed last night in harlem. just 33 years old. he was pursuing a man that stolen a bike. another officer in less than a year. rosanna: the police commissioner gerald brooks.
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police commissioner not happy. women should start getting mammograms later and do them less frequently then currently suggested. rosanna: we have some good news. the mets beat the cubs in game three last night. greg: they have to be suffering from depression right now. rosanna: taking away that sorrow. greg: tonight we will wrap things up. rosanna: can you definitely forget your troubles and eat fish pizza? greg: you sell the news. horrible news. another police officer shot and killed. shot along the fdr drive. pursuing a man that had stolen a bike.
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much more on this. rosanna: our condolences to his family. it is 7:01 a.m. in the morning. we want to talk about the weather. mike: yesterday was fantastic. today looks like it is going to be even better. comfortable temperatures as we work our way through our over. two thirds of the way through. high temperatures from 67 degrees, that was her high and islip. sixty-four in montauk. sixty-eight in bridgeport. forty-one in sussex. forty-four in allentown. it depends on where you are as
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to what your temperature is. most leases are reporting wind, and at this hour. generally, coming in from the southwest at three-7 miles per hour. we have a cold front tried to drive through. it is only making so much progress. it has been hanging up in that same location. high pressure is going to flock block that out for is here. maybe a few clouds in the northern tri-state. rainfall should not be a problem for a while. this area of low pressure, that will bring us a chance of some showers. today, mainly sunny skies. temperature wise, 74 for a high. we will see our hide stuff down
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to 59 on friday. sixty on saturday. sixty-six on sunday. dropping to the upper 50s monday and tuesday. let's bring in ines rosales. ines: it is the fdr drive that we have been having issues. june smith, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the traffic on the northbound fdr drive is. diverted. bumper-to-bumper back down into the 50s. numerous closures. the fdr drive" the 96 treat and
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ines: hq. we do have some other problems out there. two lanes are blocked within accident. garden state parkway, and accident north bound. southbound side, you are fine. let's check out the long island expressway. here are the trains. mechanical problems. southbound local only between roosevelt. both of the trains are running on or close. rosanna: we have some following breaking news. greg: randolph holder. a police officer of five years. the fourth officer killed in the line of duty in the last 11 months. let's go to robert moses.
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he is in east harlem. >> reporter: good morning. you just heard jim and ines reference the fdr drive by me. that is because officers are still scouring this huge crime scene for evidence. mourning the death of a police officer. this is a sad ritual. at about 8:30 p.m. last night, randolph holder and his partner responded to reports of fires. >> he ran towards danger. it was the last time he will respond to that call. enoch witnesses told the responding officers that her from an fled north of the footpath. one victim told cops that his bike had been stolen at
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suspect on a pike. >> it was an exchange of gunfire between the male suspect in the two officers. during this exchange, officer >> reporter: he was rushed to the hospital. he could not be saved. police also took three other men into custody. their role in what happened is still unclear. this morning, a police department and city mourned for a cock that gave five years of his life to protect all of us. >> we honor the memory of officer holder. he gave the last full measure of his devotion. on behalf of the city. reporter: police have recovered
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at least one gun. i have been checking in with the department all morning long. so far, no confirmation on that. we still do not know the identity of the alleged gunman. we're expecting to learn some of those details later on today. greg and rosanna, back to you. greg: he comes from a family of rosanna: a five-year veteran of the force. this morning, there is a site in east harlem that you never want to see. fox5 liz continues our team coverage. >> reporter: good morning. this is where officer randolph holder would show up to work every day.
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home station house. the offers are was a third-generation police officer. last night he responded to duty for the last time. randolph holder just 33 years old was shot and killed in the holder was an immigrant and wanted to serve the city. he joined the department five years ago. his father and grandfather both served. an emotional news conference. bratton praised holder's father. >> strong enough and brave enough to go in and adjust them as they try to comfort them. in december, 2014, two officers
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inmate, officer brian moore died two days after he was shot in his patrol car. >> for officers murdered and 11 months. >> reporter: now the city mourned another officer. new york city's finest. >> it does not get easier. it never gets easier. >> reporter: that is the hardest part about the job. addressing the department and families after losing one of their own. a steady stream of officers coming here to the station house to extend their condolences to the family. we are live in east harlem. greg and rosanna, packed to you. rosanna: thank you. the faa is looking into a
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laguardia airport. the plane landed safely. just one day after the department of transportation said that all drone operators will have to register their devices. a direct response to the uptick in drone sightings. greg: all right. the mets. three games to zero. sorry, chicago. this is fantastic for us. it has been a century. it looks like it will be another year at least tell chicago can win anything. duke: rosanna, you are right. they are making it look easy. do you honestly think we would be here talking about them
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pennant tonight or should mark the mets are just one game away. a strong outing. daniel murphy. yes, he did it again. he is just unconscious right now. a solo home run. ben: did you say unconscious? duke: yes. that is what you call it when you are in the zone. a six run home run for murphy. only 62 career home runs. year. game tied at two. bets were up five-two.
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final score. >> i do not know. i wish i could explain it. i cannot explain it. i can only thank them for the work that they put in. i wish i could explain it. i cannot hear it. >> how much money do you think that you have made this off-season? >> that is an off-season question. duke: everybody wants to know. he is going to make a lot of money. it is in the grass. i cannot get it. he obviously knows the rules. put his hands up.
