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tv   Chasing News  FOX  October 24, 2015 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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now on chasing a news. >> is that true sitting in windsor park with your hands on it it could cost you $1000? >> i'm facing $1000 fine. i was like for what? >> it has to do with the neighbor. >> one or two in the morning, drinking, smoking morning, drinking, smoking pot. >> they can't even follow rules of the park. >> all smoke no joke. 1911 smokehouse barbecue orner knows what he is doing. >> this is outstanding. >> this is halloween chasing
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>> so why are you girls doing this? >> tragic murder at the house behind me on thursday afternoon as has this neighborhood shock. suzanne, a well-liked teacher was murdered. hacked hacked to death in her driver by x brought boyfriend. now the boyfriend is in custody after allegedly throwing himself in front of a train in new york city. being taken to the hospital and being charged with first-degree murder. >> it's shocking because it happened in your neighborhood, nice quiet town. nothing ever goes on like that here. it shocking. >> police had actually chased after him just weeks before. they were were looking for him on criminal charges. her neighbor remember seeing them. >> a few weeks ago there were cars staked out here, my
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they were looking for somebody. i understand she had a restraining order. i guess they're trying to find him. >> the situation in this quiet, suburban neighborhood where police did virtually everything they could and still couldn't prevent a horrific act of violence. author joined the nypd in 1994, by 2000 he was already in trouble. insubordination on his record he was given probation and a 30 day suspension. later, he said he was suffering for stress, fatigue, and insomnia and asked for disability retirement due to psychological issue. he was granted it later officers found out he had been doing side work as a deliveryman while he was mentally unfit to do any work. october is domestic violence awareness month, be aware, beyond the lookout and if you see something, say something. you never know what your presence or your question might do. what we have learned, if
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anything, is we have to watch out for each other. >> high-speed chase. >> people look at this video that police released of a man accused of trying to force himself on a woman sunday afternoon. the victim was in a restroom near e. 17th st. in union square when the man barged into the restroom, demanded he she perform a sexual act on him. she got away by biting him. the suspect is 30 years old, tall, thin build and a goatee, he was last seen watching a camo green jacket and orange hoodie underneath. if you have an information call crimestoppers. >> i will pose may have donald trump concerned. he is now number two with 20% of the vote. ben carson, number one with 20%. >> new jersey's chris christie
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>> i am chasing grill phobia. there is a grill sitting in windsor park west feel that nobody wants to touch, if you put your hands on it could cost you $1000. >> i chase this to westfield where i went to windsor park and spoke with kevin. he is well-known in the community, he goes he goes by the nickname bud. >> we try to keep it in the neighborhood. the best athletes are known to come from this neighborhood. >> he received a fine for up to $1000 because he was with a group of volunteers grilling, helping out the community, playing basketball. i first heard about this at tap into westfield and i had to check it out for myself. >> he said you either plead guilty or innocent. i said my sentence was they were
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going to throw it out of court. when he said i'm facing a $1000 fine i said for what? i couldn't believe it. >> so i asked kevin, what is the big deal here and why he got the wine. he said it has to do with this neighbor across the street from the park. >> he is not used to it, he can accept it. nobody is doing nothing. there has not been a fight or argument, what is the reason for the call downtown? that is what we're trying to figure out. >> the neighbor was getting into his car so i got mike go pro jason. i said what is going on here. >> once in a while you have them later night, one, two in the morning drinking, smoking pot doing other things and not being considerate of the neighbors. having parties neighbors. having parties and leaving the place a disaster. >> what is the good that they are doing? are they play basketball and smoking pot at one of the morning. i can see where neighbor would say was a keep it quiet, maybe 710. >> do you have any video of that of the drinking or anything?
