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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  November 2, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EST

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juliet: not the greatest in the work and belmar that is about it. no rain coming away as the low
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and get south find by the parkway >> it is just in my opinion there is -- we can't look too deep into it if we got off late
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the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3,500 hospitals.
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t fewer than 10% received 5 stars. r among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
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ha ha mild on saturday and cooler on sunday. let's go to ines rosales and she has not decided what seemed to
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ines: traffic is a bit of ball game. yahoo i think the future is really bright blue >> the mets, the workers world series team in history to lose three games, when leading after the eighth inning, the players and their manager and coaching staff after the game, it was really something tuesday. >> and they trade picture. >> the new york city. >> the first major marathon
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victory with a time of 2 hours, 10 minutes and 34 seconds. finishing in 24 minutes and 25 seconds, the first woman to repeat since 2008. ben: a lot more still to come in the race for president with republicans hold a closed-door meeting when it comes to future debate. agreed to. i was running 6 months after a hip repair. hiking 2 weeks after spine care. and setting records 9 months after shoulder treatment. one special hospital, over 1,000 special stories. see them all at
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ben: more fallout from the republican debate. it lead to big changes. juliet: representatives from a dozen campaigns met behind closed doors in northern virginia. according to ben carson's campaign they agreed to buy as the republican national committee when it comes to coordinating with media hosts. the rnc didn't participate, but the big staff shakeup, changes don't take place until the big debate on the fox business network. they were very unhappy with the questions. ben: didn't state to the topic which was supposed to be the economy. juliet: they were answering bizarre questions like fantasy football questions. we are supposed to be running our country, one of the will be anywhere. the race to the white house got more intense for the democrats,
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barry sanders launched his first campaign ad. >> the son of a polish immigrant, brooklyn tenement, went to public school and college where the work of his life began fighting injustice. if the real change, civil rights activism, the commercial will air over the next few days in iowa and new hampshire. clinton's lead in iowa and sanders leads in new hampshire. fred thompson, the u.s. senator who acted in feature films and notably in law and order on television has passed away. >> if i wanted a yes man you would have been out on your butt a long time ago. i need someone who can tell me when my bridges are unbuttons. >> you took me off the case. juliet: he was a lawyer, an actor, he was involved in the
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he did everything, senator, presidential candidate in 2007. the 6 ft. 6 republican from tennessee retired from the senate when his term expired in 2003. he was a star on law aerything, senator, presidential candidate in 2007. the 6 ft. 6 republican from tennessee retired from the senate when his term expired in 2003. he was a star on law and order, appeared in 20 motion pictures, he was in the hunt for red october. the list goes on. he was a national when he died from a recurrence, he was 73 years old. young. ben: top stories when we return. juliet: more on the mets amazing season. despite the loss what fans are
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coming up. ben: a great run while it lasted. the mets lost. juliet: president obama is coming to town. ben: thousands of stores close out west. monday morning. good morning, everybody. juliet: 6:30 a.m. ben: kind of a folder. juliet: they won in 1986.
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mike: they can do it again. good prospects. another mild one. i do not know if you got out there to enjoy the day. a little bit warm. it made up to 66 for a high yesterday. it is now 55. nothing that produces rain at this point. a mostly cloudy skies. high pressure still controlling the weather. you do not have to worry about it. today. we will make it up to 66 for a ride.
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early on friday. let's bring you over to i ines rosales. ines: 6:30 a.m. sorry about that. let's talk about problems. an earlier accident blocked a lame. the l.i.e., an accident by the cross island parkway. newburgh beacon bridge looks good. let's go to our camera and take a look at the l.i.e. and queens. moving slow as usual. as for the 59th bridge, if you are thinking that this morning, we had an earlier accident. the lower level also moving slow it down.
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trains are doing fine. ben: a heartbreaker for the city. the mets have lost the world series. juliet: matt harvey through a beautiful eight innings. he gave up a run to make it two-one minutes. essentially, they blew this lead they had five runs. seven-two. the royals win their first series in 30 years. they won in 1985. >> these guys just push them pushed him push. put pressure on our pitching staff. put pressure on our hitters. you cannot look too deep into it.
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we just got outplayed. juliet: the full highlights will be coming up in a few minutes. not all mets fans are singing the blues this morning. kind of an unexpected great season. ben: kerry drew is live outside of grand central. >> reporter: good morning. a long disappointing night. heading back to kansas city. the game was falling apart in the ninth inning. the royals tied it up. the game went into extra innings and the royals went on to a hitting streak. we caught up with sam fox night. greg: great season. great pitching staff.
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they did a great job. i think they did well. look forward to next year. >> too many mistakes. season. the royals lost it last year. they went on to win it this year. the mets lost this year, so that means they will win it next year. we are disappointed, but we are already looking forward to next season. ben: thank you. we have other news this morning. a heartbreaking candlelight vigil held in the bonsai site. after a crash on halloween that killed three people.
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afternoon as they trick or treated. driving west on morris park avenue when he bumped a toyota in front of him and then careened onto the sidewalk killing six people. officials are trying to figure out if he had a seizure or some other medical episode. a sneak peak into what actually happens in albany. assembly speaker and powerhouse sheldon silver. speed that the 71-year-old deborah pratt was one of the most powerful man in albany. one of the most corrupt in the nation. a show me the money culture. president obama will be back in town today. a lot of gridlock. arriving around noon.
