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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  October 21, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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tonight. the weather is not looking so great for chicago. that? it is terrible. rosanna: but helps them, you can't see the tears when chicago luises tonight. we'll say it is the rain. greg: what? rosanna: say it is the rain, because chicago, you get me crazy, greg kelly. greg: what's wrong? rosanna: it is going to be a great night for the mets. they are going to do it, greg.
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already in the stands. greg: are they still there. oh, you poor people. you chicago people. ahh. so sorry. rosanna: don't you have anything for them. deep dish pizza or something? >> i have something for you, get out of there, the mets are taking over. get out of here. wrigley field, we own it, good-bye. grief counsellors are available. mr. mets give me some. rosanna: we shouldn't gloat yet. greg: come in mets fans. we own wrigley field. >> too soon to gloat. rosanna: what is your name? >> marlin. rosanna: how are you feeling? >> fired up. we have one more big one. let's go mets. greg: what is your name?
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>> what do you make of this? >> don't break the curse. your course is not ending here, chicago. greg: how about last night with the poison ivy and the guy gave up. watch this. the bodily goes into the poison ivy and that is it. they give up. we have the footage. >> i love it. i threw a black hat on the field. >> let's talk to somebody that knows about the post season for the mets. >> hall of fame pitcher, john franco. [applause] john, how do you think that the team is feeling right now? >> they are feeling great. a game to go. they have had their way with
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cubs so far. no reason not to do deal tonight. >> the yankees commanded a lot of attention. >> it is about the mets. greg grg i hear you. listen, some people are a little late to the mets game. >> ouch. greg: are you cool withian yankee fans coming? >> no, it is about theette manies. mets talk only. >> don't you want everybody to support the home team. >> find the yankees on the golf course. rosanna: john, do you feel the same way? >> no, i'm a new york fan. rosanna: yes, that is the right thing the do. greg: how about you? >> he's being politically correct. no yankees near us. >> it is for the city. it is very, very exciting.
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greg: mr. mets, famously mute. you don't say anything do you? >> john, when in the dugout or preparing for the game today, the coach says he's not looking forward to the championship season, he's concentrating on the matters at hand. nobody is thinking about hey, going to world series? >> one game to go. anything can happen. years ago the red sox beat the yankees when they were down 3-0. we have to worry about what happens after wards. greg: where do you like to sit in the stands? >> i can sit in where i want. [laughter] rosanna: he's got the perks. he's a hall of famer. >> greg: cut a little slack. welcome to "good day new york." >> long time yankees fans
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appreciate the mets are welcome? >> absolutely. root the mets on now. rosanna: what should we know about the team and looking forward to tonight? >> i think the same thing, you are going to get front line pitching. they are keeping they will in the ball game and going deep into the game and get to the bull pen, it is great. murphy has been carrying the team. greg: the poison ivy in the outfield. rosanna: let's look at the footage. greg: hit it. right through the legs, that is embarrassing. watch this. it goes in. it goes in. if he tried to make the play -- >> that is a rule there. rosanna: get rid of the weeds.
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ivy, it is automatic double. he's erring the call, he felt like the runners were passed second base. in the rule book, at wrigley field, it is automatic. rosanna: does the weather play factor when playing these types of games? >> no. no matter how hot or cold. for the rain it is difficulty gripping the ball. when you are this close, it doesn't matter the weather. just play the game and move on. greg: the new york city times said about theette manies, lovable losers no more. >> this team just comes together. they stuck together, fired up, together as a group they have pushed through.
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rosanna: do you think murphy will be the mvp? >> yes, no doubt about it. >> or granderson is clutch. >> murphy is doing a great job. greg: we are going to go, one way, shape or form. rosanna: if they win tonight, then what? >> world series. rosanna: when does it start? >> on the 27th i think. >> we are going to play baseball in november. >> we hope so. >> mets sweep. >> don't go any where. shout out to mr. met. rosanna: where is mrs. met? >> she's in chicago. >> taking care of the baby. >> all right. >> thank you very much.
