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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  October 27, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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rosanna: how are you feeling. tuesday, october 2000. iam rosanna scotto. greg: it is cool and sunny. rain tomorrow. rosanna: two teenagers shot in downtown brooklyn. greg: it happened right outside the applebee's. rosanna: one of them did not survive, by the way. a young girl. greg: randolph holder killed in the line of duty. the gun that they found in the river, it is the murder weapon
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it is not geared a they -- okay. city. the team is out there warming up. we are anticipating the first home game friday night. this is a live look at where the royals play. mike is saying it is a possibility. i think -- don't they have a waterfall in the that? i think they have a waterfall in the outfield. we will see what happens. rosanna: i think they have it is looking good for the weather
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on friday. greg: mike and rosanna, we're very happy to claim some credit for the met celebration at pearl harbor yesterday. we saw it in the morning. rosanna: the borough president. greg: a lot of people showed up. that helped. congratulations. rosanna: it also helped that you had john franco thayer. some signage. that is good. mike, i do not want you hedging.
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it is not like yes and no. greg: your best guess. mike: some. not a rainout. a cold front kind of playing a clean sweep, if you will. it is going to sweep out the rest of the moisture that is been there for a few days. this is the same river meant for him patricia.
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temperature right around 53 degrees. kind of a-rod day. right now we have 29 degrees out at sussex. a few spots are freezing. central park, 46. there are some high clouds out there. the sun is not up officially until about 7:20 a.m. clouds are working their way in. starts right during the morning commute tomorrow. that will be there. high temp of the 59 today. wendy and what tomorrow. let's bring in i miss with alice. let's see what is happening with
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ines: good morning, mike. the connector, there is an accident blocking a lane. truck route one and nine north round after raymond boulevard, one lane blocked within accident. let's go to sussex county. a look at the l.i.e. you could see the flashing lights. that is another accident with the hov lanes blocked. trains are doing good did everything is running on or close to schedule. greg: thank you very much. kansas city. tonight it starts. the world series. rosanna: the mets have been on a roll. greg: there is a waterfall. rosanna: so pretty.
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greg: we will arrange for you. rosanna: it is 247. greg: duke is on a trip. >> i have the stadium all to myself here. games one and two of this world series. it is supposed to rain on and off all day. 58% chance. it should be cleared up in time for first pitch which is 807 eastern time. nonetheless, it yesterday, both teams worked out. the usual batting practice.
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an opportunity for us. an opportunity for us to talk to the players in the managers. one of the things that came up is that the mets are a very young team. the kansas city royals, they were here last year. they made it to game seven. they lost against the giants. >> i think that they have a little bit more of an advantage. they have been through this before. they are a little more used to it than we are. >> we have guys that can be the hero. we have proven the issue that we can win games with our starting pitching. we have proven we can win games with our bullpen. unlike previous years, we have proven that we can win games authentically.
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ball for the mets tonight. we will hear from matt harvey coming up a little bit later in our next half-hour. greg and rosanna, even though the mets vet soon not have a ton of posts season game experience, yesterday. the young starters, they are cherishing being here. were laughing. having a good time yesterday. i think that they are ready to go. game one tonight. greg and row, back to you. greg: the scoreboard is on there in the back. >> you can kind of see it.
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rosanna: that is funny. duke: i drove in yesterday. that is funny. i thought the same thing. rosanna: pregame starts right here. we have it all right here on fox5. greg: friday we will be on the field at citi field ahead of the game. this will be really cool. the first world series in 15 years. rosanna: some guest for our show on friday night. greg: let's stay in queens. she is in woodhaven. not far from where the action will be. >> reporter: we are here. let's talk about some history. today is october 27, 2015. twenty-nine years ago, that was world series.
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they are getting ready to try to do it again tonight with game one. a light workout for the new york mets in kansas city. getting ready to take on the royals in game one of the world series. here at home they feel blue and orange outside of queens borough hall. mets fans holding on a rally. >> got to have confidence in the team this year. they are going to do it. it has been 15 long years since the mets last played in the world series. fans cannot wait to see the team back in action. on long island, hundreds of fans rallied in mineola joining prior
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>> great chemistry. a great job. a lot of fun. >> reporter: a lot of fun for even the youngest fans who plan to stay up late even on a school night. >> if anything, i will disco to school tired. it is not that hard. i do it every day. >> reporter: we will all be up watching the game. go mets. back to you. greg: thank you. rosanna: let get down to some serious news. a 16-year-old boy is dead. another one, 18-year-old injured. a very busy street. greg: let's go to robert moses. another shooting.
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this is a very bustling area. you have the brooklyn branch just a block away. you have juniors restaurant behind me. also parkways 405 walks away. this fatal shooting took place at the high of the evening rush. shortly after 6:00 o'clock last night. a 16-year-old boy was shot in the head. he died of his injuries. an 18-year-old was also hit in that shooting. he was hit in the ankle. he is expected to make a full recovery. police tell me this morning that they believe this to be gang related. let's take a look at some numbers. numbers from the nypd.
