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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  October 23, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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street, not under control. back to you. ben: this is -- the sabbath is just about to begin. joe beerman in skyfox hd. thank you. >> elmhurst returning to normal after the neighborhood spent the morning under water. dari: it was a mess. mac king is near the site of the break. >> the pavement's dry. they reopened this intersection in queens boulevard. as of noon, there was a pond in the middle of the street. you could see a spout of water coming across that green fence of that construction site behind me. >> oh, crap. >> they broke the pipe. >> it looked like a geyser shooting up. >> reporter: the deputy fire chief stood with owners of businesses and those living nearby and watched a plume of water gurgle up from the construction site and fill the lot with 13 feet of standing liquid and spill out across queens boulevard. >> what can i say? i'm a little guy who is going to listen to me?
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felt helpless as they struggled to locate the gate valves they needed to isolate to stop the water. >> i don't know the size of the water main. it was a large main that was ruptured. >> reporter: after heavy machinery punctured the pipe, the fire department evacuated businesses and closed the intersection. the mta suspended m train service before pumping standing water from the grand avenue subway station. >> it looks like a horror movie, like a bad weather movie. >> reporter: sonny watched the sewer drain in front of his shop perform and hoped it might spare his business from flooding. >> it's bad. you're here. >> it's mayhem. >> reporter: anthony morales lives across the street and moved his wife, daughter and all their valuables to his neighbor's balcony. while he and others watched first responders from every agency wade through a deepening pond of muddy water, they wondered and grumbled about how
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smash open a marked city water main. >> i can't speak on their behalf. i can only talk about fdny. >> i'm sure they feel stupid about it. embarrassed. this is an embarrassing situation. there's no other way to put it. >> reporter: we're waiting to learn the extent of any damage suffered by those in the area, but it seems like there was minimal minimal destruction. i'm mac, fox 5 news. ben: thank you. all right. another big story. big story. the most powerful hurricane ever seen in the western hemisphere is barrelling into mexico. dari: this is frightening. nick gregory has the latest on the storm's path and the dangerous conditions it's bringing to mexico's pacific coast. nick? nick: looks like manzanillo will be ground zero for patricia later tonight.
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you can see the eye very clearly defined, very tiny dark mark there. it starts to get covered over a bit. we've now seen from a new advisory there's a bit of weakening that's happened from the 200-mile-an-hour sustained winds we had today and the pressure has come up a bit. we were at 879 mill bars, which is really low, the lowest recorded in the western hemisphere. that's back up to 900. that's a sign the storm is weakening. it is still a category 5 catastrophic storm as it moves to the north-northeast at 14 miles an hour. here's the track on the system. this is the new guidance from the national hurricane center. it slams in as a cat 5 near manzanillo. flooding rain in the mountainous region. the moisture eventually makes it to texas and could be lots of heavy rain into texas in the early part of next week is what we're thinking. and then some of that rain is going to make it all the way to here sometime next week.
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more about that in the forecast. back to you. dari: all right. nick, thank you. the course it's headed through is troubling for many new yorkers with loved ones in or on vacation in mexico. ben: fox 5's jessica formoso is here about speaking about the preparations the country is taking. >> reporter: authorities declared a state of emergency and warned residents to prepare for patricia as it approaches the coast. it could impact a dozen municipalities where puerto vallarta is. that's a huge tourist area. people have been asked to evacuate. officials from the consulate general of mexico in new york tell us those with plans to travel to puerto vallarta should cancel their trip. it is extremely dangerous to fly out. are closed. mexican officials in the united states are hoping for the best, but at this point, they're
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trying to keep everyone in the tri-state area informed about their loved ones. they're putting out information via social media and their web site and public affairs says the worst thing that can happen is if people start to panic. he's saying to stay calm. >> we are in maximum alert here in the consulate. our consul general gave us directions for the people. they're reachable 24-7. we are here for the people that are here, of course, and we are are -- we will keep them informed in the channels of information and not to worry if they cannot get ahold of their loved ones. >> reporter: the consul of mexico is directly in touch with the mexican government, and they're receiving all the orders from there. again, the best way to keep in touch to know what's going on is media.
