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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  October 30, 2015 7:00am-8:31am EDT

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we found some new information. rosanna: these are called the best seats in the house and they just put them up. territory. the net's installed two new sections for the world series. rosanna: you can't buy a seat for this. they are going to major-league baseball. greg: what they call it here, amplifying revenue stream. that is code for make it a hell of a lot more money. greg: rosanna: there will be v.i.p.s selling 18 homes? easy. building them all in four and a half months? now that was a leap. i was calling in every favor i could, to track down enough lumber to get the job done. and i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. there are always going to be unknowns.
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greg: i can't wait for the candy. the government will stay open another 20 years. rosanna: the senate passed a treaty of budget deal after 3:00 this morning. the government debt ceiling about march of 2017, allows the government to continue to borrow money. greg: that young man, he believe -- i think he is impressive. not saying i agree with his policies but paul ryan, the running mate to mitt romney, is now the new speaker of the house. they made it official yesterday. we have video of paul ryan
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he is 30 in line to the presidency. rosanna: he wants to unite both sides of the aisle, but also his own party, republicans have been fighting, there are extremists in the party. greg: i like the tone he set. here's a little bit of a speech. >> in all these years, chaos. what a relief to them it would be if we finally got our act together. take a weight off of their shoulders. rosanna: he is 45 years old. greg: he likes the p 90 x work out. rosanna: it is working for him. donald trump is still doing well. he was talking about how he did after the debate. she talked to o'reilly. he said he was proud of his appearance even if he thinks the media didn't give him credit for
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greg: the media has been dissing him from the beginning. we had a sense something was happening. two local people. all the political experts said it is a joke. we had ascents something seismic had happened. listen to this. >> i did well, i was happy with the results. i thought they were nasty but i am used to. i liked my answers. i thought certain of us did well last night. it was good for us. greg: one of the things i like about him is he is not self-deprecating. he doesn't put himself down all the time. in our culture that is when you are supposed to do. not put yourself down. rosanna: when people ask him what are your weaknesses, why would i tell you that? i know what my weaknesses are. i don't need to advertise some. greg: ben carson is in first place.
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big mets game here on our turf. greg: what would you say your chief weakness is? that? greg: give me a hint.
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dave: 1 do you think, you want the trumpet or michael jackson? rosanna: i want to hear that from that. i want to hear the trumpet to. greg: who is this guy and what is he doing?
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all it will do is pull in more cool air tomorrow. high temperatures 60 on point for as, 56 tomorrow, a little below normal, it will be cool throughout halloween at marathon sunday looks dry but warmer with a high of 62. let's bring you to ines and see what is happening with our commute so far. where are we? ines: we have problems out there. starting with putnam county on 84, 684 you have delays, two problems, an accident was bound by exit 21 on 84 and exiting delays because of an accident on 684, two lanes are closed so traffic is backed up to 84, a three mile delayed. other problems, the bronx, stalled truck on the deegan, northbound at 140's street, nassau county, the lie slow approaching deer park avenue. you are fine but it slows down again as you get closer to littleneck parkway in west
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let's look at the whitestone expressway, traffic slowed, if you are coming off of the whitestone bridge expect delay south bound their college point boulevard, suite to lanes blocked with an accident. as far as trains and those are doing good this morning, everything on or close. greg: thanks, a lot going on this weekend, the world series, the marathon sunday, it has been overshadowed. halloween mayhem. rosanna: the nypd has to provide security. i think they can handle it. they handle pope francis when he was in town, thousands upon thousands of people coming out to see him. kerry drew. the challenges this morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are here on the village halloween parade route on sixth avenue by west for 3. tomorrow night at 7:00 this
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thousands of people will be here. we see signs on sixth avenue, no parking saturday. you won't see many cars in this area, we also have the mets home game for the world series and the new york city marathon. getting around the city this weekend will be difficult. >> i don't care about traffic because the fun you have is worth the traffic. >> reporter: this halloween weekend prepare to be framed by bad traffic. the mets will take on royals at sea fields in the world series and the annual halloween parade will take over the village. every year tens of thousands of new yorkers decked out in costumes make their way up 6 avenue. >> in this area you cannot enter. you start at the beginning, dress up whatever you have from last year or you buy a new car and then you go. >> going trick-or-treating with my kids and watch baseball on tv. >> stay at home is the way to go. >> reporter: don't forget the
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sunday, more than 50,000 runners will be zigzagging through all five burrows and more than a million spectators are expected to gather to cheers iman and more people means more security. >> we have a large police force that is able to deal with these large events. this is different than those in that impact all five burroughs. >> reporter: with all these events happening in one weekend beginning with game 3 of the world series tonight police commissioner bill bratton says the nypd is ready. >> there is no city in the united states with more experience with the world series n new york, we are pretty good at it. frequently for the yankees and the mets. >> reporter: this time the mets, rooting for them tonight. getting around this weekend will be a challenge. leave the car at home. public transportation is the way to go. emt a spokesperson says there will be extra trains ready for tomorrow night for the village halloween parade if they are needed.
