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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  November 3, 2015 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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>> it isten p.m. p.m. do you know where your children are. >> right now on "fox 5 news" at 10:00. >> i have to call the murders the murd mer. steve: all right. those are comp ments that got the director in out water with police tonight. is stang by his word. dari: he said he won't be intimidated by law enforcement groups that are calling boycott of the next movie. zacharyp. reporter: yeah, today for the first time quintin tarantino spoke to "the los angeles times" say egg is not a cop heart but not going to apologize. director quintin tarantino's fillp ams have earned him a poll lowing. his commence here in new york city in late october have not had the same return. >> i am a human being with a conscious.
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and when i see murder, i cannot stand by and i have to call the murdered the murdered. i have to call the murd mers the murders. >> reporter: did find support from friends in hollywood like jamie foxx. >> quinn tarantino. keep telling the truth. don't worry about the haters. >> police unions jump onboard. the pressure is heating up up in an interview. he says in part, the messages clear. it is to shut me down. it is to discredit me and intimidate me and to shut my mouth. even more important than that to send a message to any other prominent person that may feel the need to join that side of the argument. >> a man of his celeb tin stead of working to bring the community and the police closer together. he separated them more than ever. that the cousin, a former cop and the father want him to apologize. >> he focused on one particular thing. one incident then
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officers over one particular incident. and that is where i think is wrong. >> several news outlets say this is event he was talking about. 12-year-old rice who had a toy gun, shot to death in cleveland. some believe quintin tarantino may be getting refresh sure that address the situation before it impacts box office sale mothers new you movie which opens crists a day. >> that is the thing. it is important to consider the timing of the rally just days after the death of eric holder. up the officer who was shot in the line of duty on the east side of tar lem which rubbed people the wrong way. guys, walk to you guys in the studio. steve: indeed, thanks very much, be zachary. a subway slash the afternoon. skyfoxhd over the scene at the ralph avenue station in bed-stuy. 29-year-old stanley gray randomly attacked two straphangers cutting head. he ran off and was caught a short time
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later. he has been charged. the in jr. are i haves are we're told are not life threatening. >> the federal corruption trial of the form ter state assembly speaker is underway. at one time, silvers a considered to be the albany. now the fate lies in the hands of a jury which has to decide whether he is fill i of take millions in kickbacks. lisa ever has more. reporter: the bribery and a corruption trial of sheldon silver got underway in federal court in lower manhattan. with opening statements were both sides. assistant manhattan u.s. attorney went allege as silver used the government position to stare cli cent to law frms but then rewardedded him for the business nearly $4 million in kickbacks. fox news legalp analyst explains. p so the prosecutor has to stand in front of the jury and say, lig, had sheldon silver not done the lit calm favors. had sheldon silver not
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curing cancer, wee have never gotten these $4 millionle worth of fees. >> silver's defense team portrayed him as a dedicated public servantp humble beginnings on the lower east side who was known to get things done. the defense team say what's the feds called kickbacks are nothing more than common cases of friends helping friends. >> sheldon sillle ver is a big figure, pub figure who people know. he has a top legalle team on their side, and you never know he what a juries going to do. >> silver stepped down as speaker when he was arrested and pleading not guilty all the charges. this trial is expected to take four are to six weeks. in lower manhattan, lisa evers, "fox 5 news." >> investigators that you russian plane crash over the weekend died. there are reports the american satellite picked up a sudden, unup peckedded heat flash at the time neft tro jet crash. u.s. officials stress
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that the plane was knocked down by missile or antiaircraft fire in and can not rule out an explosion happening onboard. i sis has claimed responsibility. that point, nop unwith is ruling out terrorism as a possibility. dari: well, a a florida developer has new idea for the shuttered casino hotel in atlantic city. here is offering to the shelter syrian refugees for air while. as they are try aring to figure out what to do with the future of that building that is weeing decide in court. straub has been trying to he open since big it in april for $82 million. >> the is ming italian marathoner has been found safe and soundp and despaired after finishing the marathon on sunday afternoon. the off-duty officer spotted him riding the subway in pidtown early this morning still in the race aring bear. the man who was treated for dehydration. dari: okay. mauldin this. on election night, next year, this time, we may very well know who the next president of the united states will be. p let's take a little
