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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  November 4, 2015 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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announcer: it's 10:00 p.m. do you know where your children are? right now on "fox 5 news" at 10:00 p.m. steve: the "fast and furious" movies have made millions for hollywood but they were inspired by a street racing culture in new york city.
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than a decade ago. steve: lisa evers joins us to show us how the drivers are adapting to the times. reporter: that is right, despite that come in the sport continues to grow in popularity with car lovers who are taking it to the track. reporter: this is what illegal street racing look back back in the day. hundreds of spectators gathered to watch. usually who could be the fastest quarter-mile. in 2015, the concept is the same at the location had changed. they are taking it to the track.
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ride. >> it is going to be a big thing from the track. it comes out even more cleaner and you have to respect the police. reporter: the street racing culture earned international fans. number seven were passed the ticket sale mark. reporter: the driving sports club is for car owners only. that means that lamborghinis and other exotics are included.
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ride in his customized lamborghini. >> it's awesome. hour. so safety is always part of any race. >> a certain amount of distance if we are racing side-by-side. nothing that is so fed up and structured but more of just a commonsense approach. >> the sport is growing internationally and at the good sign for the economy. many use it to help the community. dari: we have some breaking news out of queens. the police say that this 911 calls started coming in around 9:00 o'clock. some debris has been recovered but there's no word on how many
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condition. >> u.s. and british officials say that they have information suggesting that the russian jetliner may have been brought down by a bomb. a group associated with isis is claiming responsibility. the russian passenger jet broke apart over the volatile sinai peninsula. they had halted all flights to the area, believing that a bomb brought down the plane. >> we have concluded that there is a significant possibility that the crash was caused by an explosive device on board the aircraft. reporter: the latest u.s. intelligence concurred and suggested a group associated with isis planted the bomb. the russian plane was in route from a beach resort back to russia. the terrorist group has said that it brought down the
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airliner to retaliate for russian airstrikes that began last month. white house press secretary josh earnest said that u.s. carriers stopped regularly operating out of the sinai peninsula months ago because of the potential for extremism. investigators have the two black boxes but confirmed that the voice recorder on the flight is damaged. aviation experts caution that it's too early to definitively say what led to the deadly crash. >> investigators need time. they need to look at all of the evidence and the debris to look at the flight data recorder data to talk to officials on the and to find out about these particular crew members. reporter: also tonight the irish government has joined the uk in suspending flights to and from the area while the investigation is continuing. dari: getting to and from the
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airport could get more expensive, they are considering airport access these are services like uber. the agency says that it is a deal with a growing curbside congestion outside of the terminal. other airports across the country already charge access fees and car services and usually pass it on to us. steve: the cameras when 130 feet underground today. all the way at 37 and seventh and park, this is the largest transportation project underway in the country with a 10 million-dollar price tag. dari: eminem is investing in a website who love to digest the
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dan bowens checks it out. >> from classical strings of the cello to a city park to the deep days gripping the beat all its own. reporter: music that touches the soul in all its forms is an undeniable force. >> it's a language of communicating that everybody understands and to me that means that the bridge between people. reporter: bridging the worlds most famous artists to fans is a booming business. a lowering users to learn the lyrics of any song. reporter: it's not surprising this is music critic for "new
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sizable investment and planning to annotate many of his lyrics ahead of releasing new music. >> saying this is what i was thinking about, this is what it refers to her. just communicating exactly what was on his mind to the people that have that level of interest steve: pretty cool. the '90s group trying to promise to come back with a big kickstarter campaign. dari: how fans are responding to them being accused of stealing the money. nick: we are going to see some
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clouds, keeping them out tomorrow but not quite as pretty. eventually this mild weather will give way towards what it should be this time of year. steve: meet the man who runs a real-life empire. we go one-on-one with masterpiece master p. >> learning about our bodies that are home to about 100 trillion bacteria and that getting dirty is okay. >> it is cool to get dirty and it's good to play in the dirt and not worry about it. i hope that changes at that level where we feel like we have away. you can find out more at the website listed below. and part of the ninth annual
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design competition. >> some of them work for as long as a year, the actual design in accordance selecting what they need to bring structure to life. each year it seems that they
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and that is your new york mi >> we were just talking about this weather during the break. wondering if it's all going to crack. the one we have time to worry about that next couple of days. then it comes back up next week. no big surge of cold air coming just yet. so we shall see how it turns out. today we have 70 for the high, that is again running 13 degrees above average. the morning lows in the 50s. fifty-six in the city, lower for 40s outside of town, not as
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clouds coming in. we may not get to the record tomorrow but 59 now and when flight out of the southeast and clouds starting to appear. pushing in from the south and east. sky guardian not picking up anything, a false return coming up under the radar. we are moving on and finding temperatures today broke the 70-degree mark. we are looking at poughkeepsie on down toward suspects. fifty-nine in town, newark as well, low 50s to mid-50s and along the coast, suspects that 45 and that's where it's going to start. temperatures in the 80s to the lower 50s around town. light out of the southwest as we
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move through the rest of the overnight or tomorrow. moisture creeping on up here from the south and eventually that will overrun the area as high pressure flies off the eastern seaboard. and this will come up towards us tomorrow, couple of showers popping up in the afternoon and evening. if enough sun gets out, jumping into the middle 70s on friday. the old front coming in with a couple of showers and cooler weather for the upcoming weekend. clouds with moving through the rest of the day. shower threats for afternoon and evening. we will see future cast showing cloud cover and then here is that break that i talked about. and so we could get to that and possibly go beyond that.
