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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  October 30, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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greg: hello, it is me. what'd you think? [applause]>> america two years ago you did a very smart thing and elected me the president, huh. every day, people come up to me, this is about amazing things. tonight i will tell you about the most amazing thing i have
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i say, i can figure that out, i went to ivy league school. get to it in a second. who remembers the poor woman i beat. hillary clinton. you like the viral videos, right. who doesn't want to go viral. she went insane after i beat her, nut job crazy, i got an email to me. i have it on the ipad gizmo. rosanna: [laughter] greg: excuse me. back to the accomplishments, in one year i created kicks ass. please, excuse me.
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saw on the news once, he's a secretary of kissing ass and we beat isis. that's right, isis is gone. now, no, not her. but she's hot. i am talking about isis, the bad guys. you never hear about them any more. we did through a come ben nation of bombs, brains, and making fun of them on twitter. it totally, totally worked. i want to talk about the veterans, listen, that healthcare situation was redeck louse and out of control, i fixed it in six minutes. we have the best hospitals in the world and i gave every veteran a house, a mansion, a million dollars and a rocket car. take a look at this. they have never had it so good. they love me. all right, that's good. some people ask me, hey, mr. president, you are amazing, what about the wall, what
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happened to the wall, after i became the president, the mexicans stopped coming, they didn't want to come to america because i'm the president. is it something i said. it worked. it is part of the plan. another thing, i busted up watching, i do things my way, you can't your friends, you have to hire the egg friends from the universities, rosanna scotto was the best appointee ever and ambassador to italy. she showed up sloshed and then however to her credit she showed she knew ever curse word in italian, all the best ones and a few in spanish, if you doubt the qualifications, check her out, she can actually find italy on a map.
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donald, we agree with everything you are saying, you are brilliant, why the speech? i tell you, i'm bored. i'm bored of success. i succeed at everything, politics, business, finance. folks i never made it in hollywood. that is about to change. next week, production starts on trump, the movie. we got the poster, check it out. this movie is going to be so great. it takes the titanic look like snap chat. who is going to run things in the white house. again, i went to the university of pennsylvania wharton school. i'm not stupid. hello, bring in the looney tune. hello hillary.
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how are you holding up? [laughter] [laughter] >> i will call ted cruz. hillary, listen, we need office. can you do it? i think she can do it. listen, i don't have a bible. af book i have a book. put the elbow on the book. do you pledge that you will support and depend, all that jazz, from all enemies, right? you can do that? rosanna: pretty please.
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rosanna: hillary, i don't think you have to temperment or the mind set to be president. you are not presidential enough. good luck donald trump, good luck hillary clinton. i resign. rosanna: that is good. i like that. greg: hi, everybody. how about the music. did it suck? what? come on over here. rosanna: come on in. we have a halloween party going on. greg: i lost myself in the character. rosanna: this is fun. are you a headless person? >> i'm a headless person. rosanna: how did i do? >> good. greg: oh boy.
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i blew if first joke. hi, everybody. rosanna: it was a lot of fun. i like you, let's talk about your costume. >> i'm from the army. miracle. i live in new york. rosanna: very nice. happy that you are here. greg: who wants candy? >> me. greg: we don't have any. i love playing tricks. rosanna: we have really creepy crawlers, scary creatures, do you like spiders? >> yeah. greg: i don't like spiders. rosanna: we like them. we have a very special guest this morning who brought in really creepy, creepy guests with them.
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greg: jungle bob, come on in. rosanna: he's got surprises. >> there we go. for you. what wants to hold this? rosanna: do you want to hold it? mommy is going to hold it? greg: way to go mom. that is a nice little toad. rosanna: talk about the toads. do you get warts from the toads? >> no, that is a myth. >> we have got spiders, toads. rosanna: what do you think about that? is that okay? >> yes. >> help me get that off. how about this? how about the princess. rosanna: oh my goodness. will it bite? >> i see my handler now. greg: this is totally gross. it is totally gross.
