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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  October 29, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> greg: tomorrow night is the world series. it is tough so far. 2-0. rosanna: we can do it. think '86. greg: citi field, going to the scene of the crime. now over there, have we got something for the royals. drop that. i want to go full on the royals stadium there. rosanna: we have things going on there. greg: duke, don't repeat what we are going to tell you. rosanna: there are things we did.
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rosanna: go ahead. greg: duke at plenty of mets items and we wanted him to bury it on the field. under third base is a mets hat. we hope it is there for decades to come. rosanna: we are going to see it. greg: the hole is not deep enough. rosanna: i also suggested to duke this is not at all a red flag, get a stick, this is from a tweet that we got, go under home plate and write lgm, let's go mets. greg: we are trying to curse that stadium. rosanna: we are going to come back here and win three in a row
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and have to go there to bring home the big fat trophy. greg: oh, speaking of witch hich, they are playing for the world series title. there it is, the actual trophy. see the winning ceremony. they actually freak out in the locker room and presented by the exhibitioner of baseball. do we have that from last year. here we are. this is actually it. the trophy. rosanna: i hear it weighs 30 pounds. i believe it is crafted at tiffany. greg: it is beautiful. rosanna: it is gorgeous. world series champions. does it have the year on it yet? greg: presented by the commissioner of baseball. the middle here, the base, i
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rosanna: don't break it. when you break it, you know? greg: i brought it. it is a baseball. come on in here. right down there is the baseball. this is very cool. it. greg: see the stitching and that. it is nice. it is about winning, winning the series. rosanna: right. greg: but hey, it is cool. rosanna: it is how you play the game. that is the biggest bs i ever heard in my wife when it comes to the world series. greg: show me a good loser and u r i show you a loser. rosanna: talk about the debates last night. greg: it was inconvenient, on at the same time at the mets game. rosanna: yes, we were back and forth and watching the debates
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and the mets game. i was back and forth. greg: i watched 80% of it. roz rods i watched three or four debates now. greg: what makes it interesting, donald trump, whether you like him or not, he's compelling. rosanna: everyone wants to know if he's saying something crazy. greg: or glood bloody common sense. >> is a comic book version? >> this was a managing general partner when it went down the tubes. we you $19 trillion, boy, am i good at solving debt problems. greg: i thought he had good moments last night.
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rosanna: i think that the question was a little slanted in the way, you know, some of the headlines about donald trump in the beginning, you know, clown, this and the other thing, and trying to need him. greg: i agree. john harwood who writes for the wall street jour mall nal journal, a lot of the d.c. rorters never took trump or carson seriously. they got it wrong. rosanna: yes, the american people want a change, maybe they don't want a career politician. i don't know how it is going to shake out, but the american people are furious. greg: now marco rubio, donald trump calling him a kid, he did
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him or not and he's going against governor bush, these guys used to be tight and friends. jeb was the governor. rosanna: rubio missed a few votes because of campaigning and jeb bush, well, he took him to task last night. >> when you signed up for, this is a six year term and you have to show up to work. the senate like a french workweek? >> i don't remember you voting about john mccain's voting record. greg: rubio won the exchange. not like i'm rooting for him, but the guy was on fire last night. a lot of people if there was a winner, it was him. watch him. rosanna: jeb bush had strange comments, do you remember the warm kiss. greg: it was weird, yeah. >> the deal was done, the
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biggest tax inyees happened under the watch of barack obama and the spending is gone uch, if you find spending cuts, i will give you a warm kiss. rosanna: how about a hug? greg: it was weird. rosanna: give him a hug. greg: this as well, rosanna, it is tough to be a moderator of a debate, national stage, who took him to task? rosanna: several people. greg: ted cruz started it. rosanna: yeah, but not the only one. >> this is not a cage match. and you look at the question, donald trump are you a comic bookvillian and why don't you resign, jeb bush why are the numbers fallen, how about talking about the issues that
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the people care about? (applause) rosanna: a lot of people thought that hit. greg: the crowd ate that up. rosanna: how do you think that the moderators felt? a lot of pressure. greg: yes. constructive criticism. i like the carl guy. he fills in on the nightly news. rosanna: he's smart and with it. greg: what is your biggest weakness, such a playful question, but the first question he asked. i thought that was misplaced. rosanna: some of them not answering the questions. we have weaknesses and why tell you what the weakness is. if you don't know, i am not broadcasting it. greg: some of the questions, they were setting the table. newt gingrich shutdown a cnn
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they set the table for that type of moment. wait else? christie. rosanna: yes, very strong last night and on fire. i don't think he got a heck of a lot of time. greg: yes, he had good moments. >> we have $19 trillion in debt, we have people out of work, we have isis and al qaeda attacking us and we are talking about fantasy football? [cheering] how the government does what they are supposed to do. greg: he's strong in debates. rosanna: there are so many candidates on the stage that it is hard to, who really shines in that particular venue. was there a winner, was there a loser?
