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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  October 26, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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rosanna: they are having a hot time in queens. fwreg greg they are having a rally for the mets today at 3:00. i'm sorry, it looks a little fore forelorne there. you have got -- you are not a baseball fan and you have more mets stuff in your office. rosanna: that is true. greg: we are going a little to the right.
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rosanna: you can always, you know, capitalize. greg: another mets sign. all right, john franco will be showing up. rosanna: they should bring mr. and mrs. met and a blow up doll or two. like a david wright, daniel murphy. greg: these things have -- rosanna: legs. greg: pornographic overtone. to the queens borough hall. the weather is pleasant. rosanna: game one is tomorrow night. you can see it on fox, we are carrying it. greg: now that is promo. we have the lights, sparkle. rosanna: the post game right
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greg: yes, rosanna and i will be hosting from citi field on friday night from the field. rosanna: yes, from the field. between home base and first plate. greg: let's see if we can get to second base. rosanna: us in general? greg: stop that. we did that for the yankees when they made it. it is a privilege to broadcast a show there. rosanna: yes. you look -- greg: serious. rosanna: we could be espn. greg: i don't know. rosanna, we have come a long way. rosanna: we have. so we are covering the games on fox and melinda is throwing a
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rally in queens today. greg: what about chris christie screaming and yelling and kicked off the train. rosanna: depends on who you are talking to. greg: there is governor christie, well, talking on his cell phone on a quiet car and he was screaming into the phone, screaming at the secret service agents. rosanna: has kwauker been known to embellish. there was a blogger on the train and saying she didn't hear him lose the temper. greg: i'm the governor, i'm the governor, i'm making a phone call. rosanna: i will tell you, that happened to me, i got on the amtrak from dc to new york, i department realize i was in the
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phone and making a phone call and i was shh'd and they pointed to the sign up there. >> oh. rosanna: apparently once the governor was pushed and pointed to the sign, they went to the cafe car. greg: he shouldn't be going there. governor christie, oh yeah, in a year, conceivably, pretends he wins the election, he would be flying on air force plane before president, and now on the about aing trams like everyone else. rosanna: i have to tell you, the people taeking the quiet car are very serious about the quiet car. very serious. greg: i know what you mean. rosanna: it is life or death.
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it is a license to shame you. greg: at least they are doing it face to face, got that internet trolls. rosanna: well rpgs there is a new report out this morning and we are talking about it, i'm not a big red meat eater, but i like a steak every now and again. greg: the world health organization found red meat can cause cancer. rosanna: it is a dangerous as smoking. i don't know. the daily mail leaked the fientings on friday and apparently we are going to hear from them today. greg: processed meats, we know that is bad for you. rosanna: because of a lot of stuff in there. greg: like shoe laces and stuff.
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what does dr. alvirez think about this? >> how are you? >> smoking is number one. this has been building up for a while. the red meat can damage the bowels. the meat of the report, get that, goes to processed meats and if you look at the foundations of processed meats they contain a lot of chemicals, the smoking the packaging and those chemicals that have been linked to colon cancer.
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day, sausage, is it a problem, how much meat is too much meat? >> listen, rosanna, people are eating bacon every single day of their lives and people obsessed with hot dogs, recent report coming out looking at hot dogs in particular, you would be surprised, d.n.a. evidence of what animals are in hot dogs a lot of stuff there you don't want to eat. so you you have to pick and choose especially you know younger folks, pick and choose what type of processed meats you are going to eat. hot dogs three or four times a week, that is too much, that is no nutritional values and a lot of chemicals. a lamb chop two or three times a week is okay.
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>> how you cook the hamburger, look at the chemical reactions that happen, the dirty grills in the backyards. clean them. there is a whole thing, a chemical factor that goes into grilling. that. they use the old oils when frying things. don't to that, the by products of the cooking are very toxic. greg: you know, this is it hitting home, i eat hot dogs. rosanna: how many sausage patties this morning. greg: three. i heard about this story and so it is probably the last time. it is a wake up call for me. bacon, ham and sausage alongside cigarettes causing cancer. vegetarian?