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look at the numbers now. the latest one withs republican presidential candidate ben carson continues the surge in the polls for the second time in a week, he is leading in the fashional poll with 29 to 23% lead over donald trump. marco ru bee yo, also got wig bounce from a strong debate performance last eke, he is at 11% followed by ted cruz and jeb bush. side. hillary clinton widening her lead over bernie sanders. 62% of those surveyed by "the wall street journal" pick clinton as z as top choice. dari: a gorgeous day to get out to vet and do other things but without many major race in our area. not many people voted. here is nick gregory. 67 now, nick, it is >> meteorologist: is. tures. city. it has gotten quite chilly. that is typical. a clear sky and away from the concrete and
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the buildings and the really fast. but look at how warm it was today. 78 degrees. more like early september versus early november. 73 bellmawr as you you mentioned 72 in the city. mid 70's to newark. around 70 to upper 60's long island and the connecticut and ocean influence to the wind tomorrow. look what i mean. 66 now in town. 48 in poughkeepsie. low 50's on long island. 57 down in bellmawr. back to 45 in sussex. city. quite chilly, but pit is around town and temperatures are running 5 to 10 above of where they were 24 hors ago. with a clear sky. fox 5 is not showing any precipitation in our area tonight to worry about. as we go on and take right the future cast. none expected. the sky stays clear tonight. tomorrow, a sunny day. a little bit of a south early wind here tomorrow in the afternoon t. that is going to hold the temperature back little bit. only get to 7. that is still 12 above
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average. we take that. definitely 60's along the coast as we head to tomorrow. as we head to thursday. much more clouds start to appear. then sun will be found in the morning. more clouds really in the afternoon. that is the next chaps of a few showers. not much throughout. her to mild day on thursday. the he real cool air a doesn'tp return until the weekend. 56 in the he city tomorrow. as you saw 40's z you go together the suburbs. clear skies. sunny tomorrow. 50 than the morning. 64 at lunch time. top off at 70 in the florida. steve, dari. steve: thank you, nick. dari: the holidays around the corner but you wouldn't know it today. 67 degrees. steve: that is right. ohm are trying to make the most of the poe us in days. dan bowen shows house they are going about it. >> there is no cooling down those fingers on this unseasonably warm night. the already electric streets of new york city feel like the calendar has beenp flipped back few months.
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>> this weather is ridiculously crazy. >> i have never seen anything like this. >> it is a t-shirt and shorts kind of evening. >> i think it is not dog last tooing long. think we should enjoy it while we canp. i will be 32 degrees snowy. think we enjoy it now. >> at the ice cream while you can and sit outside while it is still nice. >> it is a beautiful day. we have to taked a tragic of like what we are in m am we're hap i to be at this time sithing outside. >> at central park. it feels like summer again says hope lonp done. i love i am a not wearing a coat. i could wear a short sleeve shirt. >> mo sockance no worm race. >> at least for now. >> it is fantastic? ment we drove in from new jersey because it was so beautiful. >> unexpected m. we're from california. that is perfect. >> with we brought it with us. >> we're leaving tomorrow. get ready morning. you get your coats. take our weather back to california. >> forget about about 73 degrees much? still a long way off from the record in move. that came on november 1st, 1974 when it with as a scorching 81 degrees. the west village. dan you pow wents, fox a
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news. >> le well, it is not just teens. they cannot put down their pone. >> and taking a toll on their lives the negativism pact and device addiction that is having on your kids. >> massage delivered to your home or work. we check out new tapp lets you order one on short notice, too. >> oh, and the alarm on your smartphone may not the best way to wake-up. why music could be better? well, some of the top songs to get out of bed
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. dari: well, if vau teenage child, i don't have to ask you. what do you think they spend more time doing? sleeping or being on the electron frommic device zoo is am going the phone every time. it is a no-brainer. no kids spend a lot of time staring at the screens all day long. jen law merse shows us that is taking a toll. reporter: there is no doubt that teens spen aa lot of time on the
