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tv   Good Day New York  WNYW  October 23, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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fox 5 news this is good the new york. greg: it is friday october 23rd greg: 7 it is one of those days call all over my desk. it is friday. we are not going to let this define the day. mike woods will tell us how we can do is looking. tyrone howard, the man accused of killing a police officer was back in court facing the same judge who sent him to rehab instead of jail. divers are out there searching for the weapon that killed that officer, rand paul holder. greg: what happened on capitol hill? the marathon benghazi hearing as.
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was this a game changing? depends who you talk to and which way you lean on this issue. rosanna: she was grillled for 11 hours. i would have lost my mind if 11 hours people were throwing questions at me. greg: i watched it, a move on after 15 minutes. but what else? rosanna: a man who murdered his estranged girlfriend with the machete jumped in front of a subway train washington heights, and survived. greg: what happens with the world's seas? it is tuesday night. rosanna: we are getting pumped already. there's a huge rally set for monday. we will get the ball rolling. mitchell modell will be here.
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rosanna: we will have the paraphernalia. greg: you haven't made this happen yet. i don't want crumby seeds, you got decent seats for the pope and paul mccartney and barkley's but i don't want -- you can do this. rosanna: of a rumor is we will be doing "good day" at night friday night. so keep your fingers crossed because then you will be a witness to history. greg: the hottest ticket in town. if you in may at happen. rosanna: have you seen what those tickets are going for? not sure you are worth it. greg: i don't want to beg. we will see what happens. congratulations to the mets. >> meteorologist: doing all
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i'm working on it myself, let me work on it myself. it is not going to be easy unless you have a spare million bucks. a cool started the day, happy friday. another fantastic day with what sunshine but you see high temperatures, oh yes, that is a thing of the past, we hit 75 yesterday, 77 in newark and belmar, 78 degrees in poughkeepsie but the cooler temperatures the selling in right now, 53 at central park, at this point of the same thing in newark, the sun still isn't up yet, 50 in islip, 55 in montauk, 44 in poughkeepsie, cooler air pouring across the tristate, you concede the northwest wind means the cold front passed by for every one. a pretty decent wind coming through 3 to 16 miles per hour, breezy and cool with high pressure in control, sunshine out there but the additional layers will help you out because it is going to be on the cool
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side. rainwise no big deal, not much going on today into tomorrow especially early tomorrow but leader tomorrow the clouds are coming in, then the clouds thick and later in the day and here comes the next cold front with warmer temperatures but also showers as we head into sunday. there should be at few quick showers early to mid sunday and it starts to clear out of the area as we head into monday of the next workweeks, but the cooler air that is with us tonight, that does pop up another frost advisory but only for eastern sections of suffolk county. and hamptons, frost advisories going up tonight into tomorrow morning. to date temperatures gullible little bit. we head to one high of 59 degrees, high of 57 tomorrow, on a little mild sunday relatively speaking but a few showers
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let's see what is going on with the commute. ines: the clocks of not even move to. let's look at traffic, not looking good on the west side highway 96th street, accident blocking a lane causing delays to the george washington bridge and also problems on new jersey east bound by jfk parkway an accident blocking a lane. let's look at staten island, expressway by victory boulevard doing okay but as you approach the verrazzano bridge expect a lot of delays. let's go to the bqe camera. traffic is moving lighter than normal for the brooklyn bridge, cars. trains doing good, street cleaning rules are in effect. rosanna: police are searching for the murder weapon used in
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greg: rand paul holder was shot while pursuing a suspect along that fdr drive. tyrone power is the suspect, they don't have a murder weapon, they believe it could be in the river, crews are searching for the weapon, right around 120th street and fdr drive we have a reporter there this morning. >> reporter: we are right along the east river, there is the memorial set up here in the maury of officer rand paul holder. is suspected killer tyrone howard was in court yesterday facing the same judge that made the decision that he could go to a drug rehab instead of jail for his previous drug charges. the nypd investigators are still on the scene trying to track down this murder weapon. nypd dive team this scattering the east river near 120th street
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for the weapon used to murder rand paul holder. investigators believe tyrone howard threw the gun into the river before his arrest. howard has been charged with murder of officer holder. family members were outraged during the arena and. yesterday howard was in court for a previous drug charges facing the judge who allowed him to go to a drug diversion program instead of jail. back in may the 30-year-old pleaded guilty to selling crack cocaine but judge patricia one has decided to put off howard's prison sentence if he spent 18 months and rehab clinic and six months at an outpatient treatment center. in late august howard stop showing up for the program and judge one has issued a warrant for his arrest september 17th. manhattan district attorney cyrus vance said he had opposed the request for diversion but respected the judge's decision. commissioner bratton and mayor bill deblasio have criticized
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the court's decision. >> violent criminals is appropriate that they be imprisoned and when you look at the offenses this individual committed they were consistent, they were violent. >> reporter: the city is morning finest. officer holder was remembered at the 9/11 memorial. dozens of officers placed flowers on the edge of the reflecting pool in his honor. the shooting of officer holder has highlighted the debate over letting non-violent, low-level offenders get jail time. bill deblasio is set to discuss that at a press conference this morning at 10:30. he is going to talk about the diversion programs and if they are working. live from east harlem, back over to you. greg: more on a funeral plans for officer holder. the viewing will be tuesday from 9:00 in the morning until 6:00 at night but the location has been changed. rosanna: it has in change to the greater alan a. m e cathedral in
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the funeral will be at the same charge at 3:00, officer holder will be buried in his native rihanna. stores in yonkers this morning but a church that is right saved. greg: helicopter pictures, the journal news says the fire broke out in a $0.99 store on broadway, 11:00 last night spreads prickly to several buildings and there were fears that it would collapse but didn't actually happen. 263-year-old st. john's episcopal church is on that block. rosanna: the suspect of a gruesome murder is in custody after jumping in front of a subway train. greg: here is the suspect, arthur lamondo. it is believed he took a machete against his girlfriend, attacked his ex-girlfriend yesterday afternoon. suzanne bardel pulled into her
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her, a former new york city cop, he later threw himself in front of in a train at amsterdam at st. nicholas avenue. he survived but was severely injured. believe he lost his legs. they had a history of domestic violence. bardel had taken out an order of protection against bardel 8. rosanna: hillary clinton spent a interrogated over the 2012 attacks on the u.s. diplomatic outpost in benghazi, libya. four americans including ambassador chris stevens were killed. greg: here she is campaigning. what happened on capitol hill? did you make it through the entire thing to rosanna: i watched part of it but the same thing happened, we still have unanswered questions. greg: republicans leading to her hard, that sounds really bad and a democrat would come to her defense and went on and on. >> reporter: this hearing last all day, 10:00 a.m. a couple breaks and it went until 9:00 p.m.. hillary clinton was grilled
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happened three years ago. the former secretary of state and current democratic presidential candidate to question after question after question defending her actions. >> i have lost more sleep than all of you put together. i have been wracking my brain about what more could have been done. >> reporter: hillary clinton going face-to-face with the republican-led special investigation into the 2012 benghazi at taxed defending her record as secretary of state. during the marathon hearing some house members blasted clinton for not doing more to save the lives of four americans murdered including u.s. ambassador chris stevens. >> there are people in both parties who have suggested this investigation is about you. let me assure you it is not. this investigation is about four people who were killed representing our country on foreign soil. >> you said it is good to remind ourselves and the rest of the world that this could have happened without us and you were right, secretary clinton.