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of them this year. that is compared to 272 over the same period last year. look at these numbers. seven homicides compared to two in the same period last year. that is up 250%. that does not factor in this latest shooting, by the way. those numbers are a concern here. so far no arrests this morning. we are expecting eric adams to visit the shooting scene and called for in and to violence. greg and rosanna, back to you. greg: we also have this. a missing man, on the elderly side, they have a case of dementia. rosanna: julio gonzalez. he was last seen leaving his home on saturday night. he is 5-foot 4 inches. gray hair.
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brown eyes. wearing a blazer at the time. if you see him, please call crime stoppers. 18577 tips. greg: marriageable audio. he and hillary clinton go back. usually it is a given that if you are a democrat in new york he will endorse the hometown candidate for president. rosanna: he got his name out there working for hillary clinton. greg: the writing is on the wall. she is going to get the nomination. it certainly looks like it at this point. she is back in front runner status.
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about that shortly. the next month or two. greg: how about the banner in the trees. rosanna: he decided to hang out a bit. he refused to come down. why didn't they give him a little honey pot or something? greg: fell asleep in the trees. rosanna: back in the woods this morning. greg: sometimes they make it downtown again. sweet dreams. what is going on? rosanna: let's talk to mike woods. mike: good morning. we are still on the cool side. we have to fall like weather. here is what we have for the averages. fifty-nine is the forecast high
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the average high is 61 degrees. a record high for today is 82 degrees. the record, going to stay away. nothing really warm any time soon. we have 46 degrees in central park. forty-one in newark. 30:00 a.m. poughkeepsie at monticello. high club have made a comeback here. thicker clouds start working their way into it the tri-state. this is the radar and satellite. quite a bit of rain out there. it is so light to moderate rainfall. futurecast continues to pray towards us. it will be here on top of the morning commute home tomorrow morning. right around seven or 8:00 o'clock.
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showers working their way through. one-2 inches of rain. some places locally could see more than 2 inches of rain. that could be a good thing. there is still a chance that you will see rainfall here and there. high of 259 degrees. clouds in the afternoon. highs of 64 tomorrow. seventy-two on thursday. back down to 59 on friday and saturday. do not forget the marathon is this weekend. that will lock things up around town. let's bring in ines rosales. let's take a look at what is going on with your commute. ines: queens. final the white stone and frogs
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that bridge. on the westchester side, for the most part, doing good. rockland county, about the lace. take a look at your commute on the staten island expressway. no problems was found or eastbound. bqe, a bit of a problem here. everyone is backed up for atlantic avenue. george washington bridge, driving into the city, 40 on the upper, 30 on the lower. holland tunnel, 20 minutes inbound from each approach. greg: let's take a look outside. today is tuesday. the most depressing day of the week. the furthest from the weekend. monday you are still on the hide from the weekend.
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for our selling 18 homes? easy. building them all in four and a half months? now that was a leap. i was calling in every favor i could, to track down enough lumber to get the job done. and i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. there are always going to be unknowns. you just have to be ready for them. another step on the journey... will you be ready when growth presents itself?
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greg: what do you think that they make of that factory? i think that they make electricity. just across the river from
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how is that smoke doing? jimmy. >> reporter: i do not plan on going outside and spelling it just to test it out. greg: look at how complex the places. if a lot of moving parts in that building. again, right across from manhattan. big how. rosanna: hats off to them this morning. it is 7:22 a.m. this woman and the bat of pros to death inside a clinic. remember you and i did this. greg: she was trapped in the chamber for about 10 hours
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she used it by herself. you are not supposed to do that. temperatures can dip to below 240 degrees below zero. rosanna: she apparently got stuck in there for 10 hours. twenty-four years old. she was the manager of the clinic. not supposed to use the machine without assistance. greg: the industry is unregulated. rosanna and i did have a very pleasant experience. you go in and you come out and feel revitalized. rosanna: energized. you really have to get used it to minutes in that chamber. greg: new rules for smokers. rosanna: panning e cigarette in
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two baggage fires in the last 15 months. they can overheat when accidentally left on. however, when traveling, you will be able to take them on the plane in your pocket or carry on bags. greg: you are not able to puff away on one on a plane. rosanna: i don't believe so. greg: the fbi is warning there may be a nationwide attack against law enforcement. rosanna: lib ration militia. greg: numbers where a typical masks. tough to be in law enforcement.
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from our halloween fun did halloween is a big deal around here. here we are last year dressed as secret service agents. rosanna: . children. greg: the cross-dressing. that was interesting. greg: regis and kelly. that was okay. rosanna: how about the kardashians. greg: stephen slater. flight attendant. kim kardashian. that was a lot of fun. stormed off that plane. rosanna: i also liked being wendy williams. she gave me her blessing. greg: you got permission first. rosanna: es. what are we rocking out to this morning?
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>> reporter: that is correct. you can always tell at the landfill area. rosanna: word you think we are going? greg: he does not know. to the left of laguardia is rikers. one of my favorite new york stories. the plane crashed on rikers island in the 1950s. guess who came to rescue. the prisoners. a lot of them got early release for how they handled the situation. rosanna: good day is coming
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greg: hey, i see a doc. lots of cars. it is rikers island, rosanna. rosanna: i have gone there to interview people. greg: i would love to go. rosanna: it is a little scary, i would say. a lot of security. you have to go over a bridge.
