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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  October 29, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". juliet: good morning, we will be drying out shortly, warmer temperatures coming and so is the son. mike woods has the complete forecast coming up. ben: the mets returned to town ben: the mets returned to town attorney this morning, the team and their fans find themselves in a pretty big hole after a boil route. juliet: a battle in boulder and one in entertaining battle was, republican presidential candidates take each other on and also take on the moderatorss. ben: it was three years ago to they superstorm sandy began to
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a lot of places still have not fully recovered. three years. juliet: spent a lot of time in east rockaway, long beach, you hear so many people telling stories of the hell they went through, looking great now. long beach is absolutely awesome, loved it. ben: same with the lot of towns on the jersey shore. see bright looking a lot better. ben: still complains coming in. let's hope for a much quieter weather. i am ben simmoneau. juliet: i am juliet huddy. i love this out fit. very nice look. >> meteorologist: this one has never been seen before. some hints of the same thing. juliet: really like it. very connecticut.
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you just need on patches. >> meteorologist: that is too far. way too far. let's show you what we have with rainfall and out there. we have our fair share, an inch of two inches helps, we are not done yet. you see a little over two inches of rain, 2.02, jfk 1.8 inches of rain, isn't for park and intend to have, we have been adding to that and update these numbers as time goes on but there's more to add, montauk 0.49 inches of rain but also lead to the games so they will be pulling the total will more later on. here is what we have with radar and satellite. a lot showers of come through in the overnight hours, lot of breaks out there too, the rain was not really heavy, solid rain all the way through the patches of rain here and there occasionally a downpour and this
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because the back edge is coming through new jersey right now all, we are looking at it for the era of the part of the temperatureswise 3 wonka 64 isn't a part of a newer, 6, 64, same in belmar, not much difference, 65 in bridgeport, warm day coming at us with winds from the west southwest, 5 to 20 miles per hour, rain does not look like it will be hanging out much longer because the bulk of moisture will be pushing through here in the next few hours, high temperatures 74 with a lot of sunshine out there and later run in the day, tomorrow sunny but cooler and breezy, i am 60, then halloween looking sunny and dry but also on the cool side. it is time to bring you the ines rosales and i know you experienced quite a bit when it comes upon the on the roadways. ines: let's start with westchester, there's a tree down, one lane blocked, traveling on the new england
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thruway southbound past westchester lookout for an accident, queens, flooding on the grand central parkway, over by a littleneck parkway, no. 6 partner, grand central eastbound in the queue guidance and to change, watch out for flooding, the parkway flooding by farmers boulevard, fdr drive, patches of flooding by that become a harlem river drive by the triborough southbound, 287 northbound past 78 down light pole, one lane closed, watch out for that, the sky when dealing with problems this morning, let's go as the camera, all lanes closed by fremont boulevard south bound. the sky way has been reopened blocking not lane. trains doing fine this morning, street cleaning rules in effect. juliet: did you watch the game? ines: not at all. juliet: i had to go to sleep early but the mets are back in town, they remained in new york just before 4:00 this morning, buses carrying at 4:00 city field.
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sleep, home cooking it will help after they lost the first couple into the upper royals, duke castiglione is in kansas city shows us what went wrong. juliet: the mets trailed 2 games to 9 in the best of 7 seas because last night the royals were sensational, giving up two hits, went the distance giving up one run, they lose 7-1 and the royals getting attacked, it kept coming all night. let's show you the highlights your, top of the fourth, the of the first and second with 3 top laughs when lucas duda... single to left, dana murphy scores putting them up 1-0, and escobar singles home, that is going to tied the game and at one apiece. later in the inning with twos xing goes to center field
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the vote royals a 3-1 lead and keys he wasn't finished. an rbi single, 4-zero royals, all royals run, charge to jacob degrom, first met started to give a more and three runs since the twenty-second of this year. royals win its 7-1. kerri with this. >> not hitting, thatterry with this. >> not hitting, that is what i see. when we play good our lineup produces throughout. it shows you with them not hitting how big murphy was in the nl c.s. with the home run. we have to pick it up offensive lee, do a better job using the field to hit. we have done it.