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our libya policy couldn't have happened without you because it you were its chief architect. >> nobody knew the dangers of libya better, but chris chose to go to benghazi because he understood america had to be represented there at that pivotal time. >> reporter: the panel at year-and-a-half investigation revealing clinton used a private e-mail server during her time as secretary of state, and issue that has come up repeatedly during her presidential bid. >> there is not one e-mail to you or from you in 2012 when an explosive device went off at our compound in april. if you were to be in my office and the state department, i didn't have a computer, i did not do the vast majority of my work on e-mail. >> reporter: there were heated moments including this one about e-mails between clinton and longtime friend and informal adviser sidney blumenthal. >> why is it you only want mr. blumenthal's transit released.
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the release! >> reporter: the elijah cummings called continuous questioning a political witch hunt and said the investigation is a waste of time and money. >> the select committee spent 17 months, and $4.7 million of taxpayer money. >> reporter: there's a lot of talk about how this hearing might affect president clinton's presidential campaign. there was a clear majority of voters to disapprove of clinton's hiring -- handling of been gauzy the same poll found a majority of voters believe republicans are now just mainly out to harm clinton politically. to see woody yesterday's hearing will change clinton's poll numbers going forward. greg: the same thing, photographers have been doing this on capitol hill for years, they are right there. this is a typical hearing, you see where they actually -- >> i would not be able to
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concentrate with a camera, taking pictures. greg: you are the guys asking questions, here are the guys entering questions and here the photographers and here's another one and this is a little before but if you saw -- the this up from yesterday, as they sit right there and do it for democrats, republicans, everybody. greg: wait a while. greg: paul ryan might want to do something like that, he could be the next speaker of the house of representatives. rosanna: he declared his candidacy after receiving full republican support. his decision comes two weeks after house majority leader kevin mccarthy pull out of their outgoing speaker john boehner says a preliminary vote will be held next wednesday followed by a full floor vote thursday.
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killed when a truck burst into flames. rosanna: it happened 30 miles from bordeaux. the buzz was filled with senior citizens on a date for. the driver of the truck reportedly lost control, slammed into the bus, eight people on the bus got out after the driver opened the door, about 40 people died in the flames. officials are investigating, some people say there were lots of tourists on that bus. greg: we have a lot of anti-discrimination laws and you cannot discriminate based on gender identity. governor cuomo added it to the discrimination laws. rosanna: advocates have fought for that tree years. governor cuomo spoke to 700 people at the empire state pride agenda annual dinner. cheese said is long overdue as current law didn't go far enough protecting the transgendered. he called one of the most abused, harassed groups in society today.
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diversity is the promise of equality. you can't have one without the other. we welcome all with open arms, with acceptance and without judgment. rosanna: new york is the first to add transgendered protection under law. greg: there will be a big rally for the mets on monday. just before the city -- world series. rosanna: it will happen between 3:00 and 5:00, the mets will go to kansas city or toronto by that time but the rally will be packed with fans wearing orange and blue and maybe in uniform. greg: leave the champagne at home. rosanna: they will have food, drinks, they are saying maybe they will have some former mets their. might be interesting. greg: queens borough hall. >> meteorologist: a lot coming up.
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cooler, 53 degrees at central park, winds from the northwest at 5 to 15 miles per hour, it will be breezy and cool but dry at the same time as high pressure is taking over, a cool canadian high, the cold front did not bring much rain at all. all eyes are in the pacific, the eastern pacific waters, see that storm? that the tropical storm, it is a category 5 hurricane, the strongest, they will be affecting mexico, maximum sustained winds 200 m.p.h. with gusts to 250, this will be a huge news story, moving to the north northwest, it will bring a lot of flooding and rain and wind, the strongest storm to hit mexico on record but we will be watching that closely. frost advisor is an effect trees conceptions of suffolk county, keep that in mind. of isn't that a sunny day here, not much going on rainwise until we get since sunday. high-temperature 59, 57 tomorrow, showers come through
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sunday but only a little bit, not a big deal and more and more information, patricia coming up in a bit. let's see what is going on, category 5, huge storm. ines: the commute , as far as you're commuting queen's normal delays from nassau county west bound, slowdowns on grand central parkway toward the jackie robinson parkway. let's go to our cameras and look your commute this morning. this is the lie, nassau county by jericho turnpike moving west bound daddy's gone, subway, fire department activity affecting the m train, no service in either direction between metropolitan avenue towards myrtle avenue. the rest of the trains are doing fine. a quick shot out, imus in times square last night, michelle and lauren, a huge fans of the show, they said he make their mornings, from queens and jersey.
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take a peek out side, very pleasant and out there. rosanna: a little cooler in yesterday but it is october. rosanna: sunrise and sunset, something magical. very magical. and sunrise. if you are up that early were going up to work or you were up too late. rosanna: glad we are s selling 18 homes? easy. building them all in four and a half months? now that was a leap. i was calling in every favor i could, to track down enough lumber to get the job done. and i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. there are always going to be unknowns. you just have to be ready for them. another step on the journey... will you be ready when growth presents itself? realize your buying
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greg: we are going to need buzz aldrin, he walked on the moon. rosanna: he has been here before. greg: i am in all of the guy. >> meteorologist: 7 pretty incredible to think he has been to the moon and he is hanging out with us. you know what i mean? greg: i do. i wonder how buzz feels. on "good day," i have been to the moon and i am on the "good day" show. he loves talking about the moon and mars. he is obsessed with mars and gm is looking at one of those goals tiny rockets over there. you can see the little space capsule overs there. see that thing on the right? that is an old rocket i think from the mercury program. you know anything about it?
7:23 am
on the other side of the grand central parkway from the fair grounds at city field and the tennis center. rockets. hard to see, we are not able to get close because of air traffic but they have two old replica rocket set up at the museum. greg: one small step for i-man. rosanna: giant leap for mankind. greg: what eloquence we heard from the league green neil armstrong. rosanna: let's talk other news around the country. a fight ends with one man killed in three women wounded in a shooting on a campus, tennessee state university in nashville. greg: was the result of a dispute over a dice game in an outdoor courtyard just before 11:00 last night. it is unclear if the victims were students. police supervisor said there was no indication of an active shooter on the loose. earlier this month three people
7:24 am
main campus. rosanna: they are going to build a new bus terminal. rosanna: it will be ready in 30 years. years old, handles more than 200,000 people every day. it is considered outdated. board members approved the plan to have an international competition to design the new terminal. the post says it will be one block west of the current one at 40 second street. once construction begins the construction could take 15 years and take $10 billion. anymore. it is all billions. good news if you come huge eventually. the mta will be adding more trains on some lines but not until next june.
