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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  November 2, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EST

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greg: so it did not happen. it was fun while it lasted. rosanna: i think we are all suffering a little bit of the blues today. greg: monday. the day after we lost the world series. rosanna: next year. welcome to "good day new york." i am rosanna scotto. partly cloudy. highs in the mid 60s. even warmer weather on the way for this november. greg: last night. extra innings. we lost. a hard reality. we did not do as well as the other team geared i guess congratulations are in order for the royals. it really was fun. a privilege for us to go to one
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rosanna: more than 50000 runners took to the streets yesterday. the new york city marathon. more than 1 million people lined the routes cheering them on. i saw the female runner go by on first avenue. really cool. greg: all right. what else? the president of the united states back in our area. rosanna: he is going to see hamilton. greg: no kidding. rosanna: again. apparently he has a fundraiser there again. he will not see the greg kelly version. version. version.
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format of the deep faith. i think this is kind of universal. whether you are a democrat or republican, they thought the questions were unfair. meanwhile, nice to have you with us on this monday. we had so much fun at the stadium on friday night. greg: we did. rosanna: we thought we are going inning. greg: this is more competitive than it looked the entire series rosanna: we got to meet that harvey's dad. greg: should not have pitched that last inning probably. a-rod. rosanna: a-rod was fantastic.
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everyone is talking about how good he is at calling these games. greg: it should not be a surprise. there is jim brewer. he lost his mind, in a good way celebrating the mets. look at us. dugout. rosanna: there is this hallway room. i was there for quite some time geared isothermal. forget it. david wright. periscope thing at one point until someone told me to stop. greg: that is what happens at a baseball game. you see players. something else that happened. halloween. i thought we were terrific on friday.
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unstable hillary clinton. rosanna: that was funny. a good time. a good weekend. mike woods. this weather is like a gift. mike: it is. it is. early november. rosanna: it is almost like the seasons got pushed. mike: to him like a payback? rosanna: the seasons got pushed. rosanna: let's talk about today. mike: some really good stuff coming at you. not just today. above normal temperatures. we are well behind for the year. here is what we had. even yesterday it was not too still managed to get up to 65 degrees central park. islip, as well is montauk.
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all above normal temperatures. where do we start right now? 56 degrees. the sun is up. last week at this time, it was not. 39 degrees in sussex. it is not bad beard is little bit of wind coming in from the northwest. a mostly cloudy sky throughout the tri-state region. high-pressure is in control. the area of low pressure will not be able to bring us enough to get some showers. seventy tomorrow. seventy-two on wednesday. sixty-nine on thursday. friday. let's get over to ines. ines: some problems this morning. crossing the tappan zee bridge,
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you have a slight leg. nothing significant at the moment. new jersey. garden state parkway. try to stick with the express lanes. the express lanes, a little rubbernecking delays bid 59th street bridge, let's check out that camera. bradley avenue, a little volume, a little sluggish. as far as the 59th street camera. an earlier accident. the hov lanes are doing fine. if you want to use a lower level as an alternate, same delays they are. the trains are running on or close. series. did not happen for us.
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innings. rosanna: coach put man one more inning. i want to do it. i want to do it. you know what, he was on a roll. duke: eight shutout innings. he wanted the ninth. i don't have a problem with him starting the ninth inning, if he got into trouble whatsoever, you have to get him out of there. that is not what happened. terry collins wanted to take rv out. we're going to go to the bullpen. he wanted to stay in. he goes to the manager and said i am staying in. harvey then gave up a walk. that is when i would have pulled them. then he gave up a run. the mets get the one oh.
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five runs. they were not hitting it at all this postseason. the first world series title for the royals in 30 years. >> it is frustrating. matt harvey was so good. he was so good. he deserves better. spend a couple's the coaching staff as to the players that we are to them. that is what makes this a little bit more -- we will not be able to play with each other anymore this season. i think that the future is really bright. duke: you can see the players come up afterwards and thanked their fans. very classy.
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coming up in sports, we will hear from the man that works on the preamp post game on the radio forecast. greg: look forward to that. a lot of folks the budget cuts the mets were not destined for playoffs at all. most fans, even casual fans -- are you sure about that? even the guy with the piano during the super bowl. rosanna: a monday morning quarterback. greg: on sunday night or early monday morning, look. rosanna: he was on a roll, that
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what is going on, carry? >> reporter: a late-night and a very disappointing loss. certainly not the way they wanted this season to end. they wanted to win it last night. it just did not happen. the mets were actually leaving for falsification. all the way until the ninth inning. that is when it started to fall apart. the royals ended up winning it in the 12th inning. try to figure out what went wrong. >> anything can happen. >> i do not know. they just did not have it. i was rooting for them. they just could not do it. casey was just too tough. >> reporter: the royals played in the world series / share loss.
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they wanted to share. mets fans hoping that 2016 will be there year. they won in 1986. if they win next year, they would win it on the 30th anniversary. greg: okay. thank you. how much money did you lose on this scale? rosanna: i do not bet on games. how about you? greg: how about that sitting in the dugout. rosanna: that was so cool. i liked when you stole their peanuts and bubblegum. greg: yup. rosanna: president obama will be in town today. you know what that means. presidential gridlock. the rutgers campus in newark. greg: he will be over here. students from criminal justice
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he will go see hamilton. rosanna: i do not know if it is a special performance that they now use as a fundraiser. greg: when the night is dark on broadway. see since there are some shows that open on monday and ends on wednesday. i do not know if hamilton is doing that. some of the tickets are going for $10000 ahead. that includes a picture with the president. greg: we have to go to the bronx. a terrible sad story. trick or treat is killed by an automobile on halloween. rosanna: they are looking into whether the man driving that car had a medical condition that caused him to crash into a group of young people that were trick or treating.
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hello, proverbs. >> reporter: good morning to you. a beautiful memorial. paying tribute to the three lives lost. so far the driver in this case has not been charged. police do not expect that he will be. it appears that it was a terrible accident. an accident that has upended two families forever. i once was lost local but now am found >> reporter: only temporarily grounding out the sobs at a gutwrenching late sad candlelight vigil. a young girl could be heard morning for her cousin and grandfather.
