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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  November 6, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EST

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>> from fox 5 news, this is good day new york. >> hey, look at it out there. cloudy, little rainy. going to be warm again though. >> it is. all right. good day, new york. it's november 6th. >> hi there, i'm greg kelly, this is rosanna in orange today. >> yes, i am, and look at you in your blue jacket. >> this is our version of casual friday. >> all right. we're warming up, definitely. mike woods has all the details for us. >> so we have this, the another hit and run with a bus. this happened in queens. woman was run over, the driver kept going. may have found this driver though up in connecticut. more on that in a moment. >> a new virtual reality game puts many people on the offense and very upset. >> all right, so there's a big debate next week, a couple of people who will not be there,
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he will not be in the prime time debate. >> no, he's at the kids' table. >> yeah, the second tier one. >> so is george pataki. >> he's out completely. they won't let him take the debate stage at all. in the polls. >> and a boy missing for 13 years was found alive. he was 5 years old when he was kidnapped by his father. he didn't know it. how he cracked the case. >> we like to go on adventures, maybe learn things like water skiing, finger painting. our next little project? >> we're going to opera school. yes, we're going to learn how to sing because, i didn't realize this, everybody has a voice inside of them. >> well, yeah. and ours needs a lot of work. we went to the manhattan school of music yesterday, take a look. >> very prestigious college and graduate program. >> it's been around for about 100 years. that is maitland peters and, you
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he was gentle, encouraging, very knowledgeable. i think he's a little overwhelmed by the amount of work he had in front of him. [laughter] manhattan school of music is this real treasure up in morningside heights. >> that was the original spot of where julliard was. >> yeah, they moved. >> yeah. >> so we are going to do this for however long it takes. we want to be adequate op to rah singers. -- opera singers. >> by the way, mike, you're going to love this, we are learning an italian aria. >> already knows lots of bad words -- >> and i noticed that the words were not in that aria. yeah. >> there's a very good chance we could drop out next week. but for now, we're committed. >> what do you think? [laughter] >> i'm impressed. i've heard her sing anyway and, well -- >> mike is a school of rock graduate. he knows the drill. >> we did quite well with that too, as a matter of fact. >> the drumming. i. --
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>> i kind of liked it. >> right now we're in opera school. >> maybe it'll teach you some class. >> hi, everybody, it's friday. what's up, everybody? >> it's warm and sticky for this time of the year, this is not typical, but this is what we're going for, 75 with a forecast high. just want to give you a comparison to what's normal and what the records are. the normal high temp for today is only 57. the record high is 74, so if we get to 75, we're setting a new record high at least at central park, but we're likely to set quite a few records around the tristate renal. we should be -- tristate region. we've got 67 out at newark as well as central park, and it's not necessarily the sun that's warming us up, it's also that southwest wind. it's also pulling in a lot of moisture. check out the dewpoints, lower 60s across the majority of the tristate, and that's a pretty
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high number for this time of year. that would be fuel for the fire, so to speak, with storms. right now rain that we have is only coming up against the south fork here in eastern long island. other than that, a mostly cloudy sky, maybe some fog here and there, but there is a sizable cold front to the west of us which yesterday had a lot of big showers and storms with it coming through oklahoma, missouri, arkansas. now it's settled back, but it should still hold together and bring us a few scattered showers through the day here today, especially this evening. temps. again, right around 66 degrees, but we're taking you up to 75 for a high. mostly cloudy sky and a few little showers here and there especially later on in the evening. it doesn't hold together, the line of showers is what we're talking about here. anyway, it's all gone by tomorrow. gradual clearing through saturday, and 56 is your high on back to normal.
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let's bring in ines and see what we have with our commute right now. you know what? nothing's stood out to me. >> good morning, mike. for the most part, we're doing pretty good. there is a stall on the west side highway by 110th street southbound, so you have delays back to the george washington bridge. other than that, no problems on the l.i.e., normal delays approaching queens boulevard. as far as your new jersey commute, on the parkway crossing the driscoll bridge, smooth sailing. slight delays on 287 southbound a as you pass exit 1. take a look at long island, you're fine. the bronx, let's go to those cameras on the alexander hamilton bridge, looks great. very quiet. major deegan, a little slowdown southbound as you head towards yankee stadium. as for the trains, everything running on or close. >> last night in queens a really bad accident, might have been a
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a bus hit a woman, main street casino boulevard and just drove off. this happened in flushing -- >> now police believe they found the driver of that bus, maybe had something to do with connecticut. fox 5's teresa priolo is trying to connect the dots this morning for us. she has the latest. teresa, what's going on? >> connecticut state police pulled over a bus in madison, connecticut, early, early this morning. about 3:45 that bus was able to continue on its way. connecticut state police say that was a directive from the nypd, they were assisting cops down here. let me step out of the way so you can see the scene behind me. this is main street and casino boulevard in flushing, queens. incredibly busy intersection not only with buses coming and going but also a lot of foot traffic as well. 8:30 last night a bus was making its way through this intersection when it struck and killed a woman. how old she is, what her name is, we don't yet know those
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details. we're beating to get an -- waiting to get an update. police says they were still trying to really figure out exactly what happened here. it is unclear if the bus even saw this woman, even knew if, in fact, that it had hit a perp. we do know -- a person. we do know this was a private charter bus, potentially a skyline bus possibly transporting people to and from a casino. and so that's where the connecticut connection comes in. that bus was pulled over not far from those casinos up there. because it is such a busy area, because there are so many businesses around, stands to reason there are a lot of surveillance cameras, so police are looking at all of those, including the video they have captured from an nypd surveillance camera on this light pole not far from the casino and main street intersection. they're reviewing that tape and hoping that gives them some clues so they can figure out who did this, what, if any be,
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motive there was and piece together their investigation. that's the latest, greg and rosanna, send things back to both of you. >> thank you very much. to rikers island, two inmates brutally slashed, a prison guard, a corrections officer. >> officials say it happened around 4:30 yesterday afternoon. the daily news is reporting officer raymond calderon was held down by two teenage inmates who slashed him. the post says he was unconscious, he was taken to the hospital with injuries described as nonlife threatening, but the cuts are pretty deep. no word yet on any rearrests. >> okay. did you hear about that illinois police officer who was gunned down, we thought in the line of duty back on september 1st? it turns out it was a suicide, and he staged it to look like he was killed in the line of duty. that is lieutenant charles gliniewicz, and we're learning a lot more about his job. >> he had been embezzling money from a police youth program for
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in april he tried to hire a hit hand to kill a village administrator that he was concerned would expose him doing that. the associated press says his wife and one of his sons are also being investigated. his wife did help him run that youth program, and on september 1st that officer radioed he was chasing three suspicious member. he was found dead near his squad car promming a huge man d prompting a huge manhunt. >> all right, let's go to africa now. one survivor in a plane crash, a 13-month-old baby. and, actually, the man carrying her. let's go to the picture. the baby receiving treatment at the hospital. a man was found cradling the infant after a cargo plane went down wednesday. 37 people were onboard, they probably should not have been on that. it wasn't configured for passengers. >> probably one of those bodies protected this little girl.
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expleg a wound to her forehead. that man suffered injuries to his arms and legs. the girl's mother and sister died. the plane was not authorized to carry passengers. no if word what caused it to go down, but it could have been that it was just overweight. and the lineup is set for next tuesday's republican presidential debate. governor christie seems to be taking it well. >> yeah, he's not on the main stage. basically, there are so many republicans running for president, they have the top tier in prime time and the candidates not doing so well at like five in the afternoon. here's the deal, governor christie will be at 5 p.m. for the first time, he's made all the prime time debates -- >> but he's taking it well, greg. >> well -- >> he seems to be. he says as long as he gets some air time. >> this is bad news for him. and governor pataki won't be in the debate at all. let's go to carrie drew. >> good morning, certainly not the news christie wanted to hear.
