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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  October 27, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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time. and how about this for a fact? 29 years ago today, the mets won the last world series. 30 years ago today the royals won their last world series. tonight, game one. we're excited for it. back to you. steve: a day in history. who could forget. he alluded to the fact that it's rained most of the day in kansas city. doesn't look like the game will be a washout. dari: nick gregory is here to tell us what the forecast for game one is going to look like. nick: they should get it in fine. early showers are a possibility. you have a storm center moving to the east and a cold front coming from the west. the result is going to be not a big deal going on. we've had some drizzle there much of the time. take a look at the current radar plot out of kansas city. there are a couple of bands of lighter showers off to the west. we can't rule that out for the next one to three hours being in the area. take a look at the futurecast for around the kansas city area. you can see the showers pull out of there as we go through the game.
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game, it looks good. the nice weather will move back in. it will be on the cooler side. it should not be an issue. right now temperatures in the kansas city area, middle 50s up to st. joseph and topeka. that's where the temperature is going to stay going into the evening. it stays cloudy and cool. we'll call for a few showers, a little drizzle early. temperatures will start in the middle 50s and fall into the lower 50s by the time we get into the late inning. it should be play ball in kansas city tonight. dari: thank you, nick. all right. well -- steve: with the mets playing the first two games in kansas city, crews are getting busy and things on social media are very active as well. dari: let's get a look at that with stacey delikat. she's in the newsroom with more about what folks are saying tonight. >> reporter: fans have been waiting for this for so long. they are thrilled and excited. we've been asking them to tweet us their pictures. we'll share some of them with you now.
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this is allen with his son matthew who he says has been a die-hard fan since he was a baby. he's six years old. being a mets fan is a family affair. we've gotten pictures of kids and parents together. simon tweets let's go mets. you got this. and no family mets experience is complete without the family dog. here is piper, all ready for the game in his jersey. he's not the only dog picture we've gotten. more on that. babies, too. look how cute this is. freddie sending in a pictured of this little baby, this guy in a baby jersey. happy i was able to see the team play this year. let's beat k.c. and be the chihuahua says you've got to believe. very cute in his mets hat. and check this out. talk about becoming a fan at an early age. bobby sends this picture and says, yes, that little hat on top is the ice cream cup you get at citi field when you go to a mets game. how cute is that.
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that's how little the baby is. they put that on his head. everyone getting really exciting. keep tweeting your fan pictures, #fox 5 ny. maybe we'll show some more later. steve: thank you very much. all right. with the mets playing the first two games in kansas city, crews have been busy getting citi field in shape. they painted the world series logo in the grass in front of the dugout. they will play games 3, 4 and 5 starting on friday. dari: remember, you can watch game 1 of the world series tonight here on fox 5. the coverage starts at 7 and the game at 8. the post-game show will come after. steve: a sea of blue at the wake for officer holder. family, friends and police officers have gathered in queens for the wake. holder, the fourth police officer to be killed on duty in the past 11 months. he was shot by a robbery suspect in east harlem last tuesday. mayor de blasio and police commissioner bratton paying their respects this afternoon.
