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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  October 28, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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greg: what is up. a lot of tired people in our area. the game went late. rosanna: they gave it a good try. let's talk about our weather, first. greg: 100% chance of rain. rosanna: a good bit nasty late this afternoon. greg: it is really dark out there. mike, windows the sun come up? apparently, this is the longest game in world series history.
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what a contest. rosanna: millions of people are wondering what would it wrong. a technical glitch. greg: we have this. please stand by. greg: easy there. nobody know who he is. they came back. it was only a few minutes long. prayer. let's talk about what is happening in town. the officer of randolph told her this afternoon. the first to deliver the eulogy.
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greg: on the society side, hey, derek jeter is apparently getting married. he is engaged. rosanna: hannah davis. his fiance e. he is on good days. greg: jeter. getting married. do not do it. some people are not that enthusiastic about marriage. rosanna: would you consider it?
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no comment. >> it went on and on and on. >> i thought i was watching the highlights. i did not realize the game was still going on. i thought for a moment this could be really serious. it was just a generator that was down. rosanna: mike woods. greg: it feels like a twilight zone. we still have a good chance coming at us tonight.
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looks a little bit dryer. it looks like that rain has cleared out. series. rosanna: where are we? >> it looks like the rain has cleared out of the area. your temperatures will be chopped it down between the lower 50s. that is an indication coming up for us as well. ford now, we have the wet weather coming into town. there is a lot more down to our
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11:00 o'clock this morning. you have a persistent winds. areas that do typically flood out should see some flooding. 57 degrees of montauk. everywhere. their set east, northeast wind coming through. a area of low pressure. going to keep us quite windy. the heavy airborne solid showers and storms, they should be coming by, but not until later this afternoon. we start you off at about 56 degrees.
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little bit of the wet weather. it goes back down to 61 on friday. fifty-eight on saturday. hopefully nothing until thursday night, sunday night into one day. whispering and nine is right now. ines: the long island railroad did an accident involving a shopping cart. cleaning and alternate route. it is not officially set up. also, delays with the path train. signal problems with that. let's go to our cameras.
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a 90 minute arrival delays. approaching the cross island. route three, expect delays. there is an accident off to the shoulder. that is slowing things down. the northern state parkway. rockland road. area. eastbound side, moving five. greg: we lost game one. rosanna: i thought that the mets really gave it their best shot. fourteen innings. it is with the royals. my husband screaming all over the house. >> look at this home run.
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at everything. greg: let's go to duke. duke: good morning. the mets battled back. this was some ballgame. inning. curtis granderson coming to the plate he had blasting the solo homerun to write. kansas city. stealing second base. bottom of the ninth.
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game tied at four. how about this. not going to be a type. people said that that was a lot closer than it looks like it was going to be. five-for the final score. >> to a skidding to know the team. they are never down and out.
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tomorrow night, the same situation. we will be back out there. duke: they will come home a sixers. take one of the first two games on the road. you look at that as a success. greg: thanks a lot. there was that mac thing in the fifth inning. half the country was like, what the heck is going on. rosanna: i was concerned. is it happening. greg: what is going on. >> some difficulty. every now and then.
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this is what was going on. crews were working hard to fix the broadcast. lots of people trying to get things back on the airfare. this is the message that came off the screen. is there a electronic failure caused both the primary and backup generators to fail. they quickly worked to get this all fixed. we have the video to show the chief baseball offices. major league teams often use tv broadcasts for replays. both teams are left without that capability. they did turn to international
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we only missed the designator hitter striking out. we have to give props to the crews out there. you can all relate to a situation like that. they did a good job. greg: the whole world watching. thanks a lot. rosanna: you should continue to watch the world series. night. we have the post game show. friday, we will be at the game. you and me. 7:00 o'clock on friday. we are hoping everything goes according to plan. greg: a sad day for all of new york.
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funeral of eric holder. >> reporter: expected to speak here at the funeral. >> reporter: expected to be filled to capacity today. the air are and far people want to say thank you. a group of police officers. randolph holder's casket as other officers looked on silently and saluted. mayor deblasio and former commissioner were there to pay thousands will come to the church to say a final thank you.