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we got to do it again. shifts back to new york. if you are looking for a positive, in 1986 the mets lost the first two games at home and went to boston and won game free. the rest is history. the mets were champions, we will see what happens, a lot of world series baseball yet to be played. that is the story, send it back to the studio. ben: mets fans are hurting the still hopeful the team can win four of the next five games. juliet: the mets, were there any fans out there? >> reporter: i didn't see anybody, camera crews waiting at the base as they pulled through, the team had a long night, around three hours, fans were quiet too after this loss in
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the team rolled in on. it came to the entrance of the stadium. and the personal cards and get some rest, they got here and hour ago. in new york city, fox 5 cameras in the playwright and 35th street, fans were staying pretty positive but things did start to fall apart in the fifth inning of game 2. the team being at home for game 3, turning things around but after the game in the locker room outfielder curtis granderson had this message for fans. >> is not over with yet. continues to keep it high. >> reporter: the royals i set to work out here at city feel that 2:00, the mets will work out at
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city field, game 3 kicks off tomorrow night. it will be hopefully a big day at the stadium, a big week, crews setting up here, the fox 5 network setting up, on the other side of the field hopefully it will be a pretty good game. i will send things that to you. >> game 3 tomorrow night, "good day" is taking over the pregame at city field. 7:00 p.m. getting all choked up. the game is at 8:00, stick around for the post-game show, duke will join us from kansas city later this hour. ben: and 8-year-old girl scare up with the abuser. look at the guy in this surveillance video. police say he grabbed the little girl from behind as she was
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even tried to put his hand down her pants she screamed and ran away, the little girl is expected to be okay and was released from hospital, the suspect is described as 5 and 9, 165 pounds, and gray hood the. if you have any information call crime stoppers at 800-577-tips. juliet: final salute to the nypd officer killed in east harlem
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plus tv equipment and epix included. get installed for free as early as today. call 1-800-341-9716. the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3,500 hospitals. t fewer than 10% received 5 stars. r among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. ben: back to the campaign trail for republican presidential candidates after an interesting night. juliet: this was really entertaining. leslie they faced off for the
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third time and robert moses brings us the scandalous and juicy highlights, not the scandalous but pretty funny. >> reporter: for a lot of the night the candidates spoke over each other and the moderators who tried to gut the law. if you were watching the mets which is understandable here's what you missed, solid performance from marco rubio, disappointing showing from jeb bush, references to tequila and fantasy football, and you thought politics was boring. in the development you saw coming many of the more memorable moments last night involved a candidate not named donald from. jeb bush sputtered on a debate stage criticizing his protege senator marco rubio for missing too many senate votes during his run for president. >> when you signed up for this, this was a six year term, you should be showing up to work. literally the senate is it like a french work week? >> reporter: rubio attacked bush by invoking john mccain who bush has praised. >> i don't remember you
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complaining about john mccain's voting record. the only reason you're doing it now as we are running for the same position and someone convinced you attacking me is going to hold you. >> reporter: the candidate seemed united for their disdain for moderator and the media in general. >> this is not a case match and if we look of the question donald trump are you a comic book villain, ben carson, can you do math, john kasich, will you insult to people over here, marco rubio, why don't you resign, jeb bush, why have your numbers fallen. how about talking about the substantive issues. >> reporter: crews later offered olive branches of sorts to the moderators. >> by you of tequila or even some famous colorado brownies. >> reporter: new jersey governor chris christie had isn't lecture for the questioners after a query on whether daily fantasy football should be classified as gambling. >> we have $19 trillion in debt, we have people out of work, we have isis and al qaeda attacking
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us and we are talking about fantasy football. >> reporter: the candidates did discuss some other issues like ben curtis and's plan for a flat tax. ben carson, the new front runner in this race took issue with the claim that it would leave the government was too little revenue. >> works out very well. >> reporter: the man out chasing carson, donald trump was quieter than normal but not signed by any means, he hammered john kasich for turning negative. >> he was such a nice guy. he said i never going to attack but then his poll numbers take, that is why he is on the end, and he got mad at me. you can have him. >> reporter: i said the candidates were united in their hatred of the news media, they were also united in their disdain for hillary clinton. she was a frequent target last night. we will next year from her and her fellow democrats at a forum in south carolina on november 6th. back to you.