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greg: taking care of those leaves finally. duke: part of the tradition up there. that is an excellent point. luckily, in the end -- greg: what are you upset about? duke: sometimes it is up to the umpires discretion. greg: sticks his hand in there. what is it, poison ivy? duke: he did not want to go in there. he knows the ground rose. back to the future day. that is not going to happen. a former mets player going to join me on the couch over there. how about a chicago tribune.
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springing all kinds of leaks. you are right about the iv. rosanna: john franco is going to be here. greg: so is mister and mrs. met. duke: they make rare appearance is. rosanna: thank you. let's talk about what happened at kovac high school on long island. apparently, the students were arrested for hacking into computers and changing grades. schedules. they hacked into the district computer during the summer. school officials figured out what they did and fixed it before school started.
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identity theft charges as well. greg: did you about this? rosanna: we have a captive audience this morning. two people watching from the hospital for special surgery. watching right now as we speak. we wish them well. greg: i hope that there are a couple hundred thousand watching as well. rosanna: you know when you are in the hospital and they come every couple of minutes. mike: all she said all those lights and it is cold. good morning to you. you know it is going to be. a full outside. give you the averages for today. sixty-two would be your average i temperature. we dropped down to 58 degrees. a mild start to the day. we should be on our way back up.
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right now. your current temperature is 58 degrees. fifty-two in albany. 58 degrees of buffalo new york. not bad at all. we have high pressure in control. mainly clear skies. a cold front to our north. can't quite make it to us because high-pressure is blocking it out. we will keep it nice and tight tomorrow another front making its way towards us. we may get a few sprinkles. it will clear out and cool temperatures will certainly be back with us again. today we are on the warmer side of the front. a sprinkle not out of the question later this evening. seventy-four is your high
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sunny and cooler with high temperatures. sixty-six on sunday. another small shower chance. no major storms coming to us for a while. we have some birthday shout outs. this one's going to marianne. your family loves you so much. she's a big fan. let's bring in ines. let's see what is going on. ines: one of those mornings. a little rough out there. overnight investigation. that is the northbound side did traffic jammed. southbound at 125th street. delays go back to the 50s north bound. on the southbound side to the 130s, 140s. of course this will be where
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get off there. let's go to our maps. staten island expressway, you have normal delays. long island, a little stuff to go on the l.i.e. jericho turnpike as well as glencoe road. let's go to our cameras. the garden state parkway. a car flipped over. the northbound side, if have at least two lanes blocked there. left. parkway. george washington bridge driving into the city, 40 minutes on the upper level. thirty on the lower. greg and rosanna. greg: things, ines. degrees. it was 20 the day before.
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of the local. greg: welcome back. looking at the palisades portion of new jersey. rosanna: by the way, happy birthday. sweet 16, samantha. thank you for watching "good day new york." let's talk about this. women are burning up the phone lines and e-mails and twitter. greg: american cancer society get annual mammograms starting at 45 rather than at age 40. forty-five rather than age 40. rosanna: they say that some of these mammograms are causing false alarms. greg: 55 and older scaled-back screenings to every other year.
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favor of this, by the way. my doctor, one of the best mammogram people in the city, if not the country i'm a she is not in favor of it. she thinks 40. greg: a major ally. rosanna: she knows. >> the risk of birth cancer slowly increases from the mid- 80s on to the early 40s. it really starts to increase around the age of 45-49 the. >> the most aggressive columns to those in the 40s. those are the ones that we want to test early. rosanna: everybody knows that early detection saves lives. i remember years ago when my girlfriend got it. she wound up dying from breast-cancer because she found it late. greg: you have to have a
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skeptical. they feel like it is and insurance ploy. who knows. the american cancer society is a wonderful organization. if you feel like you are daughter. greg: mammograms hurt. rosanna: they squeeze you like a pancake. greg: sorry about that. we have this. the pope is healthy. healthy. a viral rumor going around saying he has a tumor. rosanna: the pontiff had gone to a japanese specialist about the tumor which could be cured without surgery. the vatican spokesperson called that report "unfounded and seriously irresponsible." the newspaper says it stands by the story. greg: you do not want to be spreading rumors about the pope.
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let's go to the international space station. they flew by new york and took a pretty cool picture of us. there is manhattan in the middle. rosanna: that is pretty cool. this is from saturday night, by the way. you can see the bright lights of times square. greg: aboard the international space station. i believe we spoke with him. the guy who tweeted it is scott kelly. this guy will be in outer space for well over a year. he does not get back until march. by the way, his twin brother is an astronaut, to. rosanna: his twin brother is married to kathy giffords. greg: that is right. rosanna: "good day new york." a gorgeous day.
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greg: a little bit of of of, everybody.
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greg: i have walked around that reservoir many a times. such a nice way to get a break in the city. it is so pretty. good exercise. lots of trees. beautiful. i think of my dad chasing a bad guy. in the 70s and they borrowed somebody's bike. they were going after somebody that stole a purse or something like that. jim, shows how close you are to fifth avenue. rosanna: there we are. greg: what a great lady. >> spotting her on the subway. rosanna: and jim. these days as ambassador.
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greg: ambassador kennedy. new york looks fantastic. how is it going? rosanna: i think that the weather is nice for us. terrible news in the city. another police officer shot. greg: 33-year-old randall holder shot in the line of duty. shot in the head. all right. much more on that in a moment. mike woods, what is up? mike: i am impressed you walked home. greg: i walked from the subway. [laughter] rosanna: you let us believe that you walked the whole way. greg: i walked to my home.
