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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  October 28, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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they didn't get a chance to take batting practice from the field weather. much nicer out today. and obviously the mets still trying to get over last night's loss, a heartbreaking loss. fans trying to get over it as well. you know what happened. bottom of the 9th, familia on the mound. gordon. that tied the game up at 4. this game then went to extra innings. 14 innings it went. it was five hours long. the royals loaded the based. hosmer has the big sac fly and they score. i caught up with the mets catcher a while ago and went one-on-one with him. i asked what he thinks about the mets' ability to bounce back tonight. you've been through tough losses before. not game one of the world series.
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how do you bounce back? >> i feel we're ready to bounce back after the game. you've got to thank the veterans for giving us the right mind-set for that. we're here ready to win today. >> >> reporter: think he's ready to go? >> 100 percent. and we're 100 percent confident in him. >> reporter: what was it like playing? >> a lot of fun. you've got to thank the fans to making it so exciting. it was fun being made fun of. it was fun experiencing the ups and downs of a long game. unfortunately, we didn't win yesterday, but we're ready to win today. >> reporter: as you can see, the flags out there in right field, the wind is blowing. wind could be a huge factor in this game as you see david wright grounding -- fielding
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a stronger defense in the out outfield. that is the story here from kauffman stadium. degrom versus cueto tonight. ernie: tonight is the night. >> reporter: i think it is. i think it is. ernie: thank you, duke. thanks very much. let's talk to russ right now and -- russ: you said last night was the night, too. ernie: we're always praying and hoping. i think it will be okay. what was your take on the game? russ: a lot of breakdowns. a lot of breakdowns we did not expect. it started from the get-go. all of a sudden you saw really shoddy defense from guys you don't expect it from. the game opens up with an inside the park home run from escobar on the first pitch that matt harvey throws. let me tell you something, there was no way that was going to be an inside the park home run. that ball should have been caught.
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it was a bad, bad -- it was a bad play. ernie: there were some problems. russ: there was a miscommunication. ernie: what else happened? what else did you see? russ: then you look at in the 14th inning, wright boots a ball that should have been an out. it happens. it's part of baseball. the problem is this is the world series. it's the grand stage. it gets magnified. it's the most inopportune time. let's go back to the other thing that happened. you had a breakdown by your pitcher in that 9th inning. the mets are leading 4 to 3. he picks the worst time -- ernie: he's been good for the
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past three months russ: we're talking three months. but it was the worst time. you can't have that happen. ernie: how do they regroup? russ: you know, you heard duke speaking with darnaud. you have to have a short memory. if not, you're in trouble. wright has to forget about it. they have to forget about it and come back and win. listen, this is a resilient team. they've come back before. but they need tonight. that kansas city royals team is a very, very good team. as i said, i expected it to go 7. i won't be surprised. if the mets go down 2-0, they're in trouble. ernie: tonight's the night. here's the schedule for tonight's pre-game coverage. starts at 7 here on fox 5. game 2 begins at 8:00. the post-game show comes on right after followed by the news. >> let's talk to nick. nick, no rain tonight in kansas city. but we've got a little rain action here. nick: we've got a lot of rain in
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the last hour or two. we'll be seeing more in the forecast. kansas city should be great weather. turning cooler during the game. they're around 60 right now. they'll be dropping into the middle to lower 50s by the late innings unless they're another 14. let's not go there. we're talking the wind that duke was referring to, that will back down a little and be patchy clouds. we've had our issues. an inch of rain so far. 66, 53 the split in the city today. that 66 right now. temperature has been rising much of the afternoon and we'll stay in the mid 60s. tonight, 70s for tomorrow. we should average between 60 and 47. rain continues to fall, but not as heavy as earlier. mid 60s city down to the jersey shore. around 60 northward. middle 60s across long island to 63 at bridgeport. a warm front moving through the area. we'll stay in the 60s as the
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night goes along. right now we're down to 48. monticello, they were at 50. sussex, 58. 60 as you get into the hudson valley. let's find what we have from a temperature change standpoint. warmer than 24 hours ago. look at the speeds. they're gusting 25, 35. i saw a gust at islip over 40 miles an hour. the high tide cycle is producing the threat of coastal flooding jersey shore and the southern part of nassau county until midnight. a one to two foot tidal departure is possible. the heavy cluster of rain has moved into connecticut. moving pretty quickly. we'll look at fox 5 sky guardian 3-d. there it goes up to the north and east. we're getting a little lull with a couple of showers. look at the wide view. there's more showers and storms building by washington, d.c., towards pennsylvania. some of these might produce
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during the overnight hours. potential for strong gusty wind with that as it moves through. you see that gearing up on the satellite photograph. that's in advance of a cold front that will get here tomorrow as that system moves along. right now the warm front is moving through. tomorrow we're in the mild air. maybe a shower out the door. we'll talk about temperatures climbing into the middle 70s as you plan your day as sunshine goes to work. 60s through 9:00 a.m. 74 middle of the day. we'll cool it down later in the afternoon into the evening and we'll turn to dry and cooler weather friday. there's the futurecast. you'll see the system moving along with the thunderstorms overnight. then sunshine returns tomorrow after morning showers. we'll get back to drier air tomorrow night and extending into friday. a beautiful day. sunny. 60. most of the upcoming weekend should be fine. our forecast for tonight will call for basically showers and storms, heavy downpours will come in. breezy and mild. in the middle 60s. tomorrow, a shower early. we'll see sunshine and clouds.
