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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  October 28, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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day early call". rosanna: is it a "good day" when the mets lose and curtis comes in wearing a kansas city royals had? ben: is he really? juliet: it was a 14 inning marathon a you see the results of that game but there are other chances including tonight. mets have a chance in game 2. ben: thousands will attend the funeral for at officer rand paul holder was killed in a line of duty last week, the man accused of shooting and was indicted yesterday. juliet: s city of new york over sending a judge's ban on styrofoam food containers, it was originally supposed to go into effect over the summer. ben: i am ben simmoneau.
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juliet: i am juliet huddy, is wednesday, october 28th, it is -- of friends over there. >> meteorologist: maybe it is of little trouble. ben: let's be honest, it is going to be a rough day for a lot of folks. >> meteorologist: the mets lost nt will be nasty weather. we don't have anything good to talk about. let's show you what is going on with the radar. the sky guardian 3d showing the first of the showers having passed by. what made it to the ground is little to nothing, a few sprinkles, a lot more rain to the southwest that has to make
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right now temperatures are milder, 55 central park. 54 in montauk, 43 in monticello with winds from the northeast and 3 to 14 miles per hour. that made it a rough morning, gray skies, heaviest showers coming for you, the ohio valley, plenty coming our way. on the lighter side, more steady and heavier showers and storms will be moving through. a messy scenario for you on this wednesday. a little quieter by 6:00 a.m. more cloud than anything but showers should kick in from 6:00 to 9:00. throughout mom majority of the day high temperatures will get to 64 degrees so little warmer than the average for this time of year, a few morning showers leftover but because of the
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southerly flow we will have a warm high of 73 tomorrow was just a few morning showers, and on saturday which is halloween we are down to 58 for the high, pretty much dried over the weekend, slight chance of showers, more clouds and a quick little sprinkle or shower sunday in to monday. let's bring in ines and look at what is going on with the weather cooperating right now. ben: no problems northbound south bound. ines: suffolk county a little delay approaching terrier road, not a significant delay, construction going on, traffic moving slow but you are fine on the southern state and northern state. let's look at the commute over on haiti by new maple avenue no problems on the west bound or eastbound side. if you are taking cross bronx doing fine, no issues on the
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alexander hamilton bridge. both directions look good and a major deegan. the trains, everything on or close to schedule. juliet: did you watch the game? it started at 8:00 and ended in 14 innings, the epic edge of your seen opening to the world series took five hours, the longest world series game ever. ben: after 1 a m and the kansas city royals came out on top. top of the fifth inning, curtis granderson solo homer to right, this is not the right tape. top of the eighth, showing the end of the game. basically, the problem with bartolo colon did a couple innings of relief, the first blown slave ave of the first season, allowing the royals tied at four apiece, sacrifice fly couple innings on and curtis granderson
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homered not in time allowing the world to take the lead. juliet: game 2 of the world series, we hate to see that celebrating, right here on fox 5 tonight beginning with our pre-game show at 7:00, catch our post-game show. ben: other news, in the meantime funeral services will be held for slain nypd officer rand paul holder was shot and killed while chasing a suspect and armed robbery in east harlem. the nypd members paid their respects in his late yesterday in queens alongside bill deblasio and police commissioner bratton. his funeral will be held at 3:00 this afternoon at the greater alan a. m e cathedral in jamaica, queens. he will be buried in his native guyana. rev. al sharpton is supposed to attend and deliver the eulogy but he has been sacked out after reviewing, his words, some
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critical media reports. juliet: the man accused of killing office holder has been indicted by a grand jury. tyrone howard was not in the courtroom tuesday as prosecutors announced the indictment but the exact charges were not revealed as the indictment remains sealed. he is charged with murder robbery following his this arrest last week and officers recovered again over the weekend after an exhaustive search. ballistics tests confirmed it was the weapons used in that crime. ben: president obama walks of fine line between supporting police officers and technology strained relations with communities, during a trip to chicago he spoke in front of the international association of chiefs of police. he told them what enforcement gets the better for the broader failures, anxiety and criminal-justice system. this focused on bridging the divide between police and the communities they serve while also freezing police for their