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they say you know what? stay calm. they're hoping for the best. nothing is set up if you want to donate money. dari: it will be. ben: the convicted criminal accused of killing an nypd officer earlier this week was on the streets thanks to programs that offer an alternative to jail time. these so-called diversion programs. mayor de blasio says it's time to fix the programs before somebody else gets killed. antwan lewis has our follow-up. >> we know there were two crucial opportunities that could have changed the situation fundamentally but didn't in large measure because our state laws are not properly structured. >> reporter: mayor de blasio was calling for changes to state laws, days after the murder of officer holder by accused suspect tyrone howard, a person de blasio says should have never
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>> we believe it's necessary to amend the state bail and diversion statutes and add the concept of public safety risk to the statutes. >> state laws do not allow a judge to consider the risk to the public when setting bail or considering alternative programs such as drug intervention. howard violated both and many say holder's death is a sad reminder of why the channeling ge is needed. >> our jail should be held for those who commit the most violent actions and too often, they not only slip through the crack, they're aggressively walk through the crack to return to the streets and participate in violent behavior. >> reporter: divers continue searching the east river for the gun they say he tossed when running. de blasio explained he's not calling for all convicts to remain behind bars but career criminals like howard do stay
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>> he was either in jail or prison or committing crimes. that's his life history. he should not have been endangering our communities and members of the nypd. >> reporter: in connection with officer holder's death, tyrone howard has been charged with one count of first-degree murder. dari: thank you. this is a tough day on long island. family and friends turned out for the funeral a 12-year-old who was shot by a stray bullet friday night in the living room of her hempstead home. there's a $75,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. ben: and a shooting on the campus of tennessee state university. gunfire broke out during a despite over a dice game in a courtyard. >> it involved no other part of campus, no other students as far as we believe are or were at risk. this was not a person running
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through buildings. this was insolated to this one specific area. ben: the man who died was not enrolled at the school. it is unclear whether or not the shooter was a suspect. dari: senator schumer is pushing for tighter gun control laws. he's targeting the nation's largest gun buyer, guess who, the federal government. schumer joined religious leaders at the synagogue this afternoon. he says it's time for the feds to take responsibility for their actions. >> we can't stand idly by. we can't sit back and allow the groundswell of gun violence to define america. we can't let our brothers and sisters, our children, our parents, our friends be lost needlessly to senseless gun violence. dari: he also wants the government to expand its research on smart gun safety technology for the police and the military. ben: no end in sight to the
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latest violence happening daily in the middle east. the israeli military says a palestinian man stabbed a soldier in the west bank. the suspect was then shot. both are expected to survive. the military says palestinians threw a fire bomb at a passing car, wounding an israeli woman and her two children, including a four-year-old girl who suffered severe burns. dari: john kerry in vienna holding meetings with the turkish, saudi and russian counterparts to talk about the conflict in syria. they put forward new ideas to revive a failed push for political transition in syria that could end the country's civil war. however, they all remained divided over the future of syrian president assad. ben: the mets will face the toronto blue jays or the kansas city royals in the world series. dari: which would be a better destination for mets fans? we're talking destination only, not which team you want to see them play. ben: i have an idea. dari: me, too.
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for a foodie reason. we'll take a look at both cities and what they have to offer. ben: and the candy shop that's
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dari: the national league champion mets were at citi field this afternoon working out and
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world series, which starts on tuesday. ben: yes. it's going to be an eternity for fans. the workout was voluntary. there were a couple of absences. tina is here. who didn't show? >> reporter: today's one hour workout was voluntary, as you said, because manager terry collins felt several players were a little banged up from the chicago cubs series. he wanted them to rest. he said today -- he told specific players, like matt harvey, david wright, daniel murphy, to take the day because they're going after it hard saturday and sunday. on the field, the pitchers played light catch while rock music of blaring throughout the stadium, depicting the mood of the champs. and more position players emerged to take batting practice. collin said the medical staff didn't want him to swing today
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there was a buzz for sure. and one of the rookies was on a high and turning his attention back to baseball. >> my phone was blowing up after the game. friends, family, everyone is very, very excited. the last 24 hours have been -- there's some recovery from the celebration. you know, it's really -- it's sinking in now. it's setting in that we're going to the world series. this morning i had a little extra pep in my step. i was really, really excited to get to the field and run around and start doing baseball stuff again. >> we're fortunate to have taken care of our business quick. to be honest, it helps guys that are banged up. it helps the rotation. we just take the positives and look at those. >> collins admits he's concerned with the gap in schedule, so he
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including jim leeland. he said don't over think it. go through your regular routine and see live pitching, which is the plan for tomorrow. ben: don't overthink it. dari: just relax. shouldn't we all take that advice? >> go hard saturday and sunday. dari: thank you. ben: the big question, will the mets face toronto or kansas city. the fans could get their answer tonight. dari: well, which place has more to offer beyond the ballpark? arthur chi'en is live in long island city in a restaurant that features a kc specialty. >> reporter: that's right. we're trying not to overthink things. instead of having a high brow debate, we decided to think about which city would be more interesting for mets to face. here at jim brown smoke house, guys like josh and richard is not shy about who they favor. >> go royals!