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>> she thought what i thought. making up for it here today. another warm one. let's take a look at our temperatures. seventy-four. that is your forecast high for the day here today. it is well above normal temperature wise. eighty-four is the record high. another warm one, but we are not going for records or anything like that. fifty-eight in montauk. forty-one in sussex. a lot of sunshine to be had around the tri-state region. there are some clouds of to the north. a bridge of high pressure. a little stronger. a little too much for the cold front to make its way further down to the south. yes, we will see some cloud cover.
7:32 am
will make their way through here. the jetstream alighted up. that is happening later tomorrow. today, more clouds of to the north. that cold front will pass by. it may bring us a quick sprinkle. that should be about it. it really does not look too threatening. high temperature of 74 today. back down to 59 on friday and stays cool for a little while. let's bring in ines. ines: a lot of problems. upper level, there is an accident. back to richmond avenue. cleans, a couple of issues. stick with the frogs that bridge as your alternate.
7:33 am
the l.i.e., a ramp research in. usually means that it is a stall. exiting delays. an earlier accident on the van wyck. you are left with delays back to the pole parkway. new jersey. garden state parkway northbound. normal delays. expect delays approaching the essex toll plaza. a car flipped over so you have at least one lane close. southbound, some rubbernecking. let's go to the bqe. normal slowdown there. if you are taking the fdr drive, be prepared for some headaches. >> reporter: multiple closures around the fdr drive through the 120s. that fdr is closed in both directions between 96 street and the rfk bridge.
7:34 am
from last night police shooting. we are looking at the rfk bridge. no access from the bridge to the art on june drive. getting back to the fdr itself, northbound delays from the 40s up to the closure at 96 street. trying to avoid this entire area, if at all possible. back to you. greg: the new york city police night. rosanna: randolph folder. the officer was rushed to harlem hospital, but could not be saved.
7:35 am
his identity has not been yet released. the other men were taken into custody. greg: officer holder now a fourth officer killed since december of last year in the city. officer holder 33 years old. rosanna: police are searching this morning for a prisoner who escaped custody in brooklyn. officers were attempting to take gerald brooks to the 75th precinct in east new york yesterday morning. at a news conference, the police commissioner was not happy. he was very angry with the officers involved. >> something that we will deal with very severely. they are an embarrassment to themselves. the lack of professional skills.
7:36 am
they will be dealt with very appropriately. rosanna: the prisoner on the run has 54 prior arrests. at least the fifth suspect since june that has escaped police custody. if you know where he is right now, please call crime stoppers. 1-800-577-tips. greg: it is going to be
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rosanna: i will take can i get a medium coffee, cream, two sugars? medium hot coffee, cream, two sugars -- see you at the window. at dunkin', we make your coffee just the way you like it.
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if not, we'll make it again on the spot. that's the dd commitment. america runs on dunkin'. mike: good morning, everyone. time to get your wednesday going. we could use some help with the rainfall. about half an inch below normal for this month. for the year seven and two thirds of an inch behind since january 1. we definitely are behind. you have more clouds and showers. not here in the tri-state. temperature wise, this is nice and warm. if you like it warm.
7:39 am
some do, some do not. this time of year, anyhow. high pressure is in control. that will bring us mainly clear skies. this is the area of low pressure. does not look like much will happen. seventy-four is your high today. maybe a quick sprinkle in the afternoon. sunny skies. cool temperatures friday and saturday. the fox5 ny weather app is out that itunes and google placed to her. also wanted to say happy birthday to samantha. hope you have a fantastic one from your mom. also, areata. so cute. >> 27 degrees. all right.
7:40 am
happy birthday. westchester. you do have to lace. as far as long island, nassau county, we are okay. normal delays on the l.i.e. heading towards queens. no problems eastbound or westbound. as per the traits, running on or close to schedule. rosanna: rosanna, we're going to the world series. rosanna: do not talk about that yet. greg: three games to zero. rosanna: they are making it look so easy. greg: it is going to happen. the world series. stacey delikat. fans reacting to this amazing schedule. pour forth some of the fans may
7:41 am
be still sleeping after last nights when. if everything goes according to plan, it could be eight clean sweep. of course, a lot of excitement. not just the met fans. a lot of fans have some superstitions. some rituals they like to stick to. kind of their way of doing something to help the team win. sir, how are you feeling going into tonight? >> outstanding. >> i am a yankee fan, but i am
7:42 am
>> i do not watch the mets. >> does not watch the game. staying in the bedroom. asking people on social media this morning what did they do. taking a shower and drinking one beer. everyone is doing their own thing. every time the mets play, she wears a different outfit. that has helped bring the team a win. you cannot just do the jersey. you have to have issues. you have to have the jersey. tonight, she will have a new outfit, two. greg and rosanna. greg: that is funny. what is the deal in the house? was he in the bedroom or the
7:43 am
>> he was in the living room. i was watching my own program. whatever it was. i cannot to switch the laundry and he told me to get back in the bedroom. he said, we want. we won. we won. he said it is because i stayed on the couch the whole time. rosanna: thank you. greg: john franco is coming in. we will work back. we will work all of our connections. we can do this. rosanna: do not lose your head. mr. and mrs. met are going to be here as well. greg: hi, duke. duke: mrs. met, two. how about that. let's start with daniel murphy.
