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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  October 22, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". juliet: good morning, we are looking at another warm day with temperatures in the mid 70s, get ready for cooler temperatures in time for me to go to robert time for me to go to robert moses, blaine mike woods, he has the detlerls and a forecast. juliet: and accused cop killer make his first appearance in court. the courtroom was packed with angry officers. juliet: obes agrees to handle your state and city ever faked arrival times, this will cost
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millions. robert: robert: head to the world series, the sweep the cubbies, we are live on the north side of chicago with reaction. juliet: duke castiglione was there, you see him during the chameinon cisaulization, more on this coming up, i am juliet huddy. robert: i am robert moses, you'll see ben simmoneau at 5:00 and 10:00. i am a happy for the mets that you have to feel for cubs fans. went to school in chicago, northwestern, north of chicagave those are the best sports fans, such great sports fans who haven't won a world series in 'l7 years of have to wlert until next year again. juliet: just not there time. it is our time. let's go to michael for a check of the women. >> meteorologist: the campus is beautiful.
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beautiful out there but anyhow,
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amileind of lin this is a potent area of low pressure with of cplond lerr behind it working its way through as time goes on. though it doesn't aring much rainfall are quick splash, high-temperatures ticket from reoday into tomoficow dropping 15 to 2terdegrees for some folks and another shot at rain coming through into the weekend iert today it looks like only a very small chance, high temperature of to , the with more clouds out rehere. cooler and drier, a shower
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let's bring in ines and see what is going on. ines: a couple problems, suffolk county no problems, if yo hare heading in that direction you are fine, setting state looking good, new jersey commuter long 70, 287 no problems to report, problem spots this morning starting at the guana, delays, rehere was a stall the right lane
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e is due the showed up big time last novht building a three run home run and what did you say? daniel murphy continues his legendary october with another home run, so this is the new major league record with a home
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in 50 years. haag special gear cabin off and
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unbelievable year. >> we waited 15 years to get back there. let's go, mets. >> so much excitement for a summit fans over the area. gained 1 of the world series will be tuesday night in kansas city or toronto depending what happens. first game at city field will take place next friday night october 30th. you can feel the excitement. i will send things back to you. robert: i love that hat. juliet: this will be the first mets world series in 15 years and everyone is going to want to go to these games. robert: the cheapest ticket next friday at city field is $650. what if i told you that was standing room only, that is a potential series clincher, $645
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standing-room-only tickets. what about game 5, $667 again for standing room only. you can see the game in the comfort of your own home. watch every single pitch right here on fox 5. juliet: that is a good alternative. duke castiglione is in chicago. you'll join is at 5:45, we gave him of little bit of a break because he didn't have to hang out all night with them. he has a full recap of the game later this hour. it is 5:09. some other news, very sad news, memorials growing nypd officer randall holder who was killed in the line of duty. robert: the empire state building was lit up in blue as a tribute to the officer who was shot and killed last night. liz dahlem joined us from east harlem where a memorial is growing outside the precinct where he worked. >> reporter: we have seen those tribute throughout the city but
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this one here is very heartwarming with all the candles and flowers and memory of officer rand paul holder. we saw a lot of people, a lot of new yorkers, east harlem residents coming by yesterday offering their prayers. the nypd said the man accused of gunning down this officer was a career criminal and they were at his arraignment yesterday making their presence known. nypd officers filled the courtroom during tyrone howard's arraignment. the alleged cop killer collapsed to his knees during the proceeding and did not enter a plea. the nypd says howard had been arrested 28 times since he was 13. officer randolph holder's father was there for the court appearance along with family members who questioned why a career criminal was still on the streets. >> this has to stop. get the guns off the street. that is it. >> reporter: howard allegedly
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get away from wild shoot out. howard fired one shot striking officer holder in the forehead. police officers lined the streets and saluted that ambulance carrying the officer's body as it made its way to the jeremiah funeral home in long island. the american flag flew half staff in his honor. >> my son was very ambitious with a very bright future. for so many things in his life. >> reporter: holder's mother said her son had dreams of becoming a detective that was about to close on a home with his girlfriend. she has a powerful message for bill deblasio. >> consider stop and frisk. i think it is going to be a deterrent to these thugs who go lives. >> reporter: the family is
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preparing to say goodbye, the viewing is tuesday october 27th from 9:00 to 6:00 at the church of the nazarene in rockaway, queens. since last wednesday at 3:00 p.m. officer holder's body, to his native america. back over to you. juliet: the student who went on the drunk and obscenity laced tirade at uconn, on campus. >> jalapeno mac and cheese. juliet: the video of luke gatti made headlines, went viral, he said he was sorry, that are not saying if you don't comment on student issues, he is due in superior court the first week of
