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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  October 26, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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greg: hi, everything. welcome. it is monday. rosanna: monday. october 26. we hope you had a nice weekend. sunday. highs in the mid 50s. mike woods has the forecast. greg: randolph holder shot and killed last week. police believe they found the gun used to kill him. rosanna: is eating red meat as dangerous as smoking? adding to the list of things
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greg: that looks like pastrami, by the way. rosanna: not everybody agrees. everything in moderation. you are not supposed to do that. the conductor kicked them off the car. rosanna: i don't know if it was that or shamed. you have to be serious about the quiet car. greg: a year from now, who knows. rosanna: the mets get out of town.
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it is going to be very exciting. >> we do not want any of the players to get lost on the way to the airport. it is much easier if everyone could be there. they get to the airport. you know, their bags -- rosanna: how do we feel about kansas city, by the way? they have been to the world series before. greg: we want to think but aldrich.
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just playing along with us. rosanna: he has been dying to go to mars. greg: we fast-forward to mars. it was a real treat. eighty-five years old. native to new jersey. greg: you may be able to see him. rosanna: it is a very pretty morning. greg: are you looking east? you can see venus, mars and jupiter in the same patch of skype. it is kind of cool. rosanna: were you finding that star finder? greg: no.
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an unusual astrological event. two bright right now, it looks like. rosanna: that's too bad. what is you get at mcdonald's? pork is considered white meat. greg: it is to lucius. i did not eat the bund. mike: we are getting into the weekend. no records or anything like that.
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a few spots are freezing. 41 degrees out at bridgeport. 51 degrees out at montauk. 42 degrees and poughkeepsie. 9 degrees cooler in islip. we do have mainly clear skies. we have a nice day for us here. area of low pressure. not so populated area. the rams fans are now rolling this way. they will be here wednesday. that is your forecast. let's bring in ines. ines: a few and incidents going on this morning.
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the whitestone bridge, slow heading into queens. problems in the bronx. the bruckner as you approach the lane. let's go to our cameras. southern state parkway. george washington bridge driving into the city from new jersey this morning on the upper level, 30-40. lower, 20 minute delay. backing things up from the turnpike. the holland tunnel, 10-15.
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seven shootings over a seven hour. rosanna: police are investigating a luxury shooting. it happened early sunday morning at this mansion. it had been for rent for a birthday party. apparently it was on air b&b. sean is 23 years old. walker in stable condition. greg: it looks like a nice place. rosanna: police are hoping to confirm that a gun they found in the east river was used to kill
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greg: they believe tyrone howard tossed it in the river. a day of solidarity and prayers. rosanna: robert moses joins us. you. 120th street. the gun was found early yesterday morning. about three blocks to the north of where we are. the search was both exhaustive and extensively personal. today we may get confirmation that the gun police found in the east river was in fact used to kill officer holder on tuesday night. >> they have all been motivated to find evidence.
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characteristics of the one the police have searched for. the police diver found the gun about 20 feet below the surface of the east river. >> it is dark. they can maybe only see 12-24 inches in front of them. he ended up finding it. it is a good find. >> a plan to test it for dna. after the gun was found, about 100 police officers searched the north and south homelands of the fdr looking for the bullet used to kill officer holder. this was a weekend of pro- and anti-police rallies across the city.
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some cops murderers. the police union is now calling for a boycott of films. other rallies were far more supportive. >> unapologetically fight. community activist is calling today a day of solidarity. he wants police officers and community members alike to stand side-by-side. he wants them to do that to show them their support for each other. that is the latest. back to you. >> we have to go to politics now.
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over the weekend, they traded insults or comparisons. carson is doing better in the polls. he is now number one in the polls, at least in iowa. >> ben carson is super low energy. super low energy. we need tremendous energy. >> i am not sure there is anybody else willing to spend 18-20 hours operating. >> there is now less than 100 days to go before the all-important iowa caucuses. greg: hillary clinton. happy birthday to her. rosanna: scorpio. she had a pig party yesterday at either the marriott or the
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a few hundred dollars to celebrate. greg: that is how politics works. right or wrong. greg: happy birthday to her. was not really damaged by the benghazi hearing. solidifying her place. rosanna: vice president biden decided not to enter the race. last month, 10 points behind bernie sanders. a new poll out yesterday shows 46% of the vote. she extended her lead to south carolina. greg: on that show, 50 minutes. very emotional at times. rosanna: for weeks now, we have
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wanted to run because his son on his deathbed urged him to run. joe biden was really weighing the option. greg: last night he set the record straight. >> thank you very much. if i thought we would have put together a campaign that our supporters deserved, i would have gone and done it. greg: i did not watch last night. why do they teach us start earlier? he knew that this election was coming. he has been with his grandchildren. his grandchildren have been having a very hard time with the loss of their father. >> was it a plan to run for president initially? >> he thinks that he would be the best candidate to get the
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most done. he just did not think he had enough stamina to do it at this point and when. greg: meanwhile, was go to queens right now. the world series coming to citi field on friday. it is going to be awesome. there they are clenching it in chicago. rosanna: there are going to be several rallies. one of them is in the queens borough. hello, melinda. joining us from outside queens borough hall. what is going on today? >> good morning, everyone. all about bringing the world series back. it is an exciting day. we have lots of things going on.