5:17 pm
the pennant so quickly, their opponents are still trading punches. would it be more fun to play toronto or kansas city? >> which would be more interesting? >> i think toronto. they're playing so well. >> i guess kansas city. >> reporter: how's that? >> it's american. >> reporter: need a password? >> i think toronto. more history between the two cities. >> it's fun to see a team from another country. >> reporter: while they favor the match-up with canada, here they want an american match-up. careful to say they have no beef with the mets. just the heap of hometown pride. >> new york is new york, you know. loud, brash. it's new york. and kc, it's like we're down home, you know. it's a nice mixup.
5:18 pm
who knows what happens. like farmers fighting city folk. kansas city is a huge baseball city. new york is, too. they're both passionate about their baseball. >> this might be worth pointing out if it is kansas city, between the two teams, the mets and royals, almost 60 years without a world series title. certainly somebody will be ending their drought. arthur chi'en, fox 5 news. dari: great food either way. meet the metzels. it's a creation of sweetie's candy cottage, a tribute to their first trip to the world series in 15 years. $2.50. and just take one bite and you'll say let's go mets. ben: you can catch the world series here on fox 5, by the way. you'll hear that a lot over the next couple of days. game 1, tuesday night.
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pregame coverage starts at 7. game time at 8:00. dari: all right. there was definitely a change in the weather today. it was still very pleasant, sunny, nice. nick: it was. we were talking about it being a nice october day. a little breezy at times. the sky was spectacular. great blue sky. clear weather all day long. we managed 65 for the high. that doesn't count. that was after midnight. the afternoon has been around 60. 53 the low this morning. tonight, low 40s in the city. there could be frost in eastern long island. 61, 48 is average. we'll be below that tomorrow and above that on sunday. sunrise, 7:17. down 6:04. sunny, 57. the air is dry, north-northeasterly wind with high pressure ridging down from eastern canada. the pressure is on the rises. the clear skies stay for tonight. that will set us up for a chilly night away from the city. there's nothing on the radar. we're all quiet. as we look at highs for the day, in the lower 60s.
5:20 pm
a lot of this happening after midnight. you see sussex to poughkeepsie, 50s. 60 on long island. here are the current readings. sort of representative of a nice typical late october day. 57 in the city. mid 50s as you move east towards montauk. we have 53 up in poughkeepsie. 50 monticello. 60 at newark and allentown. close to that as you head towards belmar. the wind coming from the north to northeast. that's with high pressure ridging in from eastern sections of canada. the frost threat is here. this is where the frost advisory is posted for the eastern end of suffolk county. and that's going to last for the first part of tomorrow morning. satellite photo showing we're in the clear in the northeastern part of the country. it will stay that way into tomorrow morning. you see clouds starting to approach from pittsburgh westward. we'll have high pressure giving way and sliding off to the east. that's going to allow the cloud cover to get here. eventually it will allow the showers to get here. those showers not to arrive until late tomorrow night.
5:21 pm
part of sunday morning. then we'll improve things for the rest of sunday with sunshine returning. tomorrow, 43 in the city. 30 suburbs. climb to 52 middle of the day. notice that's when we'll see the sun. after that the clouds win out. 57 as we get into tomorrow afternoon. the shower threat holds off until late tomorrow night as you see that on the futurecast. not a lot of rain either. showers move along. by noon on sunday, they're gone. the sun will start to appear with clouds for the rest of sunday. up into the middle 60s for one time. we'll be back into the upper 50s on monday as a surge of cooler air comes in our direction. tonight, we'll say clear and chilly. 43 in the city. 30s as you get outside of midtown manhattan. tomorrow, sun and clouds. a cool day, about 57 for the high. rain showers late tomorrow into timeframe. sunshine, 65. upper 50s monday and tuesday. good-looking days. 40s at night.