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there have been some controversy after the reverend al sharpton was invited to attend and speak. he has announced he will not speak after holder's fiancee and the police union objected. >> giving words of support and encouragement to the cops is not a role that sharpton is comfortable playing. it's probably uncomfortable for him to walk into a churchful of cops, the way it would be uncomfortable for the devil to walk into heaven. steve: officer holder's funeral will be held tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. at the community church of the nazarene in queens. he'll then be buried in his native guyana. dari: meantime, accused cop killer tyrone howard has been indicted by a grand jury. he has a long rap sheet that now includes first-degree murder and robbery charges. his attorney says there are many missing details in the case. over the weekend, nypd dive teams recovered the gun that was later matched to the killer of
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steve: a major gun bust in east harlem has taken dozens of weapons off streets, but there's no official word on the arrest and the death of officer holder. dari: lisa evers has more on the sting operation. >> reporter: we are learning more. police are telling us that 40 caliber handgun used to murder officer holder came from south carolina right up the i-95 iron pipeline to new york. now undercover cops with the manhattan d.a. have busted up gun traffickers they say were operating at the very spot where officer holder was killed. more than 70 illegal guns seized by brave undercover cops were on display at police headquarters. everything from easily concealable handguns to the deadliest weapons on the market. like ar-15s and a 47s. >> each of the buys took place in broad daylight with two of
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east 102nd street near the site of violence which culminated in the death of officer randolph last week. >> reporter: the guns were sold for more than $50,000 in the city by six men under arrest. on more than 140 charges. >> we're charging six individuals for their role in a conspiracy to sell more than 70 illegal firearms to a detective over the course of 35 sales in harlem and seven in the bronx. >> reporter: there was a never ending supply of the weapons coming from the south where laws are much less strict than here in new york says police commissioner william bratton. >> these weapons will find their way to new york city and the rest of our country. >> reporter: illegal guns like these were used in the murders of four police officers who were killed in the last 10 months. the city plans to intensify the illegal gun crackdown. >> the message to anyone trafficking in illegal guns is
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the full force of the nypd, the full force of the district attorney's offices, will come down on you. >> reporter: because of this active ongoing investigation, authorities told us they could not say for sure and would not tell us even if they knew if that gun used to kill officer holder was connected to this particular gun trafficking ring. there's no question that the murder of the hero police officer is making this issue to get guns off the street more urgent. we're live in lower manhattan at police headquarters, i'm lisa evers, fox 5 news. thanks. police are searching for the gunman who killed a teenager in a gang-related shooting in downtown brooklyn last night in front of the applebee's. the dispute broke out between two groups of teens. the boy was shot in the head and died. an-year-old was wounded in the -- >> we must be part of the plan
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we have a gang problem in the city. steve: that incident still under investigation. dari: we have breaking news right now at 5:08 out of long island where suffolk county police chief james burke stepped down as a federal probe has been reopened into his alleged beating of a suspect who was accused of breaking into the police chief's car. this was in 2012. burke's attorney is denying any wrongdoing and claims his client's decision to step down is solely based on personal and family reasons. steve: for the first time, donald trump finds himself trailing in a national poll. dr. ben carson has taken a lead in the republican presidential race, leading 26% to 22% in a "new york times" cbs survey released today. both have a commanding lead over the rest of the field. marco rubio was third with 8 percent and jeb bush and carly fiorina are tied at 7%. dari: meantime, word is growing that mayor de blasio plans to endorse hillary clinton for president.
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reports claim the mayor will officially make that announcement before a december presidential forum in iowa. de blasio managed clinton's 2000 senate campaign and has close ties to her but has withheld his endorsement saying he wanted to hear details on her positions on certain policies. we have to get back to mets coverage. sports bars across our area will be packed with mets fans watching the game tonight. steve: i'm sure they are as we speak. mac king live in corona queens at a sports bar with a close connection to the mets. >> reporter: unless you're at mcfadden's, this is the closest bar you can get to to the stadium and the site of the former shea stadium. for that reason, those fans who feel confident about their team's chances the closer they sit to home field, plan to gather here to watch the game. at the pine restaurant and arsenal of cold beers stand in wait tuesday afternoon for an
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army of mets fans expected to encamp here for the evening. >> chuck rose bought this place from former mets manager bobby valentine 13 years ago. like much of his clientele, his memories predate the births of most of the current players. >> my father took me when the mets played the giants. they came and hit a home run for the giants out of the parking lot, hit the team bus. >> reporter: from the time one can see, citi field across the street street. this is not located in the stadium and knows its audience. mets fans struggle to imagine the franchise ever winning another championship. >> it's like tonight is the first game of the world series. it doesn't feel real when you say it.
