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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  October 21, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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the police commissioner lamenting the decision to release howard. >> i'll speak for myself. my understanding of this individual's track record, he would have been the last person in new york city i would have wanted to see in a divergent program. he has shown no propensity with the number of arrests over a period of time for changing his ways. >> reporter: as he killed officer holder last night, he was being sought for another shooting on september 1st, a gang turf war. skipping court appearances, he was on the run. community and religious leaders tore into those in their own community who knew howard yet did nothing to report him to police. >> the ridiculousness of anybody allowing or knowing this individual to have been a shooter and not saying anything to turn him in, it actually jeopardizes the relationships we seek to build to make our communities better. >> reporter: now, we just heard back from the manhattan district attorney who said he opposed the
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as for the case against him, undergoing lineups right now, physical evidence and video surveillance. the police department says they will have that against him. arthur chi'en, fox 5 news. back to you. ben: all right. thank you very much. officer holder's friends and family are struggling to come to terms with his death. dari: sharon crowley continues our team coverage. she's in far rockaway queens where loved ones are sharing memories of the fallen officer. good evening. >> reporter: good evening. we're outside officer holder's childhood home where there has been a steady stream of police officers, family and friends paying their condolences. family members are heartbroken. officer randolph holder's stepmother wipes away tears as mayor de blasio and police commissioner bill bratton pay their respects. the 33-year-old new york city police officer and five year veteran of the force was shot and killed in the line of duty in east harlem last night. this afternoon, his father,
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stepmother and other relatives and friends and fellow cops tried to console one another as members of the fdny offered family. >> it is sad. the violence needs to stop. it's getting ridiculous. we have children here and the police are trying to help protect the community. hurting them. >> reporter: family members say holder fulfilled his dream of becoming a police officer, following in his father and grandfather's footsteps. the family moved to the united states from guyana about 11 years ago. it was a proud day for them when holder graduated from the police academy. >> he put himself in harm's way to be there for everyone. his mother said that's how he grew up. he wanted to be an officer. it was a really very sad day. >> reporter: >> it's very sad. he lived his life trying to serve others.
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protecting the people of the city. >> reporter: and hour after hour as we've been out here, we've heard more and more stories about his kindness, how he put family and community first, how he aspired one day to be a detective and move up the ranks in the police force, buy his home and start and build a life. back to you. thank you. well, it was a somber scene today at the 25th precinct in worked. in addition to the flags flying you see there, purple and black bunting was placed to honor him. many new yorkers placed flowers in remembrance. ben: officer holder is the fourth nypd officer to be killed in the past 11 months. a grim reminder of the danger new york's finest face every day. lisa evers will have firsthand accounts of what officers face on the streets coming up at 5:30. dari: firefighters were called back to the scene of that massive fire that tore through a
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construction in chelsea yesterday. skyfox hd was over the scene. this is west 17th street between 7th and 8th avenues. the fdny says smoldering debris led to a small fire which created smoke. the fire has been contained. it began yesterday morning on the fourth floor of the six-story building, quickly spreading to the roof. the massive blaze left the vacant structure in danger of collapsing. ben: we have good news for daniel felds. he was released after being treated for mrsa. >> daddy! ben: that's a great reunion. he's all smile as he greeted his kids. he was treated for nearly three weeks for the antibiotic resistant bacteria. he was diagnosed just before the giants were set to play the bills in buffalo this month. he suffered an ankle injury that became infected. the team does not know how. he will not play for the
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remainder of the season. the mets, one win away, from the world series. dari: and they lived up to their nickname, beating the cubs to take a commanding league in the national league championship series. >> all i've got to say is wow. go figure. i could have never expected to see this happening at all. to say that the mets have been rocking and rolling would be a big time understatement. i don't even think the most ardent fans could have expected their mets to be at three games to none now. that's where they are. standing one win away from a trip to the world series. as for last night's victory, the mets gave you a bit of everything. daniel murphy breaking a tie, belted a home run and the sixth of the post-season. i have never, ever seen a player more locked in right now than murph. but the key play came in the 6th.
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he steals third. why? later in the inning with two out, michael swings and misses at strike 3, but because the ball got away from the catcher, they were able to score giving the mets the 3-2 lead. just a huge play. what can you say about degrom. for his second game, he did have his best of, but he grinds it out to give them 7th innings. this is why he is an ace. with a win tonight, it is on to the series. after last night's game with the mets being so close, terry collins was asked if maybe he was a little concerned about his players looking too far ahead. >> they will look forward to it. i can tell you that. that clubhouse, that's all they're talking about. and they know what they're facing. we've got some experienced guys who have been in playoffs before. and have been in big situations. we aren't looking any ahead except tomorrow we've got to get ready to play.
