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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  October 23, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day" wake of. juliet: happy friday, it is 5:00 a.m. get ready for a cooler temperatures bringing in the fall, not warmer than we are fall, not warmer than we are right now, mike has the complete forecast coming. robert: divers look for the weapon that killed an nypd officer. juliet: hillary clinton is on the whole grilled for hours and hours and hours, you will hear what was said. robert: mets fans, get ready to root for the home team, get ready for a rally for the metropolitans on monday.
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juliet: will they be there? the answer is no. it will be a good time, food, drink, all that sort of stuff. i am juliet huddy. robert: i am robert moses. he will be back in his share on monday. juliet: some of as a going out of town, staying inside, going to the beaches. >> meteorologist: check it out and enjoy the scenery, you don't necessarily lay on it. we had the warm weather the last couple days. unfortunately for those heading to the beaches that is on a rat right now. here's what we have with high temperatures yesterday in case you don't remember what happened 75 was your high temperature at central park, 70 in islip, 68 in montauk, warm temperatures are a thing of the past, cooler air even as we speak, as a matter of fact temperatures are not that
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it again to 56 degrees for the cooler air taking over, 56 in central park, same thing in islip, 55 in newark, 49 in sussex, just dropped another couple of degrees in the last half-hour or so. looks like we have a cooler temperatures and the wind from the northwest, check out your temperature changes, it is 4 degrees cooler in central park, 7 degrees cooler than it was 24 hours ago but some places warmer, the general trend will be for temperatures to drop down and the reason is cold front came through, that is why we have the northwest wind, when the cold front goes by, we are seeing that breezy if not in deconditioning coming at you from the northwest 5 to 15 miles per hour. here is the cold front and when cold fronts go by typically you also get showers, that was not the case for most of us, we saw a cloud yesterday afternoon but only a few spots of rain here and there but high pressure
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building in, quote canadian i keeps us in the clear as far as i coverage is concerned but also quite cool with high temperatures in the upper 50s, the cloud start rolling in later in the day and we will see a front crossing through on sunday which means you could see showers by sunday morning with miss the cloudy skies, temperatures on a mild side because of warmer winds from the southwest saturday in to sunday but it cools back down sunday into monday's so changes going back and forth with temperatures and sky conditions, today we head into the sunnier side but also cool, a to 56 by midday and i of 59 and as we go through the next five days 57 tomorrow, still mainly clear skies and more clouds and showers are expected, not a lot but a little bit, especially early on sunday. let's get you to ines rosales
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the roads, mainly construction. ines: bronx river parkway and blocked. on the southbound side the left emergency personnel. the commute in new jersey looks pretty good, 78, 280 no problems, let's take a look at suffolk county, the live by hole borrowed, watch out for an accident off to the shoulder, clear it out of the leg, west bound doing fine, george washington bridge construction wraps up and the maze of cleared away, upper lower level doing fine, 495 towards lincoln looks good as well as the holland and trains running on or close to schedule, street cleaning rules are in effect city-wide. juliet: one person killed two others wounded in a shooting on the campus of tennessee state university in nashville. robert: police say was over a dispute over a dice game in an
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the victims are students, a police supervisor told the associated press there's no indication of an active shooter. earlier this month three people were wounded at a shooting at a party across the street from that college campus. juliet: the suspect in a gruesome murder is in custody after jumping in front of a subway train. robert: police say he attacked his girlfriend with a machete tight knife. suzanne had pulled into her hotel when police say she was attacked in her car, he was a former new york city police officer who later threw himself in front of the c train and amsterdam and st. nicholas avenue. he survived but was severely injured. police say that we do have a history of domestic violence. bardel had taken out of order protection against lamondo. the search is on for the gun that killed officer rand paul holder.