7:27 am
an article in the newspaper. when they call home to stay in touch with their family, they rip them off. they have adjusted that at a federal level. a bit more reasonable. almost as tough as having a relative in prison. you have to go all the way up state for some of these places. rosanna: 7:30 a.m. in the morning. greg: how about that hope that visited the jail. rosanna: i was exhausted with his schedule. when is he going to take a break. it was fun while he was in town. it seems like such a long time ago.
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mike: it looks pretty good weatherwise. we have more rain coming into town. sunshine out there early on. the clouds will be thickening up. rain will be here tomorrow. good morning, everyone. it is tuesday. 41 degrees. town, 43. forty-one, which port did a lot of high clouds. 6 degrees cooler than it was 24 hours ago. 4 degrees cooler and monticello. a cooler start to the day. there are some high clouds. you have to head down to virginia. cloudy skies with some solid light to moderate rain in that area.
7:29 am
to make its way. today, you are fine. high clouds rolling into town. thicker stuff tomorrow morning. the rain will kind of overtake the area and hang with us for the entire day. showers should come to a close. thursday. high temperature today goes up to 59 degrees. 2 degrees cooler than the normal temperature. windy and wet. a good amount of it. one-2 inches should come to the tri-state region. dryer for you on tuesday. saturday is halloween. marathon is on sunday.
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ines: good morning. let's start off with queens. the bqe is slow here. a stalled truck over by atlantic avenue. garden state parkway northbound, we had jammed. route 24 here by columbia, an accident off to the shoulder causing rubbernecking delays. let's go to our cameras. go to suffolk county. flashing lights right here. hov lanes are personally blocked their. eastbound looks good. george washington bridge. upper level, 60 minutes. lower level, 40. delays as you travel eastbound on the alexander hamilton bridge. rosanna: thank you. this morning a wake will be held for officer randolph holder.
7:31 am
greg: the nypd officer shot and killed last week in the line of duty. let's go to liz. good morning. were report good morning. we just saw a number of police officers hanging blue ribbons on every tree in every plant post in front of this cathedral. we are expecting things to get underway. saying goodbye to officer randolph holder. standing side-by-side. prayer services took place all across the city and honor of officer randolph holder. thirty-three for officer holders
7:32 am
>> we support our police officers. no matter what you think and no matter what you believe. according to the new york post, sharpton was asked to attend the funeral. the longtime girlfriend said that it would be an insult for sharpton to speak there. they were covered the weapon used in the murder. the gun was tested for fingerprints and dna after it was pulled from the murky waters of the harlem river. >> they conduct the search by using their elbow to the hand. physically searching every inch. reporter: preparing to say goodbye. he was about to close on a home with his longtime girlfriend and dreamed of becoming a death. the viewing will take lace here at the cathedral from 9:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. the funeral will be at the same
7:33 am
cathedral at 3:00 o'clock tomorrow. he will be. in his native. greg and rosanna, back inside to you. rosanna: thank you so much, liz. appreciate it. greg: 6:35 a.m. let's take a look outside. what else. greg: forgive me, but i think that it is one of the greatest songs ever. rosanna: it was really a fun show to go see it. greg: you know who loved it? colin powell.
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greg: he was good morning. what can i get for you? a medium hot coffee, cream and two sugars, please? medium hot coffee, cream, two sugars -- sounds good. at dunkin', we make your coffee just the way you like it. if not, we'll make it again on the spot. see you tomorrow. that's the dd commitment. america runs on dunkin'. rosanna: this is the madonna song that i like. do you know it? greg: kind of heard it. what do you like so much about it?
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greg: how is madonna doing, by the way? rosanna: . great is high saw her in concert like a month ago. greg: the mets will be fed tonight. could be rain. rosanna: like you say that he thinks that the game will be played. that was a concern. greg: might, you are on. what is up with. mike: you guys doing the game live. rosanna: i do not even want to think about it. greg: it would screw everything up. mike: she should not that energy out there. greg: what is it that you do anyway? rosanna: fine. take it away.
7:36 am
that is happening. probably not enough to scott and charlie. scheduled for 8:07 p.m. light rain in the area. does not look like a monster storm. high clouds essential part. forty-one in bridgeport. thirty and monticello. working their way into the tri-state region. clouds rolling into town. low pressure driving up all that moisture. it looked as it will bring rain to the date tomorrow. today, you are fine. since october 1, a quick update on the drought situation. about 1 inch in the quarter behind for us over. since january 1, almost a half inches behind. that is significant.
7:37 am
the ground is still drive. currently sunny today. clouds thickened throughout the day. back into the jews is is where the rain should start out. dropping you down between 42 and 52 did rain throughout the day. windswept rain as well. inch-2 inches in most locations. high temperatures are pretty warm for you. cooler air is here friday into saturday did halloween looks pretty good. the fox5 and live weather app is at the apple i student and google placed order. there you go. there is your weather info.
7:38 am
ines: long island. here is what is going on. some earlier problems. traffic slow here at approach is 42. more delays have you had to click a putnam county, doing okay. let's go to our cameras. staten island expressway. this is to 80. eastbound side no problem. george washington. o level, dixie-90 minutes coq au vin accident off to the shoulder did 45 minute also lower. and hour delay on the link and come up. close. building. full lease.