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feeling. greg: okay. what time does it start? >> 3:00 o'clock to 5:00 o'clock. we will have a dunk tank. we will have rockclimbing. lots of folks out here to cheer. time. greg: we want to check out what you have decorated so far. i see some banners behind you. let's go ahead and take a look. you may have some work to do. >> it is very early in the morning. six hours of planning. everyone coming in. it is going to be a beautiful day. come out and cheer. there is going to be a lot to do. greg: thank you. i do not think i have ever been
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to perl golf. how do you find it? >> queens. come on out. we expect to see you. rosanna: we are so excited about it. world series. came one. greg: pregame show. rosanna: we have the pregame pregame. mike: at least two are there. let show you what is going on here. sixty-one would be your advertised for today. we are pretty close on the
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numbers. looks like we're going to see a pretty typical day coming at us. clear skies out at central park. we have 30s and 40s. thirty-nine in allentown. fifty-one in montauk. your temperatures are a little bit cooler. 21 degrees drop. twenty-two and poughkeepsie. nineteen cooler in bridgeport. a persuasive advocate dropping temperatures. high pressure is in control. you can see all the wet weather all over the deep south. those are the reference from patricia. sunny for you today and
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we have to change our clocks back. get an hour of sleep. greg: westchester county. you can see it is causing delays. tractor-trailer off to the shoulders. it flipped over during the overnight hours. let's go to our cameras. keeping an eye on a problem on the southern state parkway. you can see traffic he diverged it. as for the bqe, heading towards the brooklyn bridge, moving fine. traffic backed up to the gowanus as usual. trains running on or close. greg: thank you.
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greg: long island. hometown of gary from the howard stern show. rosanna: there was a time that i always got that on the air. greg: i bob of lead him. rosanna: that was funny. rosanna: shawn mendes. he will be here performing. greg: all right. this is bad news from canada.
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watching expedition. the boat capsized. five people dead. one person is still missing. rosanna: the vessel made a mayday call shortly before 4:00 p.m. local time. no word on what went wrong. the water was calm. it was clear and sunny at the time. greg: did you hear about this over the weekend? a terrible car crash in oklahoma. a woman drove onto a sidewalk. ran into a bunch of people. rosanna: she is going to be in court today. arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. rosanna: that crash killed four people. her lawyer spoke about his meeting with her.
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the better part of an hour. during the entire interview i was not satisfied that i was communicating with a competent individual. ernie: held on four counts of murder. greg: all right. amtrak. governor christie. we took amtrak their impact. he was talking on his cell phone in the quiet car. rosanna: the governor was quietly asked to move. he was making a trip to dc yesterday. he did not realize what car he was in. when the conductor pointed this out, he moved to the next car. the car where they have the food in the drinks.
7:25 am
greg: keep him out of there. rosanna: that has happened to me. i was like, okay. excuse me. greg: taking get very aggressive. rosanna: chill out. greg: i wonder how governor christie took that. let's take a look outside, shall we. rosanna: there were witnesses that tweeted that he was very calm and cool about it. rosanna: good day is coming
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greg: blondie, everybody. sunglasses. i will never forget that. kindness.
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greg: looking at nassau coliseum. rosanna: i think that it is closed now. they are going to start refurbishing it. it is only 2015. greg: just next door you will find nassau community college. i had to take a summer course. rosanna: do remember -- i said it was ridiculous. greg: jim, show us nassau community college. i think that it is just to the right. it is hard-core. you have to persevere. greg: that is nassau community. my cousin patrick boyer went there and transferred to cornell. the ivy league's.