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a career criminal. one person that will not be there today is reverend sharpton. sharpton reconsidered and decided against it. in a letter he sent to the father who invited him, sharpton wrote it is clear that some union leaders and some others want to turn your and her pastor noble efforts into some sort of confrontation and not keep focus on the go, senseless murder of your son. sharpton is wise not to speak, or even attend. >> probably uncomfortable for him to walk into a church full of coughs just like it would be for the devil to walk into heaven. >> reporter: authorities say howard single shot took the life of a man that followed in the footsteps of his father and
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grandfather would you decided to become a police officer viewed we are hearing that officer holder will be promoted to detective posta vesely this afternoon. one that he earned throughout his life. officer holder will be. in his native. that is the latest. live from jamaica this morning. talk to you. they say that the gun involved came up with in intimate i am pipeline. rosanna: they found it in the murky waters. donald trump and a new national
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right now, pat carson and donald trump are the only ones with double digits. rosanna: they will face off tonight. tonight is the third debate. greg: it is wild. the pundits down in dc, they never gave been carson much of a chance. rosanna: it is 8:00 o'clock tonight. donald trump is really out there kind of belly aching about it. cnbc really wanted to milk the ratings. the debate was scheduled for two and a half hours. he got it scaled back to two hours. greg: hillary clinton. the colbert report. the late show with stephen colbert.
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rosanna: she admitted that she and resident clinton like to pinch watch that tv. she said for her recent birthday, she got to sleep. and do as little as she could get away with. >> this is the first interview we have gotten to do. >> that is true. you were with your alter ego. i could say it now, it was mutual. rosanna: her timing was very good on that. greg: there was also a little bit of edge. rosanna: she said she would have to not have any influence on the outside of the race. greg: mike woods, how are you doing? mike: doing okay. let show you what is going on.
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we have seen 32.8 inches rain. we definitely need that rainfall that is coming at us today. we welcome it with open arms. it has been very light stuff. a lot of this has evaporated. heading up to connecticut. again, the heavier more solid showers, they are not here just yet did still reporting cloudy skies. temperatures sitting at 50 degrees. that wind will be pretty persistent to the day here today. the area of low pressure will work with office moisture that has been coming through. now, we will get our fair share which looks like it will be in the neighborhood of and into the
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the reason being, you will see some pockets of heavier showers here and there. by tomorrow morning, it is starting to pull away from us right during the morning commute. it gets kind of scattered and broken up. cooler to pictures taken back over again. today, we are starting to warm it up. period a few storms out there into tomorrow morning. all right. let's bring in ines. ines: good morning. suspended both directions for the past hour. in accident involving a cart, a
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it got wedged underneath. they are trying to set up buses. they have not so yet. the path train, they had some delays between hoboken and the world trade center. george washington bridge, lincoln tunnel, and our delay. the holland of lies about a 10-15 minute delay from both approaches. let's go to our maps. westchester size, you are fine on the sawmill. 495 in connecticut, a little slow. we thought we' d be ready. but demand for our cocktail bitters was huge.
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rosanna: all right. it is not really know yet. greg: how about this one. back in the old days. rosanna: i like it.
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love you. rosanna: let's talk about news happening around town. a band chokehold during the arrest of a scape order. rosanna: how does this look to you? this young man refused to comply with officers command to stop skateboarding over there. skating in columbus circle is not allowed. he was taken to the ground and pepper sprayed. the officer used a chokehold. he is now facing several charges. greg: he put the video up on his youtube page, apparently.
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the ground. she does not seem to be doing anything. watch this. this is rough. rosanna: we show to the video yesterday. greg: the teachers that she was using her cell phone in class. she denied it. she refused to leave. that was the result. rosanna: they want to know if this violated any civil right laws. the deputy has been placed on leave. greg: former speaker of the house. he is in trouble. expected to plead guilty today. not the clearing cash withdrawals from a page. he was giving some guy billions
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of dollars to keep him from telling a story of sexual abuse that goes back decades. rosanna: $3 million to someone known as individual a to make sure that past misconduct never became public. greg: that job, he was the third in line to the united states presidency. right behind the vice president. it is a big deal. he could very well spent time in prison according to legal experts. jeter and hannah davis are engaged. there they are. he said one of the reasons he wanted to leave was to have a family.
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everybody is happy. if you know anything, please tweet us.
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rosanna: what happened? greg: what happened? excuse me. rosanna: it is just about 7:30 a.m. in the morning. rosanna: i cannot believe that you said that. >> usually within the margin of error. >> everybody is just exhausted today. i thought that they fought that ready hard. inside the park home run. greg: i've got it. i've got it.
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let's get to work. mike is here with a check at the weather. rosanna: when it is not raining in the morning, i do not care what happens afterwards. your chance of rain later on in the day. pressure moving offshore. with that being of the case, it turns south. we have plenty of tropical moisture. all you have to there will will set you up for some minor
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and it's -- to 2 inches above grade. sometimes gusting up to 30. so far, it is not that that. more of the hudson valley. southwest. temperature wise, it is mild. coming through around eight-15 miles per hour. coastal flood advisories. 11:00 o'clock this morning until 2:00 o'clock in the afternoon. here is the wider scope look. passing showers have come through.