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hours, it will start to feel real when fans descend on the bar and attempt to drink it dry and watch the new york mets play in game one of the world series. >> i hope it will be a little crazy, energetic. the mets fans, we're waiting. >> reporter: we'll be here all night. we hope to bring you some of that craziness. i'm mac king, fox 5 news. steve: hopefully we'll have lots to celebrate. thank you. illegal or not, dogs have been a common sight at city restaurants with outside seating for some time. dari: now it's officially legal. why the state now says it's okay to dine with your pooch outside. and this: >> i was sleeping on my sister's cough for a year and a half trying to figure out what was next for me. steve: how a former pro athlete got back on his feet after a career-ending injury. dari: as we go to break, members of the metropolitan opera, orchestra and chorus perform
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series gets underway tonight.
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steve: a few years ago, he was broke on his sister's couch. now he's an entrepreneur, career coach and millionaire. dari: very nice. alison morris talked with him today about how he was able to turn his life around. this is so encouraging. >> reporter: he's an awesome success story. for anyone that thinks you need to start out with your ducks in a row, he proves you don't have to be qualified to do great things. you have to believe you can do them. his book, school of greatness, is out today and he shared some of his best advice. >> this is about giving our best. >> reporter: in the school of greatness, he lays out his eight guidelines for living bigger, loving deeper and leaving a legacy. he suffered a career-ending injury. at age 24, he found himself broke living on his sister's couch. >> it was about a year and a half of struggling trying to figure it out. i attached to one thing that i
5:16 pm
found interest and passion in. i found in linkedin as a site to connect with others and find opportunities. >> he leveraged his skills into a multimillion dollar online media business which he sold. he has a school of greatness podcast that gets a million downloads each month where he talks to experts at the top of their industries. he says the key to building a successful brand -- >> you've got to focus on a few things. it's quality content, it's consistent content and quality design. >> reporter: he says you have to create a vision. >> it can be what do i want this year? what do i want to create some what's the relationship i want? what's the income i want to make? get clear first on what you want. then you can figure out the steps to get there are. >> reporter: find people to guide you. >> you need the support from people who have been there, who can tell you the lessons to help you get there, to give you the feedback, the criticism you need
5:17 pm
>> and outhustle the competition, >> reporter: those working hard, those who dive for the loose balls in life, the coach wants that person on the team. the business person always wants to do the deal with that person. >> reporter: if that sounds like too much and you're looking for a simple way to start, he says make your bed in the morning. he believe it gets your life in order and put you in the right mind-set to start your day. he does it every day. book. he has a web site. he's got tons of great advice for organizing yourself and focusing and taking small steps to get where you need to go. steve: build habits build on build habits. good story. >> reporter: great success story. dari: oh, if you're a dog lover, we like this, you can finally take your furry friend for a bite to eat. steve: that dog is a handful. dari: yes. the little ones. governor cuomo signed the so-called dining with dogs bill late last night.
5:18 pm
it allows canines to join their masters on restaurant patios, but not inside. they have to be on a leash and restaurants can opt out if they want. california, florida and maryland have similar laws. they'll bring dog bowls out for you in the summertime. steve: especially around here. >> reporter: i never bring my dog. i'm the reason they say get rid of the dogs. he can't sit still. steve: they brought the outdoor seating seems to have reached the end of the season. nick: the temperatures are marginal now. outside. the temperatures have been okay. still pretty warm. there's no big cool-down coming. there's going to be some cooler days, but even as we move forward thursday, we'll see temperatures in the lower 70s around here. that's a time to sit outside. 59, 45 today. sun this morning. more clouds this afternoon. and it looks like the clouds
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we'll hold off on the rain until tomorrow. 60 and 47 the averages. again, 57 right now. the clouds in place with an easterly wind. it stays until tomorrow. pressure is 30.48 and holding steady. as we look at fox 5 sky guardian, there's no real rain nearby. a couple of blips on the radar. that's not reaching the ground yet. we're going to hold off on that rain as the night goes along. by the mid part of the morning commute, the rain starts moving from southwest to northeast. upper 50s just about everywhere. that's what we're expecting. 57 at belmar. 55 sussex. it was 58 in the hudson valley and upper 50s across long island today. we haven't moved much from those numbers. middle 50s at bridgeport to islip at 54. montauk the same. 55 at belmar. same at sussex. upper 50s around town. the temperature will fall into the 40s in suburbs. lower 50s around the city.
