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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  October 29, 2015 10:00pm-10:30pm EDT

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>> we believe we have shut down one of the largest prescription pill mills in the city. steve: people arrested accused of illegal lee selling oxycodone pills, a pair is a husband and wife team. >> mom and pop suspects allegedly raked in more than dollars 10 million, fox 5 lidia curanaj live in queens at one of the farm sees. >> reporter: you see the pharmacy, it is hard to believe this was a pill mill that put out hundreds of thousands of illegal pills out in the street,
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teddy bears for sale. show -- chopin chemist has two lowcasions, they look like average mom and pop shop they were pill mills that sold 15 million dollars worth of oxycodine. >> we believe we have shut down one of the largest prescription pill mitts in the city. >> reporter: the shop's owners, lilian and martin was allegedly behind the scheme, they now face federal drug charges, the couple made so much money they lived in a lavish $2 million home in greenwich, connecticut. >> whether it is a corrupt doctor or agreedy pharmacist, or street level drug dealer, peddling painkillers to the addicted, we have to confront
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this epidemic at every level. >> reporter: also faces charges, robert accused of being chopin a largest customer, sometimes buying 500 pain pills at a time, selling them for $30 each on the street, the couple said that the queens location was their local pharmacy for everything from vitamins on antibiotics. >> very surprised. i always got my medication here. and i never seen anything awkward. >> my daughter comes in here, and plays in here. i am amazed. >> reporter: the pharmacy first raised a red flag in 2010 when the prook line brooklyn location had larger supplies of oxycodone than the larger chain stores in the area. there is a sign in the window saying they will be reopening tomorrow morning, somehow i doubt that. a judge set bell for each of the
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owners at $1 million each, if convict they each face 20 years behind bars. dari: thank you. >> and police in new jersey arrest a man they say was cooking meth in his car, christopher foole was mixing truss chemicals in the front see the of seat of his seed app last night in in a parking lot, the car was filled with white smoke which caught their attention. >> the potential for disaster was high, that is not happen, and the officers, in the proactive approach, jumped on this took him out. and you know get it settled, nobody got hurt. dari: poole faces a number of drug related charges. steve: new jersey police officer charged in a deadly wrong way crash this year on staten island claims he may have been judged, there is medical erge that could mean the officer was slipped the
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friends were at a strip club. in american he crashed head on. >> a drone sighting at an area airport this time jfk, crew of british airway 77 certain reported seeing a unmanned aircraft about 5 miles from the airport. nypd is investigating. steve: today marks three years since stupor superstorm sandy has ravaged our area. >> reporter: marry lou and frank are finally back in their home. >> at beginning of storm people said it would take so mean years, i said no, it did. but we're back. i am happen. >> reporter: they gave all credit to city's build it pack
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program last year it jump-started the process which ha had been stalled, 9300 homeowners, were eligible for the build it back program, city has completed 1200 homes, and goals is to have remaining applicantses back in their homes by the end of next year. >> every bureaucracy getting out of the way we believe we can get it done. >> reporter: some homeowners, feel they have been given the run around. >> you go through the storm, then you through there the process for two years. then you know you don't know where you're at. >> reporter: frustrating? >> very. >> reporter: the see is telling us how the of ni00 people eligible in the build it back program, 63% so far in past year, have either received a check or construct has begun or been completed on their home.