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you are doing this weekend, no excuses, everyone has to find something. i will send it to you. greg: no excuses. rosanna: to do something. as we mentioned earlier, new york city marathon is on sunday and for the first time in 45 year history there is a native new yorker serving as grand marshal. i did know we had a grand marshal. greg: neither did i. that was spike lee you saw, the filmmaker. rosanna: he was the grand marshal with grand -- to finish the line in central park. greg: he is in the orange speakers to the right. rosanna: he is directing a short film to air at the open of the race. >> you wanted to see the marathon. >> it was a great honor. only the third grand marshal in
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couldn't turn that down. greg: i like spike but he never struck me as a runner. robert: have a couple times, he doesn't run. rosanna: but he does like to cheer on. greg: this is nice but a little odd. rosanna: he has his glasses on. are they for halloween? i heard he is a yankees fan, not a mets fan. greg: he likes the knicks. rosanna: you are right. greg: watch for him sunday. rosanna: let's talk about south bronx. there is a big billboard on the side of the road near the third avenue bridge that says the area will now be called the piano district. it refers to the area's pianomaking history. greg: i did not know pianos came from there. >> a lot of the and a manufacturing warehouses and facilities there said the developers can learn how building and developing and
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basically using that heritage and trying to remember the past while turning this into a cool new neighborhood. rosanna: this is a real-estate inspired move. greg: this is what gentrification is about. maybe it could use a code of paint. let's not college of vienna district. i don't like anything about it. rosanna: some people who want to move into that area will like it. developer's purchase two sites for $58 million, to build a plea to residential towers, one of the developers as the new nickname is not meant to replace mount haven but has something going. greg: let's look outside piano bars. that is when you think of when you think the piano district. there is a little liberace for you. bigger than elvis for a while.
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greg: one of the many shows i have got to watch, through blood. rosanna: like the new yorker, dry cleaning on one hand, looks like she has got a lot of stuff going on. she wears many hats. greg: i saw this lady wearing a yoga suit, two kids with her, a baby carriage and a dog. the now, empty pumpkins 4 trick-or-treating. it is currently, trick-or-treating starts at
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rosanna: you have candy and i don't. greg: they are empty for now all. greg: he has candy. take a look at it. it is amazing. rosanna: from larry scott. he makes the most delicious things ever. greg: if you go trick-or-treating you are not supposed to take his homemade stuff. this is -- look at this. there is an apple in there somewhere. eat the outside. like this. how do you get at it? who is this? rosanna: larry scott. does great events and has delicious food, catering our 9:00 halloween party. greg: you have outdone yourself. >> meteorologist: let's show you what is going on, 51 degrees at central park, 43 in monticello, clear sky around the tristate region, called for coming in to town knocking temperatures down,
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60 but tomorrow we make it to 56, n.y. city marathon we have showers. the routers will appreciate it if you are out there running but if you are observing looks like you will be on the cool side but not too cold, high temperature 56 degrees, there is your 7 day forecast, 56 tomorrow, 62 sunday, marathon day, we change clocks back this weekend. the weather apps, the apple itunes store and google play store, daily and hourly forecasts, search and you are all set to go. a little shout out here this morning as well to this game right here, this is independence, family of services and newark, posting their event, ray hammond right next to me and then tracy mentored, marge woods, dr. guy mchome. thank you for having me as your host, it was nice, they do all kinds of great things, programs for children and elderly at
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very good. let's bring in ines. you were born in newark. a lot of people were asking about you. ines: sorry i missed out. the commute, a lot of red in queens and the bronx, major deegan northbound 180th street, the whitestone bridge take a look at that, the whitestone expressway jammed because of accident by college point of boulevard, the lie some delays ease the that was done, normal delays but eastbound the service road has construction on the roadway so that left some delays eastbound, grand central park west bound, watch out for an accident. let's look at your commute on the live by holbrooke road no problems with counties that if you are driving into the sea from new jersey, george washington bridge has a 40 minute delay on the upper level. look at the lower level, much better option, 10 or 15 minutes, lincoln tunnel no. 95, an hour delay inbound as usual. holland tunnel 20 from each
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greg: what are you going to be? supergirl. that new shell eyes off on the of bus. rosanna: team that is here. the have time to dress up? >> i will present for your party. i will be an athlete. greg: general and vague. >> i will be a red bull's player, very specific player. fans will recognize me. greg: i have a feeling i will be in the costume contest. >> i am going head to toe. you can expect city field to be extremely loud for game 3 of the world series as the mets try to bounce back against the kansas city royals. tonight is going to be historic. the first ever world series game at city field.