5:20 pm
that's prevalent much of the day. that will continue tonight. tomorrow it will get gusty along the coast when gusts get over 30 miles an hour as that storm center from the south and west moves in our direction. you see the clouds overtaking us now and staying with us basically. notice the rain tries to advance here on the satellite and radar composite and then dries out around washington, d.c. it will get here as high pressure slides along to the east. this storm heads up to the great lakes region bringing all this moisture up in our direction. on your day planner, clouds out the door. 51 in the city. the rain gets going into the afternoon. notice the temperature, just a slow rise through the 50s. 62 the high. or 64 will be the high very late in the day. we may run some thunderstorms in here tomorrow evening into tomorrow night. some of the rainfall at that point could be heavy at times as we watch our futurecast showing the rain moving through. we're in the mild air thursday. we dry out into the lower 70s. we'll cool down and stay dry for friday and saturday. again, our precipitation shows
5:21 pm
we could be getting anywhere from an inch and a half to three inches of rain across the area as the area of rain moves in. we could use it. cloudy, cool tonight, 51 in the city. 40s in the burbs. tomorrow the rain comes in. it will be heavier in the afternoon into tomorrow night as we get up to the high of 64. it will take all day to get there. there's the seven day. showers thursday. then sun, 73. back to 60 on friday. looks okay for saturday. i've had to introduce some showers for the marathon sunday. the halloween is dry. sunday morning. notice the temperatures monday and tuesday, back into the low and middle 60s. steve: with the world series and the halloween parties, everyone sleep. dari: especially in the city. when the temperatures drop and the leaves turn color, it's time to update the fall wardrobe. steve: simone boyce will show us what's hot right now in fall fashion and then we'll take a
5:22 pm
look at this. >> we'll close 143 stores, headquarters and distribution centers. dari: the popular sporting goods store that's ditching black friday to make more family time. steve: as we go to break, here's a thought from comedian and die-hard mets fan jim brewer. >> this is like cheering for your child who never gets in the game. don't worry, son. it will get better. don't worry. it will get better. dad, i lost again. they won't let me play. this is so exciting. this team is exciting. there's youth and there's
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dari: just because it's not so warm anymore doesn't mean that you have to give up looking good. steve: always got to be stylish. simone boyce shows us how to keep your fall outfits from getting frumpy. >> reporter: i'm here with brittany, the articles editor at people style watch. she has the lowdown on all the hot fall trends. this is one of my favorite seasons to shop for. >> it's the best thing ever.