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that is latest from here, we're in new cover, staten island, linda schmidt, "fox 5 news." dari: said he wants to hit the group running now -- ground running now that he is officially the new speaker of the house be he said he not only wants to unite bothsides of aisle but also within his party. ryan has pledged to change how washington lawmakers are viewed by american public. >> they look at washington and all they see is chaos. what a relief to them it would be if he finally got our acts together. what a weight off their shoulders. dari: at 45, ryan is younger speaker of the house in nearly within150 years. steve: 45% of city voters believe that mayor de blasio is doing a good job, and 46% said
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he does not. mayor up for reelect in 2017. dari: long island queens congressman griegry meeks suffered a mile heart attack, and has been hospitalize, doctors successfully placed a stent in a blocked artery he is expecting to return to work in a few days. steve: mets return home from kansas city this morning, world series resumes tomorrow night at citi field, with mets trailing royals 2 games to none, they gave the met a day off. mets home cooking will help bet to them back on track, manager terry collins said his team has faced adverse tie before. >> we're down buwe're not out. we're fought back so many times this year, that this is just another challenge that we have to meet, and so far we've met
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steve: they call him thor, syndergaard gets start tomorrow for the mets. die hard met fans, meeting the autographs. 86 mets lost first two games to red sox before beating boston, in 7. >> yankees may have missed world serie bus alex rodriguez hit a people run with critics as an analyst on fox's pregame show, mac king with more. >> alex rodriguez. >> reporter: his baseball resume, stands among greatest of all-time, before tuesday live baseball analysis was not part of his school set. >> i told you last week, i have
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a phd at getting booed. >> reporter: they deemed hymn a natural. can you hear me. >> his perspective earned him a spot calling the game from the booth alongside joe buck, in game two, they loved him, those who covered him in the sports its sort of made sense. >> he knows baseball, he loves talking about it he is a baseball nerd. >> reporter: "newsday" sports report found a-rod's immediate success a little predictable. >> she has -- he has seen everything and played a couple of generations of players and he likes it. >> reporter: after 21 years in the mayor majors for 3 different teams, a.rod has seen a lot of baseball. >> 94 is a magic number. if you see him at 96 that is a chance to be good.
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and, rod's curios nature. >> it surprised me how quickly -- >> man, i actually think he is not bad. i rather talk about the mets. >> i love a.rod the commentator, she eloquent than a lot of people would have thought. >> i think he fine. >> reporter: no matter how good he is now, thanks to a full seen suspend suspension for doping, some fans will still find something else listen. >> highlights of derek jeter. >> "fox 5 news." dari: you can watch game 3 of world series tomorrow night here on fox 5, good day crew there, starts pregame coverage at 7:00, game 8:00, and fox 5 postgame after the game, then we will be there with the news.
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realize their full potential, a program that letting them earn their college education. steve: a sizzling story line on love and hip-hop, turning heads heine the scenes. >> need a hug, pay for a mom? what she is willing to do, and
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steve: we get a crazy look at that bike are fight in waco. people hit the floor, krawm crawl out, this was a gunfight started in the patching lot between members of rival biking gangs, 480 weapons were recovered, despite 177 arrests, now 5 months later no one has yet to be charged in
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dari: students with special needs can now get a college education, thans to a program in new jersey that encourages them to reach for stars. steve: stacy delikat was there. the students get a lesson in solar power. >> this summer, 0.145. >> reporter: 19-year-old summer has dreamed of going to college, now that is her reality, a little known program. call turning point. >> it is great, i'm enjoying being in college. >> reporter: for young adults with intellectual disabilities. >> every young adult should have an opportunity to reach for their dream, why should someone be limited because a disability. >> reporter: often options are limited for students like these. who helps raise money for program like turning point, as a machine of foundation board for college. >> having a program such as this
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is a life safer, both to the students as well as their family members. >> if you are following wires -- >> reporter: we visited students were learning about solar power with help of mentors from college's science, technology, engineering and math program or stem. >> better at math, social skills. >> we learn about job applications attackses andes -- tax, and basketballs. >> turning boyne started in turn point started in 2012. so far about 65 students have completed the program, which coves $6,000 a year, most have gone on to jobs by which theyoid would otherwise would not have been prepared. >> i am thinking about anything to cooking or computers. >> they got a grant this fall, home as this program expands
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this is a model for other colleges and universities to start their own program like this. stacy delikat, "fox 5 news." dari: after more than 3 decade china is doing away with the one-child per family policy, they say all married couples can have two children, the disises of stillingwas made to encourage economy growth. and counter act an aging population, that controversial one-child law of put in place to help kind control its rapidly growing population. steve: britney spears in trouble. selling tickets to a las vegas show. she has been struggling at box office. one source atributing drop in sales to celine dion's big come back in august. others argue they have nothing to do with each other with different fan basis.