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the stage will definitely look very different tuesday night than it has in the last few debates. instead of ten candidates for the main e event, there will be eight this time. chris christie is among those who did not receive a prime time invite, and truthfully, it all comes down to numbers. the stage is set in milwaukee for the fourth gop presidential debate, but two familiar faces will be missing from the lineup. you won't see mike huckabee or new jersey governor chris christie. in a big blow to christie's campaign, he's been bumped out of prime time into the earlier debate due to low poll numbers. >> i think probably the biggest fear for someone like huckabee or christie is that the other networks aren't going to want to expand this again. you're not going to want to have ten people on stage when fox business had eight. >> candidates needed to score at least 2.5 or higher in the polls. the political experts raised christie's last debate performance, but he has
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struggled to gain footing in the polls. shortly after the news christie tweeted, quote: give me a podium, and i'll be there to talk about real issues like this with a link to a video where he speaks about addiction. and on that earlier debate, south carolina senator lindsey graham and former new york governor george pataki will not be on the stage. meanwhile, donald trump and ben carson will once again be front and center at the main debate as they continue to lead in the polls. political experts say there will be a lot of attention on jeb bush who has seen his numbers fall. >> he's going to be second from last on one side. i think according to that lineup. that's a big change as well. it's do or die for him, and he's signaled as much. this is a very important debate for him to break through. >> back to chris christie for just a moment. his poll numbers are -- have recently gone up in new hampshire, but so far it just hasn't translated into national momentum. as for tuesday night's debate, it will focus on business and economic issues including job
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creation, taxes and social security. greg and rosanna, back to you. >> well, husband addiction -- his addiction video seems to have gone viral. >> viral videos, people notice them for ten seconds, and then we move on. tuesday, november 10th, happens to be the marine corps birthday. check out both debates, 7 and 9:00. >> all right. >> also, oh, do you remember the guy who landed that small little helicopter on the lawn down there on capitol hill? >> oh, yeah. >> he will plead guilty to, well, what exactly? >> well, the charges against douglas hughes is operating a gyrocopter without a license, and it's a felony. he has said he pulled the stunt to call attention to the influence of big money and politics -- >> kind of had an inkling of that, but okay. >> he faces three years in prison. >> okay. so the rockefeller center christmas tree, is it in position? >> it's ready to go up. it's in midtown right now. the tree is 78 feet tall, ten
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tons, it weighs. it's from gardener, new york. >> alfred and nancy, from their front lawn. again, word is they didn't receive any money for this tree. keep going. >> greg -- all right. the annual lighting ceremony is december 2nd. i can't believe it. now. >> i know, that's exactly right. and it doesn't feel like winter at all, and i'm not complaining. >> it is kind of weird. it's 6 7:00 degrees right now. -- 67 degrees right now. >> it feels it. are you hot with this jacket on? >> it's unnecessary, this plaid woolen thing. >> so take it off. just roll up your sleeves -- >> they're already complaining that i'm wearing blue jeans, and it's friday, believe me alone. >> i admire you for that. you're setting a standard here. i'm just saying. you're right, 67 degrees is well above normal temperature that we have here at central park. 57 is the average high for today, so this should be our low, our average low is about 45, so we're well above normal with a mostly cloudy sky.
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throughout the northeast, except for bangor, maine, is sitting at temps of 60 here this morning. they've got a current temp of 47 degrees. yeah. that warm air's been coming up the east coast because of that southerly flow. showers not a big problem, just a few showers along that south fork there in eastern long island, but that is it for now. however, there's a much bigger cold front. this has to cross through the area later on this evening, will it hold together with showers and storms like this? probably not. these cold fronts continue to come through, but the showers with them tend to break down a bit. take a look at the future cast and, yeah, it barely holds it together. some showers around 6:30-8:30 in the evening, but they're real fast. a lot more sunshine builds into the area saturday and sunday along with cooler temperatures. this is the end of the really warm stuff. today's high, 75. that is a new record high by
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don't look for a whole lot of rain either this morning or later on this evening when we do get the showers. it should be light and fast. tomorrow a high of 65, breezy as well. 56, back to normal on sunday, and then a couple shower chances next week on tuesday as well as thursday at that time. also want to say happy birthday to this guy, he's turning 11 years old. yeah, janet and everyone, they're so proud of him. so looks like we are going to have a fantastic birthday and birthday weekend. all right, let's bring in -- alex is a member of the fox 5 family. >> he is? be happy birth days, alex. it is going to be a good weekend. a lot going on. let's talk about the commute. things are find on the tappan zee bridge, slight delays here and there but not bad as we usually see red at this time. new jersey, 80, 287 in the morris county area also looks good. see how things are on staten
7:17 am
by bradley avenue, traffic moving okay. for the most part, no problems. george washington bridge driving into the city, the upper level, level 20. at the lincoln tunnel, 45-50, hold land tunnel 5-10. haven't heard of an incident on the exclusive bus lanes, but they're all bumper to bumper, so expect delays heading into port authority. >> i love bumper to bumper. >> yeah, that's great. >> but rubbernecking? >> what are you talking about? >> i just love those words, you know what i need? >> that i'm with you on. rubbernecking is intriguing. [laughter] let's take a look outside. >> on the way outside, let's wish andrew meyer a very happy birthday. he watches us every day, so that's so nice. >> and we leave you with our first music lesson. >> oh, god, why. >> rosanna scotto. >> please. we don't want them to turn off.
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7:21 am
almost over my feet like it did the other night. >> i've been telling you a long time, it's good to get the plague out of the way -- [laughter] like the mumps. you had the mumps. traumatized. last night when i got out of the car with my be husband, i said to him, i'm afraid. >> i've seen you afraid before, it's actually kind of sweet because you're this -- >> tough broad. >> get out of my way. i'm afraid. >> i'm afraid of a rat. >> we're looking around at manhattan. >> all right. we have an update on a story that we brought you yesterday. officials confirm there was only one person onboard that small plane crash into the waters off of breezy point yesterday. >> it was a two-seater plane, it went down 7:30 in the evening, brad mcgee, he was a retired navy commander. the daily news is reporting that he received his pilot's license three years ago. the cause of that crash still
7:22 am
again,-the seoul occupant of that -- sole occupant of that plane. >> a young boy was kidnapped when he was, i think, 5 years old. his name is julian hernandez. he's now 18 years old -- >> saw him there on the left as a 5-year-old, on the right as an 18-year-old. taken by his own father. they had been living in cleveland, discovered his social security number while he was applying for college. >> yeah. it didn't exactly match. he later found his name on the database. police describe what it was like for his mother to get that call. >> she had been through so many false claims, she'd been through chasing leads for 13 years, and she just was kind of apprehensive but real excited and glad that he was found safe and doing well. >> just is so you know, julian was treated well. that's what the cops say, but his father was arrested anyway and charged with records tampering. he could face more charges. no word yet on the reunion
7:23 am
between the mom and son. >> that's to going to be wild when they sit down for that big interview. boy, he'll have one heck of an essay. apparently, he's in good spirits. julian hernandez. 5 years old and now 18 years old, and he did this himself. wasn't that pretty wild? there they are. there he is, i should say. same guy. >> yeah. he looks the same. same face anyway. week some crews working on a water main near washington square park were shocked when they found burial crypts underneath. it turns out it wasn't as unusual as you might think, greg. >> well, the associate commissioner for the state's department of design and construction says this was kind of expected. they knew that there were two churches in that area that had their own cemeteries, and this find did not surprise them. >> we knew, certainly, working with our archaeological team that we could be encountering some remains or vaulted areas,
7:24 am
anything regarding the old cemetery. so we had that team as part of our engineering teams. >> so two crypts were found with dozens of skeletons, and it turns out some of the coffins had name plates on them, so archaeologists will try to read those so bones can be identified with their families as well. >> well, families, it's going back to the 1800s, but, rosanna, you and i saw this, i thought, you know what? cremation is the way to go. what do you think? >> oh, yeah. more and more i'm leaning towards that. >> all right. >> plus, you know, it's not like years ago, families used to go on holidays and stuff, you'd go visit your relatives in the cemetery. i don't know when the last time i was there except when somebody was actually being buried. that. visit. >> you think? >> yeah. >> anyway -- >> it's kind of a grim discussion right now. we'll move on. >> yeah, let's do that. more than a month before the
7:25 am
young man who was terminally ill got his dying wish. he wanted to see the newest "star wars" movie. >> comes out next month. month. he has terminal cancer. 32-year-old daniel fleetwood, and there was a campaign to make the movie available to him, but the only person who could make that happen was j.j. abrams. guess what? he did set up a special private screening in the couple's home isn't that great? >> doctors have told daniel that he probably won't make be it to christmas when the movie premieres. his wife says daniel loved it, she didn't say much else because she signed a confidentiality agreement. >> oh, boy. "star wars," loved it. all right, we'll see. that's tough. but, good, he got his wish. >> all right. 7:25, it is 67 degrees in november. >> that's kind of wild.