7:39 am
they are changing the in honor of that guy. murphy's. it is temporary. rosanna: daniel murphy is hot. doctor hans. greg: all right. rosanna: they also named a dish after him. greg: how about murphy's steak. rosanna: he is also irish american baseball hall of fame because murphy's. just south of the empire state building. let's go out west. rosanna: the mets are getting ready to play their first world series game against the royals. the fountain. five oh waterfall. even during proud that waterfall
7:40 am
rosanna: excellent. duke. i'm not going to go down that road again. greg: had earlier. what is going on? duke: you can see them a little bit here. i remember my first time here in 1993. it looks absolutely gorgeous right now. we are the only ones here in the stadium right now. for somebody that loves baseball like myself, literally grew up around the ballpark, this is such an exciting time. such a great series. the mets did work out yesterday. you know, the usual. batting practice, throwing, some light running as well.
7:41 am
some young guys that can really bring it. concluding that harvey. he will get the ball in game one. i asked that harvey what they thought it would you like. >> i do not think anything has really set in for us. we realize it is a baseball game. for me, another start. a start on a different level. duke: harvey will get the ball tonight for the mets. jacob degraw will start game two. now to daniel murphy. everyone wants to know. birth so heart for this season. seven home runs. all in the postseason. the national league series. most valuable player.
7:42 am
i have to miss today, stay red-hot in this world series. >> not usually. talking to any offense a player or picture when they feel good about their mechanics that what they are doing, the game slows down a bit. >> the plan-similar to this all season long. he is getting doubles. doing all the things you need to do as a hitter. taking advantage. now he is in a position to go out of the ballpark. duke: curtis. left column. everyone was asking him about it. he said he jammed his thumb. he said he will play in the cities opener. kerry collins says that he is fine.
7:43 am
he took the batting practice yesterday. game one in the world series. right here on fox5. it begins with our pregame show live at 7:00 p.m. we will have everything covered for you. we will have much much more in studio in new york as well. cannot wait for this. catch the post game show right here on fox5 as well. we will wrap up the show. you do not want to miss that. finally yesterday, media day. there was the workout as i said. a chance for us to also talk to the players. a chance to ask some fun questions. will. i asked about their hair. the hair has gotten a lot of attention. do you guys talk care products? >> no.
7:44 am
we don't. we go back and forth on deciding who has the better hair. he originated it, but i am having it. >> i am probably cutting it off at the end of the year so we don't have to talk about it anymore. duke: how can be cut off his hair. he has been so great since he came to the big leagues with rosanna: i'm glad he is not doing anything drastic before the end of the world series p5 he is not a kid hanging out in front of the 7-eleven. rosanna: coming up.
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greg: the whole world freaked out and they said that they can and other processed meats cause cancer. rosanna: i did not know that red meat was just as bad as smoking a cigarette. greg: i had never heard anything like yesterday. rosanna: i don't know. dr. raj is here.
7:48 am
dr. raj: dated call it a class one. things like hot dogs, ellie meets, bacon. 50 grams a day does increase your risk. that is significant. it does not mean it has the same impact of smoking cigarettes. cigarettes cause about 1 million deaths a year due to cancer. they are saying about 34000 deaths. processed meat. red meat, there is a probable link to cancer for red meat as well. even if it is not processed. in general, the best way to go. limit your protein in terms of animal.
7:49 am
something, if you were a red meat eater, i am not, if you have it once or twice a week -- dr. raj: i would say twice a week is probably too much. even processed meat, fourth of july, you want to have a couple hot dogs, there are many people in this country that still have bacon and sausage every morning for breakfast. that is a mistake. greg: i am thinking about becoming a vegetarian. why not smoke a few cigarettes while we are at it. dr. raj: they are talking about daily youth. not just the occasional use. pesky terry and. greg: knew all along. >> turkey bacon and all the
7:50 am
bacons that they market. dr. raj: it is processed. rosanna: anna is a married lady. do you make your husband preface on the weekend? greg: you treat steve like he is king of the castle? anna: i do. [laughter] greg: the new james bond movie is coming. james craig is kicking and screaming. anna: last night in london. a big turnout. british royal p showed up to show their support. kate middleton, her husband and brother harry. the world premiere of the latest bond flick. it debuted in london.
7:51 am
royal family has attended a premier. there has been 24 bond films and this is only the third time. a lot of people talking about kate dress this money. greg: if you look up their story, she wore something very revealing at a fashion show. will said bring her to me. john stewart is growing a beard. he is also doing something much more meaningful as well. he is opening a animal sanctuary. it will be affiliated with farm
7:52 am
sanctuary which is an animal advocacy group. a 12-acre farm that will also have an advocacy center. greg: good for them. thank you. rosanna: we have a facebook fan of the hour. it is -- greg: susan. if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... ...isn't it time to let the... ...through? introducing otezla, apremilast. otezla is not an injection, or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. saw 75% clearer skin after 4 months. and otezla's prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. pdon't take otezla if you are
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greg: hi, everybody. tuesday. october 27.
