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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  October 22, 2015 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> it's 10:00 p.m.. do you know where your children are? >> right now on "fox 5 news" at 10. dari: about 24 hours later and we are still feeling the high. yes the mets headed to the world series for the first time in 15 years. the mets arrived home after sweeping the cubs in the national league championship series. ben: the mets four wins away from their first world series title. just about since the original back to the future came out. 20 years ago in 1986 fans gave him a hero's welcome to the field today. for. hundreds of mets fans were in a parting that is a welcome players and coaches back on. they're hoping the team can and have long world series drought and bring a title back to queens
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80s. >> the whole day of them winning is great but i felt great for the team but mostly i feel great for the fans. reporter: you personally? >> to me, i didn't think i was ever going to see one of my teams when they championship. ben: the mets about a fall classic since 2000. the infamous subway series when they lost to the rival yankees. this time around mets fans say they don't want any yankees fans jumping on the bandwagon. dari: the crosstown were already runs deep. for. as you might imagine the next world series memorabilia is available and flying off the shelves like this place in times square. mets fans are passionate and they are ready. about this concept that yankees fans are trying to read their coattails we take the question someplace where sports arguments
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like this are off -- often debated. >> edgerly cuts barbershop in the bronx opinions on sports are as razor-sharp as the low-cut. >> sometimes feelings get hurt. reporter: sometimes the underdog gets to have his time to shine. >> it's awesome to see you then get to where they have got to get to. reporter: john prados old-school darryl darryl strawberry jersey says he's okay with pinstripe supporters willing to ride the waves. >> joes skipper theory is the shop's owner for yankees memories hang from the walls. even he is willing to set those 27 yankees titles aside and bring bad franchises third. >> got a put credit where credit is due. they earned bragging rights.
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reporter: at modell's in times square the mets gear is a hot item and the thought of a crosstown rival crossing over has this town heeded. >> when the yankees are doing good the mets fans show their support for the yankees. >> i've been a mets fan for the longest time. i have seen them go up and down in my heart has been broken and now i get chills up my spine to see we have gotten here. reporter: lifelong mets fan you have seen it all so you get the last word. >> i don't care what the heck happens. i'm not going to -- if you want to join us to join us the right way. reporter: these new york fans are doing it the right way. not sure who they will play in the world series that mets fans space. 15 years ago the subway series it was the yankees to be the mets. looking for a different result this time around.
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dari: thank you dan. if you plan on going to the world series game at citi field but you don't have a ticket that's going to cost you a whole bunch of money. tickets on the secondary market are skyrocketing. in fact the cheapest price at stub hubs for game three was a standing room ticket or about 600 bucks. while the most expensive was a set of four left field reserve seats each now going for $20,000. ben: 80 grand? a bed of other baseball news with the new york connection. former yankee great don mattingly is out as manager of the los angeles dodgers. mattingly had one year left on his contract at the doctor said it was a quote mutual decision. is it ever to part ways after five seasons? mattingly left the dodgers with three west division titles but they are still short of the world series failing each and every time. other news tonight the nypd continuing its investigation to
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holder. dari: the police team spent the day scouring the east river around 120th and fdr drive looking for the gun that was used to shoot officer holder. they believe the suspect threw it in the water before being apprehended. ben: 30-year-old tyrone howard was officially charged with first-degree murder last night we had. >> things got heated in the courtroom when family members could not contain their emotions. the shooting came after howard fell to his knees in front of the judge. during the arraignment he complained of pain and said that he could not get up. howard is a career criminal and many wonder why he was free to walk the streets at all. meantime the shooting was renewed, has renewed the debate over stop-and-frisk. chris severs has more on that. >> this has to stop. get the guns off the streets,