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we have to go here. >> book. see that. i can do this. who needs a map. overall things are looking good for us here gang. we are ready for the game, well here. there a few quick showers. to expect, another winner, sunshine and highs up to the mid 70s for us here, everybody. temps are warmer for a couple of days and the warmer weather is lasting for a little while here until around thursday and then we are seeing changes coming back for us here as time goes on and yeah, it is a cold front coming in on friday, that is knocking the temperatures back down again. all right, so we are looking at what we have out there. at this point in the game, well, the almanac for today. we dropped down to 57 and now on the way back up and mild around
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don't always get the temps like this. 58 at newark right now. 54 belmar. 58 also in bridgeport. 62 in montauk. now 60 in islip. most of us are seeing sunny skies in the region and we are keeping our eyes on the radar. showers just to the north of us, out near albany, scattered lighter showers along the cold front trying to drop in, however, it is held up, high pressure is holding it back and we are getting a few clouds in the area but the showers probably not a problem for us. so we are going to see high today. more sun than the clouds and tomorrow things are changing up and the area of low pressure is pushing down the cold front and not looking at anything early tomorrow in terms of rainfall. but later in the day a chance of sprinkles as the cold front passes by and the cooler temps
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spilling in behind the cold front and that knocks the highs down 10-15 degrees from thursday to friday. today domestically sunny, high up to 74 in the city. and then tonight seeing mostly clear skies with cool lows dropping 48-58. that is actually mild for this time of the year. 74 again tomorrow. partly cloudy skies. then a small chance of a quick shower trying to drop in. 59 on friday. breezy at the same time. just about the same on saturday. sunday back up to 66 for a high with a quick shower possibly. the cooler and dryer weather is taking over. rosanna, greg, back to you. rosanna: all right, are you getting a massage from mr. met. greg: he's into me.
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he posted a freakout video from the living room. watch this. rosanna: he's so funny. >> you are playing hard, you have a young team, hang in there. you always have hope. >> how about this... he's very funny. he looks like he finished a big bender. >> he probably did, ro. rosanna: is he doing the go boy routine? >> he's always at the stadium. rosanna: he gets everybody riled up?
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>> greg, he's going viral. take a look at new york city from outer space. it is cool. the international space station taking a picture of new york from space. rosanna: the middle section with the lights, that is times square. and then to left of it, i believe you can see the reservoir. see that? greg: i wish we could take it fuller. central park in the middle. e want to thank scott kelly from new jersey who is on the international space station. rosanna: he's there 387 days. greg: 12 months in a row. his twin brother is an astro naut. rosanna: we talked to him a few weeks ago. greg: yes, it was weird, there was 8 second delay, how is it going up there, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. it's fine. rosanna: think about where he
9:13 am
is, 8 seconds is not bad. that is incredible. > yes, that is cool. rosanna: when you scream from yankees stadium, i mean citi field, just seeing if you are awake. greg: every slip and call it shae? >> a few times. >> thank you for being here. roz ro let's go mets. >> i hope kathy is a fan of the mets. rosanna: she's got a blog and she's here and showing us how to do the pilates workout. greg: it is so, so popular and
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every coconut has a dream. to come out of its shell. to show all the world its true, inner beauty. and then, in an ironic twist, get covered up by
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chocolate and almonds. almond joy mounds. what every coconut wants. greg: hey, welcome back. outside. greg: yes. rosanna: when the weather gets warm, take a little clothing off and everything hangs out, right. greg: take a look at this, 2009,
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>> this is recent. >> kathy started in the basement with a web cam and making a crude video meaning not that much production. and turned it into a huge business. >> over 200 million views and imagine that. we are happy with a few thousand. [laughter] >> greg: welcome to "good day new york". >> thank you for somewhering me. rosanna: how'd you spark the attention of the web and the universe? >> it was actually an accident, i moving from l.a. to boston and the students at the gym will mess me and i will put up a video for 40 people and left and after a month thousands of views and thousands of comments. rosanna: what'd you do? >> people like the way i teach
9:18 am
i make it fun. greg: before the youtube videos, this is back in 2009. >> yes, that is an old one. greg: that is the living room? >> yes. that did it. rosanna: i have been exercising a long time, i know it doesn't show, but you are not reinventing the wheel? >> it is the way you teach it. it. greg: are you a personal trainer before 2009? >> i will a degree in biology and fitness trainer. rosanna: show us what you are talking about. >> okay, i will show you moves. today. greg: hey, ladies. >> hi. >> we show you the single leg stretch. it is amazing for the abs. pull, pull, switch. switch. getting a leg stretch.