7:44 am
fourteen all regular season. only one against the left-hander. fierce. who can forget the big place he has made on the field. have you ever seen the guy? have you ever seen a guy at get this locked in? >> you make an excellent point. right now he is completely locked in. he will get a pretty good pitch and he will get a piece of it. a great i. the locked in that i am so impressed with is with defense and his baserunning. he has learned so much. he is playing within himself. out of the world offense of late. duke: all right. what are the mets doing? he is a free agent at the end of
7:45 am
the year. he has been hurt in the past. thinks he is invisible. >> he is a great guy. loves baseball. he is only 30. >> obviously, he has learned a lot. he is doing an outstanding job. he has got to let the dust settle. after the season and see where you are at. you have to make him at least an offer and then it is on him to go somewhere. he has proven his worth to this organization. duke: you get a draft pick. all right. you mentioned the big stage. not only is the world series the biggest states, but the world
7:46 am
whole new meaning. how big is it to control the agenda lens? to control nerves? i want to get your take. this is their first -- they are young guys. we are actually better now than we were. duke: a lot of times you pass on the ignorance of use. i am not buying that. these guys are smart. they know what is going on. strategically they are watching how each other pictures. all four of those that you just mentioned. big strong handed. they are feeding off each other. when you are confident that you
7:47 am
people out, that confidence just feeds into people. nailing the bottom of the zone. ninety-four, 95. he just made a nice adjustment. duke: on the mound tonight. ten chicago close it out tonight? >> there is a pretty good chance. nobody claimed. they are a little bit tight. they are feeling it. they took a shot to the crowd. they are legit. they are some of the best in the world. they look nervous. the left right, left right. it does not allow the starting pitcher to lock in. just coming at them so fast. >> they may win tonight.
7:48 am
everything is favoring these mets to win. three-zero. duke: that look in their eyes. that confidence. we appreciate it. one of the stars from the 1986 world series. greg: tonight is the 86th dog pile. i want to ask you about this again. [laughter] it looks like it is dangerous for anyone at the bottom of that pile. >> i have been down there. everyone is careful with their spikes. [laughter] the spikes can be problematic. you are so happy.
7:49 am
you are not down there too long. mmm... nothing like johnsonville breakfast sausage. delicious and packaged with nothing to hide. no secrets. just like our family. well there is one. folks, i'm not your grandma. just a handsome kind hearted drifter who wandrered in years ago and stayed for all the yummy sausage. feel bad about lying. nap time. i got her. seriously? i feel like i just woke up. ha ha ha! fully cooked johnsonville breakfast sausage. we don't make sausage. we make family. and sausage. rosanna: where we going? greg: taking off. not landing. united airlines.
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i can tell you that. a plane that size is probably going to cleveland or something like that. chloe kardashian and is by lamar odom side. she was once married to him. we talked about this last week. he was found unconscious at a brothel in nevada. now we are hearing that he is doing better. now that he is doing better, slowly is talking. this past week has been incredibly difficult. she thanked everybody at the hospital. chloe is by his side. the news is reporting that strokes. he can now speak in full sentences. there's also talk that he was walking around yesterday.
7:51 am
greg: good stuff. a charity concert last night in brooklyn. it was really creepy at the barclays last night. a group of musicians. including jay-z. beyonce . they were there. a host of others. usher. lil' wayne. catching up with rick ross and french montana. asking about the history being made last night. >> taking it to a new level. opening doors. rejoice.
7:52 am
catching back up. >> jay-z is like god in new york. i don't think it ever happened. >> they raised $1 million for the new world foundation. you know what was also fun about it? jay-z was on jimmy kimmel with a bunch of the stars. >> they basically all blocked from jimmy kimmel spanned production over to the barclays center. ten of them. greg: that is pretty cool. we have mr. met. the bighead. rosanna: your hover board. greg: back to the future. michael j fox.
7:53 am
october 21-2015. >> celebrations across the country. the original cast will be at the lincoln center screening. flatscreen tvs and hands-free games. they even said the cubs would win the world series.
7:54 am
>> facebook fan of the hour rosanna: all right.
7:55 am
it is wednesday. october 21. greg: what do we have weatherwise? definitely warm. 20-degree temperatures not that long ago. rosanna: mike has the full forecast coming up. one of new york's finest shot and killed in the line of duty. randolph holder. thirty-three years old. shot in the head last night. we have team coverage coming up. greg: accused of hacking into the school's computer. i saw this in the movies. it was always kind of amusing. it is a crime. rosanna: the mets. they are one win away. they beat the cubs last night. five-two. they are looking good.
7:56 am
greg: poor chicago. they are going to need brief sorrows today at school. >> we are doing it on their turf. that is amazing. officer randolph holder, 33 years old shot and killed in the line of duty. shot in the head in harlem. rosanna: the fourth officer in the last 11 months. greg: this is always a moment where we pause and think about the sacrifice and contribution that these men and women make. holders family. of course, the men and women that he works with all the police department. just about 8:02 a.m. mike woods, you will find us some good news this morning.
