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tv   Chasing News  FOX  October 31, 2015 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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way back when, in the neighborhoods of new york... the working people, the people
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who really make this city work-- the beat cops, nurses, teachers, and engineers had affordable health care thanks to an upstart mayor, and a couple of non-profits called ghi and hip-- now called emblemhealth. because emblemhealth believes deserve quality care, can breathe a little easier, live healthy and strong. and today, emblemhealth is still doing what it did when it was ghi and hip, setting a national standard with neighborhood care-- not because of some new law, but because looking after your neighbors is just right. emblemhealth: what care feels
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now on chasing news. >> i want an update on the sad death of 3-year-old. >> i just woke up and i don't know if she wandered out of the house. >> another really creepy part of the story is they gave it younger sister sarah is wondering what a strange youtube video almost a foreshadowing the disappearances. >> a fight song, and anthon. >> songwriter first wrote it in 1961. when they first wrote it. >> the rainbow bagel is a new york city favorite. so much that they sell out in two hours and have lines going around the block. >> oh my gosh, it's so good.
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>> go mats. >> were going to win new york. >> this halloween the parents have to be concerned about the whereabouts of their children. we have an update on the death of the 3-year-old. there is a site of a man with a baby carriage in a strange youtube video almost foreshadowing the disappearance. if you remember, i brought you the story two weeks ago, she was reported mixed missing. he woke up and realized his son was not in the apartment and called the police. >> 911, what is your emergency. >> i just woke up in my three-year-old is missing. >> and you did not hear anything or see anything. >> no i don't know if you wandered out of the house or what. >> a canine search from the police department found three-year-old brendan three hours hours later around 9:00 a.m., lifeless, about half a mile away through a patch of woods and open field.
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nearer creek. >> i just pray for my whole family, we all love brandon very much. >> i took the walk, it was tough for me to get through the land. through the thorn bushes and trees to get to the final destination. >> i eyed it hard he could get their loan. family members are questioning for about 14 hours. no charges have been filed in an auto topsy has come up on conclusive. the toxicology reports are still pending. mark cooper is a man witnessed an older gentleman with a baby carriage and a blanket near that scene, about an hour after brendan was reported missing. he was said to be wearing a little
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sweater, tan pants, and glasses. another creepy part of this story creepy part of the story is that his younger sister sarah had what she had a movie trailer uploaded in august that she shot on youtube. the video featured brendan as an actor playing a baby who disappeared in the trailer, actually bures learned at the end of the trailer that he ended up dead. >> house and did the details come out? do they know right away. >> when he spoke to philly voice he told the police that morning what he saw. but the police say they didn't know that. now they want to talk to him. it wasn't something they knew that day. >> there's something missing here. >> these are the details we have so far. we are telling our viewers because maybe it will jog someone's memory as to what happened that morning. if someone can remember anything to bring answers to it. >> high-speed chase. >> chaos in hoboken on friday
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morning when a broken rail affected to hoboken lines. there there is heavy tracking, heavy delays, people trying to get buses and alternate routes to get to work. it serves tens of thousands of commuters each day. a police officer is facing vehicular homicide charges in a staten island car crassness as a stripper may have been given a date rape drug. there is a driver that killed a fellow friend and another police officer. his officer and his lawyer said that -- meet the mats. >> a fight song and a team anthem, it's meet the mats. the notable songwriter first
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wrote in 1961, before the players came to the field. now, 54 years later at shea stadium it continues to play at this year's world series. >> her brother says that when she first wrote it she thought it would last few years. she had no idea it would go on for so long and be popular for so long. >> she married robert's only child, the late michael piller, she still remembers how her mother-in-law came to be somewhat of a mats. >> he saw in the newspaper as little boy the m ets were looking for a songwriter. >> he ended up taking first and second place in the contest and the second song coming the theme for the l.a. dodgers. i've been filled at the ballgame.