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driver late saturday afternoon as they trick or treated. a girl-dressed as a cat. they are investigating whether the driver had a seizure or some other medical episode that caused him to lose control. police say he was driving west when he bumped a toyota in front of him. crossed over the double yellow lines and then careened onto the sidewalk hitting six people. >> considerable damage to their bodies. >> reporter: there is little comfort, only pain. >> let us stand together as a family, as a community and silence and remember those who we have lost and pray for those
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very much. >> reporter: people have been coming to this memorial to pay tribute. lewis died a hero. he actually pushed two of the sisters out of the way of the oncoming car. tragically, he and his granddaughter died holding each other's hands. that is the latest live from morris park this morning. back to you. greg: thank you very much. let's stay on this for a moment as he get back to what happened on saturday. halloween is a dangerous time for young pedestrians. more children likely to be killed on the evening of october 3110 in the other time. you have a lot of youngsters out on the streets, sidewalks, cars.
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being supervised by older people get you would think that they would have been safe. greg: i understand. rosanna: anyway. the marathon. two kenyans swept the title. in the beginning, i was watching the women. we had some americans right in there. greg: the first major marathon victory for this man. this woman won the women's division. man, oh man. what could you when i get done in two and a half hours. rosanna: i was watching it on tv. coming up first avenue. there. greg: you can't tell which is which. rosanna: i did see it in person. very cool.
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americans dropped to the back of that group. greg: it looked like a fun day. rosanna: mike with. the weather was nice for them as well. mike: a lot of folks were out enjoying it. mild temperatures made enough of a difference. we have a mix of clouds and sun out there. 56 degrees at central park. a decent amount of cocoa for the tone. fifty-four right now philly. we have a pretty quiet weather center for us right now. mostly cloudy skies. showers down near the area of low pressure. it looks like it will be coming to the south of us. high pressure tends to hang out. sometimes it moves on. there is really nothing to force it out of here anytime soon.
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carolina, south carolina. you have more wet weather. strive trying to dry out from those big storms that they have. wet weather hanging out for the next few days. high temperature goes up to 66 today. seventy-two on wednesday. did it looks like a shower chance on friday. by the way, happy birthday to debby o'malley. hope you have a fantastic birthday. let's bring in mind as. monday morning commute. ines: morning. in accident on the jackie robinson parkway. slowing everyone down. the lad slow coming from nassau county. in earlier accident. kind of left that delay for you along with your normal delays.
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route 78, watch out for a stall westbound. let's go to our cameras. a live look. wb, normal. forty minutes, 30 on the lower. there is the bqe heading inbound. lincoln, 45 into the city. greg: thank you. let's go outside one more time. citi field. rosanna: it was a nice season. they gave us lots of talk about. thank you so much new york mets. "good day new york" is coming right back. selling 18 homes? building them all in four and a half months? now that was a leap. i was calling in every favor i could, to track down enough lumber to get the job done. and i knew i could rely on american express
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greg: i believe, no, is it, guess, a place that you and i have never been. the queens zoo. >> reporter: i think that the animals stayed up to watch the game last night here at camp find animals out anywhere. rosanna: look at the fall foliage. greg: the queens zoo. the bronx zoo gets all the attention. rosanna: they have a variety of animals.
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greg: this thing looks okay. that looks like a bear on the prowl. in corona. 5351 in corona. rosanna: look at the foliage. it is so pretty today. thank you, jim. we will check in with you later. let's talk with that russian airline. external impact cause that deadly crash in egypt on saturday. they are insisting it was not a technical fault. greg: 224 people all on board killed. it broke off at a high altitude. rosanna: the pilot did not send a distress signal. there was no contact with the tower before the crash. that contradicts egyptian officials that the pilot had
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greg: thompson, former senator and actor dead at the age of 73. thompson, i always liked him. he was a lawyer. and actor and a united states senator. he ran for president, unsuccessfully, obviously. he had this way about him. rosanna: he retired from the seat when his term expired in 2003. he was a star on law and order. remember this one? >> if i wanted a yes man, if you would have been out on your but a long time ago. i need somebody who can tell me when my britches are unbuttoned. greg: he was carrier commander. he played a cia director and "no
7:24 am
another good movie. his public questioning revealed nixon quantitative. they question their during that period. rosanna: rest in peace. today is a big day for shelly silver. he is going to court. jury selection begins today. probably one of the most powerful people. greg: use accusative taking $4 million payout could fax. the attorney says one of the most corrupt in the nation. a show me the money culture. silver denies he did anything wrong. this was so shockingly saw him in handcuffs. his trial starts today. the former majority leader is
7:25 am
expected to start later this month. rosanna: 7:25 a.m. let's take a quick break. fall is coming in today. greg: more from the zoo. are they buffalo? i am guessing buffalo, jim. >> reporter: that is what they appear to be. greg: aar just chilling. rosanna: anyway, good day is
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being here when our patients need us, so they can keep living their busy lives. weekend appointments are now available here. learn more at greg: jim is digging is this. the queenslocated next to terrace on the part in the world fair complex. but there is roaming our round. rosanna, think we ought did ourselves on friday. rosanna: it was a lot of fun. i have to tell you you were right on the money with donald trump. greg: you did an e effective hillary clinton. the scenario was two years from
7:29 am
president, talking about all the things he did. here is the sample. >> i totally busted up washington. i do things my way. they said you can't hire your friends and did your friends jobs and you got to fire eggheads from universities. rosanna scotto was my best appointee ever. she is the ambassador to italy. to configure confirmation hearings? take a look. he showed up -- i didn't think that was a good idea. to her credit she showed that she knew every curse word in italian. all the best ones and a few in spanish. it's pretty doubt her qualifications check out my girl. she could actually find italy on a a matter. she is amazing. rosanna: not too far off. greg: i am most proud of my wonder and pride in my voice about how you know all the curse words in italian and some in spanish as if that is the
7:30 am
virtue. rosanna: you should have thrown in fringe too. a lot of fun, halloween seems like such a long time ago between mets games, the marathon. there was so much activity. what is going on with this? going through puberty again or you are sick. greg: or under going hormonal treatment. mike woods. >> meteorologist: it reminds me -- greg: we'd drink after the game. never really understood, walking athletes perform at the top level but we eat and drink -- rosanna: after the show we go to a friend's spot. he gives us these great shake shack burgers. the next thing under greg comes over with hot dogs and french fries. he is like dino you want it. greg: one of the first time i ever fixed food for anybody.