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bush. how about carson, he's number one, beating in trump in iowa. rosanna: is this after last night? greg: no. look at ben. >> think about the reasons we are difficulty with the job market, well, the arj small manufacturer whatever they are manufacturing, drugs or anything, if they have less than 50 employees, the average cost in terms of regulations is $34,000 per employee. greg: did you see the way that trump is looking at him. rosanna: he looks like that all of the time. greg: like that -- rosanna: you are reading into it? greg: no. rosanna: they didn't argue last night.
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greg: see the video one more time. he's very calm. he's the wisdom of jefferson and sometimes on the far fringes. he's pleasant and sometimes a little bit too mellow. rosanna: if he was my doctor, i like the bedside manner, calm, cool, collected. he holds himself well. he's not backing down. greg: he's a candidate from a different era. he's brilliant. a pediatric neurosurgeon. can you imagine? rosanna: we'll put that to rest. we are waiting for the next debate in november. in the meantime, we are talking about the weather, i don't know, were you caught in the rain yesterday afternoon? mike: it was big.
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we had a lot of it, an inch and a half of rain in central park. it is all gone for today. we are ready for the a break. happy birthday to you. have a fantastic one. surrounded by the love there. we have the sunshine back here today. it is coming back. mostly cloudy at central park right now. 65. winds from the southwest at 12 miles per hour. so that makes for a very warm day here. at least for starters. is it going to stay that way? it looks like it is. the temperatures back up to the 50s in buffalo. 49 right now. yeah, just a few hours ago in the mid 50s. 58 degrees in williams port. the colder air is working to us in the tristate. we should see the temperatures going up a good amount before dropping in the afternoon. warm for a while and cooling down, especially tonight and tomorrow.
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the showers and storms they are out of here. a few showers coming in toward the catskills and the poconos. the colder air back behind the trough is knocking our temperatures down quite a bit. ahead of it, well, the warm flow and we are going to see the temperatures up to the low to mid 70s this afternoon and the cooler air is coming in and taking over and that is what we have friday and saturday, mainly clear skies, but the temperatures are coming down for friday and saturday. 20 degree drop from today. compare to average highs, our high temperature 74. the average high for today is 60. so 15 degrees above normal. the record high is 78. we are close to the record high temperature probably not going to get there. the morning showers are pretty
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much out of here. sunshine and up to 70 for today. change the clocks back this weekend and the marathon and the weather is looking fine with the dry skies and showers way up to the north. not a big deal here. greg: thank you, mike. man, people are saying this is one of the best tv shows ever made, a wire. they are studying it in a socialology class at yale. rosanna: i love the detective, bunk. it is funny, the show went off the air years ago and it has legs. it is like relevant right now. greg: people are enjoying it and studying it as i mentioned. the detective, been in about 7,000 movies. rosanna: yes.