7:55 am
rosanna: i am rosanna scotto. mike woods is keeping an eye on things in kansas city. greg: the shooting at 6:00 o'clock last night. a teenager killed and another seriously injured. rosanna: homelessness in new york city appears to be on the rise. more people have been entering homeless shelters since mayor deblasio came in office. staying in shelters longer. greg: okay. cigarettes. time for the smoking age to be raised to 21. what is it right now? >> i guess that it is 18. the mets face the royals.
7:56 am
fans will be glued to their television. right here on fox5. that is exciting. halloween preparations. it is coming on saturday. rosanna: what are we going to do? what are we going to do? greg: secret service agents for a wild. cross-dressing. rosanna: who was i? i was regis and you are kathy. greg: i was you. rosanna: when did i have blonde hair like that. greg: this is a couple years ago. rosanna: that is kelly. greg: you are not pulling that one off. you did do a very good camcorder -- em.
7:57 am
who remembers stephen slater? we usually come up with these things during happy hour. rosanna: mike was pretty good, too. mike: ines played snooki or something. rosanna: i see mike and ines behind the newspaper there. we are still hoping. we can pull this off by friday. friday is our halloween show. mike: keeping it a secret. greg: what do you think? mike: i can only imagine. all right. let's show you what is going on. it looks like it is going to be pretty decent for us. albeit cool, but dry at the same time. we have the marathon coming up at the same time.
7:58 am
weather for today. an increase in clouds. it will get a little bit cloudier late in the day. cool, but dry. closer to philly. it works its way into the tri-state region. tomorrow, windswept rain through the area. if you have to do something outdoors intimate fungi weather, you need to do it today or wait until the weekend. as we check out the radar here on fox5 sky guardian, we have more solid rain down to our southwest. pockets of heavier. a lot of this is the tropical moisture that is left over from patricia. now we had the area of low pressure lifting us through.
7:59 am
bringing a lot of this moisture. that is what will happen with the rain as well. about 24 hours before we have to do with the rain here in the tri-state. temperatures up to 59 for a high. some argue of rain throughout the day. also on the warmer side. a few little leftover showers. dreier on thursday and especially so over the weekend. let's bring in ines. i. ines: expect delays. there is an accident blocking a lane. still jammed approaching the brooklyn battery. problems northbound and southbound. exit 135. traffic flow. there was an earlier accident
8:00 am
on the southbound side, long-term construction slowing things down. let's go to our cameras. take a look at the long island expressway. in earlier accident in the area. you are left with the latest. as far as the train, doing good this morning. everything on her close. greg: the mets are in kansas city this morning. the world series starts tonight. rosanna: you only wear blue and orange to bed. some people have certain rituals on game nights. they said in certain places on their couch. greg: i am watching the housewives. [laughter] mets versus royals. big deal. rosanna: duke is i had a front row seat.
8:01 am
what is going on there, duke? duke: i am a little wet right now. this thing out. they should play tonight. like throwing. light running. guys getting their work in. a chance to talk to some of their players. experiencing the injuries. spinal stenosis. times. he happened to be here and having to share with the fans. >> they are excited for this. i think that that is what makes it special. i. duke: fans are excited about this.
8:02 am
kathleen will change. duke: this should be a lot of fun. she's out of her outfit. greg: right here on fox5. rosanna: do not forget that there is a post game show right here on fox5. friday, guess where we are going to be. game three of the world series. greg: pre-pre-pre-game show. great things happening in new york. let's hype this. let's go all out. rosanna: they really went crazy yesterday and queens. greg: let's go to kerry drew. >> reporter: and morning. we are right by the seven train.
8:03 am
fans heading to work and school. the mets won the world series in 1969. they did it again in 1986. eighty-third world series championship. let's show you the video one more time. on the field in kansas city. a light practice yesterday. daniel murphy. 1200 miles away. one of them at queensborough hall. fans decked out. on long island in mineola, and other big rally. some former met players showed up. you can view them they are chanting let's go mets. everyone has a good feeling about tonight's game. >> you have that hat on. how are you feeling about tonight's game?
8:04 am
>> we got the chance to take it home. do you think that the mets are going to take it home tonight? >> yes. >> reporter: why do you think that? >> i was there for the world series. it was amazing. i think that murphy is going to eat them up. my friend is really big into it. sorry, it is not going to happen this year. that's all the way. tonight's first pitch against the royals, 8:07 p.m. you can watch all of the action right here on fox5. that is the latest. back to you. greg: what is that behind you? a trout? >> reporter: yes. a moving truck. it is blocking the seven train.
8:05 am
rosanna: major story today. homelessness in new york city getting worse under merit of lazio. greg: despite his efforts, it seems to be getting worse. according to the paper, 57448 people were sleeping in shelters. more than 40% of them children. greg: an article. one key measure after another, homelessness has worsened over the last two years. mayor dubois zero has been in office for more than two years. ever growing homeless population is unacceptable to the future of new york city. it will not happen under our watch, but it has happened, the new york times says. it is not just our imagination. rosanna: what about shootings.