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russ: tomorrow is now. tonight mets go the for the clincher. eye on the prize. dari: wow. this is unbelievable. thank you. >> mets fans who made the trip to chicago have a chance to see their team win the first national league championship in 15 years. ben: that's right. since 2000. duke castiglione is live at wrigley field where they're hoping to wrap it up. how's it feeling out there? >> reporter: how exciting is this? take a look behind me. the cubs about to take batting practice. the feeling out here from mets fans, very confident. the mets haven't been to the world series since the year 2000. here we are, the mets just one win away from wrapping things up and going to the world series. plenty of mets fans i saw around the ballpark today. very confident about tonight's ball game. take a listen.
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>> mets, mets, mets! >> are you confident they're going to win? >> yeah. we're taking the series, sweeping them. >> a 3-0 lead is a feeling of contentment. >> i have no doubt. >> they're taking the last four. they got this. >> reporter: you feel confident? >> i do. i do. very confident. >> reporter: the cubs have won a world series since 1908. the mets, they have steven match go -- matt the starting pitcher. the mets just one win away from going back to the world series for the first time since 2000. that's the story from wrigley field. dari: insane. thank you, duke. ben: we'll see you later on. turning to politics, big news on the political front. vice president joe biden, big announcement, he is not going to run for president. dari: and biden ended months of speculation with an announcement from the white house rose garden
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there. dan bowens joins us to explain what his decision means for both the democrats and the gop hopefuls who are still in the race. >> reporter: biden has run for president twice before in his four decade political career. there will not be a third try. the 72-year-old's decision is considered a clear boost for democratic frontrunner hillary clinton clinton. >> good morning, folks. >> reporter: speaking from the white house rose garden, vice president joe biden announcing he will not be a candidate in 2016. >> unfortunately i believe we're out of time, the time necessary to mount a winning campaign for the nomination. >> reporter: flanked by his wife jill and president obama, biden says his family's grief after the death of his eldest son influenced the decision. >> while i will not be a candidate, i will not be silent. i intend to speak out clearly and forcefully to influence as
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>> reporter: supporters seeking an alternative to hillary clinton urged biden to run for months, including during an appearance on "the late show" with stephen colbert. >> this is why i think people want you to run for president. i know that's an emotional decision you have to make. >> reporter: this decision will likely lead to a sigh of relief for clinton and the democratic establishment say some political experts. >> to try to win, he would have had to engage in negative campaigning against her. he would have weakened her. she could possibly have been in a weaker position to run in the general election. and if she lost the general election, he could potentially have been blamed >> reporter: she wrote vp is a good friend and great man. today and always inspired by his optimism and commitment to change the world for the better. donald trump adding, quote, joe biden made correct decision for him and his family. personally, i would rather against hillary because her record is so bad. though he didn't mention the
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other democratic candidates by name, biden said today the party's nominee should run on obama's record. it is a record he says he is proud of. back to you. dari: all right. thank you, dan. ben: thank you. dari: well, meantime, democrats are reportedly holding back when it comes to attacking republican frontrunner donald trump. according to a new report, political experts say if gop leaders want to remove the outspoken billionaire from the race, they'll have to do it themselves. some republicans are calling for an organized campaign to take trump down in order to protect the gop's image from further damage. but the newest poll show he is slowly pulling away with 32% of the vote. this is his 100th day and no. 1. ben: benjamin netanyahu is headed to germany for a high profile sit-down with secretary of state john kerry. there has been no end in sight to weeks of israeli-palestinian violence. the meeting is aimed at
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he departed for berlin. a palestinian stabbed a female soldier near jerusalem, critically wounding her. this was the latest in a series of daily attacks against israelis that erupted about a month ago. subway paying the price for having its buns come up just a little short. dari: a settlement the chain reached and what they're doing to make its subs measure up going forward. and this... >> we're heading for hill valley, california, at 4:29 p.m. on wednesday, october 21st, 2015. ben: that's the key date. it is a wednesday. welcome to the future.