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phones or watching to v, but nine hours a day? a new study by the nonprofit group common sense media says on average, outside of school, teens spend a staggering one-third of their days using some form of media where it is listening to music, texting, talk, or going on-line. for me, it is probably like, probably like 15 hours. >> i am on the phone a lot. as soon aget home from school, i get my pone, i do my homework and on my phone until dow to bed. >> i use facebook, snapchat, stainp program. >> when wake up, i am on the phone to 20 minutes. when get home, i am on my phone. >> tweens are not far pee on staring at the glowing screens an average of six hours a day. >> tata is way more time than they spend with their parents, with their teachers, with their friends or even sleeping. the number one activity that teenagers do tonight. reporter: the impact of the time spent on technology, not only is
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it changed the way kid cans retrite other people, but pit has made if it incredibly tough for them to buckle down on school. >> one with of the most interest aring facts in study, two out thief think they can multi tax while doing their homework. meaning they can go on instagram or snapchat while also studying. the truth are is, it classer railroad the research, you cannot >> that is why it is critical for teens to learn how to use this technology wisely. >> the genie out of the bottle. that is not going away. phones and i passed, et cetera. they are here to stay. the question is are we going to make it a positive future or not. the study shows there is a huge racial disparity when it comes to teens who hews this kind of technology. caucasian teens report using bleed nine hours a day. for african-american teens, that number jumps to 11 hours a day. the newsroom, jennifer lahmers, "fox 5 news." dari: a senior high school student applying early decision at college with will not be
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happy to hear. theson at scores may not have arrived by november 1st. that is deadline. the college board says it is experiencing delayses in the new system that uses to send out the scores. delay affects students october. thele college board is saying now it has been notified. the effectedded colleges students can still view the scores onrine and report the scores to the schools them. steve: all right. more mission problems for volkswagen. just completing. irregularities in another 800,000 vehicles. september volkswagen admitted that 11 million cars contain software designed to cheat admission tests leaving the companies open to billions en liability. >> well, the airbag recall scandal is costing takata big bucks. the government, today, fined thep japanese company $70 million. the explosion prone airbags responsible for at least eight deaths more than 100 injuries worldwide. too cat tahas opinion ordered to stop haking
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can prove they are actually safe. >> all right. snoopy and some young friends ing aring in the closing bell. they joined produce material promote the new peanut's movie which open fies friday. feature follows the efforts to wo the red head girl. well, sometimes in the middle of a long and stressful day, you may want a little massage. it is actually possible. there is a new app for our allison show is it lets you order ear masseuse on demand. reporter: the carpoolle pulse up, happy muscles are moments away. licensed massage therapist and recruiter and on demand massage app that just launched in new york city. he dropped by fox 5 works. hell owe. where would you like though set up? reporter: give a hour's notice and send one of the 50 licensed massage the foys your home or office to do massages.
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all the equipment and to give deep tissue, sports massage, deep tissue, pregnat a.m., weedless prenatal. reporter: massages are available seven days week starting at $99 taxp and tip included. we do do go to people's homes. we go, we can go to offices. weedless event ares, so companies that are doing health care events, we goon there and do chair are massages as well. >> ma tasha started off for the hard, two prog >> i will give you a little shoulder mass age. >> oh my gosh. >> yes. >> yes. >> that is whatpp happen opinions when you work? >> then, she took on a p. in sports. you got. i. >> you got it. 3:00. >> my shoulder is killing me. >> take a deep breath. oop there you go. reporter: the ult hate
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challenge, getting these post marathon muscles moving again. >> we are going to start >> okay. >> we will start here. >> sounds good he m. i ever had. >> oh. >> bye, everybody. bye. thank you. >> currently available are in manhattan, queenance brooklyn and hope to be in the bronx soon. p can book on the android app ond on the phone or on-line. in the newsroom, allison, "fox 5 news." >> looking good. got to love of that. ariana grand day claims she's is being skinny shamed on social media. dari: how she is how to fight back. steve: robin widows widow the new information she is revealing about the
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i was jogging 5 months after my cartilage tear skiing a year after hip surgery. and playing grandma 4 weeks after a hip replacement one special hospital, over 1,000 special stories. see them all at
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find over 1,000 special stories at hospital for special surgery.
