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tv   Chasing News  FOX  October 27, 2015 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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bill: now on "chasing news". the mets are going to the world series. everyone in new york can watch the game outside. >> the idea of people coming together. bill: we just needed the mets to get to the world series. >> these are hands that perform magic. >> they look like they have been digging in the dirt. >> wife has begged me for years to do something about it. well, window opportunity. >> last week i thought you an awesome story. everyone was a little jealous, so i brought them here.
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bill: don't take my question the wrong way, which of these are edible? >> let's go, mets exhibition. bill: the mets are going to the world series. someone has an idea that everyone in new york should be able to watch the game outside. what do you got? >> race relations have deeply impacted new york city. could the mets and the world series be too old for uniting the community back together? well, he believes it is to show the game in places like government buildings, synagogues,, synagogues, you name it. you think they should be on tv. >> baseball, back to 1947,
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color boundary. bringing players together. we can do it again. need to create opportunities for people despite background, race, religion, gender. you high-five somebody and then began to take steps to win. bill: we have been missing it for decades. community policing, all that stuff. out the window. we just need the mets to get to the world series. it's brilliant. >> the idea of people coming together to begin to root for the same team and recognize we have more in common than we imagine. some people don't want us to realize this common ground. bill: it looks like everyone
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world series anyway. >> the building are the people's buildings, open them up, house of worship. it is worship. it is easy. they don't even know each other. >> the yankees have won a ton of world series. it's much more elitist. the egalitarian,egalitarian, they will even let the yankee fans come and watch it with us. we will forgive them and be tolerant about that they made a wrong decision in their life. bill: what happens when you get people packed into these buildings and they lose? >> we are going to win because we have the best pitching staff in years. bill: we have a royals fan right here.
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the world series in. >> i will toast to that, but we will win. >> we will see you out there. bill: we will see. "high speed chase", start us off. >> the police are after the mass burglars. >> three men are being sought for questioning. a deli clerk, recognizing these men, that, the church -- the clerk at the deli, shot after getting into an argument with the customer, yet to be identified. if you have any information
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please contact the nypd. >> on sunday governor christie appeared in washington dc. while on the show committee spoke about taking on hillary clinton in the presidential debate, what he calls the lawlessness in this country encouraged by president obama, but none of that made the headlines. gawkers took social media by storm. now, chris christie was kicked off of an amtrak car 1st screening on his phone , and it was the quiet car. it exploded all over social media. they responded to the huffington post. on a faltering, notorious. after breaking the cardinal rule the other probably left once he realized the serious nature and enjoy the rest of
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his time. sincere apologies to all people on the quiet car were offended. she is a blogger, radio.a blogger, radio. she took to twitter to defend the government. listen,listen, i'm no chris christie, but this is not even close to accurate. he was sitting at my table. bill: 1st of all, just from a gawker .com posting. this is a left-wing media person. it probably happened closer. i want to know who the staffer is that guided the governor. that guys trouble. >> i have written on the amtrak train.
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quiet. the black lives matter movement is about killing cops copper prost -- preposterous and false. not everyone knows. at the rally, they were chanting about killing cops. >> criminals and advocates. bill: this issue, which is jeopardizing cops lives every day. >> -isms. >> you share because it is factual. they are disrupting neighborhoods, and they are away from any legitimate conversation. >> that is the debate in the conversation that we should be having.
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the man that you could be. it is unfortunate this article is adding to that. if it is not true, it is not true. >> these are hands of perform magic. >> they look like they have been digging in the dirt. begged me for years. window opportunity. three decades of manicurist. she gently scolded me.