7:31 am
you were about to faint. rosanna: i don't know what it was. it was different for us. anxiety about this. data base you have to know a little bit about sports. rosanna: we might fall short. a loss, a lot of fun. >> meteorologist: i had a good time with the lunatics. rosanna: you were out there. >> meteorologist: good monday morning. we have that all behind us, time to get into the weekend, get prepared. are you ready for the holidays? they will be in and out before you know it. here is what to expect as far as the weather goes, some lingering cloud cover like we had yesterday, still out there is this morning but it will be breaking that in the afternoon, high temperature in your 66 degrees and here comes the sun. a lot coming at you tomorrow.
7:32 am
as a matter of fact temperatures get into the 70s midweek for a few days in a row with temperatures tend to 15 degrees warmer than normal for this time of year. 53 at newark, 56 central park, 48 in bridgeport, clouds there and clouds, 30 finlands in montauk, 52 cloud cover in belmar. as far as winds are concerned many locations reporting winds calm at this hour. it is coming from the northwest at 3 to 5 miles per hour, not of wouldn't but little bit, the cloud cover still there from yesterday. an area of low pressure right here will continue to spin up the moisture and push it in our direction but high-pressure does a good enough job to keep the rain to the south but not all the cloud cover but we will see some breaks in the cloud cover in the afternoon today. i tell you what future cast is saying, we will test set out those clouds in the afternoon, temperatures 66 for a high today
7:33 am
wednesday, 69 friday, 70 again friday, thursday and friday we got to 70 but there will be a quick morning shower. let's get to ines rosales and get with backups are because they are there. ines: we have some issues out there. staten island expressway normal delays for the verrazano bridge, the oneness bqe usual slow spots, garden state parkway new jersey goes residual delays, accidents and the local lanes have two lanes closed, residual delays in the express lanes. a new problem on the parkway approaching exit 140 an accident northbound one lane blocked so you can see traffic backed up to the 130. let's look at the lie by a deer park avenue, stop and go, normal slowdown was counties that you are okay. the lie in queens expect delays, let's go to the camera shot, accidents on the exit ramp near the grand central parkway backing every one of who is trying to act on the grand central parkway. stick to the left if you are
7:34 am
taking the lie and not going towards the grand central, normal delays as you approach morris avenue, trains on or close to schedule. rosanna: last week the republicans got together. greg: they're furious with cnbc who put the debate together and questions were unfair. not just republicans are saying that. rosanna: democrats as well. said gop has gone a step farther saying to nbc you are not getting the next debate. are there more changes coming they que there was a secret meeting yesterday. juliet huddy had a glass to the walt, listening to details. juliet: the cnbc debate was that debacle, very entertaining and highly rated but wasn't very informative. that is why the republican presidential candidates are upset. representatives from the candidates on the gop side got together in northern virginia to talk about the cnbc debate
7:35 am
debacle as many people are calling it. ben carson's campaign boasted that even calling it a family meeting but like a lot of families there has been a lot of fighting over how these strategic and highly rated debate should play out. a lot of the candidates feel the current setup doesn't give platform to explain their platform. there has been a lot of contention between the current crop of candidates and republican national committee but apparently the rnc is willing to capitulate, they are okay with these guidelines being set up. here is ben carson on the changes you would like to see. >> i would like to see us be able to have a substantial opening statement, at least a minute, substantial closing statement at least a minute. and i would like to see tighter guidelines in terms of people when they respond to questions. some people just pretty much are.
7:36 am
within them and i think that creates inequality. we need to tighten it up a little bit and do it more like a professional type of debate. greg: if it doesn't work out for him as president he could be a etna test. he is a doctor, i bet he has 3 in that. rosanna: the fact is a lot of viewers don't want to see what we just saw. they want a little bit of information. we don't want to talk about fantasy football but how to deal with national security and so on and so forth. the changes won't be implemented until after next week's debate with the fox business network. i was on fox and transposing it. maria bartiroma was gone, she was a guest, one of the moderators of the upcoming debate and she said the focus will be on the economy and financial issues surrounding things like syria, the war against isis, fox business says it will give the candidates more time to explain their conditions and respond to criticisms from
7:37 am
>> there are so many debate. rosanna: let me know who gets the nomination. greg: at city field i heard this decades. greg: george benson. rosanna: "good day" coming right
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with dunkin' donuts' holiday- cookie-flavored coffees. from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m., enjoy any medium latte or macchiato for $1.99. >> let's get your weather information, show you what happened in the month of october. average temperature was 58 degrees which is 1.1 degrees above normal. the warmer we saw was 70 degrees on the ninth and the coolest was 35 degrees, we had that on the nineteenth. free.91 inches is happening for that month but we are well behind, eight inches behind for the year. here is what we have, kind of a mile star, 56 central park, 48 in bridgeport, 57 in montauk, a lot of cloud cover around town
7:40 am
but not real substantial cloud cover. the good news is we have warm temperatures around and cloud cover without rainfall so it won't be so inconvenient. we could read the diffuse the rainfall but it is not happening with high-pressure blocking that out. moisture will be over the southeastern states and the mid-atlantic and that is where we see light to moderate rain over the next couple days as the area of low pressure is almost stuck in the same region for a while here. it takes time for that happen. we are stuck with high pressure which brings fair skies and that is what we see today, high temperatures 66 degrees, tomorrow 70 for a high, as of monday to wednesday. next chance of showers friday. even that doesn't look like a big deal at all. if you want to keep track of weather information download the weather apps at the apple itunes store and google play store. it is free if we get your daily and hourly forecast. let's bring in ines, we have the monday morning backups.