7:25 am
service on 12 lines, the 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, a, c, n.j. am, and, why, as he. we have that? it is all going to happen at the 40 second street shuttle. on the shuttle alone service will double for the two hours between 9:30 p.m. and 11:30 p.m.. this is all gobbledygook to me. greg: my train is getting extra service. rosanna: we will put the information on the web site. a whole bunch of information, people with a pen and pencil listening and writing it down. greg: if you did it yourself i can't talk about you got it here earlier. take a quick peek out side if we can. you know, everybody sleeps through the alarm clock every now and then. rosanna: i thought it was sad day but then i thought what is it?
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greg: a week's added a thinking it is friday? rosanna: we are all here. wondering.
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greg: great, great, great deal. . video . . don't know what to do. it all comes to a screeching halt right now. what do you do at the club? this is where the d. j.s come in. they would never let this lull in a song take place. rosanna: use way a little bit. when you are dancing everybody stops anyway. you start flailing.
7:29 am
and this is up at a wedding? you suddenly start slow dancing. we love to -- >> meteorologist: i remember that happening to me. >> meteorologist: you want to get something? get as a soda. dancing and the when we went to sunday night. anna gilligan got married. how about the dirty dancing the took place on that dance floor? rosanna: you took a picture of it. >> meteorologist: they are newlyweds. i was taken aback.
7:30 am
rosanna: by the way, jimmy webb, one of the most prolific songwriters in our time, is going to be here and we are going to play name that tune with him. he brought the piano and we have to guess the songs that he wrote. that is going to be fun. >> meteorologist: i am not good at this game. rosanna: cost to one of the breaks. greg: the man who walked on the moon, one of them, buzz aldrin will be here, great. . >> meteorologist: a lot to talk about. on the eastern pacific waters, a category 5 storm popped up almost out of nowhere and it will be a major impact in mexico. let's check what is going on here first of all, definitely cooler is this morning that we had yesterday, 53 degrees central park, 43 in monticello, 44 in poughkeepsie, winds from the northwest, cold front coming
7:31 am
through yesterday is gone, cooler air working its way behind it. breezy and cool high pressure in control, chris kyle, rain from yesterday, moved on for sure. that is the next storm lead the area of low pressure not going to be here as we go through the day, sunny skies with chilly temperaturess, but as we go saturday in to sunday that is when cold fronts wings by and we have some scattered showers mainly on sunday morning and it should dry out after that. check the tropics, this is hurricane patricia which is a category 5 storm, strongest storm on record in the eastern pacific. look at the forecast track for the storm, it takes it up to the north and west near guadalajara as well as over here over the next couple days as a category 5
7:32 am
storm. definitely stay tuned. a lot of moisture heads into south texas. will be a major concern for many folks, mexico's seeing the strongest land falling hurricane in that area. frost advisories in eastern sections of suffolk county tonight. some frosty temperatures back in the tristate region for us. no solid rain until we get to what is coming sunday is not significant but wednesday we will. i temperature 59 degrees. let's bring in ines rosales. not much. ines: we have problems with the commute, traffic flow towards but verrazano into brooklyn. earlier accident by atlantic avenue. on the outbound side quickly cleared away an accident by the expressway, stills and delays, watch for a crash on the
7:33 am
parkway clear when an accident, but nothing too significant. and it is fine west bound for the most part, no problems he's gone, trains, north jersey coast line with new jersey transit, 15 minute delay, signaled problems in long branch. greg: everybody wants to go to the game but if you want a ticket, it can be very expensive. greg: big bucks for world series tickets and prices are in sane. greg: stacey has more on tickets, in midtown. >> we are outside modell's where they are doing brisk business at
7:34 am
get inside and get a t-shirt. one thing to spend $30 on a hat or a t-shirt but it is a whole other ball game to get tickets for the game. prices are outrageous and take a look at this. we have a screen grab from sub hub, the most expensive tickets for games 3 which will be the first game in city field of the world series next friday going for $1 million it is ridiculous, they are on the outfield but the average price well above $1,500, the cheapest ticket to get in standing room at city field above $600. the people who run these secondary tickets, there are a couple reasons for that. one is the fact that the mets haven't been on the world series field for 15 years, the other that this is new york.
7:35 am
disappointed, but by no means surprise. >> that is it is out of my price range. >> it is a lost cause but i will try and fight could. >> the cheapest one is $700 for standing room only. what do you think of that? >> more than my rent. >> that is how is in new york. we are in another state, another city and might be more affordable. >> you can watch for free on fox 5. >> i will enjoy it. >> people can watch the game for free on fox 5 but as the gentleman said it might be cheaper elsewhere, some of the ticket brokers say you might save money to travel to kansas city or poncho and watch the mets play in one of those cities. that could even be cheaper than trying to catch a game here. there are a lot of tickets on the market, things could change between now and next week, prices go up and down but if they're looking to secure a ticket you are going to be
7:36 am
paying big bucks. back to you. >> we don't want to pay that kind of money. >> keep your fingers crossed, we may be doing "good day" at night at the game on friday which would be the first home game. that would be so much fun. greg: we got to study on this baseball thing. rosanna: jimmy webb will be here, he has written some classic songs like this one. hold on.
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rosanna: watching pbs, what is going on here? greg: the only time i found
7:39 am
rosanna: who is your favorite character? greg: quote the. he really was crazy. he -- one more time, no esophagus. there's no hole, no quote he could never get inside. rosanna: i don't know what it is. all the cookies would be deflected away. he never actually digest and a quote key. maybe that is what made him so crazy. we thought too much about this. rosanna: have you contemplated this? >> meteorologist: i had the put it. that is all you did, smash them. i liked to do the same sort of thing. rosanna: mom, i want one of those.