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check him out in the wire. >> i'm working my cases. >> oh. deputy wants bodies. the mayor is spewing over this. you don't see those on my sleeve? i'm doing police work here. in fact, i have a fresh angle on a major cast i'm the sole remaining investigator. greg: classic cop stuff. rosanna: rosanna: wendall pierce. the wind in the reeds, a storm, a play and the city that would not be broken. welcome to "good day." >> thank you, good to be here. rosanna: what'd you think about that clip on the wire? >> it is great.
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and you found the one clip i didn't curse in. rosanna: yes. >> i was very, very eloquent with my cursing. rosanna: so tell us about the new book, it is a permanent story for you. >> i'm from new orleans and one of the most sentimental moments is when the city was destroyed and i wanted to answer, what'd you do in the darkest hour, i'm an artist first. let me respond and i did a play with the same organization that does the two beams of light at ground zero here, which is so reflective and inspiring and thought provoking and the same impact of doing the play in new orleans. it is a moment we realized this place and this moment of time
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let us do something. august 29th, '05. greg: how long after that you were thinking of a play? >> well, what happened was, it was about a year later that we did it. a year and a half later. first i had to take care of my family. we evacuated and moved and i was trying to get my parents back home. i wanted to get them back before they died. they worked so hard to build up the community. it was the only play my father could buy a house after fighting in world war two. it game a black may berry. a golf course, a thousand homes. it was a great place to grow up. it was in the deepest part of the flooding. they have like a moses generation, and gave us the generation of great foundation
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to go out and be successful men and women in the world and we owe it to them to rebuild it. rosanna: so you helped them build? >> we create add only initiated redevelopment going on still today. that was a response to what happened to us, but really the awakening came when i did the play and i realized that what samuel beckette did in the play was to tell us we are more than just inanimate objects and exercise the right of self-determination. it was the awakening and as an artist, that is the form we reflect on these things. rosanna: i feel like you did for new orleans what rosenthals did in tribeca but on a smaller
9:19 am
>> what happens people don't realize they look at art as a piece of entertainment, but the main purpose of art is motivate you and to as a society to reflect who we are and declare our values and act on them. what the thoughts are to the individual. what should i do with my life, that is what we do in society with art. rosanna: tell us about the book? >> the book examines when i did the play and awakening to the power that i had and rebuilt the park and awakening and reminded me of the legacy that was given to me from the community, how the park was built, you know, to fight segregation, blacks could only go to the park in new orleans on wednesdays. greg: in your lifetime? >> yes. we are americans and we have right and access to these
9:20 am
and became incubator for the first black of new orleans and epa director, i drew up with her, terrance, grammy award winner jazz come peeser. then i thought about how a great legacy in my family. so this is just a small snapshot of how powerful i can be. greg: see the book and get it signed? you can. rosanna: tonight, tickets are available? >> yes, they are available. i am doing a reading and a q & a. greg: who is asking the questions? rosanna: nicole, a wonderful poet, who i went to new orleans create arts center with. she be there. rosanna: we have to introduce to our boss, he's from new orleans. greg: yes.
9:21 am
rosanna: so nice to meet you in person. thanks for keeping it clean, detective. >> of course. greg: who remembers the facts of life. it came on after different strokes. char charlotte may, the mated is alive and well with a new book. how about that? rosanna: we are talking to meet the moore's! we're the moore family, and as you can see, we need an internet that can do more. we do more games, and more streaming. so we need more speed. that's why we switched to time warner cable.
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greg: let's face it, the mets are in a tough spot right now. two games to zero. things have turned around before. rosanna: absolutely, we have been there and done that. greg: i'm eating a rib from the kansas city rib place that promised the governor a mess of ribs if the mets win. i'm standing next to the trophy, rosanna. rosanna: you shall are feeling confident. greg: this is the no kidding tro fee for tiffany and company. that is wild. maybe your friend knows the answer. rosanna: my friend john franco
9:25 am
great picture. one day he knows you will be going to cooperstown. in the meantime, you know about the postseason in 2000. what is the team going through right now, mentally how is the coach trying to keep them focussed and not forlorn? >> the players know what they are up against but the good thing is coming home and playing 3 games at home. you know, you have to take one game at a time. four games to win. they are only down two. they have lost two before in the season and won five, six, seven in a row. greg: i hate kansas city, but they make a hell of a rib. this is great food.
