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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  October 30, 2015 5:00am-5:08am EDT

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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". juliet: good morning, forget the weather yesterday. it was nice and warm. ben: short sleeves. juliet: you are a wild man. ben: last couple days of october ben: last couple days of october incredible. juliet: today we are looking at a cool and breezy day. for october it is pretty nice. i am not complaining. ben: the city is rallying around the mets, they may be down for the next three games on home field, they will win some all. we have a live report just ahead. juliet: one of the biggest and
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greenwich village halloween parade where you see people go sell all out for costumes it is epic. is a security challenge and it is not the only one. we will tell you what they are up against. ben: moments on the tarmac, plane catches fire, video of this is pretty incredible, a dozen people are injured. juliet: can you imagine? good morning, i am juliet huddy. ben: i am ben simmoneau, friday morning, october 30th. thanks for being with us. one day until halloween, very busy weekend around town. >> meteorologist: i live on a roof, here we go. you could still come. juliet: i have to work sunday morning. >> meteorologist: oh.
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i do it all the time. ben: i didn't do anything. anyway, we got to get you going out the door. cool as we leave that to it all but not ridiculously cold. 52 degrees is your temperature, 50 at newark and belmar, 49 in poughkeepsie, 43 in monticello, winds from the west, 5 to 12 miles per hour, decent freeze to start you this morning, that will stay with us through this evening as well ended should die down into tomorrow. we have clear skies. when the sun comes up we see plenty of it but temperatures will be limited because the colder air is working its way down from canada and we have reenforcing shots of cool air keeping us on the jolly sight as
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it is cool and chilly, but at least it is dry, sunny skies, high temperature and to 60 degrees later this afternoon. your halloween forecast saturday, dry temperature 56, 53 at 6:00 p.m. a lot of kids doing their trick-or-treat thing, cool and dry towards 10:00 p.m. with adults getting out there, you will be fine too. no real rain here. let's bring in ines and see what is going on. our commute this friday morning. ines: there's an accident by the palisades, construction on route 17, both directions, two lanes closed between midland avenue and century row. expect delays to go on until 6:00 a.m.. delays are minor. let's look at your commute this morning on the staten island
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problems toward the verrazzano bridge eastbound and westbound coming to the city no problems, there's the lincoln tunnel, no delays in down, same for the holland and george washington bridge. juliet: look at ines. ben: i have blue and orange as well. the world series returns to new york, liz dahlem this morning, a cold morning out there. mets and fans ready for game 3 tonight. >> reporter: got to believe the mets will turn this thing around in game 3. it is cooler out this morning but feels good. the game looking forward tonight, we caught up with the 1986 world series champions who played on the mets' team 29
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this sees down 2-0 like this team. they had advice before they took the field, take a listen. daryl strawberry, howard johnson, the baseball legends were part of the 1986 world's seas championship team, they had to overcome what 2-0 deficit to win the series 29 years ago. daryl strawberry says the team has to have the right mind set tonight. >> don't worry, go out there, it is the same game you played as a kid and you have to have fun. >> reporter: they will face the royals on their home turf at city field, these former champions had advice for the players as they take the field. >> looking back the last two games, you have to look forward. my advice would be score early. that would be my world series advice. >> reporter: mets fans have waited a long time for this. eddie has been there every step of the way, he will be in the
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>> started doing the music and everybody started playing and then i started doing it. >> let's go mets. >> reporter: if you want to come to begin tonight there are tickets available but it will cost you. i did a quick search this morning, the cheapest ticket $560 for standing room only and the most expensive was $11,000, so lots of people will be here tonight a you have to pay up to get a glimpse of the mets. let's go mets. live from city field, back to you. ben: thank you very much. let's go mets lose the best seat might be on your own couch, you can watch game 3 on fox 5, "good day" at the game begins premium coverage at 7:00 p.m. the joy and follows at 8:00 followed by a post game and the news. juliet: new york governor andrew cuomo has canceled a pair of fund-raising events scheduled for games 3 and 4 at city field.