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that's it. get the guns off the streets. how many more families, how many people have to die for their loved one's? reporter: that was a plea for the heartbroken cousin of police officer randolph holder at randolph holder the fourth sippy cup to be killed in the line of duty last 11 months. he came moments after 300 career criminal tyrone howard was arraigned on first-degree murder charges. the murdered officer's mother is calling for the return of stop-and-frisk. >> i think mayor de blasio should reconsider her stop-and-frisk because i think it's going to be a deterrent to these thugs who go around attacking innocent people's lives. reporter: in the public housing developments where residents were protected by officer holder their is anxiety with all the illegal guns in the hands of criminals. many are too afraid to speak on camera but i sat down with a longtime residents. he feels for his safety and asked me to conceal his
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>> these criminals have more than the police. reporter: speaking out "good day new york" former mayor rudy giuliani said the stop-and-frisk is effective and needed. >> it takes guns out of the hands of the bad guys. reporter: is a memorial grows to to officer holders sacrifice residents are determined to show their appreciation. a federal judge sent stop-and-frisk was unconstitutional because it violated the rights of innocent blacks and latinos and now they were growing calls to bring back a version to target criminals who have little regard for human life. lisa evers "fox 5 news." ben: new information tonight on funeral services for officer holder. the viewing will be on tuesday, next tuesday from nine to six but the location is changed to the greater allen ame cathedral in queens. the funeral will be at the same church on wednesday at 3:00 in the afternoon and officer holder
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will be buried in his native guyana. dari: 11 hours is how long hillary clinton clinton's panoma hotseat about the terrorist attacks in benghazi libya that happened threes ago. the hearing wrapped up a short time ago but she defended her actions while she was secretary of state. reporter: hillary clinton going face-to-face with republican-led special investigation into the 2012 benghazi attacks defending her record as secretary of state. >> i did not see them. i did not approve them, i did not deny them. reporter: somehow members blasting her for not doing more to save the lives of four americans murdered including u.s. ambassador chris stevens. >> they were killed under circumstances most of us could never imagine. it's good to remand ourselves and the rest of the world that this could have happened without us. you are right secretary clinton are libya policy could have happened without you because you were the chief architect.
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>> nobody knew the dangers of libya better but chris chose to go to benghazi because he understood america had to be pivotal time. reporter: the panels here and have investigation revealing continues to private e-mail server during her time as secretary of state and issued her presidential bid. >> there is not one e-mail to you or from you in 2012 when an explosive device went off at our compound in april. if you were to be in my office and the state department i didn't have a computer. i didn't do the vast majority of reporter: the hearing lacks some of the fireworks from previous inquiries of the issue but top democrat elijah cummings calling witchhunt. >> i don't know what we want from you. we want to bash you over and over again until you get tired and so you get to the moment
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we are better than that. dari: clinton is hoping a testimony will put the benghazi issue to bed but it remains to be seen as it will dogger throughout the 2016 presidential campaign. ben: paul ryan has officially declared his candidacy for speaker of the house after receiving faux republicans support. his decision comes two weeks after house majority leader kevin mccarthy pulled out of the race outgoing speaker john boehner said a preliminary vote among republicans will be held wednesday. followed by the full floor vote in the house on thursday. changing sheet -- changing gears now to the weather. dari: gorges a picture-perfect day. people made the most of it on the boardwalk. this is in long beach long island of course. it's pretty crowded for thursday afternoon. why not come it was so gorgeous. those people had the right idea because the weather is taking
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ben: the upper 70s. nick: the nicest place to be was on the lord what and if you are brave enough it's still 63 degrees in the water. his 71 right now so the still warm but the cold front is knocking on our door basically what it does move through bye bye 70s and the low 50's night. 70 poughkeepsie. 77 or tim belmar and 70 as you move across long island. now you can see the cooler temperatures in the 50s north and west. 71269 degrees in the cities to the shore and 66 as you get into islip. you can see the cold front basically in that front will slide down on the other side of the front current temperatures 50 buffalo 52 chicago in our skies will go clear. we will talk about it basically cooler temps tomorrow's a drop down to mainly the 50s. we will take a shot of the forecasts.