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november. robert: more coming up on the show including this. joe says no. sort of surprising, joe biden make an official land says he will not run for president. you will hear what motivated his decision. mike is watching temperatures warm up. another warm day coming. if you want a track of the rain we love, love, chocolaty, creamy, with a little something extra. mmm deliciousness. cookies or almonds. yumminess. hershey' s is mine,
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juliet: std grandfather was 89 years old, he hit his second hole in one, 89 years old with a hole in one. it was awesome. and usually have orange juice,
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his -- is named as merrill. keep looking. good morning, everyone. there is beautiful fall foliage. we have 60 degrees, clear skies of the south at 7 miles an hour for you in central park. it is warmer in buffalo and pittsburgh than it is here. a change here, cold front coming into account but behind it is a lot more cold air. we get the warm stuff. clouds are to increase later in the afternoon, to the northwest, showers with it, they are barely going to hold together as the cold front in this direction, temperatures look like this, here's your temperature trend, we started 59, 76 for a high on
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dropped to 52 with showers possible. as the front squeaks by later this evening. certainly does look like that nice day out there today, high temperature going up to 76, 59 your high tomorrow. after the friend goes by we lose 17 degrees in the high temperature categories. that is a big drop. 58 is your eyes and nasal even as we get isn't a warms up again, we deal with more showers but we are behind with the rain fall closing on eight inches behind for the year. we will take and the sunny skies coming back monday and tuesday of next week. we need good downpours, that is not happening. let's bring in ines rosales. ines: of little bit, let's not go crazy. let's talk about the commute, conn. construction going on, a of a little slowdown south bound as you pass through 7, no issues on the northbound side.
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your commute in the bronx okay, the bronx parkway no problems, let's go to the camera and look at the staten island expressway, on the west bound side doing fine, eastbound looks good, fdr drive we have a problem there. let's go to a camera shot at 96th street, south bound, back before 96, you can see traffic moving slow, delays to the triborough bridge. northbound a little rubbernecking delays, bqe towards the brooklyn bridge moving fine. as far as street cleaning rules they are in effect. can i talked about golfing lessons with your grandfather? robert: he is very good at that. after months of speculation vice president joe biden says he is not running for the white house. team made the announcement yesterday from the rose garden with his wife and president obama, his family's grief following the death of his eldest son weighed heavily on his decision not to run. some are considering it a big
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runner hillary clinton. >> while i will not be a candidate i will not be silent. i intend to speak out clearly and forcefully to influence as much as i can where we stand as a party. >> he made it difficult decision. and his view of his future and i respect the decision that he made. robert: vp is a friend and good man, inspired by his optimism and commitment to change the world for the better. juliet: high drama on capitol hill, hillary clinton will be grilled by house republicans. robert: could be a make or break moment for her, members of the gop investigating the attack on the u.s. compound in benghazi, libya. this is a big day. >> reporter: big day in
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washington, all eyes will be on her. everyone has been waiting for this for a long time and she will be taking center stage at this long awaited hearing at the house select committee on benghazi. committee members will last about the decision she made before and after the deadly attacks in 2012 which killed chris stevens and three other americans. for clinton this could solidify the democratic front runner. it is a partisan witch hunt. >> to get to the truth about what really happened. >> very disciplined and capable and will come off well, go too far, backfiring on them. >> reporter: clinton is expected to discuss the e-mail scandal
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congressman trey gowdy is only interested in eagle pass relating to ben dr. oz your libya. the testimony is expected to last all day. you have to think she is probably looking forward to getting this behind her. didn't know it was coming for so long. juliet: questions will not be delicate. she is not shy either. thanks very much. robert: everything is not
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robert: ups reached a settlement with the government over late the company. the whistle on this one. robert falk says ups entered false delivery times to make it look like packages sent to state, federal and city governments were delivered on time when in fact they were not. $4.2 million settlement covers 15 states and new york city. ups said in a statement it changed its training and continues to be a supplier in good standing with the government. juliet: cbs is getting rid of self-service check out. i always thought those were very difficult but maybe it was me. fortune magazine reports the five your plan to speed up checkout is not working so well so some stores will be pulling
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back to staffed cash registers. others will keep some assisted sell check out which is part of the problem, you always need someone around to help the kiosk. might as well have them actually doing it for you. if your holiday shopping list includes legos you might want to get out of this tour immediately. robert: the company can't keep up with demand, there are shortages in some countries in europe. that hasn't happened here yet. lego has seen sales grow by 18% this year over last, is expected to see another bomb in sales with toys based around the new star wars movie. lego is expanding its factories but it is not expected to be finished for another five years. juliet: i had at friend to put together those lego millennium falcon and other things. robert: i would not have patience for that.