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work. >> police officers often see america at its worst. that is an unfortunate part of the job but i want you to know that in issue we often see america at its best, you don't just protect us from each other but you build a foundation so we can trust each other and rely on each other. in the hope president's speech focused on criminal justice reform and another push for new gun safety laws which he says will keep communities and law-enforcement saved. juliet: still ahead on "good day early call" mike is watching the weather, a rainy lousy day. >> meteorologist: we need it. ben: the bill deblasio
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guardian 3d, a few scattered lighter showers, when you see the blue shaded the law is not making it to the ground but the greens of the bliss of a little bit of is. some very light showers make their way to the lower hudson valley across northern sections of new jersey baltimore that rain to the southwest even though it looks like the heaviest concentration is well inland and not over as we expect heavier showers later in the day. for the time being some coastal flood advisories from 11:00 until 2:00 in the afternoon at times of high tide, some coastal flooding in many tristate regions year's so look out for that. you know what happens when we have coastal flooding issues, the east wind not helping us out, 55 degrees your temperature at central park with mostly cloudy skies, showers trying to work fairway in but more significant stuff is to the southwest and we will see it coming in as time goes on. main area of low pressure driving at all into the midwestern states but a lot of
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is a lot of it coming from patricia, what is left of it still dragging over the northeast in general, much of the eastern half of the country dealing with that over last couple days and we're getting hours today. as you step out the door at 6:00 probably looking at mostly cloudy skies the shares should kicking shortly thereafter between 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 the showers are coming through, high-temperature 64, could be a few storms in the afternoon as well, heavy downpours at that time. a lorayne leftover tomorrow morning, cool it down to 58 saturday, at least it is dry at the same time. i hair below normal. weather apps at the apple itunes store and google play store with live interactive radar, that rain is affecting you in your neighborhood, down to street level, comes in handy. let's bring in ines rosales and see what we have as you hit the
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ines: queens no problem, white stone looks good, putnam county note issues on 84 and 684. let's look at long island expressway by jericho turnpike, both directions moving find this morning. as far as grand central parkway in front of la guardia airport let's go to the camera shot moving pretty good. juliet: this city fighting back against judge's decision to squats the ban on styrofoam. ben: the judge improperly toss out the sanitation department's plan in favor of an untested proposal by at foammaker. the judge ruled in favor of business owners saying there was a growing market for recycle styrofoam. those businesses told the city will drop the appeal and work with them. juliet: joining us in studio to talk about so many things is the poser, curtis sliwa, who has his
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in with kansas city royals on, brand new, tags still on it, $29.99. >> could have been modell, could have been lynched, doesn't matter, bono's both jackson, a kansas city, this is so good, viable way, the styrofoam, your mayor bill deblasio tried to ban the horse drawn carriages, that didn't work, then he tries to ban styrofoam. you only go to five stock restaurants as those steve but i go out to one of these vendors. it is hal long to you. they put everything into a dish paid for, it gets soggy but by this time you walk a block. juliet: the containers they have
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at whole foods, i am sure you don't go in there. ben: made of recycled paper. glorified cardboard. juliet: they work fantastic. there have to be, let's bring in some competition. >> want to get a lunch and want it hot, people are eating it out of styrofoam. ben: no one wants to see that or smell that. if you have to travel while you eat, doesn't it really? >> there are people watching right now, "good day early call," they watch the mets foods last night, work two three jobs, they have got to eat on the go, eat on the subway, what is wrong with you? ben: do we want to do this to ourselves?
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juliet: he hits the mets because he loves that yankees and can't support another new york team. >> an american league fan. the boston red sox in the world series against the other mets like switzerland, neutral because i hit them both equally. during the season if they happen to have won the american league championship -- ben: they can pretend baseball vs. actual baseball where the pitcher actually is forced to pitch. requires more strategy. >> you got bartolo colon i got to give him credit he can hit but he is one of the few pitchers, the national league, pitcher gets up three strikes you are out. what a masterful game. why don't you give props to the kansas city royals, opening shot inside the park home run. that was over.