5:22 pm
showers arrive wednesday. the moisture from hurricane patricia may get caught up and brought in our direction and bring us some rain on thursday. we could sure use it. in the 60s then. and friday the world series will be here. by then the rain will be gone and cooler and they'll be able to play. ben: and next week it's here. nick: a big ridge of fair weather builds in. we'll see. now we have to get the mets to win. i can't predict that. dari: thank you. ben: organizers of a jack-o-lantern exhibit say it's a cut above the rest. dari: where you can go to see these gorgeous creations
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ben: halloween has arrived early at old westbury gardens on long island. dari: jodi goldberg shows us some of the spectacular jack-o-lanterns on display. >> reporter: they're no ordinary jack-o-lanterns. then there are these. intricatery carved showcasing creative designs. >> we have a jack tree, dinosaurs, big giant safari animals. we've got beautiful, hand carved
5:26 pm
>> reporter: the walk through display of 5,000 pumpkins. spooky skeletons, spongebob, a dragon, cars, celebrities, and a champs. >> i draw on it. this is very cool. >> all the details they do, i try to do as much as possible. never get that good. have to have a lot of patience. >> reporter: it can take hours to complete. this sculptor shared his secrets. >> you want a nice rind on the outside, nice solid pumpkin. mark it so you can find your points for reference. >> reporter: next up, other fox 5 logo. >> i'm using a basic clay tool. it was a loop tool. it's like a regular peeler in the kitchen. >> reporter: everyday kitchen tools do the trick. mary is one of the many that's inspired. >> that's created by people.
5:27 pm
they sit and draw it and it has such continuity. it's gorgeous. pumpkins. >> i like the ones that have their mouths open really wide. i think i want to do that when i get home. i love that for my front steps on halloween. >> reporter: tickets need to be purchased in advance. our fox 5 pumpkin will be in the tent. jodi goldberg, fox 5 news. dari: senators from new york and new jersey say the rail tunnels under the hudson are long past their prime. ben: how lawmakers are trying to convince the feds to pitch in money for the project. dari: and the latest controversial comments from donald trump that landed him in hot water with muslims across
5:28 pm
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heck i want. take the long way, huh? thank you cyrus. lease an mkc for $299 a month only at your lincoln dealer. ben: trains that run under the hudson river have been using the same tunnels for more than a century. dari: two senators from our area are urging the feds to help pay
5:31 pm
dan bowens has that story for midtown. >> reporter: senator cory booker and senator charles schumer building urgency on capitol hill to build new rail tunnels beneath the hudson river and the clock is ticking. >> we have a crisis. the tunnels are in bad shape. >> speaking at the municipal art society summit for new york city, senator booker and schumer painted a grim picture of what could happen if existing rail tunnels fail. >> without it, there will be a recession in the new york-new jersey economy, the whole northeast which depends on these lines from boston down to virginia, and it could send the whole country into recession. >> governor christie and governor cuomo agreed to fund up to 50 percent of a $20 billion plan to build new tunnels called the gateway project. schumer says finding the federal funding and convincing critics is on going. luck. but it's hard. it's not easy. >> reporter: creating new tubes
5:32 pm
faces another hurdle. the obama administration is leaving in about a year and a half. if no deal is reached, there's no guarantee the next president will be supportive. >> the sense of urgency. i'm new in the senate. i'm heard them speak get this fixed. >> we can't wait 16 months. we can't. it's too dangerous for new york and new jersey. >> reporter: dan bowens, fox 5 news. dari: well, fresh from the 11 hours of grilling on the hot seat in capitol hill, hillary clinton wasted no time getting back on the campaign trail. she addressed the women's leadership forum in d.c. and covered a range of issues including gun control, pay equality and affordable education and defended planned parenthood. she talked about yesterday's barrage of questions from republicans about the benghazi terror attack. >> after my experience yesterday, i am just amazed that they are even talking about
5:33 pm
investigative committee. this time to investigate planned parenthood. i think we all know by now witch hunt. dari: on a serious note, people died in -- four people died in benghazi attack, including ambassador chris stevens. controversy. he says he would be open to closing u.s. mosques to fight isis in an interview earlier this week. the republican frontrunner was asked if the u.s. should take action to close certain mosques as part of the against isis, britain. >> i would do that absolutely. i think it's great. i know they have a lot of proposals over there. come back. why can't you? you can do it here. i haven't heard about the closing of the mosque. if it is loaded for bear. ben: trump said he's concerned about religious extremists, not muslims in general.