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into the day, you will see more solid rainfall. the figures stuff comes back at you later in the day. looking out for a few rumbles of thunder. not a whole lot. morning showers are out there. rosales. see what she has. >> one of the trains struck a shopping cart. let's go to our maps. show you what else we have going you have an accident slowing
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staten island expressway, slowing things down by the verrazano. let's go to our cameras. take a look. traffic slow here northbound because of an accident blocking two lanes. southbound side, you are fine. rosanna: or on the mats now. did you stay up late last night? greg: i get up at 3:00 o'clock in the morning. rosanna: kiri true is out. talking to some fans that may be loading up on coffee. >> it was a rough night for mets fans. longest game ever in world series history. five hours and nine minutes.
7:33 am
in the morning. a lot of them stayed up. talking to something of this morning here at the station. this morning, they are saying that they definitely could have used more sleep. >> you always have to go with. they did the same thing and 86. they lost the first game. there is a lot of hope. >> it has since been the kind of a ride. you just hope that they put it in the books. >> reporter: you have to believe.
7:34 am
that is the motto of the sports fans. that gentleman that i first talked to. the vets did first lose game one and eventually went on. as i mentioned, and 86 and 69, they did when at the world series after losing game one. a very encouraging fact right there. rosanna: thanks a lot. rosanna: they painted the world series logo. greg: there is the outside. very meticulous about this. rosanna: game five friday night at citi field. the vets still need for waves. yesterday.
7:35 am
puppy parade. orange and blue. hopefully they did not leave the greg: it looks like they just walked down the sidewalk. rosanna: the purpose was to provoke pet adoption. greg: you and i both adopted dogs. greg: have you ever heard daft punk?
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rosanna: para looking up. they are not looking down. greg: i knew it. rosanna: a camera. greg: what else? do you want to bet on the game? we both think that the mets are going to wind. rosanna: right now i'm going to say seven. we are going all the way. greg: i am saying six. what do you want to bet? rosanna: how about a pizza. greg: how about a cat. rosanna: no. i have a dog already. greg: a goldfish. rosanna: if you lose, i get to choice. you have to go out with her. greg: all right. i will do it. i will do it.
7:38 am
no chaperones. rosanna: i have to be there at least at the beginning of the night. greg: i will agree, but no chaperones. rosanna: send your request to me at rosanna scotto. i am going to start the process. if there are jeter can get engaged, it is time for you. [laughter] greg: i am obviously very uncomfortable. mike: yes. for good reasons. [laughter] there are a lot of folks that are very interested in that guy sitting next to you. rosanna: it is easy. rosanna scotto.
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mike: mike woods. fox5. have to help a brother out. a little damp over the city. if you head up the hudson valley, a little more substantial rainfall. even that has not been that big of a deal. right now, it is getting a little soggy. coastal flooding issues. it will become a problem. persistent onshore wind. coastal flooding will be a potential problem. this is a big system. back over the midwestern states. a lot of moisture to work with. east of the mississippi is where we are getting into it with light scattered showers. it should be coming on during
7:40 am
airports will probably start slowing down at that time. showers should and fairly early for you tomorrow. cool and unstable air will be with us. basically it means that the showers wrapped fairly early for you on thursday. friday looks cool and dry. today, cloudy and windy. 64 degrees in the city. showers and storms coming through here with lows dropping down. temperatures will pretty much hold steady. more rainfall coming to you as we headed to tomorrow morning. then we are done for a while. the weather at you can get for free at the itunes and google play store. ines: we have some good news.
7:41 am
there was a an accident. resumed service. let's go to our maps. with your commute, watch out for an accident. one lane blocked there. queens, laguardia, you have a 90 minute delay. no problems for the frogs that gore the whitestone bridge. let's go to our cameras. traffic moving better than before. on the southbound side, moving fine. greg: thank you very much. we asked for folks to post that's type pictures on the internet. rosanna: this one is from charlie. he sent this one in. greg: that is cute. rosanna: how about mike.
7:42 am
rosanna: and the littlest fan. baby leilani. greg: very sweet. we will put them on our facebook page. twitter is your best bet. rosanna will put you on tv just like that. duke is on right now from kansas city. duke: good morning. a five-hour plus game last night. this game had everything. it was a very entertaining game. i think it is pretty much a success. let's show you the highlights. here we go. top of the eighth. schooler all tied up. that is going to get past. the first base. scoring.
7:43 am
on the mound. he takes him deep. we are tired of the four. in the bottom of the 14th. hits one to third. dropping the ball. the lead man for kansas city is on. they loaded the bases. giving up the flyball. that was plenty deep. we thought he was a ghost. he winds up being the hero. the ball game is over. the royals win. a five hour plus ballgame. the longest game in baseball history in the world series. five-for the final score. >> a had a very good team.