7:57 am
mike: we do have good news with the weather. we made it up to 70 degrees for a high yesterday. it looks like we can out do it a little bit. we could also use the rainfall. it just depends on your perspective. anyhow, here's what to expect. sunny skies coming to you. high temperatures not only getting to the 70s, we're talking mid- 70s for most of us here in the tri-state. after tomorrow, the cooler temperatures start to make a comeback. still for this time of the year, nothing is ridiculous. just warmer than normal then temperatures the next couple days. forty-six in monticello. temperature changes. yesterday we had temperature changes 10-20 degrees warmer. still a little bit warmer than
7:58 am
same time. temperatures. it is actually 300 degrees -- 3 degrees cooler and islip. a cold front trying to drop down running up against a pretty strong ridge of high pressure. that cold front does not make much progress. this area of low pressure will tomorrow. more clouds coming at you tomorrow with a shower chance out there. it is really a small chance. do not worry about too much coming on five. a high of only 59 on friday. let's bring in ines. commute. lots of problems around the tri-state.
7:59 am
let's talk about those problems first. garden state parkway. earlier accident northbound. a car flipped over. traffic jams off a way to route 280 westbound, watch out for an accident there. they'll parkway, and earlier accident on the verrazano the belt parkway, there is an accident westbound. two lanes are blocked. you can see the delay there on the belt parkway. let's go to the cameras. the fdr drive a mess this morning because of a police investigation. robert moses will tell you more about it in a second. this is a closure northbound at 96 street. traffic is being diverted. on the southbound side, you have delays.
8:00 am
as far as the trains, those are doing good this morning. greg: thank you, ines. a new york city police officer, another one, shot and killed in the line of duty. randolph holder. thirty-three years old did a five-year veteran of the force. rosanna: robert moses is in east harlem at the moment. >> reporter: police out here are so directing traffic around this area and away from the fdr drive. the fdr remains a huge crime scene. spanning from 96 street to 125th street in the north did this is the fourth time in the last 11 months that an officer has been murdered in the line of duty. this ritual has become all too -- at about 830 last night,
8:01 am
randolph holder and his partner responded to reports of shots fired near east 102nd street and first avenue. >> he ran towards danger. the last time he will respond to that call. >> reporter: witnesses told the responding officers that several men fled north on the footpath that runs along the fdr drive. one victim told cops that his bike had been stolen at gunpoint. officers were on the lookout for a suspect with a bike. they found him. >> an exchange of gunfire. during this exchange, officer holder was struck in the head. >> reporter: officer holder was rushed to the hospital. he could not be saved. he was pronounced dead. the suspect was taken into custody. police also took three other men into custody.
8:02 am
their role in what happened is still unclear. this morning, a police department and a city born for a cop who gave five years of his life to protect all of us. >> we honor the memory of officer holder. he gave the last full measure of his devotion. on behalf of the city he loves. >> reporter: another live look here at 120th street. you can see that group of detectives walking around for much of the morning. that is police officers looking for any shred of evidence along the fdr that may help them in this case. we are hearing reports that police recovered at least one gun. i was not able to get that confirmed by the police department. we have not confirm confirmed the identity of the alleged shooter. we are expecting we will get
8:03 am
that information at some point. perhaps as early as this morning. >> the officer gunned downed the son of a cop and possibly the grandson of a cop as well. rosanna: the fourth nypd officer to be killed in the line of duty in the last 11 months. greg: let's go to liz. >> reporter: good morning. a sad day for the city in the entire department. this is where officer randolph holder would come to work every day. sadly this purple and black bunting hangs outside the station house in his honor. a third-generation police officer. last night he responded to duty for the last time. randolph holder just 33 two years old was shot and killed in the line of duty.
8:04 am
he wanted to serve the city. he joined the department five years ago. came from a family of police officers. an emotional news conference. bratton praised holder's father. >> strong enough and brave enough to go in and address them as they try to comfort him, he in fact was comforting them. extraordinary individual. >> reporter: the fourth officer killed in the line of duty in the past 11 months. two officers were murdered in brooklyn. inmate, officer brian moore died two days after he was shot in his patrol car. >> four police officers killed in 11 months.
8:05 am
>> reporter: new york city's finest. >> it does not get easier. it never gets easier. it should not get easier. >> back tears during the press conference. we just saw for fdny firefighters walk out of the station house. they brought in about six boxes of food. showing their support for the entire department. back inside to you. greg: we will show the official photo of officer randolph holder. thirty-two years old. five years on the job. funeral arrangements pending. a tough morning. rosanna: we will keep following this. meanwhile, officials are confirming an outbreak of hand foot and mouth disease on campus. this sounds so old-fashioned.
8:06 am
greg: don't we have a vaccine for this? rosanna: 19 reported cases since september 17. only one case reported all of last year. fever, painful mouth sores and skin rashes on the hands and feet. children under the age of five. greg: look at our aerial footage of princeton. hand foot mouth disease, it clears up in about one week. rosanna: it can be spread through coughing and staging. rosanna: what do we like about instead? brooke shields went there. rosanna: let's talk about politics. greg: paul ryan may run for speaker. he is only 545 years old. rosanna: he has a lot of caveats. he will run for speaker of the house if he can truly unite the
8:07 am
party. greg: john party -- listen to this. >> i can truly be a unifying figure. i will gladly serve. if i am not unifying, that will be fine as well. i will be happy to stay where i am. greg: do not do it. it is a dead-end job. rosanna: i like it. he has a deadline. >> contract ago she ancients. you write a number on a piece of paper. he, by the way is a big workout enthusiasts. he ran with that romney. a lot of people see him as a future president. being speaker of the house could be a deed to her on that path.