7:40 am
i had my eating habits too. look in this beautiful shot of state. palm bay in the bronx, thank you for sitting in a beautiful picture all over the place. it will stick around for awhile, all like temperatures, 53 central park, same thing newark, 48 in belmar, 49 in sussex, winds a little cool, breeze from the northwest and 3 to 16 miles per hour, it will be breezy outside, it will feel cooler than it is. the northwest wind continues into tonight, no problems with rain, in each our chances yesterday have passed on and there was not much out of it. as we go forward you a pretty good, mainly clear skies, clouds make a come back after lunch time today. clouds fake and a from saturday in to sunday, quick showers come through early on sunday and it should be out of here in time for the work week, things look pretty good. there is your 7 day forecast, 59
7:41 am
showers sunday, another chance of rain wednesday of next week. we have our weather apps with daily and hourly forecasts available at the apple itunes store and google play store. the good thing about that store and this apps is it is free so costs you nothing and away you go. let's see what is the with our commute, we have some backups. ines: we have traffic slowdowns, normal delays on long island expressway from nassau county into queens, from littleneck parkway and queens boulevard, santa did jackie robinson parkway and grand central parkway approaching the queue gardens interchange. or commute in putnam county not bad, looking good bye yorktown heights. let's take a look at your commute this morning. the new york state thruway, the tappan zee bridge, moving fine, no problems towards the tappan zee bridge south bound, northbound looks good, george washington bridge driving into the city from new jersey, 45
7:42 am
at a lower, lincoln tunnels 60 minutes and holland tunnel has a 25 to 25 minute delay. rosanna: let's talk sports. nice to have you here. the quest begins today, the mets are preparing for the world series as they try to win the first world series title in 30 years. the team will hold a voluntary one hour workout today at city field and fans gave the mets a hero's welcome when they arrived home yesterday, hundreds of fans were in a partying mood after watching their mets sweep the cubs, national league championship series but that is not necessarily a good thing. according to the sports bureau, the previous seven teams that swept the best of 7, only one, the 1995 braves went on to win the world sees. but you know their fans, you see them there, they still believe.
7:43 am
and can be seen right here on fox 5. ines: odds are against them. >> they swept the cubs and only seven previous teams that swept their league championship sees only one won the world series. greg: that doesn't mean anything. >> the fans believe. this is a different team. is either going to be the kansas city royals or toronto blue jays. >> great hitting. last night was off day for the american league. both teams walked out today but have tonight's game 6 in kansas city. the royals are 2 games, the royals could close out tonight but if the jays win tonight game 7 will be tomorrow and that will be played in kansas city. meantime for reading the great don mattingly is out as manager of the los angeles dodgers. mattingly had one year left on his contract, but the team says
7:44 am
ways after five seasons. mattingly led the dodgers to three state national league division titles, but failed to read the world series every time. >> the rangers hosting the coyotes, rangers down 1-0. those tied into the net and hit for the first goal of the season, ties the game at 1-1. on to the third period coyote's goalie mike smith behind the net, a call for a pass, j.c. miller, kevin hayes for the gold. the rangers go on to win it 4-1 the final score. devils up in ottawa taking on the senators tied at 4, no one scored in the free on 3 of the time, go to the issue out but he stated in the back end for the game winner, all three of the devils went so far this season have been in overtime or a shootout.
7:45 am
preseason finale against the boston celtics in be in town. in the second quarter knicks down by 13, first-round draft pick, a delay up there and then a knockdown to the fade away eight points, but boston kept the pressure, jarrett salinger two of 16 points. greg: boston has the hardwood floors. >> very historic, legendary place. 99-a-5. they will open the regular season in milwaukee. you got to see this video. tried participating in another sport. for distance running. three of the wrestlers of few feet down in japan. this is posted on twitter by fellow wrestlers. i love the cackling and laughing in the background. the average wage of these three, 418 pounds. look at the two of the.
7:46 am
rosanna: they wore their sumo gear. we see them running. >> would isn't necessarily, pg-13. greg: not ripped enough for you give everyone feels pressure these days. that is how it works. they push each other out of the ring or something. >> i don't even know the rules but there's a lot of pushing and wait never danced range. greg: it will be mean in six months. >> you are losing weight, you are working out, equinoxes now. greg: i make up for it. anything else we talk about? rosanna: a quick break, buzz aldrin coming up. we will talk about that mars movie. you think he saw that? greg: probably. he is crazy about mars. here's a picture of buzz aldrin on the moon, july 20th, 1969. the only spent about two hours on the moon.
7:47 am
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ben: twenty-seventh i am hearing paraphernalia running out of the storm. are you ok? i feel like you are sick. maybe the doctor should examine you. rosanna: a little bit of an issue. rosanna: people are already in there at 7:51 in the morning. greg: anyone else, right next to zachary. the night club. at kerri's conveniently located next to modell's. you go there for socks and a baseball mitch. rosanna: and a shirt. you are coughing all over me. dr. raj, sound and lose this morning. does that mean anything? >> not necessarily.
7:50 am
cover with the elbow, not the hand. and go for the antibiotic, there is a link between the use of antibiotics in kids and when the game. this is a study in the international journal of obesity, children who were studied over a decade to had seven or more courses and antibiotics over a ten year period and increased weight compared to those who did not receive any antibiotics. we are thinking this is related to the antibiotic disruption of our micro biome, the good bacteria we have in our system that probably helps regulate metabolism, weight gain, how we processed food, how we may extract calories from food. the authors of the study sadie's effect, we gain related to antibiotic use may extend into adulthood. for parents out there are lot of parents when their children get sick try to push the pediatrician to prescribe antibiotics, not a great idea. one more reason to be conservative when talking about
7:51 am
antibiotic use because there may be a significant link between use of antibiotics and obesity. rosanna: you need antibiotics. greg: she is a doctor. rosanna: when you have that kind of coffee. you need antibiotics. >> not necessarily but we will keep an eye on it. rosanna: give him a full -- greg: you would do that for me? >> of course i would do that for you. rosanna: let's talk entertainment news. anna gilligan is on her honeymoon so we are in charge. a bunch of big movies hitting the big screen. greg: the last witchhunt comes out. rosanna: and immortal warrior facing off renewed threats from a which. greg: paranormal activity movie, another one coming out, these will keep you up at night. rosanna: this is called the
7:52 am
ghost dimension. greg: i will probably see this on demand. i want to see this one, steve jobs, the guy who started apple computer, big movie about him. rosanna: heard he's fantastic as steve jobs. greg: brilliant, the engineer, what was his name? was the act. brilliant guy but a bit of a jerk around house. rosanna: brad pitt in a new movie called earned. he plays a chef. greg: they mean bradley cooper? rosanna: bradley cooper plays a chef. if you love for you will have a field day. also -- greg: you went to the premier. big dog festival.
7:53 am
city, the halloween dog parade returns this saturday for 25th year, 13,000 people signed up to attend. rosanna: greg: what you think of as decorations on the dog? they are more for our amusement. i think they could care less. rosanna: not just the dog the dress up, everybody does. know winner of best in show. you have to be creative. greg: they tried to make and christopher columbus. rosanna: you can bring a new apple watch or tickets to finding never land on broadway which is fantastic and today is my dog's birthday. greg: is that a real hat? rosanna: they did that today in graphics. greg: today would have been his 40th birth day. great dog.
