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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  October 29, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> from fox 5 news, this is good day new york. >> all right. good day, new york. thursday, october 29th. i'm rosanna scotto. >> hi, i'm greg kelly. all right. first off, the mets not so hot, huh? we've got to turn this thing around. >> 86. i'm thinking 86. >> all right. is it going to rain today, mike woods? >> it's going to move out. it's going to be breezy and warm, so mike has the details. >> the mets are back in town. they got out of kansas city right away. >> thank goodness. i liked the way you said that.
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>> we're down two games to nothing at this moment. >> they need some hometown love to nurse them back. >> you point out correctly in 1986, the mets came back from a 2-0 deficit, won the whole world series. >> meanwhile, last night it was clicker madness. i was going between the republican debate and the game. >> i've got to tell you, this debate was entertaining. if you like your candidate, you probably think your candidate did a good job. >> i thought they all did well. >> george w -- what's his name? jeb bush. >> yeah. >> not good. >> shaky -- >> low energy? >> he's in trouble, i'm telling you. now, marco rubio, whether you like him or not, that kid is pretty strong. eloquent. >> i thought christie did very well as well. donald trump, he was there. they didn't give him a lot of time. >> listen to this. >> the only will be why you're doing it now is we're running against the same position, and
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attacking me is going to help you. >> that land -- i don't know, i think jeb may be on to something else pretty soon. >> the highlights and the lowlights including did you see this yesterday? some army blimp, nobody inside, broke loose in maryland. floated for hours taking down power lines as it went through -- right into pennsylvania. >> so the army has blimps. who knew? >> who knew. >> anyway, last night there were two kind of cool things on tv. the met game, of course, which started to be less cool, and the debate. let's put 'em up side by side, did you go back and forth? >> i did back and forth. how about you? >> mostly the met game. i got the gist of the debate later. anyway, mike woods, what did you watch? >> i had the met game on. i actually kind of forgot that the debate -- [laughter] to be honest with you. but, you know, it was big.
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>> it was interesting to see because i think the media was more on display last night. >> sounds like it. >> the candidates really went after the media and the questions that they were asking. >> right. >> they compared it to the democratic debate and how the democrats got softball questions and, you know, with the republicans they were really hitting them hard. >> there we go, side by side. >> i see. >> what do you choose? >> it was a good night for tv the, i have to say. >> i went with the ball game, and i'm comfortable with my decision. i do feel if i watch, it somehow helps the team. >> well, it obviously didn't work last night. so stop watching. >> i'm the reason? [laughter] >> i stopped watching when we were up 1-0. >> i had the game on, they went to commercial, i put on the debate, and i came back and the bases were loaded. >> that's exactly when -- >> friday night at ty field, we'll be there. -- citi field,
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>> rain for today is pretty much out of here. we've got clear skies tomorrow as well as later on today. but look atom of these rain totals that have come through, mainly up around northern new jersey, around the hudson valley this the bigger totals. 3.74 inches of rain, ramsey, about 2.81 inches, some of those places got beat down by that rainfall. but, you know, adding to the water shed, it's not a bad thing, central park, 1.48 inches of rain. a good little dose of rain, and this was some localized flooding but not a major problem. here's what we have with the showers for us this morning. some still coming through suffolk county and through parts of connecticut, mainly the central and ian sections -- and eastern sections. the rains coming to a close for most everyone else. just a little left over in fairfield county.
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64 at central park, 57 in islip. these temps are actually warmer than your average highs, and we will make it back up to 74 more a high later this afternoon with some sunshine. breezy for the next couple of days, over the weekend. for the most part, it's dry, a quick showers possible late sunday, and that doesn't look like a big deal, not for the problems doing the marathon or spectating. let's bring in inez and see what's happening with our commute. >> good morning, mike. we have some problems starting off with the verrazano bridge, there was an accident quickly clear, upper level brooklyn-bound blocking two lanes. you're left with delays there. the staten island expressway background up to the developings bridge. let's go to our cameras, lie, this is by jericho turnpike eastbound, partially blocking the right lane. traffic jammed up for at least a mile traveling eastbound if you want to take the northern state
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parkway, right now that's looking byrd. westbound side, you're fine. the westside highway, there was a flipped-over vehicle by 125th street, that's been cleared away, still a slow ride between the 150s and the 120s. and be with the trains, new jersey transit morris and essex line, there's a 15 minute delay because of a stalled train. back to you. >> oh, boy, this is going to be tough, but it's certainly possible, right, rosanna? >> yeah, totally possible. they couldn't get out of kansas city fast enough after losing the first two games to the royals. last night not such a great game -- >> it was a blowout. >> i think they need some hometown love, and we're going to give them plenty of it friday night. duke castiglione is still in kansas city. the team's not even there anymore! you should have hopped on the plane with them. >> i should have. hey, the 1985 cardinals were up two games to none on the kansas
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royals came back and won that series. the 1986 boston red sox were up two games to none on the new york mets, the mets came back to win that series, so we'll see. let's show you the highlights from last night's game. top of the fourth we go, runners at first and second, two out. daniel murphy raced home from second. mets up 1-zip. but here at the top of the fifth, this is where the wheels come off. starter jacob degrom gets in trouble. 0-2 pitch to center field be, home from second, gordon. we're all tied at 1. three batters later, runners at second and third, eric has her who knocked in the game-winning run in game one, here comes rios followed by escobar, and the damage wasn't done.
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morales, he singles, and then that capped off a four-run inning marked off the fist time a mets' starter would give up more than three runs in a game since september t 3 user -- september 3rd. the meants now come ohm in an 0-2 hole. >> they live 7:to what people said. i told jake not everything has to be a strike, you know? you've got to move it around, you have got to change speeds, at. if you're going to continue to pound the strike zone, they're going to put it in play. >> the royals are a good hitting team, 1-9, and i'll tell you what, a little more history here. the 1996 yankees, i was at both these games. i went to -- i can remember it vividly. they were down 0-2 to the atlanta braves and came back and won that series. so, greg, rosanna, i'll see you at the ballpark tomorrow night.