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rosanna: what kind of snake is this? greg: i can eat this thing. no problem. do you think they scare me, i beat isis, didn't you hear. vote for me. think about it. >> you are rising in the polls now. rosanna: does this bite? >> no. he's safe. greg: jungle bob is weird but not irresponsible. rosanna: where do you come from? >> >> jungle bob's reptile world. we teach people responsible ownership of different kinds of animals. greg: rosanna, make love to this
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snake. rosanna: no, i'm not britney spears. >> this is harmless. rosanna: she's furry. >> yes. greg: u say in a james bond movie live and let die, this thing ate the girl. >> that is a myth. rosanna: spiderman, are you afraid of the snake? >> no! rosanna: that snake is near your head. greg: he's a cool kid. >> come here. stand still. greg: now you are really spiderman. look at this kid. if it bites him, not a bad deal. that is how the movie started. you are the spider boy now.
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rosanna: how do you feel about that on your head? greg: there is a web. it is shooting a web. that is really cool. >> get it off me! rosanna: get it off him. i don't want it. greg: this is a party. i do not drink. donald trump doesn't drink. you do drink. we have the best bartender in bar. where is he? clear out, we have to meet this guy. he knows his stuff. hello, sir. rosanna: come on in here. come on in here. greg: welcome to "good day" program. >> i am not usually up this early in the morning. rosanna: greg, you have animals all over you.
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he's missing a spider. he had two. greg: jungle bob, can you handel the bugs or not? you are a professional. what is this about? >> a squashed side car today. >> all right. >> this is a classic cocktail. pumpkin, all spice and a bunch of ingredients. this is great. rosanna: where can you find you? >> palm court, jeffreys and i renovated and put in the classic cocktails, in the daytime the kids have tea. eloise. >> they don't know what they are doing over there. >> didn't you own the plaza at one point? >> yes, four times in my career i asked for help from the government.
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>> a squash side car. assemble that later here. a snake venom in here. greg: we are looking like the cnbc debate. kids, you have to clear out. rosanna: aww. >> we need space. (bleep) >> we have a problem. i need secret service. (screaming (screaming (screaming snvld. >> we need the secret service.
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rosanna: oh, oh, my lord. you are going to get a phone call in a matter of minutes. jacket. jungle bob, where is the other spider? >> i haven't seen him for a while. he's here. he's good. rosanna: all right, good. we need a drink now what. are you making a side car? >> we are making a side car for you after the break. right now, a little cognac. rosanna: i need something. [laughter] rosanna: maybe you should have some of this too. good move.
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also, we are taking a look at here, todd, follow me, young men and ladies, larry scott, one of the great event organizers, food chefs, there you are. greg: i thought i was great. this will kill you if you eat too much of it. rosanna: show us the beautiful today. inspired. >> yes, the mets cakes here today. channel cakes. that is one of the newest things this year. rosanna: what is that? >> can kids love, dough with cinnamon and shig and brooms.
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classic jelly apples. rosanna: which greg ate this morning. greg: that greg kelly is wlrt. tell him so. they are amazing people. anything else? >> just classic halloween candy for all of the kids. rosanna: we are getting the energy from this guy. rosanna: look at the witch's hats. i heard, rumor has it, you are catering one of the suites as citi field tonight. >> i can't say anything. greg: you have a form 7 or 18b. i know what you are talking about. rosanna: in the meantime, we are getting ready for the big, big parade tomorrow. it is going to be huge.
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mick membering we are glad we are over here. we are doing the happy dance. all of us doing the forecast here for halloween. happy halloween. we are happy to be here and safe and away from jungle bob and his friends. for halloween, we should have sunny sky, after -- after degrees. dry tomorrow. as we head into the evening hours, yep, still dry. i have a little help from thing two. we have the marathon going on this weekend, clouds out there in morning, start off temperature around 42 degrees and up to 62 for the high and mostly cloudy and more showers. they are up to no good over there. they are stirring up the pot. i love that book, the cat in the hat. we have 51 at central park.