7:44 am
sometimes it is frustrating. it works on both sides, two. i think our guys did a good job. duke: to spee22 notices + on the fox broadcast? got hit by a foul pitch. as he was shaking it off, it hit him on the phone, -- hey, what is up with that? a lot of people were tweeting with me. it sure looks like car. remember a couple of years ago, he would put it on the baseball and his hands. he got a 10 game suspension for that. this is something that may be brought up today in the pregame.
7:45 am
something to follow. the game was too laid. after a broadcast power outage by one of the generators. it was after kansas city designator hitter struck out. fox sports sent out a statement and said "before the start of the fourth inning of tonight's world series game one, a rare electronic failure caused both primary and backup generators inside the fox sports compound to lose power. the issue was immediately addressed. " jacob degraw will start tonight. he will go out. dropped three and zero so far in the postseason.
7:46 am
he is doing good. >> they will put the ball in play. my job is to keep the ball down. i try to give early contact. the same game plan going into this. duke: tonight. game two. first pitch around 8:07 a.m. we have pregame for you. 7:00 p.m. eastern time. we will have a post game show as well. live postgame show. back to you. greg: thanks a lot. hit the music, please. we will recap the perimeters of our that. rosanna: we will fight to them.
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greg: anna gilligan, how does it feel to be back at work? anna: it does not feel that different. we have been together for a long time. greg: you live together before marriage?
7:49 am
anna: my parents did that. then they made peace. it was all good. okay. a potential woman for greg. i know you are trying to set him up. howley barry is back on the market. she and her husband decided that they are divorcing after two years of marriage. they released a joint statement yesterday. they're moving on with love and respect for each other. there are some signs that this divorce could get messy. howley filed first and then martinez filed his own paperwork. always a questionable thing. greg: they can be complicated. martinez -- anna: he is an actor. he dated kylie minogue for a
7:50 am
long time. he is in revenge. also in that one with one it out joe in michael douglas. spousal support and custody of the child moving forward. there are signs that that could be an issue. pillai joel will be singing the national anthem before game three at citi field on friday. a long history with the team. including performing the final two concerts attache in 2008. he sang the national anthem before game one of the 2000 series between the mets indeed he's at yankee stadium. greg: queens is geographically
7:51 am
anna: let's listen to the fight song. [laughter] anna: actually older then the team itself. it was written in 1961. before they even played their first game in 1962. greg: it sounds like the guy that sang the batman theme song. anna: winning a contest. other talents say that they were too hard to fight the contest. he also wrote it is a beautiful day for a ballgame, i love mickey. greg: pump up the volume. rosanna: undreamt.
7:52 am
i feel like that is the case with any mascot. greg: usually. the capital city -- rosanna: mickey mouse and many. anna: you do not want different voices. rosanna: always have to explain this to him. thank you. let's talk about our facebook fan of the hour. thank you so my name is amanda and i smoked while i was pregnant. my baby was born two months early and weighed only three pounds. this is the view i
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rosanna: all right. "good day new york." it is wednesday. october 28. i am or zana scotto. greg: 100% range. rosanna: 14 innings. sadly, the mets lose. at the very end. they hope to bounce back tonight. we are rooting for them. greg: some sort of power outage. let's see the test pattern. about four or five minutes we are experiencing technical difficulties. rosanna: i thought that it was something.
7:55 am
the third republican debate. >> not panicking just yet. the smart political service. talking about the very real possibility. what does it mean for all of us? this could really affect everything. greg: the last time i saw him was in iraq. we used to make fun of them on saturday night live. rosanna: he is one of those respected newsman. you believed every word that came out of his mouth. him.
7:56 am
we will make this world series a little bit more interesting. greg: i say that they are going to win in six games. lunch and dinner at your restaurant for free. tip included. greg: [laughter] rosanna: for how long? are you alone or with friends? >> i may have friends. >> i really have to win this. it sounds like a losing proposition. my, what to think about the wager? >> i am still trying to figure it out.
7:57 am
wins. mike: shook hands and he has to go for it. mike: you better put my name in a hat. okay. it is up to you and you. game on. here is what we have out there. we have gained to going on. it looks like it will be okay for us weatherwise. the game went on forever. we have some clear skies. low struck down into the 40s. eventually into the 30s. game time, about 52 degrees. not bad at all. we are still looking at the wet weather try to make its comeback through the tri-state. it just kind of made for damp conditions.
