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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  November 5, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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grade class at ps 151. >> in schools, we work with children that have learning issues, children that have special needs and also we work with children doing our anti-bullying be kindness program. >> reporter: the visit was a thrill for students. >> i think that it's very loving and it's very kind. >> made me feel happy. >> reporter: the lesson dealt with a serious matter. bullying. a topic many of these eight and nine years old already know a lot about. >> i think bullying should stop because it's causing a lot of problems in the school sometimes. >> reporter: how does it make you feel? >> sad. >> reporter: makes you feel sad. >> the children learn what a therapy dog does. >> helps people by making them happy and showing empathy because many people have different emotions, like sad and mad. >> reporter: yazi has visited with hundreds of students, but
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he's also visited with disaster victims as well as first responders. you want a treat? >> we helped the victims of sandy, the boston bombing, the newtown shooting, katrina and the first disaster was 9/11. >> a dog lover, ps 151's principal says she's seen firsthand the benefits of therapy dog visits like this one. >> the children are caring towards each other. they're more loving towards each other. when you bring anti-bullying into the school, it shows them how to behave. >> reporter: the social worker and guidance counselor helped organize the visit. >> it's not a school. it's a community. it's a family. and that's what we're here for. >> reporter: it's easy to see yazi is great at tricks, but it's how therapy dogs like him make people feel that's clearly
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lidia curanaj, fox 5 news. ernie: thank you very much. we're going to continue talking about this. it's a great subject. my two guests are joining me. i have four guests today. audrey and her dog lucy are here. they're from a fair shake for youth. and stacy with tucker lying over there nice and quiet. this is a great program. let's start. tell us what these beautiful dogs do. >> these beautiful dogs are therapy dogs. they work with kids in low income communities. we go to middle schools. we have 10 week programs where the kids learn how to work with the dogs and learn demands and agility. differences. they learn about empathy. they can put themselves in the other person's shoes and surprised that the big dog is one way and the small dog maybe can't go over the jump, but is great at the tunnel. >> we can take that information and we can relate to children, to ourselves as adults as well. this is very helpful. you've been part of the program for a while.
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>> i love being part of the program because we support students through pet therapy. it's all really positive. the kids get to work with dogs and the dogs get to work with the kids. it's win-win for everybody. ernie: i can say as a parent, i know self-esteem for a child is very, very important. this is the heart of what you're teaching. >> self-esteem and empathy which are at the core of bullying. bullies lack empathy and self-esteem. you can teach kids to have more respect for individual dogs and for each other as they work in the program, then that translates into -- we had a situation once where we had a new dog come in. everybody was look at the dog. i was, like, oh, my god. if that was a new kid, would you be that welcoming. the kids were saying to volunteers are you kidding? we would be so mean. ernie: isn't it nice?
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there's a lesson there. >> there are so many lessons. it's about having respect and compassion for one another. i think the kids get to practice that on the dogs. ernie: dogs are wonderful. i've had a couple in my life. i love them. you can learn so much from them. >> they live in the moment. they're not judgmental. they don't care if you've got a good grade. they don't care what you have going on at home. if you respect them, they respect you. ernie: you're going to continue the program. how long have you been operating now? >> this is our fifth year. >> you'll have five, 10, 15 more. what's your goal? this goal have that you have in mind? >> to help kids see more choices for their life. a lot live in difficult circumstances and don't see a possibility for their future. by saying, hey, somebody listens to me, you know, i'm important, somebody came back to visit me, it helps the kids realize they're somebody. they're worth visiting. ernie: congratulations to what you do.
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fair shake for youth. the dogs were wonderful. lucy and tucker, terrific. thank you so much. good work. keep it going. all right. thank you so much for joining me today. we learned something here. >> time to catch up with other news in the headlines. the pba took to the streets today demanding the city increase their wages. >> hundreds of nypd officers rallied outside the home of the state arbiter this morning. he was part of a panel that ruled the pba was only entitled to two retroactive 1% increases over the course of two years. the union has been working without a contract for five years. mayor de blasio says negotiations between the city and the police union are still ongoing. >> after republican presidential candidate chris christie's addiction speech went viral this week, another candidate opens up about his daughter's battles with drug addiction. jeb bush gave an emotional interview to the huffington post
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where he recalled seeing his daughter's noel in jail. addiction specialists shared their thoughts. >> the drug problem must become an issue that's seen on the political scene. it must be discussed in debates, democratic and republican. ernie: the heroin epidemic and drug addiction are hot button campaign. a reminder to catch the next two republican presidential debates next tuesday on fox business. the early debate starts at 6:00 p.m. followed by the stage at 7. on the stage now, you don't have to wait, nick is here. how's the weekend looking? nick: looking better. not so hot as it's been. we're warm. we have a chance at a record high tomorrow. we will cool it down. ernie: we'll check the forecast in just a minute for you. thank you so much. and join us tomorrow for a great
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story about music lifting kids out of tough situations. it's called jazz house kids and it's helping turn a lot of lives around. you'll see that tomorrow at 6:00. we'll be right back right after the break. meet the moore's!