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friend. >> a smart businesswoman. smart businesswoman. they are getting manicures and pedicures two. >> some come in and just want their feet done. many commendable about them. >> more guys. >> more guys are spending more time and money on the style. >> no one likes amendment 30 nails. >> there are other reasons as well. part of the overall philosophy. >> presentations, talks, contracts, going over things. i am a firm believer. >> watching your nails go back and forth like that is like watching a fireworks. >> personal product
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launches, more than 70 percent. total sales are up 20 percent since 2,009. it really is kind of cool. bill: i love this. it is a great idea. >> you have some of the best. >> when you dress up you dress up well. >> well. >> i hope he does not get mad at me for this. [laughter] >> white. a local news anchor in philadelphia. bill: who you won't mention. >> was in there with his son getting pedicures. what you are talking about
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those are men look like they care about the outdoors. >> that's the right kind of guy. >> move over. the piloting critter in town meat pizza raccoon. like any smart lover he enjoyed it. it ranges over. >> last week i brought you an awesome story. everyone was a little jealous. >> arguably the smartest
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why let someone else have all the fun? the sometimes haphazard, never boring fun. the why can't it smell like this all the time fun. the learning the virtue of sharing fun. why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun. unleash the power of dough.
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>> zero, my god. >> i love halloween, and over the weekend i went. an old army base. a nonprofit organization. i walked through it.
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coming. absolutely terrifying and adrenaline rushing. >> you go by, run up there every single day. >> i have my own. >> i took a ride with tom adams today. the man is in a lot of pain. you know,. >> putting up posters. >> might have seen something. >> at least going to read the thing. >> at a certain point, another posters, people are going to know.
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>> someone is going to break on it. >> his son michael was killed back on september 19, 19th, hit by a vehicle has she walked northbound right here in jefferson in the early hours of the morning. the drivers kept on going. overtime the agony turned into something else. >> i was over five weeks later. the guy knew that he hit somebody. you know you hit somebody. >> a big life working two jobs. an army reservist who love
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>> were not driving home. >> i spoke with morris county prosecutors earlier today and they would not say much other then there is an active ongoing investigation, surveillance camera videos being accumulated and studied. tom has put out a $20,000 reward for information leading up to a conviction. what about you? you can call any of the numbers listed on the screen or hit us up. if you know something you need to say something. >> last week about you and also story. when the owners looked closer they notice they were connected by the egg sac.
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dental floss and yellowjacket and bumblebee are happy and healthy. while i was at their sanctuary it has been amazing. everyone here was a little jealous. i brought them here to show us. >> someone had done it before. ran out and got it. basically attached. that is a north american wood turtle, and this is an eastern box turtle. bill: is this the genius
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>> how do you ready? >> they tested them against lab rats. they figured out. >> i don't know. >> a lot of turtles when you go after them, they have an inquisitive look about them. bill: while. [laughter] bill: don't take my question the right way, but which of these are edible? >> these are the ones. now that are samples. >> endangered of their native habitat. bill: what do they taste like? >> really, really weird about that. >> that is not supposed to
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>> it is called pyramiding. >> all right, this is no longer the food table. >> just another day inside the emergency room.
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become self-aware? thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah
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>> pumpkin spice bagels.
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male. >> just another day inside new york staten island hospital. the staff of doctors and nurses rushing to the bedside of a man who just got into a car accident on the bridge, but take a a closer look at the patient undergoing anesthesia, not human but imagined. >> we try to simulate exactly what happened. look for areas of improvement. >> unsuspecting doctors it called to the er only to find a mannequin lying on the bed, but let me tell you, they are pretty lifelike, blinking, breathing, talking, bleeding, even giving birth. >> that is victoria he just
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the baby is turning blue. critical situations like this make doctors prepare for the worst for often times you have doctors who don't regularly work in the field that they are catering to. 44,000 to 98,000 deaths annually are reported primarily due to medical mistakes, but similar training is said to be improving these outcomes in numerous medical specialties doctors really take it seriously? everyone responded. >> it's okay. nothing bad happens. bill: but this is a real-life situation. real patient care. >> a patient came in with the exact scenario. i have done a lot of
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incidences like this. la had to be amputated. amputated. that exact scenario. so much money for insurance to protect themselves. bill: what happens when they become self-aware? bill: get ready. the world series this year. >> forget the players, we want to no awhat there wives. meet the women cheering on
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