7:26 am
at, again, are we on roosevelt island? is there a golf course there? where are we? >> lower west side. >> right up the block from my house. >> so what is that, a little putting area? >> yeah. there's stuyvesant high school and the world trade center. >> all right.
7:27 am
>> all right. a little cloudy out there. 7:29 in the morning. >> have you ever been tempted to move over to roosevelt island? >> it looks so pretty. >> it does, and they say it's 10% cheaper -- >> yeah, but then you have to deal with 10% more transportation costs. >> well, a metro card. that tram is beautiful, but every day? i'm not so sure. >> i know. and then i think, you know, every now is and then if you're off hours, you take a taxi. you know? >> the taxi is weird because if you're coming from -- you've got to go all the way around to queens -- >> right. >> what's that movie that you haven't seen yet? >> rambo, what is it? >> night hawk!
7:28 am
he play as cop, and he saves the day. you know who else is in it? billy dee williams. >> what a cast. [laughter] i think i'm going to stay home and watch that tonight. >> okay. >> actually, no. tonight is a night where i'm catching up on all my dvr'd shows. >> isn't your tv show on tonight? >> 10:30, wining and dining. i will watch up to then. thank you. >> rosanna has spent about nine months and $400,000 putting it together. >> oh, my goodness. i don't know if i spent $400,000. >> more like $400. >> exactly. >> anyway, i've seen snippets, it looks pretty good. >> thank you very much. in the meantime, mike kelly -- greg kelly. oh, you know what happened? i never set my alarm this morning. >> okay, and? >> two alarms. >> i made it. my husband woke me up -- >> i did notice you got here a little bit late. >> i know. i'm off my game. >> lucky for you, you were 30 seconds before me.
7:29 am
>> see? >> all right. well, mike kelly, tell us about weather. [laughter] >> you guys are blurring together. >> it's all good. all right, so here's what we have out there. first of all in this morning, got a little bit of a change out there. we're looking at warmer temps this morning. look at that, our temp right now up to 68 degrees. weaver getting our temp -- we're getting our temps to warm out without the sun's help. 63 in islip, 62 in bridgeport, 61 in monticello. dewpoints are higher, in the lower 60s. this is more summer like. you can feel that moisture and humidity in the air. not good hair days but, you know what? this happens from time to time when you have a cold front coming in, and we do. a few showers flirting with the south fork of eastern long island. a little bit of rain or drizzle in the be area keeping things damp. the main cold front which brings us the greatest potential for showers is to the west and will
7:30 am
that's going to change things up. first of all, we're on the warm, humid side of the front right now bringing today's temperatures into the mid 70s. if we get into 75, and that is the forecast high, that would be a record high for you, central park, and probably a few spots will be seeing record high temperatures. this cold front is going to swing through later on this evening, and that'll bring a close to the warmer temps we've enjoyed the last couple of days and bring us back to normal by sunday. but today, yep, high temp up to about 75 in the city, anywhere the tristate. a few showers this morning and evening as the front crosses by. then a partly cloudy sky tomorrow, still breezily. only 56 for a high on sunday and a couple more shower chances okay? now let's get you over to ines rosales. we had a problem on the west side highway, i believe. how we looking, ines? >> still slow coming off the george washington bridge, delays on the westside highway.
7:31 am
you can see it right there. it stretches onto the henry hudson parkway because of a stalled southbound by 110th street. long island, nassau county, not bad of a ride. things slow down as you head towards glen cove road westbound on into queens. as far as the southern state parkway, not bad of a ride. take a look at the l.i.e., traffic's moving fine westbound, visibility not an issue. as for the trains, everything running on or close. greg and rosanna. >> thanks very much. it was probably the darkest day in our city's history, maybe our nation's, 9/11/2001. how about this? a new video game that puts you in the world trade center on that day? >> it's crazy. fox 5's dan bowans has reaction to the game that many are finding outrageous. >> reporter: the virtual reality simulator is called 8:46 named after the exact time
7:32 am
american airlines flight 11 slammed into the north towers. creators call it a narrative-driven experience that lets users feel the attacks from the perspective of a worker inside the world trade center. >> i was standing as i viewed the clip that was sent to me, and i literally buckled at the moment of impact. >> she lost her brother john on that day 14 years ago. doesn't see the value of the simulation created by a group of french university students who said the goal of recreating such an emotional moment was not to be obscene or sensationalist. >> i don't see this as an educational component. you're not going to teach young adults about what happened on september 11th by making them go through this emotional baggage, this emotion alpine, this overload, overwhelming kind of sense of horror and terror that these people experienced. >> the developers say the project was made with, quote, countless hours of research to recreate the proper atmosphere.
7:33 am
educational value, much of the response has been critical. this user writing, quote: let's not have a vr game about 9/11, okay? and and just was shaken, you know, to the core, to my core. and i can't see what the benefit would be. and perhaps human being to human being this is that kind of a situation where really humanity is sort of that which will teach future generations as opposed to technology. >> dan bowans, fox 5 news. >> all right. well, there's a call for a letter grading system for new york city's daycare centers. >> we already have it for restaurants, what about daycare centers? this guy from the bronx, senator klein, he'd ladies and gentlemen to see this happen. >> and -- he'd like to see this happen. >> all right, listen to this. >> i think we need to have the same standard for something as important as where we send our kids when we go to work as far as daycare centers are
7:34 am
>> so, rosanna, what do you think of the grading system for the restaurant? i will tell you if i see a b in the window, it makes me wonder. >> really? >> yes, it does. if it's not an a, it's a been. and they tell me it's for really small things. >> it's very arbitrary, you know? >> yeah. >> and some restaurants feel it's just a way for the city to finance more money. >> there are 2300 daycare centers in new york city, probably some of them could use a little bit of work. all right, how about this? the quality of life in new york city, more than half of those recently polled think it's going down, way down, and the whole city is moving in the wrong direction. >> right. this week's poll showed mayor de blasio had a drop this ratings, also a majority of new yorkers think the city is moving in the wrong direction, 55% be of registered voters, that's the highest number in more than a decade with many citing the homelessness problem. that same poll shows just 38% of
7:35 am
in may. >> he's got two years to turn this around. >> what do you think? do you feel a difference? >> well, i'm so self-absorbed and worried about me, you know [laughter] when i walk around, my problems and my world and the car -- >> yeah. >> let's go outside for a second and continue this conversation. i have noticed, by the way -- ooh, look at that, who can have bike like that? >> and look how pretty it looks out there. >> doesn't that look like a giant bike? [laughter] it's very high. let's see. but, back to your question, rosanna, yeah. let's face it, we've seen little signs that things aren't so hot out there. >> i know. the other day i actually saw a whole family, like four people, outside at 5 a.m. as i was coming to work just, like, sleeping outside on the sidewalk. >> no kidding. where was that? >> on second avenue in the 80s.