8:08 am
you get the cd. everyone sees you on camera. >> right after the vice president. rosanna: let's talk about jim webb. greg: not exactly a household name in new york. former senator. former secretary of the navy. screenwriter and author of several books. rosanna: thinking of running as independent. greg: he did not get much airtime. he was frustrated by that. he would not rule out an independent running. rosanna: he does not have the funding. he does not have the poll numbers behind it either. the political calculus just is not there. rosanna: chris christie. trying to play hardball with cuba. asking the port authorities to
8:09 am
block flights between new jersey and cuba. greg: relations have been relatively normalized over the last couple of months. here is the problem for governor christie. they are harboring a cop killer. convicted of killing a cop in new jersey back in 1977. she escaped from jail. she is alive and well. >> she is on the fbi's most wanted list of terrorists. >> i think that she is an academic. governor christie says it would be unacceptable. rosanna: the mets are just one win away from world series championship game. greg: five-two. daniel murphy.
8:10 am
this is terrific. this is horrific for cubs fans. really their worst nightmare. >> all they are talking about. they know what they are facing. we have been in the playoffs before. big situations. tomorrow we have to get ready to play. the coach does not want to talk about the world series yet. he wants to talk about game four tonight at 8:07 p.m. he does not want to talk about the world series. greg: all right. rosanna: of mike woods, what is going on? mike: let's show you what is out there weatherwise. 58 degrees out at central park. forty-six in monticello.
8:11 am
56 degrees in montauk. a mainly clear sky. take you through to futurecast. high pressure is in control today. tomorrow, that area of low pressure across the great lakes. a small chance of showers as we get into tomorrow evening. it really does not look like too much will be coming by. our temperatures will take a hit big-time. today we are on the warm side. tomorrow, we will see 74. that will be the end of it. the cold front goes through later on thursday. fifty-nine for you on friday. another strong shower chance come see you on sunday. the fox5 ny weather app is at the apple itunes and google placed or.
8:12 am
busy this morning. ines: a lot of red here on our cameras. especially on the fdr drive. northbound and south downs. northbound traffic backed up to 34th street. on the southbound, tufted seat. 150s on the harlem river drive. a lot of people using the gwb as an alternate route. connecticut. take a look. parallel delays there. all approaching exit 13. you have traffic slow. norwalk area, you have those delays. construction on 95. let's go to our cameras. this is approaching the verrazano bridge. you can see the bridge back here.
8:13 am
delays go back to richmond avenue. there is an accident on the belt parkway. here is the george washington bridge. sixty minutes on the upper level. lincoln. 495. usual. sixty minute delay. holland tunnel dirty from both approaches. greg: what else? rosanna: i think that we should get ready and embrace the mets. we will have some fans. we will have the former met captain john franco. we are going to embrace. >> he owns the place.
8:14 am
coming up on "good day new listen up new york. there's a new drug out there. and it's trying to destroy our generation. it's called synthetics. . . so, some guy thought it might be a good idea to spray poison on some herbs, and then sell it to you. no, it's not marijuana. it goes by names like k2, spice, rocks. causes hallucinations, rapid heart-beat. vomiting, seizures. and it can kill you the first time you smoke it. we gotta have each other's backs. this is our future. and the future of new york is saying no to synthetics! go to, or call or
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8:16 am
the rooms are soundproof. rosanna: i think so. they had some kind of -- greg: the thing that i like there, right across the street there is -- rosanna: interesting. adam shapiro gives us what is happening with the fox business network. >> we are going to start treading in positive territory. i want to talk about tesla. stock prices fell yesterday. and annual reliability study on all cars. lexus, toyota, kia. tesla, the model as, the
8:17 am
car they have ever driven. 1400 people who own and have something else to say. they have removed it from the recommended list. there are leaks with the car. not happy. you pay anywhere from 80 to 100 grand for this car. consumer reports are saying they can no longer recommend it based on the reliability side. greg: they fight over charging stations. rosanna: interesting. >> my brother has one of these. he lives in atlanta. he loves the car. he has nothing to complain about it. there was a bit of a noise when we wrote in it. the people that buy this car probably have another car sitting in the garage they can rely on.
8:18 am
rosanna: they had a business there. it was an open door swingers club. 1977-1980. in case you were wondering. >> can we take a quick peek at the building rosanna is talking about. rosanna: a lot of celebrated residence there. rosanna: i told you it was down the street. rosanna: fashion designer -- greg: that is the building we're talking about. greg: plato's retreat. they were in the news back then. always chasing them over town. rosanna: in the basement of this place for three or four years.
8:19 am
breaking out the ruler. greg: more problems for subway. first jared. what is this? rosanna: the sandwich chain has agreed to measure it 6-inch and 12-inch. this lawsuit claims that the chain was making sandwiches shorter. they will also implement new training programs. greg: you know what i like about subway, there is a map of the new york city subway. it is kind of cute. rosanna: coming up on "good day new york," it is a pumpkin palouse up. we have a master carver. we are eating them. are we throwing them?