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climbing into the middle 70s tomorrow. friday, about 60, breezy, sunny. halloween, nice, sun, 56. dry in the evening for the trick-or-treaters and the parade. sunday morning, 2:00 a.m., set your clock back. don't forget, ernie. a shower sunday afternoon. the marathon should be okay. 63. monday, tuesday, wednesday, we stay generally in the middle 60s. pretty nice. ernie: very nice. typical october weather. thank you, nick. in other news for you today, a funeral service was held for fallen nypd detective randolph holder in queens. stacey delikat reports. [music] >> reporter: the gloomy rainy skies outside the greater allen ame cathedral in jamaica matched the mood as thousands gathered for a final farewell to 33-year-old police officer randolph holder gunned down last week while chasing a suspect in east harlem. >> he did us proud just as he
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did his family proud and his department proud and our city proud. >> reporter: holder came to new york from guyana 12 years ago to live out the american dream and was doing just that, planning to wed his high school sweetheart. >> what is loss? there's no definition that could articulate the feeling because i know it so well. >> reporter: family members remembered holder as ambitious, humble and selfless. >> we are proud to call him son, sibling, sibling, nephew, cousin, love of my life. our lives have been enriched by >> reporter: holder became a police officer five years ago following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather and detective. today that dream became a reality as he was promoted host posthumously. mayor de blasio vowed his death
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>> we are all in this together. we can learn from him that the police and the community must become one. >> reporter: he will be buried in guyana, but remembered in new york forever. i'm stacey delikat, fox 5 news. ernie: thank you. much more coming up tonight, including our focus on car safety. this has been a year full of recalls and automakers being fined. what's going on. a closer look at the issue next. >> and you see ads all over. the world series and football games. it's fantasy sports. what's going on with them and does the government need to regulate? we'll talk about that tomorrow at 6:00.
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call 1-800-341-9716. ernie: welcome back, everyone. today ford recalled more than 100,000 vehicles. bmw recalled almost 90,000 mini coopers. and european regulators announced tougher testing methods in the wake of the volkswagen schedule. that's just today. the year has been full of stories like this making us wonder what's going on? how safe are we in our cars? linda schmidt begins our in-depth look tonight. >> reporter: toyota, mazda and general motors are among car makers with major recalls. last week toyota recalled 6-1/2 million cars world wide that
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were affected by a faulty window switch. the defect could lead to a short-circuit that, in turn, could potentially lead to a fire in the car. mazda recalled nearly 5 million vehicles around the world. 1.3 million are in the u.s. turns out that ignition switches could overheat and catch fire. why are we seeing so many recalls? >> the no. 1 item or force driving this increased recall activity is the government being more accountable or making the car makers more accountable. >> reporter: by government, he means the national highway traffic safety administration, which is known as nhtsa. the agency is cracking down on car companies and slapping offenders with major fines. carl brower is with kelly ey blue book book. he says another reason that we're seeing an uptick in car recalls is consolidation. there's just a handful of
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selling them to automakers. if a part is defective, the impact is widespread. >> when you have that many different models, starting with the same basic vehicle design, if something in the design is defective, it affects all those different models across those different manufacturer brands. >> reporter: one of the more egregious cases is takata airbags. eight people have been killed and more than 100 injured. shrapnel or chemicals. 11 automakers had to recall 30 million vehicles in the u.s. consumer reports says all of the recalls are actually a positive sign that the government is paying more attention and manufacturers. >> if we had years without recalls, you have to wonder were parts not failing or are we not aware? is the government asleep? this means the process is
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working and the parts are being fixed and replaced. ernie: thank you for that report, linda. let's travis right now, a site director, road and we're taking a look at the november issue. that's a great issue. >> it's a good one. ernie: a lot of things in there. we want to talk about the story of the day. we can say we got bad news. we got a lot of recalls. but the good news is somebody is watching and doing something about it. >> right. we have a lot more interaction from the government on behalf of the automakers. that stems from what happened with general motors. you have automakers acting before the government gets involved because they don't want to get dinged the way gm was. ernie: a lot of people hear about the recalls. we were saying you start to wonder. is it safe to drive my car? what's going on? what's your take on that? >> i think it's perfectly safe to drive your car as long as if the recall is serious, you get it fixed.