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ben: growing workplace equality is not translating into bigger paychecks for women. dari: a popular pharmacy chain going back to basics. alison morris is here with the headlines. >> reporter: when you go to the drugstore, do you use the self-serve or a cashier? ben: i like the choice. dari: i like a cashier. if i have to, i go to the self-serve. i have a problem with it. i have to call the guy.
5:15 pm
>> reporter: i have that issue. v fortune magazine reporting the five year plan to speed up checkout isn't working. stores will be pulling out the self-pay kiosks and going back to staffed cash registers. others will keep some assisted self-checkout. it indicates the problem. you almost always need somebody to help at the kiosks. cvs is saying see you later to self-serve in the stores. dari: i feel when there's a mistake, i feel like somebody is thinking i'll steal something. it's very creepy. >> reporter: i always think someone thinks i'm sneaking something in the bag. for all the progress we have made towards workplace equality, we have bad news for women. the gender pay gap is growing. listen to this. the labor department released stats yesterday showing men's earnings are growing at three
5:16 pm
in the third quarter, men who week. women who worked full-time brought in 721. that's up only .8%. women are earning 81 cents to the male earned dollar. there are some discrepancies. women didn't work as many hours a week, but it seems clear that dollar. that's just my 81 cents. >> the markets getting a little fast and furious this morning. ferrari went public and rang the opening bell on the new york stock exchange today. it listed 10% of its shares under the symbol race. cool. the price was 52, but it shot up 15 percent at the open. and closed around 55 bucks. fiat chrysler owns 90 percent of ferrari, but they are planning to get more of the -- give more to stockholders. pretty popular.
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dari: wonder what that will mean. an affordable ferrari? subway has reached a settlement regarding a class action lawsuit claiming its sandwiches didn't really cut it. it all happened back in 2012 when the series of social media posts claimed that subway's six and 12 inch subs came up short. the nine plaintiffs in the preliminary resolution should receive about a thousand dollars. subway will use a special tool to properly measure the sandwiches. a ruler? ben: tape measure? they've existed for decades and decades and centuries. dari: a special device. ben: here's the plan. one cold day and then a long string of really nice 60s and 70s. i could get used to this for four or five months. nick: you may have that. we'll have our cool days soon, but look at today. 76. not bad at all.
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and that is not a record, but it's up there. record high was 94 set back in 1920. 57 this morning. way above average. sunrise 7:14. sets at 6:07. 72 now. some high clouds in the sky. the air is quite dry. wind has come around to the south-southwest. the pressure is pretty strong. 30.24 and holding steady. mid 70s everywhere you look. look at poughkeepsie. topping off at 78 there today. low 70s to monticello. mid 70s jersey shore and across long island, we saw temperatures in the mid 70s. today being back to the future day, we went back to september today, i suppose. let's talk about 70s across the region right now except as you get closer towards the coast to montauk. middle 60s there. 75 in sussex. and newark coming in at 71. a south wind will stay around tonight. south-southwesterly, about 5 miles an hour. the wind will be out of the southwest as we head into tomorrow. it might get gusty into the
5:19 pm
afternoon. you can see clouds off to the north. that's the frontal boundary that's just north of us. it won't make any progress southward. that's why we're talking another mild day for tomorrow. we'll take the wider view. while high pressure is in control to our south and giving us the southwesterly airflow, this front will be moving through. it may kick off a shower tomorrow. i don't think we'll see much rain. it will transition us back to seasonal temperatures friday into the weekend. tomorrow morning, out the door, 59 in town. 50 most suburbs. climbing quickly to 70 by the middle of the day. 76 tomorrow afternoon. notice i have that shower in the forecast as we head into the evening with that approaching cold front. you'll find that on the futurecast. again, pretty good day. more sun in the morning. more clouds in the afternoon. here's the shower threat. it goes right on through. beautiful, bright and sunny on friday. will be breezy. wind will gust to near 30 miles an hour. the temperature will be cooler, about 59 or 60 for the high.