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>> ariana grande taking on wod dy shaming on social media. sharon crowley shows think tweets that forced the pop star are to have to fight back. singer and actress ariana grand day is the latest celebrity to shaming. set to he responded on social media to a fan negatively compared her body to body of modern family star actress ariel winter. she tweeted "we live in a dayp and age where people make it impossible for women, be men, anyone, to embrace themselves how they are,
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celebrate yourself, and celebrate others." >> i that is wonderful pause they have a big fan base and they have a bunch of girls and boys that look up to them, so if they sea! see that this will have that same at attitude. >> i am leaving today. >> actress in! agrees and responded to her on twitter saying "thank youp at ariana grande, women should empower one another, celebrate each other, you are all beautiful. "." >> well with it leads to eating disorders and leads to social worriance leads to depression and also maintains a sense that our worth is superficial. seesee you chylo gist says veb is can be easy targets for cyber bullies. those not so famous, though, could be victims as well. >> i think social media perpetuates with that image wrath arer than substance. >> plenty of fans seemed pleased the superstar is using the public platform to encourage
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their own person regardless of what they look like. is? ually what is on the end side this matters. in midtown, sharon crowley, "fox 5 news." >> don't know it. well, justle it. it iss always a good this thing j. the search engine may think we're smarter than we're. >> oh, poi. we won't let this go, won't know what yes. it is confirmed. derek jeter is engaged. p he daint cute and deliver way. okay, so everyone is saying, "hurry! you gotta get fios" but why? well, right now for a limited time, you can get a great deal from fios. the 100% fiber optic network. only fios has the fastest internet and wi-fi available from 50 to 500 megs.
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dari: makes it easy to pull up info on anything and all this knowledge at our finger arep tips comes at a cost. >> okay. may be fooling ourself that we're when we're look stuffp up yin. reporter: google it. why do we smile be with we trau? google it. who hang the song "eye of the tiger? ." >> oh, i know it. i know it.
10:26 pm
>> mike tyson. >> in the hangover. >> rocky. i don't know. reporter: just google it. as it turns out, going tolelele that hub of information is making all of us think we're smarter than we really are. matthew fisher led a team of researches in a tudded dy. >> we had participants, randomly assigned to either look up questions or not look up questions to, to a series of sort of every day explanations things like why do golf balls have dimples? reporter: the droup was asked to rate how well they cooks plain questions that were totally unrelatedded. what we found that is parties pans who had just spent time looking up questions on-line, thought they could answer the renlated questions better than participants. reporter: people who googled the answers felt pore confidence. ferber says the danger in that is what is out there on the interget
10:27 pm
minds gets blurred. >> it is suggesting that when people look up information on-line, they confuse access to that information, with personal mast try are of the information. >> it really all goes back to old saying. what was this again? 3:00 i am the-wise man alive four know one thing and that is this that i know nothing. from the newsroom, scren fer lahmers, "fox 5 news." dari: where would we be without google? amazon has opened the first real store. the on-line retailer just opened amazon books in see atle mar the am a puss of the university of washington shares a block pottery barnp and banana republic. this thepp canp can has filled the store with titles that are popular on-line. the prices il with be the same as z for the in-store and on-line shop. steve: well, robin william's life giving truly emotional interview. the first since the comedian took his own hive.
10:28 pm
i was not donation caused williams to commit suicide last year. the 63-year-old had been diagnosed with the early stage of parkinson's disease and claims he would have died line years adding to that. a core important's report said williams had early form dy men sh on good morning america. recalled the moment she found out her hus panel was dead. >> that assistant came over. have him call me much?sen she sent me a text and said is not up yet. what should i do? if i said wake him. p she called me pack. >> what did she say? >> i can not even -- i am sorry. that 2-minute car ride. i screamed the whole way. steve: woe. pretty powerful stuff. she fever blamed her husband for taking his own life. dari: chris brown is report lid struggling with af addiction. in case you don't know that what that is.
