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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  October 27, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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the tarp is on the field, as you can see. no batting practice today. i talked to joe torrey. he said we're going to play tonight. if you look over my right shoulder, you can see the umpires going over the ground rules. this is what they do before every game, especially at the start of a series. that's what's going on now. kansas city was here last year. they lost in seven games to the san francisco giants. the mets, well, they don't have nearly as much world series experience. curtis granderson, he's one guy that has been to the world. juan uribe is the only other guy. the starting pitchers, they've never been on a stage this big. yet so far this post-season, they've flourished. i asked terry collins at the beginning of the season if he was worried about the young guys
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being nervous or too amped up on this stage. >> we've got a lot of guys in the clubhouse and some veteran guys that have never been in this situation. we always look to our young pitching. that's the no. 1 thing. are they going to overthrow? are they going to try too hard? and they haven't. so i credit some of the veterans guys on the staff, . they do a tremendous job. they've bought into the game plans of how to get guys out and, therefore, they know they can't overthrow. they have to make quality pitches. it's added up to them pitching as well as they have. duke: once again, i want to take you over my right shoulder. when we hit the video, the kansas city grounds crew came out. they're trying to get some of the water that's been on the tarp off the field. i got here just after 5:00 a.m. local time. the tarp already on the field.
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it's been on all day. they expect to play tonight. game time, 8:07 eastern time. that is the story. we're live from kauffman stadium in kansas city. back to you. ernie: thank you for that. we'll see you later. let's bring in russ. what's left to say? russ: play ball. it's very exciting. first time for the mets since 2000. it's finally happening. we're here. big doings on fox 5. we've got a pregame show at 7. the game at 8. ernie: got it all. russ: let's play the game already. ernie: we see daniel murphy on the cover of sports illustrated. not a surprise really, which is great. it's terrific. he's done a great job. what other unexpected heros do you expect? russ: unexpected? you're talking from a mets' perspective and hopefully they win. you know what? if i had to pick a guy who's not
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hero, i'd say wilmer flores, the short stop. remember the famous night two days after he was allegedly traded and with the tears, he hits a 12th inning home run to beat the nationals. they were rocking and rolling. they haven't stopped. i think he can come up with big hits. he really might be one of the guys. ernie: listen, a chance of rain. we heard about that. that's a problem. russ: well, it could be a problem. but i'll tell you what, they spoke to both managers prior to the game and terry collins didn't seem too concerned. ernie: okay. >> i talked to mlb. they pretty much asked would -- is it a big factor if we start in slight drizzle. i said no. this ground crew does a tremendous job.
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the field handles the rain very, very well. the one thing we can't have is a big front moving in where we stop in the middle of the game. that's the issue. ernie: if there's a big stoppage, who gets the advantage? russ: that's a tough call. from a mets' positive perspective, they have guys like colon who was a starter. they're in the bullpen. they can do that. from a k.c. perspective, they baseball. let's play the game. ernie: let's just do it. getting ready for it. there's no other way to say this without stating the very obvious. fans are pumped. they're ready to get this really started. mac king found a few anxious fans ready to explode in corona queens. >> reporter: we're a couple of hours away from the explosion. the first pitch isn't until after 8:00. we're starting to see fans start to fill this place up. they plan to occupy these seats
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at the pine restaurant, an arsenal of cold beers stand in wait tuesday afternoon for an army of mets fans expected to encamp here for much of the evening. >> this is the moment we wait for. >> reporter: chuck rose bought this place from former mets manager and briefly mets player bobby valentine 13 years ago. like much of his clientele, his memories pre-date the births of most of the current players. >> my father took me when the mets played the san francisco giants. they came and hit a home run for the giants out of the parking lot, hit the team bus. >> reporter: one can see citi field as regulars could see and hear shay before its demise. mets fans struggle to imagine the franchise ever winning another championship. >> oh, man, it was rough.
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i'm holding my own. and anheuser-busch is helping me out with that as well. >> you've got to pinch me. i'm like i don't believe we're about to play the world series. >> tonight is the first game of the world series. it doesn't feel real when you say it. >> reporter: in a couple of hours, the moment, the series, will start to feel very real when legions of fans descend on the bar and watch the mets play in game one of the world series. >> i hope it's going to be energetic. mets fans were waiting for this. >> reporter: we'll be here all night and hope to bring you that craziness. ernie: thank you. you can watch game 1 tonight here on fox 5. pre-game coverage starts at 7. the game is at 8. fox 5 sports post-game show comes on after. join us for the excitement and fun. we hope the weather will hold up.