5:20 pm
it will be beautiful on saturday as well. still cool. this system as it approaches from the west may give us a couple of showers as we head into sunday's forecast. clouds tonight. but again, it's mild for this time of year. 59 in the city. 40s well north and west. sun and clouds. i'll throw in the evening shower tomorrow. that's about it. 76 the high. slightly cooler near the coast in the afternoon. there is the seven-day. cooler friday at 59 with a gusty breeze. a beautiful day. saturday, 58. freezing in the suburbs. a lot of clouds sunday. showers, 65. that's a front moving along. it brings us back to the 50s for monday and tuesday to around 60 or greater on wednesday. dari: all right. ben: thank you. we have a bit of breaking news to update. skyfox hd is above that procession for officer holder. dari: we understand that the officer's body has arrived at
5:21 pm
island, where obviously he is going to be prepared for funeral services. as you've heard, officer randolph holder was killed last night during a gunfight, a shootout in east harlem. we later found out that he was killed. the suspect was also put in the hospital. he's in custody. here begins the procession. officer holder is from far rockaway where we've heard his father speak out and now the body is coming back close to his home as they can prepare for a very tragic sendoff. ben: you can see officers lined up on the street there. they just saluted. we'll have more as the story develops throughout the hour. stay with us.
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dari: pizza is one of the favorite foods of new yorkers
5:25 pm
>> reporter: you could call nick johnson and gabe pizza anthropologists. >> we all grew up eating pizza at a neighborhood joint. we realized there wasn't anything out there that documented the places themselves. >> their mission, to find the last true authentic new york city pis >> the first night we went out and asked to talk to a pizza maker behind the counter and get their story. >> reporter: joe's pizza is one of those places. it's been here since '72. and not much has changed since then. when you walk in, it really feels like you're stepping back in time. >> tony and rose are the two owners here. they met in 1975 when rose was working across the street and someone didn't show up for a shift here, and they needed
5:26 pm
rose came over and in a few short years, they were married. >> now kids come with their children who happen to be in the neighborhood. they're surprised to see him here. >> reporter: the tag line is it's not about the pizza. it's about everything else. the makers, the eaters, the shop and the block, all the extras that go into making a real new york city pie. >> as a kid in new york city, you're constantly finding yourself in pizzerias. >> reporter: he says the book is a love letter, their way of preserving a major slice of new york city living. >> these are dying off. we've seen places over the five years we've been doing this project close, places that we love, and we don't really see them being replaced by other slice pizzerias. >> reporter: jennifer lahmers, fox 5 news. ben: i love pizza. making me hungry. keeping tabs on teen drivers.
5:27 pm
giving parents peace of mind. ben: and putting their lives on the line to protect the city they love. they talk about the dangers of patrolling the big apple just ahead. [excited yelling] ah, yes! you can't stop it! aww...your mom liked my post. you're friends with my mother?
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ben: it's 5:30. the gunman suspected of killing an nypd officer is in custody tonight. 30-year-old tyrone howard is accused of gunning down officer randolph holder last night during a chase along a pedestrian bridge in east harlem near the fdr drive and the east river. he was 33 and had been an officer for five years. police say howard is a career criminal with gang ties with at least one active warrant for his arrest at the time of last night's shooting. and this was the scene moments ago at the jeremiah gaffney funeral home where the body of officer holder just arrived to a hero's salute. dari: you know, a lot of people are shaking their heads tonight because officer holder is the fourth member of the nypd to be killed in the line of duty in 11 months. ben: even though the city says crime is down, the potential danger officers face never changes. lisa evers here now with more on what officers are dealing with every day.
5:30 pm
officer holder is reinforcing the sense that police officers' lives are always on the line and that deadly violence can erupt at any moment, especially with the large number of illegal guns on the street and especially in public housing developments. while overall crime is down, the number of officers killed in the line of duty is up. there were no incidents in 2012 or 2013. but four officers have been murdered in the last 11 months. violence in the public housing developments remains a persistent problem, despite major crackdowns by police and major gang busts like this one. being assigned as officer holder was to the housing division is a challenging post, says former nypd lieutenant darren porcher. >> public housing is one of the more dangerous assignments in the nypd. >> reporter: the constant calls and unknown dangers can wreak havoc with an officer's emotions. the doctor says that's where straining and professionalism
5:31 pm
>> they respond to a lost cat and then to a domestic violence incident. and then after that, a car accident. then 15, 20 minutes later, you're responding to shots fired. so your anxiety goes up and down throughout the course of the day. >> reporter: he believes the officer went above and beyond by being proactive in his police work. >> i see him as a hero, stepping into the wake of violence and danger in hearing shots and being proactive and confronting the situation instead of waiting for backup. >> reporter: active duty police officers tell me another stress factor for them is the current climate. they're never sure how someone will react or if they're being hated simply for their badge and uniform. dari: thank you. well, khloe and lamar odom have called off their divorce. her lawyer asked to withdraw the papers that both signed to end their six-year marriage.