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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". juliet: why do sox get lost in the dryer? the bottom of the cereal box. juliet: life questions begging for answers. temperatures climb into the 70s, mike woods will be along with your full forecast. juliet: the man accused of fatally shooting an nypd officer made his first court appearance. he is being held without bail. we have the latest. robert: hard to make this transition but on a much lighter note the new york mets are going to the world series after sweeping the chicago cubs. duke castiglione will have a report from the north side of chicago. juliet: the village halloween parade is about to get more interesting. we will tell you the grand marshal will be. all right. robert: i am robert moses in for ben simmoneau.
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juliet: i'm juliet huddy, ben is doing the 5:00, and 10:00. >> meteorologist: we are enjoying some fine fall weather out there. let's go mets. we have beautiful fall days in central park. the hero dog out there. no winter weather, for now, more springlike weather, 75 is your high temperatures today, 75, 76, 62 is the average high, 88 the record high, we seeing any records? no. it will be warmers and normal, 60 central park, 53 in newark, 44 degrees in sussex, no frost, nothing like that on a day like this, no one throughout the northeast is freezing.
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there are few showers in upstate new york, to the west of us there is a cold front approaching and we will see shower chances roll toward us in the tristate but i don't think we have much going on when it comes to rainfall. there will be a slight chance. clouds tend to think and throughout the day but we make it to 76 for high and we drop down this evening, the low dropping to 52, much cooler and drier for you tomorrow with a lot of sun out there but high temperature of 59 degrees and breezy too. liz bring in ines and see where backups start. ines: it was a tough one yesterday. some construction going on, route 17 those directions two lanes closed between century and midland avenue in new york going on until 6:00 a.m. and an accident northbound, watch out for that. two lanes blocked, other than that you are fine, 78 and 280,
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let's look at your commute on the floor with a rockland county, you are fine for the tappan zee bridge, southbound, northbound side moving fine. as far as trains everything on or close to schedule. creek in minerals -- street cleaning rules in effect. juliet: the suspects in the shooting of officer rand paul holder made his first court appearance last night. robert: he is being held without bail on murder and robbery charges. liz dahlem joins us from east harlem outside the precinct where holder worked. >> reporter: we saw so many people coming by the station house yesterday, people who live in the neighborhood wanting to drop of candles and flowers and most importantly prayers for the entire department. that nypd telling as the man suspected of gunning down this police officer was a career criminal. yesterday he was arraigned on
5:30 am
the nypd let their presence be known inside that courtroom. nypd officers filled the agreement. the allege, collapsed to his knees during the proceeding and did not interrupt legalese the nypd says howard has been 13. officer randolph holder's father was there for the court appearance along with family members who questioned why a career criminal was still on the street. >> this has to stop. get the guns off the street, that is it. >> reporter: on tuesday night howard allegedly stole a bite in east harlem to get away from wild shootout. howard fired one shot striking officer holder in the forehead. police officers lined the streets and saluted the ambulance carrying the officer's body as it made its way to the funeral home in long island. the american flag flew half staff atop the brooklyn bridge in his honor. >> very ambitious with a very
5:31 am
bright future. went to college, wanted to be a cop -- >> reporter: holder's mother said her son had dreams of becoming a detective and was about to close on a hole with his girlfriend. she has a powerful message for bill deblasio. >> i think bill deblasio should reconsider the stop and frisk. i think it is going to be a deterrent to these funds to go around attacking innocent people's lives. >> reporter: the family is preparing to say goodbye, the feeling is october 27th, the funeral service will be held for burial. we are live in front of the