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nick: i think it will. a little bit of shower and drizzle activity. it's out of there before the game. ernie: we'll be waiting for it. be sure to join us for a special look at car safety. today gm recalled more than a million vehicles due to a fire risk. it's the latest in a string of recalls from many manufacturers. so how safe are the cars we buy? we'll talk about it tomorrow at
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ernie: all right. 55 degrees in new york city. nick will be along with our forecast for you in just a moment. here's a look at what else is happening in the news. these stories. six men are under arrest after an undercover drug bust in east harlem. 70 guns were on display, all of them found their way into new york along the so-called iron pipeline from the south. >> unless this attacked at the source, these weapons will continue to find their way to new york city and the rest of our country. ernie: city officials say they will intensify efforts to stop illegal guns from flowing into new york. outdoor gear and sports goods retailer rei will be closed on black friday. employees of all 143 locations, including the store in soho, will get a paid day off. the company says it's asking
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company mission and enjoy the outdoors. and that's what's happening right now. >> we'll enjoy the outdoors for a while. tomorrow got a little rain in the forecast? nick: probably more than a little. especially in the afternoon into tomorrow night. good downpours are coming. we need it. it's been great, but we're running over an eight-inch deficit for rain. we may get two inches back tomorrow. that will be good news. clouds have won out after sunshine earlier on today. it's been a seasonal day. you can see the average is between 60 and 47. we're in the ballpark. the lows are down there. 28 for this day in 1936. 82 for the high. 7:21 your sunrise, setting at 5:59. we've dropped to 55. humidity, 57 percent. easterly wind continues into tomorrow. it will get gusty and the pressure 30.48 and holding steady. we have a high deck of clouds that will be lowering. upper 50s everywhere we look for high temperatures. monticello, 54.
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57 as you move towards islip. bridgeport, 56. mid 50s the city eastward. dropping into the lower 50s across most of long island. bridgeport, 54. 52 sussex. it's in the middle 40s up there in sullivan county. wind continues out of the east. light, 5, 10 miles an hour. tomorrow, along the coast, we may be dealing with winds gusting up to 20, 30 miles an hour. we have a coastal flood advisory in effect for the area. this will be running from 8:00 a.m. to noon wednesday during the high tide cycle. basically long island sound, the south shore of connecticut and extending into the jersey shore. keep that in mind. could be minor coastal flooding. there's no rain nearby. you can see the rain to the south evaporating as it tries to move in our direction. that will change as high pressure slides off to the east here. the remnants of patricia, the hurricane last week, that's moving up towards the ohio valley. look at that big swath of rain. that has to pull into our neighborhood.
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it will come in with milder air as the wind starts out of the east and a warm front will move northward. it will take all day for that to happen. we'll get into the 60s tomorrow late in the day. cloudy out the door. 40s in the suburbs. 51 here. the showers begin, a bit of light rain, the mid to late part of your morning commute. then it ramps up here. the rain could be heavy at times. a couple of thunderstorms may happen as we head into wednesday night. that's when the temperatures reach into the 60s with the warm front moving northward. here's the heavier rain tomorrow night. a break thursday after showers early. some sun may come out middle of the day. by then, the temperatures may jump into the lower 70s until the cool front passes to cool us down and dry us off by the time we head towards friday. that will be good for game 3 of the world series friday night at citi field. cloudy, cool tonight. 51 in town. tomorrow, a rainy day from mid commute time on. that rain will ramp up in the
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afternoon. could get over two inches of rain. thunderstorms into tomorrow night. 64 the high. again, it takes all day to get there. not until tomorrow night. rain still scattered thursday morning. then sun in the afternoon. 73. breezy friday, sunny. 60. halloween, dry during the day. 58. clouds may arrive sunday morning 2:00 a.m. is our change of time. we fall back. could be a couple of showers. that's marathon sunday in the morning. in the 60s. we stay in the lower to middle 60s tuesday and wednesday. ernie: we'll turn that clock back. don't want to forget about that one. thank you. coming up next, why aren't there more women in the booming field of cybersecurity? a live guest will help us to try to find the answer. and your answers to this question. how do you stop yourself from losing your temper? what do you do? do you have any tricks or is your trick to let it loose? more on that coming up in a minute. on thursday, we look at those daily fantasy sports leagues. after reports of employees with
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money, should there be new regulations? is it gambling? we'll take a closer look thursday at 6:00. i'll be right back in a minute.