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52 in the city and 42 in the suburbs. tomorrow at delightful day bright and sunny breezy. 50's most of the time stopping their 16 afternoon. ben: would you pay to get rid of the ads when you watch videos? dari: youtube is hoping you'll want to do. the new severus is providing of course will cost you. ben mcadoo character on sesame street. we will tell you about julia the preschooler with autism. dari: lets face it most parents take from their children's halloween bag. there's an out out there that will pair the perfect wine with
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ben: elmo big bird and oscar the grouch of any neighbor. her name is julia and she has autism. it's part of a push by the show to raise awareness. >> they are some of the most recognizable faces from our childhood. i think you know grover end of
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course big bird. one thing that hasn't changed a their commitment to education and their new -- around autism. reporter: there she is, julia. there are hundreds of sesame street -- muppet is getting the attention. kids ask questions and is going to be great for them. reporter: the new initiative has been in the works for three years. stephanie -- sesame street and autism. >> a 4-year-old who has autism and she is part of open call are narrated storybook and our resources. she shares her differences enter similarities with her friends almon epi. reporter: with the goal to make our children stronger kinder and stronger julia speaks directly to sesame street's core mission. the prevalence of autism have
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skyrocketed doubling over the last 10 years. one in every 68 young people are being diagnosed with autism every year. >> we do a lot of research into finding out why but we are focused on helping kids that are living with autism and part of that is about breaking down the barriers. >> it's never too early. reporter: youngsters can tap into the character using an ipad app and also visit sesame backslash autism. if one of these guys can a raise awareness and reduce stigmatism it will be a win for everyone. ben: youtube without the ad. dari: it's a paid subscription service that lets you watch endless videos at free but of course it will cost you.
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lidia curanaj helps us find out. reporter: on youtube you can watch and listen to some of your favorite artists like taylor swift. youtube is also our first up in the latest and cutest baby videos and if you are looking for an entire cut that's on your two. the paid services called you too bread. tech experts seth gordon. >> this is youtube transforming from the youtube you knew at lip syncing videos into netflix. they want to be a rep competitor in the streaming of videos. reporter: it allows you to save videos on line. this ad launches next week of beginning january the you too bread subscription we get you access to exclusive content. >> most content providers say it's a chance for their fans to watch videos without ads but i think there is controversy going on because people feel like they
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are not given the choice to sign up as concert providers are not. reporter: overblown because regular folks who use youtube to watch clips like "seinfeld" will not be affected. only content providers who own a cut of ad revenue will be if they don't find that. their videos will be hidden from public view. no one has time to watch as i'm watching the latest viral video. how annoying are the pop-up ads? >> extremely annoying. reporter: youtube makeup style expert had 18 million subscribers. youtube inadvertently made others a viral hits. despite youtube has to offer some say they will use it for free as long as they can. >> the idea is ridiculous. it's another way for us to be charged for something. reporter: when you think you to be think free? >> absolutely.
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>> is supposed to be free. you pay for cable. reporter: lidia curanaj "fox 5 news." ben: interesting. instagram rolling out a new app called the meringue. not a photo. a one second burst of five photos turned the silent video. it plays forward and backwards in lieu. boomerang is available on our list and -- dari: thelanet was holding an international noncompetition next fall for creating the look of a new terminal. a consultant will be hard to consider ridership. projections right now more than 200,000 people commute on the 65-year-old bus terminal everyday. ben: good news for straphangers. the mta will increase service until subway lines. the plan includes adding trains during peak times and weekends. the shuttle service between
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grand central and times square also on the abe. >> , e, j and. >> always overcrowded. subway trains handle 5.6 million riders a day last year and that number is expected to increase in the year ahead. dari: in a playground in connecticut is giving kids a reason to smile. the playground at slanderers elementary is made out of recycled dental products. they competed to win the big round. it's made from empty toothpaste tubes, toothbrushes and recycled floss containers. that's very green. black cats are usually thought of as being bad luck although i love black cats. ben: they are and they're usually in high demand for halloween. it's not for good reason. why shelters on alert.
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pay gap in hollywood, why a lot of women are not happy about what he's saying. pumpkin excitement is back at dunkin'. pick up your favorite pumpkin-flavored baked treats and beverages, like the new pumpkin macchiato
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can i get a medium coffee, cream, two sugars? medium hot coffee, cream, two sugars -- see you at the window. at dunkin', we make your coffee just the way you like it. if not, we'll make it again on the spot. that's the dd commitment. america runs on dunkin'. tierney a big honor at the apollo tonight and jeremy renner used a poor choice of words. ben: here simone boyce with the entertainment headlines.