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juliet: reforming the criminal justice system and meeting with former prisoners. cory booker and ross -- give yourself extra time to kid around the city later today. fox means business. ben: joining us right now is adam shapiro. >> should both date on the west coast has closed 43 restaurants. e. coli poisoning. they have not said whether it was e. coli in the ingredients that they use. they shut down the restaurants as april caution. they have not said what ingredients the e. coli may have been in.
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been sent to the hospital. the vast majority of the restaurants have no reported problem. we are working with officials to help determine the cause of this issue. there are two near the fox5 studio. safe to eat there and it is good food. juliet: great seeing you. ben: adam shapiro. juliet: all right. 638. i was at a wonderful place yesterday in franklin square. that is stared. time. really cool guy. they are wonderful to us.
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i did have a lot of wonderful food. we had a good time. on saturday night, i went to dinner -- do we have another picture? okay. that is unfortunate. mike: we had an okay weekend. it definitely was warm yesterday. lingering clouds are out there. later in the afternoon, they should pick up somewhat here. here comes the subject for the majority of the week. temperatures on the rise. by tomorrow, we have a couple 70-degree days. 15 degrees warmer than normal.
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here. things are pretty much on point. a couple of problems here and there. stick with the express lanes. the bronx. we are okay. let's go to our camera. take a look at the lincoln tunnel. your normal 20-25 minutes inbound. let's go to duke for sports. duke: kansas city royals are the 2015th world series champs. matt harvey starting the night. they continue.
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politician. ben: monday morning. 6:43 a.m. checking the headlines for you. hf brought down by a mechanical impact.
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technical malfunction. all 224 people aboard were killed. juliet: the cargo ship found 3 miles down at the bottom of the ocean. they hope to recover the ship spot box. all 33 crew members died. ben: two kenyans won the running of the new york marathon. the first woman to repeat since 2008. juliet: duke is here to talk about them met. duke: sorry fans. things went good for eight innings last night. curtis granderson gripped his leadoff home run.
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matt harvey had great stuff for most of the game. on fire in the fourth. striking hope the heart. terry collins wanted to take harvey out. harvey goes over to the manager and says i am staying in. terry let him stay in. here is where it falls apart. harvey came out. they get the first out. the throw is just way off line. the game is tied. that is an error. kansas city breaks it open. they scored five runs in the inning. just did not get it done.
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the mets down to the final out. kansas city who world series champion. seven-to your final. the first time since 1985. >> the last thing i wanted to do was finish where i started. it is obviously disappointing. i felt so great in the game. felt so great in the ninth. i gave it everything i had. >> i want this game in the worst way. obviously, i will let my heart get in the way of my god. i love my players and i trust them. i said go get them out. ben: terry collins. honest after the game.
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change after harvey walked. the mets players and manager thanking the fans. really a classic game country. juliet: i do not recognize him? duke: back-and-forth affair. giants. mcbride comes up with it. he scores an unbelievable play. the giants lead 49-42. a big fumble recovery. drew breeze throws a touchdown. tied at 49.
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time expires. fifty-two-49 the final score. just taking on the raiders. no score first quarter. twenty-one-three oakland in the second quarter. gino smith. twenty-one-six in the third. oakland. taking it all the way. 59 yards. score. what about hockey. the islanders tied at one in the
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what about soccer. finally a win for a new york city last night. first leg of the eastern conference similar finals. mccarthy. new york city only sports when last night. juliet: all right. thank you. very quickly i want to say hi to lydia. lovely. a server at a great italian restaurant. it has been there a long time. she was great. ben: at least the weather is looking up. mike: it does look good for us. get ready. go to twitter. check us out.
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55 degrees out at central park. a lot of cloud cover out there. the rain is not a problem for us. it does not look like it will be able to make it up to us. we will get caught out there, especially early on. more sometime later in the day. the forecast high today is 66 degrees. mild temperatures. seventy-two on wednesday. back to 69 on friday. seventy on friday. looks like the weekend coming up is pretty mild.
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ines: good morning. some earlier problems leaving the lace. local lane six at 114 stick with your expressways without. the van wyck north found by atlantic avenue moving slow. if you are taking the trains, those are doing good this morning. everything on or close to schedule. street cleaning rules are in effect. ben: thank you, ines. juliet: it just sounds right. anna: talking about taylor swift. this time she's being sued by a songwriter that claims she stole
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some of his lyrics from one of her most popular songs. anna: those are the leader in question. he came up with haters can the hate and players going to play for a song he wrote in 2013. anna: that goes way back. i don't know who started it originally. i have known it since i was a child. he is suing for $42 million.
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halloween costumes. including lebron james who really stayed in character for his. take a look. anna: he did a great job. a lot of videos on instagram. he performed in front of his cleveland cavaliers team at the howling party. dance moves. he committed it. there was a red carpet rollout for peanuts the movie. hanging out with snoopy, charlie brown and the rest of the gang. snoopy faces off against the evil red baron and tries to win the affection of the little girl.
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juliet: thank you very much. ben: try to have a good monday. juliet: yeah, i know. there is next year. ben: have a good one.
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