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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  October 23, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day early call". juliet: good morning, everybody, we are following breaking news, there has been a shooting at tennessee state university, at least one person dead and two others wounded, we are following this story and we will bring it to you live. robert: hillary clinton gets grilled on the benghazi attacks for 11 hours, you will hear some of what she said to the investigating committee. juliet: if you wanted ticket to see the mets play in the world series of the where really rich, we will tell you about the skyrocketing prices. welcome to new york, everybody. hello, robert.
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juliet: great to have you here again. robert: you are going crazy that sean mendez is going to be here. juliet: two years ago, sean mendez, there were a bunch of little kids in front of our audience all female with shaun mendez signs. fast forward two years, this song stitches is on the radio everywhere, an amazing song. robert: just like a moth to aflame. juliet: he is coming on tomorrow. i am very excited. robert: you should have heard the prime els reached. it is friday, everyone is going to scream. >> meteorologist: we have some changes out there weatherwise,
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temperatures, we made it into the 70s, 75 in central park, these 3 yesterday's highs, 77 in newark, same in belmar, 78 in poughkeepsie, looks like things are changing up on us even as we speak all cooler air coming to as, we have 58 at central park, still going to drop those temperatures another 3 or 4 degrees, 57 at newark and belmar, 56 in islip, 54 in poughkeepsie and bridgeport, here is what we see with winds, winds from the northwest, cold front has gone through, 3 to 14 miles per hour depending where you what but it will be breezy, high pressure in control, sunshine back but temperatures took a hit big times the temperatures only made it to 59 degrees later ron. tomorrow with is only 57 for a high and still have the shower
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let's bring in ines and see what is going on, a few folks ready to hit the road. ines: your commute off to a good start, connecticut 95, no problems, no problems northbound or southbound, merritt parkway looks good, new jersey and essex county, there is the parkway, we have green, 78, 280 as well, slight problem in suffolk county, this is the lie by holbrooke road, to the shoulder, you have that slowdown and there is the coatrack that just pull the, no significant delays, just watch for the activity. queens, let's go to the camera shot of the long island expressway by grand central parkway, you are fine both ways and with the trains everything on or close to schedule. street cleaning rules in effect city-wide. robert: we start with breaking news, one person killed, two others wounded in a shooting on the campus of tennessee state university in nashville.
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juliet: was the result of a dispute over a dice game in an outdoor courtyard. not clear if the victims are students at this point. the police supervisor told the associated press there is no indication of an active shooter. sounds like just one of those 2 big crimes that should never happen. earlier this month three people were wounded in a shooting at a party across the street from that college's campus. the self -- suspect in a gruesome murder is in custody after jumping in front of a subway train. robert: he attacked his girlfriend with a machete tight night yesterday afternoon. suzanne had pulled into her driveway when police say she was attacked in her car. use a former new york city,. she later threw himself in front of the c train at amsterdam in st. nicholas avenue, he survived but was severely injured. police it is we do have a history of domestic violence.
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she had taken out of order of protection against bqe 9. >> the search for the gun that . >> the search for the gun that killed officer randall holder. >> nypd team spent hours cowering the east river near 120th street for the weapon used to murder of officer rand paul holder. suspected killer tyrone howard through wood into the river before his arrest, howard has been charged with the murder of officer holder. family members were outraged during the arena in. yesterday howard was in court for a previous drug charges facing the judge who allowed him to go to a drug diversion program instead of jail.
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pleaded guilty to selling crack cocaine. but judge patricia nunez decided put off the prison sentence if he spent 18 months at a rehab clinic. in late august, and judge one has issued a warrant for his arrest. manhattan district attorney cyrus man says he oppose the request for diversion but respected the judge's decision. commissioner bratton and bill deblasio had criticized the court at decision. >> violent criminals, it is appropriate they be imprison, and give you the the offense is this individual committed the rig consistently violent. >> reporter: the city's morning the loss of one of new york's finest, officer holder was remembered at the 9/11 moral, dozens of officers placed flowers on the edge of the reflecting pool in his honor. liz dahlem, "good day new york". juliet: police put out a video
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of a man they say tried to rape a woman in union square. last sunday this man confronted a 63-year-old inside the woman's bathroom, and demanded he perform a sex act, just after 1:00, he ran off, described as the man in his 30s, a green army jacket and orange hoody, it is sound like what you are familiar with called crime stoppers at 800-577-tips. robert: was congress -- congressman paul ryan declared his candidacy for speaker of the house after receiving republican support. kevin mccarthy, john boehner says the preliminary vote, a floor vote fraud thursday.