9:19 am
and really invigorating the whole body with this move. who likes to work the butt. rosanna: yes. greg: very important body part. >> i have an amazing butt move. cross butt lift. this is all done at home. you don't need equipment. rosanna: greg, we can do this, come on. greg: i will watch. i am supervising. >> one knee over and stretch up. rosanna: this is hard. >> right here. you are lifting the booty up. rosanna: it is working already. are you working with 24 hour? >> yes. greg: i have a beef with them, they are not open 24 hours. tell me more. fitness. that is crazy.
9:20 am
so you have butt exercises. >> i have one that opens up the whole body. rosanna: let's see it. i don't want to take over the mat. >> you can take it over. lift up right here, down dog and open the heart to the ceiling, working the back, open the whole body. it is feeling really good. rosanna: down dog move? >> down to up dog. greg: a lot of stuff to watch on the internet, cats, plane crashes, yet up a quarter of a billion views. >> you know what, people don't like to be tortured when working out, make it fun and they'll do it. rosanna: we want to go viral today, what can we do with greg? on the mat. on the mat.
9:21 am
greg: a viral video it never works. just embarrassing. >> plank like this. greg: i can do this. >> hold that. watch this. watch this. i hold on, don't collapse please. are you feeling good? greg: yes. great actually. >> that's it. rosanna: oh, the plank? whoa. greg: watch this, watch this. i will do a pushup. oh. rosanna: hold on. >> that is amazing. greg: i don't look fat, right? >> you are looking great. rosanna: you are the strongest man at fox 5. greg grg now a clap in the middle. no. greg: i can do it. we are going viral. hold on. >> okay. greg: oh gosh. [laughter]
9:22 am
greg: your turn. rosanna: no. >> that is amazing. greg: thank you. rosanna: thank you so much. now we know why you are viral. >> aww. >> where can we see you. >> twitter, instagram, youtube, i'm all over. greg: 24 hour fitness, find the class at 24 hour fitness. >> on the group schedule. >> okay. great place. see you. >> yes, no excuses. rosanna: mike woods is seething right now. i'm the strongest guy here. i can do that. greg: mike is the most ripped. mike: child's play. roz oh, come on over here. mike: i have work to do with mr. met. rosanna: get over here with kathy.
9:23 am
we have the game here tonight, are we taking it home? oh, yeah. we are going to finish it up tonight. the forecast with me, here we go. we are looking at partly cloudy skies, cold front is coming through. does it matter, mr. met? not even a little bit. what do you think the score will be? a big w. oh yeah. the mets taking it home. 72 degrees, a few quick showers and that is about it. this time we are taking it home and we'll be safe. all right. mr. met, thanks for joining me with the forecast here. pound it out. all right. greg, rosanna, back to you. we got this. rosanna: michael, come here this second, right now. come back here. take your jacket off. mike: what are we doing? i have a suit on.