7:54 am
we did get him in the fall from the north shore animal league. rosanna: time for our facebook and, say hello to our face book fan, it is -- greg: what is with that one? thank you very much. rosanna: heart isn't the right place, thanks for saying nice things about us on you may think it's a result of brushing too hard. it's not. it's a sign of early which you can help reverse by using listerine(r). added to your brushing routine... listerine(r) kills up to 99.9% of germs... and helps reverse early gum disease in just two weeks. listerine(r). power to your mouth ! also try listerine(r) floss...
7:55 am
>> from fox 5 news, this is good day new york. >> all right.
7:56 am
are you ready for this friday, october 23rd? i'm rosanna scotto. >> hi, i'm greg kelly. very pleasant out there. weekend. >> meanwhile, the nypd is continuing its investigation into the murder above officer randolph holder. police still looking for the gun that was used to shoot him. they think that it was thrown into the east river, so they have divers out there as we speak. >> so hillary clinton was on capitol hill yesterday for 11 hours. questions and answers, some say she was evasive, some say she was authoritative and candid. kind of depends where you fall on the political spectrum as to how she did yesterday. is benghazi behind her? probably not. >> as mets fans gear up for the world series, ticket prices to the game are soaring. with one going for a million dollars. that must be a joke. that one ticket's going for a
7:57 am
i know real mets fans would pay anything to go to the championship games, but this is ridiculous. >> right. what else? >> if you're in the mood for a good scare, we have got some places to visit this halloween. ms. juliet huddy is taking us to her fave. >> and one of those paranormal activity movies comes out this weekend. they will traumatize you. >> i used to like them when i was younger, and now i can't do it anymore. i get too anxious. >> i hear that. the friday the 13th movies will never be the same. >> homeland, i have to watch it during the day. >> it's not like -- >> it makes me so anxious. guys. >> i know. but it seems so realistic. >> we have a very special guest. mitt that music, please, we want to talk about -- hit that music, please, we want to talk about this for a moment.
7:58 am
things, mitch mow jr. modell. if you run into him, rosanna, he'll probably give you one of these. >> huh, interesting. >> a gift card. >> he is very general yous. he gives them out to the kids he looks different. >> he lost some weight. >> also coming up, buzz aldrin. >> see, this space odyssey music goes with buzz aldrin. why you had it with mitch modell, i don't know. >> [laughter] he's worthy of that. >> absolutely. >> that's right. gotta go to mo's -- >> anyway, mike woods r we ready for some games? too far in advance to figure out how next friday looks. >> well, yes. i mean -- we don't even know where the game's going to be, right? >> how about weather for tomorrow? >> just throwing out -- >> you going to start with me right now? [laughter] >> just let him do his thing.
7:59 am
>> i love the laughing, because she knows where i'm going. [laughter] >> you don't even know where you're going. >> the weather with mike woods, everybody. shut up. [laughter] >> so we have sunny skies, cool temperatures back again but no problems out there weather wise. we've got a problem right here, but no problems weather wise. our temp this morning, 53 degrees, and we're kind of struggling to get it to go back up because we have the cooler air still spilling across the northeast and the tristate, so that's keeping temps down a bit. it's 53 also at newark, 50234 bridge mort -- 50 in bridgeport. temps came down six degrees from 24 hours ago, but it's a lot cooler in monticello, 14-degree drop in your temperatures, and that's what's happening discover all along with the northwest wind coming through at around 5-15 miles per hour. it's going to be breezy and cool, that's the bottom line today. high pressure's in control, you have no problems.
8:00 am
we had a chance at showers yesterday, not much happened, and now it looks dry today. future cast gives us mainly clear skies until tomorrow afternoon, then clouds start rolling in, and late in the day saturday into sunday, that's when the cold front gets closer to us, and it will try to push a few showers through here. and then it should clear out sunday, but it's kind of, you know, a somewhat soggy, gray-looking sunday coming up for us. so the weekend not perfect, but it could be worse too. high temp today up to 59 degrees, breezy as well. 57 is your high tomorrow. clouds increase late in the day, and there's your showers on the early side on sunday, but at least the temp's not bad, 64 for a high on sunday, then cooler and drier, ms. rosales, i know we're kind of nuts over there. >> rosanna's going to ask you about thanksgiving, will the balloons be flying? [laughter] she's already thinking about that. this morning -- [laughter] couple of problems from staten island commuting between brook
8:01 am
first off, the expressway be eastbound, delays, earlier accidentty atlantic avenue, and now the upper level of the bridge closed because of an accident. crash. as far as 08 and 287, doing fine, but you do have delays eastbound by rockaway, those are normal delays. let's go to our cameras, the thruway heading towards the tappan zee bridge, you're fine southbound, no problems northbound. as for the trains, new jersey transit's north jersey coastline, there's a 15 minute delay due to signal problems in long branch. >> thank you so much, ines. we have breaking news right now. tractor-trailer versus a school bus in middletown, new jersey, and it doesn't look good. >> all right. we're hearing no kids on that school bus, we hope. jim smith is in the helicopter. what's going on, jim? >> greg, what we are seeing right now is the efforts to get the driver of that bus out.
8:02 am
medics on the scene tending to the driver's condition as well as numerous firefighters and other emergency personnel just trying to cut pieces of the bus away to get that driver out bus. this happened on the southbound side of route 35 in middletown just south of new monmouth road, the road currently closed. numerous emergency personnel on the scene. there was a tractor-trailer involved, we believe that is it on the side of the road and, of course, the bus -- the situation with whether there were children onboard not clear at this point, but the indications we're seeing here overheld is that there may not have been students on the wuss. but, again -- on the bus. but again, efforts to get the driver of this bus out. there's severe damage to the front end of the bus, and we've watched as fire fight beers cut pieces of the bus away, a portion of the roof. a state police helicopter is in
8:03 am
the driver to an area hospital once the fire department get the driver out. but again, efforts being made to get the driver out of this bus. back to you. >> jim, that looks -- i think i can see the driver. it looks like a female with red hair, and she has an oxygen mask. kind of with some fabric over her. and, gosh, hope she's, hope she's going to be okay. jim, we thank you for that report. it looks like she's conscious, rosanna. >> i hope so. i hope so. all right, greg, police are searching right now for the murder weapon used in that cull killing of the nypd officer on tuesday. >> randolph holder shot in the held, died at the age of 33. the suspect in this case, tyrone howard. police believe he may have thrown the weapon into the east river, and we've got divers looking for that weapon right now. liz dahlem joins us from the scene of the shooting, fdr drive at 1209 street, hello, liz.
