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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  October 23, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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juliet: i feel like halloween gremlins are trolling throughout the studio. sunny skies returned today. cooler temperatures. robert: . entertaining. juliet: mike has the full forecast coming up. robert: the murder of officer randolph folder. still looking for the gun used to shoot him.
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for hillary clinton turned the benghazi hearing. she took more than 300 questions. robert: that stands here out for the world series. just said hello. robert: watches us all the time.
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juliet: do you need any drivers? thank you, jason, for inviting me via robert. [laughter] what are you talking about? mike: the raffle tickets, there are always the raffle tickets. you get to do the fun job. jason, look her up. she likes to have a good time. anyway. let's get you out the door. i hope you did not miss out on it. down. better in poughkeepsie. 78 degrees fair. this time of year, it is actually quite warm. clear skies in central park. 14-mile per hour wind. fifty-three and isolate.
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the northwest wind is moving to around five-17 miles per hour. it is going to be pretty easy out there. i pressure is taking over. we have nothing going on when it comes to the rainfall. now we have a clear sky and much cooler temperatures. casts. it only brings us clear skies today into tomorrow. the clouds thicken later on saturday and into sunday. there will be a cold front that will bring us some scattered showers. up and down coming at you here as we go into the weekend. today, on the cooler side.
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227 is your heart tomorrow. on sunday, we have some showers out there. let's bring in our ines rosales. ines: let's start off with putnam county. still working on an accident. one lamp off without. let's go to our cameras. take a look at your commute. you are fined if you are heading towards the tappan zee bridge. we do have a problem on the van wyck. the van wyck southbound heading toward the felt, watch out for delays. the holland torch washington bridge, a five-minute wait. trains are running on or close to schedule. juliet: 6:04 a.m.
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police already have their suspect in custody. the investigation of the murder of one of new york's finest is still underway. >> reporter: a growing memorial here at 120th street. this is where officer randolph folder was gunned down. the suspected killer in this case, tyrone howard was in court just yesterday in front of a judge decided he was better off going to a drug treatment center the nypd is still searching for the murder weapon. nypd type teams spent hours scouring the east river for the weapon used to murder officer holder. the suspected killer through the gun into the river before his he has been charged with the murder.
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family members were outraged during the arraignment. yesterday, howard was in court for previous drug charges. back in may, he pled guilty to selling crack cocaine. he spent 18 months living at a rehab clinic in six months. a district attorney says he had a request for diverging, but respected the charges decision. >> violent criminals, it is appropriate that they be in prison. when you look at the offense this individual committees, they were filing.
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>> reporter: officer holder was remembered at the 9/11 memorial. dozens of officers placed flowers in his honor. officer holder has highlighted the debate over whether nonviolent low-level offenders should skip jail time. mayor dave lazio is expected to hold a press conference that 10:30 a.m. this morning. back inside to you. juliet: thank you very much, lives. robert: attacked his girlfriend with a machete type knife yesterday afternoon. she had just pulled into her driveway when he attacked her in her car. he is a former new york city police officer.
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of a train. juliet: terrible. police have released video of the man they say tried to rape a woman in union square. just after 1:00 o'clock in the afternoon. the woman's fault that. he then ran off. he is described as a man in his 30s. a long goatee. he was wearing a green army jacket. if you know anything about this, police want to hear from you. the port authority bus terminal is going to be replaced. juliet: a 65-year-old structure
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handles more than 300 people per day. board members approved a new plan yesterday to have an international competition to design the new terminal. years. time does fly. it really does. rosanna: the mets could find out who they will be playing in the world series. >> 15 years since they were last in the world series. look, the vets are holding a voluntary one-hour workout at citi field today. the team has announced that they
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announcement on thursday. the mets players will be on their way to kansas city or toronto at that time. as for those fans, some of them have been diehards their whole life. waiting a long time to make it back to the fall classic. others are yankees fans. >> have to give credit where credit is due. happens. as long as we get there. robert: let me get back to my phone call. >> you can watch the world series from the comfort of your own home. all of the action is right here
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on fox5. if you want to go to the game, you will have to pay big. the most expensive ticket is going for $1 million. $20000. seats behind home plate are around $4000 each. these prices are on the secondary market. what are you going to do? a once in a lifetime experience. robert: gamer coverage coming in. we will have everything you need on fox5. robert: $20000.