10:29 pm
that is codeine-based prescription cough syrup and soda mixture. tmz says the singer was spotted at l.a. pumpkin patch over the weekend a red cup at his feet and allegedly filled with this. the friendance family tell tmz, the problem has been getting worse over the last few weeks and worried he could lose custody of his one-year-old daughter over this. steve: a weighter once wires up for auction. pretty incredible. the bidding starts at $20,000. a mission button, discoloration. nirvana singer took his own life four months after this performance of the income per one album. p iconic piece of music. dari: okay. let's let them be happy. derek jeter and hannah davis engaged the former yankee captain confirmed in a subtle way he was writing about his dog on the sorts web site the player atribune and
10:30 pm
mentioned the dog was peep fiance. davis is going around town supporting a huge engagementing ring. so word on when they will actually you marry. p set to sthoat society. >> all right time for on band, off prand, our tailly look at which people are living up or down. everyone which is taking to twitter to complain about twit kanging the sim billion to a star a heart despite well documented troubles. twitter remains the do-to place on-line ton complain about stuff people like to bin about on-line. john boehner who was leaving behind nase reeks of cigarettes in and paul ryan noted fitness biffs sleeping in the old office while he tries to get the stench out of of john borne's office. on band, crease simpson biggest financial remember that. that was hean. he came up a big short
10:31 pm
mish if that could have made him wealthy. ohio voters shooting down a referendum that would have legalized recreational pot. the deal there was. they were going to award ten-s to grow the pot in marijuana. he was one of the backers of the ten farm said no. no go for that. yeah. zi was not very of her. >> that was hean. p. steve: yeah. he won't be any here. p. dari: right. he will be fine. okay. well instead of using the alarm on the cell phone, try a kinder, gentler way. steve: down the you hate those alarms? all right. we run down the best songs to wake up to to instead of the iphone. dari: yes. jon stewart couple is back when fans will be with able to see the formerp thost in the next act of his career. >> be sure to keck out fox 5ny weather tapp features daily and hourly forecast and live interactive radar that lets you track do in the
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reporter: wonder what the kids do australia a new study finds that teens spend nearly nine hours a day using bleed. dispit the new technology, younger teens still prefer watching television. meantime, automakers driving away a loft grine october. ford seeing the best monthly sales in 11 years. dp and fiat chrysler posting double-digit gains last months. pickup truckance jeeps were all the big seller. amazonp opening the first brick and supportar bookstore in seat. customers can buy things along with test driving amazonp devices such as the kendell the fire tablet. looking for a big quality of life with a smallle city vibe then you may want top head to garden state because the new study naming princeton, north carolina, where where we best small city in america. things like income, education, home own theship, right?
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that is business, i neil cavuto. dari: oliver could be getting stiff come trician the old boss. former daily show host jon stewart just signed a four-year deal well with hbo. at first it will involve the short reason hun digital content but could lead no another show of his own. the deal hb o get the first lack a any moch vis or tv ideas. yao ready are. long lines, are smiling faces could be seen today in brooklyn on the restaurant 65 orthbirthday they opened on this date back in 1950 all day long and selling slices of the original plain cheesecake for 65-centance set you back $7. of to great before that deal goes away. always good time. >> how you about this? >> now you will hear this. that. isn't horrible waking with up to that if a better way, right if. yeah. right. >> i can't deal with
10:36 pm
deal with it. >> so letwell's take look at some of the much more pleasant ways to rise and shine. almost as annoying. >> oh, my gosh. that was brutal. all right. don't worry f. go to sleep. all right. how one mets' fan plans to fix the tattoo, now that we know they will not, in, be the 2015 world series champs. phil! oh no... (under his breath) hey man! hey peter. (unenthusiastic) oh... ha ha ha! joanne? is that you? it's me... you don't look a day over 70. am i right? r jingle jingle. if you're peter pan, you stay young forever. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. you make me feel so young... it's what you do. you make me feel
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>> all right s. if you are sick of wake up one with of those alarms on that comes stocked on the iphone. maybe time to try something different. dari: spotify offering a play list. here is baruch shemtov to ex complain the tunes will help us rise and shine without getting a a headache or being startled like steve did to us. reporter: you mow shall, we gained extra hour with daylight saving time. some of us are still having a hard time waking up in the morning. get this? research hases shown there are certain stocks that are scientifically prove ton help you jump-start the morning. but first we'll dut out of bed. >> just the fact i wokep up. >> work. >> getting out tef house. >> the sun mine ice. >> money, machine hi. >> lots and lots of coffee. >> for many people, this sound, be be this sound
