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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  October 29, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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juliet: good morning, everybody. after a rainy night, we should see some sunshine later on this afternoon. a good day to go for a jog in the park. robert: kansas city royals pitcher allowed just two hits. the loss leaves the mets down by two games in the world series.
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your help in finding this man. accused of trying to abuse an 8-year-old girl in the bronx. robert: facing off in colorado last night. the first gop debate that was not dominated by one donald trump. juliet: he was still allowed to get some singers in their. rosanna: good morning, everyone. i am ben simmoneau. juliet: good morning. i am j buddy. you have your baby on the way any time.
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mike: i hear you. she is gunning for it. how about michael. it works. [laughter] ben: we will see. i tell you what, i make the promise he will be or she will be named after one of you. my wife will not make that promise. mike: these are some of the rain totals we have seen. three and a half inches of rain. central park 1.43 inches of
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the last of the showers about to pass through. the last of the showers go five. another trough that needs to go five. 64 degrees. same thing for you in newark. very warm temperatures. southwesterly flow. it will continue throughout the day today. most of that should be to the north and west of the city. there just is not nearly enough moisture to give us a huge round
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as high pressure starts to drift up short, we will start to see the temperatures coming back up. today, the rain will be coming to a close. tomorrow, a high of 64 you. still looks pretty good. maybe a little sprinkle in the afternoon on sunday. let's get to ines. ines: we do have some problems this morning. antioxidant -- an accident blocking a lane. in the bronx, and accident provokes a lane here.
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let's go to our cameras. problems on the west side highway, let's go to that camera shot. and accident by 126th street. right now you have one name getting through. most of the two laser southbound traffic backed up to the 140s. traffic starting to build. a little extra volume. trains are running on or close. juliet: thank you very much. ben: the mets are probably happy they can get away for a few days.
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last night. a little blooper and a hit. starting pitching has to be better. top of the fourth inning. striking a blooper. i would say daniel murphy. one-zero. they have the lead. zero-two pitch. sending out gordon. he gets so easily. tied at one a piece. second and third. game-winning run the morning before.
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three-one. delivering a single of his own. there you have it. a four-run inning. giving up more than three runs since september 3. zero-to hold in this seven series. >> not the only one. we stressed is enough. when we play good, our lineup produces throughout. it shows right now how big dan murphy really was. we have to pick it up offensively. we have to do a better job to use the field to hit.
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it again. >> reporter: the vets will return and they will play friday. the workout today will probably be a light workout. then nj, back to you. ben: get yourself back on. juliet: hopefully you get some rest. ben: mets fans are far from giving up. juliet: let's get to liz. >> reporter: good morning. do not worry. we play one game at a time.
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for people to keep in mind. the team just came home about one hour and a half ago. they took that three hours 50 minute flight right after the game and got home around a little after 4:00 o'clock this morning. this was the scene around new york city last night. things really did start to fall apart during the fifth inning. fans are still optimistic. they can really start to turn things around for game three. after the game in the locker room, curtis granderson had this message for fans. >> it is definitely not over yet.
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tweet me a few seconds ago. let's make this just like 1986 when the mets went on to win the world series. they came back with a pig would. live outside of citi field. ben: a lot of time left in this. thank you very much. game three friday night right here on fox5. let's make a big show at citi field. "good day new york" will take over the preshow. stick around for the postgame show followed by the late boost. juliet: and 8-year-old girl manages to scare off a would-be abuser in the bronx. it is kind of far away. police say he grabbed the little girl from behind last saturday. he then try to put his hands down her pants.
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from the hospital. the suspect is described as 5-foot 9 inches. 190 pounds. a dark baseball hat. a green hoodie and what looks like genes. if you have information, please call crime stoppers at 1-800-577-tips. ben: collided with a player during a soccer match on monday. it was a freak and nonviolent coalition that led to the internal injuries that killed the high school sophomore. he was playing a match against rival united nations international school on randall island. that is very sad. we hear a lot about this. we wish his family the very best.
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weather for us. mike: it may be a bit breezy out side. today we are expecting the rain to come to a close. more sun coming in as time goes on. temperatures are warm. start at 64. low to mid 70s later this afternoon. there is a live interactive radar. just download the weather app at the itunes and google play store.