5:26 pm
boots, jackets, scarves. >> reporter: i love the over the knee boot. i think it's so sexy. makes a statement. >> it total does. the best thing about the over the knee boot, it's a play on everyone's favorite outfit, tunic and leggings. this is something you'll see on the kardashians, on sierra. it's taking the place of a legging with a comfy sweater dress on front. these are 279. this is a faux suede. it looks beautiful. it feels beautiful. and you're always going to have to pay more for a boot that's so much fabric. but it really is a great bang for your buck. >> we're talking about lace here. that's straight off the runway victorian trend. it's everything. blouses, ruffles. this is $279. here we've put her in a beautiful pencil skirt and a pump, very office appropriate. at night, you can change into a leather legging, a black jean,
5:27 pm
anything that's going to make you feel a little sexier. tyler is modeling the statement graphic coat, which is gorgeous for fall with upgrades all sort of black, neutral outfits underneath. this is something victoria beckham does a ton. this is a graphic print. this is $495. this is a really exaggerated houndstooth, which is beautiful. if you don't want to go this bold, do something in a plaid or a floral, a bright color. it elevates any winter outfit. >> reporter: simone boyce, fox 5 news. steve: all right. showing your team colors and getting your daily carbs at the same time. dari: all right. the local bagel shop that's offering -- look at these special world series bagels. they're mets colors. >> and he struck him out. steve: amazing how common this
5:28 pm
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steve: the mets world series hopes are resting on reconstructed arms. dari: this is very interesting. fox 5's duke castiglione is live at kauffman stadium in kansas city to tell us about a procedure that's saved the careers of some of the best pitchers in the game, even some on the mets staff. duke? duke: indeed. it goes back to 1974. dr. frank joe performed the surgery on tommy john, the former yankee, and as you said, repaired the elbow, reconstruct reconstructed the elbow and three of the four mets pitchers have had tommy john surgery. >> 2-2 and he struck him out. duke: the game one starter, matt harvey, missed last year recovering. three of the four starting pitchers have had tommy john
5:32 pm
and steven matz. what is the surgery? this doctor who practices at the hospital for special surgery and is the mets team doctor and also performed the surgery on both degrom and matz explains. he invited fox 5 and our camera into the operating room while he performed the surgery on a patient. >> the ligament that holds the lower arm firmly to the upper arm is torn. baseball pitchers try to make it rotate. that's how they put spin on the ball and produce that angular velocity. the ligament resists that rotation and suddenly it gets released. >> reporter: tommy john, the first to have the career-saving surgery performed by dr. frank job in 1974, shared his thoughts on the surgery and why it is so much more common now. >> your arm is not capable of taking year round pitching. i tell parents this. >> reporter: yesterday i asked terry collins about managing his
5:33 pm
young pitchers who have had the surgery and how much modern medicine and tommy john surgery have changed the game of baseball. >> certainly it has changed the fact when pitcher's elbows go bad, there's a bright future ahead. >> i think the best thing and the most positive thing is how i feel after the 200 inning mark and honestly, it's better than i did at the 100 mark. so for me, the season was obviously an extreme success, being healthy. >> duke: for a young kid out there, there may be a player who thinks my career is over. what would you tell them? >> doctors are so good, i think that's a surgery they've really figured out. i know when i had my surgery, the doctor was super confident i'd be back out there. don't get discouraged. work hard to make it back. >> reporter: the success rate, 85 to 90 percent.
5:34 pm
it has really improved over the course of the years since 1974. quick weather update, tarp still on the field. rain picked up a little. then it has tapered off. they still expect the game to start on time. every forecast we've seen says game time. that is the story live at kauffman stadium in kansas city. back to the studio. dari: all right. thank you. the mania continues. everybody getting in on it. look at this. this is a bagel store on long island, serving up orange and blue bagels in honor of the mets. they look cool. they're like tie dyed. they're known for honoring area sports team by making bagels in the team color. >> it started with the giants years ago. so we have always been known for our colored bagels. now we do it to support our teams. me and my father are long time mets fans.
5:35 pm
it had to be done. dari: they will continue making them throughout the world series. steve: a bigger seller for sure. all right. the mets still need four wins to get the trip to the canyon of heros. there was a parade honoring the team today, the first ever puppy parade featuring rescue and shelter dogs. they were all in their mets uniforms. the purpose of the parade was to promote pet adoption. always a great cause. we're looking for your fan photos supporting the mets. when you post on social media, use the #fox 5 ny. who knows, you could see your own picture on tv. pretty exciting. keep them coming. dari: or send them to us. at dari alexander. steve: and steve lacey. dari: you can watch here on fox 5. the actual game starts at 8. fox 5's post-coverage will start the show. steve: and then the news. we're here however late it will be.