5:32 am
robert: get wrenching to hear from his mother. robert: arrested 28 times. heather: he is a young guy, howard was arrested and ed drug crackdown lynch instead of prison he was ordered to a drug diversion treatment program. state courts are defending their decision saying, quote, the statute allowing judges the discretion for drug diversion, specifically designed for complex cases. they were talking about the previous case, we should place blame on the person who pulled the trigger. some experts say letting howard flip back and the criminal underground is not surprising. >> they are trying to solve a problem and help people who may have gotten addicted to drugs and lost their way. this person was not that. this person may have been a drug addict but he is a very violent person with the very deep-seated
5:33 am
history. >> reporter: the d a's office told us it recommended state prison for howard and opposed his request for diversion. robert: governor cuomo says it is the state's job and not the city's to regulate ridesharing companies like lirr. you cannot regulate city by city, the governors calling for a state run licensing system for these types of companies. ridesharing companies that are restricted locally like taxes but city officials say the tax in limousine commission already handles out of county regulations with no problem at all. juliet: can you believe it? the mets are going to the world series. that happened last night. robert: the miracle mets, call from national league champions this morning after they swept the chicago cubs last night. the champagne that had been on ice was flowing freely and into the faces of players and cameras. kerry drew live this morning in
5:34 am
mets fans have been waiting for for 15 years. i love the hat. >> reporter: thank you, good morning, thank you to sports authority for this halfwit has the world series logo right here. what an exciting time for the new york mets, they swept the chicago cubs in four games and out their heading to the world series for the first time since 2000. we have some video after the final play of the game and you can see the mets storming wrigley field in celebration. lot of smiling and cheers and here at home fans in midtown went crazy after the final play. they hope the mets can win the world series for the first time since 1986. time. i can't wait to watch the mets win the first world series since 1986, this is our time, we're going to take this.
5:35 am
you can pick out your world sees the year, the hats, t-shirtss, all the mets merchandize already out there. game one of the world series tuesday night in kansas city or toronto depending on what happens in the lc s and game 3, the first game at city field will be next friday night, oct. 32. i think we can do it this year. juliet: let's talk about other fun stuff, the annual halloween parade through the village. it is really something. the outfits are crazy. people really go all out. definitely something to see. as always colorful, always fun. it will be very interesting this year. >> mystery could go a long way. i suggest you go back to your place. juliet: i'm of that guy, he is pretty cool.
5:36 am
that is to it is, in the world, the grand marshal, jonathan goldsmith is his real name, a bronx born actor currently featured -- he is an overnight sensation even though he has been acting for 40 years, recommend a little mystery for your halloween party. robert: i heard a few ask him to say thursday, my friends he won't do it because it is a trademark thing. juliet: we should say happy birthday on television and not get signed for it. michael. juliet: going to the parade? >> meteorologist: i live on the parade route, cannot avoid it. robert: it will be saturday. >> meteorologist: the pressure is on to steal a little party. juliet: i have to work the next day. it is fun. >> meteorologist: 0 hopefully the weather is like that, this
5:37 am
is gorgeously 60 degrees. 50 in monticello. a clear sky, there is the cold front coming into account. i had of it, frontal showers in the tristate region, mainly to the northeast trying to head into the direction of the tristate region, only a little bit will hold together. what we will see, sunny skies early, more clouds, high temperatures 76, another warm one, very small shower chance, sunny and cool with a high of 59, breezy too, then we get another shot at showers coming through sunday. the weather apps at the apple itunes store and google play store with live interactive radar, download for free and check those showers as they may or may not come into town. let's bring in ines and see what is going on.