8:06 am
shooting in downtown brooklyn. a very busy area. during rush hour. greg: not far from applebee's. rosanna: junior's cheesecake across the street, i believe. greg: let's go to robert moses. >> reporter: good morning. the applebee's is just behind me. juniors across the street. berkeley center. i just got off the phone with police. so far they have not made any arrests. police say that shortly after 6:00 o'clock last night, at the high of the evening rush, a 16-year-old was shot in the head. he died of his injuries. another 18 euros man was also hit by gunfire. he was hit in the ankle. he is expected to be okay.
8:07 am
of young men running from the scene. a few minutes ago, i spoke with people who work in this area. including one woman that was here last night when the bullets started to fly. >> a lot of kids running. >> these young guys have no regard for life. >> reporter: let's look at some numbers. these are numbers given to us by the nypd. 288 homicides across the city. let's zero in on this precinct. the 88th precinct. there have been seven homicides through sunday versus two last year. a 250% increase. clearly, these numbers are a source of concern in this
8:08 am
neighborhood and across the city. eric adams, the brooklyn borough president is calling for an end. nearly feet away until a few minutes ago still a pool of blood. greg: ra, robert. thanks a lot. greg: the city is making a push to get more kids into college. starting next year, 11th graders will be a will to take that sat for no charge. rosanna: they will be able to take it during the school day. greg: i had to take it on a saturday. add insult to injury. rosanna: it takes a lot of
8:09 am
$2 million to fund all of this. right now, only 56% of eligible juniors actually take this college entrance exam. this may help that. black friday. rosanna and i -- rosanna: talking about the white house. republicans have reached a tentative deal. hallelujah. greg: john boehner really wanted this thing. he probably kind of lost his job a little bit over it as well. rosanna: increase spending by $80 billion. medicare beneficiary is will not face an increase. greg: how about the scaffolding. they are always renovating that hang. greg: they have that worked out. looks like the government will not shut down for at least another two years.
8:10 am
rosanna: all you care about is black friday. greg: a head start on the turkey sandwiches. i like to avoid this scene. pushing and shoving. great sales. one retailer is saying no more. black friday, we could make a lot of money. a great company, in my opinion. they will be close the friday after thanksgiving. they are still getting paid that day. rosanna: the store's president says the successes not just about money. it is about getting people outside. greg: you can buy a tent there that sets up in a minute.
8:11 am
from it all. the guy that runs the campsite it does not feel like you are my friend stacy went on a safari. greg: you're supposed to close the window. rosanna: her and her husband were screaming who were going to go outside and sip of the tent. rosanna: i am deathly afraid of all of this. mike. sorry, we digress. greg: when was the last time you went to the zoo? mike: why not. kind of exciting. make sure you zip the thing up. here are the averages for today. looks pretty typical for his temperature wise.
8:12 am
we have 31 in poughkeepsie. montauk check in at 44. the more you head down to the southwest, that is where you have significant cloud cover. that will eventually come this way. high-pressure losing its grip. it will be happening over the next 24 hours. allowing more clouds succumb to us later this afternoon into this evening. some of the wet weather coming to us. it just kind of stays with us that the majority of your wednesday. by the time we get to thursday, the cold front is passing by. today, high temperature up to 59 degrees. thickening clouds, but no rain. a high of 64 then. it pulls away fairly early on thursday. dry side at the same time.
8:13 am
forecasts and alerts, download the app. ines. >> good morning. problems on long island. a new accident by jericho turnpike. also, the cross island parkway. approaching over by belmont park. as far as your commute along route 80, traffic flow this morning. all because of 287. let's go to our cameras. take a look at the l.i.e. earlier accident. a problem on the cross bronx. a 90 minute delay on the upper level. lincoln tunnel, about 40-50 and bounds. greg and rosanna, back to you. greg: thank you very much.
8:14 am
8:15 am
rosanna: coming greg: already. somewhere in queens. one of those old-fashioned fire alarm boxes. rosanna: everybody uses their cell phones. greg: a little bit to the left. you will see the old firebox. you can press the button and call the cops. the other one, the fire department. nobody uses them. rosanna: a have their cell phone. nice to have you with us this weekend.
8:16 am
rosanna: does it seem like it is early this year? apple. greg: people coming in from all over the country. this is according to the accounting firm. greg: do think that we should run one of these? oprah winfrey ran a marathon. rosanna: they visited the city for last year's race. 50000 runners. we know somebody actually took the train part of the way.
8:17 am
rosanna: plan accordingly. >> reporter: uber. lobbying the state legislature. one of the things they are promising is that we could help college students who are drunk gets home safely by offering this service. they would not have to drive. we used to walk. hoover is making the argument. the other argument is the rest of the state. >> they seem to be taking over the world.
8:18 am
their money. rosanna: i downloaded that taxi app the other day. it did not work out for me. the other problem that i saw, you have to put in where you are. not where you are going. greg: are you sure that your gps was enabled? when i did put in the address, it never came. greg: you are on notice.
8:19 am
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8:22 am
greg: royals, boo. this is live pictures. rosanna: a little more energy. greg: boo. rosanna: passion. greg: we'll see. i will kick it up a notch. we are looking live at where the royals play. they have a slip and slide set up. rosanna: they are protecting the field while it rains. greg: well, it can be a slip and slide. we loved those commercials. rosanna: about 8:30.
