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tv   Chasing News  FOX  October 29, 2015 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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when she was hear -- here, how would you eliminate magic from that stage? that is what she did with gloria. >> you have pitbull. he is rocking it. harvey: ragan says we are out of
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bill: now on "chasing news". >> grave robbers to call hundreds of thousands of dollars. what are they stealing? bronze faces. >> comps of dirt. bill: how much does it way? >> it makes no sense to steal it. bill: if you are stealing from a gravesite, shame on you. >> when you need to use a bathroom i guess it's better than nothing. this is your bathroom? come on. >> flooded during hurricane sandy. >> people were upset about this. there were protests.
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>> back at home. for works are back, this is back, but people are not back. bill: chasing grave robbers in queens. >> stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars for maple grove cemetery in queens. they are stealing bronze faces. >> i would do security at the time. i would do the same group the night prior. ithat morning just clumps of dirt from where they pull it out. >> some nights it was up to 50 faces.
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he show me a bill from 2011 that replaced these faces at a cost of $51,000. this is been going on for decades. these now cost $250 to replace. the cemetery replace them for free. family members who bought this gravesite not responsible for paying for replacement if they want one. bill: wait a minute.a minute. how much does it way? >> about 8 pounds. >> it makes no sense to steal it. there is more value intact. bill: if you're melting down dozens, guidance, ii have to figure ten to 20 bucks. >> taking 20 to 30 a night, but it still really disgusting.
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robbers have happened. both gravesites on either side of me, all of the bases have been stolen. they have to decide whether to replace something very personal to them. i walked down these rows of gravestones that were missing. they have a protected with barbed wire and defense. they had put in knew security measures to catch theft and action. they caught one in 2011, show me the picture of him. he was prosecuted, but that is only one. bill: i am thinkingi am thinking with all the security, people speaking in late at night weather just casually walking over to a gravesite. >> this is a huge cemetery, mourners can, and unfortunately it is hard to
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everybody's in there. >> why haven't they figured outfigure out a better way to secure the grave to the grave site? >> it was an inside job. he was in ex-employee of the cemetery. caught him because they want to the dealers. bill: if you are stealing from a gravesite shame on you. off. >> think twice before going skateboarding at columbus skateboarding and got caught by a police officer and check out this video. the police officer grabbed him in a headlock, threw him handcuffing him.
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twice. >> a youtube started we have had in studio, a native of paterson, new jersey. he was able to lower six children into his house. a through moments. >> the latest videos. >> there is nothing. >> it sure feels that way when you need to use the bathroom. >> there is no toilet paper. it is unnecessary. >> i guess is better than nothing.
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paying when the creek overflowed during the storm the empire state building was built in 410 days. has been more than twice that long since hurricane sandy. still not finished. >> state, local, federal, the whole thing is a mess. >> a turnpike authority spokesman got back to me saying it's ahead of schedule and that insurance companies had taken the better part of a year to hammer out who was going to pay for what. slated to take two years. drivers told me, not get
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done in six months. >> the grover cleveland dressed up as set to reopen next month. bill: john corzine was right when he was governor. the revenue would be great. it would've never had this a bureaucratic turnpike authority who incidentally made a profit of somewhere in the neighborhood of $400 million. >> refused to pay big money for the turnpikes.
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away. >> they prove there point. people were. people were able to use the turnpike and not have to worry about it. if people really upset though the protests. they were crickets. bill: i can't believe you're defending them. >> brilliant. i am paying out-of-pocket myself. the state has trouble managing and balancing some budgets, but never the turnpike. they proved it. >> so quickly. bill: as the mets are looking forward to bringing the world series back home. you have to get over a few superstitious quirks. >> tickets for game five almost as much is $1,600. before we can get to that, game to hoping they give an
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amazing performance which could rely on some tradition. >> his name is thor which is his nicknames but he also has close from rocky four, eisenberg, lion command depending on the state of affairs with the team he will where the appropriate gloves. fans are no stranger to superstition. just ask michael barry. >> i remember during the playoffs and over the same thing for every single playoff game, same hat, shirts, pants because pants because they did not want to screw anything up. >> he actually were sharp teeth around his neck. and even was obsessed with number nine. his salary was listed as on
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lines. one thing i think most new yorkers can agree on. >> i'm guessing there are some superstitions. >> another tradition. blowing a big lead and losing a new many as we. my prediction right now is that they will go out in the great big stink the way they always have. unfortunately we all no that really is bad luck. >> take aa look at this photo of a man wanted by the nypd. rock teeth of anyone with information should contact crimestoppers. >> i think we can all agree the real winner here is derek cheater.
