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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  October 27, 2015 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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mets on top. unearned run scoring in the top of the eighth inning. it doesn't feel like it was unearned after the work done by lagares. stolen base. ball put into play, flores. 4-3 mets. tyler clifford takes over. picked up, july 27, from oakland. had a great start coming to the mets. 0.46 e.r.a. here's one. down the right field line. and slipped. goes for the throw. second with a double. his second of the zigt.oz[ two pitches, two doubles.
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and talked about how tricky that corner is. saved some extra bases getting back up. see how the ball continued to run on the wall once it gets stuck there. it will continue around the circle. granderson slipped. this ball hugs the wall. it is going to start running on you. fortunately he got back up. able to keep him at second base. the scouting report on zobrist. he is the one royal who will concede you streak one from time to time. known for being a very patient hitter. once you the put on this kansas city royals uniform. that goes out the window. >> joe: tying run at second. nobody out. here is lorenzo cain, 1 for 3. pitch head high.
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just to finish. e.r.a. of 6.75. with five home runs allowed.ii5r it's tyler clippard. >> tom: the way he has been hitting the ball to the right side. the 0-1. 0-2. cain. hit .307 during the regular season. trying to bunt. >> harold: the first one he is trying to push to the right side. you want a ball that is up. right here he would have to get the bunt down. now he is going to third base. all most have to believe he is bunting on his own right there.
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ju$"{ trying to make sure he does move up the runner. >> harold: i think you are right. talking with ned yost. he doesn't like cain to bunt. >> joe: big numbers. 6 for 11. runners in scoring position in the postseason. setup, 0-2. one away. in a big strikeout for clippard. throws this one by on the 0-2 fastball up. cain in protect mode. took advantage of the aggressiveness and anxiety of the two-strike count. here is hosmer. he is walked. grounded out. going to sac fly.
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tying run at second. one out. sac fly. moves him past. and the most rbis in franchise history. with more opportunities these days. strike one. >> tom: terry collins showing confidence the way clippard. in the bullpen, warmed. with a nasty splitter to neutralize hitters. for clippard, the neutralizer is the change-up. that's why he is on. he is tough against left handers. the 0-1 pitch. 80 mile an hour change-up. the count now 0-2. a boughty. tyler clippard will throw the glove. elbow. arm. long arm swing. then you keep looking for the baseball. it's still not there.lxzu and the change-up yesterday.
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he said he started throwing that when he was age 12. and just continues to perfect it through the years. >> joe: hosmer set up. 2 and 2. and now, d'arnaud. going to go and talk. they will talk. flores gets in on the conversation. the tying run at second. tonight's telecast sponsored by bud light. make the right call. drink responsibly. by fitbit. find your fit. and by verizon. better matters. here comes an 0-2. hosmer. got him. two down. you can see how high d'arnaud
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set up. 0-2. absolutely. great game calling by d'arnaud. strikeout on cain and hosmer. trying to protect. count in your favor. take advantage of the aggressiveness. get him out. outside of the strike zone. i look how late ike how late he set up. you will stand up the runner at second. know it will be a fastball. see how late he pops up on the pitch. a lot of confident. tyler clippard. familia in the bullpen. two out. morales in front of the change-up. he could all most tell you it is coming. it's that good. he pulls the string on it. then that 92 mile an hour fast bah. looks s -- hour fastball. terry collins has not been scared to go to familia for a three-out save.
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mets up, 4-3. familia. the bullpen. it's clippers. and morales. strike two. and after the leadoff double, tyler clippard could strike out the side here in the eighth. they have a huge advantage now. morales has the not seen a fastball. it's one thing to see it when you are on the on-deck circle. it is another to see it in the batter's box. now two, back to back change-ups mail. go three. you have the fastball you haven't seen.!@ot another change. this one bounces in ball one. one of the things i love about the world series. the two teams have not played a lot. interleague play hasn't come into play. so the entire royals roster has
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just 11 at-bats against timer clippard. you are trying to figure out this guy. that mythical change-up on the fly. 2 and 2. zobrist having ben en out there through the at-bat of cain,
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hosmer, morales. d'arnaud will go out there and talk the signs he is flashing on clippard. who wins this battle. clippard or morales? d'arnaud. the tying run, 90 feet away. >> tom: d'arnaud did not put down a sign. probably planning the next two pitches. certainly that was not in the planning. the wild pitch on the change-up. no sign.
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slipped out of his hand lack a bar a -- slipped out of his hand lick a lick -- like a bar of soap. now the 3-2 pitch. morales walked. we'll see if that -- [ indiscernible ] a pinch-runner for morales. that will be dyson. with familia ready to go and myth moustakas coming up. that's it for clippard. who gave up the leadoff double. struck out the next two. but the walk keeps the inning alive. and collins goes back to the bullpen. because when you enter best buy, it means you' re gifting on all cylinders.
