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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  October 21, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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suspect was someone police had been trying to arrest. arthur chi'en is live in harlem with more on the story. good evening and a very diff day day -- difficult day. >> this began has a shooting between two gangs. one of the suspects who fired at police as he was trying to get away, he is in custody at the 25th precinct in harlem. by all math, he is a career criminal with nearly as many arrests on his record as he has years on his life, leaving officials to wonder what he was doing out as a free man. randolph holder, the fourth police officer killed in 11 months, represents more than a heartbreaking statistic. shot once in the head last night. he died at the hospital, a loss of the fabric that makes our city great. >> he represented the best of our society, represented our immigrant tradition, our tradition of trying to make this
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>> tyrone howard is in police custody, captured a few blocks from the scene, slowed by a gunshot wound to the leg. police sources say howard has been arrested 28 times. assault, robbery, narcotics in 2009. it was for a shootout that struck an 11-year-old girl and 78-year-old man. yet howard was released after being arrested in a big gang crackdown last year, a program run by the manhattan district attorney's office called a diversion program. the commissioner lamenting the decision to release howard. >> i'll speak for myself. my understanding of his track record, he would have been the last person in new york city i would have wanted to see in a diversion program. he has shown no propensity with the number of arrests over a period of time for changing his ways. >> reporter: as howard allegedly killed officer holder last night, he was already being sought for another shooting on september 1st. a gang turf war. skipping court appearances, he
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was on the run. community and religious leaders tore into those in their own community who knew howard yet did nothing to report him to police. >> the ridiculousness of anybody allowing or knowing this individual to have been a shooter and not saying anything to turn him in, it actually jeopardizes the relationships we seek to build to make their communities better. >> reporter: questions about what a community should be doing better and respect for officer holder, a salute to a man who followed in the footsteps of his father and grandfather, all cops, making arrangements to say goodbye. the d.a. opposed the diversion program for mr. howard. he has three pieces of evidence stacking up. eyewitnesses through which he physical evidence and video surveillance is what the nypd him. thank you very much. as we know, officer holder's family and friends are struggling right now to come to terms with his death.
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stepmother and other relatives, friends and fellow police another. he was a five-year veteran of the force and family members say the 33-year-old fulfilled his childhood dream of becoming a police officer following in the grandfather. the family moved here from guyana 11 years ago and say it was a proud day when he academy. >> it's very sad. he lived his whole life trying to serve others and he paid the ultimate sacrifice protecting the people that -- of the city. ernie: after a funeral service in new york, officer holder's burial there. joining me to talk more about this is peter moreno, former decorated nypd captain. thanks for being here. i know how you feel about this. a very sad day for the nypd and the family. >> it is. he's a member of a much larger
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he comes from a police family. but it's important to note he is part of the aggregate of the police family around the world. when a person becomes a police officer, they become a member of that large family. that family will come together now. ernie: yes. there are many police families, as we know. we've heard this story, unfortunately, before. and, you know, the sad thing here is this is a reminder of the grim dangers that are involved in being a police officer, particularly here in new york city, and the sacrifices that are made. >> i think the public should rest assured that this is just another example of how diligent police officers are around the country, around the world, and in new york city in this instance. because regardless, notwithstanding the recent difficulties we've had, police officers have had in the press, these officers are still out there doing their due diligence every single day and night when you're asleep. ernie: he is, as we said, the fourth police officer killed in the line of duty in 11 months.
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>> it's sad. we -- the police department had a good run in new york city for the last few years where deaths of officers in the line of duty had dropped. but i hope this is not a return to the previous decades where it was more common to see this. ernie: you know, our hearts go out to his family. i happen to be caught in that traffic last night on the fdr drive. when we got out of our cars -- there were thousands of cars. if you could see the reverence people heard when they heard that a police officer was killed. it was quiet and respectful. >> that's nice to hear. new yorkers are a strong bunch. they understand that the nypd is there to help them. ernie: thank you for joining us. we have this story to report. after months of speculation, vice president joe biden said today he is not running for president. he made the announcement from the white house rose garden. biden says his family's grief after the death of his eldest son beau influenced that decision.