7:58 am
in the day. now. the northeast wind coming through around eight-15 miles per hour. that will continue to combat look out for some coastal flooding. the bulk of the heavier showers are down to our southwest. we will have to wait a little while for it to arrive. that is when the bigger showers will be coming at us. a few thunderstorms are your brain to this absolutely picking up as the day goes on. starting off at 50%. 100% later on this evening. then it starts to back down as we headed to tomorrow. today's high temperature is 64 degrees. when the as well.
7:59 am
sunday is the marathon day. let's bring in ines rosales. the roads are a little damp. things coming and going there. ines: earlier problems on the long island railroad. all service resumed between west hempstead and valley stream. let's go to our maps. several accidents. two lanes are bought with a crash. several problems in new jersey. route three westbound there is an accident by passaic avenue. route four, expect delays. all the accidents of blocking a lane. let's go to our cameras. residual delays. this is bob barker 138. traffic slower than normal.
8:00 am
rosanna: thank you. the world series games continue tonight. hopefully it will be better than last night. five-four. rosanna: do is stick lyons is there this morning. i do not think that that has ever happened during a world series game. duke: .during the world series game. there was a power outage. that was due to power inside the superdome back there. during the world series game, i remember the earthquake game. that was interrupted, obviously, back and 89.
8:01 am
situation. i am trying to think of another situation where a game was interrupted in a world series. the last major sporting event ago. 49ers and baltimore ravens. we were here so late that they are still cleaning up and we are here so early that we're still cleaning up. i'll show you some highlights. curtis granderson is going to go deep. a solo home run here. just like that, it is two-one mets. kansas city. cannot make the play. bottom of the ninth. gordon. 420. shots right there. game tied at four.
8:02 am
bases loaded for the royals. out of a jam. game still tied up for. the mets have to win. bottom of the 14th. still tied at four. basis tied at four. curtis granderson. not in time. four. after the game, i was in the locker room. >> we never gave up. us. inning. it is part of the game. what do you do. you move on and get ready for the next one. >> an amazing job. getting the ball again tomorrow. duke: i think you call it a
8:03 am
that is really all you want to do. greg and rosanna. three-zero on the postseason. i like the nets shot on this one. greg: this was pretty wild. here is the schedule. rosanna: game is at 8:00 o'clock. post game show. do not forget on friday, greg and i will be hosting good day at the game. it is unbelievable. greg: what would you do if it was really the biggest night of your life and you found out that your father died just before you were supposed to take the mound. that is essentially what happened for the royals pitcher. rosanna: there are two different reports out there. one reports that his dad died before the game and he was told about it before the game started. there are other reports that his
8:04 am
not tell my husband that his father died until after the game. greg: yeah. we heard that from the royals manager. he died of complications from heart disease in the dominican republic. a pretty solid performance last night. rosanna: he did. rest in peace. greg: back here in new york. a sad day in queens. the funeral for randolph holder. thousands of police officers turned out. rosanna: robert moses in jamaica queens outside the church where the funeral will be held. apparently, reverend sharpton will not be there. >> reporter: that is right. i was just inside this beautiful church. it is just that. they think shourie is multi. it is an appropriate place to
8:05 am
into his 33 years. a group of police officers in dress blues. officer randolph holder's casket and as other officers looked on silently and saluted. the mayor, police commissioner and former police commissioner were among those that paid their respects. this afternoon, thousands will come to the church to say a final thank you to an officer that died from a single gunshot wound to the head as he pursued tyrone howard. one person that will not be here is reverend sharpton. sharpton reconsidered and decided against coming. and a letter that you sent to officer holders father who invited him, sharpton wrote that some union leaders and some others want to turn your into her pastors noble efforts into
8:06 am
sideshow and not keep focus on the brutal, senseless murder of your son. sharpton is wise not to speak or >> probably uncomfortable for him to walk in to a church full of cops. just like it would be uncomfortable for the devil to >> reporter: a grand jury indicted howard for the officer's murder. howard single shot to the life of a man whose hundred who followed the footsteps of his father and grandfather would you decided to become a police officer. the police commissioner and mayor are expected to deliver remarks after the funeral. officer holders body will be flown back to his native. that is the latest. live from jamaica this morning. rosanna: thank you so much.
8:07 am
greg: let's talk about presidential politics. donald trump not quite on top anymore. a couple points below the accursed. political pundits. rosanna: anyway. greg: single digits. rosanna: the candidates will face off in their third debate. greg: we will see if jeb -- rosanna: can bring some energy. greg: a are competing against the world series. we want to go back a little bit. 1979. the hostage crisis. a number of american military personnel. civilian workers for the state department taken hostage. during that time, a fascinating kind of program came on late at night. it was a hostage crisis.