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good for him. rosanna: 7:30 a.m. so nice to have you here on this beautiful day. how was your weekend? greg: i did not do a darn thing. i felt a little guilty about it. how about you? rosanna: i do not know what i did. time was spent cleaning up the apartment. greg: who has read a magazine in the past four years? i hold onto them like i am a crazy quarter. rosanna: i did not even take it out of the five state. i love vanity fair. greg: mike lives, we have problems. mike: i know. a lot of the same things. visiting with friends i have not
7:31 am
rosanna: i met up with some friends. celebrated in anniversary. greg: what anniversary was it? rosanna: rosanna and charlie's 25th. it was just in intimate dinner. reminiscing. that sort of thing. mike: 25 years. why not. rosanna: very happily married. mike: anyway. we had a decent weekend here. yesterday in particular. the warm temperatures kind of hung out for a while. the cold air is really sitting on top of us. it is pretty chilly. freezing and poughkeepsie right now. 1 degree below freezing and
7:32 am
central park checking in at 48 degrees. it looks like our temperatures came down quite a bit. look at that. 12 degrees cooler in newark. 9 degrees cooler in central park. pretty big drop in temperatures around the tri-state region. high pressure will be in control. mainly clear skies. wet weather causing problems in places like louisiana. some places saw as much as 20 inches of rain over the last couple of days. tropical moisture from patricia. today and tomorrow, you are fine. were high clouds start rolling in later. the rain starting to roll in during the morning commute. a pretty sloppy wednesday. hopefully we do get a decent job. high temperature today kids up
7:33 am
to 58 degrees. sixty-three on wednesday. the rain will pull away from us an end on a dry note. time to bring back ines. she has a lot going on with the commute at this point. ines: a few issues out there. an accident on the bruckner. the fdr drive, harlem river drive southbound, expect the ways as you get on the fdr. problems on long island. live picture from skyfoxhd. avenue. you have all lanes closed. traffic being divergent. take a look at the delays. traffic that the two eagle avenue. minutes. if you want to use sunrise highway as an alternate, that is doing okay.
7:34 am
sunrise highway, doing fine. staten island expressway, looks good. normal delays. always read orange at this time. you have some delays heading towards the gowanus, bqe. normal delays as you approach the bqe. everything running on or close to schedule. greg: thanks a lot. red meat. the most salacious meet, perhaps, there is. rosanna: are they comparing it to smoking cigarettes? study. eating red meat being as dangerous as smoking. barbecuing your meat as dangerous as smoking. greg: i never heard that.
7:35 am
we have a reporter on it. >> reporter: likely to include potential cancer risks linked to red and processed meats. the daily mail links the fighting. processed meat will be given the highest rate. the u.s. livestock sector expects that this could really impact sales. a doctor we spoke to said that there's no need to panic or drastically change your diet. >> it is not that red meat is bad or that eating hamburger will be causing colon cancer, it is so much intake and how much overtime there is going to be. we may all have to learn to moderate our consumption. >> there is no scientific evidence proving a cause and
7:36 am
commenting on the research just yet. they have recommended that people limit their consumption of these foods. we are expecting to hear from them. the findings are expected to be released today. rosanna: blueberries -- are you talking to? will they save your life, blueberries? >> everything is great. greg: i would like to see the bu role of the red meet one more time. we were talking about this. what, technically, is red meat? red meat is red to start cooking where white meat is pale before
7:37 am
cooking and pale after cooking. it comes from a cow, basically. >> red meat is peace. rosanna: sausage has a lot of other stuff in it it can be a combination. older. it is a problem. if significant moment. rosanna: i believe everything in moderation. who knows. greg: including moderation. gracie mansion. anyway. let's see. they installed some new art. rosanna: yes. windows on the city. borrowed from cultural institutions. gracie mansion close to all of us in january 24 and.
7:38 am
who remembers that you will log? for apartment dwellers, we did this. the fireplace in gracie mansion. that is the original one. i think it may have been mayor lindsay at this time. a crackling sounds. rosanna: i like that. this. rosanna: 738. we're going to take a quick break. we will be right back. greg: the dj. rosanna: radio morning personality. he is a personality. greg: he is a shock jock. rosanna: i do not even know if he would be considered that.
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greg: a big rally. they need more later. it looks like a nine year olds birthday party. rosanna: there is going to be a dj. maybe they will get everyone up there dancing. greg: again. a nine year olds birthday party. rosanna: i share my office with ernie. some serious decorating. they are wasting something there. greg: it looks like they are flying a kite. i think about that time i was in the military and i broke the flag pole. rosanna: why am i not surprised. greg: it was such an ordeal for me. i was almost court-martialed.