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the democratic frontrunner, hillary clinton. >> will not be a candidate. i will not be silent. i intend to speak out clearly and forcefully to influence as much as i can where we stand as a party and where we need to go as a nation. ernie: biden did not mention any democratic candidates by name but said the nomination should run on the president's record. >> joining us now to talk about the weather is nick. here. but you're keeping an eye on the chicago weather for us. nick: we have to for the mets tonight. and i think they're going to be fine. they have a couple of showers earlier, but they're scattered about here. as we take a look again, things should be fine there. weather. nick: looking at skyfox hd, what a beautiful sunset. ernie: what a temperature today. nick: we were in the middle 70s, which is above average for this time of year, hitting 76.
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ernie: swimming weather. nick: just about, yeah. in fact, it's still 63, 64 or so if you go into the ocean. if you want to tough it out, you could do it. surfers are still out there doing it. we'll have a mild day tomorrow, 75, 76 again, before another cool front slides along. that will cool us down as we head into friday into the weekend. 57 was the low this morning. notice how above average the numbers are. should be a pretty sunrise. 68 now. humidity, not bad. still pretty dry. winds out of the south. about. the pressure is holding steady. look at these highs. 78 poughkeepsie. mid 70s everywhere else, down to belmar and 75 at islip. cooler at montauk. we broke 70 at monticello. 60s are appearing along the coast. 64 at belmar. 62 at islip. back to 68 in the city. and monticello, 66. but 74 coming in up there in the
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a lot of areas seeing a two to five degree change from yesterday. we're almost about the same as we were 24 hours ago from the city to long island. a wind out of the south, more of a south wind now versus a southwest wind we had earlier. southwest tomorrow. that's why we're talking about a mild day in the forecast. nothing on fox 5 sky guardian. don't expect any rain until potentially tomorrow evening when a few showers may get here. i think really most areas are going to stay dry. right now there's a front stuck to the north. that's where the showers and clouds are. if you look at the bigger picture, this cold front over to the north and west, that's the chicago. there's nothing off to the west. okay. mild day, sun and clouds, lunchtime. there's the evening shower as the front moves along. the front keeps going. 50s. on sunday. tonight, mild for the city. 59 with clouds.
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40 to 50s in the suburbs. tomorrow sun and clouds, an evening shower. 76 the high for tomorrow. down to 59 friday. a gusty breeze. sunny. 58 saturday. nice day. a couple of showers sunday. 65. monday and tuesday, in the 60s. ernie: very nice. okay. good weather. nick: you got it. ernie: next, we continue our series on the arts in new york city. tonight, dancing and the ballet. it's come a long way over hundreds of years. modern update. we're coming back right after for the girl scout meeting... ok! for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! at stop & shop, prices have just gone down. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane.
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at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. ernie: all right. welcome back at 6:00. you can trace ballet's roots back to the 1400s. while it still holds on to many classic qualities, it's open to interpretation like all forms of art. liz dahlem shows us more now as we continue our week long appreciation of the arts in new york. >> reporter: michel wilds would command her stage at the american ballet theatre. she was principle dancer for seven years and starred in every major role. this performance of swan lake from five years ago was her last. >> that particular performance
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ballet theatre. i wanted to expand my horizons. i wanted to learn new things. >> reporter: she started her own company, ballet next, in this studio at the garment district. she put the final touches on her show. she blends her craft with a style of street dance. when they come together for their duet, don't blink. it's something special. >> people would have thought that ballet and flex would be two worlds that would blow apart when they fuse. >> it's experimentation and expansion and moving in a new direction. >> reporter: the partners come from different worlds. she is classicically trained. he learned on the streets. they teach each other and bring something new to the art scene. >> ballet with michel, i've grown as a dancer. it's made me more of a man doing
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how to share more to other people. >> it's this diverse programming of different pieces and different styles and different energies. i feel like these collaborations are what's going to move our form forward. >> reporter: the show will start october 27th and run through november 7th at new york live arts. from the garment district, liz dahlem, back to you. ernie: thank you very much. great talent. all part of the great culture of our city. we still have two more days in our arts in new york week. tomorrow we hit the streets and the subways to see everyday people trying to earn a few dollars and maybe kick off a career by performing for you. and then friday, comedy in new york and the one secret why new york helps young comedians succeed better here than anywhere else. we'll talk about that. first, much more for you tonight, including this question. at what age would you like to retire? at what age are you thinking about? what are you thinking about?
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do you think about retiring at what age? you're -- your answers are coming up.