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>> you were terrific last night, saw the postshow. >> you stayed up for the postshow? >> yeah, i was into it. that's why i'm a little shaky right now. >> let me help you out. the team, they got in about 4:00 this morning. the buses pulled in, the players quickly made their way to the parking lot -- >> i'm a little surprised they didn't go back to the hotel, get a night's rest. today. i think the team wanted them to come in, get acclimated, they've got a game tomorrow. >> i think they should have gotten under the covers. >> you know what? there's nothing like sleeping in your own bed, greg. lid dahlem, right? >> no one does it like your own bed, get in the comfort of your own place. that's probably why they took the late flight. we saw the team around 4:00 this morning but, of course, a lot of the players did not want to speak to the media after losing in game two. let's show you what the buseses
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looked like when they rolled in here. again, the players park their cars behind this fenced-in area, so we got a sneak peek at them getting out of here around 4:00 this morning. they took that three hour flight home from kansas city and then got on their way. last night in new york city this was the scene at playwright on 35th street. a lot of the fans out staying positive, making sure that the good vibes were getting to the team, but they fell short. it started to fall apart in the fifth inning in game two. the fans are hopeful that they've got this home field advantage now, that game three will be different, and outfielder curtis granderson had this message for the fans after the game. >> continue to keep the confidence, it's definitely not over with yet. we've got to come to citi field, it's going to be a fun be game three on friday. >> it's going to be a busy day here at citi field. the royals are set to work out at 2:00, the mets at 4 p.m., and
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which i know, greg and rosanna be, you will be at -- will take place friday at citi field. back over to you guys. >> yes, we will be there for the pregame show. it starts at 7:00. rosanna and i are going to be slightly freaked out. it's out of our natural habitat. >> i know. but we have some really good guests planned, plus duke will be there. >> it's going to be great. meanwhile, on another channel was the debate last night. i got the highlights. i think i'm safe in saying that jeb bush had a terrible night. >> yeah. i thought everybody was pretty good. politics wasn't the only topic on the -- >> there's jeb. he was weak. okay, this is the very beginning. >> the moderators got hit pretty good by the candidates. >> that marco rubio, watch him. donald trump was strong if you like him. robert moses has a complete recap. >> well, greg and rosanna, if
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you were watching the mets -- and you can be forgiven for that -- here's the reader's digest version of what you missed: candidates yelling over each other, and ted cruz saying he'll buy one of the moderators some dekeel around -- tequila or pot brownies. in a development that few saw coming, many of the more memorable moments involved candidates not named donald trump. jeb bush, who once again puttered on a debate stage, criticized his protege, senator marco rubio, for missing too many senate vote during his run for president. >> but, marco, when you signed up for this, this was a six-year term, and you should be showing up to work. literally, the senate, what is it, like a french workweek? >> rubio attacked bush by invoking john mccain. >> i don't remember you ever complaining about john mccain's vote record, the only reason why you're doing it now
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attacking you is going to help me. >> all of the candidates seemed united in their disdain for the media in general. >> this is not a cage match. and you look at the questions, john kasich, will you insult two people over here, marco rubio, why don't you resign, jeb bush, why have your numbers fallen. substantive issues? [cheers and applause] >> i'll buy you a tequila. or even some famous colorado brownies. >> chris christie had his own lecture for the questions after a query on whether daily fantasy football should be classified as gambling. >> wait a second. we have $19 trillion in debt, people out of work, isis and al-qaeda attacking us, and we're talking about fantasy football? [cheers and applause] >> the candidates did discuss some oh issues like ben carson's plan for a flat tax. carson, the new front runner in
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this race, took issue with a claim that it would leave the government with too little revenue. >> that's not true, it works out very well. >> trump was quieter than normal but not silent by any means. he hammered ohio governor john kasich for turning negative. >> he was such a nice guy, and attack. then his poll numbers tanked, that's why he's on the end, and he got nasty. you know what? [laughter] >> i told you it was good. we didn't even mention the undercard debate. lindsey graham is getting high marx, actress bo derek betweened put lindsey graham on the main stage, and john mccain said congrats on another gop debate. >> lindsey graham, what did he do that was so great? >> apparently, he performed quite well according to the buzz on twitter this morning. but i'm in agreement with you guys, i think marco rubio had a
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command performance, jeb bush certainly struggled. he's going to new hampshire -- >> i thought governor christie was pretty good too. >> he wasty. >> yes, he was. he got in some punches, and it was entertaining, and somewhat informative at the times. >> i loved when donald trump started talking about the superp pac -- >> it is. you know, i thought it was an interesting thing because it is the elephant in the room. >> meanwhile, some sad news. a 16-year-old student from loyola school has died after he collided with a player during a soccer match. it happened on monday. >> his family says it was a streak freak, nonviolent collision that led to the internal injuries that killed this young man, just a sophomore in high school. this family says he was operated on several times before he died. loyola was playing a match against rival united nations international be school. apparently, this young man was
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conscious, he kept complaining of his, a pain in his side, was dealing with internal bleeding x he passed away. >> our condolences to the family. really, rae sad. all right, folks, on to other matters. there are fewer and fewer places where you can smoke a cigarette including possibly your own apartment. what's the deal, rosanna? >> well, smoking in city subsidized housing could be a no-no if a proposed bill is passed by the city council. it would ban smoking in apartments at all new york city financed affordable housing as well as existing other developments. >> if somebody is smoking on your apartment floor, you can tell down the hall. >> you can. you can smell it. >> you can even smell it in your apartment sometimes. >> councilman says it's not about dismacement or harassment -- displacement or harassment, but about clean air. what are you going to do, you going to start knocking on
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are you smoking a cigarette in here? we don't even do that for pot. >> yeah, sometimes you do. >> really? >> some people do, rosanna, right? depends who you are and what you're into. >> yeah. >> mike woods, what's up? >> we're working on getting the rain out of town. we had a decent amount come through here, and it's moving up to new england, and even there it won't be there much longer. the showers at in this point for the tristate focused in on to suffolk county, light to moderate showers, but as you make your way to the west, the drier skies are starting to make the take over here. and this is not quite the last of everything, there's one more. we'll take a look at that. central park, partly cloudy skies, 64 degrees. looks like a warm day for sure. warm temps all throughout the northeast, boston sitting at 66 right now, 56 in bridgeport -- or make that williamsport, 51 in buffalo. all those temps are well above normal, and it is going to be a
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well above normal day with the temperatures because a cold front's coming through, and that's sweeping the showers and so on out of the tristate. this is the last of it for the most part. now, there is that next trough of low pressure which is going to try to kick through the tristate, but it doesn't hold together. there's not a lot of moisture with it, so a few quick sprinkles to the north and west. and then we'll see drier skies as high pressure takes over starting tonight. today's high temps, 74, saturday, halloween itself, small chance of showers late on sunday. want to say happy birthday to iris. got lots of fans, and your family loves you too. happy birthday to you. ines, what's going on with the commute? big backups, where are they? >> mike, a lot of problems going on this morning. new jersey, told you about an earlier accident, route 80 eastbound, two lanes are blocked.
7:19 am
also on 80 by 23 southbound, 280, exit 14, and watch out for a stall on route 17 southbound by farview avenue. let's go to our cameras, take a look at jeff coe turnpike. -- jericho turnpike. shoulder. traffic moving a little better, westbound as well as eastbound. we have flashing lights there. george washington bridge driving into the city this morning, 40 on the upper level, 30 on the lower level. lincoln tunnel inbound, 45-50, on the outbound side there's an accident on route 3, holland tunnels 30 from each approach, and the trains, morris and essex line, have a 15-minute delay. >> what kind of day is it going to be? mike says not bad. >> i don't know if you went outside about 5:30 yesterday -- >> raining like crazy. >> like cats and dogs. >> i ate an entire ice cream cake. right? [laughter] all by yourself?