9:24 am
greg: mike, listen, do you want to be the bottom of the middle. mike: wait, wait. triple stack? >> same deal. hold the ankles here. >> mike: really? with my shoes on? >> yes, don't touch him. i'm going on top of you. stay strong. mike: oh boy. rosanna: swing it up. okay. mike: i got this. rosanna: do it fast, kathy. don't fall. [cheering] [applause]
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greg she's one of our favorite people, lisa oz, the man that made dr. oz. rosanna: the woman you mean. greg: i'm gender confused. seriously, they are a great team. lisa oz is a major force. rosanna: you are so excited. it is like the gold old days with lisa. she used to be on the show all of the time and got a show and a family growing and one grandchild and another one on the way. greg: and new book. >> yes, thank you. rosanna: if you have ever dined with lisa, she's particular. the rest of us are shovelling in, and lisa is like very -- >> i am not. rosanna: you are. greg: how is life? >> life is wonderful.
9:29 am
>> he's on baby watch. it could be happening now. to the cook book, everyone assumes that life with dr. oz is kale and nuts. this is eating healthy and having delicious foods. rosanna: you are a vegetarian? >> yes. i like to make big dishes that you can add in things, shrimp or chicken if you want to eat the meat. greg: make a case for being vegetarian? >> it is better for the planet and better for us. i think we have to eat less meat, the way we eat it now is not good for anyone.
9:30 am
>> i have to say, i'm intimidated making pasta in front of you. this is not a tomato base. it is a mediterranean middle eastern feel to it with a ton of spices. we are going to boil the pasta. olive oil. rosanna: extra virgin? >> yes, always. shallots. and some garlic. rosanna: we love garlic. greg, you want to stir? >> greg: yes, i will stir. >> fresh ginger grated. rosanna: can you help me with that? he's exhausted. greg: did you see that, i benched a thousand poupd nds. we have a bunch of spices. >> stuff it in the pot.
9:31 am
>> okay. we have got here salt, red pepper, pinch of cinnamon. rosanna: it is adding a dimension to the aromas. greg? protein, with the chick peas and the nuts. greg: any kechup? rosanna: my daughter is a vegetarian and we are always looking for difficult sources of protein. beans are great. >> they are great and lots of fiber. this is roasted butternut squash. greg: in the pot. this is more of a pan than a
9:32 am
pot. >> greg, you are doing well. rosanna: don't smash the squash. >> a little wine. we add the herbs. don't add the herbs up front because they wilt. rosanna: good tip, lisa. >> that is chives. this is fresh mint. rosanna: i like that. dr. oz is from turkey? >> he is. rosanna: how long do you saute this for? >> a total of 15-20 minutes, until the garlic and onions are soft. greg: to i have to stir constantly? >> no. toss it. add a little mint on top. rosanna: like this?
9:33 am
>> yes. greg: look at that. rosanna: greg, help me, my left wrist is not the same since i broke it. >> no wonder you were not ton the tower. rosanna: that is gorgeous. how many recipes in the book? >> about 110. not all vegetarian. my son is a football boy. rosanna: oh, no, is that just your plate? greg: do you want some? rosanna: what is dr. oz's favorite recipe in the book? >> german chocolate cake. we do it once a year with dark chocolate. greg: that guy is disciplined.
9:34 am
>> yes, gluten free cake. the pumpkin pie -- greg: look at this pie. >> that is a cookie dough crust. rosanna: this is delicious. i'm taking a little piece of this salted caramel too. greg: lisa, awesome food. the new book is called, put that up on the screen, the oz family kitchen. that is your kitchen? >> yes. >> in jersey? >> in jersey. >> greg, have you tried to sleep over at that house? >> greg: well i was one of the last guests to leave.
9:35 am
he's the last to leave. greg grg you have staff at the party. pouring the wine, pouring the wine, and suddenly you wonder why a couple of people are hanging and. your hospitality is amazing. so is yours, rosanna. rosanna: thank you. greg: i will be responsible. lisa, you are the best. say hi to dr. oz. rosanna: the book is out now. when we come back... greg: pumpkin carving. halloween is a week from saturday. we are having a party next friday. want to come, lisa? >> i will be here. greg: you have to wear a costume.
