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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  October 29, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day early call". juliet: good morning, everyone. the good sign that list form is moving at. the roads, what a mess. ben: it was not that bad. we needed the rain. juliet: knock it off for once in your life. was not as bad as i thought it would be but mike has the full forecast and ines is watching the roads. ben: speaking of messes from the rain to the mets. new york heads come down two games to and none in the best of seven world sees so they have their work cut out for them. still possible, let's go mets.
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>> it is in three years since superstorm sandy devastated parts of our area. three years, i can't believe that, right after i got here. ben: november 12th, 2015, -- 2013. juliet: i will have to go out to kansas city which is not a trip i am looking forward to because my friends, whoever loses, whatever team loses, we have to go to reach other's make the effort to go. ben: right here is a nice little town, some good barbecue. ben: my friends are there, that is cool. ben: i bet you can get a cocktail for $5. right? juliet: i was thinking of the actual cost of the trip and a hotel but unlike the way your mind works.
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$100. kansas city in october. >> meteorologist: the mets can still make it from this point forward. if it continues on this -- >> meteorologist: let's have some rain, it is not quite done but our rain totals generally in the range of one to two inches but still adding a little more to. white plains is the winner at 2 when 02 inches of rain, jfk and inge, central park almost an inch and a half of rain, same in newark and only half an inch in montauk, taking a little while for the rain to get there and the rain has been on a lighter side so far. we are going to see the rain come to close soon enough, not quite done yet but we have one last good hit of rain coming through during the morning commute, coming into the city, light to moderate rain but there
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will be pockets of heavier stuff that makes its way through so don't expect the rain to be completely gone until we get into the morning commute. temperatures and why is very mild, 68 center park, 67 in newark, same thing islip as well as montauk, look like temperatures are going up largely because of those of a big wind we have out there. that is going to continue to pull in warmer temperatures into the tristate and it is pretty significant. that went coming in at 25 miles an hour, getting temperatures to 74 for i later today, we expect sunshine before long, only early morning showers, tomorrow cooler with a high of 60, 57 is your eye on halloween. let's bring in ines, plenty of wet roads out there, localized flooding affecting the commute. ines: all lanes are flooded on a
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have to be careful, slowdown, flooding on the northern state the west bound bundles of the neck parkway, the dallas parkway some flooding by farmers boulevard the man fdr drive flooding by the triborough bridge and south bound by 80, watch out for that and slippery wet leaves create the problem with the roads. let's go to our camera, southbound, this is the sky way off southbound as you try to get off of the boulevard, all rains because of an accident, no one is moving south bound from jersey city so plan an alternate route, how long it will be closed, don't have that information just avoided. trains doing fine, everything on or close to schedule, street cleaning rules in effect. juliet: lots of ponding when i was coming in, not fun. all right, also not fun, the game last night, the mets back in town, they got back in, the
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new york run 4:00. ben: they could not get out of kansas city fast enough, the first two games of the world series, duke castiglione is in kansas city and chose as what went wrong. duke: the mets trailed in this best of 7 series because johnny was sensational giving the two hits, went the distance giving up one run, mets lose 7-1 and the royals, it kept coming all night. let's show you the highlights, mets have first and second with two outs one lucas duda... in the left, dana mary scores to but the amazing up 1-0. in the fifth, 0-2 bridge, escobar singles home alex gordon and that will tied game up at one of these and later in the inning with two outs, eric
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single to center field scoring a pair of runs giving of a royals a 3-0 lead and wasn't finished. there was an rbi single, 4 ravens 0 royals, all the royals run, a charging to jacob degrom, first to charge three runs in september 22nd of this year and the royals win it 7-1 and after the game, terry collins. >> not hitting, that is what i see. and he is not the only one. a couple other ones in there. wheat stressed it when we play good our lineup, it shows you right now with folks not hitting how big murphy was in that and lc s with the home runs. we have to pick up eventually, do a better job using the field,
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and we have done it, we have done it, we have to move again. duke: world series shifts back to new york. in 1986 the mets lost the first two games at home, then went up to boston, and won games 3. the rest is history. the mets were champions that year. we will see what happens. a lot of world series baseball left to be played. that is the story, back to the studio. ben: thank you very much. mets fans trying to remain optimistic as they think back to 1986. ben: that is when the new york mets lost the first two games to the boston red sox but went on to win the world series. let's talk about the excitement. the guys in the buses, liz dahlem live at city field, they got their half an hour ago or so. ben: that is right. the buses rolled around 4:00 this morning and i guess the good news in all of this is the team is back home but this is
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not not outcome mets fans were looking for but this is what it looks like when the mets came in this morning on those two coach buses, the team took a three hour and 15 minute flight right after the game straight from kansas city, they got into their personal cars and went home to get since we. let's look at what it looked like throughout the city last night. fox 5 was inside the playwright and 35th street where fans tried to stay positive, cheered the team on throughout the home game but things started to fall apart in the fifth inning of game 2 but fans are staying optimistic, hopeful that the team will play at home during game free and that will help them turn things around. >> we have plenty of time. >> it was a tough loss, hard to watch but the not mets fan you get used to the losses and the winning is that much more exciting. >> reporter: bag that he receive feel it will be a busy day,
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royals will work out at 2:00, the mets will have their work out at 4:00 p.m. and then of course games 3 takes place here friday night. live at city field this morning, ben and juliet, back to you. juliet: i tweeted liz you need that mozilla, game 3 tomorrow night, we have recovered, "good day new york" taking over the pregame at city field at 7:00 p.m. and games at 8:00 and like we had the last two games the post show, duke will join us from kansas city in of a 5:00 hour. ben: moving on, a battle in boulder as the republican presidential candidates took part in their third debate. juliet: it really seemed to be angry with the moderators. >> reporter: cnbc was the loser in this debate taking a lot of feed.