5:34 pm
dari: well, many muslims say that trump was calling for an freedom. they held a rally at a mosque. this is brighton beach in brooklyn where the borough president there eric adams, joined members of the muslim community in denouncing the worship. >> mean spiritedness, the hate mongering, the attempt to play on the fears of americans and new yorkers by attempting to demonize a faith-based institution is wrong. dari: those at the rally emphasize the importance of cultural sensitivity and respect for religious freedom. ben: the democratic race foss president has one less contender. >> i've decided to end my campaign for the presidency today. ben: that is former rhode island governor around senator lincoln chafee. he made his announcement in washington that he's dropping out of the race. his campaign never really got going, suffering very poor poll
5:35 pm
numbers. he only raised about $30,000. that's not enough money. dari: yeah. we want to take you back to that fire that's happening in new brunswick, new jersey, where firefighters have been battling a synagogue there. scene. joe beerman high above it. what do we know? >> hey, guys. tough way for the sabbath to start in new brunswick. this is 145 nielsen street. a three alarm fire inside the synagogue. as you can see, all that dark black smoke has been knocked down. white smoke means a lot of water, but not beyond -- not before the damage. looking down through the roof, you can see the only thing that remains is the shell of the building. in the rear. when we first got here, heavy flames out. all the windows spread up to the
5:36 pm
fire department says it is a three-alarm fire. no injuries to report. lots of folks evacuated from the surrounding area because of the intensity of the flames. this synagogue is on the national register of historic places. it's a well known synagogue in new brunswick. no word yet on how the fire started. back to you guys. thank you. ben: very sad. dari: it is. a dramatic lesson in the importance of fire safety. ben: the potentially life-saving system that firefighters say are missing in homes and apartment buildings. dari: and emus running wild in a residential neighborhood. we'll tell you where. but first, here's tonight's new york minute. stony brook university children's hospital held a special halloween party today for its young cancer patients. back. she loves to dress up and have a good time.
5:37 pm
and she gets to meet other kids that are in the same position daririmore than 50 kids had their faces paints and played with arts and crafts. >> trick-or-treating. >> what are you going to say when you knock on the door? >> trick-or-treat. >> look at this cutey. >> wow. nice. dari: these students in the bronx wouldn't normally be able to go pumpkin picking, so the patch came to them. jason and hilledy started the project last year and brought two dump trucks of pumpkins to the school. >> they get to pick the pumpkin and the size and they've started to compare them. they're really excited. and i think it's a wonderful activity for the students.
5:38 pm
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dari: nassau county officials stressing the importance of sprinklers in homes and apartments with a frightening demonstration there. they started a fire inside of two mock studio apartments. it shows how incredibly fast the one without sprinklers becomes engulfed when compared to the studio that has a sprinkler system. >> the rooms designed here are very much what you might find in your home today.
5:41 pm
percent faster than those that were manufactured even 40 years ago. dari: federal officials say sprinklers can reduce fire deaths by as much as 80 percent, which is enormous. ben: a youtube without ads. it is a paid subscription service that let you watch ad free, but it costs $10 a month. it has access to exclusive content as well. >> most signed up gladly. fans can watch without ads and for them to get revenue. ben: this launches next week. youtube will continue to offer its regular service with ads for free. dari: true birds of a feather flock today. these are four emus spotted roaming through a neighborhood. this is in texas. birds. they're fast and tricky and hard to get.