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ben: hard to believe that this weekend marks three years since superstores and he hit the area. the boardwalk, of course, has been rebuilt. thousands of homes are stored. that roller coaster out of the water. crucial work continues. like those rail tunnels. that is ongoing. and a lot of homes still need to be repaired and rebuilt. there is some validation.
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out of five, 60% of policyholders are in fact entitled to more money. juliet: michael woods has been watching the weather for us. ben: want to show us? mike: actually, they are kind of fun. ben: you walk around with socks when it gets cold in here. good morning, everyone. trying to kick it up a notch. showing you some more sunshine. the rain is coming to a close this morning. sunshine showing up in the afternoon.
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howling, sunny skies around. for the marathon, no problems out there. maybe a few more clouds. it keeps artificers from getting too crazy. looks pretty good for us. here is what we have with the showers and storms. to not expect to much more. just a few more hits of rain and that is it. 64 degrees is your temperature. southwest wind coming through at seven-15 miles per hour. that has been bringing in the warfare features. a little follow-up line of showers and storms. a little concerning.
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a trough trying to pull through here. i am thinking it will probably bring a few quick showers. over towards orange and sullivan counties. then we have to skies for everyone for a while. some sunshine in the afternoon. high. maybe a quick little sprinkle let's bring in ines and see what we have. time to get you caught up on the commute. ines: we have had some problems. a problem here, a problem there. we did have an accident on the bqe was found. that has been cleared away as well as the blogs on the bruckner. let's go to our cameras and take a look at your commute this morning. no problems.
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authorities found. an accident 5125 street. all cleared away. still some remnants of police activity. expect delays from the 140s traveling south. juliet: thank you. republican white house hopefuls fought to stand out from the crowd yet again in the latest gop debate. ben: kind of a bashing of liberalism. it was an interesting debate. fox5 from moses is here. >> reporter: i was flipping back and forth. some people were checking out the debate when the mets game was in commercials. the moderators took plenty of slack last night. say what you will, but they
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many of the more memorable moments last night involved candidates not named donald throughout. jeff bush criticized his prote ge , marco rubio, from seeing too many senate votes while running for president. >> when you signed up for this, this was a six-year term. you should be showing up for this. >> reporter: rubio attacked bush by invoking john mccain. >> i do not remember you ever complaining about john mccains record. some would convince you that attacking me is going to help you. >> this is not a cage match. donald trump, are you a comic took dylan, carson, can you do
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you resign, jeb bush, why have your numbers falling? >> i will buy you to queue up or even some famous colorado brownies. >> reporter: even governor christie had to questions. >> we have people out of work. we have crisis and al qaeda attacking us and we are talking about fantasy football? taking issue with a claim that it would leave the government with too little revenue. the man now chasing carson was quieter than normal. he hammered john k-6 for turning negative. >> he was such a nice guy and
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said i would never attack. then his poll numbers tanked. [laughter] you know what, you can have him. >> i told you it was a good time. a battleground in this campaign. marco rubio is scheduled to go keep in mind, we're still about three months or so away from the iowa caucuses. there is still a lot where this came from. >> this was supposedly on the surface about economics. juliet: we all know what is going on with our crew.
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juliet: check this out. a military plan just started floating over pennsylvania. the 240-foot helium filled blimp was stationed at a military base when it broke loose just before 12:30 p.m. yesterday afternoon. fighter jets tracked the slow-moving aircraft. ben: a jusco right now it?
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juliet: i don't know. i don't know. the unmanned army surveillance blimp, that is kind of a fairly obvious surveillance tool -- [laughter] juliet: it came down in a small town near harrisburg, pennsylvania. there is an investigation underway. locally, no one was hurt. ben: i'm going to go out on a limb and say that it was not properly secured. just after 12:00 o'clock noon today, kelly will break the single record for longest single spaceflight. if you are not following you on twitter, i suggest that you do.
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photos. kelly has been living on the space station since march. he will remain there until march 2016. removing insulation and repair antimatter there. juliet: i am i hallucinating or was he on good day. ben: a couple weeks ago. your top stories when we come back. juliet: halloween is just two days away. big money this year.