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the good news, despite the fact the mets trailed the royals in the seven game series, 11 teams came from two back to win the series including the 1986 mets and the 1996 yankees. tonight mets batters will face ventura and rookie noah cindergard gets the start for the mets. manager terry collins says they have faced adversity before and is up for the challenge. >> we're down but not out. we fought back so many times this year's and this is another challenge we have to meet and so far we have met them all. >> coming home is a big thing for us. on that are behind us, the greatest fans in baseball. part of the reason the team had success is handling the resiliency and coming together as a team and missing ball games. >> you can watch game 3 of the
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greg: you seem to be a thousand times happier than that guy. >> he is the one pitch in the world series. he has to stay calm, focusing energy when it needs to be energized. greg: after the game he goes crazy. >> it is miley and jumping up and down after they won the lc as. he is so focused. you isn't over the top like some of them. lots of other teams played last night if you can believe it or not. madison square garden the knicks held the home opener against the atlanta hawks. knicks down by 17, rookie with this deal, same move and slam. this brings the garden fans to their feet. this kid will be good. it did not held last may. later in the third, jeff teague makes the play. the win 112-101 the final. in thursday night football the new england patriots remain undefeated, they are 7-0 after robbing the dolphins' 36-7.
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jason pierre paul is back on the practice field, took actual reps with the rest of his squad just three months after having his right index finger and you stated and half of his from following a fireworks accident in florida. he caution showed no signs of being limited in any capacity. the giants have yet to set a date for beer paul's return. the team received a two game roster exemption for him. on the ice the devils were in philadelphia taking on the flyers early third tied at one of these and there is kyle blocking a shot taking off down puts the devils and 2-1. moments later devils on the power play, travis buries it 4-1. to barkley center in brooklyn, highlanders taking and hurricanes, game squared at two.
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in overtime, ron haynesy, the winfrey-2. some busy weekends in sports and the nets' lead. greg: you got a bucket for trick-or-treating? >> i have to get one. i use a bag. rosanna: you gave her money? >> back to my office. gave me an empty one. greg: trick-or-treating hasn't started yet. here. i was a big fan of him growing up. greg: legendary guy, not only met the guy and about town, he was okay, so everyone is saying, "hurry! you gotta get fios" but why? well, right now for a limited time, you can get a great deal from fios. the 100% fiber optic network. only fios has the fastest internet and wi-fi available from 50 to 500 megs. so whatever speed you need, fios has it.
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greg: yen's man. rosanna: i will take the sugar away from you. you had too much. greg: you really get last year. greg: rosanna: i had a broken wrist. greg: that affected the. how many hours was a big u.s. hospital? i was freaked out because i thought you were going to layer up. there was speculation it was my fault. you remember.
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of the nba. who watches those games? baseball games at city field. what happens in the outfield? the apple goes up and comes out of a hat. this is the thing we are talking about. take a look at this. the home run apple in cake form. this is an delicious cake. your friend baked this for us. >> he may be a little. but at this with my name on it. you might have one. don't cut it yet. did not. give me the knife. give me the knife. greg: lawrence scott. come on.
7:35 am
>> reporter: it looks like he might be back to his old man takes. he is saying whack of sleep constant to throw a fit. take a look. >> back on the show. i am not going to. >> reporter: the reason he left after just one song when he was abuzz to do five or six, one of the fans spilled something on stage, he tried to mop it up, people were blocking his way, he decided this was enough and walked off. this was the second meltdown this week he had. on wednesday walk of a radio show in spain. a few hours later he goes on instagram saying it had roughly with long days of no sleep and can't always be on for the camera. shocking news for a lot of people, comedian margaret cho revealed she is to the sx worker, she tweeted i support sex workers because i was one and i know is a job that is
7:36 am
where frankly we should be worshipped. greg: what did she do? she is always pushing the envelope is this the real deal? she has a show all about sex. sex workers -- anna: she was abused as child. she said that affected her far more than being at sex worker. as a sex worker she had power but she said she several years of being molested as a child and that gave her pt as the. is not protected by law enforcement or unions and that is unfair. greg: what is she doing with that what and who are those other people? nobody knows. rosanna: thanks will much. breaking news about the past rain and the world trade center. greg: in hoboken, 30 third. what about that kate? if you are a mets fan, seriously, isn't this the perfect cake? rosanna: let's talk about our
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for saying nice things about us on our facebook
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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day new york". rosanna: friday october 30th. i am rosanna scotto. greg: i and greg kelly. tonight is the world series, the marathon sunday, exciting times. rosanna: a little coolers and yesterday, seasonably cool, but
7:40 am
mike woods has the details for the whole weekend including the mets game tonight. greg: there is city field, pretty new stadium. we have the world series, fans going crazy about some previous boston moments. rosanna: we are getting new information, bill deblasio has just endorsed hillary clinton for president. he says he supports enthusiastically because he believes she can restore the middle class. rosanna: a lot of people were saying you should have done this a long time. she was very cute with isn't doris coin. rosanna: waiting with bated breath for this endorsement. greg: the clinton people were annoyed with how he handled this particular me in the early days. rosanna: we are getting a look at the chaotic biker battle in texas left nine people dead this past may.