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the question. according to the new york daily news, got a ring on her finger. some would say it's about time. >> it has been a longtime since superstar standing. these are all victims of hurricane sandy. >> they are back. the people are not back. >> we report the news. when it comes down to it is
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>> between the pizza raccoon , it's know surprise that new york city has its fair share of people food loving animals. this photo on imager of a kitten absent a bagel. not really sure if she aided or someone put the big on top of them. it makes for one awesome photo. is the best holiday ever, national china day. >> in honor of national china day here such
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and. >> a long time since then they have dealt with it in a multitude of ways. the senate president came out to the rally, a sleep in where many of these individuals are sleeping outside of war memorial park to show that not enough has been done. wewe want to talk to these individuals about what they have been going through. bill: let me ask you guys, all of their homes other primary homes, so what are you doing? what have the last three years been like? >> paying rent and paying a mortgage and property taxes and insurance and homeowners insurance. bill: what do you hope to
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unscrupulous contractors walking away with people money from grant or flood insurance. picture of the iconic little girl last governor christie three. excellent. to you have a question? >> broken. >> come here. >> problem going to try to see if we can get your home fixed. >> what does that picture mean for you guys? >> photo up. there is plenty of blame. initially with a person he the person he says and not going to rest until everyone is back home.
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you have heard the boardwalks are back. the theback. the people are not back. bill: good luck, thank you for coming in. bill: another person coming on the show. good luck. good to meet you. you guys don't need plates. the state police would not even let you have tents. >> on merrick boulevard in queens paying my respect to officer randle folder here at his funeral. a lovely call randy inside. from diana. his father and grandfather were police officers. he chose to pursue the american dream and become a police officer himself in 2010. that dream was shattered when a career criminal gunned them down in harlem last week. commissioner breton spoke during the service command what he said was very moving. he gave officer holding aa
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promotion to detectives command there was a standing ovation. it was heartbreaking when he said that detective told it was released from his duty in the now he has a new assignment which was to be a guardian angel in heaven. >> i'm just doing what i want. >> they produce a lot about the here.
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thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that.
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>> pumpkin spice bagels. >> pumpkin spice bagels! bill: i hate them. >> video games. bill: you are chasing the musicians behind the music
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at one of fox television's more popular shows, empire. >> bill, empire is in its 2nd season. the show centers around the music industry kingpin. a lot of the music that you hear. >> i'm just doing what i want. now you know, i am from philly. we have to bring some type of positivity. these guys work along with music producer genius timberland. he decides for justin
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guys like that. >> you do that. >> of course i knew that. it is for everyone else that you are explaining. >> the mastermind behind the instrumentals. >> dabble in music a little bit myself. >> the group because pretty much i guess the people are saying, your style is all over the place. >> it became more like aa playful thing. you could do everything. it's almost like your bipolar. hell can do rock, r&b, pop, country. we are diverse in terms of what we can execute. >> the show is working. it is a powerhouse in terms of ratings. last season they rated higher than the super bowl.
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it is just the numbers that the shows bring. empire is not only the number one hit but i completely revolutionary show. by listening to the soundtrack aside the drama. it is awesome. bill: a racist rant goes viral. >> a tirade on a brooklyn bus getting national attention. >> pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins. bill: 7,000 jack-o'-lanterns. that is how you do halloween >> next "chasing news" baby!| mom! i love that we're spending the weekend together. oh i know! hey, why don't you turn off your phone and all your stuff. good idea. it's off. mom? oh my internet is so slow when anyone else is using it. did you like want to do something? i am doing something. leave slow downloads behind.
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