7:41 am
ines: delays out there. traffic is slow on the lie, accident by the cross parkway west. cleared away over an hour ago but traffic from nassau county, eastbound accident on the lie on the ramp to the grand central parkway, jackie robinson park west bound slow by metropolitan avenue, an accident but if you're thinking of frogs neck or the white stone bridge, for the most part you are okay. putnam county looks good and 84, 64 no problems, let's look at route 80 in new jersey by union boulevard, traffic to the east bound moving fine, west bound smooth sailing, george washington bridge driving into the city, 60 minutes on the upper level, 30 on the lower, lincoln tunnel 45 minute delay in down the view are taking the holland tunnel 20 minutes. greg: when jim brewer who has gone viral many times over with his pandemonium celebration. rosanna: he has such passion, he
7:42 am
posted this on facebook after the final out. >> this is the great royals team, they earned everything they got, they are the champions, they work to get back here they use everything they got. topping the helium out of our balloon. we will be back next year. >> let's go mets and! >> that is right. you know what? thank you, mats! rosanna: that was a very classy post. i thought he could go off on kansas city. greg: we prefer the ones he is happy, not conciliatory. let's go to duke. duke: a pre and post game show play-by-play, nice radio broadcasts, that decision to let harvey fix it tonight, what is your take on it? >> interesting decision because
7:43 am
well, eight innings was fantastic, there was no sign he was slowing down until the ninth inning and the walk that doubled, harvey's game, he wanted to finish it. i don't think it was a bad decision by terry collins. the way the royals came back in the game, lucas duda makes a good throw at the end menu are not asking me that question right now. >> i wanted him to come out to start. 102 pitches. if he gets in trouble, got to go to the bullpen. on the one hand i give kerri credit because he knew if it backfired it would hit. on the other hand, it is like look, we have been talking about matt harvey ever since he hurt his arm. all of a sudden we let him go. at the end, that is where i had a problem. sounded like he is second-guessing himself. >> he second-guess himself
7:44 am
before harvey went out to pitch at all in the ninth inning. from the get go that decision was scrutinized, in a 4. tyler clifford walked two batters before the got a full day and you could have pulled him after one. tough luck in the world series. >> what fix him friday night -- if we needed that. the moment tyler clifford got in trouble, somebody i know that knows baseball real well said better get him out. he is not getting it. the injury in the 6, people and making a big deal about this. bases loaded, no one alan. you have to break the game open. there are two strikes but you knew he was hurting really bad. this looked like it really stunned. don't you have to make him run a little bit? make sure he can move?
7:45 am
leaguer say what are they doing? game. >> was and it was tough to get one run in that situation. kerri believes in his player. >> it could even walk on the dugout. his players seldom as gospel, if they tell him they are healthy and they can play, that is how he learned how to manage the bullpen by letting the relievers tell him if they could pitch or not entrusting their telling him the truth and kerry collins trusting him and didn't turn out. duke: 99, 100 miles per hour. murphy, a free agent, what do we do? >> are the mets going to bring them back? >> i would be surprised if he is back, he will have a lot of money this off-season, you'll
7:46 am
those flaws were always there. i don't think anyone was surprised that he had some flaws in this game. you will get the money and get it somewhere else. i will be surprised if they bring him back. >> murphy? >> same thing, he price themselves up in the postseason. made a couple errors in the world series and those will be remembered that daniel barry's postseason one of the greatest of all time, we will get a four year deal, for your $50 million. i don't know that the mets will pony up for two players getting toward the back nine of their careers. >> they can get that traffic. >> absolutely. they have to. they will make some moves in the off-season, bring some people in. it will depend what fits. duke: bullpen or defense or back? >> if you that murphy go you need bats. we saw what they did in the first half of the season without
7:47 am
you need to bring the mack. give the offense retooled. duke: appreciate the time. greg: thank you very much. he is going to have a $40 million deal. let's go outside. good for him. i am so happy for that guy. what is that, jimmy? >> reporter: monument in brooklyn at for the girl scout meeting... for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... are you having?! p savings are up.
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7:50 am
>> if only i could find -- inkompier anna: 21 after she said walk, the camera panned to someone in a wheelchair. people thought she is making fun of the disabled person. she says i think we cut it off -- it was a makeup artist. this is not -- in porche case, bad jokes is a walk to someone in a wheelchair, however she says it was her friend. let's go through some celebrity costumes. one of the big stand outs, heidi lun --klum. jessica rabbit. that is all silicone.
7:51 am
anna: who framed roger rabbit. greg: i never got into that. rosanna: she had some wardrobe malfunctions, she had a prosthetic on her boob and backside. greg: is that a terminology we use around here? anna: jennifer lopez and casper smart went as skeletons. i like when people go scary. neil patrick harris had his family dress up as far worse characters. i have two separate friends whose families did this with their kids. so this was the big one. also other celebrities dressing up rosanna scotto as a slightly unstable hillary clinton and greg kelly as a dictatorial donald trump. greg: you called us celebrities. if the anna: you wrote it.
7:52 am
lebron james stating character for his halling cost him. take a look. anna: he has a good voice. always harder than it looks. people call him king james. here he is being prince. he also did when doves cried. one of my favorites and i would die for you. well done. the cleveland cavaliers. also. greg: that is what it is like. anna: taylor swift had halloween fun herself.
7:53 am
>> there she is being the snowman. idina menzel in her famous let it goes on. greg: talented beautiful good person. totally sick of her. rosanna: i think she's very talented young lady working herself. greg: overexposed. rosanna: she is on for and that is the only way they make money these days. she is on for 300 days out of the year. anna: she is a master of getting coverage. she keeps having -- enjoying on stage and everyone covered it. people do love taylor swift. greg: facebook fan of the hour. samantha, thank you for saying nice things about us. "good day new york" is going to take a catch holiday-cookie cheer on the tip of your tongue
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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day new york". rosanna: how are you feeling? "good day new york" monday november 2nd, and rosanna scotto. greg: i am greg kelly. how are you feeling? it is not ideal. the nets lost, borderline tragedy. let's go outside. rosanna: we have a let down. no orange. greg: four games to one, the clinch in five games. we were better than the record suggests. there were some pretty, we made some mistakes.
7:57 am
rosanna: it was a good fried. it is warm out there. today will be dry in the mid 60s. mike has the full forecast. greg: here we are when the royals clinched did the same 80 to the world series, they lost, said they came back and the same could happen for the mets. rosanna: 126 days until spring training. said is it. president obama coming to town. get ready for some gridlock. he will be in new york and manhattan. he had two stops in manhattan and will tell you all about it. greg: last week during the world series there was a debate on cnbc and apparently they totally blew it, not the candidates although jeb bush did totally blown according to the experts. those who ran the debate, cnbc, full of gotcha questions and all about style and a horse race and not enough.