7:43 am
mike: how do you break a five hole? greg: what's up? mike: let's get you out the door. good morning, everyone. hopefully you had a nice weekend. 48 degrees. thirty-two of poughkeepsie. bridgeport 41. wind is coming out from the northwest. a cold front came through. temperatures down. ten-20 degrees cooler than it was yesterday at the same time. at least you have your sunshine back as well. there is the area of low pressure. all sorts of tropical moisture. it will come this way. we will have some pretty big changes coming up for us here as we going to wednesday. early tomorrow, it you are fine. in the overnight hours, the
7:44 am
it looks like it will, change out to the day on wednesday. people appeared for a pretty wet one. there is a wet weather coming through on wednesday into early thursday. did we get to the weekend and things look up for halloween. the clocks have to change back. this is it. it is happening already. i know. it is hard to believe. fallback. it feels like you get an extra hour neared. mike: i love it. it's good to ines right now. ines: good morning. shot shows how bush in queens this morning. a stall on the bridge blocking a lane. the jackie robinson parkway,
7:45 am
there is a stall approaching utopia parkway. you do have extra delays as you approach the cross island parkway. in new jersey, 287, first of the area doing great. let's check on the selkirk state parkway. this is merrick avenue. traffic backed up to at least eagle avenue. westbound side, you are fine. fifty-ninth street bridge, you are fine this morning. greg and rosanna. greg: ines, thank you. rosanna: everyone is talking about the mets. greg: tina is here for duke. rosanna: what do we think about this kansas city team? >> they are good.
7:46 am
>> they are in missouri. >> there is a history. >> the game is tomorrow. matt harvey will be on the mound. since knowing their opponent, the mets just keep saying they are an excellent team. >> a seem relentless. a great characteristic to have. >> a very competitive fiery
7:47 am
it just seems like they never go away. they find a way to win. no matter what the score is, the situation is. they grind it out. they never die. >> you go watch the series regular on fox5. duke will be out in kansas city for our pregame show. live game coverage. the game starts at eight. we will have all your post game coverage after the game. it was a big game of football yesterday. let's start with the giant that metlife stadium. third quarter trailing 13-10. dominick rogers lombardi two interceptions on the day. giants have a 17-13 lead. seventh straight in the corner of that end zone. and down for the touchdown. tying the game at 20 in the
7:48 am
former kwai cowboys wideout. putting the giants up for good. one hundredth win as head coach of the giants. the new england patriots quarterback ryan fitzpatrick. the 4-yard touchdown pass. new england retook the lead in >> the jets defense had no answer for tom brady. forced to cut back. twenty-three-20. >> tom brady.
7:49 am
undefeated. a scary neck injury. he was seeing a net race. i right. major league soccer regular-season champion did taking on the fire in chicago. he is unmarked. easily passing the ball and. converts the past. a two-zero lead. holding on. two-one. celebrating with their fans. greg: fire the flames. rosanna: steve weatherford played for the jets yesterday. >> he will be back wednesday. rosanna: okay.
7:50 am
thank you so much. greg: a quick peek outside neared going to be rather pleasant. rosanna: beautiful. citi field.
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rosanna: not a bad way to start the work week. i am so excited about this event that is happening next week. i want to tell you all about it. hosting elvis durrant and conversation with rosanna scotto. tickets are on sale right now. i have never done this before. elvis has never done this before. he will share this with celebrity. i talked with him. he stopped by the studio the other day. i asked him, what can we talk about. do i have restrictions. >> the whole great thing is they always bring people on from a
7:54 am
everyone of us has a story. everyone can write a book. i cannot wait to get you on their and asked some questions. rosanna: i remember when elvis started off as a local dj. i would go up there and interview them about various things when i was doing the 10:00 o'clock news. look at you now. >> the 100 in new york is our home. this is our most important radio station. you know, look, it is good to be in new york. our number one morning show. >> it should be about her. rosanna: okay, as i mentioned in that interview, just a few more tickets left for elvis to rant and me.
7:55 am
it will be a lot of fun. i am telling you, because we are friends, i know a lot about him. ines: a fly on the wall to your guys' conversation. >> how is everything? >> very good. we had a great time. we went to vermont. such a great night. greg: you went to vermont? >> we joked it was our maple moon. there. greg: rosanna and i were shocked
7:56 am
>> she is married to him. >> i think that it was the rolling stones. >> no, it wasn't. the wedding party came out to that. i am coming home. leon bridges. greg: okay. >> look at this beautiful bride. >> let's talk about justin bieber. he took all five awards including best performer, best collaboration and best look. the audience loved it. surprisingly, nine nominations. it is like the first time. >> i am sorry. >> they were in milan last night.