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the debate was fiery, feisty, a thoroughly entertaining and at times downright bizarre. case in point jeb bush offered to give a democrat willing to cut taxes a warm kiss, ted cruz said he would buy one of the moderator's tequila or pot brownies. just another night on the republican debate stage. in the development you saw coming many of the more memorable moments last night involve candidates not named donald from. jeb bush once again sputtered on the debate stage, criticized his protege, senator marco rubio for missing too many senate votes during his run for president. >> when you signed up for this, this was a six year term and you should be showing up to work, literally the senate, is it like a french work week? >> reporter: marco rubio attacked bush by attacking john mccain who bush's praise. >> i don't remember you complaining about john mccain's to the record. the only reason you're doing and now someone -- convinced you
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that attacking me is the way to do it. >> they seemed united in their disdain for a moderate is and the media in general. >> if you look at the question, donald trump, are you a comic book villain, ben carson, can you do that, john case and william insults we did people over here, marco rubio, why don't you resign, jeb bush, what have your numbers fallen, how about talking about substantive issues? >> reporter: crews layer of olive branchs to one of the moderators. >> some could tequila or color on a brownies. >> reporter: chris christie had his election for the questions after a query on whether daly fantasy football should be classified as gambling. >> wait a second. we had $18 trillion in debt, people lot of work, isis and al qaeda attacking us and we're talking about fantasy football? >> reporter: the candidates did discuss some other issues like ben carson's plan for a flat tax. carson, the new front runner in
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this race took issue with the claim that it would leave the government was too little riddle revenue. >> worked out very well. >> reporter: the man chasing person, donald trump was quieter than normal but not silence by any means. he hammered ohio governor john kasich for turning negative. >> he was such a nice guy and said i am never going to attack but then his poll numbers tanked. that is why he is on the end. and he got nasty. you can have him. >> reporter: the times interesting calculation calculated how long each candidate spoke, carly fiorina spoke for the longest, ten minutes and 31 seconds, jeb bush spoke for the least amount of time, six minutes and 8 seconds. >> despite the criticism about the moderators, whatever they did set up a pretty entertaining -- >> reporter: this was the most entertaining debate by a long shot and on the surface this was
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issues and there was a lot of that, but so much of it sort of was capturing the new dynamic and that is the this is now a free-for-all with donald from now very vulnerable in second place, a lot of people gazing point marco rubio and ted cruz. ben: two month top iowa, we have no idea who the nominee is going to be. robert moses, thank you very much. juliet: paul ryan is vowing to get hoss back on track and that will be an uphill battle. takes the gavel from outgoing speaker john boehner. still ahead on "good day early call" showers moving out this morning, warmer temperatures nice this morning. really nice. ben: feels like a spring morning and did your subway station does not yet have a countdown clock
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ben: let's show you what happens as we go out the door. we have showers going on depending where you are as to what you got. many of us are looking at drier conditions, a few showers and storms on the east of lima coming to saluda county but those appear to be breaking up. this is probably the last main gas the showers we have coming through new jersey, the last
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line and it does seem to be breaking up a little bit so a little more light to moderate rain to deal with as we go into the morning commute and then things should start to improve after words so even some more sunshine later on in the day, temperatures very mild, 68 and center bart, feels kind of tropical because of the warm wind coming from the west southwest at 21 m.p.h. at central park and that is not even the highest, which gives the winds of 25, sustained wind speed, we have seen gusts even higher. 64 in philadelphia, 57 in williamsport, 50 in buffalo, cooler air will be coming into town but it will take a while for that happens a daring the day you will be fine, we have the bulk of showers coming through during the morning commute the lake is spots of rain to the northwest, closer to the area of low pressure, that will come down later this morning into the afternoon but i don't thing most of us in the tristate will see action from that but there's the trough on
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work its way through too but the bulk of the moisture pools by as we get into the morning commute. here is what we see on future cast, it brings everything through here, you see that one hit of rain later this afternoon, the trough trying to swing by and the colder air will start to drive into the tristate region and that is going to be knocking temperatures down quite a bit over the next couple days but today we are still on warm sides of a few showers for the morning or rain chances died down to pretty much zero later this afternoon and then we will see a lot more sunshine and cooler temperatures, 74 today, 57 saturday, sunday of view sprinkles in the evening, that is all we are looking at aned weather apps, the apple itunes store and google play store, live interactive radar can get you an idea whether or not the rain is in or out of your area so let's bring in ines and see what is going on. we have ponding on the roadways
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at us the problems are out there. ines: we have flooding starting with the new england thruway across westchester, watch out for flooding conditions, usually areas of law are flooded, westchester 6684 south bound by exit 2. a couple accidents in new jersey, route 70 west bound by exit 24 an accident, and the downed light pole on 287, northbound pass 287, a bit of an issue there, 287-70 northbound, let's take a look at the pulaski skyway keeping an eye on that. right now an accident, an accident northbound, this is the new work side of the bridge heading towards new work from jersey city all lanes closed at raymond boulevard south bound because of an accident, george washington bridge let's go to the camera shot, upper and lower level doing fine, lincoln tunnel and holland inbound okay, ben and juliet. ben: this week marks three years in superstorm sandy had our area.