8:04 am
>> good morning to you, greg and rosanna. this is where the growing memorial seems to be expanding all while the nypd crime scene investigation. we just saw a few police officers walk over the overpass over the fdr to get onto the other side where the river is and that path where the runners go in the morning, because that's where they believe the suspect ditched the gun. nypd dive teams spent hours scouring the east river near 120th street for the weapon used to murder officer randolph holder. investigators believe the suspected killer, tyrone howard, threw the gun into the river before his arrest. howard has been charged with the murder of officer holder. family members were outraged during the arraignment. yesterday howard was in court for previous drug charges facing the judge who allowed him to go to a drug diversion program instead of jail. back in may the 30-year-old
8:05 am
cocaine, but judge patricia nunez decided to put off howard's prison sentence if he spent 18 months living at a rehab clinic, then six months at an outpatient be treatment center. in late august, howard stopped showing up to the program, and judge nunez issued a warrant for his arrest september 17th. cyrus vance says he had opposed the request for diverse but respected the judge's decision. commissioner bratton and mayor de blasio have criticized the court's decision. >> violent concerns, it's appropriate that they be in prison. and when you look at the offenses that this individual committed, they were consistent, and they were violent. >> the city is still mourning finest. officer holder was remembered at the 9/11 memorial. dozens of officers placed flowers on the edge of the reflecting pool in his honor. taking a look at the fdr here, you can see that pathway is still blocked off by the police
8:06 am
overpass now after looking that area, through that area to see if there's any sort of signs or clues of that weapon. the sun is a little bit bright, but i know you can see it there. and, of course, the shooting of officer holder has highlighted the debate over whether or not low-level, nonviolent offenders should get out of prison time. should they be put in these diversion programs. well, mayor de blasio's going to discuss that at a press conference at 10:30 this morning. we're live in east harlem, greg and rosanna, back to you. >> thank you so much. in one of the papers today they said -- thank you, liz -- that mr. holder was claiming he was on pcp, which is like angel dust x he didn't realize what he did. >> tyrone howard -- >> tyrone howard, yeah, the suspect. >> well, all right, terrible stuff, and we'll see what the mayor has to say later. in the meantime, we've got to change our pattern here and go to politics, rosanna. >> hillary clinton spent a
8:07 am
grueling 11 hours being interrogated over the 2012 attacks on the u.s. diplomatic outpost in benghazi, libya. >> yeah, she was on capitol hill yesterday, and lots of questions. 11 hours, wow. were any minds changed? >> were any questions answered? >> yeah, you know, it depends where you kind of come down on hillary clinton. let's go to carrie drew. she's got more. >> yeah. you can read a lot of different articles and get a lot of different opinions. good morning. all eyes were on hillary clinton yesterday morning. the hearing started at 10 a.m. and was not over until 9 p.m. clinton supporters were tweeting with the hashtag free hillary. clinton was grilled about the benghazi attack. the current democratic presidential candidate continuously defended her actions. >> i've lost more sleep than all of you put together. i have been wracking my brain about what more could have been done.
8:08 am
face with the republican-led special investigation into the 2012 benghazi attacks, defending her record as secretary of state. during the marathon hear, some house members blasted clinton for not doing more to save the lives of four americans murdered, including u.s. ambassador chris stevens. >> there are people who have suggested that this investigation is about you. let me assure you, it is not. this investigation is about four people who were killed representing our country on foreign soil. >> you said it's good to remind ourselves and the rest of the world that this couldn't have happened without us, and you were right, secretary clinton. our libya policy couldn't have happened without you, because you were its chief architect. >> nobody knew the dangers of libya better. but chris chose to go to benghazi because he understood america had to be represented there at that pivotal time. >> the panel's year and a half investigation also revealing that clinton used a private
8:09 am
e-mail server during her time as secretary of state, an issue that's come up repeatedly during her current presidential bid. >> there is not one e-mail to you or from you in 2012 when an explosive device went off at our compound in april. >> if you were to be in my office in the state department, i didn't have a computer, i did not do the vast majority of my work on e-mail. >> there were some heated moments, including this one about e-mails between clinton and longtime friend and informal adviser sidney blumenthal. >> why is it that you only want mr. blumenthal's transcript released? >> i'd like to have all of them released! >> the committee's top democrat elijiah cummings saying the investigation is a waste of time and money. >> the select committee has spent 17 months and clash -- $4.7 million of taxpayer money. >> clinton will head back to the
8:10 am
campaign trail today. she has a rally in virginia this afternoon and, greg and rosanna, bill clinton will be joining her tomorrow at a rally in iowa. back to you guys. >> thanks a lot. how did she do? let's bring in chris wallace, moderated the big republican debate in the summer. hi, chris. >> hey, guys. >> so how many hours did you watch yesterday? [laughter] >> that's a good question. i don't know, probably three or four on and off. and the answer how did she do, i don't think it changed any minds. i think if you don't like hillary clinton and you don't think she acted properly in benghazi, you probably came out of the questioning feeling the same way, and if you did like her and thought this was a political witch hunt, you came out of it thinking, feeling the same way. there were some questions raised, there was some new information. i think perhaps most damaging of all was an e-mail that she sent chelsea the night of the attack in which she indicated at that
8:11 am
time she thought it was a terror attack lunged toal -- linked to al-qaeda, nothing about the video. you know, which raises the question about this whole it was all spontaneous reaction to a video and whether that was political spin in the immediate aftermath of the attack. but no smoking gun, nothing damaging, and the fact that, you know, i can't really give you a coherent or simple answer indicates that, you know, she did fine. there was no knockdown either way. >> i hear ya, chris. you know what? rosanna and i watched a little bit, not as much as you. [laugher] you know what struck us? the cameras, this is actually kathleen sebelius from an earlier one, but they let the still photographers right up there. here are the guys asking the questions, she's answering the questions. you've got all these photographers. we saw that yesterday with hillary as well. have they ever thought about putting them a little bit further back? >> i mean, they're right in front of your face. >> well, look, i saw that and was struck by it as well, and the idea that you would be under
8:12 am
that scrutiny for 11 hours both, you know, verbal in terms of the questions but also physical because you know, i mean, all she has to do is make one strange pose or roll her eyes or something, and that's on every front page in america. i mean, say what you will about hillary clinton, whether you like her or don't, but her discipline, her stamina, her endurance, quite remarkable. >> by the way, congratulations, heard you had record ratings last weekend with donald trump on your show. >> oh, was he on the show? that's right i guess we had him on. i don't know that it had anything -- [laughter] look, there's a trump bump. >> the trump bump! >> they will come, and when he's on the show, we got 1.6 million, did terrifically in new york, and thank you all for watching. and we'll come back again this week, although we're not going to have donald trump, and yu f if you're going ask me who my guests are, between paul ryan and the committee and some presidential candidates, it's an interesting --
8:13 am
>> we're available if you need us, chris. >> listen, keep the phone handy, because in about two hours i'll make the call. [laughter] >> all right. >> chris wallace, have a good weekend. we'll see you sunday morning. >> we know from that trump bump. it helps us out sometimes too. mike woods, what's up? >> look at this beautiful young lady. she's a big pant happy birthday to you -- big fan, happy birthday. >> happy birthday. >> waiting for it to come on through, having some computer issues, but we're back at it now. 53 degrees, that's your temp in newark. 50 in bridge port, 55 in montauk and 41 in monticello. not a bad looking day, just a lot cooler than yesterday. high temps in the mid 70s yesterday, today we're not even going to get out of the 50s. cooler canadian air sitting on top of us with high pressure in control, that means fair skies and not a lot happening action wise when it comes to rain or
8:14 am
chilly air sink anything on top of us from today and tonight and tomorrow. after that the high clouds start come anything x then showers start working toward the tristate. they're not here on saturday, but they will be coming through quickly on sunday, probably on the early side, and then it's out of here. and did you hear about this? a lot of action actually out in the tropics, but in the eastern pacific be, this is baja, california, and mexico here, there's puerto vallarta, and we have a category five storm with maximum sustained winds of 200 miles per hour with gusts up to 250 rolling to the north/northwest. that would be the strongest hurricane in the eastern pacific ever, and it looks like it's going to be making landfall over the next day or so. this storm came up out of nowhere. anyhow, it's a category five storm, for again, the eastern pacific. forecasts just to the south of puerto vallarta and then it continues to weaken as it makes its way across mexico. here's texas.