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>> you will never become a vegetarian. it is not in your d.n.a. but cut down on your daily intake. look, make processed meats at least biweekly, choose them correctly. don't choose the meats you don't know. sometimes you find human d.n.a. in the processed meats. greg: what, human? >> well, because of the machines, and the skin and everything. greg: i don't want to eat other human beings. that is it. friday. >> well, going to ballpark, going to the mets game. greg: these days you can get sush hishgs i'm freaked out. >> good, good.
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a house call here. i'm sure the bill is in the mail later too. greg: he works here. mike: we have a little change out there. today, well we have the sunshine out there. clear skies, cool at the same time. wednesday, it is wet for us. the remnants from patricia, the hurricane, the remnants are headed to us. cooler weather returning with the dryer skies for wednesday and thursday. 47 in newark. 37 in poughkeepsie. 39 in monticello. we had spots freezing earlier this morning, right now things are not bad at all. the temperatures cooler this
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morning. 16 degrees cooler in sussex than 24 hours ago. 1 # 1 degrees cooler in montauk. so everyone is cooler with the cooed canada high pressure sitting on top of us, sunny and the temperatures short of where they would be normally. this is the wet weather we are talking about, it is basically what is leftover from patricia, coming up from the deep south to georgia and tennessee and dropping a lot of water and that is the general trend in the past couple of days, some places in texas up to 20 inches of rain over the weekend. now as we head to the next couple of days, going forward, a soaking rain. this is the futurecast, high clouds coming into the picture. the showers do start showing up right about the time we get to the morning commute tomorrow. expect wet weather coming in.
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it is going to be a pretty wet day on wednesday. finally it is out of here early on thursday, but soaking rains coming in and helping us with the rain deficit. today sunny and up to 53. as we go through the next 7 days, high of 59 tomorrow. soaking rain exiting on thursday. friday is sunny, cool. 55 is the high on saturday. this is the weekend of changing the clocks back. we have a birthday shout out,cj happy birthday to you. let's go mets. he's a mets fan. greg: we are psyched about the mets. matt harvey, when not tired he pitches great. believe. greg: yes, check this out. matt harvey there, the very shirt he's wearing in that game
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is right here. this is the actual garment he was wearing. rosanna: has it been washed? it has? we have the authentication manager from mlb. wow, that sounds like some job. >> it is unique. i'm the only person in the world doing this? greg: no kidding? how much for the shirt? >> it is available for auction on mlb and it is running through the beginning of november. rosanna: how much do you think it will go for? >> a little above 7 grand. greg: is this new, usually the player, seems like they have to die, i don't know, more time has to go by. the game was last week and you are selling the shirt? >> well, the collectibility of the items is very big and actually we start add program in
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2001 so ver pi the authenticity of the items and giving the fans that the items are genuine. there was a lot of fraud and now the people are willing to pay top dollar for it. rosanna: how about this? >> it was used in the winning game, it is washed as well. rosanna: do you want it washed? >> well, a lot of collector's prefer them dirty. greg: this is a 17 inch hair. >> they like the dirt from the slides. that adds to the value. the pitchers don't get dirty a lot. greg: how do you verify it, by the way, a shirt is a shirt is a shirt. rosanna: maybe you got it at modell's.
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that hologram was placed by the authenticator, who witnessed that jersey being worn by jacob in the clubhouse as he took it off. rosanna: do you grab it when he removes it? >> they are in if clubhouse and the players are taking the uniforms off and he placed the numbered hologram and guaranteeing the item. rosanna: is this with their knowledge or without? >> the players know about it. they use it. that bat was used by travis, and that bat died a warrior and got a single off of jon lester. rosanna: is there a crack in the bat? >> yes a hairline crack.
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greg: so not as good as a regular bat? >> he can't use that. daniel murphy is hot and not giving up the bat. when the bat breaks it is authenticated. rosanna: do the players get a cut of the action? >> every team is different. the players use the program as much as the teams do. jeters' last game. greg: what is this? >> when you watch the game on the tv, there is a lineup card, and that is the manager's card. it is cignied. rosanna: how much? >> 750 to $1,500, but into the world series more.