8:08 am
they would look at what happened that day. rosanna: they would count down or count of the number of days the hostage were kept in captivity. day one of freedom. day two of freedom. that show became nightline. anchored by the legendary abc news command. he has a new book called lights out. steve that this is a really vicious killing. they showed these pictures of me when i was 12 years old. you dissolve into show this old man sitting there. greg: you look great. he has all kinds of observations. we have a lot of respect for you. >> thank you. i was reading your book. lights out. i am reading -- >> and you're watching the world series. rosanna: and i watching the
8:09 am
we go to black. i am thinking is this the beginning of the end. did you hear about this last night? >> no. i was watching the same thing that you wear. rosanna: you talk about our country being unprepared for something like this. it is very real. the president says it. the former secretary of defense spoke of it as being a cyber pearl harbor. people from the nsa have told me that the chinese and the russians already have the equivalent of cyber landmines inside. they could knock out the power for tens of millions of people in the estimates are that they
8:10 am
would stay without power for weeks, months, as long as two years. rosanna: they are getting ready for this. how prepared are we? >> you cannot protect the internet. you cannot defend the internet. you are one of the few people that knows that. if there were quite literally that there would be a means of communication on the into nuclear war. you will not be able to defend it. everyone is freaked out. there are steps.
8:11 am
sony pictures had 43 firewalls. one of them, all it takes is one tiny opening. remember those two nurses that caught ebola even though they were wearing masks? a tiny little bit of the pupil of patients view case hit him on the neck. that was enough. the same thing applies. rosanna: you talk about how it would affect all of us. how can you stockpile for months and months of no food. >> one of the points that i want to make, this is not a
8:12 am
this is not a liberal issue. tens of millions of people will be without power for weeks and months at a time. they may have to spend 50 or $60 billion to do it. we are not a preemptive society. >> we try to evacuate. you say the mormons are kind of prepared for this. they are very good in terms of individual preparation among the
8:13 am
preparation within the church. >> we want to get you on politics real quick. i think i am right in saying that the dc pundits never really gave them much of a chance. they got it wrong. >> not yet. >> 13 months away from the election. >> three months away from our primary. president santorum. >> i do not think that santorum was on top of the polls. >> did something even more
8:14 am
won seven primaries. i will quote winston churchill. americans eventually always get it right. i got tired getting the crap kicked out of the. greg: they picked on you quit that they picked on me. greg: where did you go to school? >> i went to a place called the attorney. rosanna: it is so nice to meet you. you can see ted koppel tonight at 730. are there tickets still
8:15 am
available? we could have lights out. this is the book that he is promoting tonight. greg: thank you. i do not even remember what you are talking about. we were both broadcast journalists. one of us got the bad guy before the other. some small resentment. greg: they are already at the palace. so impressive. thanks a lot. rosanna: we appreciate it. mike woods. you better take it away. mike: we have another mild day out there again.
8:16 am
45 degrees in monticello. the first wave of rain making its way through. a lot more rain down to our southwest. we still have to get to all of that before said and done. you can see the heavier showers. we will still see a few decent rounds of rain. can i get a medium coffee, cream, two sugars? medium hot coffee, cream, two sugars -- see you at the window. at dunkin', we make your coffee just the way you like it. if not, we'll make it again on the spot. that's the dd commitment.
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8:18 am
greg: ted koppel. he is all right. adam shapiro. learning more and more things about greg kelly. greg: i am pretty sure that we are cool. >> pay attention to this merger. you include rite aid. $17.2 billion deal. creating the largest in the country store chain.
8:19 am
this is the latest. regulators have to approve it. you will just see more of walgreens. they will be the two biggest. >> very good sales. >> will you and i as consumers be paying more for good or will these large pharmacies pressure to lower prices. that is what regulators have to do. duane reade. rosanna: they are everywhere. greg: should probably go there
8:20 am
>> bradley cooper. sous chef in the kitchen. not such a nice guy in the
8:21 am
bradley greg: classic. rosanna: you like the electronic sound. greg: it reminds me when we dressed up like def punk. we spoke french. [laughter] rosanna: are you okay? i feel like you have a typhoid fever or something. greg: doesn't someone in the building have tb. rosanna: what? greg: no, there is a word going around someone has tb? rosanna: we are okay. is it you? greg: it is patient x and they
8:22 am
rosanna: we hope that the person is doing well. greg: we don't know who the person is. hipa is saying that the doctors can't say anything about anybody with their name involved. rosanna: we are getting read you to talk to bradley cooper. greg: why bradley not brad? rosanna: because someone has that name. brad pitt. greg: he seems like a nice guy. mike: we are in trouble with greg and mike. greg: what'd you mean, if we make it big in hollywood. rosanna: what is happening outside?