7:41 am
shows several people ducking for cover as the shooting began. greg: we have the marathon sunday. it is overshadowed by the world series and all the excitement. rosanna: it is the first sunday of november. greg: taking the verrazano, going through all five burroughs, pretty cool. some people here, one of our workers will be here. allison works here. as they get ready to run the race we will be this cake. isn't this thing extraordinary? rosanna: we into 9:00 because that is when the halloween party starts. greg: there's all kinds of cake and prices, yellow cake, chocolate cake, putting. the guy gave me the rundown. one of his helpers' was wearing a hat.
7:42 am
what is this guy called again? rosanna: lawrence scott, he runs this event company. he makes the most delicious treats. rosanna: greg: this is a replica of what is a home run. he can meet this whole thing. rosanna: unix hole little mats stuff, the mets spirit with a halloween party. greg: special appearance from donald trump. maybe senator clinton as well. >> meteorologist: sounds like quite a party. is there. involved? rosanna: yes. yes, but make solid just. how is the weather? >> meteorologist: weather looks good. temperatures school compared to yesterday. some folks losing as much as 20 degrees from what we had yesterday but yesterday was warm.
7:43 am
central park, 49 in islip. a lot of sun out there. 41 in sussex, 43 in monticello, temperatures cooler for sure. 21 degrees cooler than it was 24 hours ago in sussex, 14 degrees cooler in central park and islip, 12 degrees cooler in montauk, that is the cold front that came through. you see winds coming from the west, southwest wind too but only for short time, it will turn northwest because we have another cold front on the move coming toward us. a few high clouds ahead of it. very little moisture in front of the cold front but very little wind shifting west southwest for a short while, then it goes northwest as the colder air drops through later today and that will keep your high temperatures down. even more so tomorrow. today began to high of 60. that is pretty much on point for this time of year. tomorrow we see a high of 56 so a little cooler for halloween. it will be cool but dry so you might drizzle little warmer,
7:44 am
ones if you're heading to do the trick-or-treat thing heading out to the parties, more clouds and they but we don't expect rain, high temperatures 62 degrees, "good day" to run for the marathon folks. those temperatures are not bad. let's bring in ines and see what is going on. problems are building up over the last hour or so. ines: pass trains to tell you about, let's jump to that. service suspended both directions, signaled problems between hoboken and 30 third and the world trade center, alternate routes new jersey trains across honor a at hoboken and penn station, stick with those options but expect delays. let's show you what is going on with the roads. a couple problems in queens. look at the whitestone bridge, as you get on the whitestone expressway and accident by college that of boulevard, grand central park west bound, there is an accident, lie east down late running construction
7:45 am
the service road, the main line, is that stall their. the bronx you have a stall on the major deegan northbound 13, south bound there is an accident and putnam, 64, jammed here because of an accident involving two miles south of route 84 before -- this is affecting route 84 a and you had an accident was down by exit 21 affecting that commute. let's take a look at the lie by a deer park avenue. traffic was down, hov lanes find a slow delay was down because of back to you. greg: the world series tonight rosanna: isn't isn't the world series at city field. greg: there are fans at a
7:46 am
tonight is a city field. >> reporter: everyone is excited and hopefully the next and turn things around out that they have home feel good vantage. we caught up with the mets from the 1986 world series champions and those old players had some advice for the new team because they down 2-0 into game 3. listen to what they had to say. daryl strawberry, jesse roscoe and howard johnson, the three baseball legends report of the team. they had to overcome what 2-0 years ago. daryl strawberry says the team tonight. >> don't worry about what anybody's opinion is. it is baseball. doesn't change. the same game you played as a kid a you got have fun. >> the mets will face the kansas city royals on their home turf
7:47 am
these former champions have some advice for the players as we take the field. >> you have to look forward. my advice to this team will be score early. that will be my world series advice. >> let's fans have waited a long time for this. eddie delayson has been there every day banking cowbell, he will be there tonight. >> everybody started applauding it endeavors since then i started doing it. >> let's go mets. >> reporter: you can still get tickets that you have to pay up over $500 for standing-room-only, $12,000 for nosebleed seats. this is one hot ticket to come by. live in city field, back to both of you. rosanna: we will talk to a player on the 86 championship team. keith hernandez.