7:36 am
i was, it was heartbreaking. >> stuff out there, oh, boy. well, we hope we can turn things around. >> yeah.
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>> china town? huh? >> looks like china town, i think you're right. the parameters of china town are really expanding. >> wait, where are we? >> flushing, queens. by the way, i did a little culinary tour in flushing, queens. >> and? >> they have some great, great restaurants and great food. but some of the food is very exotic. >> they've got exotic food, and then on the left they've got starbucks where you can get a slightly stale muffin. >> stop it. >> i don't care for their food. i like the pumpkin spice latte once a year, that's it. get the coffee so much cheaper other places. >> i know. >> mike squares by it. >> every now and then go in there and get something called the red eye. >> i've heard about it. >> it's a regular cup of coffee with a shot of espresso. >> why don't you throw some red bull this in there while you're at it? [laughter] >> mike, what's up?
7:39 am
>> iced coffee. it's warm outside, warm and humid. look at our high temp. these are your trends for the next seven days. high today going up to 75 degrees, that's a record high temperature for you, central park. comes down to 65 tomorrow, 56 on summed. that's back to normal, then it starts to swing up towards the middle of next week. overall, yep, the warm weather, it's here one more day, and look where we are right now, 68 in central park, 66 out at newark, 62 in bridgeport, everyone sitting in the 60s with high dew points, a lot of low clouds. not too much happening with the rain, a little bit in the south fork of long island, but this is the cold front that will bring us a few scattered showers later on this evening. it looks impressive right now, it won't be that way by the time it gets here, barely holds together 678 -- together. it will be on the warm and sticky side today. looks like we're going to break the record today.
7:40 am
65 is your high tomorrow, that's about ten degrees cooler, then about ten degrees cooler on sunday from saturday. we drop it down 20 degrees in the next couple of days. more shower chances tuesday and thursday of next week. the fox 5ny weather app has a live interactive weather radar, it's free, and it comes in handy especially on a day like today when you want to find out when those showers are going to affect you in your neighborhood. alba is turning 10 years old tomorrow, hope you have a fantastic birthday, and it's going to be nice and warm relative to this time of the year and also looks dry too. we have. there are some backups out there. let's figure it all out. >> yeah. a couple of problems, of course. let's start off with queens, an accident on the jackie robinson parkway and the crosstown on parkway northbound approaching accident. everything else, normal delays on the bqe as you head towards the bridge. westbound, crossing the throgs
7:41 am
neck bridge, things are doing fine. new jersey, no major issues on 78 or 280. take a look at staten island expressway by victory boulevard, eastbound heading towards the verrazano, you're fine westbound. driving into the city from new jersey, you have delays. 45 minutes on the upper level of the george washington bridge, 30 on the lower. lincoln tunnel, it's not looking good. exclusion f bus lanes have been moving slow as well as the regular lanes, about an hour delay inbound from both approaches. if you're taking the hold land tunnel, 20 -- hold holland tunnel, 20 minutes. >> here's the ceremonial first swing of the sledgehammer. >> meanwhile, a bathroom coming to you very soon. you have mr. mangano there and bruce ratner. it is 43 years old, this arena. it's undergoing a $260 million facelift. >> it needs it. it'll be ready in about two years.
7:42 am
and what else? oh, they're going to have a huge entertainment comet plex. >> it's going -- complex. it's going to be great. more than 1500 jobs -- >> as a kid, i remember going there to islander games, the circus and when i got into high school, a u2 concert. how about you? >> yeah, many -- >> you saw barry manilow there. >> it will be home to the nets' minor basketball league, which will be nice, and you can actually go to the bathroom inside. isn't that nice? >> yeah. it's gotten kind of crazy. >> duke's off today, guess who's in charge of sports? [laughter] >> bear with us here, okay? >> the mets have until tonight to give a qualifying offer to second base match, daniel murphy. >> well, here's the deal. what's on the table there, a one-year deal worth $15.8 million. one year. the guy's got so many options, and he's so confident right now. he's expected to turn that down. >> oh. if so, the mets would get a pick
7:43 am
rounds of next year's draft, so we'll see how that works out. >> all right. matt harvey, the pitcher, had a pretty good season. there was some controversy as well and, of course, things the ninth -- >> well, he's been named the national league comeback player of the year. he returned from tommy john surgery which caused him to miss the entire 2014 season. >> he had a 13-8 record, and he series. a controversy again about that -- >> ninth inning. >> keeping him in. >> meanwhile, to football and the latest on jason pierre-paul's saga, jpp. >> yeah. the defensive end. he had a herbal fireworks -- terrible fireworks accident around july 4th. he wore a great big mitten on his hand but he is practicing. >> yeah. so he's going to wear that during the game? >> he's hoping to get back for sunday's game against tennessee. glove? >> it's up to the coach.
7:44 am
in action last night was the islanders. they were up in montreal, and the game was tied in the third, so montreal scores here to take the lead, they went on to win it. 4-1, the final. >> don't you like that word, mitten? >> reminds me of -- >> what, cats? >> no, when we were younger. we don't wear mittens as an adult. we should bring that back. >> what else? some boat traveling the east river. >> all right, 7:47, we'll be right back. mom this is hugely important. is there anywhere in your house i can get a good signal? anyway, you were saying. it's a tragic love story. i love tragedy. what is that noise? what? i'm on set. what movie? i'm shooting a movie about laundry. leave slow internet behind. a movie about laundry? yeah the 100% fiber optics network gives you the
7:45 am
get out of the past. get fios. if you could see your cough, it's just a cough. you'd see how often you cough all day and so would everyone else. new robitussin 12 hour delivers fast, powerful cough relief that lasts up to twelve hours. new robitussin 12 hour cough relief.
7:46 am
>> whoo! remember this one from the clubs? [laughter] >> yeah. i feel like you still go to the clubs. >> he's a club regular. >> he's a club kid. >> my business. i'm just saying, one oak awesome on tuesdays. >> oh. [laughter] >> really? >> i don't know. they don't play this anymore, i'll tell you that. this is -- listen to these guys. >> i think it's 2 unlimited. >> i really think we should have played other song coming into this particular break like let's talk about sex, what a man, push it, shoop -- >> there's a theme here. >> do you remember who sang those songs?
7:47 am
>> talk about sex is salt and pepa minus spinderella. oh, you were hanging out with them! >> in fact, they're part of my wining and dining special which airs tonight. i'm cooking with salt and pepa -- get it? [laughter] the seasonings and the group. and here's a preview. >> everything has to have a little spice to it. >> what are we making? >> today i will be making jamaican curry chicken. >> yeah, mon. >> so some jamaican oil spice, garlic powder, onion powder. you don't want to do too much garlic powder. >> go on. >> there you go. she's always trying to get -- >> i know! [laughter] >> salt will give you high blood pressure. we're going to take it down a notch. >> all right. >> so we're about to cook it real good. >> oh, yeah. [laughter] ooh, baby, baby.