5:36 pm
dari: all night long. let's hope for good reason. on to something serious. the justice department now saying that it will investigate a highly publicized case of south carolina student who was dragged from her desk by a school resource officer. steve: zachary joins us with the cell phone video that prompted the justice department to get involved. >> reporter: before the final bell range at spring valley high school monday, the incident went viral. today the justice department opened an investigation into whether the deputy in that video, who arrested a student for refusing to leave her math class, violated the girl's civil rights. we don't know everything from the video. it's only about 16 seconds long. but it says a lot. check out the video right here. here's the altercation between a uniformed school officer and that student. you can see the teacher and the classmates watching as she is thrown to the floor. the student was disrupting class and refused to leave. the cell phone video was shot by another student in class. again, the clip is only 16
5:37 pm
we don't know everything that led up to that incident. the video has drawn a large and loud response from social media. some people have called out what they say is the violent manner, the force the officer used. others argue the student should have gotten up. race has been a part of the discussion and should be acknowledged the officer is white. the student is black. president obama spoke on the issue today. >> i refuse to believe that the only choice we have is to either ignore circumstances of racial bias or make it impossible for police officers to do their jobs. that can't be the choice that we've got. we've got to reject that false choice. >> reporter: that was part of a longer statement he was making about south carolina and relationships between police and communities of color. what started off as disrupting a class is part of a larger national debate now. authorities in south carolina are saying what happened before
5:38 pm
that the student hit the officer. we have not seen that video. reporting live in the newsroom, fox 5 news. steve: thank you. an elderly man from connecticut who was wounded in israel two weeks ago has died. the 76-year-old was stabbed when two palestinian men jumped on a bus in jerusalem. another attacker rammed his car into a bus station and started attacking bystanders. the death toll from the attacks now at four, making it the deadliest day for israel since violence erupted five weeks ago. dari: and things couldn't get more complicated in iraq and syria. isis is on the move. russia has begun air strikes in syria. the u.s. planning to ramp up its fight against isis. defense secretary ash carter laying out a new strategy before the senate armed services committee today. now he says the u.s. will intensify air strikes and, get this, possibly send in troops.
5:39 pm
and equip new forces outside of syria before sending them into the fight. the new approach is to work with vetted leaders of groups that are already fighting isil and provide equipment and some training to them and support their operations with air power. dari: this is interesting. secretary carter said the u.s.-led effort will target isis cash flow by going after the oil wells that it controls. why not a year ago? why has it taken this long? steve: difficult situation. another store giving black friday back to families. dari: for employees, they won't have to show up to work and what the company would like to see
5:40 pm
have off. i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling
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dari: hard to say yet if any other stores will follow suit, but there's a major outdoor retailer that will not be opening on the busiest shopping day of the year, black friday. steve: that's right. in fact, it's suggesting its employees spend the day after thanksgiving outdoors with family and friends. jessica has more. >> reporter: 143 rei stores, all of them will be closed on black friday. and that's not all. the employees will be getting paid for not showing up to work. >> i never thought that in retail, something like this could ever happen anywhere around the country and it's happening in soho, new york.
5:43 pm
>> reporter: the employees of rei couldn't believe the e-mail they received. >> i've been working in retail for 15 years, and this is my first time that in that time where i will not be working a black friday. so i'm absolutely ecstatic. >> i was so excited. i was a little flabbergasted actually. >> reporter: they're asking the workers to spend the busiest shopping day of the year outdoors. >> it's part of our mission. it's really important. and what better way to make a statement than to encourage our employees to do that. >> sounds fantastic. sounds like exactly what they are all about. >> reporter: the decision wasn't easy to make for a company who has 5.5 million members. >> our sales were up last year. we had a good friday. >> reporter: is it going to impact the store? >> we think in a positive way. we'll have employees who have been outside playing and they'll come back energized and ready to go for the holiday season. >> it's a great opportunity for other people to see that we stand for our core values.