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juliet: the metal will world series rally monday it outside queens borough issue gardens, will anyone showed up to that? not at all. commands should be on their way. the rally will be packed with fans wearing orange and blue and activities for all. the big win is not just bringing the world series to new york but bring in some huge money. robert: check the secondary market for tickets. the most expensive ticket is going for $1 million. behind home plate, $4,000 each. the cheapest ticket to get inside the park is $600 for game theory. the players will get a chunk of money for playoff tickets sales.
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a play of full and the commissioner's office gets a cut of 15% of ticket revenue. depending on which team, last year the giants have a record $380,000, each of the 47 shares that were doled out to the team. robert: every time curch speaks. it makes sense, with mets ticket prices so high it is safe to say if or when the mets win it all plays a out a good record, it includes any incentive built into their individual contract. juliet: $4,000 a seat behind home plate. always get distracted by seeing who is sitting there saying what did they do for a living?
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why are they so -- still ahead on "good day early call". forget the temperatures in the 70s, we are backtracking a bit. it will be a cold day. robert: mike woods as you complete forecast coming up. 4:40 on friday morning. we are the heart and soul of new wow, time warner cable really upgraded their network. 300 meg internet, clearer picture. i know, we get almost 20,000 movies and shows on demand. our new dvr records six shows at once. why didn't we switch sooner? right? everything's better.
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>> meteorologist: let's get friday going, of to a cooler start, more cool air rolling into town as we speak. so far low temperature this morning is 58 degrees but colder air still pouring in. we will drop to 54, 55, the average low is 48 degrees, we are looking at much warmer than normal temperatures set up for us this morning. the high temperature for the day is basically going to be what we have. and holding steady through most of the day, we have seen warmer stuff, we will see for the day. 58 current temperature central park, 57 in newark, and looking at temperatures mainly in the 50s, 40s to the northwest, 45 in monticello and the northwest
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wind is cranking through the tristate region. most places coming through 5 to 15 miles per hour on average so it will be a breezy and cool day with high pressure in control. the cold front came through, it didn't have much when it comes to rain fall as expected, there was not a lot of moisture to squeeze out so that did not happen. high pressure takes over after it but it is a cooler canadian high that will stick with us for a while. eventually this will slide into town and try to bring scattered showers, when is that happening issue not world little while. today looks fine, and mainly sunny skies, cool air sitting on top of us. tomorrow by noon or shortly thereafter, a few clouds rolling into town ahead of the next area of low pressure, warm front cold front, that combo's lives through the air in the tristate region. sunday morning there should be a few scattered lighter showers but it is only a ground for a little while, then it breaks up later in the afternoon and we will see clear skies monday.
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high temperature 59 in the city, high-temperature 57 tomorrow with clouds coming at you later, showers coming to use sunday and by monday it is all gone and another shot of rain. the weather apps as daily and hourly forecasts all set up for you, download at the apple itunes store, you are set to go. let's see what is going on friday morning. good morning. ines: let's start with the bronx, accident on the bronx parkway north by boston road, new jersey, staten island expressway, brooklyn, they are getting ready to reopen the bridge, staten island expressway toward the verrazzano smooth sailing. let's go to suffolk county, long island expressway, an accident being cleared by holbrooke road travelling eastbound, watch out for emergency activity.
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west bound looks good, george washington bridge wraping up construction on the upper levels the you are seeing some delays approaching the bridge, five minute delay inbound and slow. 495 towards vote lincoln tunnel doing fine and the holland tunnel, street cleaning rules in effect city-wide. ines: robert: hillary clinton spent 11 hours the interrogated about the 2012 benghazi attacks. juliet: kerry drew joins us with a look at a marathon congressional hearing. >> reporter: hillary clinton spends most of the day on baja see getting grilled by members of congress about that attack in benghazi three years ago. over the course of several hours, for a secretary of state and democratic presidential candidate to question after question defending her actions.