7:48 am
ooh, baby, baby -- >> cook it real good! >> see, i mean -- >> did you edit this thing? [laughter] that looks like raw footage. >> yeah. you will see the whole thing edited tonight, wining and dining. >> that was salt and pepa. tell me about them, what are they up to these days? >> first of all, there's such a resurgence to their music -- >> i said, salt, i don't think they're going to play this record on the radio, and she said, why not? [laughter] all right. anyway -- >> okay. >> where was that? new jersey. >> awesome. >> she's got a beautiful house. >> pepa lives in jersey. >> in such a gorgeous community, i can't even tell you -- we wanted to go to salt's house in queens, but she didn't want us to come there. so we went all the way to jersey. i think it took us -- >> rer run's house is in jersey. >> i think salt and pepa is so perfect for a wining and dining special. >> got it. sounds good.
7:49 am
>> all right. let's talk about blake shelton and gwen stefani. they've not only confirmed they're dating, but now there's word they've written a country song together. people magazine has learned exclusively that shortly after the new season of "the voice" kicked off, they got together to write a mild-tempod ballad together. it's about telling a lover to leave the relationship if that's what they truly want. they confirmed just a few day ago that they're dating. >> wait, what's the story? a reality show. >> were you listening at all? >> was it a reality show? >> no. it was a song that -- >> that's beautiful. >> stop hitting me. >> okay. let's talk about something else. pay attention, greg. there's lots of good movie options this weekend. the biggie is specter. it broke records when they opened in the u.k., and it's expected to have a huge opening weekend here. they're estimating about 80 million, so buy your tickets in advance --
7:50 am
>> can you get them in advance? i'm hearing they're selling out already. >> well, you can check all those web sites that let you buy them online first. and there's also the peanuts movie. the plot is that snoopy takes his team to the skies to pursue their arch nemesis while his best pal, charlie brown, begins his own epic quest back home. >> the reviews are tweet for this. and a much more serious movie called spotlight, the true story of how "the boston globe" uncovered the massive scandal of child molestation and cover-up -- >> i have to say, i saw that movie, and it's heavy. >> yeah. i would imagine so. >> it's heavy. but it's get thing a are the of critical review. d a lot of critical are review. >> positive or negative? >> positive. it was very heavy. i personally think james bond's going to run away with it this weekend. >> i think so too. >> i'm going to go see the charlie brown movie. >> peanuts? i bet you would too. >> what else? >> and three ties have joined the national -- toys have joined
7:51 am
the national toy hall of fame just in time for the holiday season. twister, hand puppets and the supersoaker. >> what does it mean? where is the toy hall of fame? >> it's in rochester, new york. >> does anybody go up there to look at this thing? >> i'm sure some people do. it gives a little added gravitas to the toy you give people this holiday season, that it's a hall of famer supersoaker. >> sounds like a trade guild kind of marketing thing, but okay. >> i think that if you're in rochester, this is a place to go. >> that's true. either that or niagara falls which is down the block. >> well, the snubbed toys included jenga and teenage mutant ninja turtles and whiffle ball. i love whiffle ball. i would climb the fence because it would go over immediately. that was the act tuft. >> there you go.
7:52 am
that we have a facebook fan b of the hour. >> what's her name? >> lee an. thank you so much for watching us this morning. weaver going to heave you with a little -- lee you with a little salt and pepa music this morning. >> pepper. for the girl scout meeting... for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! p at stop&shop, prices are down. savings are up.
7:53 am
this price can't be right... that's the right price! it's that low. what other things on this list can't be right?" looks like a list of can't be right's." seriously? at stop&shop, prices are down. savings are up.
7:54 am
>> from fox 5 news, this is "good day new york." >> hi, everybody, welcome. friday, the 6th of the month. i'm greg kelly. >> i'm rosanna scotto. nice to have you with us. highs heating up to 7s. by sunday only to the 50s. mike woods has the forecast for the weekend. >> in queens another hit-and-run situation with a bus. happened last night in flushing. looks like they caught the driver up in connecticut. >> the governor of jersey, chris christie will not be part of the debate of top tier republican candidates. basically he is relgated to the children's table. >> right now his campaign seems to be stalled at best. >> you know he, yesterday had some viral video on addiction and people were really into what he had to say. >> well, he is not making the cut right now as far as prime time debaters. all right.
7:55 am
also this. >> mother of a new jersey 8th grader is speaking out after her son was asked to write a paper about very touchy subject, herpes. the assignment was about how would they react if they got herpes after one-nightstand. they're in 8th grade. >> there is some controversy about that. what is going on? it's friday. that's cool. >> whoo-hoo. what are we doing this weekend? >> seeing "the peanuts movie." probably three times. >> sneak in james bond. i think they will go fast. tried to get on online in my area. >> daniel craig is a creep as james bond. >> i have to tell you met him in person. he is very handsome and very good in the movie. >> so intense. that roger moore is funny. >> he is great. daniel craig is rocking it.
7:56 am
>> also doesn't like to work. did you hear that? >> he afraid of being stereotyped. >> okay. we were enrolled in opera school. rosanna and i will become very mediocre singers next couple months. >> going to become or we are? >> we're not singers right now. but we met this guy named maitland peters. he is chairman of the voice department up at manhattan institute of music. very prestigious institution. >> i didn't realize they have a very difficult undergraduate and masters. >> she hit as high note. watch? >> notice i had tissue in my hand like opera singer. >> theatrics are too much. want to get into costume before the lesson even began. >> if you can't dazzle them with your singing, you baffle them with your, you know what they say? >> we were definitely baffled. good way to put it. i think the professor was a
7:57 am
little baffled by us as well. very smart guy and talented. >> i was concerned he would be one of these stuffy professs source. and he was kind and nuturing. >> tolerating. we'll work with his staff over next couple months. hopefully we'll become passible at some point. to put on a little recital. >> in italian. >> italian no less. a lot to learn. >> singing in italian. italian. >> that is the way my grandma says it. >> rosanna -- >> italy. italy. >> anyway, should be fun. we'll learn a few words. whatever. >> it will keep us out of trouble. >> keep us off the street. >> mike, sorry that we didn't invite you this time. >> i'm not. it will be a good show i'm sure. you didn't shatter any glass, did you? >> gets close to it. >> that means you're on your way.
7:58 am
wheel show you what is happening out there. looks like another warm day for us. are you ready for record high temperatures. we're talking about it. later on for you, central park. let's check out what the the temps are doing right now. very warm stuff. average high for today, we're just getting going. average high is 57 degrees. we're 12 degrees above that. 69 in central park. 63 in bridgeport and islip. we have a lot of low cloudiness and fog in the area. visibility in islip. get as little concerning down a quarter of a mile or less. take it easy on the roadways. so be careful in long island much. pretty much same deal as yesterday. we have dense fog advisories but only over ocean waters lear. folks out there fishing may have to take a little concern with that. anyhow, when it comes to showers, a few showers brushing up against the southfork of long island in last couple hours
7:59 am
that will probably continue but as we look to the west there is a lot more that needs to work its way through the tri-state region. at this point in it looking significant, by time it gets here i don't think we see too much out of it. cold front comes in and changes things up. we have the warm high temperatures into the mid 70s. record high temperatures expected for you at central park and beyond. but this coal front that will drive through that will be bring in the cooler, drier air and start arriving tomorrow and really be on top of us sunday. today definitely warm and a little sticky too. high temp 75. chance of showers and storms for just about everyone later on mainly. next seven days, high of 75. 56 only for you on sunday. showers chances beyond today, they come at you on tuesday and thursday of next week. let's get you back over to ines rosales. we have road troubles and real troubles as well. ines, let's know what's up.