5:44 pm
>> reporter: the web site will be open for business, but the orders won't be shipped until saturday. rei has even created a social media media #opt outdoor and a web site where people can share their plans for the day. if you're afraid you'll miss out on the sale, don't be. they'll have deals before and after black friday. you'll have enough time to catch a deal. in soho, i'm jessica formoso, fox 5 news. steve: better than opening earlier and earlier. they'll get good press. >> a local singer-songwriter who loves the mets got herself into the game. dari: we'll introduce you to the young woman who wrote the walk up song for one of the mets stars. steve: pretty cool. uber has mets fever. they know how to get attention. see how the ride service is
5:45 pm
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so they're more engaged, with fewer high health risks and lower medical costs. take control of your health slash take control. steve: a fox 5 health news. cryotherapy has been endorsed by lots of people. now effectiveness of the treatment is being questioned after a salon worker died after she went into the machine. dari: wow. dr. manny in the house. dr. manny, this is one of hot, hot new things. we did a story about it. a lot of people are into it. hot, hot cold, cold new thing. >> sorry. i'll go on the record.
5:48 pm
i think it's silly. this is a new technology. it comes from the idea that if you freeze something, you get rejuvenation, wrinkle effect and all that. this is a whole body cryotherapy. you go into a therapy. it goes down to minus 200 fahrenheit. for a few minutes or so. then you come out and it's supposed to create these changes in your body, which brings the endorphins which bring the anti-inflammatory cells -- look, there's no scientific evidence whatsoever. i would argue if you have risk factors that you don't know, like high blood pressure, diabetes. some people are severely allergic to cold. you can get a mass reaction, an anaphylactic reaction and die. i don't know if this was a man error. this is a person that was there by herself. they went in and found her hours later completely frozen.
5:49 pm
the bottom line is there's no scientific evidence whatsoever for these machines. they're run by nonmedical people. if you ask any scientist, they'll tell you there's -- steve: how is that possible? >> because they extrapolate. there are machines that athletes use for freezing muscles and things like that to relieve pain. all of that -- cryotherapy on certain spots on your body under medical supervision, there are tools used to enhance healing of the muscle. now when you take it to a spa level, when you put this machine, which is not fda approved, it's not an fda approved product and it has no medical validity, you're going don't use it. manny. i know everything you're saying. we can't underestimate the fact, it doesn't make it right, but this is one of the hottest trend things. people see it as a weight loss tool. people see it as rejuvenating.
5:50 pm
you can get energy from it. >> it's a commercial -- dari: it's a period of time that -- a certain period of time that people are supposed to go in there. i'm not arguing for it. i'm saying it's not something that is really obscure. >> it is not obscure. [indiscernible - talking over one another] >> at the end of the day, you're putting your life in danger and it doesn't do anything for you. bottom line it doesn't do anything for you. bottom line, it does not do anything for you. donate the $400 to a nice charity and somebody in need. steve: good advice. dr. manny, we appreciate it. walk outside and catch a good chill. nick is feeling like late october. nick: an on target day. we had a nice morning to start with the sun. the clouds won out this afternoon. they'll lead to rain and potentially a lot of rain as we get into later tomorrow into tomorrow night, especially -- we need it.
5:51 pm
59 in the city for the high. 50s to buffalo and through the northeast except for philly at 62. nothing yet on fox 5 sky guardian. some precipitation being detected south of allentown. that's not reaching the ground. you can see on the satellite that all of that precipitation is evaporating. for the time being. it will get here probably starting about mid commute time tomorrow morning. then it will ramp up in intensity into the afternoon and as we head into tomorrow night. there could be some thunderstorms around and locally heavy rainfall is possible. newark, 57. it's 55 belmar. cooler at monticello. 48 there. mid 50s long island. as you get up to southern connecticut. that's been our story of the day. this easterly wind, 5, 10 miles an hour. it continues out of the east tonight and continues out of the east tomorrow. tomorrow will get gusty, particularly along the coast. we'll see wind gusts over 30 miles an hour.