8:20 am
8:21 am
we will be right rosanna: when was the last time you had a hot dog there? greg: i used to go twice a day. there was 1 across the street from bloomingdales. rosanna: you were hungry, even back then. did you have the delicious orange juice? >> greg: they had interesting juices. what else about that? onions on them. so the mets, man, this is very cool. rosanna, you have been working the yankees for decades and now turning that celebrity power and focus it on the mets. rosanna: why for your good? greg: my enjoyment. i would love to get, look, i only went to one of the ball games this year. rosanna: we are supporting the
8:22 am
mets. they are the hometown team. we have to support the mets. greg: they won last night in chicago. man oh man, chicago, mass depression there. i almost feel sorry for them. rosanna: i don't feel sorry for them. mets deserves to be part of the mania. it seems like out of the clear blue coming out as power houses. how about that murphy guy, the bat is on fire. greg: it is awesome. it looks like we are going to do this. don't talk about the world series yet. they have to be thinking about it. rosanna: it is 8:30 in the morning and tonight they have the game, mike woods, i want to know how is the weather in chicago tonight? mike: just a little sketchy.
8:23 am
there is a cold front coming through there. the temperatures in the lower 70s. greg: they are going to play? mike: but could be delays. greg: they could have delays. there is wiggle room there. mike: always. rosanna: well, we are looking good here. mike: we are looking great. we have a front coming in tomorrow. but here it is looking like less likely for the showers here. for the highs today, compared to normal and the records and on so, today's temperature 74 degrees. 62 is the average high for the day. the record high is 84 degrees. it is warmer than mor normal. we have got 58 at central park right now. winds are calm at this hour. it is another warm, comfortable
8:24 am
albany 52. 43 williams port. fairly mild in the northeast region. there is a cold front just to north of us, but making changes in our weather not going to do much, it is hung up and the high pressure is blocking that out, the high pressure is down to south. the cold front coming to us is right there and coming through the midwest. there is chicago right there. yep, they have a risk of scattered showers throughout the day and into the evening and then out of there and coming to us tomorrow and bringing in a then. but today, high up to 74. sunny skies. 74 tomorrow too. increase in the clouds and shower chances not a big deal. friday and saturday. now to a look at the ugliness with the commute this morning. it is all over the place. good morning, ines. ines: good morning, mike. it is a nice day but the commute
8:25 am
is having a lot of problems. the belt parkway, two lanes were closed. cleared away, but left with the delays. in both directions. then the staten island expressingway is slow approaching the verrazano bridge. an accident on the upper and that is cleared and now a stall on the lower level and backed up to richmond avenue. new jersey, garden state parkway an up inned over car by the toll plaza and stall by 148, leaving the traffic backed up to route 78. let's go to cameras. fdr drive avoid that, 96th, all lanes are closed at 96th street. delays going back to to 30s. southbound side also closed, traffic diverted at 125th street. the george washington bridge
8:26 am
lower level 45. lincoln 60. holland 30. with the trains, metro-north harlem line delays because of mechanical problems. >> rosanna: thank you. you talked about the fdr closure that is because a new york city police officer has died, shot in head during a chase last night. greg: armed robbery suspect shot randolph randolph. he was rushed to the hospital but couldn't be saved. the suspect was shot in the leg and taken to the hospital. three other men were taken into the custody. we have no word on the status of the investigation. officer holder and the other officers shot and killed in the past ten months in the city. officer holder is the latest. 33 years old. comes from a law enforcement
8:27 am
>> three students from long island, i guess they thought they were smarter on the teachers and they tried to change the grades and got caught. the students are accused of altering class schedules for 300 students. police say they hacked into the district computer network over the summer and the school officials fixed the problems before the school started. >> when ferris bueller did it, he didn't get arrested for doing it. these guys are facing computer tampering charges. >> one facing theft charges as well. greg: the high school, the target, the director of the c.i.a., somebody hacked into his computer, his personal aol account. he spent a lot of time in new
8:28 am
jersey. rosanna: the guy is younger than 22 and claiming it is so easy to hack into the personal email accounts of the c.i.a. director and homeland secretary johnson. >> greg: the guy is boasting online what he did. rosanna: he called him and taunted him by reciting the social security number. greg: sometimes the hacker es boast online and sometimes it is the real deal. c.i.a. director was involved in the planning of the raid to get bin laden. he was on a bus in new jersey and saw the ad for the c.i.a. in the new york times and that is how he started. >> rosanna: wow. shall we talk about are you orange, blue and white yet?
8:29 am
the mets are on fire. we may be cold in hire, but the mets are on fire and the fans are showing pride, they are a win away from the world series, basically. greg: and chicago is suffering right now. to our neighborhood, actually going to the west side. >> reporter: everyone is feeling good this morning and the mets are defieing expectations and the fans are hoping for a sweep tonight and going to the world series. the odds could be in their favor. according to the sports research, teams that win the first 3 teams won 33 out of 34 of the series. so according to that, things are looking good for the amazin's. a lot of fans up late and watching the team win.
8:30 am
and tonight they are going to be clued to the sets tonight. >> it was a very impressive win. 3-0. exciting. we hope they get to world series. >> do you think they are going to sweep it tonight? >> i think so. they have come through when i didn't expect. they keep surprising us. >> i feel great. i can't believe it. happily in shock. >> do you have superstitions and do your part before the game? >> yes, i almost like if i don't root for them they have a better chance of winning. >> to each his own. >> we have been talking about the superstitions, those game day rituals, things that people do they think helps the team win. earlier we talked about the guy bar. the person that wears the same jersey over and over agafrn. whatever the fans feel they have
8:31 am
tonight to help get the win and sending the mets to the world series. greg: that would be great. rosanna has an assignment for you, take a look at the building, it is over there. rosanna wants you to find out if anybody remembers the orrgy club in the basement. rosanna: it was a swingers club. 1977-80, there was a pool in the basement, i hear it is a pharmacy now. greg: what else do you know and how do you know? there. babe ruth lived there. greg: i didn't know that. the babe. rosanna: very, very cool building. greg: stacy, you really don't have to do that.