9:26 am
now, did you tell john who what we did? rosanna: duke was at the stadium and before he left you have to do something, put a hex on the team. just in case. so what he did was he buried a mets hat under third base. this is it now. greg: this is before the players showed up. we put a curse on the stadium. rosanna: we suggested write under the home base lgm, you believe in this? >> well, some. the evil eye, rosanna. greg: i bet the royals will be very, very mad. >> i have no friends on the royals. rosanna: you are working on the
9:27 am
>> yes, with you tomorrow night. a little stuff for sny on saturday. you have to keep the faith. you need four games and they are a confident bunch. greg: this is in. the ribs that i am eating. all right, this is from john brown smoke house located in the long island city, the kansas city barbecue. rosanna: what about junior's? if we lose, governor cuomo suggested he's sending a junior cheese cake. okay. >> we'll eat both when we win. rosanna: have you cake and eat it too. i love juniors. they are a favorite. but i want to eat the ribs. greg: take out the trophy.
9:28 am
rosanna: john, you have seen this. from afar. greg: this is actual, the actual trophy presented to the winner of the 2015 world series, correct? >> absolutely. this is it. rosanna: what'd you know about it? >> we want it in flushing at the end of this world series and you know, like i said before, i have all of the confidence in the ball club. rosanna: how much is this worth? >> priceless. when you win this trophy, each player gets to have it for a while. rosanna: do not touch it with your hands. greg: i will not. >> there is a man that will jump you. rosanna: we have security. greg: in the old days, take a look, they used to have the name of the teams and they are blank now. they have modified it.
9:29 am
the middle, there is a baseball. rosanna: that is nice detail. >> it is a beautiful trophy. when you have this it is a great accomplishment. rosanna: i can see it now. greg: that do get champagne on it. rosanna: don't touch it. >> it is going to be in queens. the fans are so important to get the players going. greg: john franco. rosanna: and tomorrow he's one of the guests in the pregame show. >> and no ribs. rosanna: hot dogs tomorrow. all right, "good day" is coming
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greg: the chicken soup for the soul series, it is fantastic. so many things you read and see make you feel bad, this makes you feel great.
9:33 am
the whole series for the stuff for the mind, your soul, brilliant and going on for a wile. debra norville, host of inside edition has been a true believer for a long time and she has a version herself. >> chicken soup for the soul, think possible. it is perfect today. greg: a 101 stories. welcome back to "good day." >> thank you. rosanna: we need this book and sending a copy to every mets player. >> yes, last night was disappointing, i was planning on being there sunday and now just when they win game 3. rosanna: and turning things over, starting over. >> i'm all about the science behind how you can use your mind and there are 101 stories about people who had issues that you
9:34 am
think, how could you ever, a kid, high school sophomore, plays trumpet, is rotc and eagle scout, and oh by the way this boy named michael is autistic. he had what everyone says is a giant challenge and he calls it a super power. when you change the way you look at things, if you think it is possible and simply believing it makes you less likely to hear the detractors. mets think it is possible. run. >> we love it. give us another one. >> yes, a woman who had a scholarship to college, if she didn't perform the sport she would lose the scholarship and she got pregnant and the
9:35 am
boyfriend dumped her and she has the bayy and improved the times and did better and graduated phenomenal success. here are the stories in the book. my challenges weren't as big. i can do it too. rosanna: we all have challenges, but you have to somehow work through the challenges with a positive attitude. and faith. >> faith. faith in yourself, faith in that tomorrow will be a better day, faith in the man upstairs if that who you believe, i happen to be that person. it is about putting your mind to it and believing you can make it happen, because you are you and you are fabulous, and you have to believe in yourself before believing in anything else. greg: we love. >> yes, 101 amazing stories, a little girl in georgia dreams of being on television and no one