7:48 am
in that few minutes. you can watch game 3 of the world series on fox 5 tonight. "good day" at the game, we start pregame coverage at 7:00. they have given us hosting duties at 7:00. a lot of fun guests coming up. greg: including billy joel singing the national anthem tonight and dropping by "good day" at the game. rosanna: let's talk about race for president. bill deblasio finally endorsed hillary clinton a few minutes ago. greg: a lot of people think he should have done this a long time ago. people in democratic circles but that morning show he made official he is endorsing hillary clinton. they have a history. bill deblasio and hillary clinton go way back. do you remember the clintons at the inauguration? they both showed up. bill deblasio actually ran hillary's campaign for a time back in 2000 when she first ran
7:49 am
rosanna: didn't he lead at the end? greg: he had problems organizing things, meeting schedules and deadlines. someone else came in at the end. maybe there was resentment, bad blood. you never know what people think of each other. rosanna: that is why he waited so long. greg: a lot of people thought this should have come along,. he said maybe bernie sanders, income inequality, was praising him at times. they go way back and bill deblasio became a bit of a star politically when he ran for city council in 2001. he was hillary's campaign manager. it put him on the map in terms of local politics. once again let's go to the video tape we had earlier. bill deblasio has endorsed hillary clinton for the presidency. there they are at the inauguration. rosanna: if bill deblasio were up for reelection right now he would probably win a democratic
7:50 am
quinnipiac university poll. bill deblasio gets 41% of the vote in the democratic primary compared to 13% for control of scott stringer. 7% for jeffreys and 4% for melissa mark -- greg: is about the recognition. rosanna: 48% of voters don't think he deserves reelection. he also has that divided job approval rating with 45% approving and 46% disapproving. greg: there is the plan for what some call a garbage dump on the upper east side next to a playground and next to low income housing. a lot of folks don't want this to be there. rosanna: some people say it is too noisy. construction is keeping them up late at night and they have had it. juliet huddy on the upper east side. does it sound noisy? >> reporter: it is not always the right now.
7:51 am
is. street. this controversial site. we talked about the inconvenience, the trucks coming in and out, dangerous to the children playing in the area, environmental concerns. the latest complaint by the neighbors here is the boys. they say the construction sounds are an absolute nightmare. imagine you are sleeping soundly in the middle of the night when everyone else is sleeping, 11:59 and then this. listen. [jackhammer] >> reporter: that is the video. sounds taken by neighbors who live near the site. that is what they are hearing in the middle of the night and they say it goes on and on. does stop just in time for the ever increasingly useless alarm clock for these folks to the off between 7:00, and a:00. it is 30 quiet right now.
7:52 am
what is happening is they are working on a ramp and below that is the fdr. they have to close the fdr because of safety concerns because of construction going on above. it can only be closed at night. you have all these construction jobs going on in the wee hours of the morning. city officials said they checked out the noise levels and they do fall within the parameters and guidelines acceptable so wet this point looks like there are going to be a lot of restless and likely sleepless nights for the folks living around this area. unfortunate news for these people. it has been a controversial lightning rod issue that need to be one as the months go on. we are live on the upper east side, back to you. rosanna: there has been a big bust of one of the largest oxyco
7:53 am
greg: these two were arrested. the couple accused of selling $15 million worth of oxycodone pills out of their restaurant in brooklyn. >> ed dr. writing unwarranted prescriptions to reformists selling bills based on fake or no prescriptions at all or the street level drug dealer peddling painkillers directly to the addictive. we have to confront this escalating epidemic at every level. greg: he is the new rudy guiliani. rosanna: they thought maybe he would run for mayor. facing a judge on federal drug charges, robert sio obolewski bought 500 pain pills at a time and selling them on the street. greg: this is totally bizarre and said.
7:54 am
and for display was apparently slaughtered and finlayed for meet. this is the course, the 12-year-old, was kept at a very prestigious stable in wellington, florida. rosanna: that is where they go and ride all winter long. greg: the owner went to the stable, there was no worse. they went looking some . they went looking somehorse .
7:55 am
they went looking some distance was not random. bandits -- greg: this was a while ago. rosanna: began after gained member had his foot runover in the parking lot. 200 people were a arrested. this video is fascinating, isn't it? oh my goodness. greg: those where sad. let's pick things up with our special cake. this is the coolest thing. look at that. rosanna: we started eating our
7:56 am
greg: that apple they have in the outfield that city field that comes up we have been cake form. tell me the baker's name. rosanna: to to to the lawrence scott, an event planner who makes the most delicious treats. you will see him. dave: deegan this graciously to to 7 one suv face the cake? together. greg: i did not the case the kick. if the cake is fine. rosanna: had to take a knife out of his hands. greg: just licking the icing. can i like the icing? rosanna: no you cannot make the right thing. does not just for you. >> meteorologist: what did she do with you? rosanna: 20 busting into a wedding bar. it is not that big a deal. >> meteorologist: go ahead and deal with it. let's show what is going on. by the way, happy birthday to
7:57 am
birthday. we have a good looking day. here's the average, 16 the average high, 46 the average low, we dropped to 50 and that is where we are right now. our high should be 60 later on. we have 48 in newark, 45 in belmar, 48 in poughkeepsie, mainly clear sky a round of tristate region. a few high clouds being pushed in this direction because of another cold front coming through but that cold front does not have moisture to work with. when it comes by if you have a few high clouds that is it, no precip. behind its and chilly air. that chilly air comes through here tonight into tomorrow even colder temperatures because of the reenforcing shot of colder air but other than that no big deal until saturday. then some more clouds roll into town. at first just high clouds and they thicken up later in the day. another disturbance passing to the northwest but so far to the northwest we don't get the precip. we bring clouds for sunday which
7:58 am
the rain is not going to be a problem. if anything a sprinkle. lots of sun, breezy and cool with high temperature around 60 degrees and tonight clear skies, chile, lows from 29 to 42 and as we go through the next several days trick-or-treat forecast, things look good, 56 and sunni by 3:00 p.m. some kids go to parties and so do adults even in the afternoon and evening, evening has a temperature of 53, dressed more warmly because it is cooler than normal, clouds thicken up, 10:0050 degree temperature. again high of 60 today, 56 tomorrow, change those clock saturday night in to send it to mislead in an hour, 62 on sunday, warmer temperatures close to 70 by tuesday and wednesday of next week, weather apps at the apple itunes store and google forecasts. download it today for free, see what is that, our commute, we getting big problems.