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either game for $25,500 but critics say he was exploiting the world series to raise campaign funds. a cuomo spokesperson said they decided to cancel to make more tickets available to the general public. ben: the world series not the only big event the nypd has to juliet: we have the halloween sunday. a few ten. kerry drew has a look at how police are prepping. >> reporter: we are here all along the parade route on sixth avenue by west fourth street. this area will be packed during tomorrow's parade, there are no parking signs along the parade route, no parking saturday at 12 am to 6:00 p.m. we have the mets home worlds series game and new york city marathon so getting around the city this weekend will not be easy. this halloween weekend, prepare
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at typical weekend but and in three major events around the city. royals that city field in the world series and the annual halloween parade will take over the village. every year tens of thousands of new yorkers decked out in costumes make their way up 6 avenue. don't forget the new york city marathon. on sunday, 50,000 runners will be zigzagging through all five burroughs and spectators cheer them on and more people mean more security. >> very large police force dealing with very large events. this one is different from those in that impacts all five burroughs. >> came three of the world series, police commissioner bill bratton says the nypd is ready. >> there is no city has more
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we're pretty good at it. >> reporter: right now things are on a typical weekend schedule but a spokesperson says they have extra trains at the ready for tomorrow's parade just in case those trains are on standby. on the parade route, ben and juliet, back to you. ben: another drones siding, this time it was at jfk. juliet: the crew of british airways flight 177 saw an unmanned aircraft at 5:00 p.m. about five miles from the airport, it was 18 to 2200 feet above ground. that is not good. this is the crew describing it on the control tower. >> difficult to tell the size of this, 300 feet above us. it was black and sort of the
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>> reporter: the law prohibits jurors from flying 400 feet off the ground. the nypd is investigating, could be incredibly disastrous. ben: one of those drones go into an airplane engine, hollywood international airport in florida reopened following a plane fire yesterday. an engine on dynamic airways 767 caught fire shortly before takeoff yesterday. the plane was taxiinging out, an air-traffic controller told the pilot of lot of fluid was leaking from the left engine. gasoline, jet fuel burst into flames, 100 passengers and crew were on board, all escaped, 15 people were hurt, one seriously hurt. juliet: from having to fight on the sides. ben: 200 flights were delayed, 45 flights were canceled. juliet: someone on the plane
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between that time and the time they opened the door so slides could go down, 30 or 45 seconds, didn't understand why it took so long. ben: a lot more to come including how old is too old to trick-or-treat. should there be an age limit on it? juliet: michael has a gathering. >> meteorologist: you are never too old. 52 degrees is your start out temperature. a start of temperature, we drop in the upper 40s before all is said and done, breezy and cool, the normal high as 60 degrees. we will end up where we should be this time of year, 60 for a high, data and hourly forecasts on the weather apps, download at the apple itunes store, is free and comes in
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dissolves fast to unleash max strength medicine. start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. juliet: trick-or-treating is for the young, the very young according to a study. ben: kid should quit trick-or-treating when they turn 12 according to a survey of
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were 50 or older. one could imagine a 13-year-old having a problem with that reasoning. the same retiree's plan on spending $20 on average on kids that come to their door. 12 is about 6 or seventh grade. most kids by the time they finish middle school are not trick-or-treating, they're too school for that. juliet: last time i did was 748 grade. ben: that might be a year or two too young. >> meteorologist: there is always the did beaded just wants the candy. on was a little embarrassed at 13 or 14. in stead you go opt -- juliet: i will go to the movies with friends. >> meteorologist: exactly. you know what? i would save until kingdom come
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this is what we have out there. let's talk about yesterday's high temperatures, 75 and newark, 73 central park and bridgeport and islip, 70 in montauk, 63 in monticello. this morning is different, a lot cooler, winds from the west northwest at 17 miles per hour, the air is dry, the air is cool and that is what we are in for, a cool one out there, 52 in philly, 44 in williamsport, same thing in buffalo, 50 in albany with mainly clear sky here and we will keep it clear for the most part, not much coming our way, there's another reinforcing shot of cool air, it is chilly behind the second front knocking temperatures down even more as we head into tomorrow. it is going to get colder for you. does the front have any precip? no, it passes by keeping us breezy and gives another shot of