9:36 am
>> that is unbelievable. we are so proud of you. your show, inside edition is kicking butt. >> we have the best story, starting tomorrow, we have one you are going to love, house of shame. we rent add house, we lived there for a month, and home repair people came and 23 hidden cameras. we had cameras here there and everywhere, a pd the guys came to fix the garage door and take care of the water heater. rosanna: what'd they do? >> pulled the wires, told us things that needed fixed and perfect operational? >> different crews? >> yes. >> where is the house? >> an in new jersey. here is the deal, it could be any where. when you watch the story, okay, these are the things that i need to watch out for, watch them, know when they say that what it
9:37 am
we have specific take home value save you money type of information. rosanna: we have a clip of the segment. >> okay, great. >> were you trying to rip me off? my garage is not broken is it? imagine an entire house rigged from the roof to the basement with hidden cameras to see what the home repairmen do. he ripped that off the wall. >> you pulled the sensor out of the wall. >> i don't need a roof in the house, right. are you trying to rip me off. >> is this a bait and switch. >> oh, boy. >> classic tv. >> another interview i am curious about, rosie o'donnell, she had problems with her
9:38 am
daughter. it could be any family's story, rosie has five children and the eldest daughter, there was a thing last summer and she disappeared and rosie was really, really worried. she turned up in a house not far away and reunited with her birth mother and on monday we are speaking with the birth mother and she has said that rosie was not a proper adoption and coerced into giving up her child and she also says about the relationship she hopes for with chelsea. take a listen. >> i just want to be part of her life and see her at the wedding and when she has her first baby. i want to be grandma.
9:39 am
>> how'd the meeting go? >> the first hug. after chelsea found her birth mother, she drove her to wisconsin. lives in a small town, modest house, a different life style. she stayed there six days. well, what was that all about? tuesday on inside edition you are going to hear from chelsea. >> thank you so much. and congratulations on the book. >> and let's goette manies. >> mrs. garrett from different strokes and the facts of life.
9:40 am
charlotte ray, so delighted here in vineland, home of progresso, we love all kinds of chicken soups... but just one kind of chicken. white breast meat chicken every time. so if you're not going to make your own chicken soup tonight, do what we do...make it progresso. this moment is perfect in every way
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gooey...flaky...happy. toaster strudel. now with more icing. >> greg: facts of life, different strokes, that is mrs. garette. the world knows her. she was the head of the house hold. >> the house mother.
9:42 am
she's out with a new memory and telling the facts of my life. welcome to "good day new york." wow. >> greg, thank you for being of service to our country. thank you. rosanna: thank you for making us happy and laugh for a lot of years, you were just in ricky and the flash. >> yes, with meryl streep. rosanna: this book is making a lot of headlines, you talk about your life. your battle with alcoholism. and how are you doing with that? >> well, 41 years i have been sober with a 12 step program and i'm very, very happy, i'm a very happy camper. rosanna: you talk about what it is like going to the set and dealing with those demons? >> no, it was 41 years ago, so i mean, rosanna, i have heard all
9:43 am
about you and the restaurants. rosanna: thank you. >> mrs. garrett was so perfect. that is not charlotte ray. sometimes people think that the actress is really the character. that is not true. mrs. garrett was perfect and lovely and calm and never screamed at the children. never lost her temper. rosanna: and you? >> i'm a human being. greg: and a lot more interesting. she started with mr. drummond and arnold and willis on different strokes. you were the live-in housekeeper? >> that is right. greg: greg: it is unclear why he let you go.