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tmz reports avoid jail time after pleading no contest for punching a cop at las vegas cop at a hotel in january. the 25 year was ordered to pay a thousand bucks to an injured cop fund and the also has to complete anger management and agualla valuation and 50 hours can community service at a nonprofit organization in canada. now moving on to actor jeremy renner. reportedly he wants to clarify some comments he made about wage equality during a recent interview. basically backtrack so when asked whether the 44-year-old star would negotiate alongside actresses for equal pay a huge hollywood right now renner responded that's not my job. a rep for the actor said he meant anyone having salary equality but that's someone else's job to handle it.
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a little solidarity for your costars. ben: like bradley cooper did. reporter: his comments are following an op-ed his costar jennifer lawrence wrote about gender equality. an e-mail leak reveals she was paid less than their male counterparts. ben: it was a terrible movie anyway. i thought it was so boring. reporter: wasn't the best. i have to agree with you. back to entertainment, great night in hollywood tonight at the world famous apollo theater. jazz foundation of america honored john legend and sonny rollins with a lifetime richard's took the stage. i caught up with actor danny glover about the historic significance behind jazz music. >> this is a defining moment in this country that people who are able to take the pain the
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beautiful rhythm and music. reporter: you really do have to pause and really think about how huge jazz was when it broke out and it's important to look back and honor that today. danny glover, huge fan of ages in the outfield. i had to bring that up with him. ben: a good movie and it's a baseball time of year. reporter: exactly. dari: and talking about the history of jazz and the significance. ben: is the ku klux klan trying to recruit new members in new jersey? dari: flyers are showing up on doorsteps in one town. ben: turkey and pumpkin pie or thanksgiving day staples but could they be in short supply this year?
10:27 pm
season. ben: people in one new jersey towns one new jersey town say they're disgusted after finding hate filled players turning up on their doorsteps. dari: it says join the kkk, the group apparently looking for new recruits in the area. it is around i checked it out. >> it's unreal. >> disgusting, outrageous. reporter: sarah and her husband
10:28 pm
sunday morning to find this on their home's front step. a three-page flier in a plastic bag from the ku klux klan. >> i thought it was a joke. reporter: these fighters are not a joke. a numbered web site listed on them are from a real north carolina-based kkk group. the first page of the flier says a signature klansman on a course complete with a confederate flag to the other two pages are too offensive to show you. they bash and make other derogatory racial statements. >> i'm appalled and i can't believe in this day and age that something like this would exist. reporter: republican candidate jeb bush is criticizing one of the pages for allegedly not being tough enough on border control. lyndhurst police chief james o'connor said people who receive this can either call police were treated like the garbage that it is. >> i will tell you there is snow
10:29 pm
of that believes in their beliefs or their values. reporter: the police chief said whoever left the flyers did nothing illegal because what he did was basically protected by the first amendment. please don't know why this neighborhood was targeted. in lyndhurst new jersey lidia curanaj "fox 5 news." dari: five college fraternity faced a judge in the hazing death. they are charged with third-degree murder and aggravated assault and hindering apprehension. the pledge was killed during a hazing ritual and the poconos in december of 2013. more than 30 members of the frat are charged in his death. ben: former subway pitchman jared -- 100,000-dollar checks were hand-delivered to 10 of the victims over the last several weeks. his other victims could have their checks by next month.
10:30 pm
that's what he is sentenced to up to 12.5 years in prison. dari: you may have heard shortages may have an impact in your thanksgiving day meal. turkey wiped out by the spread of avian flu and pumpkins because of bad weather in the midwest but are these warnings have an affect? report at this sign at one supermarket in new jersey warns of a turkey shortage. there are similar reports at other retailers and restaurants. the recent? the nation's worst outbreak ever of avian flu of virus that killed off 7% of our turkey supplies. economists say that means the season buying that tom will cost you some extra bills. >> we are setting all-time records for the meat that comes from the big tom's and thanksgiving turkeys. reporter: prices for whole cell turkey hit an all-time high of $5.80 a pound and a cost of frozen turkeys is up 17%. if you're ready for more bad
10:31 pm
news and other thanksgiving favorite, pumpkin pie could be in jeopardy to. too much rain in the midwest choked off the supply of sugar pumpkins which made the pumpkin filling ec and cans. in the next couple of months we may see canned pumpkin -- we haven't gotten there yet that we have been hearing is about it. reporter: rachel says she's getting head of the curb and ordering early. >> pumpkin products remain popular so who knows if we have trouble keeping an stock and we will be we able to reorder from our vendors. we haven't heard anything yet from any of them about shortages but if we were to hear it we would order more right away. reporter: what does this mean for thanksgiving? the nation's largest distributor of canned pumpkin says it could be tied so you may want to gators in early. as for turkey turkeys experts say we have nothing to worry about. >> we put a lot of the birds in the freezers before the avian flu hit.