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>> joe: 5 for 5 in saves. three of them from more than three out. 9 and 2/3gy1iinnings pitched. no runs. a couple of hits. and number 27 takes over for the mets. think of great mets closers in their world series years. familia. he is their guy. moustakas takes a strike. familia hide the ball so long. so difficult to pick up. almost like he short arms the ball.
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very difficult to see. 43 saves during the regular season. 0-1 pitch. runner in first. goats. ground ball to short. goes. ground ball to short. hits flores. long throw. he got him. and familia takes care of the eighth. the royals now have stranded five. we go to the ninth inning. and game one. mets will bat up 4-3. it says, "i have a once in a life time investment opportunity for the making of many of millions of currency." [siri]: would you like to reply? uhhh, yah. [siri]: okay, what would you like the email to say? sign me up. [siri]: okay bill, here's your email message to prince oseph.
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>> joe: want to take you back to this here by the mets. look at flores, shortstop. runner on third. he runs. giving him second. if he brakes at all. this is going to be a base hit. so the defense, decided we are going to give him second base. they have that much confidence in the closer to got him through the inning. that is a big no cover right there, joe. >> joe: ball hit at flores. made the play off the bat of moustakas. familia will have flores -- perez, gordon, orlando as it sits right now. what will the score be. mets will be leading by one. here's granderson.
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had some good stwings s swings tonight. had a home run. back in the fifth. the right-hander takes over. he missed all the postseason fun last year. then, run by the royals coming back from tommy johns surgery. and he has been scoreless through 5 and 2/3 inning pitched this postseason. trying to keep it a one-run game. top of the order for the mets. wright and murphy will follow. here comes the 0-2. ball one. he you see, duffy, you see herrera. the guys you will see the most in a seven-game series. to the left for gordon. one away. if you go back to that play at first base.
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with a runner at second. that was lagares. two out in the eighth inning. here it is in the play at first base by hosmer. two-time gold glove award winner. it want down as an error. we are told that, it is the first time in a world series game that a team has taken a*m% 1 for 4 tonight. one out in the ninth inning.
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we mentioned it sunday during a football game. now we are showing game one of the world series. the ball that got past buckner to score ray knight. then a win in game seven. and the mets have their second world championship. third base. and first year in the mets uniform. there goes the runner. throw done to sequester wn to second. not in time. a stolen base to david wright. >> harold: watch the mets run against the cubs. they're off doing the same thing. aggressive. and off and running. and i love it because the element of surprise. when a guy takes off. they go, oops. what he took off. but was he out or safe? they're going to look at this. looked like the tag got on the
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back of david wright. before the right foot. that will get overturned. wasn't paying any attention to david wright. feet not so much. around five innings ago. when there was no replay. >> joe: they play it on the video board here at kauffman stadium. the crowd reacts. and that tag is on his back. if it's overturned. two out. nobody on. murphy up. out. >> tom: tell you what. perez has a guy with a great jump. he came out the chute. and threw a missile. down the second base. the foot work was impeccable.
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the cannon. just, watch him come out of the chute. he is halfway down the line. by the time re-releases this ball. and you talk about getting through a ball. getting rid of it quick. wow. >> joe: murphy flies one into left center field. and barring extra innings. this streak of games with the home run during the postseason will end at 6-3. who is coming up? bottom part of the order for the royals. against familia. trying to win game one for the mets. and get the save.or ms. hellloooo??? i don't have time to be filling out my address, i need to be buying a dress. that's why i use masterpass. less typing, more dancing. sfx: tango music como te llamas? yo soy camarones. dip me. the easier way to shop online. masterpass from mastercard
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>> joe: there is nothing quite like the experience of going to
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a game at a major league ballpark. come out and make memories that last a lifetime. go to tights re ets to reserve your seat. 2016. familia back to work. got out of the eighth. two on two out. and getting moustakas, a ground ball. perez. homered four times the first season. just trying to make it five and tie the game. >> tom: tough to lift the nasty sinker. right-hander. sinker slider combination. after a while, splitter tour the the right. everything with tremendous downward movement. >> joe: right-hander was to be the closer for the mets.
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suspended twice for performance enhancing drug use. went to familia. and he has been phenomenal. strike two. third in the major leagues with 43 saves. little smile. gave him a different look. was able to take the ball by him. perez. 1 for 3 tonight. shortstop. flores. did it again. he is not coming with the full leg kick. just a little partial. got enough to get on it. so that is a little thing he has been able to mix into his arsenal as well. we see it a lot. quit with cueto. different pitchers. watch, you think he will come back.
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now. cespedes is the key. here is alex gordon. 0-2 with the walk. forward in there low for ball one. and think about what's difference in this game being an unearned run. how rare that is for kansas city. the first unearned run they have allowed in 136 innings. strike one on gordon. >> tom: saved one air railroad postseason.
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inning error in a win. gordon. and back at the wall.


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