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to leave this week marks three years since superstorm sandy hit the tristate area, or what have been built, seawalls rebuild, and the rebuilding effort is not complete. crucial work to shore up the infrastructure is ongoing and a lot of homes need to be repaired or rebuilt but there is validation for people who complain that federal flood insurance program shortchange them. the not found roughly three of five of national flood insurance policyholders are entitled to more money. let's check the weather forecast with mike woods. >> meteorologist: we are dealing with, some leftover showers basically from the storm that was coming through yesterday, through the last of it, sky guardian of 3d, light to moderate showers passing through new jersey heading into the city, not dealing with the rain yet but the early morning
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the rain in the city. into connecticut and long island, it looks like those showers that are making their move are breaking up or weakening at the same time so not a lot of what would you have to deal with and a lot of folks not out there at this time but maybe you'll get away without having to deal with rain at all. 64 at central park, cloudy skies, right now just reporting cloudy skies. regional temperatures through the northeast, even boston, 70 degrees. 50 degrees in williamsport, waiting for a cooler air to punch in but that is not the case yet. the last of the showers moving through, colder air back here will start driving through the tristate region later on into the afternoon and that is, later tonight temperatures dropping, almost done with rainfall. check high-temperature is and
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compare to normal, 74 the forecast high today, definitely on the one side, average high 60, actually fairly close on the records for the date day. at central park. 74 is your forecast high today, 60 tomorrow, sunny skies, breezy as we wrap up the work week, 57 for a high with mostly sunny skies on halloween and we change clocks back, this is it. to we have the marathon sunday but it does look like it is going to be dry, a few sprinkles probably later in the day sunday, a fairly mild temperatures around mid 60s as we head into the next workweeks, above normal temperatures. let's bring in ines and check what is going on, wet weather coming to close and hopefully things get better. ines: we are dealing with flooding this morning starting off in westchester, down 3, 684 south around a tree fell by exit 2, you have a lane blocked, watch for flooding on the
5:19 am
westchester, flooding conditions on the grand central parkway east bound before the queue gardens interchange all lanes flooded, it is passable, a slowdown and be careful, grand central parkway by northern state, flooding by farmers boulevard as well as fdr drive. some flooding, you got to be careful going around that. let's take all look at staten island, read roadways sounds slippery this morning with wet leaves. back to victory boulevard toward the verrazzano bridge. as for the george washington bridge, upper and lower level looks good, no problems with lincoln or holland tunnel. ben: after the monthlong feud between city and state the mta has approved a 5-year, $20 billion capital plan that calls for a new train cars and buses, updated signal systems and work on a new fair payment system to replace the metro cars but among casualties of the
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for the next phase of the second avenue subway extended from 96 up to 125th street, 150 stations will have to wait longer. bespectacled in the sky. if you were watching cable news nuts. a military. does the its tethers in maryland and floated worth over pennsylvania for hours. juliet: it could turn into a horror story. is no joke. this is the big -- in the they are light. juliet: if it landed on somebody, it could do some damage. >> reporter: the investigation on how this happened, good morning to both of you. this 240 ft helium fill blimp was stationed at a military base in aberdeen, md. when it broke loose from its mooring just before 12:30 in the afternoon. this is the blimp here, fighter jets track the slow-moving aircraft as it moved north into pennsylvania, dragged a tether
5:21 am
line which the top power lines and caused widespread outages. some people were even trying to chase it. >> we were chasing it trying to find it and probably just as -- just before we got here we found out it had crashed here. >> reporter: not the smartest idea. the unmanned army surveillance blimp came down in a small town 80 miles north of harrisburg. the military says it is not clear how this balloon broke loose in the first place but an investigation is underway. thankfully nobody was hurt but there was some damage along the way with the tether lines. ben: almost as long as the football field. juliet: anna was in the goodyear blimp. a lot more coming up. talking big bucks when it comes to spending on halloween.
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juliet: began one of the world series was a big hit for fox, 14.9 million people tuned in for the 14 inning marathon, highest rated world series game since game one of the 2010 world sees. ben: it means we will get paid this week. juliet: 40 million people watched all or part of the game,
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price tag of half a million dollars per spot. the fall classic, fox 5, parent company, 21st century fox. ben: here is why we have to get celebrated for halloween this year according to the national retail federation, total spending on costumes, candy and decorations will reach $6.9 billion, $2 billion on home decorations alone. 44% of american's plan to decorate. the revenue is $74, carving a pumpkin, i did that with my daughter.
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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". ben: here comes the sun although it is still dark, the rain is out of here.
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we will seal little more sunshine later today, start to dry out, mike woods has the complete forecast. juliet: not nets are back in town arriving at 4:00 as you see on the buses to city field after a not so stellar performance in kansas city, they are hoping and we are hoping they regain their winning ways. is not an out of the woods kind of thing but they will do okay. ben: politics is not the only topic of the agenda and the debate, it got pretty feisty. we will tell you what happened. juliet: taylor swift suing a radio dj. what did she do that caused her to take action to give people talk about taylor swift all over the place.