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the weapon that was used in the killing, liz dahlem joins us live from new that seen in east harlem. >> reporter: good morning. the suspected killer in this case, tyrone howard, was in court yesterday in front of the judge who made the decision he should go to a drug treatment center instead of jail. meanwhile there's a growing memorial here in front of 120th street in front of the fd are for of foster holder and the nypd is looking for the murder weapon. nypd dive teams spent hours cowering the east river in year 120th street for the weapon used to murder officer rand paul holder investigators believe the suspected killer tyrone howard threw the gun into the river before his arrest. howard has been charged with the murder of officer holder. family members were outraged during the arraignment. yesterday howard was in court
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facing the judge allowed him to go to a drug diversion program instead of jail. back in may the 30-year-old pleaded guilty to selling crack cocaine but judge patricia one is decided to put off howard's prison sentence if he spent 18 months living and rehab clinic and six months at an outpatient treatment center. in late august howard stop showing up for the program and judge one has issued a warrant for his arrest, september 17th. manhattan district attorney's cyrus vance says he had opposed the request for diversion but respected the judge's decision. commissioner bratton and bill deblasio have criticized the court's decision. >> violent criminals it is appropriate that they be in prison. when you look at the offenses this individual committed. >> reporter: they are mourning the loss of the finest, officer 9/11 memorial. dozens of officers placed
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reflecting pool in his honor. the shooting of officer holder has highlighted the debate over the release of nonviolent low-level offenders from jail. bill deblasio is going to discuss that and diversion programs that address conference at 10:30 at city hall. we are live in east harlem, thanks very much. robert: please release the video of a man who tried to rape the women in union square. this man confronted as 63-year-old, and demanded that she performs at sex act. this is bardel 1:00 in the afternoon. he then ran off. he is described as a man in his
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crime stoppers at 800-577-tips. juliet: hillary clinton spend 11 hours being interrogated over the 2012 attack on the diplomatic outpost in benghazi, libya. robert: this is a much-anticipated hearing, kerry drew has more on this interrogation. >> reporter: good morning. this hearing began at 10:00 a.m. and went until 9:00 p.m. with brakes, hillary clinton was thrilled by members of congress about the benghazi attack that happened three years ago. the former secretary of state and current democratic presidential candidate to question after question defending her actions. >> i lost more sleet and all of you put together. i have been wracking my brain about what more could have been done. >> reporter: hillary clinton going face-to-face with the republican-led special investigation into the 2012 benghazi attacks defending her record as secretary of state. during the marathon hearing some house members blasted clinton for not doing more to save the
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lives of four americans murdered including u.s. ambassador chris stevens. >> there are people in both parties who insisted investigation is about you. let me assure you it is not. this investigation is about four people who were killed representing our country on foreign soil. >> it is good to remind ourselves and the rest of the world that this couldn't have happened without us and you were right. our libya policy couldn't have happened without you because you were its chief architect. >> nobody knew the dangers of libya better but chris chose to go to benghazi because he understood america had to be represented there at that pivotal time. >> reporter: the panel's year-and-a-half investigation also revealing clinton used a private e-mail server during her time as secretary of state, and issue that has come up repeatedly during her current presidential bid. >> there is not one e-mail to
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you or from you in 2012 when an explosive device went off at our compound in april. >> if you were to be in my office in the state department i didn't have a computer, i did not do the vast majority of my work on e-mail. >> reporter: there were some heated moments including this one about e-mails between clinton and longtime friend and informal adviser sidney blumenthal. >> why is it you only want mr. blumenthal's transit police? >> i would like to have all of the release! >> reporter: in elijah cummings called the continued questioning a political witch hunt and said the investigation is a waste of time and money. >> the subject committee has spent 17 months, and $4.7 million of taxpayer money. >> reporter: the latest poll found a clear majority of voters disapproving of clinton's handling of benghazi but the same poll found a majority of voters believe republicans are mainly out to harm clinton
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politically. remains to be seen whether yesterday's hearing will change clinton's poll numbers going forward. juliet: the democrats have one take on the events yesterday and republicans have a completely different take. thanks. moving on, wisconsin congressman paul ryan has officially declared his candidacy for speaker of the house after receiving for republican support. this wasn't a surprise. his decision comes we 2 weeks after kevin mccarthy, of the blue pulled out of the race. john boehner says of preliminary vote will be held next wednesday followed by a full floor vote thursday. >> we are learning of the mets will hold a world series rally monday. it will take place outside of queens borough hall between 3:00 and 5:00 p.m.. the mets won't be there, they will be on their way to kansas city no. 4 auto by that time but the rally will be packed with