7:59 am
pastoring service suspended because of problems between hoboken and 30 third and the world trade center both directions, new jersey transit cross honoring in hoboken and new york penn station. riding in to the city if you think that is an alternate the gwb is doing great ten minutes inbound on the upper and lower level, 495 lincoln tunnel, 40, 45 minutes, it is normally an hour delay at this point. holland tunnel 20 minutes. that go to our maps and show you what else is going on, other issues, long island, nassau county doing okay, closer to queens you have backups and 2 east bound exit 13, watch for an accident blocking a lane. parkway, normal delays towards route 3. southbound side long-term construction by exit 151 kept things busy this past week. take a look at the staten island expressway by bradley avenue doing good, no issues towards the verrazzano. on the brooklyn site you have
8:00 am
to report. greg: guess who is here, the guy with the big head. mr met himself. rosanna: is wearing a cost to beside his usual mets gear? greg: he doesn't say anything but these the only clothes i have ever seen him wear. let's go outside, live look. keith hernandez is in the building. rosanna: a lot to talk about.
8:01 am
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8:03 am
greg: what a genius, classic new york. rosanna: i loved it. he is singing tonight at city field in joy because the we are going to meet him. rosanna: it is going to be fun. oh yes.
8:04 am
greg: great piano player, great vocalist. rosanna: genius. young man, look. you are about to cross the street. greg: he would have made a great hall monitor. rosanna: you on the side. greg: everyone is oblivious to everything. sixer avenue. rosanna: let's talk about trick-or-treating. we love to celebrate halloween. greg: yes, we go nuts. we are into it and having a big party. a couple things. a group came out with a cutoff age above which the retired people, you are not supposed to trick-or-treat if you are older and the age -- rosanna: 12. come on. are you kidding me? greg: it should be a little older if you are wearing a costume. rosanna: aiken only imagine how 13-year-olds feel. however, the same retirees who were part of this survey plan on
8:05 am
halloween goodies for kids that come to their door. greg: we will see. someone came to our door, probably a 14-year-old kid smoking a cigarette. what are you supposed to see? he said a kid. don't smoke. slammed the door on him. how about that? rosanna: jo lin kent is and the fox business center. >> reporter: how are you guys? rosanna: what is going on? >> reporter: time warner cable, the big experiment in new york city, they want to eat them in a the cable box you pay and rent every single month. the idea is to deliver all the cable channels to you via their internet connection. the idea is to cut costs of course but of course they want to compete with netflix and hulu and comcast which is trying something similar. what time warner cable sees as the future and it looks pretty bleak with more people cutting
8:06 am
york city. if it works well, they may roll it out nationwide but the ceo is very well aware of all the competitive disadvantages it has right now and is trying to change the style a little bit. rosanna: because the prices are too high. kids cannot afford cable. not that they don't want to watch tv but they can't afford to watch tv. it is ridiculous. they are not making that much. >> reporter: if you cut the cord you could pay $50 a month and get almost as much stuff. rosanna: have a great day. greg: what else is going on? rosanna: keith hernandez has the mustache. greg: legendary new york met and
8:07 am
8:08 am
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8:10 am
greg: i am troubled by that line, you are no lady, come on. rosanna: it is part of the tradition here on friday, celebrating native new yorkers and wannabes. the mets in the world series. going to game three tonight. greg: i love halloween on saturday. we have got the marathon, if you are into that. life is good, but the halloween party at 9:00. rosanna: we have a big part at 9:00. greg: and a special appearance by donald trump and hillary clinton dropping by too. rosanna: i heard hillary will be here. greg: this is super weird, two big fat japanese wrestlers are in the room. what is wrong with you people. hello.
