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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  October 28, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". juliet: grab the umbrella, we will see some rain this afternoon. we have been talking about this everyone is prepared, mike has the full forecast coming up. ben: top loss for the mets last night or early this morning in game one of the world series, game one of the world series, the 2 tonight in kansas city. juliet: funeral services will be held for slain officer rand paul holder, thousands are expected to attend later this afternoon in queens. ben: chippings barakat resigned as a federal investigation is
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accused of breaking into his car in 2012. juliet: good morning, i am juliet huddy. ben: i am ben simmoneau. it is wednesday morning october 28th, thank you free being with us. tell was your tuesday aside from the way it ended? juliet: it was okay. first thing i do when i get in a car in the morning is pop on the radio. the mets lost and it was an exciting game for many reasons. we will talk about that in a little bit. happy wednesday it to you and your friend and little would eat. >> little quality. juliet: sound a little under the weather. ben: he is all right but maybe he has the in too much. juliet: samantha. >> meteorologist: maybe it mccullers is too tight. excuse my vocal chords. juliet: did something funny yesterday.
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when we were talking about ben's child, what the name would be, you said and name and then go don't you think you should wait? and go like that. i will watch you and point out next time you do that. >> meteorologist: it is a character. ben: we love it. >> meteorologist: let's get you up and out the door. bright and the umbrella, we got another one. just making sure. it is going to be wet and windy, you will need strong whether to handle the wind and rain, rain is developing in the morning and basically with us as we head into the afternoon and evening, even some storms possible as we get into the evening so it looks like the heaviest rain will be back out near the ohio river valley but here we get a pre good hit, two inches of rain is
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what we expect. right now there have been scattered light showers picked up on the sky guardian 3d, a lot of that, most of it not making it to the ground, just to the south making it to the ground is what we are coming in as time goes on, we have a coastal flood advisory in effect from 11:00 until 2:00 this evening for green shaded areas that resist, wind and coming from the east northeast is going to pile up the waters again. at times of high tide, maybe a little moderate coastal flooding. temperaturewise pretty mild, 56 degrees in newark, 59 in belmar, 55 in central park, 43 in monticello with a cloudy sky year pretty much everywhere, down to the southwest we have rain making it to the ground and look at this rain we have out there. not solid green but pretty much patchy showers with light to moderate rainfall working their way into the tristate region. these are the heavier showers
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that probably is going to stay to the northwest but still we have a good amount of rain regardless. let's take you through future cast local the year and brings us rain pretty solid throughout the majority of the day and a few pockets of heavier showers, occasional thunderstorms into the evening, some short breaks here and there but this green is going to start up in a few hours and hang with us until this time tomorrow, the morning rush and starts to break up and get out of here all together, we're still going to keep some clouds around and morning showers tomorrow but that is it. today that does not look pretty but we have showers coming from 9:00 a.m. through 7:00 p.m. and had the stuff in the evening. as we go through the next seven days 73 tomorrow few quick morning showers and good for the weekend and this is the weekend >> reporter: the clocks back, folks are still figuring that one out but this is it, seems
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early. smoked detectors. carbon monoxide. change those batteries out. juliet: here is going on with the commute. ines: if you are taking the lion queens you are fine, no problems on the frogs neck bridge this morning, half of the tappan zee bridge on to the thruway and sawmill let's go to cameras and look at your commute this morning on the staten island expressway by victory boulevard you are fine travelling eastbound and westbound no issues, lincoln tunnel looks good, look at that camera shot in the city you are fine with no delays, from holland and george washington bridge. as for the trains everything on or close to schedule. juliet: i saw steve lacy talking about how he might as well say on the morning show. very very late or early. again took five hours and nine minutes, lost world series game ever.
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ben: the kansas city royals are the ones who can out on top. was exciting, top of the fifth inning, curtis granderson is going to blast a solo homer to right. 2-1 bets. wilbur flores its one first, kansas city can't make the play, the guards score making a 4-3 mets. alex gordon for kansas city leaving no doubt with the 428 point shot against ramirez. the first blown save of the postseason bottom of the 14th game still tied at four. a sacrifice fly to right. that is not it actually. curtis granderson's throw home will not be in time, that will end the game. here is where it comes, sacrifice fly to right, curtis granderson goes for it. he just can't make it. here is the end of the game, he tried and there you go.
