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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  October 30, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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hitting with the big bats. david wright, daniel murphy, these guys struggling so far at the plate here in this world series. sask with as we know has a shoulder injury. terry collins prior to the game asked if that shoulder is affecting cespedes at the plate. >> he tells me even though it's not 100% he said it doesn't hurt as much at all. he said he signed so we have got , he is a big part of our order but you know i always look at the other team once in a while and again they pitched pretty good. so we have to get everybody going in the lineup. duke: so cespedes will be on centerfield tonight. that means the ricky will be playing left field tonight and he will be batting.
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here. 1985 the kansas city royals were trailing two games to nothing against the st. louis cardinals. they came back to win that series in seven games. fast-forward to 1986 the new york mets were trailing two games against the red socks and they of course came back and beat the red socks and werber world champions. once again tonight's game so big and a must win game for the mets. we are live at citi field, ernie back to you. ernie: we want to repeat that 86 you just described. thus we are all looking at for duke rape thanks a lot. check it out. no doubt about it that stands are confident their team can come back and win the series but they arrived early to citi field wearing their lucky mets gear read the plays that made no secret of the fact that they feed off the energy of the crowd and the fans we spoke with
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tonight. >> very confident. games at citi field and we played great over here. if we were down 2-0 then i would have my doubts but i think we will use be doing really good. >> i'm confident. ernie: it's happening tonight or you have got to believe. russ is joining us right now. the mets? russ: you heard what said come it doesn't get any bigger. certainly the biggest game in the history of citi field and the biggest game for the mets and none bigger than one young noah syndergaard. he is a rookie. he seems to handle the pressure very well and if you just listen to him you will see that he doesn't allow the moment to get too big. listen up. >> you can't be too focused on it. it's a world series game but i
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would be in a different game. it's the same game just a little bit louder and a little bit different atmosphere. you still have to execute every single pitch. russ: he is a pro. he is cool and calm. he is very composed employees. that said though believe me not that he's hiding anything but he knows how big game is. the future prompts 2015 rests on that young man shoulders tonight. ernie: that he can do it alone. we know that. in the bats have gone silent. since alex gordon hit that game time home run in the ninth of game one, since that time the mets have had three hits. two in game two and a bunt single in the 11th inning of game one. anybody. they'll need to start swinging
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the bat. everybody has to be more aggressive. again you can't get ahead of yourself but listen it doesn't do us, the mets any good if noah throws shutout innings but he doesn't have any room so the bats will come alive and have to be aggressive and smart. ernie: do you think it matters who gets the lead first in this game? how important is that? russ: i don't think it's the end of the world of the mets don't get it but it's important for them to get it because if they get the lead that gets the crowd revved up. should the royals get a couple of runs that quiet the crowd and remember this, the royals are playing with a lead into the fourth, fifth, sixth inning and the mets are already down two games. let's hope that doesn't happen. you have a feeling the last don't talk about that feeling tonight. ernie: remember you can watch game three of the world series
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good day at the game starts at 7:00 in the game is at 8:00. posts -- fox 5 post-game show after the news. a rental event and a great weekend. we have a game tonight in halloween tomorrow in the marathon on sunday. we have all kinds of action going on. how is the weather? right now we are in the middle to upper 50's across the area with current temperatures with the gusty north northwest wind in that land will back off and become more northerly areas right now we are seeing a northwest one. figures five to 10 miles per hour then i goes on. satellite photo shows the story. a clear sky and that's what we are forecasting tonight. the first pitch 52 degrees but most of the time the game is going to be played into the
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ernie: do you like to be scared i mean really scared? there's a science behind fear and being afraid. it's not everyone's cup of tea so what separates a thrill seekers from the scaredy-cat's? we are talking about it coming up next with a live guest them on monday we are talking about adoption options. if you have ever thought about adopting a child we have an inspirational story for you about the process. you don't want to miss out. we will be right back after the break.