7:57 am
she did not record a video message. >> it was a good night for bieber. rosanna: thank you so much. we have a facebook fan of the hour. it is a list of. time to go to
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rosanna: just about 8:00 o'clock. that hours flew by. the last week of october. i am rosanna scotto. greg: i am greg kelly. rosanna: we are now less than two months away from christmas. that makes me anxious. the headline is, a cool day. it is going to be about 60. that is just about fine. warmer than normal. rosanna: there is an investigation going on right now. the gun recovered. is that really the gun that was used to shoot him.
8:01 am
greg: a raid on an isis present. a victory over isis. you watch it and it is pretty german addict. greg: governor christie. he was on a cell phone when a conductor notified him it was not allowed. this is what gawker reported. greg: the new york times took a statement from governor christie's people. it would not be shocking if he lost his temper. rosanna: and other reporter on the car. he did not. loud. greg: why all of this -- rosanna: i have been in the quiet car. i know how serious they are.
8:02 am
it is embarrassing. greg: especially for a big mouth like governor christie. >> getting ready for game one. fans are getting ready to attend to rallies right here. president. they have to really ramp it up a little bit. >> it might be suitable for a six -year-olds birthday. you would have more stuff on the walls. this is what we have so far. it starts at 3:00 o'clock. we do not know what his coming. >> they are out there. greg: which player would you like? i do not know if you know what
8:03 am
governor christie on that train. yelling at his two secret service agents. sat down and immediately started making phone calls from the quiet car. rosanna: that can happen. you do not realize that you are on the quiet car. >> he was drinking a mcdonald's strawberry smoothie, by the way. rosanna: you should not be talking about mcdonald's. you just went there this morning and three make muffins. >> weather and traffic. >> a little bit of it.
8:04 am
minutes. >> you and i just don't trust him. >> i know. mike: all right. let show you what is going on here with the weather this morning. cool out there. we've lost a couple of degrees fair within the last hour. forty-six is your temperature. some pretty cool temperatures. not ridiculously cold. it is a lot cooler than it was yesterday. 42 degrees cooler in a pretty good drop in temperatures that we have here in the tri-state region. slightly below normal. high pressure is in control.
8:05 am
pretty good. basically what is left over from patricia. that's huge hurricane that came into mexico. we will expect to see some high clouds early tomorrow afternoon. then the clouds thicken up in the clouds get going. we are well behind for the years. today your high temperature goes up to 57 degrees. sixty-three on wednesday. wind could be a little heavy at times. >> go in there and take a look. mike: --
8:06 am
greg: it is all in there. >> okay. ines: delays here on the l.i.e. let's take a look at the southern state. going all the way back to exit 16. traffic being diverted there. traffic slowed here is bound at westbound. as for the trains, on or close to schedule. greg: seven shootings in seven
8:07 am
rosanna, on the east side there, it looks like they may have found the gun involved in the shooting death of officer randolph holder. rosanna: community leaders call for a day of solidarity. robert moses is that the scene of the shooting in east harlem this morning. robert, what is going on? >> you could still see the memorial. the gun was found right around 123rd street about 40 feet or so out into the east river. this week, the city will say it's final goodbye to an officer that with it well and died heroically. >> today we make a confirmation
8:08 am
that the gun was in fact used to kill officer holder tuesday night. >> investigating this crime scene all have been motivated to find whatever forensic evidence we can. >> reporter: the gun that a police diver found yesterday has all of the characteristics for the one that police have searched forces officer holder's death. the diver found the gun about 20 feet below the surface of the east river. >> it is dark. they could maybe only see 12-24 inches out in front of them. they ended up finding it. it is a good find. >> reporter: they plan to test it for dna. >> you would assume that there would be no printed dna. the forensic evidence will take a look at it. >> reporter: they searched the north and southbound lanes of
8:09 am
used to kill officer holder. police have not said whether or not they have found it. a week of pro- and anti-police were rallies across the city. some cops murderers. the police union is now calling for a boycott of parity no films. other rallies were far more supportive of police officers. reverend al sharpton brought a wreath to the station house where he works. >> we, unapologetically fight back. we unapologetically support good police. >> today will be a day of solidarity. tony harper is calling on officers and community members alike. outside these things all across the city and all five boroughs. the goal is to show each other
8:10 am
solidarity and support. that is the latest. back to you. rosanna: thank you so much, robert. the department of defense. and airstrike on isis. greg: u.s. and turkish forces working together. joshua wheeler was killed. hostages were freed. this happened in northern iraq. this is the first known instance of american troops fighting isis on the ground. >> just two events. very busy day. a lot of folks are planning to
8:11 am
>> i wonder who it could eat. >> jeb bush. such a hard time over the weekend. >> i have a lot of really cool things that i could do other than sit around being measurable. that is a joke. select trump if you want that. greg: go to hack. he liked trump. bret baier is the host. >> hey. did morning. that was not low-energy tear. that was high-energy. i think he is starting to punch back a lot. taking a lot of swings at his opponents over the weekend. second in iowa. that is not sitting well with donald j trump.