5:32 pm
i didn't realize it was that long. the request was granted. odom was found unconscious from a drug binge at a nevada brothel last week. that's what spurred this whole thing. he woke up from a coma several days later. khloe vowed to be by his side. ben: we wish them well. the vatican says a report by a newspaper claiming pope francis has a small, curable brain tumor, is not true. the report in the national daily said the 78-year-old pontiff recently traveled to a clinic to see a japanese specialist who is denying that report. the doctor reportedly determined a small dark spot on his brain could be cured without surgery. >> the news of the pope's health condition is totally unfounded. it is a totally irresponsible act of the italian news agency that released this. ben: the newspaper's editor expected the vatican to deny the story, but stands by it. dari: how about this? parents who are nervous about
5:33 pm
their kids driving have a new way to see what they're doing behind the wheel. ben: mac king took safety technology for a new test drive. >> reporter: soon chevrolet will forbid teenagers from listening to music if not wearing a seat belt. >> you can hear the music. if i take it off, the music turns off. >> reporter: chevrolet communications managered chad lyons demonstrated this feature on the test drive of a chevy malibu before its release next month. every time this fob is inside the car, the car knowns the teen is driving. >> that wouldn't be good. >> reporter: these seniors preferred their cars not give their parents a report card of how many times they exceeded a speed limit or their vehicle utilized forward collision alert. according to chad, other teens disagreed. >> they said this is an
5:34 pm
our parents we're being responsible. >> i'd have no freedom. there'd be no point in my license. >> reporter: while they might see it as a way to get grounded, we have the technology for more drastic parental controls in our vehicles. >> geosensors keep you in or out of certain areas. >> i wouldn't be mind. my mom asks me where i am. that shows everything. >> if my mom knew where i was 24-7, i'd be in trouble. >> reporter: it does not offer realtime tracking, but robert sinclair hopes it might someday and all the advancements make learning to drive a safer experience. >> the no. 1 cause of death for a teenager is a car crash. >> reporter: i'm mac king, fox 5 news. ben: i am glad i'm a solid 13 years away from a daughter driving. you're closer than i am. dari: i am. but i live in the city. ben: no need to drive until you're 25. dari: a sailor caught in rough seas makes a daring decision as
5:35 pm
a rescue boat approaches. ben: wait until you see how he got on the boat that saved him carrying. dari: they are the nypd's newest weapons in the war on terror. first, here's tonight's new york minute. minute. >> i'm so happy to be here with my friend here teaching about -- >> spiderman helped introduce a superhero today, ready girl, at the brooklyn super hero supply company. ready girl is the office of emergency management's new way to help kids learn about preparing for an emergency, including packing a to go bag and emergency contacts. you can learn more at >> the cradle of aviation museum hosted 100 middle schoolers from around long island today at the 5th annual kid wind competition. they designed turbines and blades and tested them to see
5:36 pm
how much energy they produce. >> these students are the kids that are going to be the ones to use renewable energy sources for us. very important that they learn this now. it teaches them engineering principles, team work and it gets them thinking about these renewable energy sources. >> and that's yo that's a big bull. i think that's old cyrus. 1800 pounds of do whatever the heck i want. take the long way, huh? thank you cyrus. lease an mkc for $299 a month
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a dramatic rescue caught on camera. surveillance video from a coast guard plane shows a french sailor desperately trying to get off his 30-foot sailboat which was caught in rough seas. this is about 400 miles off the alaskan coast. he made a daring leap. you can see it. over the railing on to an oil rigging ship. it turns out he had his cat tucked inside his coat. both are apparently okay. wow. ben: all right. today was graduation day for 20 police dogs who are committed to keeping the city safe. dari: antwan lewis introduces us to the newest members of the nypd's k-9 corps. >> the k-9 class of 2015 was -- 19 dogs completed 12 weeks of
5:39 pm
>> they assist us in fighting regular crimes. the k-9 team is the best barrier between the criminal and us. >> reporter: the dogs will patrol trains, tracks and platforms and inspect suspicious packages. they carry a tremendous honor. each is named after a fallen police officer, firefighter or military service member. jerry was named after an officer killed in the line of duty in 1981. >> it's overwhelming. it's officer jerry. so it makes my day. >> reporter: john has a distinction. he's named for someone with us with the u.s. park police who helped form the k-9 unit. >> they'll be a part of the k-9 unit in new york city. it's an honor. to see this continue and prosper and grow and to protect the citizens of new york, it's a fabulous position that people are lucky to do that job.