5:29 am
nice and friendly or maybe just a very litigious perhaps. juliet: or created by her handler. seems like she is a sweet person. ben: seems like she is a nice, cool person. i am ben simmoneau. juliet: i am juliet huddy. one day until the big lunch celebrating this win for not complaining all summer about the weather. juliet: he twisted. an attack. hope i can get in the kitchen. set up a real good -- anyway. let's show you what is going on out there, the rain trying to make its way through the tristate region. the last of the showers are coming through the core of the tristate. the rain band stretching from south jersey through the metro
5:30 am
the rain breaking up, we'll get a few more showers and it starts to settle down later on, temperatureswise pretty mild, 64 at central park, 66 in islip, 67 in montauk, 61 in monticello, no one is close to freezing, very warm outside because of the southwest wind moving through here at 3 to 16 m.p.h. but we joaquin winds hiring recent hours but it will be on a breezy side as the cold front continues to clear the area. we have a few more quick showers with this trough swinging through later this afternoon. most of that will be in the northwest region of the tristate and not for everyone but the wet weather trying to come to a close but it takes a little longer for some folks. morning showers, that is what we can count on for awhile until 6:00 or 7:00 and then we will see more sun breaking out as the day goes on, high temperatures 74 today, 60 is your high tomorrow with a cold front dropping your highs quite a bit
5:31 am
this bring in ines and see what we have, some wet roadways out there but the rain is winding down getting better as time goes on. ines: flooding, downed trees, a few issues starting with 684 south bound by exit 2 downed tree, tappan zee bridge 45 m.p.h. speed restrictions because of the wet roads and flooding on the new england thruway to watch out for a cross westchester, grand central parkway has its flooded spots, some of that east bound by a littleneck parkway, the dallas parkway by farmers boulevard also flooding. let's look at suffolk county, the lie moving at the speed limit with the amenities that on. as for the 59th street bridge upper levels looking pretty good, no problems in down as was the lower level but a little more volume on the lower level, hard to see, things slowing down a bit, 495 lincoln looks good as
5:32 am
ben: the knicks are in position. ines: stealing my food. ben: the mets find themselves in a position they don't want to be in down two games to 9 after this into the kansas city royals. juliet: the team returned home early this morning, drove into city field on the buses and hoping to turn things around tomorrow night. liz dahlem was at city field when the team arrived. did you see anything? >> reporter: players wanted to get off the bus and go home. no one wanted to take the time to talk to us understandably so they had a long flight. they did not win game 2 so the players seemed like they wanted to get home and focus and regroup. this is what the video looked like. let's show you what the buses it here at 4:00 this morning, rolled in to drop off the players and grab their cars and
5:33 am
got on the road, they had a three hour and 15 minute flight home, the fact that the team lost did not make things too exciting but let's look around the city was looking like as fans were cheering on that team. this was the scene on 36th street, fans trying to stay positive but things started to fall apart and what a lot of people are hopeful, now the team is back home, they have that home fields advantage and turn things around for game 3. >> we have plenty of time. take it from there. >> a tough loss, hard to watch but being a mets fan you get used to the losses and low winning is that much more exciting. >> reporter: and outfielder, curtis granderson, said last night in the locker room after the game that the vibes and positive energy that the fans put out really helped drive the
5:34 am
they are giving it our all, teams are expected to work out today, royal take the field to get a workout and the mets at 4:00 and game 3 starting here tomorrow night. we are live at city fields over to you. >> game 3 tomorrow night. "good day new york". at city field, take over the whole pregame there. that is that 7:00 p.m.. the game is at 8:00 and stick around the post-game show, do joining us from kansas city in a few minutes. ben: confirmation vote scheduled on the nomination of paul ryan to be the next speaker of the house. he is vowing to get the house back on track, takes the gavel from outgoing speaker john boehner. let's talk about last night's
5:35 am
it was pretty interesting. juliet: lots of talk about tequila, there was tequila talk, pot ronny talk. and attacking the moderators. duke: if you were watching the match i could understand but you missed good stuff, it was rowdy and rambunctious, the ten republicans set their sights on each other, on hillary clinton and on the moderators. if you missed it you missed a pretty good time. in a development you saw coming many of the more memorable moments last night involve candidates not named donald trump. jeb bush who once again sputtered on a debate stage criticized his protege senator marco rubio for missing too many senate votes during his run for president. >> when you signed up for this, this was a six year term and you should be showing up to work. literally the senate, is it like
5:36 am
>> reporter: rubio attacked. by invoking john mccain the bush has praised. >> don't remember you complaining about john mccain's vote record. the only reason you're doing it now is we're running for the same position and someone convinced u.s. taking the will help you. >> reporter: all the candidates seemed united in their disdain for the moderators and the media in general. >> this is not a cage match. if you look at the question, donald trump are you a comic book value, ben carson, can you do math, john kasich, will you insult to to people over here, marco rubio, why don't you resign, jeb bush, why have your numbers fallen, how about talking about the substantive issues people care about. >> reporter: date later offered olive branches to one of the moderators. >> by you of tequila or even some famous, ronald brownies. >> reporter: chris christie had his own lecture for the questioners after a query on whether the ben: fantasy football should be classified as gambling.