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were you celebrating a birthday? >> it was from tasty delight, so it's probably 4% less calories? >> oh, please. >> yeah. good stuff with the crust in the middle. >> so delicious. did it have the crumbly chocolate? >> yeah, the crust, the little thing in the middle. >> now today you're going to run it out because it's going to be selling 18 homes? easy. building them all in four and a half months? now that was a leap. i was calling in every favor i could, to track down enough lumber to get the job done. and i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. there are always going to be unknowns. you just have to be ready for them. another step on the journey... will you be ready when growth presents itself?
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>> all right. the baseball game will be friday night, the home game, the world series. 2-0 at this point. >> okay, so what? we did this in '86. been there, done that. >> so what, rosanna, it's tough. it would have been a lot better if they won last night. >> they start inside kansas city, when you've got the whole stadium cheering for the team -- . >> i would bet a lot of money if they were going to win on friday. >> you know what? you and i are going to do our best to cheer them on. >> and a lot of money means a lot a lot of things to different people. [laughter] >> three years ago superstorm sandy hit our area and devastated big, big sections of our area. boardwalks have been rebuilt, seawalls have been erected, bays cleared of debris, thousands of homes restored, yet it's still not finished. there are till lots of people who have not been able to get in
7:24 am
their homes, held back by insurance money and fema and all that other, you know, bureaucratic red tape. >> that was a wild time in the aftermath. first of all, breezy point, where i used to summer, on fire, >> i know. >> and the aftermath of power outages and the gas lines, do you remember what we had to put up with? still struggling some parts all these years later. we'll have a bit more on this -- >> some people are still complaining that the federal flood insurance program short changed them. fema found out nearly three out of five insurance holders are entitled to more money. i'll never forget going to staten island to help some people see what they could salvage, it still was a mess x still some parts feeling it. >> so many people have been through so much. all right, three years ago. yesterday, the funeral for officer randolph holder in queens.
7:25 am
>> thousands of people gathered at the greater allen ame ca cathedral in jamaica, queens. >> we should point out, it's now detective holder, he was posthumously -- wild. that's his fiancee right in the middle. he was shot and killed last week while chasing a suspect. as you mentioned, detective holder now a detective and remembered as a humble man who loved his family and job. >> listen to, this please. >> what is loss? there's no definition that could articulate the feeling, because i know it so well. >> he did it proud just as he did his family proud and his department proud and our city proud. >> detective randolph holder will be buried in his native guy january that. >> all right, folks. something else that got a lot of attention nationwide, a runaway
7:26 am
take a look at this. flew over a couple of different states. >> yeah, including pennsylvania. >> under normal be circumstances, but somehow it got loose, rosanna, and flew all over the place. >> it was stationed at a military base in aberdeen, maryland, when it broke loose from its mooring just before 12:30 yesterday afternoon. fighter jets that tracked the slow moving aircraft a as it moved north into pennsylvania. it dragged its tether line, and that took out thousands of people to be without power -- >> they ought to put snoopy on the side or some sort of decoration. >> some people tried to chase it. >> we were trying to find it, and probably just before we got here is when we found out it had crashed here. >> i'd like to see u.s. army, go army, something like that. nobody was hurt. >> no. it came down about 80 miles north of harrisburg. the military says it's not clear
7:27 am
the big debate wrap-up continues along with the met game situation.
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>> dark out there. what time does the sun come up anyway? >> 7:20. >> but it's so cloudy out there, right? >> yeah. >> but it's going to clear up a little bit, mike? >> yeah. >> what neck of the village is this? >> lower east side? >> lower east. what a hot spot. where did i go the other night, rosanna? >> ludlow's. >> no, cactus deli. >> just go right down the block, have you been there? >> i have once. that mace is crazy. >> it's crazy. >> it's fun. >> and that's a cool hotel, by the way. >> everything's cool down there. lower east side used to be hobos and stuff like that. now it's just, whoa. >> i know. >> you've got to be very, very cool these days. so much pressure. >> so much pressure. >> anyway, what else? in all right. well, it's great to have you here. 7:30 in the morning.
7:30 am
mike, the weather. yesterday how much rain did we get? >> here we got about an inch and a half, but some folks saw -- >> because i felt from about five to about six, we got about an inch. >> that's where a lot of it did come back. that's what we were talking about yesterday. >> you did say that, okay. he's talking about. sometimes. [laughter] the rain is clearing at least here in the city. still have some showers left over in suffolk county, the hamptons, yep, still have some showers rolling through. light to moderate stuff. here's your almanac for the day, 47's the average low, and there's your sunrise time, 7:22, and the sunsets now at 5:56. keep in mind, this is the weekend where we change those clocks back, so that means sunset time next week before 5:00. yeah, that's going to get dark early. anyhow, here's the showers we were speaking of here, they came
7:31 am
there wasn't a lot to it earlier, and now it's heading out through eastern long island. you're going to see a few scattered light showers, then that comes to the close, and there is another trough to the west that could kick up additional runfall, but it does not look like a big deal. 63 in newark, same thing, bridgeport and islip, very warm temperatures because of that warm southwest wind x how much warmer is it than 24 hours ago? 14-degree jump-up in temps in sussex and month sell low, same thing in poughkeepsie. showers are moving on, there's a break in the cloud coffer, but there's also a trough that's on the back side of this. it's long here along with the main area of low pressure that's going to pull through here, and that will keep another small chance of showers out there, but mainly for sections to the northwest of the city, up around maybe sussex county, passaic county in new jersey, sullivan and orange counties getting a
7:32 am
afternoon, then we're all drying out. high temp up to about 74, and as we go through the next seven days, high goes back down to 60 tomorrow, that's the cooler air coming in behind that trough, and it looks like dry and cool on halloween itself. change those clocks back an hour saturday night into sunday, and on marathon day in sunday, only a few sprinkles. let's switch you over to ines. >> let's start off with long island, actually, the lie westbound there's an accident off to the shoulder. you can see traffic backed up, and continuing to move slow heading into queens. westchester, tappan zee bridge has a 45 mile-per-hour speed restriction in place due to the rainy weather that we have, traffic backed up to almost thruway. new jersey, let's go to the p mas here.
7:33 am
this is route 80 by union boulevard, eastbound traffic moving slowly approaching exit 57, that's the exit for main street and route 19. as for the trains, new jersey transit, morris and essex line, there's a 15-minute delay due to a stalled train. greg and rosanna. >> thank you very much. the republicans again, fewer of them got together for a debate on cnbc, right in the muddle of a met -- middle of a met game. >> i wouldn't be surprised if cnbc had record ratings. >> let's start with the big guy, donald trump. here's a sample. >> the comic book version of a presidential campaign? >> not a comic book, and it's not a very nicely-asked question, the way you say that. this was the man that was a managing general partner at lehman brothers when it went down the tubes. we are $19 trillion -- boy, am i good at solving debt problems. nobody can solve it like me.