8:23 am
mike: damp and gray. not a tremendous amount of rain for the city. however, heavy showers throughout the day. to right now though, mostliy clouds and the rain is traying to break up. we have more down to the southwest. don't think we are in the clear here, that is not the case. 56 at central park. pretty mild. 57 newark. same thing in islip. 51 bridgeport. winds come in 5-15 miles per hour and that is piling up the waters in the coastal areas. coming through. the area of low pressure in the mid western states and leftovers from patricia coming through and we have a lot of scattered southwest and we are stalk with it for the rest of the day. heavy pockets of rain in the afternoon and evening and the heavy stuff clearing the area by fairly early tomorrow morning.
8:24 am
skies coming back to us as time goes on. cooler temperatures are going to follow. today it is a wet one. we need the wet weather. up to 64 for the high. and it is windy in the afternoon as well. warm afternoon with clearing skies. high of 73. sunday might be like that, not bad. high of 61 # on saturday. that is halloween coming up for you on saturday. change the clocks back this weekend. marathon on sunday. wow a lot going on. it is going to be on the dry side, just a few clouds in the area. we have a little birthday shout out. happy 8th birthday to you. your family loves you a lot. now to ines and the commute. at least, you know, it could be worse. >> ines: we had earlier problems
8:25 am
right now, airports, la guardia 90 minutes on arrivals. call ahead. cross island parkway, northbound, traffic is slow, an accident by northern boulevard. the l.i.e. normal delays. staten island expressway, you have delays approaching the verrazano bridge. let's go to cameras, long island expressway, moving fine. driving into the city, the george washington bridge, delays 45 upper, 35 lower. lincoln tunnel backed up to route 3 and the tun pike, an hour delay. holland tunnel 20-30. trains, new jersey transit, a stalled train affected the pascack valley line. metro-north slippery conditions and causing delays on harlem line and new haven line. greg: something weird happened
8:26 am
in the game, unfortunate. there was a power glitch and we couldn't watch the game for four minutes. rosanna: yes, the game was delayed. and they went to an international team and behind the scenes they were working hard to fix the broadcast truck that lost power. greg: it was a test pattern. you see this, stand by, technical difficulties. liz has more, good morning, liz. >> reporter: good morning, the game off the air for 4-5 minutes. fox sports broadcast was bumped off the air because of a power outage. a lot of people running around trying to fix the live truck and restore the tv transmitter. let's look at the message you got.
8:27 am
the game to restart up i gain. the mlb cleef baseball officer consulted with the umpire crew and the game was stopped for a short while. major league teams often use the tv broadcast for replays, so the teams were left without the capability while this was being fixed. fox used the mlb network's announcers. this is a statement, the generators inside of the compound lost power. the only play you missed was the designated hitter striking out to open the bottom of the 4th. so you can imagine what was going on at the scenes there.
8:28 am
properly for tonight's game. >> reporter: they are saying it is a rare occurrence. rosanna: we are watching here on fox 5, pregame at 57 and the game after that and post game show. friday, greg and i causing difficulties at the game. we are there at 7:00, don't forget to say hi if you are there. if not, watch us. we are going to be on tv. greg: we are going to be on tv. pump it. we have the enthusiastic fans. take a look. rosanna: this is kerry. what a beautiful family. hanging out with mr. met. jordon marie 3 years old and into the game.
8:29 am
rosanna: we like that. let let's go mets and thank you for posting your photos. coming up, two award winning navy seals showing us what life is like after war with a company dedicated to taking what they learned on the battlefield to the business world. greg: the book is called i'm caridee. i've had moderate to severe plaque psoriasis most of my life. but that hasn't stopped me from modeling. my doctor told me about stelara it helps keep my skin clearer. with only 4 doses a year after 2 starter doses... ...stelara helps me be in season. stelara may lower your ability to fight infections and increase your risk of infections. some serious infections require hospitalization. before starting stelara your doctor should test for tuberculosis. stelara may increase your risk of cancer. always tell your doctor if you have any sign of infection, have had cancer, or if you develop any new skin growths. do not take stelara if you are allergic to stelara
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greg: welcome back, everybody. you are looking at combat footage or training footage from the navy seals. they take only the very, very elite and if you qualify to try, there is a high likelihood you want make it all the way. once in action, they are legendary. they are instrumental with the raid on osama bin laden and they have done so much. a lot of that we have not heard about. we introduce you to former navy seals and the book is called extreme ownership. it is written by two former navy seal officers. welcome to "good day." rosanna: welcome. you are silver star medals.