5:37 am
people out of work, isis and al qaeda attacking us and we are talking about fantasy football? >> reporter: the candidates did discuss some other issue is like ben carson's plan for a flat tax. carson, the new front runner in this race took issue with a claim that it would leave the government was too little revenue. >> worked out very well. >> reporter: the man now chasing carson, donald trump was quieter than normal but not signed by any means, he has a john kasich for turning negative. >> he was such a nice guy, he said i never going to attack but then his poll numbers tank, that is why he is on the end and he got nasty. you can have him. good. jeb bush will head to new stop. and important for it because new hampshire is a key state for him to win. his campaign appears to be struggling with lack of
5:38 am
momentum. juliet: someone said this country is doomed. ben: it would seem jeb bush is in trouble. he has not had good news in a long time. >> reporter: it is not editorializing, cutting campaign staff, i think he is -- heather: marco rubio's comeback was wrong. >> reporter: he didn't miss a beat. ben: long way to go to iowa. juliet: my turn? let's go to mike. >> meteorologist: that was hard. juliet: you did this thing again i was told. release that. go like that. ben: he was talking about putting something in my food. juliet: it was yesterday, can't remember what it was. >> meteorologist: you are right, i do have that interesting habit. anyway, let's show you what we have going on with the rainfall.
5:39 am
most of it should be out of the area, one round of showers here broken up by, not a lot to it is light to moderate rain pack is coming through the core of the tristate over the five burrows, a metro area, western livened but doesn't look like it will hang out much longer so most of the morning commute should get better and better as time goes on. mostly cloudy skies at central park, 64 degrees, wind from the southwest at 10 miles per hour, that is the warm direction, we are not the only ones with warm temperatures, boston with 70 degrees, even 58 in williamsport is pretty warm, 55 in buffalo, pretty warm temperature, the warm south west flow is going on over northeast region in general keeping temperatures up and showers out there for the time being but showers will be shedding back down all the way to zero% chance, no chance of rain coming later in the afternoon. it looks to the northwest there could be at few scattered
5:40 am
your high at central park, more sun in the afternoon. breezy as well. and temperatures into the weekend, the weather apps has live interactive radar down loaded today, google play, apple itunes store it is free, let's bring in ines and bring the situation with the commute. ines: slippery roadways and wet roadways, nassau county, west bound as you head into queens, there is flooding on the grand central by littlein neck parkway, let's go to our cameras and look at route 80 in new jersey, no problems with
5:41 am
as for the trains ev
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juliet: checking your headlines police said the man in this surveillance video tried to abuse and 80-year-old girl when she was walking into her building. jimenez to fight him off. if you have any information call crime stoppers at 800-577-tips. in the international carjacking and stolen car rings in new york and new jersey busted, new jersey attorney general's office says 21 people have been charged, 90 stolen vehicles been recovered.