7:34 am
>> classic trump. here are our experts, susan dell possessor owe, noted strategist here in new york, and tonya ryeman, internationally recognized body language expert. >> what did you think of donald trump? at one point they were ragging on him about his tax plan x he said, basically, kudlow likes my tax plan. >> and that really good except what happened was this was trump's moment to shine on the economy, and that was basically all he said about his tax plan, was that larry kudlow liked it. he didn't go far enough. he didn't bring enough of his vim and vigor to, i think, the debate that even was expecting. >> i was following your tweets but also michael cohen who works for donald trump. he said everybody seemed very rote, you know? they would is a question, and they would somehow answer it the way they wanted to answer it, whatever was planned. donald trump said, in michael cohen's words, was answering the questions and whatever.
7:35 am
it didn't sound polished. >> right. but i think there were other folks who had their moments too that weren't necessarily following a script. it was classic trump, but it wasn't aggressive trump which is what people are used to seeing. >> this exchange between marco rubio and his former political mentor, governor jeb bush. >> marco, when you signed up for this, this was a six-year term, and you should be showing up to work. i mean, literally, the senate, what is it, like, a french workweek? >> i don't remember you ever complaining about john mccain's vote record. >> it got worse than that. >> it did. >> it got a lot more intense. >> oh, yeah. they were talking about a french workweek and everything else. >> tonya, what'd you think? >> rubio gave an excellent answer even though it was too scripted. at the same time, if you saw jeb bush, what did he do? he immediately closed his body language and gave such a contemptuous smirk, it was so one-sided, and it showed he was just not a good loser.
7:36 am
he's a sore loser. >> who's this? >> jeb bush. >> and what was rubio's body language? >> it was strong. it was as if he knew what he was going to say. and i think one of the things you were talking about earlier is who's polished, who isn't, and the way you can tell is typically we feel the emotion, we show the emotion, and then we say the emotion. if that doesn't happen in that particular order, they've rehearsed it way too many times. >> here's senator ted cruz breakfasting not the candidate -- blasting not a candidate, but the media. check this out. >> this is not a cage match. and you look at the questions, donald trump, are you a comic bookville rain, ben carson, can you do math? jeb bush, why have your numbers fallen? how about talking about the substantive issues people care about? [cheers and applause] >> susan, what'd you think about his handling of that? >> ted cruz had a really good
7:37 am
he is a very good debater. but he also was able to take -- >> and what makes him such a good debater is he's able to take the situation at hand and play it farther and make it work he did. he really did get a lot of attention last night on those debate. when you look at some of the polling afterwards and the google searches, he was at, i think, over 100,000 searches. >> susan? >> i really don't think he has enough energy though. there's just, to me, not enough number for him to go the distance. i think it's interesting because as we watch these debates -- and i agree, last night's moderators were sometimes tough -- they complain about it every single time. the candidates are are always complaining about the moderators. so it wouldn't be a debate if they didn't have that. >> governor christie complained too, but a lot of people thought he was very strong last night talking about isis. >> and gambling. >> wait a second.
7:38 am
have people out of work, we have isis and al-qaeda attacking us, and we're talking about fantasy football? [cheers and applause] >> good moment. >> yeah. >> great moment for kris christie because he has to -- chris christie because he has to keep himself relevant. it reminds everybody, yes,.chris christie knows how to bring it. he is someone we have to keep watching, especially if the establishment candidates keep going back and forth. >> he also talked about, you know, he could take on hillary clinton. he wasn't talking about taking on the other republicans, he was talking about taking on hillary clinton in a debate. >> hillary is going to be put in there just because so many people keep saying it's going to be against hillary, i'm going to race against hillary. you keep talking like that, that's the way it's going to happen. that's the way the here to arely works. >> governor kasich, seems like a nice guy, experienced. but when he was waiting -- hit
7:39 am
when he was waiting for a question, well, he moved around a lot. not here, but when he was waiting for the question, waiting for the question. not answering the question, he was moving around all over the place. >> why is it happening when we do this, and we see this with ben carson as well. it tells you that you're pacifying yourself, so you're preparing, you're nervous, you're feeling the pressure. it's us releasing excess energy in order to focus and get the answer out properly, and that's quite often what you see with some of the candidates who don't necessarily know they're on camera. they forget. >> which is interesting, because kasich probably offered the best debate performance on substance. >> yeah. but he was a little weird at times, huh? [laughter] >> yeah. he always is a little weird. you know, it's part of his charm, if you will. >> rosanna, did you see the way trump was looking at people when other people were talking? >> i saw that. i saw him wink at one point. i don't know if it was to ben
7:40 am
carson or to whoever, did you notice that? >> it reminded me of the movie field of dreams, it's probably not a good thing for him to be winking. >> he knows how to glare. quite frankly, i think there's a little bit of respect there, the way he looks at other people. >> look at the head up in that curious position. >> isn't it, tonya, showing confidence? >> oh, this is definitely confidence. here was the interesting piece. i have to go back to this quickly because we were talking about kasich. when he's talking about him, look, that's why he's all the way down there, and he's very animated. trump was trying to fit in more with the norm, and towards the end he finds his excitement, so when he lets loose on kasich, what happens? his poll numbers tanked, and the head goes around, and kasich add this angry look on his face. it was brilliant. >> last but not least, how about the front runner of this race? ben carson. still very, very mellow -- >> what's wrong with the hands?
7:41 am
>> once again, he does a lot of hand jesstures -- >> well, he's a surgeon. [laughter] >> in in addition to doing the hand gestures, is he washing his time? and when he talk, he keeps his eyes closed which tries to kind of block out everything else so together. and those are things that play existence him. and he's just way too monotonous. >> but people dig him. >> yes, they do. for now. >> tonya and susan, thank you. >> interesting. i've never noticed the hand thing with ben carson. >> and the eyes closed.
7:42 am
surgeon, he's washing his maxx your thing at t.j.maxx with better brands, at prices that work for you. make each day a little better.