8:11 am
ines: ready, ready. greg: come on, bump the bellies. rosanna: ines, take him down. ines: this is mike's idea. greg: you are the worst wrestler ever. rosanna: does that come with a fan to blow up? ines: yes. greg: turn around. behind. the underwear is giving you a wedgy. ines: i feel it. mike: come on. one more time. rosanna: skwun is going to get hurt. mike: let's have a race. greg: for go go for it. rosanna: don't get hurt, mike, we need the weather. it is a busy weekend.
8:12 am
the cake. rosanna: you are not too distracting right now. greg: it is all right, mike. mike: let's do it. happy birthday... turning four years old this weekend. hope you have a fanstic one. all right. sun and clouds headed to tomorrow. it is going to be cool out. daylight saving is closing out on saturday night into sunday. click the clocks back an hour and we have the marathon, not bad, we have clouds out there, that is it. dry at the same time. all right, so to what we have right now. 50 degrees at central park. sunny skies. winds coming in from the west and northwest. it is feeling a little cooler today.
8:13 am
47 philadelphia. so depending on where you are, it is a cooler day today. we have clear skies here. we have a cold front moving into the tristate region. it is bringing in chilly air and knocking the temperatures down a bit. this thing, despite the fact of the cool air blowing into it, it is on the hot side. no rain coming in. just slightly cooler temperatures. up to 60 degrees for the high today. back to 55 for the evening rush home. breezy cooler then. as we go through the next five to seven days high of 56 for you tomorrow on halloween itself. there it is. the reminder to change the clocks back and change the batteries on the detectors. high of 62 on -- [laughter] on sunday, which is of course the marathon day. no one is paying attention to me.
8:14 am
the picture here. ines rosales, who won the fight any way? ines: i will give it to you. to what is going on. a broken rail with the path trains and service is suspended. new jersey transit is cross honoring system wide. gwb is doing great this morning. deleas off of 80/95 express. delays on the cross bronx there. lincoln tunnel 495 traffic is moving fine here. approaching kennedy boulevard things are slowing down. holland tunnel is 15-20. now to maps, other pron problems, a lot of issues, putnam county with a spill. this is occurred before harts scrabble road.
8:15 am
l.i.e. westbound, excuse me,est bound, the service road as a stall. delays off of the whitestone bridge. the throgs neck bridge is a better option. if you are travelling on the l.i.e. here by terry road, it is fine. no problems westbound. >> thank you very much. keith hernandez legendary new york mets. man oh man, the last time they won the world series keith was there. rosanna: he was in it. greg: it was the last time we won it. history entered the room. keith hernandez a great met and great new yorker. welcome back. >> great to be here. rosanna: and now on the sidelines and doing the work.
8:16 am
network, sny, and we are doing pre and post game competing with you, rosanna. rosanna: we are all excited add comparing this team to your team in '86, is there is a difference between the two teams and the challenges? >> well, the challenges are pretty much the same. we lost the first two games in boston and we had to go to boston to get it back to new york. they are at home, that is good, they have to win tonight. but then they have to go back for 6, 7 and that is tough for them. they backed themselves in. it is a shame they lost the first game. rosanna: it was a marathon game. >> yes, it took a little bit out of them. they got beat up in the second game. they have to win tonight. greg: it is extraordinary, we have the home field advantage,
8:17 am
permanent state of hostilities. you won on their turf. >> we actually took the first two games there. so two apiece. then we lost game five, came home down 3-2 and then won. bill made a lot of money on that. bill is a great friend of mine. that is something he had to live with for a long time and still living with it. rosanna: give us the idea of room right now. how do they keep the team focussed and psyched up? >> it is the world series, if you can't stay focussed something is wrong with you. i was in two, and you have great players in the hall of fame that never got to world series.
8:18 am
the cubs. they are not out of it. they have to win tonight. they are home. kansas city doesn't have a great road record. i'm looking forward to game. greg: you are a big shot, but you kind of shun the limelight, you have moved to the country. >> yes, sag harbor. greg: do you miss the juice of manhattan? >> i do, there are times i wish i hadn't moved out. i was 23 years in the city. rosanna: you were a player back in the day. >> well, it is a great town to have fun in. i'm not staying home in my room. rosanna: one of the things you were superstitious is about the
8:19 am
>> yes, i brought with me the keith hern december just more men lucky mustache's. greg: you will a cool one. >> it is good luck for the mets. rosanna: anything for the mets. >> you are fine. rosanna: it is looking like a bow tie, keith. keith, the thing is, look at your's. you look like don juan. >> it is just for men. rosanna: why just for men? >> you go to salons. rosanna: you do it at home? >> i couldn't sit in a hair salon. greg: all kinds of gossip there. where can you buy it? rosanna: any where.