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>> there it is, a strike 3 called and the new york mets have pushed the chicago cubs to the brink. ernie: well, tonight could be the night, folks. the new york mets go back to the world series. russ is joining me now. fans believe it. i believe it. i think they're going to do it. what do you think? russ: if you believe in murphy's law, you know what that means,
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what can go right for the mets will go right for the mets, especially when daniel murphy is in your lineup. ernie: amazing guy. russ: what he's done, last night, again, for the fifth game in a row -- think about it. for the fifth game in a row, he hits a home run. post-season. remember, this guy only had 14 during the regular season. he's not a home run hitter. he's a very good hitter, a line drive hitter. and he does it in clutch situations. they were down at the -- they were tied at the time. he gives them a lead of 2 to 1. it's unbelievable. ernie: they're talking about a one year deal, 16 million. it's not just murphy. it's the whole team. russ: he'll get more than one year. it's the whole team. last night the key play of the game came from their big slugger
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he steals third on his own. why is it crucial? later on in the inning, there's a strike out. the ball gets away from the catcher. he scores. had he not stolen the base, the score would have remained tied. that gave them the lead. ernie: listen, they've got young arms, good pitching. russ: the pitching -- even though we knew it was so well, to me it's exceeded expectations. last night, another example of jacob degrom, the rookie of the year. this is why he is what he is, an ace. he didn't have his best stuff. after the game, terry collins hoped to get four or five innings. i gave them seven. now they're up three games to none. ernie: they've the momentum going. russ: you can't get momentum with a three game lead.
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let me say this. i don't want to -- people shouldn't jinx them. i was at fenway park in boston. yankees were up three games to none leading in the 9th inning with the greatest reliever of all time. i'm waiting inside the runway to the dugout for the celebration. it never happened. tonight. russ: indeed. ernie: as we know, a lot of mets fans have made it out to chicago. duke castiglione is there right now. i know you talked to a lot of mets fans. very excited, right? >> they are excited. as a matter of fact, the mets getting ready to take batting practice right behind me. i got here early. i was about 1:00 i got here. plenty of mets fans were milk around. went back outside the ballpark about 3:00 local time. tons of mets fans made the trip in from the new york area. they're excited because the mets
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first world series since the year 2000. the people i caught up with, i had this question for them. did you think you'd be in this position going to game 4 with a chance for the mets to close it out? >> no. the bats have made the difference. helped big time. >> are you going to see more heartache? >> no. never say never. they'll make it back. >> reporter: do you feel confident? >> i do. i do. very confident. >> this is the year. got murphy. >> right here. >> reporter: there you go. you know, the mets are playing with confidence right now. a young team, but they act like they've been here before. and they're playing really much better than many expected. here we are. they're just one win away from going to the world series. on the mound for the mets will
6:22 pm
it will be an interesting night at wrigley field. as we all know, the cubs haven't won since 1908. ernie: the fight will continue. we're looking forward to it. fingers crossed, everything's crossed, ready to go. we'll all be watching tonight. now let's look into your future. have you thought about this? when would you like to retire? maybe not. who knows? we have your answers coming up next.
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available for all your devices. get out of the past. get fios. ernie: i'm excited to be on facebook. i hope you'll join me at
6:25 pm anastos. like my page for fun behind the scenes stuff from the show. check out my favorite quotes and comments and other positive things as well. we'll be getting your answers to our question of the day, like this one right now. check it out. here's one to think about. at what age would you like to retire? >> 64 would be good. ernie: 64. you've locked in on that number. why? >> a couple more years earning power now is good and the more i can sock away, the better off i'll be when i retire. ernie: be comfortable. making plans? >> yeah. what i'm going to do after retirement. >> reporter: 65. >> well, i retired at 48. and -- but i've been active ever since in non-profit organizations. ernie: retired at 48, but still active. >> right. ernie: 62. did you plan it like that? >> i did. i said as soon as i got my
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ernie: this guy is 18-year-old. when would you like to retire? >> early 60s. ernie: why? >> i think that's probably like the normal retirement age socially. i think by that time, i'll have everything together and be ready for it. ernie: sounds like you're planning. >> i don't want to be bored. i don't want to retire early and have nothing to do. >> being a person of 70 years of age and feeling as i do mentally, emotionally, but financially i'm not ready. ernie: you don't have a number in mind? >> it keeps you alive longer. you should go until your body tells you it's enough. ernie: the natural way. you've got a lot of good years. enjoy them. bye-bye. ernie: all right. something to think about or not. that's it now. thank you for joining us. i'm ernie anastos. from all of us in studio 5 and our control room, thank you for being a part of our broadcast. have a wonderful night. we'll see you tomorrow. you're not going to retire.
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