8:12 am
i think that you will see a lot all right. i will hit. time. rosanna: slow and steady. he will finish the race. >> he will have to step it up a little bit. 65% nationally. some of these early state polls, that is not a good sign. cutting back his staff 40-50%. >> the smarty-pants crowd. everybody in dc was wrong about
8:13 am
showing real power in this race. i saw him on meet the press. he is pretty impressive. >> he has likability of 84%. that is insane for any politician. gaining a lot of traction in iowa. so far, he is just sticking with his guns and saying he is a thoughtful guy that can learn on the job. >> what are you hearing about chris christie in that quiet car? it has happened to me before. it is very embarrassing. >> somebody else came out and overblown. someone came up to him and said you are in the quiet car. it was not some dude deal.
8:14 am
by the eyewitnesses. this woman was with a liberal blog. she was defending christie. >> the first eyewitness was that he was screaming. we have been around governor christie for a while. >> it is embarrassing. sometimes you get on that car. you do not realize that it is the quiet car. >> that guy could be on air force one. >> it is not a quiet air force one either. rosanna: we will watch you today on the fox news channel. have a good one. >> the mets were very excited. lots of hometown pride going on. getting ready for the world series. >> headed to kansas city
8:15 am
meeting at the airport. getting on the bus. >> they usually charter a plane. they take care of their bags and everything. they can get on the bus. get off the plane. >> let's go to queens pro football. >> good morning. still pretty quiet this morning. expecting things to change in a big way. a lot of fans expected to show up for this rally. let's show you some of the decorations. we do have some that spanners up here. preparations happening all day today.
8:16 am
you may want to show up early. the first 500 fans will be getting free t-shirts. week. next stop kansas city. boarding a bus at citi field sunday morning and headed to the airport for tuesdays nights. game. daniel murphy took time to sign autographs for fans. a friendly wager between the governors. if the mets win the world series for the first time, missouri governor will wear a mets jersey for a full day. barbecue ribs, a baseball hat and coffee. if the royals when, andrew cuomo has agreed to wear a royals
8:17 am
governor cuomo is feeling confident. you are going to look great in blue and orange. let's go mets. a little friendly trash talking from the governor there. public transportation is definitely the way to go. westbound lanes. close between 82nd avenue and 80th road between one and 6:00 a.m. that will take place at the executive building. mets rally also in nassau county. back to you guys. >> who are those folks behind you? >> showing up just to get into the building. a lot of the offices open up that 830.
8:18 am
going to the passport office. that kind of thing. rosanna: greg really want to step up the decorations. >> look at that. rosanna had more for lj's birthday party. come on. >> more streamers. more banners. greg: it is a little sad right now. >> the world series game one. right here on fox5. coverage starts at seven. >> this is exciting. >> there is a post game show. and then we will be on friday at. a pregame. >> i am not aware of this.
8:19 am
even though i have no authority. >> okay. mike: another beautiful fall day coming up for us. we dropped it down to 46 at one point. the sun is now up. we have soft sunny skies. wind coming from the north that dream miles per hour. 34 degrees the monticello. 32 degrees and poughkeepsie. we will keep it nice and clear. you see all of this, that will be a bit of a problem. wet weather coming up this way. the remnants is what is left over from patricia. some of the clouds start to roll into town. the showers do not get going
8:20 am
until wednesday morning. wet weather will be here for the majority of your wednesday. seven-8 inches behind. tomorrow we will get up to 59. there is the ring coming through wednesday into thursday. we have daylight savings. it looks like we will see the nice, dry weekend. good stuff. happy birthday. five years old. a big fan. let's bring in ines rosales. >> good morning. delays on the tappan zee bridge. up to the shoulder. as far as the tappan zee, normal delays. once you reach the westchester side, veins are okay.
8:21 am
traffic is always slow here on the gowanus. all lanes have been closed since about 645 this morning. this is america avenue. all these utility vehicles, something else is going on. whatever it is, it is causing delays. 495. heading towards the lincoln tunnel. greg and rosanna. >> shawn mendes is coming up. >> only 17 years old. he has a hit what can i get for you? cream and two sugars, please? two sugars -- sounds good. at dunkin', we make your coffee just the way you like it. if not, we'll make it again on the spot. see you tomorrow. that's the dd commitment.