10:38 pm
what is get themselves out of bed as they struggle to open the eyes but alternative now spot ty fies teaming up with music see you col le dow is bring us a scientifically backed wake-up play list. am u want to get out and be alert and be optimistic. you need upbeat music. >> greenbrg's research tuned into song's build gyps key. even if a song or the first 45 seconds and a bit dreamy and a bit calm and little bit, for that first 45 seconds gives you time go with the music. >> number one on the list of wake-up, cold play viva la vida. the song just spills over and over and again and bring you along gently out of that grouchy and tiredness state and being more alert and ready for the challenges of the day. >> nextup, elevate bypp st. lucia. >> it builds and brings you along and by the
10:39 pm
end, it is talking about celebrating and take in the day. >> round aring out the top three, downtown by! macklemore and lie! ryan lewis. >> if you lack at the video, where macklele more is sleeping on his motorcyclep and woken up and pit is on from there into the glove. >> with many more options on spotify ale play list sure that bring any sleeper out of the slum per. the nextp time are setting the alarm. you hey want top etch reach for coldplay instead. now we post poed spotify's full list of wake-up songs on fox >> sweet tream dreams. anticipate thing is better than weak up. >> deed. >> from now, i point music that made me reapproachp where i will wake up. said one we heard. the actual alarm. >> if now it is coldplay. >> nuclear fire drill. >> all right. >> thank you very much thanks. >> keck this out. a big fireball lighting the sky last night. upper right. p look that. incredible, right.
10:40 pm
it was meteor and several dash caps captured. one on the upper left. look at that. it is in cred arable. last month, a similar looking streak was spotted racing across the skies over been a cong as well. dari: okay. i wanted to know. you vul the kids. nick, a do you wake up top? >> well, it is one of the is on the phone. steve: yeah. p oop uppeat one. i will have to rethink this whole idea, too. dari: okay. >> you want to wake up and enjoy tomorrow early enough baits is a beautiful kay. another day of sunshine like today. and almost as mild. slightly cooler. a little bit more of an ocean component the wind but the sunrise at 6:29 setting at 4:50 now. 72 andp 4le today. record high was 7 9 and was in 2003. that was back in the late 1800 way off the 58-p degree average high and won't be there until the weekend. 66 now. still very mild in the city. humidity pretty dry. wind has gone callp am.
10:41 pm
it is light out of the north. pressure rising. sky clear. wand this clear sky again, nothing on fox 5 sky guard un. the drought woes continue here. we need to pet back over seven inches of rain is not what we made up nor point of the year so far. again, ten tors were certainly something to enjoy. company sy, sussex. 75 at newark. 73 bellmawr. 70 long line. by islip toward montauk, 68 and the same at bridgeport. ashowed you. a wide range going on. 40's to the fort and west now. still 60 than the city. 57 at bellmawr. 52 islip. bridgeport. up 5 to 10 a lot of the area. gain, the wind with is basically calm outer is light out of the fort now. that wind coming around northeast to southeast. the southeast wind ocean temperature now and will start to have a play in the temperature which is why we don't get toward the lower to today.
10:42 pm
probably around 68 to 70 or so. all right. s or the photo. we are all clear. clouds are think of hort. am high pressure are goes in. and takes over for the next couple of days. you can heel the dry weather from the city all the pay of way back westward. some of this moisture will start drifting back nord wart that is for thursday t. you will see this coming up here in a second. the next chance of a a couple of showers but didn't look like rain at all. the cool airs way out west. 50's to seattle. 70's l.a. look at seg gas. only 57. for hem, that is cool. we talk temperatures climbing to the 70's most of the middle part of the control the east coast. 88 min my tomorrow. look at the future tempance our future cast here. upper 60's. a little bit cooler along the coast tomorrow. more like mid to upper 60's then, same kind of a deal, as we head toward thursday. probably getting close to 70 degrees once again. friday, we have chance of hitting the record of 74 and we see enough sun back to the the clouds. tomorrow, the sun will
10:43 pm
50's in the morning. some 46 than the bushes. 64 at lunchtime. top off around 7. there is the future cast. all clear. women's see, again, some clouds arrive as we head to thursday. watch that moisture kind of moving were up the south here. there are a couple of showers that may appear late in the dayp into user day night and don't worry. i cont think it that is much f. then friday, this air. clouds and some sun. then very mild aday in. this threat as it moves through will transition us to more seasonal temperatures. it is clear. it is cool tonight. 56 in the city. it is though 40's and lower 46's a you saw as you get to the northwest. tomorrow it is sunny. get upper 60's to about 7. there's the 7 day showing gain. that 70-degree weather wither or tomorrow. then, more of the sun thursday in morning and a couple of showers later in the day. upper 60 tee about 7p then friday, gain, some clouds and sun. right now, 70 to 27 if we get enough sun, we go ample the record are of 74.
