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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  November 9, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EST

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from "fox 5 news", this is "good day wake up". >> juliet: good day everyone. it is 5:00 a.m. on monday. still no baby, ben. still no still no baby, ben. still no julia. temperatures will temperatures will be in the 40s. around 60 degrees today. >> ben: attempting mugging of a police officer ended with one person shot. a live live report on this. >> juliet: president obama is getting ready to go face-to-face with israeli prime minister.
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>> ben: it was not a great weekend for ben carson, he has been called out over his recollection of events over his life. donald trump had something to it is 5:00 a.m., monday, november 9. along these lines. i wish ben carson the best. but he's kind of a jerk. he kinda started off on the talk shows by saying i wish and good luck and then he ripped apart his whole argument about why he's lying about everything. >> ben: i wonder what people around the country are saying. now that it is getting intense,. >> juliet: i wonder what they are saying. >> ben: it's only one year away. >> juliet: has had the last two
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years gone fast. >> mike: it is cool outside. yesterday we had sunshine out there. we did a lot this weekend. we did the national kidney foundation walk. thanks for all for coming out. it was sunny skies, cool start and we ended up with high temperature of 56 degrees. that's average for this time of year. fifty-nine in bridgeport, and 57 degrees in montauk. it is going to be clear and cool today as you head out to the bus stop, it will be a clear, cool start to the day. temperature around 45 degrees this morning. no need for umbrellas but a few extra layers because it is definitely cool. 58 degrees in sussex right now, 46 degrees in central park, 40 in montauk. we have mainly clear sky.
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some areas. we'll get down to and close to freezing around 8:00 a.m. this morning. there will be lots of sunshine today around 6:35 a.m. later in the day will have some clouds and showers. clouds increasing by this evening, shower start pressing in for your commute tomorrow morning. looks like light to moderate rain and breezy into wednesday morning. then we will be done. high temp to 60 this afternoon. tomorrow is a rainy day, and more rain on thursday. that spring in ines and see what's going on with the commute >> ines: there is a problem on the b.q.e.
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in long island know i problems on the sussex county on the l ie. no problems on 287 or 70. let's look at the b.q.e. by metropolitan avenue. this is westbound, two lanes are blocked with delays. a car spun out and hit the guard rail. expect delays traveling westbound. the lincoln tunnel driving into the city is fine. same. same thing for the holland, and george washington bridge. trains are running on are close to schedule. >> juliet: thank you. i playing close police officer turned the tables on someone who came to rob them. >> ben: they are investigating a possible online scam.
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robert moses has more. >> reporter: good morning this is the intersection where that took place. cap say they're still looking for one man in connection with this case. charges against the two suspects already in custody are still pending. this morning, some would be robbers are regretting their choice of target. please say last night playing clay detectives were investigating and robbery was connected to a craigslist rat on chan at. that turned out to be a bb gun. he tried to rob them. the officer pulled his gun and condition. a 16-year-old was also arrested,
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on the loose. they're still investigating whether they are connected to the robbery that brought the detectives to the neighborhood in the first place. we are told the officer that fired his weapon was taken to the hospital to be treated for ringing in his ear. he is expected to be fine. one of the detectives was wearing a florescent vest with nypd written on it. which makes this did attempted robbery all the more ugly. >> juliet: they definitely picked the wrong target. thank you very much. a young girl on long island was killed by a pit bull. nassau police officer shot and killed the dog after it let go of the girl. it charged at the cop as well. it happened on holland avenue. the nine-year-old 9-year-old victim was visiting the home when the attack cap.
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arrested on an unrelated charge. >> ben: president obama and prime minister from israeli will meet today, their first meeting in one year. their meeting has been strained for a while and negotiations on the iran deal remain at the forefront. they have been talking about a security agreement that could bring more u.s. military presence to israel. president obama is expected to urge a solution between israel and the palestinian. >> juliet: ben carson is feeling heat about what he wrote in a autobiography. >> ben: carson is fighting back. teresa has more about what is being said. >> reporter: i saw one that said ben carson is a being the front
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so ben is cursing back what he calls the medias witchhunt to carson carson may have events. this is donald trumpet response. carson? the presidential hopefuls spent the last few days defending his recollection of the past claiming he received a scholarship offered at west point, being held at gunpoint, attempting to stab a friend or family member when he was a teen. anecdotes in his autobiography, gifted hands, he says the level of scrutiny he is facing is unfair. >> there are a lot of people who are very threatened i may see the recent head-to-head against hillary and how well i do. they are worried speak here is donald trump. >> they wanted to do something on this whole situation about
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ben, where you want to hit your mother with a hammer and you want to prove that it took place in order to keep credibility. >> and speaking of donald trump. [applause]. >> larry david, what are you doing? >> off i yelled they would give me $500,000. >> jon's appearance on saturday night live is getting mixed reviews. they're getting high ratings, 47% higher than when hillary clinton appeared in early october. perhaps they tuned in to see how they finally plan to pay for that border wall. >> mr. president, the president of mexico is here.
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wall [applause]. this is far too much money. >> no i insists. >> hey got the laughs in here. next a a round of republican debates will happen on tuesday. it starts at 7:00 p.m. followed by the eight leading candidates who will take the stage at 9:00 p.m. >> juliet: we will be watching. democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders was also on tv. sunday morning talk show circuit and he explains what what separates them from hillary clinton. >> wall street, i believe these guys who drove our economy into the ground destroyed so many lives. i think at the end of the
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reestablish, we have to break up these huge financial institutions. that is not hillary's position at all. >> juliet: the next presidential debate for the democrats is set for separate next saturday in des moines, iowa. >> ben: university of missouri students are calling for the president to step down. will tell you why 30 members of the football team are on strike. >> juliet: mike is keeping track of the lovely forecast. >> mike: it will be clear and cool. a nice day, it is 46 degrees right right now and sunshine going forward. tonight we'll have clouds and showers. the fox 5 ny weather app has daily and hourly forecast available. you can download it for free at the google play store or the apple itunes store.