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coming up. robert: mike is in with a check at the forecast. juliet: yes. mike: parisi. that combination of not the best in terms of farrakhan four. the fox5 whether athens at the
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juliet: welcome back. the house is god the committee took swings at hillary clinton. we will tell you all about that in just a second. for some reason i was distracted by the dance party that we just had. i apologize. mike: that is all right. let's get you to the almanac. sixty-two is the average high. forty-eight is the average low. sunrises now for about another hour or so. fifty-four out at newark. it is 6 degrees cooler now than it was 24 hours ago in central park. 3 degrees cooler in
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the cold front came on through here. he did not find much rainfall. we did not expect much out of it. if pride in the cooler, parisi or conditions. that air, that chillier air sits on top of us. mainly clear skies. saturday into sunday, fiscal trout will work its way into the tri-state region. as his breakthrough on sunday, it looks like a few showers coming through fairly quickly. sunny skies today. high temperature up to 59 degrees. breezy and cool. low start down between 42 and 43. a lot of sun out there today and tomorrow. wet weather on sunday. another chance of showers on wednesday.
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all right. that is your forecast. let's see what is happening with the roads and or rails. ines: good morning. the west side highway. watch out for an accident. a landlocked there. fdr drive on the east side doing fine. as far as the merritt parkway, fine both ways. the fan licks outbound right by the belt parkway. as you pass the belt, and accident on the offramp there. there is the lincoln tunnel. just wrapping up construction.
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better. juliet: thank you very much. earlier. the house benghazi committee took its best swings. robert: a make or break candidate. by all accounts, hillary clinton came out fairly unscathed. >> reporter: good morning. this hearing went all day. it started early in the morning. hillary clinton was grilled by members of congress. she took question after question . >> i have lost more sleep then all of you put together. i have been racking my brain
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the investigation into the benghazi attack. during the marathon hearing, some members blasted clinton for not doing more to save the lives of four americans murdered including u.s. ambassador kristie vince. you. let me assure you, it is not. it is about four people that were killed representing our country on foreign soil. >> this could not have happened without us. you are right, it could not have happened without you because you were its chief architect. >> nobody knew the dangers better. chris chose to go to benghazi because he knew america had to be represented there at that pivotal time. >> reporter: clinton used a private e-mail server during her
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time as secretary of state. in issue that has come up repeatedly during her current presidential bid. >> not one e-mail to you or from you in 2012 when an explosive device went off at our compounded april. if you were to be in my office, i did not have a computer. i did not do my vast majority of work on e-mail. e-mails between clinton and longtime friend and informal advisor sidney blumenthal. >> why is it that you only want to with dollars transcript released? >> the investigation is a waste of time and money. >> 17 months and $4.7 million of taxpayer money.
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>> reporter: and a lot of talk about how this hearing could affect clinton's presidential campaign. the latest poll found a clear majority of voters disapproving of the handling of benghazi. it also found that they are mainly harm to harm when 10 politically. we will have to wait and see if it changes their poll numbers. juliet: thank you very much. paul ryan has officially declared his candidacy for speaker of the house after receiving full support. juliet: it started last week and justice not go away. his decision comes after kevin mccarthy pulling out of the race. john boehner says a preliminary vote will be held next wednesday. a fight ends with one man killed in three women wounded in a
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shooting on a campus in nashville. juliet: nashville police say the shooting was a result of a dispute of a dice game at an outdoor courtyard. a police supervisor did tell the associated press that there is no indication of an active shooter. 622 now. we have plenty more coming up. juliet: plat created in a lab. it is happening.
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we will be right back. the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3,500 hospitals. t fewer than 10% received 5 stars. r among them was cancer
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america in philadelphia.
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robert: 6:25 a.m. scientists have found a way to make red blood cells. juliet: very halloween . i know all about this. growing cells in a lab. they would generate much needed blood for medical procedures and hopefully eliminate blood shortages. infuse blood into people that
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have blood diseases. the findings are very interesting. is not really a journal? yes, it is. do you ever feel the need to give someone the middle finger and eight text? well, you can now. robert: one of the new abode juice includes the middle finger. juliet: i have been waiting for this for months. a taco. a unicorn. sometimes we feel cheesy. [laughter] we need and him og that is like this. robert: have we gone off the rails today? juliet: you have no idea.