8:23 am
nice to have you with us. we are keeping your eye in kansas city and the weather here friday night is looking good. right mike. they have to protect the field. the rain has been coming down. not a lot of rain. but scattered showers going on and on and making for a soggy situation. at game time scattered showers will be in the area and the temperatures dropping down to the 50s, down to 53 at the first pitch, 8:07 for you this evening in kansas city, so there could be delays, we hope it is not going to be cancelled, a little inconvenience, that is potential problem for you. 29 exsussex. 42 bridgeport. 46 in central park.
8:24 am
the region and more clouds to the southwest and bringing in the showers. not a lot of heavy rain. there are pockets coming through tennessee and kentucky and some of that is coming to us into tomorrow. for the most part light to moderate side. the winds are starting. not today, the clouds are rolling into the region and especially tonight, then by tomorrow morning in the commute, the rain is breaking out and the rain is with us throughout the majority of wednesday and dryer for thursday. however, it is not drying out completely on thursday. there could be a few scattered showers with a trough on the backside of this whole thing. but today, party sunny. 59 degrees in the city. cloudy tonight with the late showers. the rain is working into the region and moving up to new england.
8:25 am
the rain is here more or less throw the day. drying out on thursday. friday, saturday and sunday looking good and we change the clocks back along with halloween, cool and dry. now to ines and take a peek at what is going oen with the commuting situation. >> ines: the l.i.e., we have had a number of accidents, the second accident just cleared away west bound. in queens, working on the accident on the cross island parkway. a lane is blocked. route 24, left a delay. 287 is backed up and so the route 280. now to cameras and looking at the staten island expressway, slow eastbound because of a problem in brooklyn. spaces between the cars here,
8:26 am
of a stall out there for over an hour by the brooklyn battery tunnel tunnel. after the tunnel, things are lighter. the gwb earlier problems on the cross bronx, 90 on the upper. 30-45 on the lower. 495, 40-50 inbound. ht z 20 minutes. holland tunnel 20 minutes. street cleaning rules in effect. >> thank you. greg: 8 million people in new york city and we generate a lot of trash, it used to go to fresh kills in staten island. a few years ago, rosanna, too down. the landfill is full. we came up with a plan, eachborough has to handle their own trash, including manhattan. that is a waste transfer station under construction on the east river.
8:27 am
east 91st street. huge problem though, guess what is next door, a residential complex and playgrounds. rosanna: yes, and the fight over the transfer station is a focus of a new documentary, talking truth, the real truth. greg breg it is compelling. take a look at the trailer. >> it makes no sense on an economic level, humane level or a planning level, it is the worst public policy i have ever seen. >> you can't have a mix of the children and residential and the trucks coming into the neighborhood. >> you cannot deny the kids are in more danger more risks, more
8:28 am
harm than any other facility in new york city. >> never in my a western democracy is there a dump so close to the people. >> doesn't mean we should be treated differently. >> you are short of breath just walking up the street. intensity. it is well done. do the people agree as there is controversy about this. rosanna: nice to have you here. we saw you in the documentary. we are hearing that this uncovers the different truths when compared this transfer station to other places like it. what are some of the most startling things you found? >> a lot of truths are uncovered, especially the transfer station. there are many people, specifically those that are children, public house
8:29 am
danger, 30% more people than all the other six transfer stations combined. rosanna: so the other transfer stations don't have a playground next door? >> right. rosanna: or a housing project across the street? >> exactly. this industrial facility is in middle of asphalt green, it has a soccer field, playground, a swimming pool and the ramp with up to 500 trucks a day going up through that into the facility. greg: give us alternatives, manhattan is busy s where else could it go? >> that is a great question, there doesn't need to be an alternative, we have a report called talking trash, in fact, the east 91st marine transfer station is not needed and we have proven over and over why
8:30 am
that is the case. when we talk about equity and environmental justice, manhattan will have 3 marine garbage stations and that is more than brooklyn, bronx, queens. >> greg: where are the other two? >> one exists on 1 exists on 57th street, that is being processed right now, processing paper. there is another one stuck in political matters. rosanna: what can we do right now, kelly, this structure is going up as we speak, and i think they are saying a year or two before it is up and running, but the structure is there. >> the concrete is being poured and the steel is going up and this mayor is committed to the plan. no matter where you live in the
8:31 am
whether in taxpayer dollars wasted on the facility or a queens. what can you do? reach out to your politicians. they know the facts and yet they are not standing up about this. implemented. greg: and by the mayor, mayor did he believe z is living next to this. >> listen, we have presented all of the facts to mayor deblasio. he absolutely has the power to shut this down, yet he and the administration said to us we cannot face the facts and we are moving forward with the plan. rosanna: is it costing more than projected? >> we are north of a billion
8:32 am
it is a waste of the taxpayer dollars not to deliver environmental justice or borough equity. rosanna: the administration is taking a new approach in ifrn lementing the waste management plan, which is guided by a commitment to fairness andborough rowing equity. it is all about the borough equity. greg: and addressing the concerns. this is neither here or there statement. rosanna: you don't live on the upper east side? >> no. the city continues to make the statements for borough equity and environmental but they are not doing either. greg: we have one transfer station active right now? >> yes.