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the rally will have food, drinks, family activities for all, a good time will be had by all. juliet: if you want a ticket to see the mets play in the world series you better be rich or have or relative or friend who is rich. listen to this song. sean mendez. robert: sean mendez will provide the sound track for mike woods and his forecasts. >> meteorologist: i don't know the words that you were singing it quite well earlier. robert is never scared to sink. i like it. here is what we have with the weather, sunny skies coming to you, noticeably cooler out this morning and it is going to be breezy as well, bundle that, an extra layer of air compared to what we had last couple days when we made in the 70s, that is not happening any logger, daily and hourly forecast available on the weather apps,
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store and google play store, set
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>> everything is looking out for this adorable baby giraffe who was born on october 9th and is
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making his debut, weighs in at 130 pounds and is justin diss 6 feet tall, when he is fully grown he will be 3 times that size which is 17 feet tall and weighing 2700 pounds. zoo keepers have not yet -- juliet: i love giraffes. like little freaky dinosaurs. i love them. would love to have that giraffe. anyway i digress. let's get over to mike, speaking of zoo animalss. >> meteorologist: where are we going with this one? i was buckled in the seat belt for this one. >> meteorologist: pretty much checked out. here we go.
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let's show you what we have, averages today 62 would be your average high, 48 your average low, 56 degrees, still dropping, it does look like we are going to have a pretty cool morning, still warmer than normal, temperatures started after midnight, that was your high temperature, we have sunrise time at 7:16, sunset just before 6:00 so the days the closing up on us, mainly clear sky at central park, look at the dewpoint all the way down to 38 degrees, the northwest wind makes a difference, quote temperature and wind combination starting to feel that out side so we enjoyed some warm days but now it is all over, 55 in newark, same thing in belmar, 51 in bridgeport, 57 in montauk, most of us looking at a mainly clear sky, the wind from the northwest at 5 to 13 miles per hour, 13 in montauk, it is breezy and, now that the cold
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mainly clear sky, didn't get a lot of rain out of it but high pressure building in, colder canadian high bringing us more cool temperatures for a little while but looks like things bounce back in a couple days but for now, high temperature 59 degrees, 57 tomorrow, at 69 on sunday, that is a bump up in temperatures the clouds and patchy showers, but more shower chances back again. breezy and cooler. let's see what is going on. happy friday. ines: we are starting with the commute. eastbound, one lane blocked over by 684, the bronx, accident being cleared of the bronx parkway northbound by boston road, two lanes blocked all lanes closed, expect delays of
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78 west bound by exit 49 you have an accident. traffic moving fine here by holbrooke road, accident eastbound 61 cleared, your moving good. as far as trains, metro-north, new jersey transit and pass trains on or close. juliet: we are excited about the mets's big win. it will potentially bring a lot of money. >> these are just outrageous. >> secondary markets are absolutely insane. the most expensive ticket is going for $1 million. this is the secondary market and it is pretty ridiculous to think anybody would buy that ticket.
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they are not even good seize the shares and for $20,000, a little savings there but the seats behind home plate around $4,000 each, the cheapest ticket to even get inside, standing room only, is about $600 for game 3. these are selling on the secondary market, but these are the highest in the league. we are in your in new york. the players will get a chunk of money from playoff ticket sales. >> 60% of the ticket revenue goes to a playoff pool and the commissioner's office also gets a cut of 15% of ticket revenue so it can vary from duty in depending which teams are in a playoffs. last year the giants had a record $389,000, each of the 47 shared that were doled out to
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the team. juliet: mets ticket prices so high, it is safe to sad that when the mets win it all the players pay out could set a new record absolutely putting the san francisco giants record to bed. this does not include any of the incentives players have built into their contracts. they could be making like daniel murphy or somebody extra money the fact they got into the playoffs and the numbers they had as the world series keeps going on. robert: they're setting themselves up for big paydays. >> they could buy those tickets sunday. juliet: murphy's boy had an extra spring in his stead. thanks very much. we have a lot more coming that. say goodbye to the city tricks rabbit. why will you not be seeing him
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we juliet: welcome back, everybody. trying to get our food, instagram has a new apps called boomerang. it is of total or gift, it is the one second burst of five popes that are turned into a silent video. it please forward and backward over and over in a move.