7:58 am
marco rubio won it they say. anyway, the republicans had a major meeting with nbc and said we are not going to do this. rosanna: we will tell you about the changes theed. two canyons won the 45th new york city marathon. every year the canyons when the new york city marathon. we need to find their secret. what is their secret? at one point on first avenue ladies from america were in front of the canyons but then somehow or another when they passed first avenue is also the back. greg: all right, what else is going on? the marathon was clinched by the world series. rosanna: so much going on between the halloween parade, the mets, the marathon, did we mention american pharaoh ran again and won the breeders' cup.
7:59 am
that was the swan song. greg: this was tough to take, extra innings, late in the night. you got to see this, confront it and -- 9:00. greg: in these moments. a big letdown. greg: personal thrill for me friday when we cover the game sitting in the dugout. we look like we belong there. our demeanor suggests we are not trespassing. by the way, mike had crazy energy, awesome stuff outside the stadium. look at this for a little bit. >> let's go mets! let's show you what is going on. how did you get your tickets here? greg: at one point they totally lose their minds. it is instigated by mike. wondering what are they going to did.
8:00 am
could have been riding. rosanna: we need saturday and sunday as well. greg: he had a crazy looking his side in a good way. rosanna: you had no coat on. you presume by looking at you it was a nice warm night but it was actually indian cold. >> meteorologist: i had an orange hoody but wanted to look cool and show up. anyway, good morning, we had a little bit of everything this weekend. everyone is blue from the world series thing. we will kick it up a notch with the weather, warm temperatures coming at us and will stick around for a majority of the week. let's look at what we had, high temperatures on average for today, today forecast height is 66 degrees and the average is 59 so it is going to be warm out there but the record heights today 83 degrees and looks like we will come in shy of that but it is a warm one coming up, 57
8:01 am
park, 42 in poughkeepsie, bridgeport 53, 49 in islip, 52 in belmar, a good amount of cloud cover, winds not that big a deal. if anything is coming through it is from the northwest at 3 to 6 miles an hour. not a lot. here is what we have, mostly cloudy sky in the tristate region but just to the south we have showers mainly over virginia, the carolinas, n.c. seeing a good amount of rain because this area of low pressure driving the rain through that location, sold-out frontal boundary means that area of low pressure and frontal boundary will not move lot over the next 48 hours and they will be stuck with wet weather for a couple days here and north carolina, south carolina does not need the rain but they have seen a lot recently. we could use the rain but it is not coming. more clouds in the morning, more sun in the afternoon, high temperatures 66 degrees. that sense that at 4:55 in the
8:02 am
is your high, 70 tomorrow, 72 wednesday, 69 thursday, friday a quick little shower chance pops by, we are having major storms and need more wet weather, not happening anytime soon. let's get you to ines rosales and see what things are like. it is it to the monday but tomorrow is a holiday. ines: election day and later this week new jersey teachers, conference. everyone is going to work so few problems northbound 95 in connecticut and accident by exit 3 and look south bound, delays from exit 9 as you head towards exit 13 but merritt parkway slow this morning, south bound. if you are traveling let's go to new jersey, route 17 south bound, there is thus also delays go to route 80 on that one. gardens they partly slowed both directions from 280 and route for free, see how things are doing this morning on the lie by the cross island parkway west bound heading toward the expressway doing okay, a little
8:03 am
eastbound much slower, there's a stall in the area said that islam everyone down. fdr 96th street, no issues or town, south down slightly, usually not bad, bqe normal delays approaching the brooklyn bridge, trains on or close. greg: the mets did not work out for us in this end, last night was tough. extra innings, we blew it there. rosanna: the ninth inning looks good, it looked like we were going out early but didn't work out that way. duke castiglione watch every single moment and has been doing a great job. nyanna aquil duke: i thought was going to kansas city. and it all fell apart in the ninth inning. matt harvey was great, talked his way into the ninth inning. we will show you the confrontation, looks like he is done. harvey says i am going to start the ball.
8:04 am
i am not done. terry collins waves him in and the rest is going to be history. harvey would get him a walk and run in the ninth. he came out and came in, salvador perez will hit one to third, did the job looking back and lucas duda at through wild, the game is tied, royals broke open, five runs, nothing in the bottom half of the twelfth inning and they are a really good team. i underestimated how good they were. they remind me of the yankees in the 90s, great bullpen, timely hitting, guys that know how to play defense, love baseball. afterwards we talk about this heartbreak. >> it is frustrating. matt harvey was so good to me. he was so good he deserved better. >> how close the team is and how
8:05 am
close the coaching staff is to the players and we are to them. that is what makes this thing a little more we are not going to be able to play with each other anymore this season. i think the future is bright. >> the future is very bright. nyanna aquil the first to win two games after a meeting after the eighth inning. very tough. we will hear from matt harvey coming up and terry collins later in sports. how are we taking it, new york? how do we feel about this? duke: people are taking a hard. kerry drew outside grand central this morning. i know it is time to go back to work but everyone is a little tired too. >> reporter: it was the late night and very disappointing loss for all but mets fans. fans were really hoping for different end to the season, hoping there would be momentum if they won last night's game,
8:06 am
could take it back to kansas city, continue the series and go for the world series championship but dreams of a jeb the injured came to an end last night and this morning we have a lot of heartbroken fans all trying to figure out what exactly went wrong. >> they played very hard, kansas city was great. we are very lucky they did as well as they did and we will get the next year. >> they can't hold on. they went back to defense. >> great season, they overachieved. they did terrific. bringing harvey in, next year. next year. >> reporter: maybe 2016 will be their year. the royals did lose the world series in 2014, came back to win it all and that is what fans are hoping for. if they did win the world series next year in 2016 it would come on the 30th anniversary of the last time the mets won the world
8:07 am
series which was 1986. a lot of disappointment and heartbroken fans this morning but still optimistic about the future. >> 126 days until spring training. ernie: imagine that much time off even in school, we got 60 days, two months. most of us get two weeks if that. folks, let's talk about the debate, politics. last summer, bret baier along with megyn kelly and chris wallace boasted the first republican debate and got to tell you they almost universally receive very high marks. made it look easy managing all those candidates on stage. we learned how difficult this can be last week when we watch cnbc try it the same thing and basically everybody agrees they blew it. rosanna: they talked about what to do in the future with nbc and the debate. bret baier of the special report is joining us from d.c. this morning.