9:18 am
50 in newark. 48 allentown. southwest wind coming through, right now the wind is not really warming us up, we have cool air, it is going to start turning to the northwest and we have a cold front coming through town and it is coming through without the moisture and therefore we are seeing a few high clouds outside and chilly air behind it. so, sunny skies today. high temperature up to 60 degrees. breezy, cooler. chilly. here comes the 7-day forecast. 56 tomorrow. and then, yeah, looks like on marathon sunday, you are doing a job good thing 3. we have sunny skies, a mix of
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sun and clouds, high of 62, perfect for the marathon. we have a birthday shout out here. look at that guy. handsome. that is alex rivera, happy birthday. have a fantastic one. thing 1, 2, 3 cheerio. rosanna: you lose the costume contest. look at us. creativity. try it sometime. that's my girl. what is happening tonight? rosanna: well, it is the mets game! mr. met. he's here. greg: he's a class act. rosanna: we are getting psyched. mr. met is here. come on. [applause] tonight, kansas city royals are going down in game 3.
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rosanna: his lips are sealed. greg: that is fun for 8 seconds. i love this guy. rosanna: tonight citi field. we are taking a quick little break. greg: mr. met, you are all
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yumminess. hershey' s is mine, yours,
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all right, we have with us a social immediate wra super star. a super star. i believe she's got 2.4 million followers on youtube, 1.8 on twitter, a million on instagram. hello, she's in town for a convention. greg: keep it up, you are half of what i have. very impressive for a young beautiful lady. welcome to the show. >> thank you. rosanna: you got popular when posting your iphone bill? >> yes, it was years ago. greg: what was the problem with the bill? >> i received over 2,000 text
9:24 am
it was just over $200. rosanna: how many pages was the bill? >> over 200. rosanna: what are the posts about? >> food, fun and video games. greg: every make fun of people? >> never, i'm always nice. >> you might be donald trump territory if you upped the numbers. think about it. rosanna: she knows what she's doing. >> i posted a picture. you were fixing your hair. greg: whatever, i'm here, i'm like extra in the back. >> want another one. sorry, sorry. greg: i noticed it. >> do you have a filter?
9:25 am
>> no. mayfair. greg: what is she doing? >> she's trying to make us look better. greg: have at it. rosanna: what are you captioning? >> i don't know. halloween party. i will give you the #whatever, that is all you are getting. greg: i wish i could fire this girl. >> oh no, i don't have wifi. greg: this is a disaster. rosanna: no it is not. >> hold on, it posted. yeah. rosanna: what is is going on in town. >> creators from youtube. >> what'd you do there?
9:26 am
there's a bunch of panels and it is very, very cool. greg: boy that is a blast. >> come to the event. greg: i will come. >> what are you famous for? greg: the phone bill. >> what is great, is being consistent. i have been creating since 2006 and still doing it, it is so cool. rosanna: do you have a team of people working for you? >> i shoot everything myself. i posted 20, 30 videos a week. it is a lot of work. greg: you are a big deal. hire people. i have a great team. i will set you up. >> can you edit. >> people do that for me.
9:27 am
>> only 500. >> that is huge. that's good. are you kidding me. 482. greg: that is good. where are you from? rosanna: so nice to meet you. >> thank you. >> tickets are available? >> yes, they are. greg: i might drop by. put that up on the web. rosanna: more halloween craziness on "good day new york." (ingrid) i take pride in getting things done. but when it came to medicare, i was glad i could get a little help. (vo) ingrid and robert called empire blue cross blue shield and found an affordable new medicare advantage plan that pays for many of the costs original medicare won't. now they can focus on other
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it's always worth remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. greg: hillery. i saw you on snl making fun of me. i did not think you are the funny. rosanna: you talk about everybody being losers. greg: a loser is a winner just waiting to happen. halloween, everybody. rosanna: trick-or-treaters. let's give them some candy. greg: they came to the ultimate place to get candy.