8:00 am
>> we have little bit of everything going on. it is little bit of foggy and murky. accident westbound by metropolitan avenue. still resid delays. working on accident northbound on grant central parkway. no problems on 278 or 280. see how cameras are going on fdr drive. 79th street southbound traffic, traffic slow heading towards 59th bridge. reports of an accident on 79. that was quickly cleared away. no problems with the new jersey transit. main bergen line, power problems causing 20 minute delay. everything running on or close. greg and rosanna. >> thank you so much, ines. a woman in queens was dead, hit by a bus walking across a very busy street. >> it was a hit-and-run. the driver believed to have been picked up in connecticut. this happened in flushing last night. let's go to teresa priolo with
8:01 am
more. hello. >> good morning, greg. they pulled over a skyline bus near i-95 in madison, connecticut early, early this morning. the dangerous was inspected and driver was allowed to go. we don't know if this driver has been questioned by police or apprehended in any way. what that connection is to this scene down here. this is where the woman died. casina boulevard, main street here in flushing, queens. as you can see a very, very busy intersection with multiple city bus, cars, foot traffic. bus. this was a skyline bus. a private charter bus what we understand. this woman was crossing outside of the crosswalk and was hit. it is unclear if the driver even knew if he or she hit someone. this is such a busy intersection, stands to reason there would be a lot of surveillance cameras on different buildings. people are trying to see if that
8:02 am
we do know there is at least one nypd security camera nearby. mounted on a light pole right outside of the queens library here. they have obtained video from the camera. they are checking that out. hopefully that is able to give them much-needed clues in this case. we don't yet know identity, age of the woman who passed away here in flushing, queens, at 8:30 last night. police likely will give us that today. flushing. greg, rosanna, back to both of you. >> teresa, thanks a lot. >> there was a robber who had a knife and attacked a mother while breast feeding basically manhattan. >> fort trion park, 5:30. she says she was grabbed from behind and thrown to the ground along with her baby. >> the robber made off with her bag and iphone which helped police track down the suspect two hours later.
8:03 am
juan garcia was charged on several counts, robbery endangering welfare after trial. >> this is last friday night. the baby had a scratch on the lip. she is okay. >> can you imagine a mom breast feeding and person comes from behind and robs? >> horrific. bad news. >> latest on russian plane crash in egypt. british investigators believe a bomb was placed into the cargo hold of the metrojet plane just before takeoff a bomb. >> it was flying from sharm el-sheikh to st. petersburg when it crashed killing all 224 people on board. united kingdom canceled all flights from sharm el-sheikh. easyjet, discount airline, offered to bring them home. company says egyptian authorities are blocking plans over safety concerns. the egyptian ambassador claims that is not true. they have a lot of people
8:04 am
>> the lineup is set for the next tuesday. >> it does not include at least for the prime time debate governor chris christie. his campaign appears stalled. you have to be up above a certain level in the polls to be in the main pry time debate. he is not there. governor pataki won't be in i debate at all. >> kerry drew is looking into this. what are you hearing? >> reporter: 2.5%, greg and rosanna, that was the cutoff for the main stage. chris christie didn't have it. eight candidates are in prime time for the gop debate. one familiar face is missing from the crowd, governor christie. he was on the main stage for the first few debates. this time he didn't make the cut. the stage is set in milwaukee for the fourth gop presidential debate but two familiar faces will be missing from the lineup. you won't see mike huckabee or new jersey governor chris christie. in a big blow to christie's campaign he has been bumped out of prime time into the earlier
8:05 am
debate to low poll numbers. >> i think probably the biggest fear for someone like huckabee or someone like chris christie that the other networks will not want to expand this again. you won't want to have 10 people on page when fox business had eight. >> reporter: to qualify for the main stage candidates needed 2.5% or higher in average of most recent national polls. experts praised christie's last performance he struggled to gain footing in the polls. shortly after the news christie tweeted, quote, doesn't matter the stage. give me a podium i will be there to talk about real issues like this the with a link to a video where he speaks about addiction. on the earlier debate, south carolina senator lindsey graham and former new york governor george pataki will not be on the stage. donald trump and ben carson are once again front and center at the main debate as they continue to lead in the polls. political experts say there will be a lot of attention on jeb bush who has seen his numbers fall in recent weeks. >> he is going to be second from
8:06 am
last on one side, i think according to that lineup. so that's big change as well. it is do-or-die for him. he signaled as much. this is very important debate for him to break through. >> back to chris christie for a moment. he was on the campaign trail in new hampshire where he is polling pretty well before the lineup was announced. he was asked why his national poll numbers have not gone up much despite mostly positive reviews i received at the last national gop debate. christie responded said national polls don't have an effect on the race. i will continue to be myself. greg and rosanna. back to you. >> i think he is taking it very well. >> being himself, petting more attention, donald trump, chris wallace. donald trump stolen a lot of chris christie's fire. that was his schtick. that was his thing. he is not only guy doing that anymore. nobody really notices. am i on to something? >> i think you are on to something.
8:07 am
that was christie's schtick as you say, h- was the big, over the top presence in the room, the truth teller, and obviously donald trump has kind of stolen that from him. you know, it is definitely a blow, i agree with you, that christie is reacting, only way he can. doesn't do any good to sit there and moan and whine. the fact here we are less than three months before the actual voting starts and nationally he can't even get to 2 1/2%, which is a pretty low bar, is going to be bad for him. it means that it will be harder for him to raise money. harder for him to build an organization. in the end, politics is meritocracy. if you have the numbers, success begets success. meanwhile if you're down at two point, whatever, percent, you're at the kid's table. >> ben carson, he has been saying some things that are, well, unusual for a politician say.
8:08 am
maybe he said them a long time ago but receiving attention. how is he doing? >> well he is in the polls he is doing great. some of the polls he is actually leading trump, i guess behind him, excuse me nationally by a small margin. look, this is winnowing process. it takes a long time, and particularly for these guys like trump, like carson, who have not been vetted in a political campaign before, this is their first turn in the barrel and we're learning things. i promise you, particularly as these guys do better, especially as carson does better, all the other campaigns have huge research operations that are getting all kinds of information about him. and they're going to leak it out at the most damaging times. >> imagine that a bunch of >> i know. they would have a field day with us. chris, who is on your show on sunday? >> well, we're going to be talking chris christie. we'll try to get a sense from him.
8:09 am
as i say, he has a good talking point. put up a podium, i'll debate but this has to have some practical impact in his campaign and why is it that you know, he was above that margin and now he is below it? what is happening to his campaign? then we'll talk about that very troubling and continuing mystery about the russian plane that went down over the sinai. was it a bomb? was it a he can in call problem? we'll be talking to michael mccaul, chairman of the house homeland security committee. get latest intelligence from him. also now that the u.s. government is asking foreign airports to beef up their security for flights coming into the u.s., we'll talk to him about that. is the homeland security? >> chris, are they adding a can couple stories to the building behind you, the capitol? look at all the scaffolding. what is going on back there? seriously. >> what it is, there were all kinds of cracks in the dome. no, they're not adding, dome will not become a trump
8:10 am
>> never know. >> trying to secure it. there are all kinds of scaffolding and construction work, both inside of the dome and outside of the dome. it is quite a project. and, look at it right there behind me. >> it looks beautiful. make america great again. >> glad to see you were paying such attention to me as i'm sitting there blattering on you're looking at building behind me. >> i got gist of what you were saying. you're right, my mind does wander. >> chris wallace we'll watch with major attention on sunday morning 10:00 here on fox 5. please show -- >> i totally did. >> undivided attention. >> time to wrap it up. >> anyway, let's talk about hillary clinton. as you know she is running for president on the democratic side an everybody is wondering, if she makes it, becomes elected as the president of the united states, what is she going to call the husband, you know? she talked about it on "jimmy kimmel live." >> what do you mean what she
8:11 am
>> he is former president. >> he doesn't call him mr. president right now, right i would assume -- listen to the exchange they had. >> the first president lady would be nice thing. [laughing] first lady -- gentleman. i'm just not sure about it. that out. >> with will be like when he comes into a room, they're announced, president clinton an president clinton and, how about president clinton and former president clinton. >> we're jumping the gun, greg. >> she may lose. >> it is early in the election season. a lot of stumping right now. >> we do have a look at new christmas tree? i think we might. the new christmas tree is about to go up to rockefeller center. >> doesn't feel like christmas. >> there it is. the still on the came or flatbed truck. -- on the crane. >> from gardner, new york, they donated for free, no cash.