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cooler weather and then nice weather and patchy fog. fortys and cooler spots still above average for that time of year. the showers come in later in the day and the evening. sunshine breaking through and tying the record for the day, cooler on saturday, beautiful and breezy and then mid to upper 50s or it should be. >> it's really cool, even the coolest part of the day is nice and mild. steve: tlc fans accusing the sands of stealing from them. raising more than $400,000 to make it happen. october has come and gone. tlc said they took a break after their summer tour, but they are
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to release new album in the new year. dari: taking a look at that, it's not a new iphone order air or whatever, this is the outside of h&m. it doesn't go on sale until 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. though the exclusive pieces are more expensive than the standard fare they are deep discount considering what it typically would cost. steve: coming up next, what the new contract means for the future of the team that just came up short in the world series. dari: and we have this message from vice president and general
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>> mayor bill de blasio is having a bad week. he just received his lowest approval ratings from the lowest poll. 38% of new yorkers approve of the job that he is doing. no one is surprised by these numbers. he also had two embarrassingly apologized for heartfelt tweets about the mats. many have asked me about the ability to recall the mayor of new york city. there is even a facebook page dedicated to it. that facebook page hasn't been activated in a while. in new york state there is no process in which voters can have a recall election.
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and what is it about this man that has turned so many against him? even his supporters say that he is not progressive enough because he believes and broken windows policing. in my opinion there is always that includes delays in making critical appointments and arrogance that is displayed and stubbornness which is evident in many confrontations confrontations with the governor despite all of this, he remains in the running for a second term >> the recall is out of the question so all you can do so for a better candidate and make sure that you show up on election day and let the two
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>> how are you doing come everyone? the mets had themselves a scare
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for skipper terry collins. sandy was checked out. and as for the new two-year deal, terry collins, it was said that it wasn't just on this past winning season. >> from the time he came on board prior to the 2011 season through today. >> having said that, after making it into the world series, it has most definitely been raised. >> the bottom line is that we are starting from a higher level of ex-dictation and i think there can still that way and we
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certainly feel that way. it doesn't guarantee anything. but at the same time we feel comfortable with those expectations and now we have to go out and figure out a way to meet them. >> to meet those higher expectations, it is no secret that we know just what needs to be done to get to that next level. >> we have to execute the execution side. we didn't execute the way we would have liked to so leaving the door open for the possibility of jason pierre-paul
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>> we are one with music mogul master p. then covered in colors. >> the new york neighborhood transformed from witty too pretty. and turning it up, we will break it down with legendary dj red alert. dari: joining us now to dish about the jaw-dropping show, there were so many huge moments.
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here is a look at one of them. >> explain the significance. >> that indicates is cookies new man that is in cahoots with the same guy that kidnapped hakeem. something about how eager he was, it just didn't sit well with me. so i'm wondering how long can you high this year.
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last month we had dj scratch with us. >> you recently sat down to talk about this and what it's all about. >> absolutely. he has been around hip-hop since the beginning and now he is using his network and knowledge. so check it out. >> what do you think that it is about hip-hop that makes it so contagious? >> the beats are so contagions that that is what is basically universal. >> i play a couple of instruments as well. >> you can appreciate good beats and you probably know dj scratch
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today the international dj is sharing his knowledge and love with the music that has given him so much with the world. it's scratch vision that was curated and cut by scratch himself. class is in session. >> i played a song by dionne warwick. and you know the original sample and i saw the young lady say oh, she is copying usher song and i said this is not usher song, from. then i dedicated the rest of the show to that young lady. >> it's in the crown heights section of oakland and this is where i grew up.
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have to come here. typically the projects are some ominous with object poverty and crime. it was here in that music became the escape for a generation of young people. the sound was unapologetic and struggle. times were tough and another long hot summer without much to and this included a dj competition for the kids this man entered as the man he wanted to be. >> i am dj scratch. >> there were for corporate components of the movement.
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and he wanted a piece of it. >> the whole place was going crazy. and so they stopped meaning and they were like no, you've got it, you've won. and from that point on everybody stopped calling me dinner and everyone started calling me dj scratch. so i got my name and respect together. >> the seeds were planted on the road from miami to madrid, now he is offering a resource to preserve the sound of his childhood. >> i had jazzy jeff and others
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and people, thousands of them are waiting. the reaction is amazing because it gets no better than fans that can actually talk directly to you. >> a lot has changed since the early '80s. they have found a new way to embrace technology and remain true to their roots on record at a time. >> there was a naturalist david because i love music. >> it's obviously old-school dj,
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and letting people know that that is the case. all right, there we go. steve: he is living the "empire" life very and. dari: coming up next sitting down with master p. dari: some of the hottest street art anywhere in the world. and later we are checking out
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star light star bright, the first star i see tonight i wish i may, i wish i might, have the wish i wish tonight wishes do come true.