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for the case of the takata recalls, the airbags, that's something you want to get fixed. we have 30 million being recalled. ernie: are we going to see more aggressive action from the government and the automakers? >> i think we're seeing it on both sides. the government has been involved in making sure the cars get recalled. we're having automakers recalling cars for faults that have just developed from cars that are very old like the mazda with the ignition switch fires. ernie: we have a lot of new technology being installed. talk about driverless cars. you expect the problem to get more widespread? >> i don't expect it to get more widespread. if there's something wrong with the technology, we can expect a more difficult repair or something that takes longer to get fixed. ernie: and consolidation. you have a handful of companies making the auto parts. >> right. takata supplied airbags to 30
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there's talk chrysler wants to merge which creates fewer platforms. ernie: what does that mean? >> if you have a mid size car that's built with chrysler, you'll have tons of cars that would have the same good points or faults. something to look out for. ernie: we have to be careful. what should the driver be watching for? >> look out if the car has been recalled, get it fixed. if they're buying a new car, make sure the recalls have been taken care of and repaired. they should make sure there's no past faults. there's a lot. ernie: thank you very much for coming here today. all right. safe driving. for everyone. a lot more to tell you about, including another fill in the blank for you. watch this. i like to blank before i fall asleep. what do you like to do before you fall asleep? that's a question. what's your routine? see what people said coming up. and speaking of falling
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and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit ernie: well, mets fans may be tired out, but they're still fired up. they are indeed. that's for sure. tonight's the night. game 2 in kansas city. last night they suffered through a power outage, 14 innings and a
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game 1 loss to the royals. but they still have faith. >> game ended at 1:19. i tried to go to sleep. i couldn't. i slept for probably two hours. got up at a quarter to 5 and went to work. >> i just took a picture with the pope. we're ready. >> both teams want to win. >> it was even and even. it made it worth it. ernie: you've got to believe. don't forget game 2 here on fox 5 tonight. the pre-game starts at 7 p.m. >> derek jeter gave up baseball last year. now he's ready to give up being a bachelor. yeah. jeter reportedly proposed to his model girlfriend hannah davis on sunday. they have been dating on and off for three years. last year when jeter retired from the yankees after 20 seasons, he said one of the reasons was to start a family. no word yet on a wedding date. >> williamsburg, brooklyn, is the home to the city's newest museum, the museum of food and drink.
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missing word. i like to blank before i fall asleep. >> drink my tea that makes me fall asleep. ernie: that's nice. ernie: that's good. how about you? >> read a book. ernie: both of you. >> no. okay. you read yours, you read yours. ernie: okay. good reading. let's ask this group. what do you like to do before you fall asleep? >> read. ernie: you like to read. what about you? >> i check my mail. ernie: check your e-mails? >> yes. ernie: doesn't keep you awake? >> no. i check my gadgets. ernie: until you fall asleep. talk on the telephone and look at facebook. >> yes. a lot. ernie: then you go to sleep? >> yes. i look up my pictures. because i take a lot of pictures and post them on facebook and find some employment. ernie: that's nice. just before you go to sleep.
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on in my life at this time now. ernie: thank you. thank you. bye-bye. sleep well tonight. that's it for now. thank you very much for joining us. i'm ernie anastos here in studio 5 and our control room people. thanks for being a part of our broadcast. have a wonderful night. go mets!
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