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tomorrow but when we get deeper into saturday we are going to see high clouds making a come back. there is an area of low pressure passing north over the weekend bringing more clouds but i don't think rain will be a problem on sunday. it is also marathon they, should be dry and not bad temperaturewise, 60 this afternoon with really sunny skies, tomorrow 56 on halloween. don't forget to change the clocks back and the batteries on smoke detectors and the carbon monoxide detectors. looks like a good look at sunday for the marathon as well and temperatures warm into the upper 60s to 70 by the middle of next week. we are going to get you over to ines rosales nc of we have any hand ups with the commute. ines: there is an accident, one lane blocked, new jersey commuter doing fine, no problems on 78 or 280. let's see how things are moving
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road, fine both directions. as for the 59th street bridge no problems, no delays on the upper or lower level. as for the bqe traffic moving fine approaching the brooklyn bridge northbound though we have construction, all lanes closed on the manhattan bound brooklyn bridge. ben: a major pill mill has been busted, police are arrested and lillian wachowksi and her husband, they're accused of selling $15 million worth of hot tea co don't --oxycodone pills. >> corrupt dr. writing unwarranted prescriptions, greedy pharmacists selling bills based on fake or no prescriptions at all or street level drug dealers peddling painkillers directly to the addicted, we have to confront this escalating epidemic at
5:19 am
yesterday on federal drug charges. robert sibulski is accused of being their largest customer sometimes buying 500 pain pills at a time and turnaround and selling them on the streets. juliet: new jersey police officer charged in a deadly wrong way crash on staten island is claiming he may have been drugs. pedro's attorney told a judge there is medical evidence that could mean a police officer was lived the date rape the drug when he and his friends were at a strip club in march. he crashed his car head on into a tractor-trailer killing an off-duty police officer and friend who were in the car. ben: the new york mets honored randolph holder, they wore baseball caps during a press conference at city field, this comes one day after thousands of foley's office is that it in queens for officer holder's funeral. he was shot to death in east harlem last tuesday night while
5:20 am
fired, he is the fourth nypd officer killed in the line of duty in the last 11 months. ben: world series baseball returns to queens tonight. ben: first world series game at city field, game 3 minutes vs. kansas city royals. it is not over yet. we have to keep our eye on the goal. >> reporter: now the shift to the national league ballpark get city field with the mets are down 0-2 but in 1986 when the mets won the world series they were down as well and came back to beat the red sox winning in seven games. the good news is the mets are back home making their way back from kansas city yesterday. tonight will be historic. been mentioned ditz, city field will close its first-ever world series game becoming the 56th ballpark to host the world series. whether it is home field or the
5:21 am
be back in queens. >> we are glad to be home. we have our fan base behind us and that brings a lot of energy in our guys, a lot of conflict in the clubhouse. >> reporter: how perfect have for make the open tonight, throwing a one hundred m.p.h. he is ready for the royals line up. we shall see. very exciting. ben: thank you. juliet: a lot more coming up including donald from paying a price for the right to his great again. he can afford it. ben: how much he had to pay, "good day" coming right back. is there anywhere in your house i can get a good signal? anyway, you were saying. it's a tragic love story. i love tragedy. what is that noise?
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juliet: airline passengers using our airports contributed a fortune to the local economy, $94 billion a year. this is last year according to global gateway alliance, a travelers advocacy group. it says kennedy, laguardia and newark saw a record number of travelers with each contributing a hundred $10 on average. $94 billion is a big jump over ten years ago. in 2005 the port authority said passengers using those airports contributed $57 billion. ben: time warner would like to reach out to young people don't use cable, planning to ditch the set top box and broadcast over the internet. it is testing its works in the city. of it does work unit may have to
5:25 am
or wait for a technician to set it up. time warner cable std apps is available on the roku string player and x box. juliet: donald trump purchased his slogan from the man who took its first. radio host body estelle filed the slogan make america great again and sold merchandise with a. he told the donald you would give it back at the got a face-to-face meeting with the candidate and at $100,000 donation to the st. jude children's hospital. donald trump did indeed give the donation to the hospital which is fantastic. here is the check, held up by one who blurted out the amount, no word if he got to contact anyone. i am guessing he did. maybe he will let us know. he wakes up early. and what is good in new york.
5:26 am
this weekend marks the start of the holiday sales season. ben: walmart and target are ready, rolling out more discounts, more ads and redesigned its stores, online sales will be a strong focus. walmart says it will have 15% more discounts on line than it offered last year. juliet: we have a lot of stories. beat marathon is great and the world series happening tonight. sunday.
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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". juliet: your start. ben: a few clouds with temperatures getting close to 60 degrees. it could be warmer but not too bad. juliet: the end of october. ben: trying to be optimistic, trying to keep my streak going from the summer of no complaining.