5:40 pm
>> reporter: the ceremony mentioned the latest of the fallen brother, officer randolph holder, whose family is in the thoughts of people like marge, whose son anthony was killed in the line of duty in '89. >> it's so sad when you hear that and you're always hoping for the best, that it's -- that the cop got hurt. nothing serious happened. and then you just -- you pray. i went to bed. i said a prayer for him and said anthony, watch over him. >> reporter: antwan lewis, fox 5 news. dari: using sunscreen isn't the only thing that you can do to help prevent skin cancer. ben: the over the counter product that doctors say can really make a difference. plus this... [music] dari: how sweet is this. this is a never ending problem. a dad from new jersey was trying to get his son to eat, but his
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ben: in fox 5 health news, a vitamin is showing promise in battling skin cancer. dari: dr. manny in the house. do tell, do tell.
5:44 pm
>> when you get to be my age, you've got the liver spots, you've got the sunspots on your head and nonmelanoma skin cancer becomes a problem. a lot of people get the basil cell carcinomas. now we know it has been shown that vitamin b3, has a 23 percent reduction in the new recurrence of skin cancer. this is very good news. because basically -- we kind of knew that vitamin b3 had a protective property against skin cancer. so what this is i think is going to turn out, especially people that work outdoors and in their 40s, yes, you still have to wear the protective skin lotion. you still have to protect -- put yourself a hat. but taking this b3 maybe twice a
5:45 pm
day does have a very strong benefit in reducing skin cancer. i think this is a good finding. ben: i'm sticking on nicotinamide. dari: no relation? >> no relation. >> no nicotine. that's bad for skin cancer. dari: this is very interesting. breast implants seem to be very, very popular, but apparently there's a trend toward having them removed now as opposed to getting them? >> we're going back to the natural look, thank god. since the beginning of the '80s, 1990s, 2000, there was a gigantic optic in enhancing the breast to sizes that were astronomically outrageous. what people don't realize, getting a breast implant isn't a lifelong thing. you do it once, you forget about it. basically nowadays you have to have revisions of the breast implants every 10 to 12 years.
5:46 pm
there's about 20 to 25 percent of breast implants that need surgical revision earlier than that because they move. you can have scar tissue. you can have neurological problems when you have very large breast implants. dari: leakage? >> leakage is one of them. if you talk to a lot of doctors, they'll tell you how much neck and back injury you get because you lose your sense of gravity when you have such large breasts. so everybody's now realizing that a more natural look is not only healthier for you, but it's more appropriate for your body. i think you see the trend is a lot of women are going back to more regular sizes. they're downsizing dramatically because it is physiologically healthier for you. all that pseudolook you thought you had between the celebrities in hollywood, that's all going away. and people are realizing that what are we doing to our body
5:47 pm
dari: all the underwear models. >> having a breast implant, the surgery is expensive, but every three years, you've got to get x-rays and mri's and go to the doctor. it adds up after a decade or so. use the money to buy a car. dari: oh, wow. >> or a good bottle of wine. dari: yeah. ben: very good, i would say. >> balance all the time. dari: hello, nick. today was splendid. nick: wasn't it wonderful? 70s. just a terrific day out there with the sunshine ruling. got another mild day tomorrow before we go back to where we should be for this time of year, even slightly below average. look at these numbers. 76 in the city. 78 philadelphia. now, you can find where there's a cool front to the -- the front will go back northward as a warm front tomorrow. it's a front out west i'll show you will be here by late
5:48 pm
tomorrow night, bringing a brief shower ahead of it. then we'll transition to the cooler weather. there's fox 5 sky guardian. we have nothing to worry about in the forecast for tonight. there's the cloud cover off to the north. we'll see some clouds in our sky from time to time tonight and as we head into tomorrow. but all the action right now is staying off to our north. we don't expect, like i said, much rain in the forecast. 68 at monticello. it's 76 at poughkeepsie. they were 78 for their high today. it's cooled down to 66 at belmar. that's a four degree drop from the top of the hour. sussex, up to 75. 60s across long island. got the wind coming off the ocean. water temperature is about 62, 63. so it is having an influence on the land temperature when the wind does come off the ocean there. it's a south wind, 5, 10 miles an hour. it becomes southwesterly tomorrow. we stay in that mild forecast with temperatures in the 70s one more time. high pressure to the south. there's the southwesterly airflow. there's another front right up
5:49 pm
in this position here. and there's chicago. it looks like they had a couple of showers in the area this afternoon. it should be okay for the game tonight and hopefully the mets can finish this off and go on to the world series next week. that would be fabulous. behind the front will be our cooler air that will arrive on friday. look at highs tomorrow. we're mid 70s here. 77 to atlanta. 80s through florida. you see 50s and 60s back to denver. 64 heading to the albuquerque area. upper 70s to 80 through the desert southwest to the upper 50s in the pacific northwest. here's futurecast. again, the cloud line staying off to the north. we'll see clouds at times. sunshine will combine with clouds tomorrow, more in the afternoon. may get breezy in the afternoon. you saw the line of clouds coming through with a brief shower first part of tomorrow night. that's it. friday, bright and sunny, a breezy day but cooler. it will be in the upper 50s to 60. tonight, 59 in the city.