8:08 am
is going to happen with the debate? >> reporter: right now it is suspended. day at a february date, the rnc said they are suspending pending changes. basically you have the candidates all getting together yesterday saying that they want to have an active role negotiating on specifics like opening and closing statements, what the screen looks like with graphics. i don't know if they will get as far as moderators and which ones will be chosen but they want to be active in it because they feel like the thing has fallen off the tracks. greg: let's look at the cnbc debate and get a peek at the moderator's, one on your belt, did your heart breaks for that little bit? do you feel their pain? it is a tough job. i think they could have asked better questions from my humble standing. rosanna: you got to shake it up a little bit. they have been asked a lot of these questions.
8:09 am
maybe they were just trying to be a little more entertaining. >> reporter: of little edgy. i think there were questions obviously did came under fire. candidates in this meeting are concerned about being whiners, not being able to take tough questions because they are going to be the nominee they will face hillary clinton likely to has a pretty big democratic machine and also won't be nice to them. i think it is going to be interesting balance hear about them taking a role in debate going forward. greg: predictions? got predictions for us? is donald trump going to go all the way? >> reporter: he is definitely going to the early states. he is in the lead. if he continues like this you could see him going all the way. greg: thanks a lot. rosanna: fox news channel weekdays at 6:00. greg: in new york city the marathon kind of eclipse by the world series but the new york
8:10 am
city marathon held yesterday and the canyons won again. rosanna: they have been running away with this the last two years. the men's side took his first major marathon victory with a time of 2 hours and 10 minutes and 34 seconds. greg: 2 hours and 24 minutes and 25 seconds outstanding. rosanna: i want to know their secret. how did a train? they make it look effortless. at some point con la date even perspiring? greg: one of the last miles in the marathon, just over four minutes. that is crazy. good for them. they get a pretty substantial cash price, not bad. rosanna: they don't have to run anymore. >> meteorologist: i walked to union square yesterday which is two blocks away and my head was hurting. i am a mess. good morning. congratulations to the marathon
8:11 am
it is quite a challenge now. it was nice and smiled yesterday, cloudy but on the warmer side. it was comfortable respect 18. 57 at central park at this point call lot of cloud cover. let's check out the radar and satellite here. good amount of cloud cover but rainfall is not a problem. right now rainfall we have is down to the south in virginia, north carolina, south carolina. little closer to us all out frontal boundary along with an area of low pressure. that will keep things that. often times these things move up and pull through and get close enough to was that we could see showers that that is not the case with this party to this situation. high pressure is still in control. this is the future cast, with computer models say will happen is we will allow cloudiness into the area but no rainfall. the low pressure doesn't have enough going on, cut off from the jet stream so make slow progress and drift around, meanders around the southeastern states.
8:12 am
if it were to head up this way it could bring more clouds and showers but high pressure is going to be the bigger weather player for us here which brings us more fair skies and that is sunshine and warm temperatures, the low pressure stayed to the south and just meandering down in that region. today partly sunny sky, high temperatures 66 degrees, nice and mild and dry, quiet out there and later tonight, clear skies, a cool temperatures, lows dropping from 40 to 53. as we go through the next 7 days, 70 tomorrow with sunny skies, 72 wednesday, still sunny, 69 thursday, small shower chance comes through friday, over the weekend little of this and that. we have more clouds out there saturday, maybe a few sprinkles in the area. that should not be a big deal, 67, high temperature drops to 55 degrees sunday with partly cloudy skies. don't forget the whether apps at the apple itunes store and google play store with
8:13 am
download the apps, search is free. it will pop up and away you go. let's get you over to ines rosales. we had incidents but nothing tremendous. ines: no major problems but an accident involving a car and tractor trailer affecting the commute between westchester and connecticut after the new york connecticut state line where this accident is blocking two lanes and affecting the new england thruway at the moment. across westchester not really affected but you will have vexing delays there. staten island the express lane normal delays approaching the verrazzano bridge, traffic back to richmond as usual, brooklyn side, guana always slow towards the bqe. 158th street, you are fine, he's down west bound no major issues, george washington bridge this morning and hour delay on the upper level, 30 on a lower
8:14 am
25 from perot's approaches. greg: bob skagit of america's funniest home videos, turn it up. >> everyone just the way they want them, white meat, turkey and swiss, turkey all dark meat, extra to mayor, extra turkey, turkey have dark meet half white meat and peanut butter and banana hold the turkey. greg: he can be very dirty. rosanna: he will be on broadway. this is not his first time on broadway, the new musical and to got when we come ba catch holiday-cookie cheer on the tip of your tongue cookie-flavored coffees. enjoy any medium latte
8:15 am
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8:17 am
greg: times square. what is your favorite chain restaurant?