9:36 am
greg: a lot of girls greg: it is almost halloween. >> yes, it is. greg, you have to get everything together. the pumpkins and the candy.
9:37 am
rosanna: we have a master carver with us, a master carver, ray, nice to have i don't u here. greg: this is looking like mr. potato head. rosanna: i have to say, ray, you are incredible, you are an artist. >> i got the dvd last night. rosanna: what can people learn? >> we carve 3d. growing up, it was lackluster, so we tried to put life into it. we approach it from a traditional tradition skulting sense. greg: what do you go with the
9:38 am
is>> i try not to get into the center. that way it stays moist. i don't hallow it out. rosanna: you can't carve it right away, greg. show us how to do it at home. make it easy for us. >> pick a pumpkin that is heavy for the size, dig into it, and pulling out the structures of the face. >> no. keep that in. rosanna: so peel it? >> shave it. rosanna: what is that called? >> loop tool. rosanna: can you find that any where? >> yes, you can.
9:39 am
i try to block out the fee chirs of the face. average pumpkin takes 3-6 hours to carve. greg: keep working on that. have you heard the little voices? rosanna: yes. hello, who is making all the noise here? >> we are. rosanna: what's your name? do you know your name? >> lugie. >> what is your name? >> leeona. greg they are not into a questions, rosanna. rosanna: what is your name? >> sophia. >> who is this? >> sabrina. greg: what do you have going on there?
9:40 am
>> what you kind of design is that? i like that. >> this is going nowhere. rosanna: what are you doing here? >> round and round. one? nope. sophia, do you have a strategy here? all blue, why blue? >> my favorite color. greg: i could do a much better job. i'm just teasing. thank you to the crayon people. there is pumpkin paint. rosanna: who knew, ray, where can we find you this weekend? >> new york botanical gardens on saturday and sunday and four carvers are carving out the largest largest pufrn kins?
9:41 am
>> what else do you do? >> think about pumpkins. >> what do you do in april? >> plan for next year. >> any way, we are not finished yet. we are having lattes. courtesy of starbucks. pumpkin facials and these kids, we are going to figure out how
9:42 am
scream,mighty philistine army stood on the hill above the men of king saul. as the giant goliath moved in for the kill, young david reached into his bag and slung one of his stones at goliath' s head. and goliath fell face down on the ground.
9:43 am
greg: going to the world series, baby, are you ready or two. rosanna: how many pumpkins in the great big city? >> millions. rosanna: a pumpkin for every person. greg: inside of this pumpkin is guts and seeds and make them into pies and some people throw the stuff on their face. rosanna: yes, i know, we have a person explaining how to do this. she's a life style expert.
9:44 am
>> thank you, hello. rosanna: what are the benefits of pumpkin on the face. >> why not eat it? is>> you can eat it. it is inexpensive to bake a pumpkin. cut the pumpkin in half. this is so easy. scoop out the seeds and guts, turn it over, bake it at 400 degrees for 40 minutes and your house smells so good. this is delicious pumpkin purree. loaded with enzymes and vitamin
9:45 am
a. >> what about a face cream? >> no, no, this is the real stuff. unsweetened yogurt. mix it together. rosanna: so don't throw away this stuff. >> scoop out the seeds and bake them, your house will smell good and a face mask. >> what is your name? >> norma. >> have you done this before? >> no, the first time. >> how are you feeling? >> i'm excited. >> i am going to use the hands. ready, norma. going like this and putting it around. rosanna: so it exfoliates. >> brightens your skin. rosanna: rosanna: tiekten the pores? >> yes. greg: i thought you like to open the pores. rosanna: women like them
9:46 am
greg: that is where the black heads happen, right? >> rub it around. there we go. she's leaving it on for 15-20 minutes. greg: you forgot the upper lip. rosanna: take it off or lick it off? >> depends on who you are. whatever mood you are in. ooze ooze this could be interesting, by the way. >> save this and put in the fridge and do it every night. greg: fabulous. where can people find you. >> >> thank you, norma. >> leave it on for an hour and a half. rosanna: we have suggestions on drinking and eating. shall we not? greg breg with us, brad, he's
9:47 am
into pumpkin food and we have into pumpkin food and we have mckayla. >> take it away. >> okay. rosanna: and cassy and she's doing a thing on youtube. >> eat this delete this. >> help us today? >> yes. >> first, welcome. where are you from? >> i am from clemson hall beer garden town town. >> you have the pumpkin beers? >> yes. rosanna: can we try it? >> yes, of course. it is brewed in long island. we made our own pumpkin here. there is beer inside. hallow it out and put a spout. rosanna: put your glass in it?