5:30 am
weekend, we have halloween, trick-or-treat ears, the marathon, the world series, the weather details you need to know. juliet: anybody crying in their ice-cream, the world sees is back here tonight this weekend. this is an elected city. the mets are ready, we will go live to city field as fans rallied around their team. ben: duke's man crush on the mound. we are looking at a biker gained gun fight inside a texas restaurant. unbelievable when it happened a couple months ago. we will show you more. juliet: this video was not supposed to be released. justin bieber walk offstage. we will show you what happened and why he is saying he is sorry this morning. we will bring you that in a little bit. juliet: i am ben simmoneau.
5:31 am
we are so excited. everybody has their gear on, everyone excited. not me but i will change it. >> meteorologist: for the mets. juliet: and your big party tomorrow night for halloween parade. that i cannot go to because i have to work. fine. >> meteorologist: always fun. that? juliet: happy to do it. >> meteorologist: we have a cool temperatures back in the tristate, 50 degrees at central park, 49 and islip, 43 in monticello, nice clear sky, winds from the west at 5 to 10 miles per hour, gusting higher, definitely in the last hour, another shot of cold air, chilly air behind this front will be with us tomorrow but today on
5:32 am
temperature of to 60, tomorrow only 56 for-but it is driver halloween and the marathon sunday, high of 62 ending will be dry but there are more clouds in the area. let's bring in ines and see what is going on as we hit the road friday morning. ines: for the most part yes, bettors and yesterday but there's a problem in the bronx, the bruckner, watch out for an accident that has a lane blocked, minor delays. as far as the lie, suffolk county you are fine on kerri road, no problems east bound or west down and trains, everything on or close to schedule, street cleaning rules are in affect. ben: it is 5:32. the nypd has its hands full. juliet: lots of stuff going on, the halloween parade in the village and a marathon on sunday. kerry drew is live in greenwich village with a look at the challenges police are facing. >> reporter: if somebody asked you what you are doing this weekend you definitely have a lot of options.
5:33 am
parade. right now we are here all along the village halloween parade route, sixth avenue by west fourth street, these signs are lining the street, no parking saturday, you won't see any cars in this area. a lot of people walking in this parade, tens of thousands of new yorkers participate in the event at 7:00. then there is the world series, the mets playing the royals tonight, hopefully sunday night at sea feels and the new york city marathon sunday, 50,000 people zigzagging through all five borrows and all these people mean extra security. police commissioner bill bratton says the nypd is ready. this halloween weekend prepare to be frightened by bad traffic. >> a traffic nightmare. >> typical weekend in new york. >> reporter: ed in three major events across the city. the mets will take on the royals
5:34 am
series and the annual halloween parade will take over the village. every year tens of thousands of avenue. marathon. on sunday, more than 50,000 runners will be zigzaging for all five burrows and more than a million spectators are expected to gathered to cheer them on. more people mean more security. >> we have a large police force that is able to deal with these large events. this is different from those in that it impacts all five burroughs. >> reporter: with these events by stepping in one weekend beginning with game 3 of the world series tonight police commissioner bill bratton says the nypd is ready. >> there's no city in the united states with more experience with world series than new york. we are pretty good at it, frequently for the yankees, this time for the mets. >> reporter: definitely the way to go this weekend.
5:35 am
traffic will be a nightmare. trains are running on a regular schedule but the mta says there are extra trains ready for tomorrow night's parade if needed. that is the latest from the village this morning. back to you. juliet: thank you so much. mets fans are rallying around their team for tonight's game 3 of the world series. juliet: ben: despite being down 2 games to none no one is giving the pope. liz dahlem is live at city field. >> reporter: good morning. let's go mets. fans of course still very hopeful that we are going to come out victorious after game 3. we actually caught up with some of the teammates from the 1986 world series champions and they had some advice for the players who were hitting the field tonight. let's look at them. daryl strawberry, howard johnson, in town for the game and they know what it is like to
5:36 am
game 3 like the mets are tonight, the 1986 team went on to win the world series but they have advice for the players. take a listen. >> can't maquette the last two games, you have to look forward. >> reporter: it is the same game you played as a kid and you got to have fun. >> reporter: covering the mets over the last couple weeks, hearing from people on twitter and family and friends, being a mets fan is tough. they have only won two world series, one back in 1969 and another in 1986, hopefully we can add a third to the record books. live from city field, liz dahlem, back to you. ben: thank you very much, tickets to the world series are
5:37 am
paid $17,000 to be at the m3 at city field tonight, each 17 grand speech, first row behind home plate, even the nose bleed pretty pricey. tickets for the first two games in new york going for an average of 1100's dollars a seat. by comparison tickets to the first two games in kansas city went for $600. juliet: must be nice being floated. the new york city marathon is sunday and for the first time in its 45 year history a native new yorker will serve as grand marshal. director spike lee was with commissioner bratton and others yesterday commissioned to be the grand marshal to help in the finish line. he is also directing short films to air at the open of the race, more than 50,000 runners are expected to hit the streets. >> it is a great event. juliet: so much fun.