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android, the third stand-alone airline launched by instagram. and there are a time lapse video clips and lay outs of multiple pictures in a single image. that iconic character, we love the serial. week like blueberry, one of the characters is going away, into retirement for some reason. silly rabbit, tricks are for kids. >> tricks fruit flavored cereal. robert: tricks is going natural by getting rid of artificial colors and flavors. along those lines a real rat and will take a place of the cartoon. you don't want natural stuff, you want the officials of. >> i don't want to look at real rapid thinking i am biting into a rabbit. >> general mills is holding a
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could be anything from a real rabbit to your kid. for details. juliet: why do we have to abandon things that are so meaningful. i had a little white rabbits named after me. she was seen by two white dogs little horrible story. juliet: horrible story. robert: of lee nothing as
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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". robert: good friday morning, forget this temperatures in the 70s, those are so yesterday. we are looking at a cool day as we stay in the 50s. mike woods will have your complete forecast which includes the weekend forecast. juliet: the nurse quarantined over ebola fears sues new jersey governor chris christie, how much she is asking for. robert: reports that the city council is working to renew its efforts for paper and plastic bag fees, the price you would pay if you use them. juliet: flooding washes away
5:29 am
that thing is just gone. we will show you some terrible flooding going on down there. nothing to laugh at. good morning, i am juliet huddy. robert: i am robert moses in for ben simmoneau. you will be in tonight at 5:00 and 10:00 and then be back monday morning. juliet: good to see you here even though you were looking for all the chocolate bits in my special case he really didn't leave any for me but that is another story. robert: here is the problem. you need to open the cereal from the bottom because you have easier access to chocolate bits on the bottom. juliet: you have to hold it up, let the ball fall out because no matter how you turn it the chocolate nut that will fall through the flakes perhaps getting caught on one of the strawberries maybe, but likely not and that is where i find my
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robert: why do they trust us to deliver news? juliet: in case you are looking for chocolate bits. robert: pet rabbit thing has me twisted too. >> meteorologist: let's show you what is going on with the weather, cooler start today, 56 degrees in central park, 55 in newark and belmar, 51 in bridgeport, these are well above normal but cooler than yesterday and they keep dropping because the cooler air is coming from the northwest, the cold front as come by and done its thing, did not bring much in terms of rain fall but it is bringing in cooler air, winds at 5 to 15 miles per hour, i pressure building in from canada, that is why temperatures are dropping, the rain was not a big problem yesterday. we did not expect much and didn't get much, today we have sunny, breezy, quote temperatures struggling to get to 59 degrees, we're 56 rainout some or less we hang in the same
5:31 am
sunny skies, shower chances out there on sunday so if you are doing something outdoors, saturday is your day, let's bring in ines and see what is going on. >> we have some problems out there, putnam county, 84 east bound has a lane blocked as you approach 684, bronx parkway by boston road northbound and accident, all lanes were closed, now is just the left lane that is blocked and route 70 west bound by route 24, there is a car fire so you have a lane closed, let's look at fdr drive by 96th street traffic towards as northbound moving slow, construction going on, wrapping up on the southbound side, construction vehicles set up, delay is not as much as this one, just a little slowdown, cross bronx traveling on the alexander hamilton bridge, and then eastbound, deegan underneath northbound and southbound smooth sailing,
5:32 am