7:43 am
>> welcome back, everyone. we've got a mild start to the day. our temps starting off above the average high temp. 64, central park, 65 in poughkeepsie, 63 in islip. the showers are pulling away from us, we still have a little bit left over even long island, even there in the next half hour to an hour, it should be gone. only 60 tomorrow, 57 on saturday, a small shower chance late in the day on sunday, should not be a big deal. don't forget the fox 5ny weather app for free, download it now and put that interactive radar
7:44 am
to work. here comes ines with the latest on the commute. >> oh, mike, north jersey, a lot of problems this morning. route 80 jammed, you can see okay exit 57 two lanes are blocked, delays on 23 southbound, there's an accident approaching 280, exit 14. a lot of red, and there's an accident as well. let's go to our cameras and take a look at 495 towards the lincoln tunnel, an hour delay inbound. the holland tunnel 30 from both approaches, and the george washington bridge, 45 upper, 30 lower. new jersey transit still dealing with a 15-minute delay on the morris and essex line. >> thank you so much. >> kansas city, again, the royals won for the last time. >> yes. i like your style. duke castiglione is still in kansas city. i don't know what's going on, are you trying to sabotage the royals before they come over there, take out their bats, grease their balls? what are you doing? >> no, no. [laughter] just putting a recap on last
7:45 am
you know, last night the mets, they had their struggles, you know, in the game before, game one, the mets played well, i thought, just came up on the short end of the stick. last night they didn't play well, didn't pitch well, didn't play well. let's picket up. top of the fourth -- pick it up. daniel murphy is going to come in and score, johnny and the royals down 3-0. 's cobar escobar lines up an 0-2 pitch. royals tie it up at 1. two lasters later, grounder back of the middle, and rios and escobar, they're going to score. and the royals led 3-1. in the ninth inning going for the complete game, cespedes flies out to right, and the royals would win it 7-1. dari collins had -- terry
7:46 am
>> we've got to pick it up offense ily. do a better job. we've got to do it again. >> the mets seemed red had coming out of the nlcs. i wonder if that long layoff made them a little rusty, and they were playing with such confidence after winning the nlcs. even daniel murphy has cooled off. curtis granderson, when i caught up with him after the game last night, said he's looking to turn things around at home. >> we've had some ups and downs over the postseason, and that's part of it. you've got to understand that. when given the opportunity and we get a chance to go back on the field, neither team has been eliminated, both team has a chance to be successful. >> the team will return home, actually, they're already bang home. they'll work out today. probably a light workout and play again tomorrow night.
7:47 am
good day new york is taking over the pregame at citi field, and then stick around for the game and the postgame show. big basketball night, the knicks-their homeowner tonight, they began their season last night in milwaukee, and they win it big, 122-97. meanwhile, the nets played host to the bulls in brook run, and the bulls win that one 115-100. the big story, the mets down 0-2 in the series, greg, rosanna, trying to give people some hope, 1985, the yankees were down to the cardinals, they came back. 1996, the can's down 0-2 to the atlanta braves, won that series as well. live from kaufman stadium -- >> duke? >> yes, greg. >> we've got the royals right where we want 'em. >> right? >> greg and i have some antics we're going to do on the field before the royals get out there.
7:48 am
>> we've got some tricks up our sleeve. >> don't break that guy's leg. >> all right. >> didn't they do that to one of our players? all right, thanks, duke. >> oh, the dodger guy. don't get me started on that. >> i know. >> all right, what's happening outside? >> the rain is tapering off. >> who is that guy up there? >> it's more clock tower. >> what is this? who is that? where is this?
7:49 am
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7:51 am
>> ah, there he is. >> we figured out who that is, and we're outraged. it's vladimir lenin, father of communism in russia. >> i know the back story. >> what the heck? why is it there? >> this is a rental building called red square. and they said they did this as a nod to the fall of communism in the soviet group job back in 1989. >> looks like they're celebrating it. >> and he's facing towards the financial district. >> we're going to get back to that. meantime, dr. raj. >> good morning. >> we're going to talk about tommy john surgery as we watch the world series. >> we know that three mets' pitchers have upside gone this surgery. we're talking about matt harvey,
7:52 am
tommy john surgery refers to the ligament surgery inside the elbow that often gets strained for baseball pretty mucher -- >> how would you like to have a surgery named after you? >> by the way, i know tommy john, he used to work here. he used to do sports on the weekend. >> he was the first person to have the surgery back in 1974 and went on to have a very illustrious career after the surgery. that ligament is replaced by a ligament or a tendon from somewhere else in the body, could be from the wrist, the toe, and it's a surgery that does require significant rehab afterwards as well as recovery, sometimes several months until the person's able to go back to pitching. but you can have full recovery and sometimes even pitch better than before, so we will see how the mets do. >> there you go. fingers crossed. >> it's a pretty common surgery for pitchers. >> thanks, dr. raj, we'll see you in later bit. let's talk entertainment, matt
7:53 am
harvey -- >> right. i have the entertainment side of his life. this is slightly -- in i don't know if that's so intertowning for him though. >> more gossipy side. matt harvey has broken up with his model girlfriend. he reportedly called it off with herr about the same time that he missed that practice a few weeks ago, remember, when he didn't show up? they had been together less than a year. matt's an intense guy, and they were having issues. however, i went to her instagram page, and she has left up a lot of intimate pictures, so if it was a breakup, it doesn't seem like there are hard feelings. >> i do feel this is high school. >> some people get superstitious, they don't want anything unusual that they haven't done in the last few months. >> right. and some are worried he's going to go out and find other women, >> right.
7:54 am
dating kate hudson, and we were all like, don't do anything. >> a-rod probably went a little overboard when it came to that stuff. arguably. whatever he wants to do is find with me. >> good. >> the harlem globetrotters are celebrating 90 years of entertainment with the really cool mash-up. take a look. this is them teaming up with performers from stomp to make this video on a court in greenwich village. the globetrotters do their trademark complicated dunks be finger spins while the stomp people are making music -- >> using basketballs. listen. >> that is so cool. >> i'll take that sweet georgia sound finally. >> it's very cool, and it's all done in one take, you know? they get it perfectly. apparently, it took seven tries to get it right. >> that's it? >> yeah. pretty incredible, right? the globetrotters will be
7:55 am
kicking off a 260-ty anniversary tour starting in december. >> we have a facebook fan of the hour. thank you so much for watching us all the time, all of you. >> you guys rule. >> good day's coming ri [ female announcer ] business travel isn't just about the going. it's also about the going home. and being connected all along the way. whether you're working or recharging, do business travel on your terms.
7:56 am
5 news this is "good day new york". greg: good morning. where are we? this is thursday morning, the nets played tomorrow, they lost last night. rosanna: we are on "good day new york," nice to have you with us.