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ernie: nine minutes after the hour 54 degrees outside. and it will be along with your forecast in a few minutes. here's what's happening in the news. the stories the white house sending special forces about 50 of them to help in the fight against isis in northern syria. officials say the commandos were offered vice and support to moderate opposition fighters. this will be the first time american troops are openly on the ground in syria. one worker was killed and another seriously injured when a building partially collapsed into town this morning. it was being demolished. a conjecture marker was trapped for hours beneath the rubble and now investigators are trying to
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find out what went wrong. better late than never mayor de blasio finally endorsed hillary clinton for president. the mayor made the announcement this morning on "msnbc"'s morning joe program saying she is the best candidate for the job. >> the candidate who i believe can fundamentally address income inequality effectively has the right vision and the right experience for getting the job done as hillary clinton. ernie: mayor de blasio with mrs. clinton's campaign manager during her senate run in 2000. nick is back with more on the weather and as we said we have a busy weekend. nick the weather is going to be fine. it will be great for the world series tonight great for halloween tomorrow in the marathon. lots happening. ernie: you wore the orange tie ready for halloween.
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ernie: you are covering all your bases as they say. nick: and they will run the bases tonight. let's talk about our forecast ernie. today certainly a nice day october day in a typical october day. a little breezy and sunny and more seasonal. 61-d. the split. we will be lower than those numbers for tomorrow. the coolest day of the next couple but warms up next week to 82 and 1961 and 31 in the state in 1925. sunrise 7:25 sunset 5:55. 54 in the air is dry to northwest winds backing off and the sky generally clear. low 60s in the city across long island 62 bridgeport 50's for the north and west and didn't get higher than 48 in monticello. right now we are finding temperatures on the way down
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50's sussex mid-50's on the shore 57 on the east end and look at the temperature change for yesterday with her miles an hour we are down nine to 12 degrees across the area. the windows and busy on a northwest 10 to 20 miles per hour starting to back off becoming more northerly as the night goes along and a good chunk of tomorrow becoming more southerly in the afternoon. "fox 5 sky guardian" showing its dry in the satellite photo confirming its mainly clear. clouds have to the north tonight. we will start to see some clouds later on tomorrow. high-pressure giving us nice weather but that will slide off to the east rate as you look to the west you can see clouds moving into chicago. a lot of rain here and flooding rains in texas as this area starts to move in this direction. the issue is going to be that it will lose a lot of support. that is why we are talking dry weather for the weekend. chilly out the door 42 in the city 20s to middle 30s in the suburbs. 50 at lunchtime and more
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we will start to see clouds appearing in the afternoon 56 and more clouds tomorrow night but again try for halloween and try for the trick-or-treaters in the halloween parade. our forecast futurecast is my graphics machine will cooperate. high-pressure builds in so sunshine high clouds around in that system comes in from the west showers disappear with mark cloud cover sunday morning becoming generally a nice day. 60s on sunday and we will be pushing 70-degree weather as we get into next week. that's good weather again returning. clear and chilly 42 in town, tomorrow sunshine, cool into the middle 50's for most locales and 50 degrees in midtown. we will talk about sunshine 56 for tomorrow and 2:00 a.m. sunday don't forget to set your clocks back at 2:00 a.m..
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nick: clouds and sun monday 67, thursday 60s that neither mother on friday. ernie: i start early. i turn my clocks back at 6:00 at night and then it's done. thank you nick had a lot of good things happening. the weather is looking good for halloween so is your costume ready? if you were going to a halloween masquerade party who would you dress up like? i got every interesting response when i asked who you want to be for halloween. that's coming up for you in just a minute. we also have terrific shows lined up for you next week aired on wednesday a look at rail safety in the wake of the recent train accidents. we will find out what we can expect as far safety improvements go. on thursday a unique way that some schools are tackling the tough topic of allaying. news that you can use right at six every night.