8:12 am
>> it is an honor. >> thank you so much. brings so much pleasure for people all over the world. >> yeah, but, mystery to me they don't get paid for that. all right, mike woods. >> that is why you don't have a tree god did not give you a tree for reason. >> i have a tree every year. a little one. cvs. plug it in. it's great. mike, what's up? >> good morning to you. warm temps around the region. 56 degrees. showers not a big deal. we have seen a few showers along southfork of long island. low fog and clouds in the area. check it out. almost everyone looking at temps starting off in the 60s. only exception is bangor in maine. s warm southwest wind is coming through here pulling temps up. dewpoints and humidity is fairly high. miles per hour.
8:13 am
not a lot of wind but enough to transport warm air. not a lot of sun either because there is a lot of low cloudiness. we'll get pieces of sun with south they arely flow. warm temperatures we'll have, out of the. warm front passed through yesterday. we have warm humid air. warm front behind it that will squeeze out some showers. i don't expect a lot. look at futurecast. doesn't bring us much. just a few sprinkles during the day. this is the cold front. look what is says, 6:30 to 8:30 this evening barely holds us together. cooler and drier air filtering in back behind it. that means we'll see drier skies and cooler conditions on both saturday as well as sunday. sunday goes pretty much back to normal tempwise. today we have 75 is high temp. 75 is record for today. the record as it stands is 74 degrees. back in 1948. looks like that may be tumbling this afternoon.
8:14 am
going up to high 75 today. 65 tomorrow. 56 on sunday. that is pack to normal. a 7 on monday. a shower chance tuesday and thursday. fox weather app has live radar to track showers down to your neighborhood. apple itunes store and google play store. there free to download. search fox ny weather. you're set to go. a birthday to ed meachum. checking us out on "good day new york." there is eric, happy birthday to your dad, wish you well as do we. let's bring in ines. see what is going on with the commute. we certainly our problems, right, ines. >> mike, start off with staten island expressway. boulevard. once you head into brooklyn, traffic slow on guanas and b. q -- b.q.e. westchester and putnam county not a lot going on.
8:15 am
684 is doing good. look at westside highway. this is 153rd street. traffic southbound jammed. you see the george washington bridge in the back. stall by 110th street. it has been out there a while. not sure what kind of stall. this is causing a lot of delays back to the gwb on the west side. driving into the city on upper levels, 45 minutes, 30 on lower. 495, lincoln tunnel, hour delay inbound. exclusive bus lanes moving a little slow. they didn't say there is delays. could be possible. as for holland 20. 20 inbound. trains, new jersey transit, main bergen line, 20 minute delay because of power problems. greg, rosanna. >> thank you. >> coming up on "good day new york." actor photographer grace. may -- topher grace, from "that '70s show." you remember what happened with dan rather when he left cbs. all the problems with the story about president bush? >> yeah, the awol letter that
8:16 am
big controversy. >> he has grown up. he is in the new movie called "truth." he will be here at 9:00 hour. dunkin's new sweet black pepper bacon sandwich, with double the slices of caramelized crispy pepper bacon. it's the bacon experience you've been waiting for. bacon up.
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>> taylor danes. >> wow. blast from the past. >> she wants to know if it is true love. listen. >> little bit of family history. one of the first cds we ever bought. like cd. >> like whole kelly family. >> we all went to sears together to buy, just one of first cds. >> that you remember. that's cool. >> cds are so yesterday now. nobody -- >> yeah. >> what do you do with all the old cds? salvation army. >> exactly. >> along with the cd player.
8:20 am
>> fox means business. >> adam shapiro, what's up? >> if you're going to travel for the thanksgiving holiday, get ready for headaches and hassles. according to airlines for america, 23.3 million of us will hit airways over the thanksgiving holiday travel season. that will be a nightmare. most since the great recession. worst airports for crowds and congestion. first place atlanta, second, los angeles, fourth dallas-ft. worth and fifth, jfk new york. worst day to fly. sunday. second worse day, monday after thanksgiving. third worst day to fly. thursday before thanksgiving. one of least congested days to fly, thanksgiving. will be a headache. >> thank goodness we're already home. >> being in the car on thanksgiving no day at beach either. >> nightmare if we go up the hudson and it is just a nightmare. >> it's a nightmare but graying big feast at end of the road. >> that's true. >> you're right. okay. so we have to be grateful. starting right now.
8:21 am
>> thanksgiving. >> thanks, adam. >> be thankful. see you later. >> guess who is coming up? you know him as host of the cupcake wars. justin wolman he has a few things up his sleeve. >> he is magician. he can levitate. >> this is at his wedding. stop it. >> trick photography. are you kidding me? >> is that for real? >> this is real. this is his wedding. can he do something here on "good day new york"? >> very clever.
8:22 am
>> he is magical. every coconut has a dream. to come out of its shell. to show all the world its true, inner beauty. and then, in an ironic twist, get covered up by chocolate and almonds. almond joy mounds.
8:23 am
rosanna: go greg. greg: it is our friday morning tradition. friday morning, just about 8:30 and celebrating native new
8:24 am
yorkers and those joining the ranks. it is a badge of honor to be a native new yorker. greg: half of the city is from some place else. rosanna: i believe that. have you ever thought about living some place else? greg: yes, when i was in the military. rosanna: i mean a permanent home? greg: when i lived in mississippi it felt permanent. two years. rosanna: i had that when i lived in atlanta. i wasn't in the military. yeah, i was like a boy oh boy you could tell i department belong there. greg: let's face it, we had
8:25 am
we were from new york. rosanna: yes. a funny accent that we have. greg: good natured ripping. rosanna: i made a lot of nice friends there. it was a culture shock though. greg: it is good to be home. and including mike woods who comes from northern california. rosanna: how long have you been here? mike: 15 years. rosanna: you are almost part of the club. mike: really. i have the attitude. roz ross you certainly do. i run my mouth in a second here. people saying you are so sweet and so nice, you are not from around here. we'll see how long that lasts.
8:26 am
greg: i'm fine. how are you? i apologize. rosanna: i'm happy you are here. what's a few germs among friends. greg: he's happy. mike mike: sharing is caring. to the temperatures, it is warm outside. oh boy, you don't sound good. 67 newark. 63 us islip. this is very warm stuff. decent clouds out there too. it is not a big deal. the warm and humid air is being transported up. we are seeing the warm and sticky stuff coming to us here. when it comes to the showers, a few along the south fork of long island there.
8:27 am
that is it. there is more to the west of us. according to the futurecast, it is barely holding together. here is the big change that we are going to see. the warm and humid air with the highs up to the 70s, high up to 75. that is a record high in central park. but the cold front is coming through and bringing in cool dry air behind it and knocking down the temperatures tomorrow. high today up 75. a few showers are possible this evening as the front is crossing by and bringing in the rain. high of 65 tomorrow. 56 on sunday. and then we start to ramp back up. a range chance coming in on tuesday and thursday. all right, let's, oh, we have a birthday shout out. sal made it. so proud of you.