7:57 am
it was rainy yesterday but we could see a little sun today, highs could reach low 70s, it could be very breezy and warm. greg: kind of cool cutting off the top of the buildings. rosanna: the mets coming back, they are exhausted, came back early at city field this morning so they are down two, they have been down this road before. i am saying they need some tlc from mets fans and we could bring it back from day. greg: it has been done before from a two game deficit the disappointing. we have this. rosanna: please need your help finding the suspects shown here accused of trying to abuse and 8-year-old girl in the bronx, luckily she fought him off so we need your help finding him. greg: three years ago we were dealing with superstorm sandy. remember that? it was devastating and the full effects were realized in the days after superstorm sandy pleaded along time for life to
7:58 am
greg: 7 people are still trying to get their lives back to normal, some not in their homes still. another must see tv, republican presidential hopefuls faced off in colorado, it wasn't dominated by donald trump all the donald trump age sure everybody knew he was there. greg: strong start and it was inconvenient for us because it was on at the same time as the mets game. rosanna: interesting to see how the ratings come out. greg: everyone is waiting for jeb bush to rise to the occasion but it hasn't happened. lot of people thought marco rubio did the job, whether you like him or not that is what experts are saying. rosanna: a lot had the points even mike huckabee, chris christie, i thought they all did well. greg: ted cruz made fun of the media. rosanna: did that hurt the cnbc team? greg: probably hurt their feelings.
7:59 am
a couple things going on. from time to time on this show we see something cool on the streets of new york, we know about or don't know about it, it never seen this before, right across the street, there it is, new york institution by ludlow, hot spot, look at this. across the street a top that building there, there's a clock and there is some guy is a statue of some guy but not just some guy. rosanna: not just some guy. it is the russian dictator vladimir lenin. it is interesting because this building is called red square. greg: the father of communism. here he is in a propaganda photo. rosanna: this statue was not added until 1994. the building went up in 1990. why is there a statue? it is a nod to the fall of communism in 1989.
8:00 am
greg: looks like it is celebrating it, looks like lennon victorious. he was not as bad as stalin. i went to -- this is not too far from where lenin is buried. i was in tenth grade, felt like a spy. felt like james bond. rosanna: that is the perfect picture, when you think of russia you think of snow, cold temperatures and the hat. greg: i was ready to come home. it was communist and we were followed around and stuff like that. rosanna: back to the statute, it is not celebrating lenin. is a nod to him falling as that dictator. they say the statue is facing the financial district. he faced wall street, capitalism's emblem and the
8:01 am
lower east side. the socialist movement. greg: not facing wall street, he is pointing to new jersey actually. greg: rosanna: is the home of the socialist movement. greg: this is to celebrate, they dig him. whoever made that building. rosanna: looks like a beautiful, in morning, right? the son is not out yet. greg: it is out but the clouds blocking out. >> meteorologist: let it northern new jersey, three inches of rain came down. 3.47 inches of rain, 2.81 in ramsey, white plains 2.12, you
8:02 am
saw 1.69, central park and intend half which isn't bad. we are still a-1/2 inches behind so we are seven inch is the kind. we still could use more rain but there's not much in our future, most showers moved on, twin forks of little left over, that should be drawing got, with in this half hour. 64 degrees, 63 in newark, same in islip, 65 in montauk, warm temperature. the cold front has come back through. and behind the trough, that is not happening.
8:03 am
60 is the high, 67, 63 on sunday. let's bring in ines. worse than most mornings. ines: so many problems with flooding and now lot of accidents. across the parkway east bound, watch out for an accident causing delays the entire stretch, by farragut parkway an accident in putnam county, 84 east bound, crash blocks the lane, moving south bound, slow, let's look at route 80 by union boulevard, residual delays lefties bound, an earlier accident by exit 57, let's go to the gwb underneath the apartments, an hour delay on the upper level, 30 minutes on the lower level with your taking the lincoln tunnel, the holland
8:04 am
tunnel 30 minutes from both approaches. greg: n.y. mets flu, went right to the airport. rosanna: back home sleeping, back at city field. greg: a tough game, they lost big time. finishing in the middle of the night. it has to take its toll. duke castiglione in kansas city. rosanna: when i you leaving. >> just after 1:00 today. greg: do not leave without the facing the city in that way. >> tough night for the mets, they played well.
8:05 am
pick up in the top of the fourth, runners-up fourth. and to left. jacob -- at the 15 was cruising for this first and second delivers the 02 pitch in center field outscoring, getting home easily to pull this game up at one apiece, two batters later second and third, knocking the game-winning run, two more here with a single to center, making it 3-1. the damage wasn't done. andrew morella is a single, a single of his own. just was not a good night for the mets as the royals win, 7-1 so the mets come home in a 0-2
8:06 am
deficit. >> the workload, days off, the use, the big stage, a good team, make better pitching and play better. duke: there you have it. the mets need to win tomorrow night at city field. on the hill for the amazing, we will be there, see you tomorrow morning. rosanna: before you leave, remember all the rumors about yankee stadium, the red sox bury a shirt, a jersey? duke: here is the plan. take a mets had or any paraphernalia, where should he buried? rosanna: under home plate. greg: look at it. no one is even there. you got the whole stadium to yourself. duke: there are no security
8:07 am
you want to play here? there is no security cameras here or anything. greg: the coast is clear. if you can't do home plate put it under third baseman put a match hat, then, something. rosanna: could be small, whatever. greg: tell nobody in kansas city what we did. duke is not a for this job. rosanna: we will help you. you have a plan what we should do before duke leaves kansas city go to our facebook page. we are going to fuel this a little bit. greg: good opportunity to put a hex on the team what forever. kerry drew is there. liz dahlem is there. the team arrived not long ago. and all-nighter for them. >> reporter: a long night after the terrible loss in game 2, not really something you look forward to but the nets had to get back home.
8:08 am
then they got here 4:00 this morning in two big coach buses. let's show you that video. they got here after a long flight, probably got on the plane after the devastating loss against kansas city, wasted no time getting out of there, 3 hours and 15 minutes is how long it takes in new york, they got in their personal cars, went home and hopefully got some sleet. in new york city last night the celebrations were continuing throughout the game over at the pub, a playwright on 35th street fans were trying to stay positive but things fell apart in the fifth inning of game 2 but mets fans hope the team has home fields advantage going into game 3 and they can turn things around. >> need to 4 games to win this series. >> we are mets fans or we could not survive being mets fans. >> reporter: we are happy to have the mets back home and we are sending them good vibes of course.
