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tv   Chasing News  FOX  October 30, 2015 1:00am-1:26am EDT

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call 1-800-341-9716. >> del ottman "chasing news" >> look at this wild video. completely innocent. >> day you feel guilty at all? >> absolutely provoking the situation stick governor christie was in new jersey today speaking about superstorm sandy reflecting on his critics and his success. >> i will say this it does not diminish the work with everything involved. handcart eliminated jacqueline turns in spider
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constellations. >> it is amazing the intricate work that is put into it and it will brought to weigh in a couple of weeks. >> you are going on tumblr. >> you are "chasing" a story about a bush -- a video gone by role? to people having a wild conversation. >> look at this video. >> he is black. >> she is yelling at people. >> you should might your [bleep] >> i will have her back you were yelling at her for no reason. >> the young man on the receiving end is a 20
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fill the exchange to put an of social media. people watched it and immediately went spiral -- by royal. >> do you feel guilty? >> absolutely not i did not do day to affect it. what i really felt is you should not talk to her like that. >> as an actor and director and a poet and an activist and a rapper. did that motivate him to take action to put that up for other people to see? >> i don't care for her apology but as the young blacks that watch this they don't ever get obsessive don't get violent that is what people want us to do. we need to expose them. >> there are two sides to
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what did she say he did admit to he did say the word white privilege to her in relation to her taking a seat on the subways. >> but you don't know a female friend said first i looked at tape he seems to be provoking situation is taking advantage of someone that was unstable? i don't know what happened before. >> the same way they talk about black lives better but to say white privilege puts people on the defense immediately. >> there is no inferiority on the bus to the subway is weber gets there the fastest >> please asking for the public's help to identify this man who attempted to rape and eight year old in
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occurred on saturday around 5:30 p.m. she started to scream and the suspect fled describes 59 - - 5-foot 9 inches and under 65 pounds and is anyone with information should call cry stoppers back and has been some justice for the 38 year-old mother found a dead but october 6th string go. there arrested this man, an acquaintance who sometimes lets her use his truck. district is what police were looking for earlier this month for briefcases murder charges and will be arranged next month. >> the man curse is a thing. i spoke to the author of the new book called the makers he was recently honored to
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face of leadership. what is her book about? >> is about generational curse told approval life of the protagonist. >> is that you? the ratio is fiction. >> she said when she was growing up a lot of her family would talk about the curse, then as i grew, i saw other women of all colors. even a gay friend of mine felt that it resonates everywhere. >> she says the curse is real in her life. it has been in her family for generations and she told
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violence stories and her trip 16 pregnant holding the child stabbed multiple times by her husband and her customers shot in the head. >> was afraid to be in relationship said it would happen to me or the person i decided to marry would kill me or harm me like my family >> is is also about the decisions that women make a few believe the men are dogs so to say is about making women more aware so take a break the cycle. >> the issue really believe in the cursor is that a way to bring attention that some people make really bad tauruses and then somebody could cause harm? in may she wrote a fictional story but she hopes to help women who have trouble she wrote the book to help them
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my life? >> of women can't find the love they have anyone to choose. >> the real problem is getting married the divorce rate at 50% you could flip a coin head of think it is a curse. [laughter] >> all these nice guys are not finding the right women because they're too nice. there are plenty of guys out there. >> three years today. this is the third anniversary of superstorm cindy it is in their rearview of a lot of people but the effects are still devastating governor christie was at a far cry from the jersey shore reflecting on the critics and its success. >> there will always be critics of the nonprofit, of
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those are rights but it does not diminish the extraordinary work of everybody involved symmetrel the week i have been following a group of protesters outside the governor's state house still displaced three years later and a feeling of has not been done. what do you think? you think the governor has done enough? tweet me or also tweet the show at "chasing news". >> u.s. 7,000 problems? >> trying to get into the
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the jutland pumpkins i went to the 11th annual but jackal lantern festival. a garden, a cemetery in the proposal. >> eight proposal? >> were you asked somebody to marry them. >> i got that. [laughter] >> wondered 30,000 people will walk through this. had a chance to chat with the director of marketing he said the big element is the constellations. >> the big element is the planetarium with stars and constellations of the view and beside you. >> but what really shocked
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>> so that card rework continues because we're continually replacing. >> romney people does it take? >> between 12 and 15 carvers and 200 volunteers you would not even believe the details >> be aware between 16 and $25 but so repeople still want to come. but they get bigger and better every year. >> they move.