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i have been wracking my brain about what more could have been done. >> reporter: hillary clinton going face-to-face with the republican-led special investigation into the 2012 benghazi attacks defending her record as secretary of state. during the marathon hearing some house members blasted clinton for not doing more to save the lives of four americans murdered including u.s. ambassador chris stevens. >> there are people in both parties who have suggested is investigation is about you. let me assure you it is not. this investigation is about four people who were killed representing our country on foreign soil. >> it is good to remind ourselves and the rest of the world that this couldn't have happened without us and you were right, secretary clinton. our libya policy couldn't have happened without you because you were its chief architect. >> nobody knew the dangers of libya better, but chris chose to go to benghazi because he
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understood america had to be represented there at that pivotal time. >> reporter: the panel's investigation also revealing that clinton used a private e-mail server during her time as secretary of state, an issue that has come up repeatedly during her presidential bid. >> there is not one e-mail to you or from you in 2012 when an explosive device went off at our compound in april. if you were to be in my office at the state department cited and have a computer, i did not do the vast majority of my work on e-mail. >> reporter: their repeated moments including this one about e-mails between clinton and longtime friend and informal adviser sidney blumenthal all. >> why is the only want mr. blumenthal's transcript released? >> i would like to have all of the release! >> reporter: elijah cummings calling the continued questioning the political winds tend and said the investigation
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>> the select committee spent 17 months and $4.7 million of taxpayer money. >> reporter: as for how this could affect clinton's presidential campaign the latest abc news washington post poll found a clear majority of voters disapproving of clinton's handling of benghazi but the same poll also found a majority of voters believe republicans are mainly out to harm clinton politically. live in the newsroom i am kerry drew, back to you. juliet: thanks very much. robert: joining as now is curtis, what did you think of the hearings yesterday and what did they do for presidential aspirations? >> i am not your buddy. juliet: confidant, a friend? >> i tolerate you please let me
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discuss the great liar, hillary rodham clinton, give her months, weeks to practice allies and she is a professional going back to whitewater, i found the papers, they were under the bed at that i never used because bill whiz always chasing skirts somewhere else, come on, this is a professional liar. as a boy your that was her profession and she has been very proficient as a professional politician hiding behind the elijah cummings but republicans, for a gaudy, does he look like a fuddy-duddy or what? juliet: you are always going after people looks. don't throw stones when you are in a glass house like this. >> do you really believe hillary didn't have a computer in her office? do you believe the secretary of state -- has a computer in his office if the previous secretary of state had computers in their office even if they were playing pond at the time.
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not to have a computer in your office and you expect us to believe that? juliet: what do you think happened with regard to hillary clinton's involvement? >> in barack obama administration, your president's administration, a dollar short and a day late, beating her up as if she was the one responsible for all of this, not yourself out, republicans, you're making her stronger, making her look better as she goes into the general presidential run. team. juliet: you were making accusations about daniel murphy being on steroids or something like that. you are so ridiculous. >> seven home runs? juliet: back in the 70s --
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>> i have never seen anything like this and nobody around me can explain this. murphy himself can't explain it. let's check to see if his kenyans have shrunk. what the results of a middle whiz tests might be but you are afraid of that. how come i am not invited to the mets rallied? juliet: i'd love to see you invited. >> the queens borough president, the mother of both of -- they will be there. fodder's rights. i should be there as the loyal opposition because i hate the mets and i hate -- no american league. robert: you did a great job today.
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take the long way, huh? thank you cyrus. lease an mkc for $299 a month only at your lincoln dealer. juliet: look who is here, robert. is a special week in sports. we are bringing it all week, the next week to week clues are issue were offended by curtis sliwa's hysterical ranting. >> i and used wood.
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robert: it would not be friday without it. >> let's talk about the nets. they are starting to prepare for the world's seas and the team will hold a voluntary one hour workout at noon today at city field. fans are getting ready for the series that starts tuesday. even some yankees fans are getting on the bandwagon. >> give credit where credit is due. they earned some bragging rights. >> i don't care what happens as long as we get there. i won't -- if you want to join us join us the right way. >> i got to get back. a lot of the yankees fans are not jumping on the bandwagon but that world series starts tuesday and and be seen right here on fox 5. we will have intense coverage. we still don't know who the mets will play. the kansas city royals or the toronto blue jays, they were off last night, they worked out
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kansas city and of whales are three games to 2, they could close it out tonight. iffy jays win game 7 would be tomorrow night also in kansas city. rangers at the garden hosting the arizona pietys and we pick it up in the second period, ranges down 1-0 and that is the mets celebrating right there. and that is good. we hope to see them celebrating again in the last two weeks when they return. wait for those rangers highlights. juliet: come on, rangers! robert and i can do at recreations. that -- did someone get their hair cut? >> i feel like it is halloween. the rangers beat arizona coyotes last night 4-1 of final score. we are going to wrap up sports
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