8:09 am
field, the boils will work out at 2:00, the mets were workout at 4:00 p.m. and the big game, game 3 takes place here tomorrow night. weiner you will be here on the field and we are looking forward to it. rosanna: 7:00 tomorrow night we will have some great guests for the free show, duke will make sure we don't say anything too stupid. greg: duke has a golden opportunity to change will history forever and pay them back. little thing, they will find in a couple years andy will be really great. >> so great they can't watch as in kansas city because they will be escorting him off the field. let's talk about some other news happening around town, this one is a little more serious, and 8-year-old girl manages to scale what could have been an abuser in the bronx. >> police say he grabbed the
8:10 am
was walking into rebuilding last saturday, he then tried to put his hand down her pants, she screamed, ran away, she is going to be okay, she was treated and released from the hospital. the suspect, what neighborhood did this happen in? 5 feet 9 inches tall, 155 pounds, if you have any information please call crime stoppers, it happened at university heights in the bronx, there's the phone number, please call the cops if you know anything. rosanna: three years ago today superstorm sandy devastated parts of the area, some people still feeling it. boardwalks completely washed away, seawalls taken down, but there has been a lot of rebuilding and see walls have been erected, bay is cleared of debris, thousands of homes rebuilt, but more work needs to
8:11 am
greg: kerry drew is in staten island. >> reporter: we are here on staten island, this area was devastated by superstorm sandy and three years later so many families are still picking up the pieces. this site is located outside here, says thank you, staten island three years after, this home belongs to the madmen family. they told me their homes suffered $100,000 worth of damage from superstorm sandy and we shot the video of the back of their home, you see the damage to the basement area. it still needs a lot of work. habitat freedom and eddie's critical home repair program will be out here this morning holding an event helping this family out. the program has helped hundreds of families across the area. in the three years since sandy hit the area debris has been cleared away, boardwalk rebuilt the crucial work to shore up the infrastructure is going on and some residents are not back in their homes, millions of dollars have been spent on housing recovery on staten island alone.
8:12 am
the city's build it back recovery program, the governor's office made impact the there are a lot of homeowners with construction projects left to complete and buyout plans to close. statistics show of 9300 applicants, 2200 of the marron staten island. earlier i talked to the mat and family and she was very emotional about what has happened to her neighborhood. >> almost everything still needs to be done but now we have hope because habitat for a humanity and the city has started work, it has lifted our spirits quite a bit. we would also like to see in our community some of the people that left. it is a totally different neighborhood. there are a lot of empty houses
8:13 am
and the people have changed, new people have come in and so when i looked out my window in the morning i don't know who is walking by. >> reporter: so much emotion three years later. there's validation for people who claim of program shortchange them, fino found three of five national policy holders are entitled to more money. superstorm sandy happened on monday, wednesday after the storm on staten island, the damage was indescribable. so much is change in the past couple years, so much building has been done -- greg: we were talking about what we were going through and what happened after those storm. we saw breezy point on fire. it hit me that this was the most
8:14 am
since the 9/11 attack. rosanna: you have family there so you must've been very nervous about it. greg: teresa, mike, her husband, and and uncle, breezy point has come a long way and the power situation, we had to wait in line for gas. rosanna: i remember the line stretching, you get to the front and there would be no gas. greg: that was a wild time and reminded me to be appreciative of the quality of life we have here. rosanna: what else i remember is you doing the 10:00 news and i was doing "good day new york". rosanna: our hearts go out to those people -- >> meteorologist: three years later. a lot of folks especially on the
8:15 am
we have the holiday weekend coming up, no storms in the area. we have all our wet weather through here basically this morning. mostly cloudy sky at central park, southwest winds helping out, eastern long island had the last of a range, we see a few showers back here to the west. will that make it to was? a little bit of it does. mainly in the northwest of the city. orange county, the hudson valley, i don't think much of it comes to was in the city. if anything at all we should see clearing skies and eventually cooler air. that will knock temperatures down quite a bit from today to tomorrow so today we got up to 74 degrees, more sunshine as time goes on.
8:16 am
at the apple itunes store, download for free and put live interactive radar to work. and shout outs, five years old, at the birthday to you as well as george, 75 years old, fantastic birthday, a lot of love. let's see what we have as we hit the roads and rails. ines: route 80 dealing with delays approaching exit 57, and earlier accident approaching 80 and 2 eastbound, an accident by exit 14, you concede those delays. take a look at your commute on the lie by round swamp road with a slowdown west bound eastbound side you are fine, grand central parkway in front of la guardia airport, towards the triborough bridge westbound, eastbound towards the long island expressway and a little stop and
8:17 am
towards the 59th street bridge, northbound you are fine. rosanna: we are getting great suggestions. greg: do is in weather wales play, nobody there. oh shoot. do kissel there and is going to plant made the nets had under home plate. rosanna: tel duke to get a stick, go to home plate and
8:18 am
greg: we want something the see why more than 5 million feet in the u.s. speak for amop\ pedi perfect. now discover the latest innovation in the amop\ foot care line: new amop\ pedi perfect with diamond crystals. p p remove hard skin effortlessly for soft beautiful feet in an instant. r r new amop\ pedi perfect r r with diamond crystals. and try the new range of refills available in extra coarse for tough hard skin and fine for a
8:19 am
greg: halloween is a day after tomorrow. a couple years ago we went as a punk, a great concept. we take off the masks and speak french. your french was very good. rosanna: i have a good french
8:20 am
greg: it was so bizarre, our scenario. what else did we do? one astronaut, that was awesome. rosanna: i loved when i let you go. greg: you were sandra bullock and there i am flying by. rosanna: you were george clooney. greg: look at those heavy-duty space suits. what do we do this year? i am not sure yet but halloween costumes and candy, accused business. rosanna: tomorrow you have to tune in to see what we are to. fox means business. >> reporter: we will spend $7 billion on everything from candy to costumes to decorations. let me check this out, you're spending time on the costumes we will see tomorrow, 1 pointed billion dollars is how much adults will spend on of all customs, $950 million, costumes for the kiddies, $350 million on costumes for the pets. think of the cat video, people spent a lot of money on that, 60 million adults will dress up for
8:21 am
halloween, 60.4 million children will dress up for halloween. the cost in search is on google, star wars, pirate, super hero, carley quinn and batman. tomorrow i know this will sell like that surprise that it is legitimate, the national confectioners association says tomorrow is national candy corn day. candy corn first created in the 1880s, we will make 9 billion pieces of candy corn in the united states this year and people who don't like candy corn will tell you some of it is left over from the original batch from the 1880s. rosanna: it is not low-fat candy. greg: i thought for years with all, it is good for using go rosanna: and twist theirs. we 20 they're screwing with or heads on that one. rosanna: see you tomorrow. greg: the mets are playing
8:22 am
title which involves a trophy. the trophy they're playing for is in this room. rosanna: it is for tiffany, very expensive, did not touch it. i am telling you right now.
8:23 am
maxx your thing at t.j.maxx with better brands, at prices that work for you. make each day a little better.
8:24 am
1 greg: al. 1 greg: great song. i think the music factory, i can feel the weekend, i can feel halloween. night. greg: back box, they are rosanna: week and played as the stadium and get everybody dancing before the game. greg: i agree, rosanna.
8:25 am
rosanna: let me ask you. p greg: skyline. what does it take? 90-something? 90-something. 92, something along those lines was what were you going to say? rosanna: i think tomorrow night we should behavior. i don't think we should do all the shenanigans. greg: take it very responsibly, be very responsible tomorrow, or seriously, big deal, it is history, it is about the nets but we have a pregame pre-game show at 7:00 at the field. rosanna: meantime it is looking good for the weather. i have a nice orange sweat shirt. how cool?