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much work is helpful rot and a couple of weeks but had you seen donald trump pumpkin yet? >> 364 pounds. >> 374 lb pumpkin in ohio. >> what is the average pumpkin way? >> how could you not love that? you have to. >> there are finance and super fans. >> fans and super fans now they have to win four games. >> good luck. we will see.
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pennsylvania. [laughter] so i took her to banger pennsylvania. [laughter] >> i took her to banger pennsylvania. [laughter] >> one second. i just need a second. okay. mom this is hugely important. is there anywhere in your house
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>> heidegger is trustee perform in the debate when the moderator tried to enter date while he was an intriguing question. >> if field one major answer roared you want to answer? >> even in new jersey but you're doing is called the root. >> apparently that hit well as social media he was given 97 the second highest score of the night. james says it is him. >> but it is an easy telling that to the public defense when he got loose and ran away with to fighter planes grounded it cannot be for social media was but a shopping in the number of
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blood -- put. now is on the ground where it does not belong. >> you were "chasing" the mets? it isn't looking good after two games. >> there are xx fans and super fans. per in lots and lots probably a the most dedicated. >> and then to transfer to another one. >> a fixture for the past nine years now is closed to madrid 80.
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the cowbell. >> once i said let's go mets. >> how many times? >> now with about 50 or 60. we bring about 30 depending on which game. >> i know you want to know how much they weigh. it is 75 pounds. [laughter] they're down two games but they remain people to remain dedicated to the team. >> that means now they have to win four games so they have to go out there. that is what is important.
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>> of course, . we will just come back late and taken from there. >> the miracle mets they lost the first two games with a loss that home but they came back maybe they can channel that on friday. >> rigo to citifield you would not run into him the you will see the cowbell and its indian they are an institution is very brevet in the of the and -- the fans hall of fame. >> good luck. >> a small town with a bizarre story with a former mayor washing up on the shore? >> the flags are flying at half staff today as a body washes a pot of the beach south of the antics city it
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of a former mayor here. the current mayor says it is the loss of the town's favorite son. >> it is a big loss for the family. >> the family is crushed provided speak with his brother therefore not ready to go one can react but he did serve on the school board was a limited city a couple of days early for this school board convention as we can see from the johnny rocket & with a full investigation is ongoing. they painted a clear picture to say he worked for his
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school he was active enough historical society even work to establish a small museum. the best way to think of his brother is to look at its a wonderful life with the character finds out how many people he has touched. he was that guy. >> a tragic loss. >>. >> how does a body and up washing onshore? >> everybody wants to know. >> our thoughts and prayers are with the family. >> to say the cause of death is drowning but they did not release any other details like how sensible a man came
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right here in times square and all are free for the taking along with doughnuts and apple cider and a photograph of. what is the deal? they want you to download the photo lab see you can remember all year round. get your photos and watch "chasing news" to see what is popping up next. >> at the national cat day in honor of this special holiday delivering kittens to your door this gives people a chance to hold them is the $30 cattle feed -- fee and here is a shot out to the favorite kiddies' out
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dish nation hey, welcome to "dish nation," let's say tell he to our atlanta team, head, gary with da tea. and porsha williams. >> what up? >> we have a lot of god od stories to get to today. in studio, the biggest boss, rick ross. kellie, this jr. luck is your lucky day, we have a britney spears and prince harry story. something happened to taylor swift. she will not shake it off. last month a former colorado radio personality, robert jackson mueller, in the picture on the right, he filed a lawsuit against taylor swift. he said a couple years ago he took his girlfriend to the taylor swift concert in denver. they went backstage for the meet and greet. he says they're standing there


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