9:31 am
rosanna: come on in, little bumblebee. come on in, little butterfly. look at how cute they are. greg: what you say on halloween? trick or treat. take a book. remember this. it is by me. rosanna: i do not think he is very excited. would you rather have some candy? do not eat it now. you can have it later. how about you, little bumblebee? greg: these kids are so timid and shy. >> you scared them. >> trick-or-treat. rosanna: thank you. i will give you something good to eat. greg: beautiful. one day you can get married. i guarantee it. rosanna: how about you, young lady.
9:32 am
rosanna: thank you. greg: made out of solid gold by the time you retire. rosanna: do we have some trick-or-treaters that want some candy? greg: hands on. rosanna: what is your name spiderman? >> joseph. rosanna: joseph. joseph. okay. you've got it, joseph. greg: free candy and they are all taking one. rosanna: are we going to win it tonight bush and mike. greg: mr. met. rosanna: and you, robert -- robin hood. greg: these kids are right from finishing school.
9:33 am
it is amazing. rosanna: we have a big fashion show calling up. greg: i was in the model business. that is another story. where did we get all this stuff from, anyway? rosanna: party city. greg: that is where you come in. rosanna: senator clinton. [laughter] greg: hello. thank you. rosanna: i heard that you have put great costumes together. >> yes. absolutely. halloween is tomorrow. we still have plenty of time. we will do a little runway show for you. first up we will have our minion. she looks amazing. a huge blockbuster. minions are all the rage.
9:34 am
you can see the mix and match. greg: you have great energy, kid. hang out with jeb bush for a weekend. actually, do not hang out with jeb bush. i changed my mind. >> next up we will have frozen fever. frozen is still hugely popular. kids cannot get enough. as you can see, perfect and adorable. also a complementing and a costume. party city has the whole disney princess fashion. thank you so much. you look so cute. rosanna: alsop, do you like being a princess? greg: you to full. take a book. >> happy halloween. >> she is so hungry.
9:35 am
greg: take it. the whole thing. read that book and take over the world. teresa: enjoy. next up we have paul patrol. cartoon. preschoolers and toddlers. you can move around in it while you trick or treat. the little accessories really make the costume. paul patrol. ready to move. rosanna: what is your name? >> he is very smart. he knows his costume character. rosanna: do something fun. jump up and down. greg: it is okay. enough about me. what do you think about me?
9:36 am
you are a good kid. >> next up, we have star wars. first we have sinned. you can come out. >> i do not understand what these kids are so scared of. >> the biggest thing to hit hollywood did these kids look adorable. greg: steven spielberg is a great friend of mine. >> we have our darth vader and storm trooper. these costumes are perfect for the wall family. greg: this is the adult variety. darth vader has a thing going on there. >> she is ready to kick some butt. >> i love it. darth vader better watch out.
9:37 am
just kidding. what about the kids? >> he is a storm trooper. he looks really cool. ready to fight. rosanna: really cool. how much do these costumes go for? the darth vader mix and match, you can pull all the different pieces to get the price point you want to be at. greg: body armor. all right. >> last but not least, we have ever after five. our mad hatter. alice in wonderland just celebrated their anniversary. she looks adorable. she has a bright wig on. she is ready to get some candy.
9:38 am
for halloween? greg: somebody told you know. who is going to read that book? i am enrolling you in a top university. really excited right now. do not worry. you will get there. rosanna: this was great. hillary just came up with a great slogan. >> party city making halloween grade again. greg: they are over it. that is their problem. i agree. rosanna: "good day new york" continues. thank you very much.
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why let someone else have all the fun? the sometimes haphazard, never boring fun. the why can't it smell like this all the time fun. the learning the virtue of sharing
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why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. ben: look at that. the vip area. juliet: we are extra cool people.
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greg: this is the place to be. the plaza hotel. rosanna: nice to have you here. i love this, dracula. we call you a methodologist. >> yes. i work right across the street. i want to find you. >> you walk right through the front entrance. rosanna: a grip on a classic sidecar. brandy, triple sec, a little orange juice. a little bit of allspice. a little bit of cajun zero.