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you put in who is replacing them. greg: this is cool. who does this? >> this is the mets' card. greg: we have a baseball. >> that is from the division series. greg: the ball is dirty. >> yes, they are all mudded up. they put a little mud on it in order to grip it. greg: we have an it em that is very, very, very, very precious. a home run hit at the cyclones stadium, that jersey is safely behind the rope there, it was hit by who is the name of the player? rosanna: greg kelly. greg: this is up for auction as
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well. rosanna: how much will that go for? >> we had a babe ruth for a half million, so this one 500. greg: what 500 bucks? >> you are doing this, how about this bobble head given out to everybody for free when they came to visit us at mcu. >> those are priceless. rosanna: priceless, greg. greg: i hit a home run in that shirt. >> we were pt there to authenticate it. >> i will do that for you. >> was it washed? rosanna: yes. should i smell it? greg: have a whiff, rosanna. [laughter] i recommend the part between the sleeve and the body.
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i will stay over here. grog greg: i love that shirt. that was a great moment for me. rosanna: how did this come back to you? >> it is about recording the moment. rosanna: that is fun. how can people get their hands on this? >> go to and post season action. we have items up throughout the world series and getting the balls and bases off the field. greg: wait a second, balls and bases off the field? >> yes. greg: you guys, during the game? >> yes, the fans love it. it is one of the biggest programs that we have. think about it, you are at the game and you can take moe memory
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greg: it is a new way to mon tiez baseball. thank you. >> thank you. rosanna: nice to meet you. christina is here. she's on the show grandfather and getting ready for christina reality show. you hear the music, sean mendez is here and performing stitches. look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from
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greg hot stuff. rosanna: yes, reality star, actress, in a great show on fox, called grandfathered. greg: she rocks the costumes. she burst on to the scene as a little kid and into the pop world and now on fox in grand fathered. rosanna: also on e. season two of the reality show premiering on november 3rd. greg: here she is. welcome back to "good day new york." >> good to be back. rosanna: you look good. row juggling it all?
9:24 am
you have two major things going on. >> ever since i became a mom, i can multitask, i'm doing everything i love. in the reality show i am just lying my life. after shooting that, i started shooting grandfathered. it is a fun process doing the two. it is like i'm doing my thing, act here and challenge myself and in music too. rosanna: yes, the e show about the music, right? >> yes, it is me taking control of the music career, my mom and i work together. greg: you did that as a kid. i'm doing this myself. >> i decided to do all of that as an adult. >> greg: how old are you?
9:25 am
>> my mom and i started working together and i am 34 now. we created boundaries, and having business all the time together every day, i needed her to be my mom, and also a grand mother, we are still working together. greg: so this grandfathered show, it looks great, funny. >> it is funny. you have to catch it. he's a bachelor, 50-year-old bachelor, hot, owns a restaurant and bam, a 25-year-old guy walks into the restaurant with a baby and says, hey you and my mom had a thing back in the day and you are my dad and i have a kid and you are a grandfather. you have to respect the character for saying okay i will
9:26 am
try to fill the shoes of this family thing, i never had, i kind of wanted it, help me out here. he's doing things his way. greg: where are you fitting? >> i'm the baby momma. we are not together. but we are great co-parents. we have fun stuff coming up. rosanna: i want to see you in action. check this out. >> one day the princess met the perfect guy. he had long hair, and he had the lines on the sides of his abs. then he died violently. but she met a better guy with hair and loved 3 d printing. >> and he was super rich.
9:27 am
do you bring your child to the set? >> yes, she likes to come to visit me at work. she loves the little girls playing my daughter. they are actually twins. they are most adorable little girls ever. violet would love to play my daughter on the show. we have a show about us. these are my tv kids. greg: season two, november 3rd. take a look here. >> i think it is best for us to part ways. >> so you are terminating me? >> i'm the boss here. >> i need part of your career and know what is going on. the tail needs to know what the head is doing. >> these are the people i hired to be part of the team now to help me with the music.
9:28 am
not a team. >> you are tough, girl. >> i have to be tough. she's a tough cooky. >> we started together? >> yes. >> so you are the boss. how do you pay your mom, how do you figure that out? >> i make sure my mom is good. she's good. whether is a percentage or general in life. rosanna: that is an a good person. i have to ask you, are you with lil wayne? i love his music. >> we are no longer together but still doing music together. rosanna: people are wondering if you are back together. >> we have chemistry. i am glad it is showing on the camera.