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juliet: hello, everybody. 6:29 a.m. it is friday. we have a cool start to the weekend. temperatures will be in the upper 60s today. it has been a dance party today here in the studio. robert: the nypd continues its investigation into the murder of officer randolph folder. officers have been looking for the gun used to kill him. gender identity is now included in the law. we will bring you that story.
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robert: paper and plastic bags robert: paper and plastic bags at the grocery store. good morning. i am robert moses. juliet: i and juliet huddy. thank you for joining us today. we will be taping a segment later on today. to think that we should periscope. at 650? >> i think that we should. good friday morning, everyone. a cooler number. invigorating you. some wind coming in from the northwest round five-15 miles per hour.
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it will be a cool, breezy day. not a lot happening weatherwise. our temperatures do not go up a whole heck of a lot. fifty-nine for a high later on this afternoon. it will be pretty easy. clouds coming in later in the day on saturday. some showers possible on sunday. all right. let's bring in nine s&l. >> reporter: good morning. we have some stuff going on. watch out for an accident blocking one lane. fdr drive doing fine. and earlier accident on the van wyck southbound. that has been cleared, but you still have to lace here. no problems was found art eastbound.
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this morning. thirty minutes inbound, 20 lower. that delay already affected the commute. take a look at 495. about a 45 minute too late already. trains will good. running on or close to schedule. juliet: thank you very much. police have a suspect into custody. juliet: we have been following this story. live from near the investigation in east harlem. >> reporter: good morning. this is where officer holder was gone down. the suspected killer in this case, tyrone howard, was back in court yesterday in front of a
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set of jail for drug charges. dive teams spent hours scouring the east river. investigators believe the suspected killer through the gun into the river before his arrest. howard has been charged with the murder of officer holder. family members were outraged during the arraignment. yesterday howard was in court for previous drug charges. back in may, the 30-year-old pled guilty to selling crack cocaine. eighteen months living at a rehab clinic. six months at an outpatient treatment center. howard stopped showing up to the program. the judge issued a warrant for
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his arrest. he had opposed a request for divergent. commissioner bratton and meredith fazio have criticized the court's decision. >> when you look at the offenses that this individual committed, they were violent. >> reporter: officer holder was remembered at the 9/11 of mario. renewing the debate over whether nonviolent low-level offenders should get jail time. the mayor will discuss that at a press conference at 10:30 a.m. this morning. we're live from east harlem.
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robert: a horrible story. a man attacked his girlfriend with a machete type knife yesterday afternoon. she had just pulled into her driveway. police say he attacked her in her car. miraculously, he survived. the two had a history of domestic violence. she had recently taken out an order of protection. the nurse that was quarantined in new jersey because she had contact with ebola patients is now suing government chrissy and health officials. the 34-year-old nurse from maine
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$250,000 in damage and court costs. andrew cuomo has added gender identity to the state discrimination laws. robert: the governor said the current law did not does not go far enough in protecting the transgender community. one of the most abused, harassed group in society today. here is a story that we have seen come up here or there. it may cost you an extra nickel. juliet: imposing a five set fee for shoppers that do not have usable parks. a spokeswoman for the mayor said
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it declined to say if he would actually endorse the $0.05. and iconic her from many of our childhoods is about to hop into entire myth. >> silly rabbit, tricks are for kids. robert: we have gotten a ton of reaction to this. tricks is going all natural. getting rid of artificial colors and flavors. a real rabbit will not take the place of a cartoon rabbit on the boxes.
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fox, excuse me, fox5 >> eating cereal out of a box. the little bunny rabbit brings you that to win an animal was killed. robert: adam shapiro. please rescue us. >> reporter: can we stop the madness here? a lot of us grew up on sugary products with lots of chemicals and we are all fine individuals. give me the sugar. >> give me the fake rabbit. [laughter] >> amen to that. juliet: let's talk about facebook. i cannot talk about this rabbit anymore. >> reporter: we had a little rabbit named cottontail. the dogs in the neighborhood
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we did. steve fyi rabbit was eaten by a german shepherd and doberman. i never look at those dogs the same way. >> iphone5. who knew that there was a problem. facebook said we found a few key issues and identified improvements. came home from school and said i found a few key issues. how would you react? anyway, they fixed it. juliet: let's hear more about cottontail or cotton ball. >> so traumatized. juliet: the rainbow bridge. >> oh, yeah.