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dari: love and hip-hop hollywood, one of the hottest reality shows on tv, one of its biggest stars no an christopher the openly gay model and rapper. >> my sisters don't know. nobody knows. >> you are never going to tell your family. >> shut up. >> reporter: -- sizzling why do you think that you have resonated so much with people, they are talking about it we know there are gay people in life, it just makes sense there would be gay people in hip-hop, it is interesting a lot don't come out. >> homosexuality is almost a defamation in our culture. having to push through forefront, and having people who are not as fem nit that sparks a lot of real. >> reporter: interesting you are
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just being yourself but you are ground breaking. >> it is amazing, i love that you know i feel like i am pioneering something, i am living my reality. >> reporter: what response. >> overwhelming overwhelmingly positive. >> reporter: talking about your story line, you are seeing mile, and miles is sort of bisexual having a rape with relationship with you and a woman named amber, he is all over the place. >> with me i've gone out for about 6 years. and you know mile was is just now coming out, i'm the person who is trying to push him to be himself, i think my highlight of it was actually meeting her and confronting her. >> i am getting a sense they
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somehow work out. -- you have an underwear line coming out. >> it is milan christopher line, i am excited it made in the usa. >> reporter: music? >> i have an album coming out, within the next month or two. >> reporter: continued success. >> thank you. >> reporter: i want to say good luck. >> energy is powerful. >> reporter: it is, i am sending you more good vibes. thank you for joining me. >> thank you. steve: food to show off your hometown pride. dari: simone checks out some of the best blue and orange bites. steve: what is key to being more
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to be team starts practice today. coach called to see how i was doing. i blew out my knee last year. just as college football i didn't realize i'd get hooked
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on the pain pills the doctor gave me. i never thought my life could change so fast. for now at least, football and college are going to have to wait. don't let addiction sideline
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steve: seems like new york has been over taken by orange and blue as mets continue their push to win the world series. dari: and the restaurants are inspire by team colors, simone boyce takes a tour. >> reporter: nothing would be sweeter than a world series win except for this mets flavor ice
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cream two years in a row. >> i am here it try the party like it is 1986. >> you are in for a treat. >> reporter: thank you. >> you're welcome. >> reporter: look at that. what is this crunchy goodness? >> well, right now are eating a kettle cornyn corn, infused ice cream with homemade peanut brittle, and orange and blue m&ms. >> we have naming competitions. on our social media sites, we give them to customers and let them know, the background of the flavor, we pick a winner based off of however many come in. >> reporter: get your scoop of party like it's 1986 while it lasts at location in prospect
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>> the first batch we made we had maybe 4 tubbs per store it was gone by weekend. >> reporter: the amazing mets munchies stretch from the boroughs to the burbs. >> no mart matter the score say true tory the orange and blue with the margarita. >> layererred manager margarita. on top, fresh blood orange. >> patrick pours with passion. >> simone boyce, "fox 5 news" ." steve: that looks good right about now, 10:30 thursday night.
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dari: late night snack. >> latest flash point on upper east side wave station. >> overnight work, that is keeping neighbors up at night. dari: this could be cool, want to buy michael jordan's house? the huge incentive the star is
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this price can't be right... that's the right price! it's that low. what other things on this list can't be right?" looks like a list of can't be right's." seriously? at stop&shop, prices are down. savings are up. my stop&shop. dari: a loud new twist in the ongoing debate station in upper sight of, they say it is too noisy, construct is keeping them up late at night they are tired of it. steve: arthur chi'en is live at the site. >> reporter: lights have gone
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off here at soccer field, for
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