8:22 am
8:23 am
did ya know? fresh step extreme lightweight litter isn't just light. it's also the best lightweight for eliminating odors. amazing, right? for superior odor elimination try fresh step extreme... lighweight. >> fox means business. >> good morning to both of you. starts to roll off assembly
8:24 am
here is the configuration. 25700. you can get a v-6. if you really want the muscle power, go for the virginia and jen. a cadillac platform. it is american made. rosanna: i like it. some people think that it is cheesy. what do you think, rosanna? that is cool. >> it was very cool to have a camaro. greg: i think it depends on which circles he ran with. laurie told me it was really a cheesy car.
8:25 am
she was a big deal back in high school. i think that she might still be. anyway. rosanna: say hello to lauren for us. >> i will. rosanna: reality star and actress. she is on that show grandfather on fox. greg: oh, my goodness. have you seen that? rosanna: her reality show is
8:26 am
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8:28 am
greg: okay, we have a problem at queens borough hall. the decorates they spent all of the ten minutes putting up. rosanna: they have until 3:00 to do it up. this is a line to get to work. >> government offices.
8:29 am
rosanna, i'm telling you, they need more things there. rosanna: a few balloons. balloons make everyone happy. balloons are good. lets go mets. greg: how about fireworks. rosanna: how about a blow up wright doll. greg: there you go again with the blow up doll. why are you giggling so much? rosanna: i don't know, it is monday. i had a good night's sleep. greg: it was amazing. rosanna: it is so good when you set the tone on monday with a good night's sleep. mike: i wish i could say the same. i woke up at mid night after
8:30 am
i counted the buns. they are there. rosanna: you counted his buns, i got nervous. you are talking about the sausage mcmuffin. mike: greg add it mitted he ate six. he has the proof. i counted five, okay. how did you get in if face without the bun. greg: take it off. all right. buddy. mike: very good. i hope you had a little breakfast this morning. by the way, good morning to
8:31 am
good morning to you. nice to see you. as you step out the door this the morning. it is now 44 in bridgeport and 50 degrees in montauk. a lot of sunshine in the tristate region. high pressure is in control. but this, this messy weather is sliding up in the direction. we need the rainfall here. it is solid rain coming our way. the high clouds are rolling in later in the afternoon and wednesday morning the rain is moving into the tristate region. a washout on wednesday and even thursday morning with the showers leftover here. it is a pretty good soaking rain. today up the 57. tomorrow up to 59.
8:32 am
maybe a little warmer with the wet weather coming through town, going into thursday morning and drying out after that and halloween is looking good and this weekend is the weekend to change the clocks back. now to ines and seeing where the backups are. ines: good morning, mike. checking in on queens, the bqe remains slow. the l.i.e. east bound an accident. the whitestone bridge is slow. a messy commute this morning. new jersey commute, normal delays o on the parkway. to the cameras, southern state parkway, all lanes are closed.
8:33 am
being diverted exit 24. traffic backed up to franklin, exit 16. george washington bridge into the city, upper 40. lower 30. 45-50 at the lincoln tunnel 495 holland tunnel 30. this is an earlier problem with the 2 and 5 trains and they are fine now. trains are doing fine. greg: okay, the who, world health organization. red meat causes cancer. we happen to love red meat, and we are a little confused and surprised by what compromises red meat. >> rosanna: yes, beef, veal, pork. i thought pork was a white meat.
8:34 am
greg: okay. rosanna: goat. greg: all that stuff makes sense, except for the pork. liz? > reporter: the world health organization is saying consuming red meat and processed meats can cause cancer. the study found that red meat causes prostrate and colon and pancreatic cancer. 50 grams are 1/10th of a poupd eaten daily increases the risk of cancer. this could impact is sales and everything in moderation is what
8:35 am
. it is how much intake and how be. we may have to learn to moderate the consumption. >> the national cattlemen's association saying that the science didn't agree on the decision, but was determined by a majority vote. they are upset about this. rosanna: so dissension in the group. greg: the cowboys are upset, rosanna. >> reporter: the organization has recommended for years that consumption. so the debate is continuing. about this? and about the paleo diet. that is a lot of meat for sure.
8:36 am
vegan for 20 minutes. i would like to look at this and talk to dr. raj. she's my physician. how often do you get checked out? rosanna: once a year. greg: good for you. rosanna: still ahead on "good day new york", a new campaign to get the conversation going for people with disabilities. just say hi. just say hi. just say hi. >> next time say hi. greg: what is this about? rosanna: talking to people with
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8:39 am
greg: where are we there? rosanna: queens. where the big rally will be, greg. we have to talk to the borough there. the decorations are a lot to be desired. >> greg: the ticker tape parade will be huge. rosanna: don't talk about that yet. greg: when? rosanna: when we win. that is a hover board?