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>> i am now. >> miss killer is actually a professional singer. currently on tour threat throughout the country performing robert song. >> what is it like for you. >> i think it is sentimental. >> it is. i try not to think about it because right now, thinking about it i get a little well.. meet the mats. >> to near thoughts at diana black. >> we are down in northeast philadelphia, doing an exclusive story interview, tell me about it. >> will last week the mother contacted me, her daughter who is 14 who went her school, she started last month. she got there early september and what happened was people came up to her and were like yo,
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move. ever since then she was being bullied. a while later when people came up she had enough. so the girls came up to her and jumped her. >> another student and what did that student to post on social media. >> posted on facebook. and then they were taken to jail [inaudible] >> tell me about what happened since then, and has anyone been suspended? anyone in trouble? i hope the girl that got beat up didn't get in trouble. >> that's irony. she's the one who got suspended. she got suspended for five days. she suffered a concussion. [inaudible]
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high schools, newark, it's an epidemic right now. what we have to do first and the situation is call the high school and we have to see what they said about it. >> we cannot accept calls to disconnect press one. to enter another number, press two. >> so i called the school, we looked at the video, next thing to do is go talk to the family. >> i feel angry, i feel that i should have been able to protect her. i i feel there is no need for students to pound my daughter for no reason. [inaudible] >> i just feel somewhat guilty, only because i wasn't there. >> stories like that are never
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young victims being punished, a distraught mother. were going to get answers for this mom. guys, if you have any problems or any think that have to do with this or anything you want us to look into, tweet me at chasing roll-on, and you can always tweak the church show at chasing new. >> bob elling, new jersey jersey resident got himself into trouble. he heard his wife screaming one morning because there is a bear 300 feet away from her. he rust to her rescue and shot the bear. not 11 bear, or two, but three bears in his underwear and bare feet. he is now being fined per bear for hunting out of season. >> is big, body, 12 years old and gets told miles per hour in
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if you want to drop some cash on this white cadillac escalade. bidding starts at $5000. to authenticate it they actually sign part of the in side-by the glovebox. if you want to see the history get ready. >> make take the dog, he was flying american airlines monday from los angeles to denver. his owner his owner came out after this picture went viral in the internet, he is a mastiff and he is only three years old. >> look look at the size of that dog. >> can you imagine boarding the plane with that next you. >> class i hope. >> atlantic county man grows his own pot. he was caught by police. >> please came out from all over and you're well aware that new jersey please have guns on them. >> this country is really messed up when it comes to drug laws.
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>> i'm in the cabin hiding at the scene of another building collapse here in the heart of the big city. one construction worker has lost his life. another at this moment is battling for his. the incident occurred around 10:30 am the morning when the building gave way. it trapped several construction
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only 17 came out unharmed. the first victim here today of this building collapse was a construction worker who lost his life. the second, was just recently told pulled from the rubble after being trapped for three hours. he is in serious condition at this moment. the building was going to be a new hotel project, they made a statement saying they are very saddened and their thoughts and prayers got to the family of the worker and those who were injured today. with the sirens behind me and the building collapse just two blocks away, the new york public library, tourist from atlanta say this doesn't make her feel very safe. >> safe. >> to hear that the building just collapsed with all the workers inside his tragic. >> over 60 firefighters respond to the scene where the building began demolition in may. as you may recall in april there is a string of construction and
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accidents in new york city, where man man lost his life in another soon-to-be host hotel site where crane struck him. as of right now we're being told that the building itself is in danger of total collapse, the building next to it are structurally sound and in no danger of collapse. the streets are reopened and it goes back to business as usual in midtown manhattan. at least some to question how many of these construction related incidents need to take lives before changes are made question mike. >> the story of one man's journey from a regular guy to an actor. meet john, and atlantic county man and just regular guy. he works as a wedding photographer, owns a car with 286,000 miles. after work to relax he likes after work to relax he likes to smoke pot. >> you come home from work. >> there's actually nothing wrong with that.