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royals take it by a score 5-4 making terry collins it is. >> they have a good team with very good pitching. sometimes it is frustrating, works on both sides too. our guys did a good job keeping out of trouble and had a lot of opportunities. ben: tonight young phenom jacob degrom will start. ben: mets fans waking up tired and bummed out. juliet: pas am sure. watts of people remember the kid yesterday, the little boy staying up. in the kerry drew at penn station where mets fans will load up on coffee this morning. >> reporter: good morning. rough night for mets fans, definitely not the game we were hoping for, the team lost in the fourteenth inning tying the longest ever world series them
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in history and this morning a lot of mets fans will wake of disappointing and tired. mets fans gathered at miller's tale house in rego park, queens, hopeful about game one against the royals. >> kansas city is, we have taken everything. >> reporter: the back-and-forth game giving some fans serious nervous. >> i don't need therapy, but that is what it is to be at a mets fan, your use to this feeling. >> reporter: at times their renown cheers from the crowd especially after curtis gradison's go ahead homer in the fifth inning. but that was very early in the night as the game went into extra innings and then more extra innings and state of our not to go home until the final play. >> very end of the game. >> reporter: the mets lost to the royals' 5-4. the game went on for are
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total of 14 innings tying a world series record. keeping a lot of disappointed that stands up when it past their bedtime. definitely a lot of coffee needed today. we will do it all over again tonight. there is still time. we can do this, game 2. some encouraging news pointed out by our assignment editor, the new york mets lost a 1 of the 16 us -- 1969-1986 world series and won the world series both of those times. back to you in the studio. juliet: peter is good with that stuff. anything. hopefully that is the harbinger. ben: the mets plan the first two games in kansas city, crews have been busy in new york getting city field in shape, they painted the official world series logo on the grass in front of each dugout, the mets play games 3, 4 and if necessary
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5 at city field starting on friday. they would be able to clinch it home but it is a nice long weekend of baseball and they will take the next four. juliet: jo 2 of the world series is here on fox tonight bidding with the death pregame show a 7:00, the game and then we have post-game show wrap up after the game. ben: on to other news, thousands are expected to pay their respects to slain officer rand paul holder later today. juliet: his funeral is planned this afternoon. rose joins us live from queens and outside the church where the funeral will be held. >> reporter: good morning, the greater talent and the cathedral bob heintz me is a huge church with seating capacity for 2,000 for the fourth time in ten
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a funeral for one of its finest. a group of police officers in dress blues carried officer randall holder's casket to the greater alan ame cathedral in new york as other officers looked on finally and saluted. bill deblasio, bill bratton and former police commissioner ray kelly were among those who paid their respects at officer holder's lake. this afternoon thousands will theiome to the church to say a final thank you who an officer who died from a single gunshot wound to the head as he pursued tyrone howard, a career criminal. one person who will not be there today is reverend al sharpton. after initially accepting an invitation to attend the funeral and delivered a eulogy he reconsidered and decided against it. in a letter he sent to officer holder's father who invited him sharpton wrote it is clear after reading several articles that some union leaders and others want to turn your and your pastogains noble efforts and to
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some kind of confrontation or a slide show and not keep focused on the brutal, senseless murder of your son. the president of the detectives endowment association said sharcron is wise not to speak or even attend. >> probably uncomfortable for him to walk into a church love cops the way it would be uncomfortable for the devil to wand. into heaven. >> reporter: officer holder's wake came the same day a grand jury indicted him for the officegains murder. howard's single shot of the life of a man who followed in the footstntas of his father and grandfather when he decided to become a police officer. the funeral is scheduled to begin at 3:00 this afternoon. after that officer holder's bodct 3 c1 will be flown to guyana, his native country, that is where he will be very. that is the latest live from jamaica this morning, back to you. ben: thank you very - wch.
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a lot more still to come including a new investigation into this stunning video we should yesterday, shares dntauty for the number of high school students in her desk. juliet: lots of p c1 iple wanting answers to this. might is keeping track of the rainy forecasts. >> meteorologist: what we're looking at, 55 degrees, there are showers to the south of the city over central sections of new jersey but it is coming of this way and you'll see periods of rain and mild temperatures, we manage to get into the mid 60s. if you want to find out where it is there is live interactive radar on the weather apps, downltivd on the apple itunes store and google play store, it is there for free, download right now, put it to
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ben: we callback. juliet: in one direction some iasto for you later on developments in the one direction. trying to strong arm our producer in to put in one direction stories into the show.