5:42 pm
eventually they were able to corral the big birds and return them back to their home. ben: in west springfield, massachusetts, a bear was caught on camera rolling around in a hay. neighbors think he might be the same bear spotted eating pumpkins in the neighborhood earlier this week. dari: they're always doing such cute things when you're far away from them. like the family swimming in the swimming pool. don't approach them. >> there's something new on the walls inside of gracie mansion. ben: we'll give you a sneak peek at the new art on display and when the public will be able to see it. dari: and staying slightlyish by turning back the clock. the vintage clothing show that is attracting some of fashion's biggest names. when a moment spontaneously turns romantic, why pause to take a pill? and why stop what you' re doing to find a bathroom? pcialis for daily
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ben: fox 5 health news. there may be a difference in how adhd affects boys and girls. researchers say brain imaging shows that in girls, adhd affects motivation and emotion but in boys, motor functions. however, experts say the finding should not make a difference in how adhd is treated. dari: the aspca estimates 99 percent of farm animals are raised in cruel factory conditions with little regard to their welfare. but farm sanctuary is trying to
5:45 pm
they rescue and protect abused farm animals giving them sanctuary in three shelters, including one in upstate new york. ben: here is the president and cofounder. >> great to be with you. dari: we appreciate the fact you could come in. gene, it's such a huge issue. we've seen so many documentaries even in recent years. it's so overwhelming. what do you want people to know and understand about what they can do, how they can be a part of the process? >> it's a huge issue. so many animals are being mistreated. in another sense, each of us every day can do something about it by making mindful food choices. instead of purchasing animal foods, especially from the industrialized farms, we can choose more fruits and
5:46 pm
vegetables and whole grains and legumes legumes. ben: not everybody is vegan. i know you are. some people might want an omelette and eat eggs. what should you look for on things like meat and dairy? >> one of the challenges is there's such a strong demands for alternatives to factory farms that there's a whole push towards marketing humane milk, meat and eggs. better than they are. the only way to know how animals are raised is to visit the farms. i know that's not easy. so often because consumers don't like factory farming, the labels sound better -- dari: i was about to say. i was going to suggest. you walk into some of the really good grocery stores and they say ethically harvested, humanely harvested. >> the problem is there's so many animals raised and the demand is so strong, not many farmers can meet the did demand. consumers are now purchasing products that come from factory
5:47 pm
i think when the aspca talks about 99 percent of animals raised are raised in factory farm conditions, a lot of those are being marketed as humane. ben: you see the labels like cage free eggs. let me ask you about being a vegan. how do you find it in your mission to support people who choose that life-style? >> we have amazing recipes. there's many in the book living the farm sanctuary life. we encourage people to learn about their food and to make more mindful choices. recipes is one of the main ways. we do events at our farm. get to know the animals and try a great vegan item. for thanksgiving, we say feed the turkeys instead of eating them. we enjoy a great vegan feast. dari: let us know before we run out of time what you do at farm sanctuary. you have a huge event tomorrow night. amazing. with jon stewart and his wife tracey who wrote a new book.
5:48 pm
>> we work to rescue animals and educate people about the system and to advocate for reforms. we want citizens to be mindful about their food choices and not to be accomplices in the industry that causes so much harm to animals and to ourselves. most of the antibiotics are fed to farm animals. it destroys the planet through the pollution it causes, through the squandering of scarce resources. every day our food choices can make a difference. eat less meat. participate in a meatless monday. tomorrow night at the plaza hotel -- dari: which is a vegan meal. several courses. >> fancy, tasty, amazing, gourmet vegan meal. we'll be honoring john and tracey stewart for their work and raise ing awareness. dari: and jon stewart lives on a farm. thank you so much. appreciate it. ben: a nice, fall day. dari: gorgeous. nick: temperatures back down
5:49 pm
where they should be. we've been spoiled the last couple of days being in the 70s. more comfortable, more october-type weather today. now 63, kind of deceiving that happening right after midnight. 65 was the official high in the book. most of the afternoon has been hovering around 60. tonight we're dropping into the 40s. to the north and west it was in the lower 50s buffalo to albany. already down to washington, d.c., they hung on to 70. boston, 57. nothing on the radar. stays dry until late tomorrow night when the next chance of showers will come. you can see high pressure still in control, but clouds approaching from the west. we'll see a few of the high clouds tomorrow morning. a good amount of sun tomorrow morning. the clouds will win out through saturday afternoon into saturday night. right now we're in the lower to middle 50s as you go from poughkeepsie to the city. belmar the same. 48 in monticello. that's a couple of degrees down since the top of the hour. mid 50s across long island.