5:38 am
morning. we have our surprise in the weather center. mike and lynnes donned a the first costumes of of morning. wait for it. let's see if we can put you over is there. juliet: look at this outfit. supergirl. it sold out. ben: my superman, duke. the weather that last year? >> meteorologist: pretty sure he did. ben: do these costumes circulate around here? >> meteorologist: like pink eye. juliet: curtis sliwa was on
5:39 am
ben: she is self-conscious about this. it is friday night. >> meteorologist: love my background, thank you very much with our weather producer doing a fine job. good morning. i like it underneath, that looks goofy. i did not have time to do that with 52 degrees, almost halloween, clear skies, winds at 17 miles per hour, kind of a cool start to the day, looking at a temperatures above normal, mainly clear skies still in the tristate, a lot of sun out there today but temperatures are 15 degrees cooler than yesterday and more chilly air coming to us will keep your high temperatures down as we head into the weekend. high temperature goes up to 60 today, 56 tomorrow, the second shot of cool air knocks temperatures down, dry and cool
5:40 am
clocks back this weekend for daylight savings and standard or whatever it is, 62 is your high sunday with mainly cloudy skies, showers should not be a problem, then we see a gradual warm-up next week,s near 70 wednesday. the forget the weather apps at the google play store. get that in. ines is not done playing to infinity and beyond. ines: the commute doing pretty super this morning, we have a problem keeping an eye on an accident on the drawbridge, two lanes blocked with that, you're commuting connecticut 95, the merritt parkway looks good. let's look at your commute on the lie in queens by the cross island parkway, you are fine traveling west bound, no problems, east downside looks good the lincoln tunnel driving into the city no delays this morning, up the holland and
5:41 am
delays approaching the brooklyn bridge, manhattan bound as usual. juliet: people at 3:00 in the morning drive like maniacs. there was a gigantic truck, i won't say who struck it was that there was a nice logo on the side. it flew through a red light. ben: i have an idea. we will talk during the commercial break. i am curious who struck it was but i can guess. i have seen these trucks that drive like crazy. we have a lot more still to come. juliet: words to mets fans from 30 years ago, they need to share today.
5:42 am
look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. milk, fruit, cultures.
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juliet: checking headlines another drone sighting this time at kennedy airport. the crew of the british airways flights on an unmanned aircraft yesterday about five miles from the airport 2,000 feet above the ground, not good. ben: not at all. we are looking at a biker gang fight in texas in a that left
5:45 am
you could see surveillance video showing the moment bullets started flying, 200 people were arrested after that issue out. juliet: wait until you see this video. paul ryan is the nation's 54th speaker of the house. he didn't want to do it initially but capitulated issue was sworn into the role yesterday after getting them to 36 votes by house lawmakers. ben: time for sports, the net is in for duke. juliet: beautiful brunette hair. >> reporter: making his way from kansas city having a lot of problems kansas city to new york, a tiny airport in kansas city and lots of people getting back to city field because it will be out there tonight. mets taking on wales, game 3 of the world series in the first-ever world series game at city field. the mets trailed the seven game series dropping the first two
5:46 am
looking for home field magic tonight. next batters face of against ventura who has a 5-9 e r a sapna:-year-old rookie noah cindergard will start for the mets. the team has faced adversity before and are up to the challenge. >> we're down but not out. we fought back so many times this year this is just another challenge we have to meet and so far we have met them all. >> coming home is a big thing for us. the greatest fans in baseball, probably the reason we have had success this year is handling the resiliency and coming together as a team and win some ballgames. >> reporter: you can watch game 3 of the world series tonight on fox 5. "good day" at the game starts pregame coverage at 7:00 p.m. and first pitch just after 8:00 followed by the post-game show.