5:38 am
accident, you have a least one lane closed with that. northbound and southbound, smooth sailing. look at your commute on the lie here, no problems. the george washington bridge, on the upper level, minor delays of of 80, 95, lower level looks good, 495 towards the lincoln tunnel and holland tunnel. juliet: a lot more to come. celebrating the mets's trip to the world series. robert: "good day" is coming
5:39 am
a live look at wri juliet: checking your headlines at 5:45, wiki leaks has released john brennan's e-mails. the high school student says he had counted burn in's private a of an elegant and also the care of tacoma and security secretary jeh johnson. the fbi and secret service are investigating. robert: marijuana use among adult has doubled, 22 million people according to a comparison
5:40 am
from 2001 to 2002, 2012-2013. most people used the drug recreationally. juliet: lamar odom and chloe kardashian are no longer getting divorced. the axe nba stars recovering at a hospital in los angeles after collapsing at a brothel in nevada last week, she is one patient and understanding person. she loves him apparently. got some really exciting news. gunmac won last night, going to the world series. robert: duke castiglione was there for the game and the bubbly after word. he is live on the north side. clark and addison, one of the most famous and defections in all of sports. good morning. duke: good morning, the new york
5:41 am
series, last night the mets captured the pennant and are heading back to the world series for the first time since 2000. here is how they did. in the first inning, lucas duda struggled in this postseason, you go deep, the three run homer and just like that i am telling you this wrigley field crowd went quiet. the next batter followed with a homer of his own, solo shot to make a 4-0, right away and believe it or not a little later on next time lucas duda came to the plate he added a 2 run double. in the eighth, storybook october continues daniel murphy. another home run, his sixth straight playoff game setting a new major league record. he now has seven home runs this postseason, 8-1 nets, the cubs will get two more runs, but it is close in the ninth and a cold
5:42 am
to the fall classic for the first time since 2000. daniel murphy, this was a cool scene, after the celebration, they spent some time behind, it was a nice scene. he is just what they call in the zone.
5:43 am
the city around the country, comedians, take a look. >> in the house! championship, n.y. mets! in spanish says barr. chicago is the cleanest city in the world's. >> there you have it. the mets deserve it, they plan outstanding baseball sweeping the chicago cubs, head to the world series. you will they play? we have to wait until tomorrow night to find out whether the mets play the royals for the blue jays. the royals could have won the
5:44 am
series but toronto's sees live, 6 innings, in left-center field, they go on to win 7-1 to stay in it. will lead the series three games to two in game six is tomorrow night. that is the story, we are outside wrigley field, we have much more coming out throughout the morning. back to the studio. juliet: appreciate it. robert: that is such the school setting. juliet: they have all the bars and restaurants along fair. of very sad cubs fan unfortunately for him. 5:50, let's get a check of the weather. did you think about that this morning? >> meteorologist: i thought about it last night. i planned it yesterday.
5:45 am
when it was 6-1. they don't even know what they are talking about. juliet: you guys are immaculate. missing out apparently. >> meteorologist: let's show you what we have out there. to the bus stop, law son out there in the early part of the day. as it swings up you will see a temperature of 59 degrees, more sun and clouds, a few quick sprinkles or showers, that is about it, 53 at newark, same in poughkeepsie and bridgeport, 61 in montauk, nice and mild this morning, cold front sweeping into town coming from the great lakes, we got to keep the words long. that is my challenge. will come through and try to bring a few quick showers but it
5:46 am
should be very light if anything at all. clouds thicken as the day goes on, high temperature gets up to 76 degrees and tomorrow is back to sunny skies and cool high, high of 59 tomorrow, 58 saturday, more quick showers coming through sunday. let's bring in ines rosales and see what she has. good morning. >> meteorologist: some problems to tell you about. the lie west bound by queens boulevard watch out for a stall blocking a lane and in the bronx we have an accident on the deegan by yankee stadium should be cleared away. it is outbound by the yonkers toll plaza on the fairway. let's go to our cameras and look at the long island expressway moving find both directions. as for the trains everything on or close to schedule. robert: plenty more coming up including a recap on what
5:47 am
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juliet: 5:55. if you have not watched and
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higher this week, turned away, do not turn the channel, just knew it. brief recap for you. robert: lots of drama and twists and turns. neo made a cameo coaching job all on how to survive soaring and romance. cookie has got a new love interest, sexy concert promoter. it wouldn't be empire if the two didn't pull out their guns once thugs attacked their dynasty compound and big shocker. hakim got kidnapped. juliet: i don't know what this means. i will start watching the show, i promise. robert: a new muppet added to sesame street, a preschool with autism. juliet: she would join alamo and the game, reducing the stigma of autism, launched a new campaign
5:51 am
see amazing in all children. there's a new video. we are all one of a kind no one else like as you are ever going to find juliet: they are trying to show the other middle muppets that julia does a little things differently. sesame street and autism includes daily routine cards and resources to help people who encounter children with autism. i love sesame street. robert: great teachable moment on that show. juliet: the rocky horror picture show and every. . robert: laverne cox will be in the netflix series oranges the new black, has been cast as mad scientist and sweet transvestite dr. frank n. berger. by a light of the night
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