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>> no. >> okay. >> what hits he been charged with? what are the zone violations? calling for $1000 fine. >> to find that he showed me does not have an amount on it. he went to court and that is when the judge told him he could face a $1000 fine. >> you need a permit. >> public grills do not look like that. >> it looks like someone just pull that in. >> the administrator is telling us the park closes at 8:00 p.m. his complaint is founded. they go to the basketball game a shutdown. >> let me ask you a question. >> there is no evidence there is in the park at eight pm. >> if you can't even follow the rules of the park, anarchy. 8:00 o'clock, baby parks close.
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>> to put it bluntly, he knows he's broke. his to have your divorce battle leaving him strapped for cash he cannot fund a lawyer. this electrician was not without a plan. here is a look outside the courthouse flyers, reading the. >> divorce attorney wanted. >> so i decided to take to the streets and post these. because that's all i have left. >> he is using the plier as a lawyer. in exchange for services he can provide. >> i don't know where they hang out, i i just see them in the courthouse. >> that attorney is dahlia, we have here join in a sense guy. thank you for joining us. tell us, what attracted you to these flyers to take on this case. >> thank you for having me.
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what attracted me to spires was basically the resourcefulness of his request. i'm a divorce lawyer, i hear a lot of people run out of money in the middle of their divorce. a lot of people either just give up or sort of just go along without having a lawyer. >> so let me ask you, what kind of work are you going to get done? have you thought about a? you redoing a house? >> i am looking at electrical work. i think he is going to be great at. >> how long is this going to last and is there enough electrical work to be done to go through this entire divorce, or will will he be on electrical retainer. >> while i always try to read solve these things. we take take it to the end regardless of what happens. i'm here to help him, not so
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much get paid back. >> what does this come to? no offense, greedy divorce lawyers making people go bankrupt, not only do they take all your cash now they want your careers? by average the average divorce is 30 to $50000. this has to be over $200,000. that's thousand dollars. that's more than the wedding cost. >> mr. devito has not given me any money and i do not expect him to from now until the end of the trial. i think divorce lawyers get a bad rap, some of them might deserve it. >> many couples want to resolve it but divorce couples have suggestions on how to make it more complicated. >> good for for you, for helping them out. >> halloween is right around the corner and if you don't want to wear in all all hallows we, behold, these outfits.
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i'm going to hold out for a sexy tie. >> we are recently featured on the website run it is dedicated to serving the new jersey running community by being a resource for kids, news, and more., and more. the article talks about how tired i got into running, why she loves it and some advice for runners. >> not too long hiatus. that's why we call it boss hog. >> have a story we should know about?
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>> this puts a new meaning to the saying, zero dear. deputies and texas got called on a welfare call in a neighboring town to find a deer with a pumpkin stuck on its head. luckily they were able to help the poor little guy out, the deer survived, deer survived, everyone is good, happy halloween, gay. >> this outdated 65-year-old terminal sitting at 42nd street and eighth term is the busiest bus terminal in the whole world. 66 million passengers last year. as of thursday it's a dying but i'm guessing it's going to be a
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>> after a closed-door meeting they suggested a lively public audience at the world trade center. after disagreeing with the subject last month the panel voted unanimously sleep thursday to stop the terminal. construction is expected to take 11 to 15 years and range from 7.5 it to $10 billion. >> this is unbelievable can complicated project. the largest ever done in the united states of america. to be one block west of where it stands now. that is far from being the story. the port authority has opened up an international design competition for firms around the world to terminal.
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decision on these designs by september 2016. that is less than one year for these people to get it together and get the board to make a decision. >> the idea they're trying to distract everybody by putting up these models of what this wonderful 10 billion-dollar monstrosity will look like, how about saving money and get buses to run on time. >> by the time it's on the entire board of directors will probably not be there. >> what we need is more terminal. >> can the do a good job building another terminal. >> it's not an expert. their political hacks earning several hundred thousand dollars per year and it is on the backs of the commuters in the riegler people that have to use the service every day. >> i love this hole, were open to crazy wild ideas which will slow down the process, which will never get approved. >> we are getting hundreds of thousands of people cross the river every single day. logistically, it is a nightmare. it will have this problem
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>> they figured out in hong kong, i don't know why were not talking about privatizing the services and get an infusion of private capital. then you you get it faster and cheaper. >> hank, it's friday. what what you got. >> all smoke, no joke area barbecued it's back in tran after too long a hiatus. don't worry, 1911 smokehouse barbecue owner knows what he is doing. >> good turn it down, i do a lot of traveling. >> he put everything he learned into this lace. 1911 smokehouse barbecue. we got down to it and he started me up with the wings.