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juliet: many people who are mets fans are saying the royals look an incredibly strong team, not a team to be -- >> during the world series they are. is there time. come on. you all end up with elbow surgery, and ankle surgery, knee surgery, let kansas city win -- juliet: the cubs should have won. >> cubs should have won. >> let's talk ben carson who is now surging ahead. >> ben carson. ben: returned that kansas city had today. >> let's talk about ben carson. this guy puts me to sleep. he needs a five our energy drink every five minutes. juliet: do we need somebody beating this country who is full of charisma and personality but lacks substance? >> only thing dr. ben carson can
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again which i have been hit many times and had to do isn't merrill surgery on me i would want dr. ben carson. ben: i agree with curtis. he has been extremely successful neurosurgeon but what about his administrative ability? >> doesn't he look like one of the people in the subway the few times you actually do -- the guy who is holding the watchtower, the pamphlet, dressed all nice, calm, cool and collected, we don't want the creationist, seventh-day adventists, this guy has some pretty bizarre ideas that i don't want in the white house. juliet: on that note, the sexist. >> rally capped tonight, game 2. saturday. sweep.
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bono's, both jackson. ben: any mets fans watching we apologize. curtis sliwa. why you would want to tune into his radio show i don't know. juliet: very entertaining. ben: it is noon to 3, monday tour friday on 770 wabc. juliet: kuby loses his mind more than he does, i think that is why the freaks out here. derek jeter's days as a person may be coming to an end. anything to say about this? >> that is some hot looking -- juliet: all right.
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juliet: we are true tv married couple because we're finishing each other at sentences. ben: through. >> meteorologist: you certainly fight like it. ben: come on. juliet: we actually don't. we like to fight with each other. ben: we fight, we don't
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seriously fight, joking. juliet: we got in one little tiff. don't try to start with us. don't try to break this unit up. >> meteorologist: good morning, everyone. we have some great conditions in the tristate, already gray but not wet yet at least for most of us. if you scattered light showers on the approach. heavier stuff is to the west but we expected to make its move as we get into the morning commute, not here yet. temperatures pretty miles, 55 central park as well as newer, 59 in belmar, 50 in bridgeport, 51 in islip, northeast winds piling up the ocean waters against the coast, that is why you have coastal flooding possible out there and times of high tide from 11:00 until 2:00 in the evening. it will be one of those cloudy windy wet days out there, a
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wrong one, i temperatures 64 degrees in the city later on this afternoon, tonight showers starting to wrap up but not quite out of here, lows from 56 to 64, there's the 5 day forecast, a few morning showers of the weekend looks nice and dry, a little cool saturday which is halloween but it will be dry as well. juliet: it was a thrilling opening to the world series until the end, long as game one in major-league baseball history, mets and royals went into extra innings, 14 innings. ben: score tied at two apiece, wilmer flores smacks the shot to the right side that gets passed for an error of allowing guards to score making a 4-3 mets. on the amount getting four out save the alex gordon with one
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royals, big-time pulling their royals even at 4. than an error opens the bottom of the fourteenth, to third, david wright has to drop down the ball and hurry off of the bag in kansas city and that is the way it was, bottom of the fourteenth inning bartolo colon in his third inning of relief bases loaded nobody out, flawed ball to right, as the bar beat the throw from curtis granderson and the game is over. 5-4 royals the final. after the game we heard from that skipper terry collins. >> we know the bullpen is really good and chris young at the end of the game. juliet: there were a few issues, the game was delayed five minute after fox sports's broadcast was
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outage at 9:19 after kansas city's designated hitter struck out, no video both teams lost their ability to check the replays, the game was halted until the problem could be resolved. this statement before the start of the bottom of the fourth inning of the world series game one. a rare electronic failure caused both primary and backup generators inside the fox sports production compound to lose power. that issue was immediately address all blow it resulted in the audience missing one at bat during the time needed to switch the carriage to carriage of major league baseball international feed howard by different generator on sight. i am sure it was chaos over there. ben: jacob is 3-0 with a number.0 on all those out ins that have been away from city
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optimistic about tonight's game. >> i like pitching, up homer wrote doesn't matter. i have enjoyed pitching on the road in season, you go out and getting booed. ben: he has been pretty good at that. excitable right-hander taking the mound for kansas he has not pitched since game 3 of the lc s on october 19th. juliet: game 2 of the world series will be on fox 5 tonight beginning with the pregame show the starts at 7:00 followed by the game, wrapping everything. >> the devils lost a columbus 3-1. juliet: derek jeter is engaged to his longtime girlfriend hannah davis. they have been together three years or so. when he retired last year he said one of the reasons he wanted to leave was to have a
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