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. the tober 1st for this month we have seen 2.47 inches of rain which is 4.3 ipeahes below normal so we are dry for the month of october coming close to the end since january 1st, we are 8.58 ipeahes behind in terms of rainfall, quite a bit. we definitely need to get something going here with the rain fall. this is what we see on the sky guardian, esp radar, a few light showers tried to push into the tristate, saturating dms here, what is coming up later this morning we get rain going for real, temperatures pretty wild, 55 degrees at central et rrk, 59 in belmar, 51 in bridgeport, 56 in montauk.
5:17 am
most of us have gray sfal for the time beins wh the real rain surrounded to the southwestern to censkal new5 dersey into the core of the tristate to the northeast. most of this is late to moderate rainfall but there will be heavier pockets of rain from time to time as the swings through. these are rsh nants, tropical remnants from patricia which made landfall in mexico, finally getting here. we go from the afton into the evening and there could be sto cals let's look and our commute them any troubles not because of the weather.
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ines: not a lot going on, route 46 east bound by a rude 10, watch out for an accident bl the king a lane, things fine in egtnam county, no problems on 684, let's go to cameras and look in your counsky it, along on an expressway by terry road moving fine was down and eastboun, sa therni9th street for
5:19 am
and ben: how to make sure past misconduct by half search never became public. this will be his first court appearance since his arraignment in june. ben: the department of justice opening an investigation into the rest of the high school students in south carolina. we should you this video of an officer of wresting a student who refuse to leave her math class. it is pretty disturbing, the deputy appears to fit the girl over backward in her desk and on to the floor. there it is. federal investigators want to
5:20 am
know if this violated any civil rights laws. a lot of questions beyond that. the girl in the video and another who objected were both arrested. the deputy has been placed on leave. juliet: we have a lot more coming up. the beatles, calm down, everybody. ben: "good day" coming back. patients across the
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ben: record earnings for apple,
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last quarter's net earnings totaled more than $11 billion. may have something to do with the i phone 6-s beating expectations on wall street and is 30% better than the same quarter last year. nearly a quarter of total sales come from china, hong kong and taiwan, sales of apple products in that region have nearly doubled since last year despite indications that china's economy was slowing. juliet: walgreen's will buy its smaller rival rite aid, $9.4 billion for the chain at its 4500 u.s. stores. walgreen's has 8,000 stores in the u.s. already, the largest chain pharmacy in the country. it needs to be approved by the u.s. federal trade commission. they expect that happen in the
5:24 am
ben: amazon facing a question whether it's people are employees or couriers. they're looking for back pay and reimbursement for fuel and other costs. amazon says they are contractors but the suit says the company treats them like regular employees giving them scheduled workdays and routes and requiring uniforms and claims the company is not handing over tips paid by customers to credit cards. amazon has not commented. one of the your cavs most eligible bachelors could be off the market. juliet: we heard this before, derek jeter is finally engaged and it would be to that beautiful woman, swimsuit model and that davis, they have been linked for three years. ben: i am stunned he would get engaged to a model. juliet: i am sure she is a smart lovely model. because you are beautiful does not mean you cannot be intelligent as many women have
5:25 am
that woman holding the microphone in the yellow. back when jeter retired he said one reason he was retiring was he wanted to have a family. ben: we stopped at that at the time. good luck to them. top stories when we come back. juliet: the bill deblasio a administration reviewing its administration to ban styrofoam containers. they want the ban, that is what i am trying to say. i am focused on one direction. i can't take anything else. we will be back.
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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". ben: is going to be a doozy ahead, read day. expected in the 60s. feels fairly warm, warmer in thin yesterday but really have been removing in later could be
5:29 am
wind driven rain which we all love. mike woods has all the details coming up. juliet: the world series kick off last night with quite a battle, 14 innings battle that went to the royals, the mets are looking even the series in the 2. ben: the funeral for rand paul holder will be held in queens as a grand jury indicts the man accused of fatally shooting the officer. juliet: the city appeals the decision to stop the ban on styrofoam. a manhattan judge put a stop to it. we will bring you up-to-date on that story as i put my coffee cup over here. thanks for joining us this wednesday october 20th -- ben: 8. october was like that. juliet: ben brings up a good point suggested we go to management to complain, object
5:30 am
that you guys are not joining in the fund over a year. ben: three of them over there, ines, mike and samantha. ines: it is a busy day. ben: people want to know when it is going to get here. ben: doesn't rate our tell you that? >> meteorologist: giving us a nice indication. juliet: you are working under the weather, what are they doing? ines: i am traffic. ben: there is no 1 on the street at 5:00 in the morning. >> meteorologist: as time goes on she has a lot going on. here is what is happening, check out this radar and satellite, the best picture of what is going on, we have seen a few scattered light showers but most of that has not made it to the ground.