8:15 am
a lot of that tropical moisture will feed up into texas and perhaps eventually our way. mexico and folks in the u.s. and mexico that have interest in that region, obviously, this is something to watch over the next couple of days. it looks like a huge problem at this point in time. sunny skies today, high temp up to 59 degrees, and tomorrow we're going to see sunny skies with a high of 57. showers briefly on sunday, high of 64 then and another shot at rain coming through on wednesday into thursday. all right, oh, yeah, don't forget the fox 5ny weather app at the apple itunes store. [laughter] >> oh, god, mike, all right. westchester county. not bad, you have slow spots here and there, but you're okay. connecticut southbound 95 there exit 14, you have delays approaching that and also delays on the merit parkway approaching westen road. take a look at the long island expressway, westbound a little below the speed limit, but it's moving. eastbound side you're fine.
8:16 am
as for the george washington bridge, this morning on the upper level there's a 45 minute delay, 20 on the lower level. lincoln tunnel, an hour wait. the holland tunnel, 15-20, and with new jersey transit, the north jersey coastline, there's a 15 minute delay. greg and rosanna. >> he's one of the coolest guys we ever met, buzz aldrin, he walked on the moon. there's neal actually jumping off the ladder there, and buzz was right behind him. such a cool guy. rosanna, being in this man's presence is a thrill actually.
8:17 am
of this place pis you can eat as much cereal as you want. m going to work to get some. alrighty. we make it, eat it, love it, live it.
8:18 am
>> uh-oh. something that we grew up with is about to go into retirement. >> what? >> the rabbit, the trix rabbit is being put out to pasture. trix is going natural by getting rid of artificial colors and flavors, so along those lines, a real rabbit will now take place on the carton box.
8:19 am
>> a real rabbit? >> you know, how did we survive our childhood? we ate this stuff -- >> you know, let's face it -- >> we liked the trix rabbit, we read the back of the box like it was the gospel. [laughter] >> that's true. kids took that box of cereal very, very seriously. he was a little psychotic, the -- look at him, he's crazy. >> yeah. >> what the heck? that stuff is, like, radiation. >> yeah, i don't know. and general mills is, like, doing some kind of contest for the bunny. who knows. >> it was like eating a bowl of uranium. >> we survived! it's amazing! i don't know, adam shapiro, did you ever have trix as a kid? >> you know, flute loops. bring on -- fruit loops. we all did just fine and, you know -- >> all right, adam, what's going on? >> okay. so best buy is going off on free shipping starting this sunday, usually you've got to spend $35 or more, this is an app to, you know, they want to compete
8:20 am
against other retailers for the holidays, although some of the stuff you buy at best buy is kind of expensive, so not sure how this will impact their bottom line. last year about 15% of their sales were online during the holiday season. free shipping starting sunday through january 2nd at best buy. >> excellent. have a great weekend, adam, fox >> you too. >> he's been named one of the top 50 songwriters of all time. jimmy webb is going to be here. he is going to play name that tune with us. we have to guess his tune. glenn campbell's hit wichita one of them. >> he had all kind -- jimmy webb also did mcarthur mark, that donna summer disco song.
8:21 am
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(vo) your love is purely thoughtful, purely natural, purely fancy feast. new delicious entr\es, crafted to the last detail. flaked tuna, white-meat chicken, never any by-products or fillers. purely natural tastes
8:23 am
greg: somebody say something. rosanna: it's friday. about 8:30. greg: about to drop you off. rosanna: sing along. thank you, michael. we celebrate native new yorkers those that aspire to be native new yorkers. >> greg: i remember as a kid coming into the train and trying to blend in. i didn't want anybody to know i was from nassau county. rosanna: i don't blame you. i used to be part of the bridge and tunnel people. greg: and now -- rosanna: it is cool now to be
8:24 am
from brooklyn. in fact, i'm going to brooklyn saturday night for dinner. i'm looking forward to it. greg geg no kidding? >> rosanna: right. greg: with whom? rosanna: with friends of mine. we are celebrating a birthday. greg: people say, i know rosanna for 20 years and went to school with her. rosanna: then? >> her name the rosanna. i used to date rose ann. no, rosanna. rosanna: i have a girlfriend
8:25 am
rosanna: and lulu my dog. mike: i like to eat it. good stuff. greg: what's up? mike: it is a beautiful day. sunny, but cool. the temperatures taking an it h from yesterday. look at right now 50s and 40s and 39 degrees. the colder air is arriving. birthday shout outs by the way. jennifer and marissa. and we have a lot going on today. 53 central park. 50 bridgeport. 48 poughkeepsie. temperature changes, depending on where you are. we have more and more of the cooler air from canada that is dropping in. the cold front has passed by. we are dry for another a day and
8:26 am
here is the futurecast, rolling forward, the chilly is sinking in on top of us and colder later on tonight. frost advisory for eastern suffolk county. on sunday a cold front is approaching. today up to 59 degrees. breezy too. 57 for the high tomorrow. 64 for the high on sunday and a few scattered showers. now to ines and to the roading and rails on this friday morning. ines: good morning, happy friday, indeed. but the commute is tough. a lot of red. the bronx, by yankees stadium. the l.i.e. is always slow. as far as the commute, staten island, approaching the verrazano bridge, a slow ride. traffic slow. there were earlier problems on
8:27 am
the belts parkway, an accident earlier, saw bush avenue westbound and now cleared away. now to cameras, long island expressway, fine west bound. there is the service road, no problems. george washington bridge, driving into the city, lower level is a better option. 45 minutes on the upper. 20 on the lower. lincoln tunnel an hour delay from both approaches and the holland tunnel 30 from the turnpike, 20 from 109. trains, north jersey transit, coastline, a 15 minute delay, signal problems in long branch. greg: okay, thank you. mets tickets, you are on it and working it. they are expensive and precious few available. rosanna: stub hub tickets are there and they are ridiculously prices.