5:52 pm
with a full moon -- we had it early this morning, that could lead to potential coastal flood problems. we have a coastal flood advisory in effect for the long island sound area across the city and extending across the jersey shore tomorrow. let's go to the wide view. high pressure is moving off to the north and east of us. gave us the great cool weather. a storm heading to the ohio valley will push this wet weather up into here. as it does so, it will bring up milder air. look at highs tomorrow. it will take all day to get there. we'll get into the middle 60s late in the day. 70s atlanta. we may pop into the 70s here on thursday for a day. it is cooler behind that system. 50s to upper 40s in the northern plains states. we'll see the cooler air later in the week. futurecast, here come the clouds tonight. here's the rain. notice it doesn't get going until commute time with intermittent light rain then. as we move into the afternoon, it's more widespread. there are some thunderstorms tomorrow night. some heavy rainfall moving through. a shower may start thursday. then we get into sunshine as
5:53 pm
time goes along. it will be dry for the end of the week. rainfall totals could ramp up in the range of one to as much as three inches of rainfall. let's go to see our forecast as we head in towards the next seven days. a gusty day tomorrow. 51 the low. showers come in. then rain with thunderstorms. 73, an early shower thursday. sun, breezy, 60 on friday. dry for halloween, 58. sunday morning. watch that. week. steve: a lot warmer than last marathon. that was a brutal cold day. thank you, nick. >> next time mets slugger walks up to the field, a special song will blair through the singers. dari: it was written and performed by a young woman and we spoke to her about it. >> new york, new york, if you ain't from the city, you just talk. >> reporter: if you're a mets fan, the song she's singing in
5:54 pm
sound familiar to you. i like it hot >> reporter: the singer and mets fan wrote and recorded the fan for the mets outfielder. it ps 's his walk up song at citi field. the full version is now available at fina this after she sang the national anthem at a home game and spoke with him. >> i was like i'm a singer. maybe i should get you a new walk up song. yours is outdated. he was like okay. do it. have fun. i was like you're kidding me. there's no way. >> and that ball is absolutely scorched. >> reporter: the first night he hit a mammoth three run homeowner,
5:55 pm
>> i think my song is lucky and it brings them luck and luck. >> the title translated into english means the power. she hopes he continues to power his team all the way to a world series win. >> i can go on and on about how excited and honored and blessed. really there's no words to explain how i'm feeling right now. i like it hot >> reporter: lidia curanaj, fox 5 news. dari: very nice. behind the mets. all of the cars on uber app are colored, yes, orange and blue for the series and the new york uber office has placed a wager with the kansas city uber sit tight. we'll see you when it's over. steve: after the game. here's ernie with what's coming up at 6:00. thank you very much. we're right on top of the news
5:56 pm
we've got mets fever, of course. we'll be live in kansas city and queens for all of the excitement for you. plus coming up next at 6:00, cybersecurity. it's a booming industry, but it's also one that lacks women. we'll look at why with our live guest coming up after the meet the moore's! we're the moore family, and as you can see, we need an internet that can do more. we do more games, and more streaming. so we need more speed. that's why we switched to time warner cable.
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place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast >> announcer: live from studio 5 in new york city, this is the news at 6:00. ernie: and hi, everyone. i'm ernie anastos. we thank you very much for joining us. and welcome to the show on this tuesday. it's not just any tuesday. game 1 of the world series is tonight. and new york is buzzing. check out citi field getting done up with the world series debut. they don't play there until friday. kansas city. that's where our duke castiglione is joining us live right now. duke, two hours away from this thing finally, finally getting underway. excited. duke: finally getting underway. let me set the scene for you.
6:00 pm
the tarp is on the field, as you can see.


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