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reporter: paranormal activity came out just in time for halloween and it's not for the faint of heart. just look at the reaction of people who watched 3-d clips of the movie and a special fear that comic-con earlier this month. it doesn't exactly look like fun yet movies like paranormal rake and tends in some cases hundreds of millions of dollars for a reason. people love a good scare. >> i think part of the fun of being scared is it's not everyday life. >> it's pretty funny. you laugh it off because it's not real and you are with your friends. reporter: we talked to horror buffs at halloween adventures in the village to try to find out what's so appealing about being scared out of their minds. >> it to jump to boring life. >> it just makes it a little more fun and exciting. reporter: store manager tony
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>> the ones that are just like people that jump out of airplanes and things like that push you to the edge. we get scared and it's okay and we go home with our body parts. reporter: turns out their signs behind the phenomenon. multiple studies have looked at why our brains enjoy so much fear. >> it's due to narrow chemicals in the brain that increase. reporter: dr. jeffrey borenstein is the president ceo of the brain research foundation and said a scary movie or haunted houses away to get the rush without getting hurt. >> the outlet is to feel that anxiety, that rush, that fear in a safe way. >> a lot of people think going to a scary movie or haunted house if -- and ernie have to agree with him. stacey delikat back to you. ernie: stacey we love this stuff, very interesting and it's
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look his joining us right now. she is a psychotherapist and we are happy to have you back. this is an interesting story and very timely. that scared feeling. what is it? >> it's about the excitement, coming together but in a safe way. ernie: there's a difference. when you are feeling like something going to a movie you'll been a theater from real kind of fear that other people experience. >> absolutely. when we are in a theater or at home or we go to haunted house we know it's safe and we control it. when there's a real fear in the safety issue our body then reacts differently. it becomes a fight or flight of situation. the adrenaline and all that. ernie: that's very different. ernie: if we are talking about the age factor, young kids with
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movies and so forth so does is start early when you were a kid and afraid of the dark and kids are talking about it? is that the basis for a? >> children are more uninhibited than adults so they will experience something that you and i would experience through a very different lens but they also love the excitement and the mystery and the sherry kind of scenario. there is no age for fear and halloween and experiencing all of that. ernie: men are more likely to go to the horror show since gore -- scary shows that the women. is that true? >> absolutely. studies show that men are more prone to watching scary movies and they can handle them better that women do both genders love scary movies. ernie: you told me something that's very interesting. you always remember those intense feelings and it's good if you're on a date for example for halloween.
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>> the intensity of the emotions is a memorable time so studies have shown that if you have a day-to-day of a the scary movie or a rollercoaster ride anything that brings intense emotion you will remember that. ernie: so that's a good thing right? you don't even have to do it during halloween. you can do it anytime. it's an intense experience. thank you so much for joining us. happy halloween to you. speaking of scary and hitting the streets to see who you will be dressing up as for halloween. stick around for this one.
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way back when, in the neighborhoods of new york... the working people, the people who really make this city work-- the beat cops, nurses, teachers, and engineers had affordable health care thanks to an upstart mayor, and a couple of non-profits called ghi and hip-- now called emblemhealth. because emblemhealth believes that working new yorkers deserve quality care, so new moms and dads can breathe a little easier, and the young at heart can live healthy and strong.
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and today, emblemhealth is still doing what it did when it was ghi and hip, setting a national standard with neighborhood care-- not because of some new law, but because looking after your neighbors is just right.
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ernie: stay connected to the news at 6:00 on facebook trade-tech up my facebook page or behind-the-scenes photos and leave us a comment or story idea. we would love to hear from you and maybe answer the question that i'm posting. check this out right now. let's celebrate a little bit. if you were going to dress up go to a halloween party who would you dress as? >> i would go as morticia. >> i would be president obama. >> i think putin.
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ernie: you would do is put in? any particular reason? >> he's a strong guy and he's doing whatever he wants. ernie: let's keep asking the question. who would you go as? >> i would probably go as sunny and -- i would go a cher and have my husband goes sunny. ernie: have you ever done that? >> yes we did. i would do it again. ernie: who would you go as? >> i have no idea. >> who would i go as? madonna. ernie: madonna. why? >> because i like the cones that she wears on her chest. ernie: you would like to do the same thing? >> i would love it. >> i would dress up like president obama. ernie: who would you like to be? >> the catwoman. ernie: tell me about that. >> she is very. ernie: have you ever worn anything like that? are you ready to do with? it's halloween almost. >> sure.
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yeah. ernie: catwoman. thanks a lot. bye bye. happy halloween. that's it for now. thank you for joining us tonight. i'm ernie anastos and from all all of us at studio five in our control room thanks for being part of our broadcast. have a great night and go mets. we will see you on monday. what would you go as? >> a hobo. >> if you want to connect to stories and connect to "fox 5's" twitter and youtube pages go do fox for an stories care
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