9:29 am
it is nice. >> continued success. great to see you. >> thank you, great to see you guys. rosanna: grandfather and reality show. greg: sean mendez, this kid from canada, big. rosanna: he's really turning it up this morning.
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rosanna: sean mendez, create add mold in the music business and learning to play the guitar and singing on youtube. he's a platinum seller. he's back to perform stitches. welcome back. boy oh boy things have exploded? >> yes. >> 17 years old and the songs are doing great. you are revisiting the album. tell me about this. >> i have been progressing fast in song writing and i wanted to
9:33 am
show them where i am as a song writer and musician. we releasing an an album with four tracks on it. >> i heard if you buy the album, you get a preorder for the concert? >> i'm doing a show at radio city. rosanna: can you believe that? >> yes, we performed on the marquee last night. that is insane as well. that place the gorgeous. rosanna: we have footage of you singing. what is it like being oen the marquee? >> i didn't know what a marquee was. oh, i'm over top of the street. there are police cars driving through. rosanna: so you play radio city and the jingle ball. it is a whirl wind for you? >> it has been so amazing, but
9:34 am
my world is flip pded around. rosanna: do you have a day to sit back and eat pizza? >> totally. you have to have those days. rosanna: talk about the stitches. everybody is talking about the song of the fall, if ever a song of the fall. >> it is crazy, i never had a hit song before, this is my first. it is nuts to see it up on the charts. you can feel the difference. i have a stadium that knows the song. it is a raw emotion and anger behind a break up. rosanna: who broke your heart shawn. >> i won't tell you.
9:35 am
stitches. i thought that i'd been hurt before but no one's ever left me quite this sore your words cut deeper than a knife now i need someone to breathe me back to life. got a feeling that i'm going under but i know that i'll make it out live if i quit calling you my lover move on. you watch me bleed until i can't breathe shaking, falling on to my knees and now that i'm without your kisses i'll be needing stitches
9:36 am
tripping over myself, aching, begging you to come help and now that i'm without your kisses i'll be needing stitches. just like a moth drawn to a flame oh, you legislatured me in, i could pt sense the pain your bitter heart cold to the touch now i'm gonna reap what i sow oon i'm left seeing red on my own, got a following that i'm going under, but i,
9:37 am
needing stitches, and tripping over myself, i'm aching, begging you to come out and now that i'm without your kisses, i'll be needing stitches. needing in the thread got to get you of my head. needle in the thread going to wind up dead. needle in thread, get you out my head. needle in the thread, got to get you out of my head. i'm bleeding until i can't breathe shaking, falling on to my kneeses and now that i'm without your
9:38 am
i'll be needing stitches tripping over myself aching, begging you to come help and now that i'm without your kisses i'll be needing stitches. rosanna: awesome song. man that is good. i hope you are going to write a song about happiness next.
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radio city music hall in march. why let someone else have all the fun? the sometimes haphazard, never boring fun. the why can't it smell like this all the time fun. the learning the virtue of sharing fun. why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. greg: there is a bit of a commotion by the shirt. rosanna: people want your shirt?
9:40 am
a guy is offering are $15,000 for the shirt. well, that is not a legitimate offer. but the shirt that wore at the charity event. we are talking precautions, we have the security and we have a velvet rope that stopping anybody. rosanna: rosanna: i like that. greg: keep the bids coming. rosanna: where is the money going? >> awareness. all right. rosanna: we have awareness to the next quest. >> the book club. rosanna: i love the last name. greg: a rot of people calling her lisa.
9:41 am
25 books or so, 30 million plus copies, all kinds of different languages. rosanna: so many best seller lists. >> lots of them. greg: hi, lisa. corrupted available every. rosanna: we love you. this one is really a dealing with your background, which is law. >> right. i used to be a trial lawyer. i was a lawyer. then i wised up and now i write the books about drama and a woman dealing with a case of her life and the man of her dreams and coming at this time. rosanna: what happens? >> that is the surprise ending? rosanna: everyone is saying your books take a loot of twists and turns and you have the background and the knock to write this. >> thank you.