10:44 pm
63 with sun and cloudses in there move. sunday, monday, mid 508's. it doesn't last that long. back to 60 on tuesday. the longer range molds are right. then, we probably be in the 50's. >> right. loving it. >> we shall see. >> thank you, nick. >> right. >> how about this one? mets' fans think of the testimony's star players. how many don't want daniel murphy pack next yearp. he is not the only one. the most, the other star most mets' wouldn't mind giving the boot. >> i am i nes rosales. in clifton, 46 eastbound before the garden state parkway. the right lane will be closed wednesday and. day fight for construction from 9:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. street cleaning rules are back in effect citywide. tune in starting at 4:30 in the we thought we'
10:45 pm
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are. reporter: all right. looking to the future.
10:48 pm
i got toil. wow. how soon they for get. the dally news had keep them or dumpp them poll yesterday 10,000 reared voting. quite frankly. i am shocked by the result ares. 60% of the voters said that daniel murphy should be dumped whilep only 40% said keep them. banged out seven postseason homers with six of those coming inp consecutive games and talking about the same daniel mur think about was the most valuable player national league championship series. yes yes. he had the problems against the royleials. no disputing that. he is average field at best. but you 60% saddamp them look said, how soon they for get. now, don't get me wrong, here, fom ks. he is a free agent. not suggesting the mets should break the bank but fans never wor are ry about their teens whan they pay out they never do. fans just worry about winning.
10:49 pm
but really, 60% saying dumb daniel mur nayeas players say business business. i got do what is best for me and my family p. what really shockedded me, was how the read arers voted on another free agent. 72% of them said get rid rough them. only 28 were said keep them. are you kid schnegg 28%? all after coming north ofs on july 31st was lead them to the division title. 57 games is a met. he batted 287 bang out 117 homers scoring 39 runs are knock in 44 for crying out loud. maybe he was saying that his firmance was worm think of being in the discussion for the league's mvp award. yeah, he did a d not have a great postseason batted 222 with two home runs. they would not have blake in the postseason and if it are not forp him. don't get me wrong. again, as free agent.
10:50 pm
the mets cannot on should not break the bank to keep him. you are looking. you say thanks but you no thanks but for 70% of the fans to say, dumb him. look said, how coon they forget. one guy be back. the kip ket geting a new two-year deal with official announce coming tomorrow. hockey tonight, rangers beating the cavs i should say 5-2. i lanes and the devils 2-1. that is for it sorts. >> good deal. well, one thing nets' world series showed us is how hard diehard pan as are. steve: right. one guy may have taken the whole thing. you got to believe believe a little bit too far. this has become a terrible new thing we see all the time. 22 year old said last as to toast day before game one with of thele world series shows the mets' logo with world chams 2015 tattooed under it. josh claims he doesn't regret the yankees he is a mets' fan and a used to being let down and plans on tweaking tattoo
10:51 pm
previous serious wince inpp 1969, 1986 and a! maybe future one in 27016. you see this, this for every team, every sport every san now. eagles go tot win. thep super bowl. then theyp don't. they have to deal with it. i don't know. we give them attention. >> a lot of work for nothing. >> a lot of work. >> even if they had won, even then, you know, you get a tattoo. >> you certainly don't need one before they win. i suppose it will be something for him to cher shall saying the but the memory. >> i yeah. >> yeah. again. is unique. dari: just think of how many guys put the girlfriends on or the wives. >> i know. >> it doesn't work out. >> yeah. exactly. that is. >> i of the going to get name at at this time tud. >> david beckham pud putt the kids that is for areever. >> is that is forever. see you tomorrow. a.
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