5:50 pm
12 to 20 degrees in a lot of the area from 24 hours ago. this is why. the wind coming out of the north to northeast. breezy at times. the northeast wind from high pressure that's sitting right up here over southern canada pushing down the cooler air. showers in the midsection of the country. that's mid sunday morning, 10:00 a.m. after that, we'll get into a better forecast into sunday afternoon. it will be milder tomorrow. mid to upper 50s tomorrow. again, 60s and 70s to the southwest. we'll tap that on sunday. another surge of cool air comes in monday with upper 50s likely to be happening. let's look at the futurecast. the sun is back tomorrow. beautiful day. more clouds come in towards the 1:00 timeframe in the afternoon. late tomorrow night, a couple of showers roll through. notice it's not a lot of rain. we need rain and there's a deficit. we may get some next week to help. that's because this, being
5:51 pm
dangerous category 5 storm, it's aiming for manzanillo. it has shown a little weakening, but it's a category 5 catastrophic hurricane. the track of the storm comes across central mexico near guadalajara and over the mountainous terrain. it will break apart quickly but produce heavy rainfall and strong wind. that rain moves into the lower plains states late sunday into monday. that rain could come our way later next week and we could use that. not in catastrophic form. 43 in the city. 30 in the suburbs as the sky stays clear. tomorrow, sun and clouds at 57. showers late tomorrow night, sunday morning, and then sun, 65. upper 50s monday, tuesday. beautiful days. showers on wednesday. a bit of rain into thursday. we'll be in the low 60s, drying out in time for the world series which will be game 3 here. ben: nice. dari: fox 5 got a sneak peek of the new artwork on display at gracie mansion. the exhibit is called windows on the city.
5:52 pm
it's meant to capture life in new york in 1799, which is the year that the mayor's home was built. visitors will get to see a portrait of douglas, a tomahawk used by native americans who surrendered land to colonists and a painting by a former slave. it will be open to the public for tours starting next week. ben: they say everything old is new again, especially in the clothing industry. dari: vintage is in. it's always been in. now there's a place to do some one stop shopping. baruch shemtov shows us. >> the manhattan vintage clothing show is bringing decades of fashion to the metropolitan pavilion. >> about 80 percent of the people that come to the show are retail customers. they're buying things for themselves. the other 20% are fashion designers, all the famous fashion designers come here and costume designers from movies. >> reporter: this season's sale
5:53 pm
is attracting fashion heavyweights, including vogue's european editor at large. >> vintage is a very, very significant component when designers put together their mood boards. >> reporter: what's the influence of vintage on the fashion world? >> i think if you go around the fair, you'll see that so many designers have their teens here searching for inspiration pieces. so the -- >> reporter: as for everyday people, this fashion news editor says choose an era. >> it's about finding the decade that works for you and, you know, what fits your personality, and going from there. >> reporter: there's one particular decade popping up on the runways. the '90s are now vintage. >> that era is sort of coming back. >> reporter: regardless of your era of choice, there's plenty to choose from.
5:54 pm
>> this chanel belt. you can see it on kate moss in the spring 1993 runway. >> reporter: what is your favorite piece in the booth? >> today, my favorite piece is this jacket, which is a snow camel jacket. >> reporter: the show is open until 8:00 tonight and from 11:00 to 6:00 tomorrow. reporting from chelsea, i'm baruch shemtov, fox 5 news. dari: i've been there. it's incredible. they have this every year. ben: got to go. dari: spend a lot of money, though. we'll see you tonight at 10:00. ben: here's ernie anastos with a look at what's coming up at 6:00. ben: >> thank you very much. we're next with what you need to know. tonight we'll wrap up our week long look at the arts in new york. we've been to broadway and museums. now let's have some comedy. the secret that gives comics in the city a leg up on the competition. that plus we have your news and much more on the mets all coming
5:55 pm
for the girl scout meeting. okay. for the soccer team. for the girl scout meeting. how many meetings are you having? at stop & shop, prices have just gone down. the savings keep going up. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane.
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>> announcer: live from studio 5 in new york city, this is the news at 6:00. ernie: it is friday night. good evening, everyone. i'm ernie anastos. we thank you for joining us again. we're on top of the news for you. we begin tonight with a proposal to change the system. it is a process that allowed a man to be on the streets and allegedly kill a new york city police officer. antwan lewis was there when mayor de blasio called for the new action. what's the mayor looking for? >> reporter: it was an impassed plea from city hall today. the mayor is wanting reforms that he feels will better allow judges to protect the public from convicts who perhaps should stay behind bars. mayor de blasio called for changes in state laws that would let judges consider a defendant's risk to public safety. the arrest of 30-year-old tyrone howard prompting the decree. >> we know there were two crucial opportunities that could have changed the situation
5:57 pm
fundamentally but didn't.
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