9:48 am
rosanna: that is so cool. greg: one for you rosanna. one for me. rosanna: this is amazing. i like the idea. >> enjoy yourself and work hard to burn it off. rosanna: what do we have to do to burn this off? >> join us? >> yes. >> i'm in drinking mode right now. kathy, one second. we have drinking to do. excellent. clinton hall? where is that? >> washington street in rector. financial district. rosanna: check out what trader joe's brought for us today. greg: hello trader joe's. rosanna: pumpkin soup, pudding, i like this. greg: good stuff. thank you. now to brad.
9:49 am
hello, brad. rosanna: chips too. >> where are you from? >> down ton bowery and elizabeth. >> and they are? >> two great restaurants. farm to table. rosanna: what are you doing to celebrate the season? >> you can keep drinking, first of all. >> where is that? is>> well known for the cocktails and oysters. this is pumpkin old fashioned. roz what is in that? greg: this is a hard core drink. >> your name is all over it. greg: look at the ice cubes. rosanna: here is to jack-o-lantern. greg: did you start drinking before the show? whoa. brad. >> texture there. rosanna: i like that.
9:50 am
rosanna: we have to eat something with this. >> we have a great pumpkin sal add. so many flavors. roasted pufrn kin, pine nuts and pecans. rosanna: wow, what is this? >> it is a nudie, butter and pumpkin sauce with. salty, spicy and going with the sweetness of the pumpkin. publics. >> did you bring these? >> no. this is a treat i did bring. this is my mother's pumpkin pie. rosanna: oh, delicious. >> it is putting everything else to shame. rosanna: coffee and delicious pastries and we have delicious danishes and stuff like this.
9:51 am
kathy, we need to work it off. give us something. show us what we have to do. >> all in one move, arms, abs and cardio. greg: jumping jacks? >> almost, a plank jack. bring the legs out and in. rosanna: how many times? >> i don't know, a minute on this, you will be fit. greg: keep it layover. 24 hours. hello, reykjavik. oh, so that' s how you spell it. what are you looking at? oh, cool. hungry. fish, anyone? hello, seventh waterfall of the day. hello, duck boat. hello, sheep? oh right! itchy icelandic sweaters and no foreign transaction fees. sweet. one last look. ahh. triple points. and we' re off. what' s next? wherever the journey takes you, carry american express gold. it' s more than a card. it' s the gear that gets it done. join the millions who have already switched. we switched. and now, we're streaming netflix.
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>> thank you for liking us on our facebook page. >> again, all right, we have a lot of people to thank. you people. great cocktails brad. >> starbucks for the lattes. >> and the pumpkin facial. take a look. how long is that staying on? >> 20 minutes.
9:54 am
she's going back to work. >> ray, pumpkin carver, thank you so much. see this weekend in the bronx. >> kathy, thank you for being with us. >> greg: see you on the internet. rosanna: and ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much. >> happy halloween. go mets. (vo) if you live in new york and you're eligible for medicare, empire blue cross blue shield can help you get a great plan at a great rate! our medicare advantage plans pay for many of the costs original medicare doesn't. so you can focus on other important decisions. empire plans help protect you from high medical costs. members have access to our trusted network of local
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