9:44 am
network and he wanted to spin me off. charlotte ray was on car 54. greg: do you remember what season? season one and two were filmed in this building. welcome home. in the show, what was the story, how'd you get to the facts of life? >> i don't want to get into it. i want to tell you about the other stuff that i have done in my life. greg: fair enough. >> i found out that my husband after 25 years game out and told me he was gay. that was a tough one. rosanna: that had to be unusual. how long ago was that? >> a long time ago. rosanna: 25 years ago had to be devastating. >> it was, i felt less than a woman. when i got around to it, after i
9:45 am
learned to accept it, i realized how difficult it must have been for him. i mean, so hush, hush, and something that was supposed to be not talked about. >> did you have suspicions? >> no i did not. he joined the 12 step program and his sponsor told him he would have to tell me, tell me the truth and so he did. he told me he was bisexual and that i had turned him on but he had to be truthful. rosanna: did he ask for an open marriage? >> he did, i thought it over and i thought the best thing would be for both of us to be free. i'm so glad that people can be who they are today with dignity and grace and be acknowledged and have, you know, support. rosanna: and live the life you
9:46 am
>> yes. greg: you are ten thousand times more interesting that mrs. garrett. rosanna: it is all in the facts of life, the facts of my life. greg: where were you born? >> milwaukee, wisconsin. i grew up judy garland and i thought that is for me. i sang once as i was baby sitting some kids and parents said you sing good. and they gave me an extra dime and i thought, i'm going for it. that made me drive and go, and act and sing. >> you have worked with some of the greets, including woody allen and this is you under the surgical mask. listen to this. >> you can do this. you can do be a fine surgeon.
9:47 am
give me that. take this. rosanna: how did you know that? >> he's going to tell his parents he's going to another country to become the ruler. i always thought it was your voice. did you feel you had to wear the mask? >> no, no. i was happy to be in the film. greg: it was funny stuff. rosanna: meet her tuesday night in times square. are you selling the books? 7:00. all. this is far more interesting. rosanna: it is about her life. >> you have done a lot, thank rosanna: and thank you for sharing with us. >> thank you, god bless you. rosanna: you too, we talk about
9:48 am
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. results mighty philistine army stood on the hill above the men of king saul. as the giant goliath moved in for the kill, young david reached into his bag and slung one of his stones at goliath' s head. and goliath fell face down on the ground. who will stand up for you? rosanna: today cutting edge. greg: we have cool cars, energy
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efficient. rosanna: brenda, she's spokesperson, nice to have you here and joe, the business manger from the university of calgary. >> this is a super car, a plug in hybrid and running full electric with 168 horsepower electric motor. rosanna: how did you get involved? >> it is a fun partnership. this is partnering with uber. we are bringing in innovation to the lives of those living in new york city today. rosanna: for a day, how can you ride in this car? >> it is for the next two days and it is free. go to uber app, go down to basically where it says
9:52 am
though. >> it is. >> you are running really energy efficient. greg: what is the top speed? >> faster than you can go in new york city. this is cutting edge technology. greg: skipping down to your car. this is a cool car. is it really a car though? >> yep. rosanna: it has a cover on it. greg: sew sew legislator powered? >> yes. >> you did this? >> yes. >> that is crazy. greg: smart, smart children, or young adults. rosanna: what came up with the idea?
9:53 am
of carbon fiber, solar technology. rosanna: is it drivable? >> yes, it is legal. greg: does it work at night? >> totally. it works on electric battery and you can run it at night if you wish to. greg: how fast does it go? >> 65 miles per hour. rosanna: how do you open the door? is>> pull it open. thank you so uch many. this is great. look at the inside of this. this is crazy. is it plush?
9:54 am
>> work on the interior. look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. milk, fruit, cultures.
9:55 am
mmmm, yoplait. >> all right. rosanna: thank you for liking us on our facebook page. if you like this car, watch netgeo. >> break through, it is all about technology and that is why we have these cars. >> give it up for the scientists from the university of calgary. you are very smart. meet the moore's! we're the moore family, and we're always looking for ways to enjoy more. so we called time warner cable and got even more than we expected. call now to get more. more speed. like, 300 meg. more tv shows and movies on demand. more places to make more unlimited calls. call now.
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