5:50 pm
40s to middle 50s in the 40s to middle 50s in the suburbs. tomorrow, again, sun and clouds. 76 the high. an evening shower. then beautiful friday and saturday. sunshine and the upper 50s. showers on sunday in the afternoon at 65. another cold front goes by. then we stay in the 50s monday and tuesday. that is below average for this time of year. and showers for wednesday at 61. dari: totally respectable. ben: thank you, sir. a new jersey dad knows how to handle his picky eater. dari: boy, do we understand that. ben: we do. dari: linda schmidt introduces us to a father who serenades his son when it's time to eat. >> cream of wheat. >> reporter: this is a new twist on the clan. new jersey dad charles belting out tunes about whatever food he's feeding tommy to get his one-year-old to eat. he makes up lyrics to songs by
5:51 pm
popular artists, including lionel richie. jello, is it me you're looking for? >> i sing to him all day long. it's just -- i figured i'd start singing stupid songs to him. >> reporter: he started posting the videos on facebook. before you know it, the videos went viral. >> a friend of mine put a couple of the videos on a web site reddit. from there, it just took off a little bit. then it started making its rounds around the internet. >> know what i mean turkey and cheese you taste so good to me >> reporter: people liked them so much, he created his own youtube channel called charles only. eating applesauce >> reporter: now he is in a band. he's been making music for 15 years. and this is what's making him a
5:52 pm
>> sometimes he just sits there and eats. either way i'm entertained. >> reporter: charles, you are one cool dad. linda schmidt, fox 5 news. dari: awesome. that was great. ben: that was awesome. and so is this. great scott, back to the future day. they are descending on hill valley, california, 4:29, wednesday, october 21st, wednesday. marty mcfly and the doc, doc brown head to the future from 1985 to save marty's children who hadn't been born yet. we had a sneak peek at some futuristic gadgets, video conferencing, but the big one, no flying cars, no flying hover boards. dari: no. >> it's ironic for a time travel movie, it had a timelessness
5:53 pm
that existed apart from its period. it's going to be around a long time. ben: another film prediction saw the chicago cubs win the world series in 2015. but unless they make an epic come back against the mets, that will not be a reality. they don't want to get swept on back to the future day. dari: can't happen. i mean, they can sweep. yes. please. that should happen. no upsets.
5:54 pm
ben: ernie here in vineland, home of progresso, we figured out how to get rich ingredients like bacon into 22 light soups, so if you want 100 calories or less per serving without giving up rich flavor do what we do...make it progresso. this moment is perfect in every way just like my kid gooey...flaky...happy. toaster strudel. now with more icing. after trying brookside chocolates, @pam cakes v tweeted:
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"leave it to me to drop a brookside down my shirt & lose it." you didn' t lose it. you saved it for later. brookside. talk about delicious. we love, love, chocolaty, creamy, with a little something extra. mmm deliciousness. cookies or almonds. yumminess. hershey' s is mine, yours,
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>> announcer: live from studio 5 in new york city, this is the news at 6:00. ernie: it is wednesday night. good evening, everyone. i'm ernie anastos. we thank you very much for joining us tonight. we begin this evening with last night's tragedy in east harlem. a police officer shot and killed in the line of duty. here is a live picture from inwood, long island, where officer holder's body has been brought brought. today we learned that the
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suspect was someone police had
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