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ernie: well, dozens of skeletons were found buried under washington square park. contractors discovered two crypts working on a $9 million water main project in greenwich village. they're believed to date back to the late 18th or early 19th century. one contained skeletal remains. the other had intact coffins stacked on top of each other. >> these were not paupers or homeless people or, you know, victims of plague that were buried here. they were deliberate burials. they're probably family burial vaults. ernie: now the focus shifts to identifying the remains. some of the coffins in the second vault have nameplates. archaeologists will use high resolution imaging to read them. interesting.
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>> we're enjoying some incredible weather. nick: yes. as we promised, it wouldn't be as nice today. we had clouds today. a couple of breaks of sun. a little drizzle and a couple of showers. ernie: the temperature. >> temperature was great. the record high is 74. that was set in 1948. i think we may -- somebody may get close to 80. ernie: maybe it will carry through through january. nick: then again, maybe it won't. average temperatures next week, we may be trending colder after that. time will tell. definitely mild tonight. it will be drizzle and dense fog. some of the dense fog will be widespread. it could mess with air travel and driving through that can be a problem. 57 and 45, that's where it should be. again, our average high will be
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lower than our low temperature tonight. that's what i'm trying to say. it's not going to drop out of the lower 60s. not a lot of rain. we don't expect a lot in the forecast. the wind is out of the south. the pressure is holding steady. 70s from the city north to poughkeepsie down to the jersey shore. 70 at islip. 64 at bridgeport. upper 60s north jersey. now everybody is in the 60s. low 60s on the east end up to bridgeport. 66 at the dutchess county airport at poughkeepsie. 65 newark. 68 belmar. and to allentown. what are we finding as far as winds? it's a light south wind, 5 miles an hour. it will continue to be that or calm. that will allow some drizzle to develop and some areas of dense fog. nothing much on fox 5 sky guardian. one shower on long island sound and a couple moving into southern connecticut. the wide view doesn't show much. a few showers off the delaware coastline and maryland coastline.
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more clouds off to the west. hp is -- high pressure is offshore. here's the mild air that will be in tomorrow. even though we're having potential storms in arkansas and missouri, that's going to weaken as it gets here. we may have a couple of showers evening. that's going to be it. here's your day planner. mild out the door. 60s in the city. 50s in the burbs. clouds, drizzle, fog. there we go. we'll talk about 71 in the afternoon. sunshine will break out. like the shoes? they're my rainy day shoes. 75 in the afternoon. that will potentially be the record-breaking high. somebody may get to 80 tomorrow. let's look at our futurecast. watch the clouds drizzle give way to breaks of sun. right there is when we could see the temperature heat up. until that front passes in the evening with a quick shower. then clouds and maybe a shower early saturday and sun tries to
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it will be a breezy day. middle 60s. even saturday is above average. turning cooler later in the day. then we'll talk about temperatures really on the more seasonal side sunday with sunshine. drizzle, dense fog. 63 in the city. 50s in the suburbs. tomorrow, drizzle and fog will give way to clouds and sun. depending on how much sun comes out, we'll see how much we heat up. mid 70s tomorrow. showers late in the day. sun and clouds saturday. breezy, 65. beautiful days. chilly at night. 59. sun, 60 on wednesday. a couple of showers thursday. staying close to 60. bow. i think you should take a bow for the way you handled it. nick: upset it was going to get ernie: nicely done. if you're a typical family, you're probably barely able to saying. it's a hectic time at home dealing with kids and cleaning up from dinner and try, just try
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after a long day at work. a new study shows how hard it is to find that right balance to make it all work. dan bowens shares this story. >> reporter: it is rush hour for millions of americans. that means the work day is done. for many it is time to clock into their second job as a parent. >> i have four kids. >> reporter: the kids range from 19 to four years old. >> how do you do it? >> i manage. it's okay. >> reporter: does your husband help? >> sure. >> reporter: without him, do you think you could do it? >> no. no. he helps me a lot. >> reporter: according to a pew research center study, two parent households in which both parents work is at 46 percent. that's up 31 percent from 1970. despite what dads think, moms say they take on most of the parenting responsibilities. >> he pitches in. mom is a mom. dad can only do so much. >> reporter: how do you try to help?