9:42 am
greg: doesn't have alcohol? rosanna: it is 5:00 o'clock somewhere. [laughter] >> if you want something nonalcoholic for the kids, we are doing candy corn. orange soda, a little pumpkin ice cream, a little with cream on top. greg: what are your plans? >> stay out of the sunlight as much as possible. >> right now the front there. we have a whole line of innovative cocktails. for the holidays, especially for halloween, we have to have our greg: by the way, that is no longer a bip. they let everyone in there. you are not all imported. i am sorry.
9:43 am
what else do you have? >> for the adult audience, we will have one of these pumpkin squash sidecars. rosanna: you really like your sidecars. >> his costume was created by an american g.i. one of the most popular cocktails in the united states. greg: support the troops. drink. pumpkin sidecar. squashed. rosanna: okay. i like that. greg: who is your boss there at the plaza. i could make a phone call. who do you want me to call? >> trevor sherman. greg: trevor, you are on notice. he is a great guy. rosanna: you are open all weekend.
9:44 am
hi all means. open all weekend. people come from all over the world. greg: we are getting the picture. rosanna: i think you and i should make the next one. >> that is made with cognac and a little simple sarah. greg: thank you very much. good for you. the vip room. we are not there. , on. senator hillary clinton. all right. now we are dealing with somebody. rosanna: we will be making some delicious treats. good day is coming right back. switch now, new york and get installed as early as today. mom switched. we switched. i switched to time warner cable and knew exactly when they were coming. thanks to their 1 hour appointment window.
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greg: welcome back. now when i was a kid in queens, my favorite candy was spaz. they look like tablets. they will probably change that. i did not know better when i was a kid.
9:47 am
you like that? tell us about your friend. rosanna: larry scott. he is a master at putting together parties. he makes things individually and so good of you to be back on "good day new york." >> thank you for having me. i thought i may change it. rosanna: oh, thank you. greg: you are a criminal and a sleaze. i know you are only joking. >> let's talk about some of the creative things that you made today. >> i had a close connection. baseball cake pops. licorice bows. >> this is so cute.
9:48 am
we made different types of cupcakes. which is cupcakes. mommies. these are ghost cupcake's. greg: who remembers the yodel? this guy took a yodel. [laughter] the biggest yodel i have ever seen in my life. >> a yodel is actually rosanna is favorite. >> look at these things. you cannot eat the whole thing by your self. greg: i am crazy. i can do anything. i am busy. >> we brought a giant size will be five. rosanna: grade, look at your will be pi. greg: am i supposed to be impressed? you think that that is a big deal?
9:49 am
>> where can we find you, by the way? >> based out of long island. rosanna: let's talk about this mets apple cake. greg: it is the coolest thing you brought besides the yodel. i wanted to make sure that we represented well. i love them and we wish them the best. greg: that silly thing in the outfield calms up. goes wild. brilliant. >> some of it is a noble. rosanna: i am going to with donald trump. he may like it. greg: i don't hang out with them
9:50 am
anymore. >> this is our new invention this year. it has black licorice. where do they find you? >> out of long island. westchester, connecticut. greg: it sounds like a plan. rosanna: listen. we will put all the information on our website. once again on "good day new york." >> thank you for having me. greg: greg is a good guy. >> all, i am sorry. donald. rosanna: good day is coming
9:51 am
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rosanna: michael. thank you for saying nice things about us on our facebook page. greg: somebody is saying nice things on the internet. that.
9:54 am
rosanna: who had fun? [cheering] >> we all had fun today. greg: happy halloween, everybody. if you are stupid enough to run the marathon, good luck. it is a waste of time in my rosanna: are you going to come out of character at some point? greg: who is this character. kelly. if you see him, tell him i say hi. hillary clinton is totally cuckoo. as usual. who has a message for the people? >> greg kelly is awesome. rosanna: greg: he has a great future. >> the mets are awesome. >> support the army.
9:55 am
troops enough. rosanna: what about you, young lady. greg: by the way. study hard in school.
9:56 am
it'll be here before you know it. hello, halloween. it's the one night when everybody dresses up. and that includes dinner. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. meet the moore's! we're the moore family, and as you can see, we need an internet that can do more. we do more games,
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