8:32 am
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greg: oh man, i would love to have a balcony. rosanna: it is nice, but it is messy. you have to clean it a lot in the city. because of the soot. i had one years ago and i empire state telling you, i go out in
8:34 am
reclean it in the afternoon. it would be black soot all over it. greg: i used to say i had a balcony and people would say it is a ledge. i had to climb through the window to get to it. rosanna: the 21 club. things are back to normal there. greg: the statutes removed earlier in the summer, i guess for maintenance purposes. rosanna: they had to clean it. the soot getting to them too. the metal men in the shop and buffed into shape. the general manager is saying it is part of a larger plan to remake the restaurants. greg: it is great stuff. rosanna: they have a good burger. >> my niece had her rehearsal dinner there.
8:35 am
greg: you have a niece old enough to get married? duke: yes and she's having a baby too. rosanna: what is happening, duke? duke: we are a win away from the mets going to the world series. they look a commanding lead last night. this is how it happened. third inning, anyone hotter than daniel murphy. murphy at the plate and it is gone. it is to the point of expecting a home run. doing it again. tying a major league record, his 6th post season home run and that's setting a new team record. up 2-1 in the 4th. tying it up. solo shot. back come the mets again in the 6th. it is a strike out.
8:36 am
a wild pitch. coming in from third and go ahead run. adding two more. strong game limiting the cubs to two runs and four hits. retiring the final 11 batters. on for the save. the mets win it 5-2. immediate talk after the game, murphy. >> i watch add lot of baseball over the years, i haven't seen anybody putting on this type of a show on this stage like he has so far. i mean, the guys is in the dugout are saying the same things too. the question is who is this guy? >> i try not to think about it. it is one of the things you are feeling good in there. trying not to think about it too much. you see what david did tonight and swinging the bat, and i'm in the best spot in the lineup in between those two guys right now. >> murphy is very humble.
8:37 am
he's swinging a hot bat. the mets are going for the win tonight and the rookie appearing. you know what, this is going to be fun tonight. i'm on my way to chicago right now. rosanna: oh, lucky you. bring them home winners. greg: be careful there duke. duke: be careful? greg: yes, you are a new yorker going to chicago. there could be rioting there. duke: i have been there before and they are used to losing. they are very nice fans. i have been there many times. they are good at it. rosanna: all right. duke, thank you so much. hey, you know what i found out, we were just talking about the insonia, robin bird. from cable tv.
8:38 am
rosanna: she lives here, she said that bette midler went there and performed there and barry manilow there. greg: but not in the orrgy room? rosanna: no. greg: she was bitten by raccoon. rosanna: yes, we hope she's okay.
8:39 am
these grapes are squishy. someone help me? new york. yes, that's a real bear. i...won a trip. that is so exciting. (announcer vo) play the i love new york scratch-off from the new york lottery. you could win trips to exciting new york destinations or up to
8:40 am
rosanna: people are tweeting me pictures of bette midler and
8:41 am
greg: they went to the nonorgy portion. rosanna: yes. a beg premier in new york city and the hunk of a movie star bradley cooper was there. greg: tell me about the movie. rosanna: i liked it. bradley played the chef with a sorted past of drugs and alcohol and messed up his life. greg: like bradley cooper. rosanna: he tries to turn it around in the movie and he plays a great chef, if you love food, add food porn. it is good, nice romantic movie. cooper. he was there. greg: this is the picture? handsome. greg: where are you? rosanna: in front of him. greg: why not a selfie.
8:42 am
rosanna: they have so good in the movie and a bit of a leave story. greg: they are famous when rosanna is hesitant to get a selfie. who is this? rosanna: amy and beth stern. greg: wife of howard. rosanna: beth said that howard loved the movie too. he had a screener. now to something else, imagine waking up and finding out you are royal. greg: yeah, royal blood. a guy that works at a tire store in maryland apparently found that out and he did the research and said i am the king of the isle of man. rosanna: we had him on the show. greg: this is called suddenly royal and it is on tv. and not everybody is buying this guy is the real deal. it is amusing to watch the adventures.
8:43 am
and asked them about the official royal title. >> the actually title is hrh prince david, king of man. greg: what does that make you, pam? >> queen consort. i'm not of royal blood. she is. rosanna: i could tell. you need a little crown or something. i have to tell you, they are serious about this. greg: check out suddenly royal on tlc tonight. what else, the guy worked at a tire store. it is amusing. rosanna: andrew lloyd weber announces a program for the city. greg: he did cats. rosanna: and yes opening the school of rock.
8:44 am
story, he gifted the city $150,000 to buy instruments for the schools. rock the schools program. andrew lloyd has a musical opening soon. greg: based on the movie with jack black? rosanna: yes. greg: great, see it. please? no. pretty please? no. but dad, come on! absolutely not. tt introducing the 2015 honda accord rr with available lanewatch display, tt to help keep your little angel safe. even when she' s not being your little angel. please, daddy? (laughing) you' re grounded. (laughing harder) tt check out this great lease deal on a 2015 honda accord. trihonda dealers. what makes thermacare different? two words: it heals. how? with heat. unlike creams and rubs that mask the pain, thermacare has patented heat cells that penetrate deep to increase circulation and accelerate healing.
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