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followed by sunny and breezy conditions. mike is watching the weather and ines is watching the roads. ben: the mets. they are down two games. but, a lot of time left. they're coming home. they could win three in a row. juliet: they could. mets players got out of kansas city as quickly as they could. made it back at about 4:00 a.m. ben: of mannequins are going to date deeper into their wallets to celebrate halloween. spending will reach almost $7 billion. all right. thursday morning. october 29. juliet: 6:31 a.m.
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ben: little wednesday and little thursday. juliet: wednesday is hump day. that is its own thing in and of itself. mike: let's get you out the door. stepping outside. getting some coffee out there. if there is anything, it is really patchy light stuff. long island, connecticut, you still have a little bit more light rain to deal with here. temperature starting off around 65 degrees. busstop forecast looks nice and mild. again, it depends on where you are. a little more to deal with in terms of showers. everyone else, it is pretty good for us. that will bring us a small
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this afternoon. most of that will be to the northwest of the city. seventy-four for a high. clouds breaking up as the day the sun. tomorrow we make it up to 64 a high. breezy. low stress down into the lower 40s saturday morning. let's begin ines was alice. it has been dry out for a little while now. ines: some of that has subsided. staten island expressway, no delay's approaching the bridge. let's go to our cameras. on the l.i.e., by jericho area. eastbound side, you are fine. west side highway, a car flipped
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you can see the police activity there. that has one lane closed. there is a 15 minute delay because of a stalled train. juliet: the mets are down, but they are not out. down two games now to none. duke is in kansas city this mets fans not to happy about this this morning, but they are not giving up. duke: they are not giving up. the cardinals were up two games to none to the royals and the worlds came back and won. the boston red sox were up two games to none in 1986 and they came back and won that series. there is hope. let's show you the highlights degraw. he struggled.
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escobar delivering. sending alex gordon and from second. it is tied at one. eric cause murder docs in the game winning run two nights before. three ron royals. more alice. a single. two students. the mets night. that is for sure. seven-one. the mets now come home zero-two in this series. the team is hot right now. maybe the mets comeback: in turn things around. there is still plenty of time. a lot of world series left to play.
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different players. juliet: lifted out to citi field. ben: that is where liz is. >> reporter: it was a long night. we are hoping that the good fights. over to the bed and they start to turn things around. curtis granderson said that the fans really change the game for them. this whole game will hopefully do just that. we sell the team will appear just around 4:00 o'clock this morning after a long flight from kansas city. they arrived here in the players got in their personal cars. hopefully would hope to get some sleep. they will be back here to work out a little bit later on this
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the city was gathering around. this was the scene at a playwright on 35th street. fans staying optimistic. they are hopeful with a home-field advantage that they will feel to get things going in the right direction. there is still a lot of baseball to play. >> what are you going to do. >> we are mets fans. >> reporter: a good family friend of mine just texted me a little while ago and said i am the biggest fan there is. here is my advice. one game at a time. the mets are set to said to work out at 4:00 p.m. game three tomorrow at citi field. we are live this morning. back inside to you. juliet: five years ago, this
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the possibilities are endless. we just have to have a team that is really fighting. game three is right here on fox5 two phone night. greg and rosanna will be over there for the pregame show. the game, of course, is at 8:00 o'clock. there will be a post game show, of course. ben: fox means business. juliet: joining us is adam shapiro. telling us how much people will be spending on halloween. i was kind of surprised by these numbers. >> reporter: happy friday he's. ben: i prefer friday eve as well. >> reporter: here's a deal, it is going to be billions. here is where it gets really fun. the adults are having all the fun. i always thought that it was the
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kids. adults will spend $1.2 billion on adult costumes. 950 billion on costumes for kids. 350 million will be spent. that video of the cat in the shark outfit, go figure, $350 million. won one-a-day half-billion in total cost 600 chair. here's where it gets fun. 68 million grown-ups will dress up on halloween. only 60.4 million children are expected to dress up for halloween. i go crazy for candy corn. tomorrow, friday, is national candy corn day. it dates back to 81980. it is wonderful.
6:37 am
will be manufactured this year. juliet: if you are a candy corn guy, you seem like you may like peeps. >> reporter: no. >> you put them on your cheek. >> we had a babysitter i read when i was just a little thought. she's simpering over candy with a white center in it. it is like being two years old again. juliet: little cottontail. by, adam.