8:40 am
greg: no, a mechanical skate board. rosanna: he's good at it. greg: hover board, by the way, i'm retiring. rosanna: you should. you have fallen from it. greg: i have tumbled. he's doing that with his foot. rosanna: other news happening right now in town. greg: folks, zack, a great guy, has cerebral palsy and had a show on the oprah win friday network. when it happens and encounter someone with cp,you may not know what to do. there are a new important campaign to make you and folks with cp more comfortable. rosanna: it is a simple message, just say hi. oh, here it is. >> just say hi. >> just say hi.
8:41 am
>> rosanna: it is about starting a conversation, saying hi. i'm part of the campaign. this morning we are joined by the ceo of the cerebral palsy organization. >> hi starts a conversation. people have a hesitation and there is no need to. we want people to know we have heard from so many people with cerebral palsy they are not quickly understood they are typical. >> what is it? >> a group of neurological disorders in the brain and affects the physical movement. rosanna: so they understand, i know richard, i his son thomas who has cp and thomas is the
8:42 am
it. greg: so people are not saying hi to these kids and adults? rosanna: they don't recognize them, right? >> well, they don't say hi. greg: i want to practically apply this, most people don't say hi. >> well, when you catch an eye you say hi. greg: do you say hi and what is your condition? rosanna: no, you don't ask about the condition. >> you want them to feel comfortable around everyone. there is the awkward moment of hesitation and women with cerebral palsy have a three
8:43 am
rosanna: richard was a big time advertising executive. greg: like madmen? rosanna: when his son was diagnosed with cp he was frustrated with getting him educated, i did a story with one his at one of the schools, he's left his job and dedicated his life to helping all children, all adults with cp because they have so much to give and yet i guess a lot of us don't know how to react. >> people with cp are like all of us, we are diverse, some smart, some not to smart, some nice, not not so nice. not to have something that blocks our vision of the true person. that's what the campaign is about. when you say hi, you are talking to someone and that is what we
8:44 am
rosanna: all right, richard. greg: don't worry about this. >> we are looking forsponsorship and download the app. greg: what is the app? >> just say hi. it is featuring the celebrities and people like rosanna, who is on there. rosanna: mario? >> a-rod, joe, zack, dr. jan hernandez, she's one of the great doctors for people with essential bral palsy from texas. rosanna: do the celebrities have children with cp? >> jim frost from the wire. the other ones, bill macy made a move about people with cerebral palsy. actors understand the human
8:45 am
this is about the human condition and breaking down the walls. greg: who understands it? >> actors. the actors put out the stories and they understand the amazing stories inside of the people with cerebral palsy. greg: and journalists too. actors are a handful. rosanna: richard, where can we find you? >> cerebral palsy greg: just a few minutes away -- rosanna: by the way, your son will know sean mendez. >> yes, and he loves him.
8:46 am
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rosanna: where that mcdonald's? greg is missing. any way, let's talk about jimmy fallon. i understand he could be clutsy. yes, he took a tumble over the weekend and injured the other hand. he hurt one of the hands over the summer.
8:50 am
well, he took a fall in boston over the weekend and after tripping on a woman who had a melt down in front of him and he was holding a bottle that one handed him. fortunately he wasn't too badly hurt. he just need add few band-aids. he was at harvard and being honored for a humorist award. greg: is he that famous? rosanna: there was a lot of blood and people get nervous. >> and we have sad news that
8:51 am
actress mareey o 'hara passed away. she was the queen on technicolor. >> she ran an airline for a short period of time. 95 years old. what a great lady. wow, 95. rosanna: god bless her. greg: anything else? >> it is about the movies, jem and the hallow grams. one is about a muszic manager trying to revive the career but having a rock star going to afghanistan and compete in a tv sinning contest and so the big
8:52 am
movies that have been around, martian. greg: great movie. rosanna, you haven't seen it it. you are going to like this one. rosanna: i want to see the steve jobs movie. greg: it is basically two people arguing. rosanna: a lot of people liked that one. >> that came in third. goose bumps in second. the odor movies olding the top. rosanna: welcome back married woman. greg: miss lacey.
8:53 am
>> i don't know yet professionally. greg: she's on the fence. rosanna: perfect together. >> thank you, so many people writing such nice comments on social media. we read them all, we appreciate it. greg: we have a year to give you a gift. rosanna: n music: "thunder clatter" by wild cub most weekends only last a couple of days. some last a lifetime. hampton. we go together. always get the lowest price, only when you book direct
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rosanna: nice to meet you the other night and thanks for watching fox 5.
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