5:47 am
knicks had their home opener against the atlanta hawks, knicks down by 17, a steel, dennis lamb. that brings garden fans to their feet, that could be really good. later in the third jeff teague makes the lay up and foul. final. thursday night football the new england patriots remained undefeated rodding the miami dolphins' 36-17. juliet: the dolphins did really well. who won the superbowl? speaking of the giants jason pierre paul back on the practice field, took the rest of the team just three months after having his right index finger amputated following the fireworks accident and he showed no sign of being limited in any capacity, the
5:48 am
for his return. the team did receive a two game roster exemption for him. let's go to the ice, devils in philadelphia battling the flyers, picked this up early in the third quarter tied at one of these. kyle blocks of the shot, it takes down the ice for the goal, and doubles up 2-1. moments later duffels on the power play. travis finds quote put a loan and buries it back and. devils 4-1. at the barkley center in brooklyn, islanders and hurricanes, game squared at two at the end of regulation and in overtime, ron breaks in and goes to the backhand, and is the game-winning goal, 3-2. finally it was 29 years ago the mets were down two james to none against the red sox when rowdy roddy piper had some words for mets fans the still ring true
5:49 am
take a listen. >> how about them mets? wait a second! wait a second! they are down two games, this is your home team! ben: looks like wrestlemania. juliet: this was 1986. my brother was there. you got to believe, 1973. they end up losing the world series that year but mets fans, you got to believe. ben: thank you very much. juliet: it will be a fun weekend including michael -- now he is
5:50 am
we can't see the bottom part. ben: hanging out the back. >> meteorologist: about to bust out. like you do that and then go -- juliet: is that -- >> meteorologist: something like that. >> meteorologist: i got a wardrobe malfunction. thank you very much. cover that up. good morning, everyone. it is 5:50 in the morning, royals at the mets for the first page, there is the forecast, clear sky, the sun will be down at that time. it will be dark and cool, northwest wind coming through 10 to 15 miles per hour, looks like a breezy cool night coming up
5:51 am
the other temperatures in the tristate 50 at newark, 52 central park, if you step outside central park, that is what you have at game time at city field at 8:00 tonight but we have clear skies, still dark, it will be darker than too, winds coming from the west at 6 to 12 miles per hour, we expect it to stay to 15 miles per hour in the majority of the day. we have mainly clear sky, lots of sunshine out there, here is the deal, another shot of cold air dropping down this week, chilly air from canada keeps temperatures going downward so keen that in mind that when it comes to rain, no problems out there, temperatures to 60 for a high today, 56 tomorrow on halloween, more clouds on sunday, marathon day but it is dry. let's bring in supergirl in for ines.
5:52 am
ines: anyway, let's talk about traffic. i can tell you delays on the bruckner traveling eastbound, two lanes are blocked with an accident, new jersey can you doing pretty good, 78 and 287 note issues, look at the southern state parkway, here is that eastbound side nice and clear, no problems westbound, headlights moving fine, let's go to the checklist, everything on or close to schedule, street cleaning rules in effect. juliet: we commented on your legs. very nicely ines: thank you for checking out my legs. he wears it this way. juliet: look very -- we have a lot more coming up. we will discuss mike's body after the break.
5:53 am
sorry for walking off stage. song: "that's life" song: "that's life" song: "that's life"
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so talk to your doctor, and for details, visit juliet: anna gilligan is year. the new and improved. anna: justin bieber is blaming
5:56 am
in norway and storm offstage. >> i said stop it. listen to me, of you listening? of day kay . inkompier when he threw a fit and walked offstage. of the he did not come back. anna: that is my understanding. juliet: a you kidding me? that is outrageous. anna: this was the second meltdown this week. on wednesday he walked off of a radio show in spain. i am isn't too, it is all in spanish, not sure what happened but they were trying to break the internet with him but he was done with it and walked away. someone said he had to go to the
5:57 am
no sleep. juliet: he had everything given to him and had to act on like that. anna: game of thrones. i love that show. if you are a fannie mae have to wait longer than normal for the season 6 premier. hbo announce their new drama will premiere in february pushing game of thrones back further in the year than it has ever premier. we are looking at late april at the earliest. usually the should debuts in early april. the plus side, the new show vinyl is going to be good. the 2003 white cadillac escalade that james gandolfini drove in the sopranos is hitting the auction block starting bidding at $5,000 expected to go much higher. the suv was one of two identical model used in the production, the other cell that auction for $49,000.
5:58 am
two places. juliet: these kids pay a fortune, scrape up money from nowhere to see their i pinky promised my little girl a fabulous garden party for her birthday. so i mowed the lawn,
5:59 am
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juliet: good morning, everybody. happy friday to you. i should be around 60 degrees. a good night for a ballgame. ben: the mets hoping to bounce back. the first home game at citi field.


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