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ernie: welcome back, everyone. cybersecurity is one of the world's most important new fields. in fact, the senate passed a big cybersecurity bill less than an hour ago. as cyber criminals continue their attacks, more and more people are needed to stop them. even with the demand so high, too few of those in the field are women. our stacey delikat takes a closer look. >> reporter: in the tech world, kelly is a rarity. that's because she's a woman
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working in cybersecurity. >> i like to, you know, build software, break software. >> reporter: she is a security engineer at tumbler and worked in computer science for a decade. >> i noticed when i got into school, that the amount of women just enrolled in computer science in general. there was not a lot. we don't see a lot of cool women engineers or i didn't growing up. >> reporter: while that may be starting to change, women still have a long way to go in the male dominated field of cybersecurity. only one in 10 information security professionals are women according to a report from ise squared, an organization which certifies cybersecurity professionals. >> there are reports in the next five years, we need about a million cybersecurity experts. next five to 10 years. we need a million new cybersecurity experts. where are you going to find them if you ignore half the population? you cannot do that. we cannot afford to do that. >> reporter: this professor is
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department at nyu's tandon school of engineering where he's making an effort to get women interested in the field and to dispel stereotypes. >> women may perceive cybersecurity as a macho thing. women may perceive cybersecurity as being simply an individual sitting in front of a terminal for five hours and writing some code to get into something. >> reporter: emily, a third year computer science student at nyu, got over those perceptions quickly. >> there are opportunities for group work collaboration. brainstorming is an important factor for people in the field. >> reporter: she got into cybersecurity after entering a high school contest on a whim and becoming the first woman ever to win first place. >> the experience opened so many doors, for myself and to inspire students, making me aware of the problem with diversity. >> reporter: while she hopes
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she's reaping the benefits of being in high demand when it comes to finding work. >> there are times when i've been extended offers. >> reporter: it's estimated there are currently more than 200,000 vacant cybersecurity positions and the number is only expected to get bigger. in the flat iron district, i'm stacey delikat. back to you. ernie: all right. thank you very much. let's continue to talk. joining me is my special guest. meet shelley wesman, vice president of operations and strategic initiatives at ibm security. that's a big title. >> it sure is. ernie: how are you? >> great. thanks for having me. ernie: a pleasure having you. there are tons of jobs, but we're hearing some women think perhaps cybersecurity is a little boring and it's male dominated. what's your take? >> first of all, it's anything but boring. this field is dominated by bad guys, by mystery, by intrigue, by cyber criminals. just last year alone, a billion records of personal information were stolen. ernie: huge. >> huge.
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our job is to stay one step ahead of the bad guys. absolutely not boring. ernie: i know you want to do that and you're doing it well. you're working at this. what's the percentage of women who are in cybersecurity. >> it remains low, which is troubling. what we're seeing today is 50 percent or more of college graduates are women, but only 10% are in the cybersecurity field. ernie: why is that? >> it is a male dominated -- ernie: what are colleges and schools doing? are they addressing the problem? >> they are. we are working with them. we're working with more than 300 universities to partner across these programs. but we're finding that young girls are not told early and often enough about the careers in cybersecurity. the typical stereotype of a hacker is a young man in their parents' basement hacking. girls can't picture themselves as being part of the problem and certainly can't picture themselves as being part of the solution. ernie: you're selling a good story here. you look at the future, there's going to be a ton of jobs open.
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will they automatically go into the jobs? just as a natural interest in having a job? >> we hope so. we hope with the education, with discussion, there'll be more girls that get into this field. now, first of all, let me say it's not just girls. we need people. we need high talent people. but we also need people with critical thinking, with analytic skills. you don't have to have a background in cybersecurity. i'm a great example of that. i call myself a recovering lawyer. i practiced law for five years. ernie: then you went into cybersecurity. >> i did. it's such an exciting field. there's so much to learn to stay ahead of and so we're having to do more mentorship opportunities with women. earlier this year i started a program at ibm called wives, women in security excelling. ernie: keep it going. thanks for joining us. appreciate it. keep up the good work. all right. still ahead for you, when you feel your anger bubbling, do you have a way to keep from losing your temper? what is it?
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ernie: let's talk about emotions. what's your secret for not losing your temper? >> crack a joke. ernie: crack a joke. >> a nice joke. laugh it off. that seems to do it. ernie: get everybody to relax. what do you do? >> i just hold my breath for a minute, count to 10. ernie: like an old trick, but it works for you? >> yes, it does work. yes. that and a candy bar. ernie: what do you do? what's your secret? >> i don't. i lose it. ernie: you lose your temper. you lose your temper. you don't have a way of controlling it? >> yes, i do.
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>> breathe deep and think of my grandchildren. >> they're just driving. let them go. move on to my day. i have more important things to be happy about. ernie: seems to do well for you. >> works well for me. >> i think about holidays, my friends, family. >> she doesn't lose her temper. ernie: she calms you down? >> she calms me down. >> i try. ernie: who calms you down? >> nobody. myself. ernie: what do you do? >> i just hold it in. ernie: here's a lovely couple. let's ask the question. how do you hold your temper? >> make believe i'm at work. ernie: how does that work? >> take deep breaths. ernie: what do you do? >> not sure i hold it well. ernie: you're being honest. don't get mad at me. have a great day. bye! you can catch my positive messages on 710 wor radio. i'm ernie anastos. from all of us in studio 5 and our control room, we thank you very much for being a part of our broadcast. have a wonderful night. see you again tomorrow.
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