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biggest sellers. >> good variety of wings, lemon pepper, honey barbecue, always fresh, never frozen. must everything get smoke. chicken, ribs, turkey legs, all. chicken, ribs, turkey legs, all the way down to the sides. >> i don't want to embarrass myself. >> family recipes? >> the beans are my rock wife's recipe. happy birthday. >> look, a bar right up front, outdoor patio we can eat and watch the smoker doing its thing. you have viewing parties for empire, scandal, monday night football. were thrilled to welcome here. >> i have to tell you, this is outstanding.
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why trenton? everybody is fleeing trenton. >> i knew the downtown area is coming back and i want to be part of the resurgence. >> has governor christie been there. >> we haven't seen him yet. >> good barbecue comes down to what kind of smoke you have. tell us about that. that. i'm a barbecue guy and i love talking smokers. >> were smoking over hickory. >> how big is it. >> our smoker is huge. that's why we call it boss hog. it is 6' x 6'. >> the wings are honey barbecue and the other one is honey sirota. this is the garlic parmesan, there was one over here but i guess it disappeared. >> there's no sordid of outrageous halloween costume. which ones ones are top in the chart?
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>> this is here in vineland, home of progresso, we love all kinds of chicken soups... but just one kind of chicken. white breast meat chicken every time. so if you're not going to make your own chicken soup tonight, do what we do...make it progresso.
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zesty chicken and avocado . (record scratch) you say stand n' stuff tortillas old el paso says... start somewhere fresh team starts practice today. coach called to see how i was doing. i blew out my knee last year. just as college football i didn't realize i'd get hooked on the pain pills the doctor gave me. i never thought my life could change so fast. for now at least, football and college are going to have to wait. don't let addiction sideline
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>> timing is right around the corner and there's no shortage of outrageous and politically incorrect costume. which which ones are topping the chart? this is halloween super style. >> pizza rap, gotham, game of thrones, and we have the donald. we put these costumes on the road to see what people thought of them. >> we have an assortment of costumes here. >> it making america great.
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>> do you know who i am. >> i'm the donald. >> all, donald trump. >> okay so why are you doing this question work. >> picking up a halloween costume can be tricky. so here some chaser tips on how to do the best halloween costume ever. >> picking the right one can be tricky. i'm going to say myself. i'm super excited about being, the donald. it looks a little bit small you guys but a girl has to do what a girl has to do. i'm making this donald trump costume, reduce, reuse, and, and recycle. i probably been to bananas finer five or six times. >> i should really get a banana clip but i really don't like banana.
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>> lima dragon queen. always keep it classy and sexy. >> it's halloween. now this year top picks come from i spoke with ceo, chad to find out what is trending in new york city. >> basically, everything that is going viral on the internet we decided to turn into a costume. we work with people in l.a. and they are able to turn around. >> tweet as well you are going to wear for halloween. remember halloween, 2015 is going to be the. >> this is my donald. it's going to be huge, me and my gorgeous wife, we celebrate every year. in the golden town or. >> tweet us pics of your
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making howling great again. >> together, were making halloween great again. halloween 2015,3 >> together, were making halloween great again. halloween 2015, is going to be huge. >> climax. >> huge. it's going to be great. >> huge. >> here's what you missed on chasing news. >> i'm going to come for you. >> they left homecoming. >> on the next show,. >> jason doctor mannequin. >> mannequin giving birth and
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