5:44 am
superstorm sandy hit our area in a new survey of policyholders, fina found roughly three of five are entitled to more money. ben: let's head to kansas city, duke castiglione is live, not a great night. juliet: no, it wasn't. duke: not a great night especially the fifth inning, that really hurt. the royals are hot right now. the mets' starting pitching is struggling and they just can't hit, only two hits last night. what can you say? johnny was sensational. game 2 highlights, here we go, pick it up in the fourth, toppled the fourth, struggling with this, first he walked leadoff man curtis granderson and two batters later daniel murphy draws a walk, he is trying to figure out the strike zone. later that inning lucas duda loops and double, single the
5:45 am
i 1-0, escobar back up the middle, alex gordon scores, as the bar extends his hitting streak to 12 games, jacob degrom can't believe it, royals tied at one. grounding back up the middle, going to school work and free-1. johnny was the story in this game. he gets the fly out to right but the complete game he give up two hits. royals win 7-1. >> got to pick up on offensively, do a better job using the field to hit. and we have done it. certainly have done it and got to do it again. duke: doug met seemed red hot out of the an lc s. they had six days off, they cooled off, no question, they
5:46 am
curtis granderson, david wright obviously the shoulder, so i asked curtis granderson after the game, it is a long way off, did it hurt this team? >> look what we have done to this point, we scored some runs, had a chance to be in ball games, going into this thing we had an opportunity to win this ballgame. we're against a good team, kansas city royals playing well, they hit the ball and do what we need to do to be successful. you won't be able to score bunch of runs against everybody every night. >> reporter: game 3 tomorrow night at city fields, we of course have you covered. "good day new york" is taking over the pre-game show at 7:00 p.m.. we can't wait for that, the game around 8:00 right here on fox 5, stick around for the post-game show live. we obviously have some football news as well. jason pierre paul was at a
5:47 am
rutherford, this is the first time the defensive end attended the giants' practice since the july 4th fireworks accident. lost his right index finger and part of his thumb. he says he will be ready working with the team and medical staff, he spoke to the head coach yesterday on the return of his star defensive player. >> he had a traumatic experience and he has done what appears to be an outstanding job of preparing himself. he is mentally very upbeat, his attitude is outstanding, he is anxious to play right now to be honest with you. >> reporter: i am sure he is. last night opening night of the nba, the new york knicks, and the nets' loss to the bulls in their season opener. that is the story live from the
5:48 am
games to non and they came back and won. the 1985 royals got down two james to 4 the same louis cardinals and they came back and won. we will see. live, back to you. ben: give it time, duke castiglione in kansas city. juliet: let's get to mike for a check of the weather. good morning. >> meteorologist: good morning. we have some wet weather still crossing through the tristate region but not a lot left, that is the good news. what we see on radar, sky guardian 3d, the last of the main showers is passing for the metro areas breaking up at the same time, the heaviest of pretty much moved through the tristate region but that is not to say we are completely in the clear. we have 64 degrees at central park, 63 in belmar, 65 in bridgeport, 61 in monticello, very warm morning because of the southwest wind coming through here, pretty strong too at 17
5:49 am
m.p.h. in islip, 9 in sussex, 10 miles per hour wind in newark, the bulk of the rain has pushed to the northeast, new england still dealing with it this morning. on the backside we have this troughs working its way through, some moisture and instability but most of the showers will stay to the northwest of the city, not to say we are going to be completely in the clear but for the most part we're wrapping upon the early side this morning. temperaturewise comparing what is normal and what the records are, 74 is your forecast high today, well above normal, the normal high is 60 degrees and record high 78 so we are not far off the mark from the record high but this is the last of it, cooler temperatures coming back for a few days, 60 or high tomorrow, 67 saturday, sunday you have clouds, maybe a quick little shower popping farruca made little sprinkle to the north. let's bring in ines and take a peek at what is going on with the commute, we started with problems early. our we looking out?
5:50 am
subsiding, westchester had some flooding southbound pass the bronx, you are doing fine, down 3 on 684 southbound exit 2 cleared, flooding on the grand central parkway east bound by the ku gardens interchange and littleneck parkway, there was some buy farmers boulevard. that has subsided. let's take a look at your commute this morning. this is the west side highway, 135th street, traffic moving slow here southbound, an accident by 125 blocking two lanes and northbound one lane blocked with the emergency personnel. already problems on westbound, as for the trains, your checklist looking good, why let someone else have all
5:51 am
the fun? the sometimes haphazard, never boring fun. the why can't it smell like this all the time fun. the learning the virtue of sharing fun. why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun. unleash the power of dough.
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ben: you know what? his appearance changed. juliet: has nothing to do, matt harvey is a good-looking guy. you keep saying he has gained weight. he looks fine. and the tour to when he broke up with his model girlfriend, called it off, not sure if i am saying her name right, anya chu chuwinska chuwinska. page 6 reports that breakup
5:53 am
intense guy and they were having issues. ben: obviously a very good pitcher. anna: taylor swift got some bad blood with the radio dj. anna: she countersuit mueller who claims she falsified a story, if you remember this, it happened in 2013, swift said she is 100% sure mueller wrote her at a concert photo op. she lifted up her skirt and grabbed her buns. he initially sued swift claiming he was fired from his job after the alleged incident, he said another person at the fatah what, she says she's sure it is a man she will donate any money she gets to charity. i think there were a bunch of people. the fox show grandfathered has
5:54 am
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