8:28 am
look at a how cute. a favorite costume. ines: that is your halloween costume. mike: we can bond. maybe when he grows up he's wanting to be like mike woods or maybe not. ines: delays head odd the verrazano bridge. there is a stall by the manhattan bridge. the traffic is backed up to the l.i.e. west side highway a stall by 110th. finally cleared away. this is by the 110, the george washington bridge in the background. to the george washington bridge, upper 45 minutes. lower 30. 495 headed to the lincoln tunnel traffic jammed back up to route
8:29 am
3 and the turnpike. holland tunnel 20. with the trains, new jersey transit having equipment problems. everything else is running on or close. greg: who remembers sex education in school? >> rosanna: i wents to catholic school not much of it. greg: good, you would still be giggling. a sex ed going a little too far in south jersey. we are going to the video tape. a mother deeply disturbed by what her 8th grader was shown in class. rosanna: it was a homework so i want, greg. greg: hi, juliet. juliet: i had this conversation talking to parents of kids, you talk to parents these days and most admit that kids are having
8:30 am
sex younger and younger, a homework assignment not by the health teacher, but task comes from a self-help book calling 7 habits of high effective teens, the assignment asked the student to pretend they went to a party, got drunk, met a stranger and had sex with a stranger and blacked out and the student finds out a week later contracted herpes. i talked to folks on twitter and folks at the subway stakes, take a listen. >> i don't think any time is too young. i think as there's an appropriate time and sometimes i think right now with 8th graders you are finding they are doing a lot of things we never did when we were younger.
8:31 am
that sounds like a health class. >> 8th grade too young? >> yes, for that. >> the teacher is not this in trouble. it is part of the book. this guy private christian schools and home school are the answer, rosanna. that's insane, back in the day a teacher wouldn't assign that as homework. a lot of the reactions focussed on the parents, too many parents are ignoring the responsibility of parents. maybe just 8th grade is a little too young for this type of thing. rosanna: parents debate, do you bring up the subject with your kid, is that planting a seed and thinking it is okay now to do
8:32 am
off a problem? i don't know. greg: what is the scenario again? >> juliet: so the student goes to a party, they get drunk, again, 8th grade, meet a stranger, they have sexual relations with the stranger, black out and come back a week later with the test results. 7 habits for highly successful teens. greg: let us know what you think on facebook. we are not solving that here. juliet: we hear about this happening younger and younger. rosanna: thank you, juliet. greg: the airman during world war two african-american troop of aviators that made a difference in world two, we lost one of them.
8:33 am
rosanna: george franklin henry 95 years old and lived in brooklyn. greg: he earned the victory medal. he then became a firefighter. retiring in 1963. he's 95. during the war, henry was a staff sergeant and overseeing 20 technicians repairing the aircrafts. he leaves behind 7 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren. rest in peace. rosanna: we are networking with star jones, she's got an event going on in new york city. everyone talks about networking room? >> greg: star and other people are saying you have to get out flesh.
8:34 am
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8:36 am
greg: say you are looking for a job, or a career opportunity, rosanna, what is the key, the computers, right. rosanna: people think they can network on online, to some extent you can.
8:37 am
computer. rosanna: i don't know, there is something to say about the face to face networking, greg, old fashioned. greg: you think you can set up a profile and lay back, get out professionals. we have a little networking event happening here on "good day new york." we are inspired by star jones. rosanna: and a former prosecutor. greg: hi, star. rosanna: and president of diversity notework and professional women. >> today nine to six at the know. you need to know how to network. it is not coming in with a cocktail and snacks.
8:38 am
thing to know is not eat. rosanna: nothing worse than meeting someone with a mouthful of food. >> right, and keep a hand free. you want to meet and greet. rosanna: put down the food. >> yes. put down the food. greg: and give them a business card. i have a wonderful business idea. >> greg, here is the first tip, plan. you have to plan ahead. you don't go to a networking event for the heck of it. you have to know what you want to get out of it and plan. who do you want to meet at it. rosanna: we have networkers. do you have ideas on how to plan infiltrate a networking event? you are young, right? [laughter] these guys are already employed. are you looking for a good? >> no. i'm currently employed.
8:39 am
could lose a job. >> career is put on as part of the networking event, everyone is seeking a job. you are always looking for the next opportunity. the second tip is seek. some people are introverted. they don't want to step out in front of the crowd. i have two personalities, starlit is quiet at home and star is going out and saying hello. >> hello. it is a pleasure. rosanna: so be assertive. cory, are you looking for a job? >> i am not. greg: anybody unemployed here? >> i just got a new job and i thank to it networks. greg: i hate wearing the name
8:40 am
>> when in a networking event and it is happy thing to know you are greg kelly. this is the first hint, when you meet someone say hi and say their name again. that helps you remember the name. the last tip is connecting. grab a business card, have lots of business cards to share, and then follow up within 48 hours. that is what you have to do. greg: business cards are going by the wayside. do you carry them? >> well, people use smartphones. you have to so many secret things in there, the date of birth, or numbers, have a separate business contact to
8:41 am
out. rosanna: is linkedin working? >> we have online network, we have e chapter meetings. yes, you can be a techie noteworker but nothing replaces, hi greg. rosanna: is there something to say to stand out? >> one thing is ask someone what their hoping to get out of the networking event. rosanna, pleasure to meet you. what brings you here. rosanna: i want a job. >> tell me what you do well. greg: the job thing sounds desperate. couch it a little bit? >> yes, you know what, i'm
8:42 am
looking to change industries. i'm looking to learn more about an industry. if you want a marketing job and you are working in retail, i'm working in retail but i'm interested in marketing, who do you know in marketing. rosanna: are tickets available? >> yes, say star said 50% off and come down to the met ro pal ton noon to six. it is special 50. greg: wow, that is happy hour time. what is the situation? >> we have hospitality. don't eat too much. rosanna: by the way, are you feeling way? you look good. >> i have tell you, this is the face of heart disease and i'm a survivor. it is almost six years and i'm so proud. rosanna: you are looking great. congratulations. >> thank you. greg: thanks, everybody.
8:43 am
good luck. rosanna: happy networking. greg: did you make new friends? >> power of networking. right back. star light star bright, the first star i see tonight i wish i may, i wish i might, have the wish i wish tonight wishes do come true. the lincoln wish list event is right now get exceptional offers on the entire lincoln family. for a limited time sign and drive off in a new 2015 lincoln navigator for $759 a month
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it's a 2011 pinot noir from the noir region. thank you, remy. (remy) you're welcome, sir. (man) of course we all know the rejuvenating effects of pinot therapy are quite well-documented. what's that, remy? (remy) it-it's a speck of cork, si- (man) i know what it is. (vo) a new york gentleman spends $28,000 a week on wine to sit in. (man) i'm so sorry you had to see this. (vo) you'd make a way better rich person. (man) i'll be in the pool.
8:46 am
than any other game. rosanna: all right. what happened. greg: what about the name tags? rosanna: we are taking them off. anna: will smith is going to tour with dj jazzy jes. rosanna: rosanna: hm. anna: this is summertime. and he was a character on the fresh prince of bell air
8:47 am
they released an album in 1986 rapped now is the time to tour. smith is working on new stuff. that should be fun for the fans of theirs. and more than a month before the force awakens hits the theatre, a terminally ill fan gets the wish of seeing the movie. 32-year-old is battling a rare form of cancer and he's told he won't make it until december and he and his wife started a twitter campaign. well, it did catch the attention of disney and abrahams that set up a private screening at their home. that is a sweet ending to a sad story. and in other star wars news, a boy from florida is using the force and a cello to get ready
8:48 am
that's 7-year-old ryan playing theme song the imperial march. the video has gone viral and had 77,000 views in three days. greg: he needs more lessons. he needs work. anna: hey, he's good. rosanna: shout out, dj who watches us every day. we'll be r thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that.
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