9:42 am
this took off, kid for cash, it happened in pennsylvania middle school kids are sent to jail for fighting in the cafeteria, because there was a real life conspiracy between the judges prisons. >> yes, i heard about that. >> you are ruining thousands of kids lives and she's going to later. this is d whole boot camp craze? >> when you write a book, is there a pressure of making the best seller list again? >> no, i love what i do. i love people. so i always say will this person read the book and love it? if i love it, i cried at the end, there's love, romance, guns, it is dramatic stuff.
9:43 am
i never think about the whole, i think about the one. greg: to the leonard family for the gratitude and friendship and love. who is that? >> that the my best friend. she's a mets fan. she's been a friend, look, women form friendships and we have been friends 25 years, she's got such great kids and inspired me to happen to think about the kids. >> you write a book with one of your kids? >> i do. with my daughter. it is fun, lovely. rosanna: it made the best seller list as well. >> we like to write about the fun stuff of moth errs and daughters. she's now 29. greg: well, you have it going on.
9:44 am
>> corrupted. dedicated to the leonard family. people are going to enjoy it. rosanna: you have a signing? >> yes, tonight. >> 6:30. >> mysterious book shop. >> tonight at 6:30. that is awesome. are you working on the next book? >> i just handed it in? >> it is 27.99 and how much do you get? >> i should know the answer, but i don't. they pay me in advance. greg: that is cool. rosanna: tv show, movie? >> the last one was, feature film. i'm excited about that. rosanna: lisa, i feel like we were related in another life. totally. all women are, aren't they. >> congratulations.
9:45 am
greg breg what wants tacos? what do we have here? rosanna: we are chatting with the chef. there you go. greg: where is dumbo? rosanna: johnny, you couldn' t do anything about that driver running that red light. you couldn' t do anything about him hitting you while you were in the crosswalk. you couldn' t do anything about all those missed paychecks. but you can do something about getting the person responsible to pay. you can call jacoby & meyers. we' ve been winning pedestrian knock-down cases
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greg: it is about time we go to a mexican place. rosanna: i love mexican food. i can't stop myself. i adore it. greg: you are a pig. [laughter]. well, sometimes we lose ourselves. rosanna: i do pig out. greg: this used to be dumbo. they have moved. they are in noho. we are meeting danny, chef and owner of the joint. rosanna: it is not a joint, it is a restaurant. so tell us about the background. >> we started in dumbo 8 years a ago. we moved to the bowery.
9:49 am
>> it is. rosanna: years ago shelters and now hip restaurants. >> and shelters. >> the mission is there. what is the specialty? >> mexico city style cuisine. it is like new york, it is a hodgepodge of everything. we have tacos and nicer dishes. rosanna: guacamole too? >> yes. rosanna: good. so what are you making? >> garlic in a sauce. grouper. and it has a chili sauce. we have a couple of drinks. rosanna: oh sure. greg: well, it is monday morning. rosanna: danny, come on. greg: i can't, really.
9:50 am
>> hi byes ruckus syrup. it has a rimer. greg: that is a hell of a drink. whoa. >> we have a nice hot pan. we are cooking the grouper. sere this nicely. while that is cooking, we roast that. we are cooking with wild mushrooms mushrooms. greg: what does that mean? >> made. so we were made in dumbo and that is why we have that. greg: what is the vibe inside of the restaurant.
9:51 am
we have the music turned up, fun, festive. greg: is it a basement? >> no. it is exposed brick. we try to do it natural. >> celebs? >> a few. lily tomlin was in a few days ago. the fish, as we have it, nice little sere on both sides. once that gets a little toasted and nice crisp on it, we add a little olive oil and chille peppers. it is about the flavor. garlic. a little more olive oil to it. greg: can i ask you about this, you brought this. >> this is our alter here.
9:52 am
this animal? >> no, no. we do that. we are finishing with fresh lime juice. that's going to give it a fresh taste. rosanna: this is the finished product? >> yes. this sauce, it is actually made, bring it here, this is a salsa with a chile. we use a number of chile and burn the hell out of it. that is why it has a darkness. we have the mushrooms, garlic sauce on top. greg: i want to check out the restaurant. are you open sunday nights? >> yes. rosanna: now we know where to find greg. rosanna: we'll put your information and the recipe on the website at
9:53 am
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