8:26 am
around 60 to -- a little something. tough guy, i can tell. rosanna: he doesn't need no stinking coin. >> meteorologist: of mets sweater. you could wear that one. is widely. greg: i don't know what i aadi going to wear but i am looking forward to. >> meteorologist: this morning, the rain is ge--ing out of town and that is good news for us here. you probably want to deal with the commute which is a little less inconvenient that we had yesterday. vi want to say happy birthday, have a fantastic one, the rain has cleared out, might be a day late but not dollar short. we are going to see some improvements with the weather, here is the rain heading out, more son coming at you and warm temperatures too, cold air coming into town but not yet, enjoyed a warm afternoon, clear skies coming at you as we head vinto friday and cool temperatures tomorrow too. then we go to halloween which looks sunny but also on the
8:27 am
cooler side and sun. the marathon and more clouds making a come back, i don't think rain will be a big proresem for folks running the marathon. that should be fine too. the rain is out of the picture eastern long island, back to the west of us looking out for a few quick showers that want to pop into the northwestern counties of the tristate but that will pr hably be it, even those look to be on the small side if they happen at all, 62 in sussex, 64 central park, 63 in bridgeport, the bulk of the moisture into new england at this point and even their there won't be much
8:28 am
foadi deladone on the cross bronx, west side highway and earlier acis mdent by 120 page story which back things up to the george washington bridge. let's look at the lie by jericho
8:29 am
west bound, some activity to decide. hi if you're taking the holland tunnel 30 for me to approach, trains doing good, everything on or close. >> the big debate, the mets game ended the debate, all the republicans got together on cnbc studios in bouldeeh >> they did address become famous for these days legalizing marijuanuck headline jeb bush was a disaster, and that is what some people are saying, r hert moses,
8:30 am
urehen isn't? >> ten republicans at their site on hillary clinton, moderator's ,nd each otheanu not necessarily in that order. in the process they pondered tequila, pot broraiies and fantasy sports. to says politicians are boring? tr> reporter: many of the more oemorable moments last night involve candidates not named donald trump. wasb bush once again sts --ered ogam3 c1 a debate stage, criticized his protege, senator marco rameio for oissing too many senate ?tes during his run for president. >> when you sireesed up for this, this was a six year te 15 and you should be showing up for work. literally the senate is that a french work week? >> reporter: marco rubio attacked bush by in?kingall ohn occaitod a man bush has praised. >> i don't remember you complaining about john mccain we ?te record. the only reason you're doing it now, someone has convinced you tr> y sortts.. to: all the candidates seemed united in their disdain for the moderators and the medeq
8:31 am
>> this is not a case match. if you look at thehalloweuestion h ionald trump, ua comic book villain, ben carson, can you do math, jporn kasich, will you insult to people over here, marco rubio, why don't you resign, jeb bush, why have your nuin?ers fallinsh how about talking about the substantive issues people care about? tr> y sortts.. to: ted cruz later offered olive branchs to one of the moderators. tr> even some famous colorado broraiies. >> reporter: chris christie had his own lecture to questioners tle wter ahalloweed iry on whether daily fantasy football should be classified as gamresing. tr> we have $19 trillion in debt, people out of work, isis and al qaeda attacking us and we are ta3 c1 thing fantasy football. >> reporter: the candidates did discuss other issed is l3 c1 le ben carson's plan for the flat taome the new front runner took issue with a claim that it sloof td be the government with too li--le revenue.
8:32 am
>> works out very well. >> rspo is clao s the man chasing cais non, trump, was quieter than normal, the debt -- before turning negatmarcoe. tr>:pornin?ers tanked, that is on the end. he got nasty but you can have hvi. >> the new york tvies decided to figure out how to figure out how long each candidate's vote foeh t arly fiorina spent the longest, 10 minutes and 31 seconds, jeb bush spoke least. 6 min, wes and 8 seconds. rosanna: i thought was paul ryan. where have you been? greg: he was at the end. donald trump pretty amazing at times. urehat do you think? w osanna: donald t thismp is right
8:33 am
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greg: everybody getting into the mets' big time. rosanna: thank you for posting to our facebook page. greg: there is the hash tag. you know the procedures and all these cute kids. the photos. rosanna: keep them coming. in the meantime let's talk about a movie coming out this weekend and i got a sneak peek to see. it is fun. greg: any footage? let's talk about matthew rees, a major character in this film. brothers and sisters, you were terrific in that. the americans, that is a great show over on f x. people really did it. matthew rees, congratulations on all your success as welcome to "good day new york". rosanna: i saw you for years,
8:36 am
you are fantastic actor and i keep forgetting you are british
8:37 am
we don't go to the playground and played downtown abbey. rosanna: talk about the americans. when is the coming back? >> march of next year. rosanna: have you started filming it? it is in brooklyn? >> it is in brooklyn, we are in the second week of the fourth season. rosanna: you know how is going. >> we have an idea what is going to happen but day to day surprises us. rosanna: everyone is happy about you and carry. we want you to be together on camera and off camera. greg: kerri restless your co-star in the americans.
8:38 am
you are involved? >> on occasion. greg: if it works for you it works for a split you can't leave without doing a little american accent. >> what do you want me to say? greg: say it again better. >> this reminds you how have to practice, i can't influence the american accent. greg: look extraordinary. >> was that your sean connery? very good. that was extraordinary. greg: you do impressions. >> sean connery is the only one i don't butcher. rosanna: brothers and sisters, is it every sunday. >> a real family at the end. rosanna: of family for you working with sally field. >> she treated as as her children and we argued like siblings and frank too much wind. it was fabulous. greg: you are all right. brent is our right now. enjoy it.
8:39 am
she is screaming about it all over the place. rosanna: it is a good sign. and you will be hungry too. >> forwards and afterwards. yes i have some times. greg: don't lose that ticket.
8:40 am
8:41 am
what are we eating? fox is going to be airing the upcoming miss universe pageant which is no longer associated with donald trump. after he made as anti-immigration remarks after he ran for president. that left ms. u.s. a which is part of the pageant group to eric to a very diminished audience. now the miss universe pageant will be back strong and will take place december 20th from planet hollywood resort and casino. the new museum not only lead to this exhibit but lest you eat the. museum of food and drink opened in williamsburg, brooklyn yesterday, the first exhibit is called flavor, making it and faking it is there are snow machines which let you make 19 different dramas like pancakes, cheese and nail polish remover and will have a series of programs like teasing, food science demos and interactive
8:42 am
i want to take a field trip there. greg: good stuff. >> i enjoyed you imitating be the entire time. thank you for reading through the entire thing. rosanna: let's talk about a new memoir called the wind in their reads. he is in there somewhere. my name is amanda and i smoked while i was pregnant. my baby was born two months early and weighed only three pounds. this is the view i
8:43 am
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