8:33 am
rosanna: that is amazing. how'd you get the silver star? >> well, those are given for tough days and tough combat operations in ramadi and the award is recognizing the extraordinary guys i got the lead. rosanna: is there secrecy over the battles? >> that battle was not secret. it was broadcast in the news and fighting in the streets throughout the day. greg: ramadi was a creepy place. the seals are a mystery for the civilians, what is it you do and explain to us, if you would, the navy seals. >> we are part of the command.
8:34 am
sea, air, land and we have been fighting on land. we have had a number of deployments to iraq and the lessons learned came for us and we ran the seal leadership training. greg: is this for those that want to be a seal. who is the target audience? >> we honestly originally took the lessons passed them on to the guys on the seal teams and then we worked with civilian companies and they asked for something written down and we turned it to the civilian leaders as well. leadership is the same way. it is still leading a group of people to execute a mission. rosanna: you have a lot of lessons to be learned, discipline equals freedom. explain that a little bit. >> sure, that is what jocko
8:35 am
if you want the freedom to go out and operate at a high level you have to have discipline training and operating procedures and that applies to life as well. if kwou want to be physically fit and free of injury, you have to be disciplined to train hard and financial freedom you have to be disciplined to save. >> i don't know if it was you, but you were bouncing off the walls growing up? >> i was a high energy child, yes. [laughter] rosanna: how did you energy? >> joining the military was the best thing that ever happened to me. you join the military and you get a strictured environment and focussing the energy. greg: you have a book, and you
8:36 am
consult with companies and teaching them leadership, what is a major error committed by companies, by individuals, when it comes to leadership, what is the mistake you are seeing? >> lack of extreme ownership. nobody else to blame. there's no excuses to be made. look at yourself to see what you can do better. an as leader i have to step up. when you see a lack of that, if the leader is saying we are not winning because the team is not very good, that leader has to take ownership and solve the problems and get the team trained, bring in the resources to get the job done and succeed. rosanna: are you dealing with social media in the this book? everyone is dealing with social media as getting the word out there? no?
8:37 am
it is not in book, but we spread the word about the book. we try to leverage to teach the folks. greg: you felt like you were born to be a warrior. you were destined to lead men in combat, fair statement? >> that is probably strong. when i was a kid, i wanted to be a commando. rosanna: did you grow into it discipline? >> i wanted to be a commando my whole life and getting into the seal teams and you look up to the guys and they teach you the way. greg: do you miss it? >> absolutely. we miss it every day.
8:38 am
that the seals are a robot. the reality is we have a capable team of the guys and they are human beings and they have free will and e goes and thoughts about things and you have to lead them, and that applies to leading any team, as a parent leading the family as well. rosanna: when you look at you guys or the seals in general, you are fearless, but you must deal with the fears, right, how do you face your fears when in that type of situation? >> to call anybody fearless, especially on a battlefield is not true, but what is amazing about the guys we worked with, they are facing fear, fear of being killed daily, and all those guys on a daily basis stepped up and overcame the fear and did their job. book. very intriguing.
8:39 am
as a marine, i will look at this with great interest. jocko and lath thank you. rosanna: coming up, bradley cooper. bradley cooper is here. greg: he play add navy seal. what'd you think about the portrayal? >> he did a good job. >> the mannerisms and the voice. >> he's here and talking about the new movie playing a chef. >> sorry to hear that. >> "good day new york" is coming right back. okay. so everyone is saying, "hey! you gotta get fios!" but why? why fios? well fios is a 100 percent
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8:41 am
rosanna: all right, we are going to talk about broadway. one of the favorite musicals that we haven't seen yet. greg: which one? >> hamilton. greg: we do want to see that. anna: it is a hard show to get
8:42 am
the tickets to. it is low income high school students are getting a chance to see. the foundation pledged one and a half million dollars for the project and allowing ten thousand students to see the matinees and learning about the characterers in school beforehand. york. it is being touted as one of the best and biggest of the year. the idea came from a trip to the city in 2003 when on a greyhound bus. it took him 6 years to write the book. greg: by the way he got a
8:43 am
rosanna: is he coming on the show? greg: potentially. i hope it is good. anna: one direction actually beat an record held by the beatles. the song perfect debuted in the top hundred. the beatles had the most top ten debuts with four songs. one d making the headlines, liam broke up with the girlfriend after two years. his fans were upset and he almost cried during an a concert in a song. the next james bond? greg: that guy as what? anna: daniel craig is being a good sport about that.
8:44 am
rosanna: maybe this young man has a chance at it. he starred in disney channel top rated show, he's like a huge super star on instagram and twitter. he's got hiss own spinoff on the disney channel and he's going to be here. when cigarette cravings hit, all i can think about is getting relief. only nicorette mini has a patented fast-dissolving formula. it starts to relieve
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