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lot of people. boardwalks have been rebuilt, see walls erected, days cleared of debris and thousands of homes restored. however as many folks know the rebuilding effort is not finished, there is crucial work to shore up the infrastructure, that is ongoing and a lot of people still have serious needs when it comes to their homes being repaired or rebuilt but there's validation for people who complain of federal flood insurance program shortchange the. the mouth of roughly three of five national flood insurance policies of beholders are entitled to more money which is very good news. ben: after a monthlong feud between city and state the mta has approved the five year, $29 billion capital plan that calls for new train cars, buses, updated signal system and work on a new fair payment system to replace the metro car. among casualties of this deal, $1 billion cut in funding for the next phase of the second
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avenue subway. i thought the $29 billion was generally would they were asking for. ben: it never works out that way. 150 stations will have to wait longer to get those countdown clocks but they will be coming all little slower. ben: you like those, they're very helpful. >> there is hugely hubble but you really take it. ben: i like to walk. the army is trying to figure out how the surveillance blimp broke loose in maryland and drifted 150 miles north into pennsylvania. ben: this was going on yesterday. ben: it was juliet: i was wondering. it broke free of its mooring at the aberdeen proving ground yesterday. was also dragging a tether more than a mile long. ben: i was wondering why are there blimp's randomly roaming the sky. juliet: the cable snapped trees, traffic lights and power lines which is no fun causing more
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than 20,000 outages, most have the lights back on, the blimp finally came down on its own a few hours later a miles north of harrisburg, no one was hurt. ben: that is pretty far from aberdeen. juliet: i would not like that to be on the loose around the skies. still ahead with the mets hit by the playoffs layoff? what the players are saying? we will see. ben: "good day early call" coming right back. introducing kisses deluxe chocolates. with a whole-roasted hazelnut, delicate crisps, and layers of rich, creamy chocolate, they' re twice the size of the kisses chocolates you love.
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juliet: after the second longest game in world series history, game 2 began 17 hours later. ben: pick it up in the fourth inning, johnny struggling with control here, walks curtis granderson and two bad as later murphy withdraws the walk, trying to figure out the strike zone, not sure what we are seeing here. this is the end of the game, lucas duda. yet again. ben: the interesting problem seems to be plaguing us. ben: not cut highlights correctly so we will try this
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later on. bottom line but royals, he hung in there will all be in keeping the mets to just one run, a kansas city was able to get a little better off of jacob degrom, it was a run here, run their, made it 7-1 the file, here is terry collins. >> picking up offensive but, got to do good job using the hit. and we have done it, we have certainly done it and have got to do it again. >> we will get this taken care of so you don't have to be force fed celebrations of the team that is not new york. the mets seemed red heart out of the an lc s. it seems to have cooled a little bit, daniel murphy who hit six home runs and six consecutive postseason games after last night's tough loss duke
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granderson if the layoffs hurt the team. >> we have scored some runs, had a chance to be in ball games, the last inning tonight, going into this inning we still had an opportunity to win this ballgame, we are against good teams, kansas city royals playing very well, they hit the ball and do everything you need to be successful so you won't score a bunch of runs against everybody every night. juliet: game 3 is tomorrow night, we got you covered, "good day new york," rose and and greg taking over at city field at 7:00 p.m. and the game is at 8:00 and stick around for the post-game show. all right. more news now, knicks home opener is tonight, they began the season last night in milwaukee. ben: carmelo anthony is of little rusty, he missed the jumper and an easy lay an inside. finally he missed a wide-open jumper fourth quarter back on
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