trains on or close to schedule, street cleaning rules in effect. robert: police are searching for the murder weapon used in tuesday's killing of an nypd officer. juliet: they're searching for the gun used to issue is officer rand paul holder. liz dahlem joins us from the scene where a memorial is growing. >> reporter: good morning. this memorial behind me, people dropping off candles, leading messages and prayers for the officer, officer randall holder and his family. a couple hundred feet away from here, nypd investigators are still searching for the murder weapon. dive teams spent hours scourings the east river near 120th street for the weapon used to murder officer holder. investigators believe the suspected killer, tyrone howard, through the gun into the river before his arrest. yesterday howard was in court for a previous drug charges and
5:33 am
faced the judge to allow him to go to a drug diversion program instead of jail. back in may the 30-year-old pleaded guilty to selling crack cocaine but judge patricia one has decided to put off howard's prison sentence if he spent 18 months in a rehab clinic and six months in outpatient treatment. in late august howard stopped showing up for the program and judge one has issued a warrant for his arrest on september 17th and as you know just a few weeks later this incident happened. the manhattan district attorney said he was opposing the request for diversion but respected the judge's decision. bill deblasio and commissioner bill brennan criticized that decision and the handling of holder's case. back out here live this shooting has highlighted the issues and debate over reducing the number of low-level non-violent offenders. bill deblasio is expected to talk about that issue later today at a press conference starting at 10:30, should be
5:34 am
some interesting commentary to come out of that. live in east harlem, back over to you. juliet: there is new information on funeral services for officer holder. the viewing will be on tuesday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. but the location has changed to the greater alan cathedral of new york in jamaica, queens. the funeral will be held at same church wednesday at 3:00. officer holder will be buried in his native ghana. robert: the nurse who was quarantined because of contact with ebola patients is suing chris christie and state health officials, she says even though she showed no symptoms of the disease she was held against her will when she arrived at newark airport last year. the 34-year-old nurse from maine said she was quarantined in at 10 dow 5 hospital after being questioned for hours.
5:35 am
in damages plus court costs. juliet: governor andrew cuomo added gender identity to the anti-discrimination laws. advocates have been fighting to have that protection for years. he spoke to 700 people last night at the empire state pride agenda annual dinner and said the updated long overdue as current law did not go far enough protecting the transgendered, he called the one of the most abused, harassed groups in society today. robert: a new push to make the sea greener. it could cost you more of the grocery store. juliet: they're considering making shoppers pay for using paper or plastic. stacey has the details. >> reporter: this is something that has been talked about for a couple years, what to do to reduce waste or reduce the use of plastic bags and two years ago what the council wanted was shoppers to pay $0.10 for using plastic or paper bags but now lawmakers are discussing an
5:36 am
option that would lower the fee to $0.05. can also members say they want to help the environment and dramatically reduce waste and get shoppers to use reusable bag so they're looking at a wide range of proposals, one includes an outright ban on plastic bags, that has happened in a lot of cities around the country, in connecticut for example and they're looking at imposing the fee, washington d.c. has a similar program, they charge $0.05 for plastic bags and reportedly cut down on bag used by 60% which is pretty impressive but critics say the fee would hit low-income families and seniors artists and wouldn't affect people who order from services like first direct putin to have more money to spend. meantime a spokesperson for bill deblasio said he will work with the council to reduce the use of plastic bags but they declined to say whether or not he endorses the $0.05 fee. city council speaker has not said whether she supports this sullen clear where this will go but an interesting proposal.