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different. if you use it for medical. >> he grows his own pot and says he sells it to three or four friends in order to make a little bit of money. well three months ago he was going to his marijuana plant patch when he was caught by police. >> it's surreal, the voices come out from all over. you are well aware that they say new jersey please have guns on them. it just brought the hair up on my. >> they had 17 marijuana plants and plants in his apartment. he was arrested and it could get him 20 years in prison. >> not probation, and you have to be sick and ill to get into it. you have to participate, it is five years, your signing papers saying you are sick. you are ill.
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>> with the help of mj, john decided to pursue a jury notification strategy. asking the jury to throw charges against him because he believes he did not do anything wrong. finally. finally, we found out we had a verdict. >> they are? >> into the courtroom we went. to to see if his strategy was successful. >> how does the jury response. >> the jury finds the defendant guilty. >> asked account number two question. >> the jury finds the defendant guilty. >> that means john will spend at least ten years in prison. >> i think the jurors are cowards. i think they looked at the government, the need to put someone in a cage. the jury failed. it failed miserably. >> what do you think? tweet me think? tweet me and let's talk about this. is it time to change our minds on marijuana?
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>> thanks alex. what you think? >> i feel for the guy but at the same time if the laws in place it's in place. you can change the system but right now he was foolish to not get representation. >> the country is realize that were messed up when it comes to drug laws. yet 17 marijuana plants. people have gone to jail for having a bag of weed. >> the problem is he admitted to selling it. when you admit admit to selling to friends and family doesn't matter who you are selling to. >> the jury made their decision. >> you can still do the right thing and let them off for time served. >> the new york city they sell out into hours and have lines going around the block.
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395 per piece. it'll be here before you know it. hello, halloween. it's the one night when everybody dresses up. and that includes dinner. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. it's always worth remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right. unleash the power of dough.
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>> happy halloween. as you see we have some inking
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into my costumes. i am a patriotic chef. >> power ranger. >> captain america. >> who here knows what that is? >> the devil, the. >> who's the creeper behind your? >> get out of here. >> this is how you dress every day. >> things a little different, it is never the same. vanilla, rainbow. >> the rainbow bagel is a new new york city favorite. so much so that they sell out into hours two hours and have lines going
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so i chase the story to the bagels door in williamsburg, brooklyn and and i met the owner and creator. >> they been in the bagel business for over 20 years and started making colored bagels for a noun traditional reason. >> we began working with colors as almost therapy. over time they began to overrun the ones in the pot. it went from there p2 an art form. today the world is noticing. >> over the years he is god more more creative. >> i'm appreciating the circular swirl. >> their con candy, candy corn corn bagels, and a new family, the mats aigle. format. >> go mets. >> the making of the bagel takes
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followed by 24 hours approving or preferment in process. followed by that is the baking, which is a lot shorter compared to those. on average she is on average is able to make 1000 per day. >> role. >> i gave it a try myself and he said i do not do so bad. >> you are the first person who got 90% right on the first try. >> that also revealed to me what his biggest problem is. >> my biggest problem today is keeping up with the demand. right right now, i am able to produce quality, the best work of about 1000 bagels a day. that's an all day, 14 hours to make that. the next the next
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are gone in two and half hours. >> if you don't like waiting in line you can order the bagels ahead of time. right now, there is a we can half wait. they go for $47 per for $47 per dozen or $3.95 each. >> what. >> to the tayside normal bagels? like if i got a multicolored one multicolored one what it taste like a normal one? >> someone said they taste like froot loops, fruity pebbles,. >> oh my gosh, it is so good. >> he is selling 1000 colored bagels per day. at four bucks per pop. capitalists of the week. >> here's what you missed on chasing a. >> take a look at this wild video. >> 7000. >> on the next show, have you ever dreamed of being a okay, so everyone is saying, "hurry! you gotta get fios" but why? well, right now for a limited time, you can get a great deal from fios. the 100% fiber optic network. only fios has the fastest
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