5:31 am
tristate but this rain showing up here through pennsylvania and south jersey is closing in on us and during the morning commute at 6:00, 7:00, 8:00 showers will come through at that time, mostly cloudy sky around the tristate, 59 in belmar, 52 in islip, 55 at central park, 43 in poughkeepsie, milder than yesterday, persistent wind from the east northeast at 3 to 17 miles an hour filing of the waters in the coastal areas, coastal flooding could be a problem in places like the new york harbor and other places that typically flood when you have the onshore flow. this is a pretty messy wet scenario that will take awhile to get through so be ready to hang with that wet windy conditions throughout the day, high temperatures 64 today, morning showers tomorrow, it will be warm, high of 73, dries out for the upcoming weekend. let's bring in ines rosales.
5:32 am
ines: these don't magically come together, i have to put them together. not a lot, long island, nassau county, traffic looking good on the fly, northern state and 7 state, problem in new jersey, route 46 east bound by route 10, watch out for an accident blocking a lane. let's go to our cameras, look at the parkway in front of pennsylvania avenue, quiet ride, no problems west bound or east bound. as for the trains things are running on or close to schedule, street cleaning rules in effect city-wide. ben: we will periscope next break to see our differences. juliet: the longest world series game 1 ever. ben: kansas city royals came out on top. it was exciting bottom of the fourteenth, right here for kansas city, in a sacrifice fly to right and curtis granderson's throw home not in time allowing boat royals to escort, there it
5:33 am
is right there. they would take game 1 by the score 5-4. ever again, granderson says it is time for them to look ahead tonight when jacob degrom has been excellent this season will take the mound. >> the bullpen did an amazing job, the ball again tomorrow to say hi. ben: tonight jacob degrom starts for the mets. ben: there was a lot behind-the-scenes. juliet: power was cut to the feet across the country. liz dahlem joins us with what we know about what happened. >> reporter: were you watching at that time? they handled it, it all went all right, the game was late for all of five minutes but that seems a lot of time when you're watching after fox sports broadcast was bumped off the air by a power outage so this is the message that came across the screen as confuse viewers sat and waited
5:34 am
joe torre, the chief baseball officer consulted the umpire and the game was stopped for a short time while the transition was worked on. major league teams of onions, both teams left without that capability while the transmission was fixed and to get the game going again fox use the international feet and an announcers for 20 minutes so in that statement, fox sports spokesperson said, quote, a rare electronic failure cause the primary and backup generators inside the fox for its production compound to lose power. only play viewers missed was designated hitter morales striking the bottom of the fourth. in this end not like we missed the whole game but the crews the good job. you can imagine going beyond behind-the-scenes, we can all sympathize with that.
5:35 am
out i am sure. ben: some people from fox headquarters were probably dialling up some individuals. juliet: game 2 of the world series on fox tonight, it starts at 7:00 with the pre-game show and goes into the game. hopefully the game won't last 14 innings this time and hopefully we will have a win. and a post-game show. ben: a clear win for the mets. thousands are expected to pay their respects to slain nypd officer rand paul holder later today. juliet: his funeral is planned for this afternoon. robert moses is outside the church where the funeral will be held. >> reporter: good morning. the greater alan ame cathedral is a large church with a seating capacity of 2,000 that we expect every seat to be filled.