8:20 am
we are off the air. >> game four hat wean, it is going to a blast. rosanna: i have to call my person that waxes quickly. all right, keith. greg: keith, cool that you are here. rosanna: we want him in the hall of fame. i'm putting it out there. thank you, i appreciate that. greg: thank you for the jerry sign field experiences. >> root on the mets. rosanna: all right, we'll be
8:21 am
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8:23 am
rosanna: all right, it is really wild over the weekend, this sunday, 50,000 people taking part in the annual event, road racing, marathoning. they are making their way through all five boroughs. i will be there. ben, are you cheering or running? >> i will be cheering. this is a great race.
8:24 am
new york's biggest block party, the biggest road race in the world. the finish line here. central park on the east side about 67th street. it is set up and ready to go. this timer are down. they have done the ribbon cutting. there are a couple of the race officials here, michael, the new president and ceo of road runners and peter, the race director, peter, what is new this year? >> new this year, well we have the pavilion here, a tremendous addition to this event. we built this, taking four days to build the structure and it is welcoming the public and the runners. we have media center upstairs. the media is here with us.
8:25 am
about the grand marshall. >> yes, spike lee. he's a great guy. he's the grand marshall. the first new york city grand marshall for the race. we are riding down to course from the start to finish with spike. >> are you sleeping at all between now and the race? >> a little bit, just a little bit. >> okay. michael, first year as president and ceo of the new york road runners and you are running the race as well. how do you manage the stress of the event and running 26.2 miles? >> this guy alows me to do that. peter is the race director and being great, that allows me to run. >> what is your favorite thing about the race? >> the people you run and the people aronning the streets in new york. they are inspiring and cheering
8:26 am
>> talk about where the race is going, five years, ten years from now, it is now up to 50,000 runners and can it get bigger, not bigger? >> we look at the impact, how many people we get running all year round and impacting kids. we have a great event on race day, kids are running the last two miles of the course. >> you are raising money for team for kids? >> yes. >> they have raised 2600 bucks a piece? >> yes, this helps to support the youth and community programs. >> gentlemen, good luck. >> thank you. >> we are watching add and cheering on sunday morning. that is the story live from central park, sunday morning, it is a great party, come out and
8:27 am
>> thank you, ben. greg is getting dressed up and channelling his halloween costume. the mets super fans, the love of the mets led to the loves of their lives. i have to get dressed too.
8:28 am
8:29 am
kate murray: "i am not a prosecutor. i am a manager." vo: well, the
8:30 am
practiced criminal law. never prosecuted one murderer, one drug dealer, or one corrupt politician. editorials call murray "utterly unprepared to serve." and "clueless about pressing issues surrounding criminal justice." there's a better choice. madeline singas has spent two decades prosecuting crime. targeting murderers, drug dealers, political corruption. madeline singas. a prosecutor, not a politician. >> we are back, there is a broken rail affecting the commute on the path trains. it is the hoboken line.
8:31 am
transit is kros cross honoring. the lincoln tunnel the the worst with 30 minute delay. >> in honor of the world series and love of the mets here, i met a couple that met through their love of the mets. they are dedicated fans and they are going to name their kids shea and murphy. they found each other with the fan group. >> i sent my photo in to be on the calendar and mike saw it and followed me on twitter and he and i started tweet and we became best buds. >> and then husband and wife october of last year. now they are live on staten island and spend a lot of time
8:32 am
>> every game we are out there cheering, loving the games. >> the mets played a big part in the trip down the aisle. >> by the way, my whole life, i'm getting married at shea. it is knocked down so si fi field. >> and the engagement happening there too. >> on the jumbo tron i have a question for you. >> he dropped a baseball and cut it open with the ring inside. the wedding reception was there held too. the date was two days after the mets season ended. >> do you have a back up plan? >> no, no back up plan. >> they are a match made in heaven. >> if they win, we wear the same
8:33 am
this is the shirt at every home game. i haven't watched it, so it is going four games strong. >> really, the shirt as a smell of victory on it? >> yes, it does. >> they are not wearing a wedding ring after getting very excited at game one. >> i was sitting and saying let's go mets and hitting the concrete and i broke my wedding ring. if we win this game, you can't wear it. >> the futures are look bright and for the mets as well. >> i think it is our year. we have waited long enough. it is redemption. >> i think she's right. variety is saying a tv series is being developed based on ray
8:34 am
he's the longest serving ray commissioner in new york history and father of ray kelly. it is about fighting trechl in new york city and kelly serves as a prous deucer. stick with us, our halloween party. greg and rosanna in costume. it is goin you' re unpacking already? yeah, help me find some mugs. sure. (beep) hey... o.k. they' ll do. wake up to the mountain grown aroma of folgers. the best part of wakin' up so, where do you want to start? i think this is a pretty good place.
8:35 am
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greg: hello, it is me. what'd you think? [applause]>> america two years ago you did a very smart thing and elected me the president, huh. every day, people come up to me, this is about amazing things. tonight i will tell you about the most amazing thing i have


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