8:18 am
and i respect that. what is your favorite? rosanna: i like chipotle. greg: how the deal with those lines? rosanna: they move some pretty quickly. greg: e people waiting, it is efficient. it discourages me from trying. greg: rosanna: i went to see on your feet. and amelia left them as. not allowed to reveal it yet. if you look at me right now i won't say anything. i will give it. come back to us. i will be shocked if you didn't like it. speaking of chabot be they're
8:19 am
and forced some joy police to shut down. it does not affect us at this point. and six different tempo restaurants. and this is the third outbreak at jacobi restaurants since august. >> and travel tips, it is november, three weeks from thanksgiving. you can get some deals for holiday travel and this is coming from orbit and new york times which crunch some numbers. first thanksgiving years are very high and you can get a better fare now than ten days before thanksgiving when the airlines raise prices. if you got to fly for thanksgiving look at the fairs and get your tickets so consider flying on thanksgiving day. not the wednesday before. that will be the most expensive. if you want to take the family somewhere for christmas or new year's eve according to orbits
8:20 am
this friday and saturday are the best times to buy the ticket. the sixth and seventh of november, fares will go up after that and they say do not fly back on the weekend after christmas or new year's eve. fares will be astronomical, try coming back on a week day after the holiday. if you're wondering, the cheapest air force to fly into if you've got family around these areas, atlanta are, for lauderdale and washington d.c. reagan national. most expensive los angeles, new york, jfk, philadelphia and san francisco. rosanna: don't come back that weekend. take another few days. your boss won't mind if you work. extend two weeks. what is the big deal? greg: flying used to be fun, we would dress up. rosanna: i remember running to the gate and getting on the plane. you can't run to the gate now. greg: the o.j. simpson style. >> you have to wear a coat to get on a plane. greg: it is cool what we can do
8:21 am
now, you sit there with a drink in your hand complaining about a delay, a great bit on this, the miracle of flight. we are grumbling about it. thanks. rosanna: the book version of the new star wars movie is being put on hold. is the has asked the publisher not to release the book until after the movie comes out on december 17th. greg: my birthday. rosanna: to keep the plot of the new film a secret is that also means the book won't make it to stores in time for the holidays. that is not good. but e-book will be available on december 18th but a hardcover won't be out until january. greg: i am not a literary critic but i find books that are based on movies, not the other way around are usually kind of name. they are just not natural. anybody? they watch the movie and sitdown and turn it into a book. cure the money-making thing. i love star wars. rosanna: it encourages young
8:22 am
people to read so there's something to be said about that. coming up, he is one of honest singers around, pablo calderon will be here, first time in the united states, first time on american tv. he sold out in new york. greg: turn it up. rosanna: he is a very good singer and he will sing in english for us because he knows we are not very good in spanish. rosanna: greg: and all the curse words. rosanna: coming up in the 9:00 hour. mom this is hugely important. is there anywhere in your house i can get a good signal? anyway, you were saying. it's a tragic love story. i love tragedy. what is that noise?
8:23 am
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8:25 am
greg: what old we know about jim morrison. i saw the movie. val kilmer played him. the father was a serious admiral in the navy. roz gone too soon, he was young. greg: yes, 27, i think. people are getting back to work. rosanna: that's it. deal with it, move on. we had a nice post season. quite a surprise. we got into it. we are disappointed but we have a therapist here. greg: literally. rosanna: we are not taking chances with us. greg: we are going to get through it. mike woods, what's up? mike: he'll be a busy man here
8:26 am
greg: no matter if we won or lost. mike: yes. a pretty good looking day and week with the warmer temperatures around the tristate region. coming to us, the averages, you can appreciate or grumble about them, here are the averages, the average high is 59. 46 is the average low. trust me, if it dropped down to 46 this morning, you would be thinking it is freezing, too cold. but that is normal. we are well above the normals. the sunset 4:51. that is early. we made the clock change back to standard time over the weekend. 57 degrees is the temperature at central park. same thing in newark. 49 in allentown. 37 monticello. 42 poughkeepsie. 59 montauk. we have a mostly cloudy sky here in the tristate region and that is because, well, the high
8:27 am
the south low pressure and stalled out. the high pressure is holding it up, and locking it up and in the boundary, it is keeping the wet weather and the gray skies are they are, and hanging in the south eastern states. look for more clouds early. more sun in the afternoon. up to 63 by 11:00 a.m. pretty much the high for the day 66. going to tuesday, 70 is the high on tuesday. 72 on wednesday. back to 69 on thursday. 70 on friday and a little shower chance on friday morning and the weekend. up to a high of 67 degrees. okay, now to ines rosales and seeing where the backups are on.
8:28 am
we have a number of problems out there. westchester northbound new england throughway, delays here because of an accident after the border. new jersey commute, the parkway, a esz many as usual here. northbound headed to 78, 280 slow headed to the bridge there. now to cameras, on the l.i.e., over by the oyster bay expressway, moving slow. hov lanes doing okay. george washington bridge, an hour on the upper. looks like an accident past the toll plaza and the traffic is having trouble merging through there. lower level 40-40. 495 headed to lincoln tunnel a little better. holland tunnel 20. fdr northbound fine.
8:29 am
trains are running on or close. greg: thank you, ines. guess wo is coming to town again, the president. rosanna: yes, starting at rutgers and then coming to new york city for dnc fundraiser and going to see hamilton the musical and doing a special performance for him today. at 5:00, i believe, they are opening it up. >> greg: rank has privileges. what the president will miss, the plane. air force one. what a perk. rosanna: i'm sure. greg: we are going to ben simmoneau, hi, ben. ben: good morning, we are outside of the richard rogers theatre on 46th street midtown and home of the musical hamilton.
8:30 am
this is where the president will end the day today. he's beginning the day this afternoon when air force one, the perk of the office, touching down at newark, and headed to integrity house in newark, that is a drug addiction treatment center and then going to rutgers and giving a speech, talking about law and order and criminal justice reform and then headed to manhattan. he's got a 7:00 p.m. private fund raise a er, there are a lot of parking restrictions up on the upper east side. then the president is coming to the richard rogers theatre, a special performance. he's not going to see the performance, he's going to be here at the end of the
8:31 am
and mingling with theest gs. dmc bought out the house here. for $10,000 you get two seats, plus a picture with the president, actually not a bad deal, gees, this show has been sold out for months and months and costing hundreds of dollars on the resale market to get the tickets now, those seats are already soldout. the president flies back out of newark around 10:30, 11:00 tonight. back to you. greg: some day we'll see hamilton. we started it, sort of. we put on a special performance a few months ago. rosanna: it was controversial. greg: also want a lit m bit of controversy. he was cool and chill with license to ill, please don't take him off the $10 bill.
8:32 am
rosanna: how can you be upset about that performance. greg: stay with us folks. rosanna: maybe a walk on part in ham ham hamilton. greg: take a look at this book, city on fire. rosanna: over 900 pages. greg: it is a big book. it is his first ever book. what'd he get? this is making the news. rosanna: $2 million advance. greg: $2 million advance for this book. rosanna: everyone is talking about this book. i can't wait to meet him. i started reading it.
