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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  November 6, 2015 10:00pm-10:30pm EST

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it's pm. do you know where your children are? right now on fox news. dari: the international investigation as to what brought down the jetliner in egypt that suggest that the plane may have been brought on by an explosive device on board. and with each passing day it is looking more and more like it is an act of terror. steve: here is stacey delikat with more? and news outlet said he heard the black box recordings and the on that. the report has not been confirmed, but clearly the alert.
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department of homeland security putting new measures in place at some foreign airports as an investigation into the downed jetliner continues. the officials say that the enhanced security measures will focus on commercial flights down for the united states and will include additional screening and security. >> this is a prudent response in the exercise of an abundance of caution based upon information that has been learned about the possible terrorist attack. reporter: the aircraft crashed 20 minutes after taking off from the red sea resort for st. petersburg, russia, killing all 224 people. president obama and david cameron both had said that it's possible that a bomb brought down the plane in a french news outlet is reporting that the sound of an explosion can be distinctly heard on one of the planes black boxes. >> various types of evidence leading to the conclusion that
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it was a bomb. reporter: russia became the latest country to suspend all flights to egypt. the flight freeze is a blow to tourism, but the ceo of the security firm investigative management group as it is the right move. >> you don't want citizens or anybody for that matter, especially when you have responsibility as prime minister or the president, to fly out of this airport that is right there in cairo in egypt. reporter: despite the flight suspensions, russia and the uk will bring home stranded tourists and russian officials say that parts of the wreckage are now in moscow. dari: three people shot, one man died, and reports say that a six-year-old girl was wounded in the leg.
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>> when you see something like this happen you get afraid. because i mean, my son is 11 years old in the first thing i think about is my little ones speak to the names of the victims have not been released and so far there have not been any arrests. steve: a convicted murderer whose case became the subject of a serial podcast, the judge in maryland has granted a motion to reopen the case. he has been serving a life sentence for the murder of his ex-girlfriend who was found dead in a baltimore park in 1999. dari: greg hardy returned from serving a four-game suspension for domestic violence. and now pictures have surfaced of his bruised and battered ex-girlfriend, the nfl is once again under fire. dan bowens explains that many people think he got off easy. >> battered and beaten, the graphic photos released by the
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in detail injuries to the colder, bruises up and down her arms, back and legs and face. the injury is she allegedly suffered at the hands of greg hardy. the pictures are being made public about a year and a half after hardy was arrested and charged with assaulting his ex-girlfriend. hardy was playing for the carolina panthers at the time and was found guilty in the case later dropped when he stopped cooperating. >> it made us take a step back and say how is this guy even playing in the nfl louisiana so because of the police report or letter to your own imagination in regards to how horrific it was. but once these photographs are revealed it's a different ballgame. reporter: anita is a host with 98.7 espn new york area she said these images bring domestic violence that front and center for the nfl. >> it's a much bigger story. domestic violence is something that the nfl and robert mcdowell, this is something they've been having to deal with
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it brings you back to the rewrites the situation. >> it's unclear to see know if they will take disciplinary action, they had already suspended him 10 games based on this incident, the suspension was later reduced to four games by an arbitrator before he was signed by the dallas cowboys. online the pictures have fueled criticism of the league and the cowboys a month bonnie bernstein wrote dear mr. roger goodell, terry jones cares about the damning evidence of abuse and use it. dan bowens for "fox 5 news" speak to the owner of the cowboys is supporting hardy, saying that the team is aware of how serious the incident is, but they are giving him a second chance. dari: steve: president obama pulling the plug on the keystone pipeline. ultimately the president said
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approving the pipeline would've undercut america's global readership on climate change. and would not serve u.s. interests. dari: ben carson is fighting back against charges that he misled or that he lied to folks about being offered a prestigious scholarship. sharon crowley shows us how he is taking on the media. reporter: ben carson is now backing off these words, but he says now that it was an ally but rather a mistake. he talked with o'reilly tonight. >> you were never formally offered any kind of accommodation at west point. is that correct? >> that's right, i was told it would be very easy for me. reporter: he was not accepted at west point, in fact he didn't even apply. contradicting what he wrote in his autobiography "gifted
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hands", story that has endeared him to many voters. >> that should've been clearer, correct? >> i guess that could have been more clear. reporter: the campaign says that the late general william westmoreland did urge the young rotc student who consider west point. but in the end carson did not see commission. this political analysts said that carson's problem is that he sells himself on being completely honest. >> he is the ultimate outsider and he gets his face from a life in the bible, it's a clear indication that these plain politics or in a way that looks awfully familiar to those that are unhappy with insider, been there and done that politician candidates. >> mistake or not, analysts say this newcomer to national politics is likely to face even greater scrutiny.
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sharon crowley for "fox 5 news". >> by the way you can catch the next round of republican debate on fox business network, the early debate starts at 7:00 p.m. followed by the leading candidates. >> the holiday season is right around the corner. this rock is rockefeller center tree arrived today, brought into the city, taking place on december 2. dari: this is a wonderful story. saving a classmate from choking. >> spongebob showing him exactly what to do.