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reporter: one more reason to head to the grocery store early. get all the trimmings while supplies last. from tribeca jennifer lahmers "fox 5 news." dari: city animal shelters are said to be on high alert for anyone looking to adopt a black cat between now and the end of the month. the "new york post" is reporting the humane society is wary because some people just want them to bring to holiday parties as props said they are concerned about abuse and black as being at associated with occult and witchcraft. the result one queens rescue group will not allow any adoptions a black cat until the month of october is over. ben: the kids come home from sugar treat and they have a huge container of candy. what do you do? dari: my has been a braids their bags. dari: my has been a braids their bags. ben: peanut butter cups? dari: i love the peanut butter cups. the app that shows you which wine goes best with your favorite stickers bar or peanut
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pin you have likely heard this commercial. buy one and get three free. that's the marketing campaign for years but the deal is about to come to an end forever. one retailer thinks it might sell more suit if he gets rid of
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ben: known for his suit sales no longer good for its bottom line. were talking about joseph a. bank. it's changing its business model and hopes of attracting younger customers. today marks the final day of buy one get several free deal. it's usually buy one get three free. joseph a. bank plans to offer less aggressive promotions like to suits suits for 500 bucks. >> joseph a. bank has got into a death spiral, dishes death spiral of constantly upping the ante on the sales so first it was buy one get one free and then get two free and get three free. ben: joseph a. bank was last year.
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quality level if you will and how they are viewed as far as highbrow are not in the marketplace. new clothing and shoes have been introduced an attempt to attract younger customers. dari: following years of declining sales of donald's at turning things around. the struggling fast food chain announcing that global same-store sales rose $1.3 billion in the quarter. this is seven straight quarters of a down market. mcdonald's credit for the strategy that includes customized burgers and all day breakfast menus was not doing so well. a brand-new buttermilk crispy chicken sandwiches which is credited with lifting u.s. sales is the hottest thing these days. ben: it's pretty good. dari: let's face it one of the best reasons to go into your kids trick-or-treating bag is to have a ton of candy.
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health. you might as well enjoy it like an adult. it tells you what wine to pair with your candy. also this. dari: i love the people. comedian and matt superthin jim murray. we talked to him about it earlier in the week while looking at his latest viral team
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dari: halloween is next weekend and that makes most of us will soon have a lot of candy in her house. ben: the kids bring it home and is up to the parents to finish it. obviously they can't be at all three have two pair or something. how about a fine wine? which one? reporter: this is a lot of fun.
10:42 pm
halloween is right around the corner. stocking up on trees you may want to consider this. the perfect wine pairings to enjoy with some your favorite halloween treats. popular wind app outside the box with the candy and wine matchmaker pairing of writer points to halloween candy classics. >> i think it's a great idea. reporter: natalie delany invited us to the spyglass rooftop are to sample some of her favorite combinations. let's give this a shot. we are going to start with the hollowing classic. >> we are peering the candy corn with bubbles. bubbles are so fun so we have champagne right here and the rotor champagne has a nice naddi yeasty rich flavor that sets off the naddi rich complexity of
10:43 pm
candy corn itself. reporter: cheers to halloween. that does go well together. next up a rich taste of chocolate. snickers compared with a dessert wine. >> with those nutty chocolatey flavors you will get in that snickers you are going to want to find the same flavors in tawny ports. the aromas in the smells and flavors are nutty caramel with a little bit of milk chocolate. reporter: you want the flavors in your wine to parallel the flavors in your candy. riesling. >> we have right flavors. we don't want to overpower them with a big heavy wine. it should be harmonious and that's when you're pairing food with your regular dinner mail are having fun opening a children's candy. reporter: you just made halloween a lot more enjoyable.