5:37 am
these things come of beer after year. what if you need something and the last minute and don't have the reusable code on? giving you are in a bind. $0.05 not that much. juliet: thanks very much. robert: severe flooding in parts of texas yesterday. it was so bad it swept away a mobile home in the town of rain can in the west central part of texas. cellphone video captured the moment. the home was ripped off and settled in the field several blocks away. everyone was evacuated from the mobile home before the flood. more bad weather expected over the next few days. any time we do stores like this you are reminded how powerful it is. juliet: feel bad for these people especially when stuff like that goes viral and they see their home floating down a flooded river. happier news hopefully for us up here weatherwise. >> meteorologist: things look ok, not bad at all, more like typical fall weather as opposed to late summer we had the last
5:38 am
still this is not too bad. the skies back again but temperatures taking a hit today, it will be breezy and cooler, the weekend looks ok, a brief shower coming through mainly sunday and cooler temperatures come back next week but for now 56 degrees, mainly clear sky at central park, 56 central park, 55 in newark, 51 in bridgeport, northwest winds moving threat 5 to 15 miles per hour, this is the cool canadian high which does not have a lot going on with it so what we are going to see the next couple days is sunny skies or mostly sunny skies and cool temperatures, highs 59 degrees so we start at 54 in the next half hour but get up to 594 high, temperatures not moving a lot, high temperature 57 degrees, there are your shower chances sunday so if you are doing something outdoors saturday is a better looking day
5:39 am
drier next work week and don't forget the weather apps with daily and hourly forecasts available, download at the apple itunes store and google play store for free and you can put it to work immediately. let's bring in ines rosales and see if we have anything. ines: keeping an eye on several incidents you have the accident on 84, but them county approaching 684, bronx parkway all lanes reopen, the accident finally cleared northbound over by boston road and still working on a car fire 78 west bound by exit 49. victory boulevard no problems travelling eastbound toward the verrazzano, west down looks good, if you are taking lincoln tunnel traffic starting to
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i'm on set. what movie? i'm shooting a movie about laundry. leave slow internet behind. a movie about laundry? yeah the 100% fiber optics network gives you the fastest wi-fi available when you need it the most. get out of the past. get fios. juliet: hillary clinton they attended her role as secretary of state during 11 hours of questioning by house republicans ever deadly attacks in benghazi, libya. the 2012 attacks killed four americans including ambassador chris stevens. ben: robert: cab drivers could spend 60 days in jail, at the taxi and limousine commission coming down
5:43 am
ruled they could not take the cars of people suspected of driving an illegal cabs. juliet: animal shelters on high alert for anyone looking to adopt a black cat between now and the end of the month. the new york post reporting the humane society is concerned that some people just want to bring them to halloween parties as props or i hate to say this but it happens, abuse them. robert: nike opening of michael jordan police store in chicago in the st. louis area of the city. jordan is the most recognizable chicago bulls player of all time. there's a long line of customers camp outside waiting for the did you. the store will sell merchandise with the iconic michael jordan jump man silhouetted. nike is planning to open branches in the city and los angeles and toronto. juliet: if you're waiting in line what is up with that?
5:44 am
let's talk about those mets. >> mohammed hadi in new york, they are preparing to play in the world series and the team will hold a voluntary one hour workout today, 12:00 noon at city field. fans gave that welcome the-you're as well robert: it is what the cubs in the national league championship series. hundreds of fans in a partying mood early in the day as they welcome players and coaches back home. the amazing four wins away from their first world series title in nearly 30 years. the excitement keeps building for the series that starts on tuesday. even some yankees fans are getting on the bandwagon. >> got to give credit where credit is due. they earned bragging rights this year. >> i don't care what happens as long as we get there. i won't throw it -- you got to join us right away.
5:45 am
>> the world series starts on tuesday. it will be away and can be seen right here on fox 5. i can guarantee use this. we will have extensive coverage. plus we still don't know who the mets will play, kansas city royals for the a toronto blue jays, yesterday was the off date for the a.l. c.s. but both teams workout yesterday ahead of tonight's bardel game 6 in kansas city. the royals were up 3 games to 2 and could close it out tonight but if the days when, game 7 would be tomorrow night in kansas city. meantime former yankee great john mattingly is out as manager of the los angeles dodgers. mattingly had one year left on his contract but the team said it was a mutual decision to part ways after five seasons which mattingly led the dodgers to three straight national league west division titles but failed to reach the world series each time. juliet: you throw it all on the manager.