5:36 am
after noon and 3:00, a group of police officers yesterday carried officer rand paul holder's casket which was adorned with an nypd flag in to the same church, a solemn procession of friends and strangers from a year and far came to pay their respects. among the dignitaries who arrived, bill deblasio, bill brennan, former police commissioner ray kelly. one person who will not be in attendance at today's funeral is rev. al sharpton. officer holder's father invited al sharpton to deliver the eulogy and initially he agreed but then he backed out after police unions across the city objected. al sharpton as you know is a frequent critic of the nypd and he says he didn't want to be a side show. the detective endowment association says al sharpton made the right decision. >> the focus here is on a young
5:37 am
police officer who came to risk his life, to make a difference, he has lost his life and that is where the focus should be. >> reporter: tyrone power, the man accused of killing him has been indicted for this crime. after the funeral today officer holder's body will be flown to will be very. that is the latest live from jamaica this morning. back to you. juliet: the city is fighting back against the judge's decision to squash the ban on styrofoam that was supposed to happen over the summer. ben: this city's appeal claims the judge improperly tossed out the sanitation department's plan in favor of an untested proposal from a styrofoammaker. judge margaret chan wrote in favor of business owners isn't there was a growing market for recycle foam and they hope the city will drop the appeal and
5:38 am
work with them. ben: periscopeing in the break. ben: a lot of people interested in sunday's weather for the big marathon and it was last year remember really windy and cold. >> meteorologist: that will make for a long day. we have more clouds out there, temperatures a little milder from what it looked like yesterday but it looks dry at this point, if anything sprinkles come later in the day but we first have to get there and a lot of wet weather coming through, periods of rain which will be heavy at times and gusty winds from the east, one of those when the rod day is out there and into tonight talking about showers and storms which in total bring two inches of rain which is a good amount of rain but we are 8.5 inches behind for the year so that one not take us out of the deficit. the range end after tomorrow morning, the last of the showers are out of here and things improve after that.
5:39 am
cloudy sky around a tristate region, showers closing in moving through the poconos in to the catskills and new jersey over the city over the next hour or two, a few showers here may be just a few sprinkles so far but the rain intensity and coverage will be picking up as time goes on and we talk about that resistant east northeast wind giving us the potential for coastal flooding. that is why we have a coastal flood advisory from 11:00 this morning until 2:00 this afternoon, high tide from half a foot to a foot and a half above normal especially in low lying areas, places the flood when you have the east wind will probably have minor flooding today. right now you have 55 degrees, central park, showers closing in. a lot of the remnants from
5:40 am
west's, a heavier showers will be over the ohio valley as well as the tristate. even hear an inch and a half to to 2 inches is nothing to sneeze at. light to moderate rain with a few pockets of heavier showers all the way through tonight into tomorrow morning and we should see drier weather over again even though we have a few morning showers tomorrow. that should be about it. i temperature goes up to 64, 65 degrees and it will be windy and wet. of the morning showers and we dry up and we change the clocks back and halloween looking drive. for the marathon on sunday looks dry but mostly cloudy, temperatures on the cooler side and the forget the weather apps, live interactive radar, download for free. now let's switch you to ines and see where the backups are at this point in time. ines: doing okay. wait till the rain starts. no problems on the parkway by
5:41 am
the turnpike, let's check out the new breed beacon bridge, no issues from orange and duchess, fought on the thruway and route 84. let's go to our cameras and look at the lie by holbrooke wrote, not dealing with any problems, same for the holland and george washington bridge, upper lower levels, your chalets, get ready to paris go. juliet: national chocolate day, we should celebrate by eating chocolate. my chocolate cereal. ben: thank you. juliet: the flakes chase -- taste like chocolate. ben: still to come. from kansas city. for god is probably exhausted but he will bring the latest on the mets lost last night. they will come back tonight, we
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ben: funeral services will be held for slicken nypd officer
5:45 am
members of the nypd the respect yesterday in queens alongside bill deblasio and police commissioner bill bratton. ben: the police commissioner resigns as a federal probe was reopened in to his alleged beating of a suspect in 2012. is attorney denied his client did anything wrong and said the resignation was for family reasons. juliet: dennis after it is expected to plead guilty in a federal hush money case with the agreed to deal with prosecutors over charges he violated federal banking laws and lied to the fbi. what a furrowing open to the world series. unfortunately the close of the first game was not throwing for mets fans. ben: mensa you what happened top of the eighth inning, score was tied at three apiece following the two out second, will work
5:46 am
with a 4-3 lead. comes up royally for the royals big time. and is the way it was, bartolo colon in his third inning of relief, nobody out, he sends the fly ball to right and escobar bees the throw to curtis granderson. 5-4 royals the final after the game. here is what kerry collins had to say. >> frustrating. we did not have a lot of opportunities but we had a few shots, got the lead and got the
5:47 am