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>> i will finish what you started. >> the new trailer that has "star wars" fans freaking out. >> getting back to average year, a record high of 70 or, cooling down and we will see that cool air arrived this weekend. dari: here is tonight's new york minute. >> we want to keep honoring our veterans because they risk their lives for the country. reporter: students built a wall in on honor of veterans day. >> it's important for students to see who veterans are in a
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reporter: newark senior center of the year was honored, the office of emergency management chose them because of how well prepared the csr in their neighborhood for an emergency. >> they are more prepared than the seniors are for any kind of emergency. the fact that they are doing this really helps them.
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york minute steve: who knew that you could learn lifesaving lessons from spongebob squarepants. steve: he said it was the cartoon that taught him what to do in his classmate started smoking. >> we were inside where brandon
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performed a c-section. spongebob square pants. >> jessica was all smiles, a dance that you may not have been able to attend if it wasn't for a classmate. >> he saved my life. >> a 13-year-old boy it was eating lunch on wednesday. >> i was joking and he saved my life. >> all of a sudden she said it got lodged in her throat and she couldn't breathe. >> brandon quickly jump into action. >> thank you so much. >> i was taken back. he just went right into action. >> he said an episode of spongebob squarepants taught them how to do the technique. back of his head.
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his memory is like a sponge. >> i am shocked and proud that he was able to save someone's life. >> amazing. it's wonderful. we are also proud of him. >> jessica says that brandon and her will be friends for life. steve: that is pretty incredible. steve: so what does that tell you? [laughter] nick: let them watch it. spongebob square pants, redeeming qualities. and i love it, it is terrific. >> it is awfully warm, the cold front hasn't quite gone through
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here, cool air filtering down. steve: what an awesome friday night to be out. dari: everybody is out. it feels like september. enjoy it while it lasts. 66 degrees and the average high should be 67 and we did much better as well. we will would have the rest of these numbers by sunday, clouds, 72, when none of the southwest, pressure rising, showers showing and it looks like there is one little shower here on fox 5 star sky guardian. sussex, newark, a little bit cooler is moved to long island,
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bridgeport, mild now and 63, of to bridgeport and then jumping to 70 and back towards delmar and then back towards the middle 60s as you go from hudson valley into sussex, new jersey. looking at a southwest wind. poughkeepsie. moving on through as time goes by. really not much is going to happen except cloud cover that is going to stick around as we go back westward on the photograph that clouds will stick around and we will be seeing clouds tomorrow getting into the drier air on the front, bringing the rain across parts of mississippi and alabama. we will certainly see a lot of clouds around here tomorrow as temperatures began to cool. still looking at 50s, limited sun, 65 in the middle of the
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the afternoon progresses and the temperature takes that downward slope, there is the cloud cover and rain, a wave of low pressure sliding to the south. a beautiful day and bright and sunny in the middle 50s. and as we head into next week it is back to the 60s again. clouds, 50s as you get out of some of the cooler spots, a couple breaks of sun, northwest when, 65, and then 56 and that is seasonal, saying in the upper 50s, beautiful days, chilly at night, showers tuesday afternoon, mid-60s on wednesday. showers on thursday and then we are drying out and saying okay on friday. >> i love it, it's great stuff. steve: bonus time. good deal of. dari: a big surprise for "star wars" fans.
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trailer. happened. >> that is true. the force awakens hits theaters december 18 and in the meantime fans are sharing on twitter. dari: paul said it's kind of unbelievable to me that the new international "star wars" trailer makes me tear up, but here we are. steve: he is not the only one. so much excitement for that. speaking out for the first time since going to rehab.
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he had no choice but to get sober. >> you are hired. viewers hearing back from adding 271,000 jobs last month. the unemployment rate falling to even lower than that. people working or looking for work, stocks ending friday. the dow jones riding a six-week winning streak. in the meantime if you work in the guys come your paycheck is truly taking off and the average salary now is around $75,000. toyota is going high-tech and going to silicon valley. spending $1 billion to build a research lab. focusing on self driving cars.
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>> completing a month-long rehabilitation, this player is speaking about his battle. he will start his workout to get ready for spring training silver. in an interview with good morning america, he says that he has been a functioning alcoholics and 2012. he would then shrink during road trips, scheduling drinking around a star, he was called selfish by someone he checked into rehab because of the timing. the day before the yankees wild-card game. but he couldn't wait another day. >> there was no other option for me but to get help. i understand. if it was anything else, people wouldn't have a problem with it. but alcoholism is tough to swallow but it's the same thing. reporter: his wife encouraged him to wait until the season played out before checking into
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rehab after a weekend bender, he knew that it was time. kobe bryant could be making his final career appearance in new york. he won't say this is his last season but many are suspecting that it is. he was making jumpers, giving a great reception from the crowd as well, he said he doesn't really want to have a farewell like derek jeter. they play the knicks on sunday at the garden. and the mets offered dano murphy a qualifying offer, but he is expected to turn it down and have free agency. dari: so many things going on. do the mets comeback with a
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we will see. steve: that would be an amazing contract. steve: good deal. enjoy the weather, everyone. 72 degrees right now at 10:30 p.m.
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