8:33 am
the author will be here. it took me eleven years to finally track down the ecephidon megolis. gorgeous, isn't he? it was pricey, but a total bargain compared to this little beauty. (vo) a new york man spent $3.2 million on a dead bat. i have such enormous respect for these creatures. which is why i stuff them and hang them on the walls. (vo) you'd make a way better rich person. lotto. making more new yorkers
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everyone needs a bff. even your smile. colgate optic white toothpaste goes beyond surface stains to whiten over 3 shades. in fact, it whitens more v than the leading express whitening strip. it' s your smile bff. whiten more just by brushing. greg: oh man this close to meeting billy joel and we blue it, actually rosanna blue it. rosanna: we'll tell you what happened. we have a back story. greg: well, it is tease yous and long, and the friend said meet me here and rosanna was confused. rosanna: yes, i was confused and my friend was hanging out with
8:35 am
billy joel and his wife and the governor. it would have been an intimate get together. you know, greg, i was dragging. greg: you were a vegetable. rosanna was toast. rosanna: it was a long week. we had a lot of stuff going on. i emceed the night before. greg: you get tired about 9:00. rosanna: yes, up since 4:30. the night before doing something for cardinal dolan. greg: you have mentioned that a couple of times. rosanna: i got a special pray. maybe the mets needed a special pray. greg: thanks any way. rosanna: sorry, marla. greg: duke is here. check out duke's hair.
8:36 am
duke: no, i'm fine. greg: what is up? duke: i was playing with my hair. well the royals winning the world series. sorry mets fans, here is how it went down. things were looking good for 8 innings. granderson with a lead-off home run. 1-0, mat harvey great stuff for most of the game. in the 4th, on fire, striking out the heart of the kansas order. nine strikeouts on the night for him. terry collins wanted to take harvey out, harvey argues his way back in. saying i'm staying in. greg: who is the manager of the outfit? duke: good question, it is once he walked the first guy, then he needs to go out. double there. bringing him home.
8:37 am
harvey out, one hit to third. you know the rest. duda not throwing home. extra innings, kansas city breaking it open. 7-2 kansas city. mets down to final out in the 12th. i mean, that is fitting that after the way that the night wept. flores is caught looking. the kansas city royals win the first time since 1985. >> i wanted it bad. the way that the game was going, the last thing i wanted to do was not finish what i started. it is disappointing. i felt all game and felt game in the 9th and wanted the ball. i gave it everything i had.
8:38 am
in the worst way, and so, obviously i let my heart get in the way of my gut and i love my players and trust them. i said go get them out. >> duke: once again, i don't have a problem with harvey starting the 9th, it is once you walk the leadoff guy tough pull him out of there. the craziest football game jeents down in new orleans yesterday. giants. tied at 42. drilled. coming up with it. he scores unbelievable play. the giants lead 49-42. the saints fight back. 7 touchdowns on the day for breez.
8:39 am
tied up at 49. the giants punt the ball. called for a face mask. the saints kick it through. 52-49. heart breaking loss. jets taking on the raiders yesterday. no score in the first quarter in this game. and it is 21-3 oakland in the second quarter. pecked off by woodson right here. and then 21-6 in the third. jones is going to catch the pass out of the backfield and going all the way, 59 yards for the score. 28-f raiders. >> what are the jets for the season now?
8:40 am
rosanna: this is american phraroh. >> winning the final race of his career and retired a stud after having one nine of 11 career starts and earning more than 8.6 million $8.6 million. greg: he's wearing the same outfit every time. rosanna: he's been riding him, he was here. i mean, he risked the career by clowning around with you on hippity hop. greg: it was worth the risk to do that. duke: is that after winning in monmouth? rosanna: yes. greg: he's a great guy. duke: yes. rosanna: coming up on "good day new york", you know him from full house, bob saggette. he's up to a lot since the show wept off the air, he's talking about a new musical he's here,
8:41 am
he has a little potty mouth, that bob. greg: we'll talk to bob.
8:42 am
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>> and they're off. this what we did with the most famous jockey in the world. rosanna is already in the process of cheating. he add a lot of fun. rosanna: he was laughing the whole time. >> i'm off to an early start. >> he beat you. fair and square. greg: i'm glad he did. rosanna: yes, that would have been embarrassing. talking to anna. anna: the bronx native is busy this coming year. the "american idol" judge is
8:45 am
a new cop drama set in new york. >> does she play by her own rules? >> i bet she does. she played great in out of sight. i recommend watching that. greg: greg: who remembers that movie? >> i do. it was hot in the tub. don't you remember that? greg: that is not george clooney. anna: riebt, right. this is current show. she's being mentioned in her best friend's book. it is a book all about scientology and in it, the church wanted her to recruit j-lo and claims about tom cruise. greg: what is this? >> her reality show. rosanna: is that her mom, her mom was in the scientology
8:46 am
the church nobody can talk to you. anna: in the book, she has a lot of revelations according to the people getting advance copies, troublemaker, and tom cruise and katie holmes are mentioned it. before their wedding, tom and kately let a 7 month all suri cry in the bathroom while having dinner no. one was touching or comforting her because of the religion. greg: it is sounding gossipy and mean. rosanna: it is about her story. she spent a lot of her life in scientology and people are cure curious about that. anna: your whole life is torn apart because you can't speak to anyone.
8:47 am
greg: i don't know about that. keep going. anna: there are revelations about bell, a and conor. they are not in contact with nicole. the book is coming out tomorrow. greg: what'd she do before a reality show. >> king and queens. rosanna: and dancing with the stars. are you all right? greg: i'm all right. rosanna: it is sounding lose. anna: snoopy hanging with the stars and promoting the new peanuts movie. greg: i like this story. anna: glad we have a story you like. greg: charlie brown peanuts the movie? >> yes. greg: when is it coming out?
8:48 am
>> soon. here are some stars on the red war e carpet recalling the peanuts memories. >> i used to have a little black snoopy and the red baron. the little figure. >> charlie brown is the kid that didn't get the treats or the valentine's day cards, so utterly relatebl but funny. >> you can see paw nets the movie this friday. greg: it is looking different from the show. what is it? animation? rosanna: kind of a spin. greg: great stuff. we love those guys.
8:49 am
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morning. greg: wow, looking like michigan or something. rosanna: thank you for saying nice things about us. keep the comments coming.
8:53 am
george pone of the cool perks of this place pis you can eat as much cereal as you want. it' s like i' m going to work to get some. we just like cereal. love it, live it. (laughing) does this $20 family original recipe chicken? two large mashed potatoes and gravy? [ding] and are you the real colonel sanders? yes... [buzzing]
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