6:38 am / channel finder. mike: i do like candy corn. white and orange and yellow. i kept thinking that they would be different flavors. juliet: i agree with you. ben: let us know what you think. mike: here's what we have with the weather today. rain will be coming to a close. we have a nice warm afternoon coming up for us here. it will be cooler and breezy at the same time. saturday, of course, is how the lien. it looks like we will have dry skies. clouds in the area.
6:39 am
see what is going on with our commute. >> we have a lot of flooding. one lane blocked out 125th street. fifteen minute delay because of a stalled train in milford. >> remember when? ben: so weird. coming up in entertainment.
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ben: thursday morning october 29. the republican presidential candidates met for their third defeat last night. it was interesting. the 10 republicans set their sights on each other. >> getting harassed. all right.
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gathered yesterday at the funeral for officer holder. >> this marks three years. roughly three out of five. 60% are actually entitled to more money. >> all right. there is lots of time and they're coming back home. >> they will have home-field advantage. duke, we have our hopes high. >> still a lot of baseball left. we have seen teams come back. no question about that. they could win three thayer and bring it back here. here we go.
6:44 am
daniel murphy scores. the mets up-10. a zero-two pitch. alex gordon scores. tied at one. back up the middle. the royals lead three-one. he went the distance. he was sensational. they were both soft hits. the other one, the blooper, flying out to right. the royals win.
6:45 am
they have a good team. we have to make better pitches that we have to play better. >> agreed with terry collins right there. no question about it. either daniel murphy who has hit home runs in six consecutive postseason games has cooled off. curtis granderson is looking to turn things around tomorrow. >> anytime you get to play front of your home crowd is a good thing. we are expecting the same thing when we get to new york. duke: came three tomorrow night. we have you covered. "good day new york," we have a great show covered for you. the game will be right here on fox5. stick around for the post- show.
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let's start with the knicks. they were taking on the lockheed. they went big. 122-97. the nets hosted the polls in brooklyn. that is the story here. we have a bout of baseball left. we will hold. we will see what happens. ben: just have to hit the ball. thank you, do. juliet: the narrow backs. they are a band. they are pretty cool. a drinking session through the five boroughs. i like that. let's get over to mike. mike, have you ever seen them? mike: i have not. juliet: tried to get the
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mike: i will periscope after this. we will all be there. we have scattered showers leaving the tri-state region. they are now coming through long island over to connecticut. most of the rain is already moving on. that is good news for us here. still have some clouds out of such a part. 64 degrees. sixty-three in pittsburgh. it will take a little time for the colder air to arrive. there is a trough right here. the main area of low pressure. that could still bring us a few quick little showers. it does not look like much will be coming through. for the most part, the rain is done for you in the city.
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tomorrow, sunny skies. change the clocks back this weekend. we have the marathon on sunday. the showers that were talked
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ines: we are back this morning. the commute is tough. and accident on the upper level of the brooklyn bridge. jericho turnpike extra slow because of an accident blocking a lane. let's check on the trades. there are problems with the new jersey transit this morning. brandon j, i here we have a special guest. june cleaver is in the house. ben: and the gilligan is here. i stayed out of it. dressed very conservatively while juliet was not. >> juliet said i was showing more skin then her.
6:52 am
dressed. okay. let's talk about russell brand. a trailer for his new movie. how he felt about katy perry's husband. we kind of knew that he did not feel very positively about the marriage. it looks like he's pretty unsentimental about it in his new documentary. in another scene he confides to a friend that their relationship is not very deep and it probably will not last very long. katie, for her part, apparently she has a very emotional scene where they say they are done with their marriage. his documentary appears to be
6:53 am
mostly about trying to affect social change. the new james bond film is breaking records across the pond. it brought in $9.2 million on its first day. the biggest of all time in uk. it does not open in the u.s. until november 6. all the controversy about pond himself. talking about how he does not want to do another film. disneyland memorabilia happening in sherman oaks, california. including opening day tickets expected to go for 5000-7000. the space not and ride vehicle. juliet: that is pretty cool.
6:54 am
>> the people mover. going for they think as high as $300,000. also in animate chart make head. you can register online if you are interested. juliet: i would like a boat from pirates of the caribbean. ben: i always thought it was caribbean. >> i go back and forth. juliet: caribbean. ben: that is it for us this morning. juliet: thank you, you little heart you. [laughter]
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