bullpen is really good, crisp young was outstanding. juliet: the game was delayed for five minutes because of fox sports's broadcast beamed bumped off the air by a power outage at 9:19. you were watching? ben: i should have been in bed but was taking a break. juliet: there was no video, both teams lost their ability to check the replay so the game was halted until the problem could be resolved. moving on. ben: jacob degrom has been great this postseason, he has 1.80 era, three postseason outings all the way from home, seemed the beat and upbeat and optimistic about the
5:48 am
>> i enjoyed pitching on the road in the postseason. it is fun to try to sign up with the crowd. ben: it doesn't matter where he is, he will pitch at home and pitch on the road, johnny has not pitched since game 3 of the american league championship series on oct. nineteenth. juliet: game 2 tonight beginning with the pregame show a 7:00, the game following that and post-game wrap up. ben: how will the weather be tonight? probably a little better, it looked ok last night. mike woods. >> meteorologist: a few scattered lighter showers including the area out there today, more on that in a bit. this is where the rain is coming to, here's what we have, cloudy skies, 55 degrees at central park, 56 in newark, 52 in allentown, showers through that
5:49 am
area making their way from the southwest to the northeast and probably going to be over this city in the 6:00, 7:00 hour when most of the see the showers and it takes longer to go northwest but it will do so as the day goes on. winds from the east northeast at 3 to 16 miles per hour. it will be breezy out there and kind of a windswept rain we have to deal with as we get deeper into it. the rain shield is closing in on the city, the southern tip of staten island, we will see more goes on. the only good news is mainly light to moderate patchy showers we have at first and more solid all little later in the morning and afternoon with heavier showers and storms expected. a lot of moisture available with this area of low pressure that is going to basically ring out a lot of that moisture on top of us which can be inconvenient but when it comes rainfall we are well behind, 8-1/2 inches, we
5:50 am
could use every drop we get, warm front coming through first working its way through now and that will keep the light to moderate showers coming on by in the afternoon and heavier pockets of rain come through later this evening, a few quick thunderstorms and it starts to dry up for you as we head into tomorrow morning, not to say it doesn't stay and stable and there could be a few showers the pop-up through tomorrow but the majority of the rain does head out of the picture, fairly early tomorrow morning and dry skies for a while, chances of rain pick up as we head into the day. by 9:00 a.m. half of us have it, 80% by noon, everyone looking at it as we head into the act in an evening, looks like it will be on the sloppy side, temperaturewise from 59 to 60 in the tristate, 54 in the city with periods of rain which will pick up in intensity especially later on as we head into the evening and as we head into tomorrow we will see a few
5:51 am
temperatures 73, that is so warm one but it does cool backed down as we head into friday, highs of 61, still breezy, cool saturday but sunny with a high of 58, change those cloud saturday in to sunday and highs in the low to mid 60s in the beginning of the next workweeks, plenty of clouds that showers don't look like a big problem, marathon weather should be fine. let's get over to ines, we have some issues on a roadway, flashing lights. ines: watch out for a stall on the bqe by the long island expressway blocking a lane, volume picking up on the wire bridging queens boulevard normal delays, new jersey fine, 78, 287 if you are heading 4 diskettesaway area. let's see how things are moving. east bound west down so far so good. as for the guana us into
5:52 am
slow down, flashing lights setting up the hov lanes but other than that typical volume as you travel in out towards the bqe. crossing the gwb looks good on the upper lower-level, no problems on the van with through the queue garden center change. ben: we have a lot more coming that in the entertainment world, the two top stars from the spider-man franchise, some gossip about them. ben: they were actually dating. and will there be one direction news? we will find out whether or not
5:53 am
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ben: time for entertainment. juliet: anna gilligan is here. anna: actress halley barry and her husband calling it quits if it two years of marriage with a couple released a joint statement saying they are moving forward with, quote, love and respect for one another and what is best for the 2-year-old son. despite that statement there are signs that this could get messy. she filed first and martina's counterfiles, they share custody in the best interests of the child which according to tea and the may mean she is going for sole custody down the line.
5:56 am
despite having a prenup martina's asked they figure out spousal support at a later day. barry has a 7-year-old daughter with her ex-boyfriend gabriel aubrey. they have been locked after a public fight with martinez, quite at scene between them. juliet: she was married to david justice, quite a baseball player. anna: eric bennett was quite the story as well. he was cheating on her. serial cheater. and other celebrities listed so you about, and the stone and actor andrew garfield calling it quits, just reports, several media outlets saying they broke up after four years of dating, first met on both sets of but amazing spider-man in 2011. that have been breakup rumors for a while maine to long-distance relationships and competing work schedules.
5:57 am
this time it seems it may be for real slow their very private the don't expect confirmation anytime soon. tried to find a nice long stor new york. these grapes are squishy. i...need a shove. can someone help me? new york. yes, that's a real bear. i...won a trip. that is so exciting.
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