8:28 am
greg: we want to go to game. it is the place to be. next week, mets friday night world series action. what are the options? rosanna: the options are to hit up mitch modell. greg: what's going on stays cey stacey? >> yes, good morning, guys, no surprise that the tickets are expense for the world series in new york, but this year could set a record. we have a green grab of the stub hub website and the most expensive ticket is a million dollars dollars. that is a seat in the out field. probably no one is going to spend a million dollars for those seats. at least $1,500 on the secondary market and the people running the sites there are a couple of reasons that the prices are so high for this world season, for
8:29 am
one, the mets not playing for years and another, it is new york, it is the new york market, things are more expensive here. some are happy to shell out the 30 bucks for a shirt, but happy to watch the game from home. what about buying a ticket? >> no, i will watch it at home. they are costing too much. >> yes, standing room six hundred or seven hundred bucks. >> okay, i will pass. i will watch it on the floot screen from home. >> what are you making of it being so high? >> well, this is new york. the market, the market is going to be higher. >> they are outrageous. >> so the cheapest tickets right
8:30 am
now on stub hub about $600 to stand at friday night's game. i checked on the price for saturday night, they are a little less on some of the other sites. a standing place for four hundred bucks. some of the people on the secondary sites you may be better off travelling to toronto or kansas city. maybe we'll find someone they have an extra ticket to spare. >> or working that night too. >> we hope to get a press pas. that is the way to do it. rosanna: we don't know. we are waiting for mlb to give us permission. do you know anybody at mlb? >> greg: oh, major league baseball. the commissioner of baseball, who is that. bud?
8:31 am
oh, he's done. >> look at the big horses, rosanna. rosanna: it is part of the big apple circus. they are here with hoola hoops.
8:32 am
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8:34 am
greg: the late great donna summer. song. greg: beautiful, isn't it. greg: there we go. rosanna: be careful. greg: this is one of the few story. rosanna: it is like a novel. greg: she's upset about a cake. em ble mattic of her life. greg: jimmy webb is coming up. greg: donna, baby.
8:35 am
so good. greg: most disco songs are push, push, whatever. that was a story. rosanna: any way, we are talking health news, experts are warning that the schools need to be prepared to teach the kids with allergy reactions. >> yes, we are seeing a lot more allergies and what is interesting about the study, it is telling us for the kids at the schools and getting severe allergic reactions, 22% of those reactions are for kids who have no previous known allergy and not coming with an epi pen and not prepared. so really interesting, it is a sign that schools need to be prepared to treat any child for
8:36 am
the epi pen is needed. ishiness ishiness, dry itchy throat and hives and the throat constricting, like you can't breathe, and sudden loss of blood pressure and going into shock. the teachers and the nurses need to be aware of this. one-fifth of the reactions with children without known reactions. interestingly, you can develop allergies at any age of your life. >> rosanna: if am allergic to sul
8:37 am
if i drink wine. greg: i was allergic to november cane as a kid. rosanna: he had gas. [laughter] >> you are welcome. right up my alley. greg: getting close. rosanna: sleepy hollow a real town in westchester with legend. juliet huddy. >> i moved to a little street across from this cemetery, and coming up, i will tell you how the folks here, the organizers of events here are celebrating
8:38 am new york. these grapes are squishy. i...need a shove. can someone help me? new york. yes, that's a real bear. i...won a trip. that is so exciting. (announcer vo) play the i love new york scratch-off from the new york lottery. you could win trips to exciting new york destinations or up to
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rosanna: when i say ika bond
8:40 am
crane? >> a book to read. roz ross sleepy hollow? >> headless horseman. rosanna: and cool places to visit this halloween. hello, juliet. >> reporter: good morning, guys, the town was founded back in the 1600s by the dutch. i lived across the cemetery from here, this is the place that the kids talked about, it is an active cemetery but the history is amazing. the town's ancestors and the locals love it. sleepy hollow high school and
8:41 am
in the area is the sleepy hollow cemetery. the headless horseman was the guy that scared everyone. the graveyard is the final resting place of a not of note shl people, including elizabeth arden and helmsly's and the man behind the legend. this was the place to go in the days leading up to halloween, if you dared. today it is the same thing, the adults and kids are getting the roads. you will hear about the infamous people buried here, the most wicked woman, opera star that of theed her husbands, 7, as a
8:42 am
here are other ideas for you. six flags great adventure is thrilling by day and flights by night. haunted houses and creepy performances and spine chilling rides. in westchester county, an amazing sight to see, the jack o lantern blaze. 7,000 pumpkins and dinosaurs. the blaze lights up the wooded walkways. the farms is fun for the whole family, dig for the dinosaur bones and the corn maze. check out the spooktacular.
8:43 am
it is a one of a kind theme park. back out here live at sleepy hollow cemetery, one of the great things, it is dating back to the 1600s. it is pauseful and beautiful. you are seeing the tombstones in the 1600s. again, they do a great job here experience. they have tours and it is a fun place to go. we are live in sleepy hollow, new york. greg: stay with us. have the camera look at the
8:44 am
quiet for a second. is erie. i want to be cremated. rosanna: me too. let's not talk about that now. who would like to be part of the halloween party? >> we throw a decent party. we had a prom a few months ago. that was awesome. email us, credit card information. rosanna: no, just your name and costume. greg: what you would like to come as. all right. rosanna: meanwhile... entertainment time. justin bieber has a new song. it is a new video for the new hit sorry.
8:45 am
if you are hoping to see justin in this, sorry, it is all dancers. greg: good for him. robin byrd. there she is. robin, well, let's see, she used to be a porn star. rosanna: she made the news because of being treated for rabies. greg: she's a very nice person. we run into her in the neighborhood. rosanna: she's starting a career as a singer. listen to the new song... she reminds me of grace jones in the song. greg: i don't know. it is time to go back to porn. just kidding. rosanna: she's releasing touch
8:46 am
me. greg: one more time, pump up the vol um. rosanna: i think it is good. it is a good dance song. congratulations, robin. all right. greg, i know you are not into this, every now and then sometimes you want to express yourself with your three fingers and leaving two of them down. greg: i don't understand what you mean. these are the emoji's on the phone. rosanna: there is a new one, including a middle finger. greg: so giving the bird, if you will. rosanna: there are new ones out. including a taco and burrito and the finger. greg: read between the lines. jack black did that. that is okay to say. right. rosanna: why not. scream queens on fox.
8:47 am
we love that show. put on your favorite red devil outfit and led to the samsung studios tomorrow for a fan e fest. the first six episodes, after wards a q & a with the stars. >> wow, that is a big deal. rosanna: it is starting at 1:00. the samsung studio in soho 130 prince street. >> greg: all right, we are going to meet one of the first men to walk on the moon.
8:48 am
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