8:33 am
we generate a lot of trash, especially on this show, just kidding. >> there is a type of garbage not approaching the marine station, we have to think, this mayor is saying he's a progressive mayor, we have to think about better ways to handle the garbage. rosanna: do you think that the politicians think it is an upper east side problem and rich person's problem? >> it is politically fraught with the issues. if you touch it, if you say anything against the plan you are against borough equity and that is just not the case. greg: that is public housing by the station, these are working class folks in addition to wealthy people as well. we'll see what happens. rosanna: so contact your politician? >> absolutely.
8:34 am
and sign up for the mailings and get involved, get involved. greg: kelly, thank you. rosanna: coming up on "good day", rumor willis will be here
8:35 am
greg: before 9:00 in the morning and a bunch of tourists are up there. rosanna, ever go to the dump and look for something? rosanna: no. greg: we would go once or twice in a season. rosanna: for what? greg: what people throw out. rosanna: what'd you bring home from the dump? greg: wifel ball bat. in the city, you wouldn't go to fresh kills. rosanna: i was in brooklyn, i don't think so. greg: if you have big trash, you take it yourself to the dump. it was a saturday morning type of thing. rosanna: no.
8:36 am
but okay, let's talk about the health issues, cigarettes, now there's a big push to change the age limit on buying nicotine products in the u.s. greg: the age limit to buying nicotine products. rosanna: moving it to 21. >> right now 18, here in new york city, the age is 21. greg: i thought so. >> hawaii has to be 21 statewide. there is a policy statement issued calling for the entire nation to increase the age for purchasing nicotine products, cigarettes and e-cigarettes to the age of 21. young people causes them have life long smoking habits and their brain is still developing and feeling that increasing the minimum age to 21 has shown do
8:37 am
decrease under age smoking and younger people smoking as well as chronic smoking and calling for the changes in the ways that intrets are marketed and outlaw flavored cigarettes, and now coming in cotton candy and gummy bear. greg: this doesn't seem like a big deal. they have done that with the alcohol. rosanna: the newsstands owners will be upset about it. >> increasing the age which you can buy cigarettes does curb smoking rates in general and saying that interestingly young people are smoking e-cigarettes than the traditional types of cigarettes these days. they are calling for the f.d.a. to regulate e-cigarettes in the same way of traditional cigarettes. greg: smokeless tobacco.
8:38 am
i did it for six months. >> that is not good for you. rosanna: were you doing that while anchoring here, you were spitting a lot? greg: seriously, no. i did it in the military. >> very bad for you. rosanna: why were you doing that? greg: fiem six months of the marine corps. it is not good. actually you feel spent after wards. >> really, interesting. greg: so a push for the 21? >> yes. we are ahead of the curve. rosanna: coming up, we are cooking, i have to say that the cook book is looking old fashioned right? greg: she cooked for the pope
8:39 am
while here. he's awesome. we'll be right back. music: "thunder clatter" by wild cub most weekends only last a couple of days. some last a lifetime. hampton. we go together. always get the lowest price, only when you book direct
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>> greg: anna, anything else about the wedding that we somehowed talk about. newly married. about a week and a half. anna: we have covered it, we are good. greg: give us something. give us something. what'd you think about the best man's speech? anna: he was great. greg: for the first 15 minutes. he went on. anna: he's a brilliant guy. he works at snap chat. he's a brilliant guy. rosanna: move on. my sister gave a great speech.
8:43 am
remember the movie titanic, a creaker, clare danes was offered that part. greg: is this the king of the world thing? anna: exactly. a cracker from the actual, one of the lifeboats, this is part of the survival kit, one cracker sold just under $23,000. greg: it didn't sink with the ship? anna: it was in the lifesaver packet on a lifeboat and one of the rescuers saved it. greg: can you eat it? anna: it is probably stale. rosanna: why eat it? anna: like old wedding cake. greg: that was the problem, not enough lifeboats.
8:44 am
ricky is hosting, and last hosted in 10, 11 and 12. greg: he insulted everyone. anna: yes, people responsible said he crossed the line and going after the celebrities in the audience. i love him. he sent out a tweet after the news broke, quote now i want donald trump to stop saying things until the golden globes. they are held in january. and nba hall of famer, kareem getting the red carpet treatment for the documentary about his life. it chronicles the unparalleled impactful and success in basketball. nba greats walt, john starks were on hand for the premier and commissioner and a nets coach.
8:45 am
greg: any footage from the documentary? anna: you have to wait for it, it is coming out november 3rd. greg: cool. rosanna: thank you, anna. coming up, jim brewer, a die hard mets everyone is saying, "hey! you gotta get fios!" but why? well, fios is a 100 percent fiber optic network, so you can get 100% out of all your devices. so whatever speed you need, fios has it with the fastest internet and wi-fi available, from 50 to 500 mbps. but the main reason to get fios? we're rated number 1 in customer satisfaction. ultimately, that's why. get 50 meg fios internet, tv & phone starting at $79.99 a month. plus get $350 back. last chance, offer ends november 7th.
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