5:46 am
>> got to be in it to wind it. they are not on the same page philosophywise. rangers at the garden last night posting the arizona coyotes. we pick up and the second period down one, skated hard into the net for the first of the season, ties the game at one. coyote's goalie mike smith, here's the call for a pass, j. p. miller finds kevin hayes for the goal. rangers gone on to win the finals for american-gets his 700th career point he was awarded that goal later in the game. devils up in ottawa taking on the senators, tied 4-4, no one scored over time, we go to the shoot out, skating in, goes to the back and for the game winner. all three of the devils win so far have been in overtime. basketball, the next preseason finale against the boston celtics in be in town. speaking of the second quarter,
5:47 am
pick gets away at and knockdown, eight points on the night, boston kept the pressure up, two of 16 points on the ninth. celtics win 99-85. knicks open the regular season wednesday in milwaukee. finally, this is kind of fun. sumo wrestlers in japan try participating in another sport. short distance running. they sprinted but few feet down a track in japan last sunday and this video was posted to twitter by a fellow wrestler. that average weight among all three of the 418 pounds. look at that. got to try something different every so often.
5:48 am
what is going on over here. are you ready? >> you need that out fit. robert: i didn't know where that was going. what is wrong with us today? it does look precarious. here's what we have out there. 66 degrees, clear skies central park, see what we have temperatures to the northwest, is it cooler? only a little bit, 45 degrees in monticello, 49 in sussex, 54 in newark, cold temperatures right now, it will be especially cool to the east tonight, they have a frost advisory going into effect for suffolk county. be aware of that. later went coming threat 5 to 15 miles per hour, that knocks temperatures down even more so as we head towards sunrise,
5:49 am
sunrise is not for a while until 7:00. high pressure in control, nice clear skies, cold front came through without much fanfare, not much rain out of it, we didn't expect much but we have the chilly weather on the back side of it that will sit with us for a little while today into tomorrow, clear skies up until the morning but then the clouds roll into town, then this cold front starts to slide in and weeks will see showers squeaking by here. fairly early sunday, doesn't look like a watch out of the day but a few showers are expected. sunny skies, high-temperature 59, 57 tomorrow and quick showers sunday, out of here by monday. let's bring in ines and see what is going on. more on that. >> working on a car fire 78 west bound by red 124 selling clothes in there and if you are driving on 84 eastbound approaching 684 putnam county there's an accident. let's take a look at the long
5:50 am
island expressway, there was an earlier accident fees known cleared away, you are fine and the west downside, nothing to worry about these down. ? gardens interchange, looks good, watch out for an accident on the ramp toward the parkway's southbound, partially blocking of a ram, minor delays around that the street cleaning rules are in effect. give me a beat and we will be
5:51 am
where is the juliet: anna gilligan celebrates her wedding. robert: lamar odom recovering from surgery this morning. >> he had one medical procedure yesterday apparently had something to do with his chest but not clear whether he had heart or lung problems. leslie lamar odom was found unconscious in a brothel in nevada but was flown to hospital in los angeles the doctors had requested no visitors except for is like chloe kardashian remains by his side. billy joel was in a met state of mind that his madison square garden gate wednesday night. >> the singer knew the crowd was quite anxious so gave from up throughout the show and to help
5:52 am
his fans keep the fire going he played take me out to the ball game and even lead and manage your of let's go mets, they adopted it be at a man in the middle of the aging. miami, 2015, this song. i fave rick. for her fans, the wait for a new jam is over. what? the superstar new single hits the airwaves today. >> i would love to see her live. it is called hello. the first release in three years. highly anticipated third cd titled 25.
5:53 am
next month, her second album, 21, that is how old she was when she recorded that, several grammy awards including album of the year. beaver, justin bieber surprise is believers unveiling another music video this time for his fit sorrier day early. juliet: i feel like i'm looking at the 1980s video of paula abdul or something. robert: if you to see the bird in this video the ladies give him a shot out at the end, a arrives on the heels of the number one hit what do you mean? his new album will be available on november 13th.
5:54 am
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