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running a real-life empire of his own. dari: he recently sat down to see how he juggles at all. >> you know, my life is a real-life empire. people look at my life and i say that lucious has nothing on me. [laughter] and it's like i'm going to live the example of this impact because of what we went through in the whole hip-hop world to make our business be known to the people. and this is the real business and you have the crazy things
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and people change and being able to live that type of lifestyle. >> i ended up getting a distribution deal. that is how i build my empire. i build it on education. i'm going to get out here and build my own fan base. people would be like, thank you. and it's like no, we all have to go. >> i had 20 records on the top 100 billboard charts at one
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time. and so we have put out a lot of records. and we are going for it. and somebody says okay, we are only going to put out one record here. >> i'm going to make music with these artists. even if they are smaller artists, i am going to make music with them. putting all of our music together, helping each other out. and i feel like he watches tv show, i have a lot of real-life and death situations.
10:39 pm
murder capital of the world. and i feel like i was given a second chance and i made the best out of it or my family. i have a brother that was incarcerated, one that is deceased, have a lot of family members and friends. so this is for real. >> my most important role is the new dad. >> i don't have the right or wrong. i don't have to do any showboating. i can live a basic life. ended like you can't take anything with you. all you can take is your character. that is what keeps me going.
10:40 pm
my kids being educated. >> it's crazy, but i grew up beyond that stuff. let's go to buy some by some things that are to keep us going, let's find out what is going to keep us a part of the big picture. and the movie, the king of the south, it is going to show someone that has a dream and a goal that built this empire and that they are never giving up no matter what.
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to jump over this hurdle. steve: absolutely. that's an awesome story. okay, taking graffiti to a whole new level. steve: the amazing street art that makes up this collective. and you hear that? on the radio right here, is one of the founding fathers of hip-hop, that man right there,
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dari: welcome back from, everybody, we are here with a legend. we are so honored to have you here with us tonight. one of the most wonderful things is that you are part of new york city. >> i grew up in harlem but i made my way to the hip-hop culture. >> how has it been for you to develop into this.
10:45 pm
like i have more to offer. >> that is just incredible. who are some of your influences? >> when i was coming up my cousin introduced me and i just kept going from there. and i continued on in radio's the one you have been name dropped in songs, you have been a part of music videos galore. you have been making sure that you are out there. so what about these legendary parts of hip-hop 2.
10:46 pm
moment, you keep on going. dari: it is true that you are the only dj to be honored in this way. >> that's right, it's wonderful that we honored by people. steve: we appreciate you being here with us. we will have you spending for us as we continue onward. and this is a place where street art lives on on the sidewalks in the city. take a look at this, amazing stuff. dari: we are going to give you a tour of the bushwick collective
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steve: welcome back to "after empire." you are about to see some amazing street art. dari: steve: from the best street artists in the world, crystal young is here with the bushwick collective. dari: very cool stuff. if you have not been there, you have to go. >> if you haven't been in a long time coming you have to go. it's colorful, it is amazing. someone said do you know who i am and i said no, who are you and they said that i started all this. it's an interesting and tragic story that turns the neighborhood into something color all and wonderful and the collective are people that come from all over the world. they are not paid and they do amazing things. >> graffiti has come a long way since the 70s and now it has evolved to this. artists come from all over the
10:50 pm
world to turn things into a masterpiece. let me show you what makes this place so special. oh. >> everywhere you look, an explosion of color and creativity. and doesn't take long before the camera comes out. there are some that look so precise that they seem more like photographs. this has become one of the hippest. >> on a scale of one of them, what would you give it a? >> i would give it a nine and a half. >> the group calls it an international sensation. >> every country has pretty much come through and represented themselves. they have a lot of great writeups, thank you, there's a
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>> check out this elephant done by the youngest artist. walking through a museum but this art installation is constantly changing. he healed from germany and is one of the most popular treat artists in the world. >> graffiti actually comes from this town and so it's nice that comes over the great lakes. >> using a picture as a template and duplicating the same image onto the wall. >> they can thank joe for creating this collective. tragically his dad was robbed and killed just blocks from his
10:52 pm
his mother developed a brain tumor. >> and 62 years old she passed on. >> anxious to honor his mother, he threw a block party to raise money for brain tumor victims and he asked street artists to make the neighborhood more colorful. >> the 30 days that i spent with the artists, it was their cue to. and it was better than any counselor that they sent me to order any psychologist they were telling me to. dari: and any medicine that they wanted me to have. >> joe turned to tragedy and to try and one-story paint cans at a time and in the end we all get to benefit when we score the streets of brooklyn. until all of the information
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can take advantage of this and it changes every couple of months. new artists come in and we do everything. steve: that's incredible stuff. thank you. dari: that is going to do it for us tonight.
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