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as simple as it can be. change a diaper, change a diaper. >> reporter: these are new parents to three-month-old quinn. >> it's challenging. i'm going to work in a month. i don't know how i'm going to do it. >> reporter: the survey found 56 percent of all working parents say balancing kids and work is difficult and stressful. >> i think this was a more difficult issue decades ago. >> reporter: greg, the executive vice president and chief human resources officer with time, inc., says technology has enabled more employees to work from home. he has this advice. >> don't feel shy about taking advantage of the programs and policies that employers have in place. it's not going to hurt your career. >> reporter: while balancing work and family isn't easy, some parents say no survey can capture the true rewards. >> we're very happy. so we plan to do it over and over again. >> reporter: dan bowens, fox 5 news. ernie: life can be challenging. thank you for that. coming up, ever go to an event where they play the national
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anthem? i have a question about that for you tonight. here it is. what do you do when you hear the national anthem? do you sing along? how about you? see if others do the same thing in just a few minutes. and join me on monday for a discussion about atm fees. they're getting out of control. there are ways to avoid them. we'll help you save a few dollars monday at 6:00. we're back with russ right after the break.
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ernie: all right. my buddy russ is here to talk about jason pierre paul. he's going to play this sunday? russ: unless there's a complete breakdown between now and game time sunday, he will make his season debut in tampa against the buccaneers. ernie: are you surprised? russ: shocked. shocked. there was no way, based upon what we've seen, that i thought he would be ready to be playing this early. now, let's be fair. there's only so much that can be expected of him. i'm sure they'll give him a limited package in terms of minutes and number of plays. but listen -- ernie: what's going to be the expectation? >> russ: people have to be realistic. he is a premier pass rusher. i was talking with tom coughlin. even if it's a matter of he can show he can play on the field, creating a double team that
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a much needed boost. remember something. this defense was ripped apart last week for 52 points. so they need some help. he can be one of the guys. i am very surprised, though. ernie: jpp is coming back, but not victor cruz after the new surgery? russ: the knee is fine. it's been a nagging calf injury. maybe he overcompensated trying to come back. it's been a nagging calf injury all season long. it was three weeks, three weeks, then another three weeks. you see him doing some stretching. he did light running today. while he does see some light at the end of the tunnel and expects to be back, i asked victor after practice if it's not so much the physical thing, but if he feels he's being tested mentally. ernie: okay. >> god is testing me to see just how much i can take, just how much i'm willing to, you know, put this game on the line for my
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own sake and see how much i can deal with and handle mentally. i'm just being calm and reserved and coming through with that challenge and trying to tackle everything as they come. ernie: i'm sure he said a lot to you. just listening to him, he has some attitude. he's very realistic. russ: he's always been a positive guy. i'll tell you something, though, two weeks ago he walked by me coming off the practice field. i say how you doing? it was the first time since i know him, his head was down, it was not even acknowledging. all right. you could sense he was down because he was frustrated. but the thinking is maybe he's going to come back in december. the point is maybe he'll be back for five games. if they get him for five games, that's the stretch run of the season they would need him. we'll see what happens. ernie: he's a star. a lot of people love him. russ: listen, they haven't had him and beckham on the field. that's an explosive combination. the giants would like to get him
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there. ernie: thank you so much. coming up, when you go to a game or any event where they play the national anthem, do you sing along? see what people said coming up next. mom this is hugely important. is there anywhere in your house i can get a good signal? anyway, you were saying. it's a tragic love story. i love tragedy. what is that noise? what? i'm on set. what movie? i'm shooting a movie about laundry. leave slow internet behind. a movie about laundry? yeah the 100% fiber optics network gives you the fastest wi-fi available when you need it the most.
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played, do you sing along? >> absolutely. i enjoy it. i enjoy singing. i'm proud of this country. look what a great country we live in. ernie: yeah. >> and it sends shivers up my heart and spine. it's special. ernie: you sing along. >> of course. yes. and i take off my cap and observe the solemnity of the moment. >> takes me back to high school. takes me back. i reminisce. i don't know. i'm unconscious of it. i'm not aware. i know the words because we did it in school. ernie: it's engrained? >> i try. it's a hard song to sing. i love that song. >> it depends what key it's in. sometimes it's really high. >> i sing along because i feel good in new york city. beautiful. ernie: yeah. yeah. you sing along and tell me why. >> of course. it's a great country. i love being here.
6:25 pm
you know, why not? you've got to represent your country. ernie: sing it with feeling? >> of course. ernie: can you sing the first part? >> you're going to put me on the spot. oh, say can you see by the dawn's early light ernie: you did it. with feeling. good for you. thank you. have a great day. >> you, too! ernie: what a great bunch of people. thank you so much. that's it for now. thank you for joining us. be sure to join me on facebook. i'm looking for you. that's it. i'm ernie anastos here in studio 5 and upstairs in our control room. thanks for being a part of our broadcast. have a wonderful night. we'll see you tomorrow. okay. i know you do. you're patriotic.
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