10:44 pm
cheers. >> is my pleasure. ben: of you would like to take your hollowing candy to the next level we posted a link on oxide semithe our products and candy if you would like to enjoy a properly highly recommend candy corn and champagne. dari: i just tweet it out who likes candy corn. ben: at the different candy corn with champagne. take it to the next level. with or with out wine i will enjoy it. highly recommended. and the port with a snickers. dari: tweet me at dari alexander if you like candy corn. reporter: now if you were looking for more. ben: my parents never allowed me t it. reporter: happy halloween.
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dari: mick what is your vote because you have three girls. nick: have you ever tried dark chocolate with an malt scotch? ben: the mick gregory edition. >> that should be on the menu. nick the weather was excellent. another day in the 70s. the last day for a while to start cooling down overnight into tomorrow with a cold front moving into the north and west. 75 and 58 today so running above average by 10 degrees in most locales. 88 and 30 in the records. satellite 7:16. all. although price sunnier days will be breezy and colder. south wind up their mild and 69 and 47% in we have clouds with the clearing trend on the way. a threat of showers is over and it looks like we won't find anything on "fox 5 sky guardian."
10:46 pm
let's look at the highs and review how nice they were. 78 in poughkeepsie 74 sussex around 70 along long island bridgeport 71. 60 along the coast 65 in southern connecticut montauk 6766 at the shores and 69 in town. middle 50's when you get towards monticello. temperature changes milder than last night six to 10 degrees or so. it's a what's that southwest wind become northwest. here's the northwest wind. there's a cold front right here. we'll be watching that trend to these cooling temps 50's now towards buffalo 50 upper 60s as you head back to philly and new york city. you can see it in the line of clouds that marks the cold front moving through in that front will move along. this will be the weather coming down from here. eventually the system will arrive in showers could get a nearby lake saturday night in may last through sunday before
10:47 pm
northern tier of the area for montana towards minneapolis ap figures in l.a., 82 in the lower parts of the southeast and back to memphis and upper 50's here tomorrow. as we take a look at our futurecast staying in the upper 50's tomorrow and will have a super 50's returned as we head into saturday's well. day planner sunny beautiful day of the cool and breezy 50's most of the time getting close to 60. future cash is the front moving through. sunny tomorrow loudly than a day showers late in the day and maybe through a portion of sunday. tomorrow sunny breezy and 59. this seven day shows upper 50's but a nice day. showers mostly mourning for midday with breaks in the cloud cover after that. cooler for monday and tuesday lots of us in the upper 50's. showers wednesday and thursday morning. just showers stuff.
10:48 pm
ben: we need a couple of days worth. dari: thanks nick. ben: up and sports a look at last night's mets run. >> i marcellus -- ines rosales with the toyota traffic tracker. tune into "good day new york" starting at we thought we' d be ready. but demand for our cocktail bitters was huge. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn' t need a loan. we needed short-term funding. fast. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. you can' t predict it, but you can be ready. another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself.
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russ: how are you doing every one? unless you've been on mars for the past week or two but even then you still have to know the big city is all abuzz about it. the mets punching their ticket into the world series of that being the case how about another look at last night's clincher in chicago. >> a 3-2 pitch to duda in the air to center field. home run lucas dudas. >> a combination of and approach
10:51 pm
>> and air deep right-center field. that ball is gone. daniel murphy six straight postseason games. no one is done before. >> the greatest group of ever been a part of. these guys cheers and roots and cares for the guys next to them to sharing this with them the words can't describe. >> i haven't been to the world series since 2000 and the mets are on their way back. >> we are all excited. the first two celebrations but this one takes the cake and we are excited that we are not finished. we are out on a mission and we are ready to get started. >> getting a chance to play in the world series.
10:52 pm
>> is it's the best feeling i've ever had in my life. >> words can't describe it. it's the world series, the world series. russ: boy does that sound good. the mets are in the world series. now it's just a matter of who they are going to play. the royals or the bluejays game six tomorrow night in kc. or is leading three games-2. dari: thank you. ben: earlier this week we told you about comedian super fan jim brewer. dari: he's been hosting hilarious videos after the team playoff games. he was at it again so we leave you tonight with the latest on the video. have a great night. by the way. ben: apparently so. >> and by the way chicago is the cleanest city in the world right now.
10:53 pm
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