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mike: . saving yourself. sorry, we will see you for a little while. let's show you what is going on. clear skies coming back to you again. temperatures definitely took a hit. 54 degrees right now. the weekend looks okay. it is on the cool side. sunday we could see a brief shower passing through the area. we are doing and up and down thing in terms of the weather here.
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robert: welcome back. 6:44 a.m. here are the headlines. a shooting in nashville. a fight over eight days came in and outdoor courtyard. no word if any of the victims were students. juliet: 11 hours of questioning by house republicans.
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chris stevens. clinton said that it is deeply unfortunate that the questioning was used for artisan political purposes. robert: once construction starts, the project could take up to 15 years and cost up to $10 billion. >> 15 years ago, the mets were rocking and here we are today. >> another chance again. the mets start preparing for this world series. holding a voluntary one hour workout at noon today at citi field. a huge welcome as they arrived home yesterday. hundreds of fans were in a partying mood. just for wednesday way from the first world series title in
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nearly 30 years. the excitement is building for the series. even some yankees fans are getting on the bandwagon. >> giving credit where credit is due. they earned the right. >> i do not care what happens. >> you want to come, join us, but join us the right way. the world series starts on tuesday. it can be seen right here on fox5. we will have extensive coverage game. we still do not know who the mets will play. the kansas city royals over the toronto blue jays. game six in campus city. they could close it out tonight.
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manager of the los angeles dodgers. the team said it was a mutual seasons. they also reached the world series each time. new york rangers were at madison square garden last night. we pick it up in the second. trailing 51. tipping it in for his first goal of the season. this ties the game at 11. miller finding kevin pays for the call. rick nash actually gets a 700 career points. the devils up in ottawa taking on the senators.
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we go to a shootout. three of the wind so far this season have been in overtime or a shootout. in basketball, it was the knicks preseason finale. knicks down by third team. a little later on, knocking down. a points for the night. keeping the pressure off for the fourth order. two of the 16 points of the night. the celtics go on to win it. finally, this is kind of fun. sumo wrestlers in japan tried to purchase a bit in another sport. short distance running. this is in japan. it was posted to twitter by a fellow wrestler. you can hear everyone's
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hysterically laughing in the background. the average weight is 418 pounds. two of them had a close finish. i love the laughing in the background. juliet: thank you. robert: 6:49 a.m. time to check in with mike woods. mike: we have a cooler weather making a comeback. sixty-two is your average high. forty-eight is your average low. dropping it down so far to 54 degrees. dropping a little bit more as the morning goes on. our cool temperature may not have happened for us just yet. dropping your temperatures as we speak. we will see plenty of sunshine out there with high pressure building in. here is the cold front that came
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that will be coming into us later on this weekend. for now, we have the chilly air with us. still kind of fun the chillier side did the clouds are building back in the latter half of your saturday. the cold front starts sliding through here. it does hang onto some moisture and bring us a few quick showers. it should be a little bit dryer later in the day. more sunshine coming at you as we head into monday. here is where we have the frost advisories going into effect for you. mainly out at the twin forks as low temperatures drop down to 35 for it even cooler. the cold air is sitting on top of us right now. sunny skies. breezy and cool.
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skies. a little bit below normal there. we have a high of 59 today. sixty-four on sunday. a quick little shower there. on wednesday, we have more showers and our future. a couple opportunities of wet weather. just not a whole lot. all right. robert, j, over to you. juliet: thank you very much, michael. robert: we will check the latest in entertainment news a little later. robert: adel. we will take a listen.
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>> welcome back to new york you. that is backing things up almost to the george washington bridge.
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as for the bqe, traffic jammed. this shot here approaching the brooklyn bridge. everyone is backed up. robert: we have not heard a whole lot of it out of nevada. juliet: at least one medical procedure yesterday for lamar odom. he was found unconscious in a nevada brothel. quaker -- and has remained by his side. robert: that was the night the mets beat chicago and one dependent. hoping his fans keep the fire
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the ballgame. he adopted vienna man. all right. adel. adel fans, the wait is over. a new signal. >> the first release in three years. the song is from her third cd. 21-foot copies here in the u.s. she has a slew of grammy awards. justin bieber unveiled a music
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video of his new head. robert: it is actually pretty catchy. i hate to admit it. his new song comes on the heels of the number one hit "what do you mean." juliet: i see gregory kelly in
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have a good when we go to the store, i find my box of honey bunches of oats and i' m checking to see if i packaged it. best cereal in the world right there. if the last 3 letters
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