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every sip. the taste uniquely dunkin'. each cup uniquely you. brewed fresh because it's not just any coffee. it's your coffee, your dunkin'. america runs on dunkin'. >> juliet: the holidays are starting to race towards us. on city field yesterday for thanksgiving day parade they inflated some of the new balloons that will make their way in the parade on thanksgiving.
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the parking lot. >> ben: i think i might take my daughter over, here it can be a zoo but i might take this year. >> juliet: why not? prehistoric little friends. what is that. >> ben: that's from that ice age movie, it's a squirrel. >> juliet: i thought it was a turkey question. ronald mcdonald also returns. >> ben: that was a very busy at stake reaction. i saw this photo yesterday from an anonymous source, this, ines and michael is my umbrella. you can see on the phone that it is the cover of yesterday's post. my umbrella that that
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juliet borrowed in early 2014, apparently being held hostage. i can get this umbrella returned to me should i name my on born child after juliet. >> juliet: we have your umbrella, if you want to see your umbrella, you need to name your umbrella child after juliet. if you do not your bellow will see certain peril. >> ben: did you say what i wrote? >> mike: so? >> ben: is the umbrella saved? >> juliet: safer than it would be outside. >> mike: will you need the umbrella?
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let's show you what is up. the average would be 57 degrees degrees and 44 is the average low. so far no rain but some later tonight and into tomorrow morning. we have clear sky right now with 46 degrees, winds are calm, some of us are freezing though this morning. 28 degrees in monticello and sussex. 40 degrees in montauk. the freeze warning for the eastern part of long island. now. mainly clear skies to start all, the sun comes up around an area of low pressure continues to develop around the southeastern states.
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it will come in this general increase of cloud cover and eventually rainfall. not until tomorrow morning though. tonight, rain will will press into town around the commute time tomorrow. we are going to see a cloudy, breezy, cool, wet day tomorrow. it should wrap up on wednesday morning and then we catch a break. today is mostly sunny skies, high temp around 60 degrees. showers developed tomorrow morning. lowe's tonight around 40 degrees to 48 degrees. more rain comes through on thursday and then we wrap up the week on a dry no. let's bring in ines and check
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before. >> ines: putnam county is fine. no issue on the platonic. there is a problem on the b.q.e., by the williamsburg bridge. one car hit the divider, please just arrived on scene. two lanes are blocked, westbound in our delays and there's a stall on the westbound. no issues on the upper and lower and inbound level. >> ben: football and a hunger strike. over allegations of racism. >> juliet: the governing body of the institution is trying to figure out what is going on. >> controversy interrupted on a
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college campus as students of the university of missouri protest over issues of race and discrimination. black members of the school's football team say they will not take part in any athletic activity until the university president resigns. >> we all made this decision as a team together. >> they say wolf has not done enough to do enough to deal with racial harassment on campus which has gotten worse on recent months. >> there a lot of incidents going on in the campus and administration has failed to take action to make campus safer for all students. >> the grad student is in the midst of a weeklong hunger strike which he says will continue until the school's leaders steps down. >> black students are not being heard on campus. from those in power who can make things change.
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>> wolf has given no indication that he plans to leave office but he did say changes need to happen and the university is working on a plan to promote diversity. in a statement he says quote, these concerns these concerns must be addressed to ensure the university of missouri is a place were all students can pursue their dreams in an environment of respect, tolerance, and inclusion. the governing body of the institution will meet on monday to discuss the protest. >> juliet: thank you very much. the deadly deadly crash of an egyptian airliner could mean changes around the globe. three people are looking into see if isis is involved in the crash. experts say say if it was a could help the terror group attract more followers and encourage others to carry out similar attacks.
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best way to defeat airport defense is not to go through on but to have someone on the inside help them. >> juliet: they are increasing vigilance around the world that have flights bound for the united states. that is scary. controversy over the iconic starbucks red holiday cups. >> ben: what you will not find on them this year. we are coming right back it took the rockettes years to master the kick line. but only a few moves to master paying bills on
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>> juliet: welcome back. i was talking about wall street bonuses. bonuses will fall five to 10% this year. i'm not sharing that. i am jealous. the compensation consulting firm says if it does fall that much it will be the first time bonuses fall across the entire industry since 2011. in the sectors alone bonuses are down 30% since 2009. >> ben: is not a great year on wall street. toys "r" us will open its doors at 5:00 p.m. on thanksgiving evening. it is one of the earliest times for sales.
5:25 am
29:11:10 p.m. and now ipm. many people say they will open at 6:00 p.m. on thanksgiving evening. >> juliet: there's controversy over the starbucks red holiday cup. the company took the imagery off of them. it is basically the starbucks logo and a red cup. ombre according to some. snowflakes, reindeer, trees, gone. just a red cup. it had backlash on social media. a former pastor is urging everyone to state their name as a merry christmas so employees have to write it on the cut. starbucks said it wanted to usher in the holidays with the
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>> from "fox 5 news", this is "good day wake up". >> ben: it is a clear, cool start to the day. nice monday and store but rain heading our way tomorrow. mike has the full forecast, not. >> juliet: a mother is shot. detectives are. >> juliet: a man robbed a bronx laundromat was armed with a machete. >> juliet: ahead the giants jason p air paul returns to the
5:30 am
field, he blew off part of his hand,. >> ben: good morning everyone. >> juliet: thanks for joining us, it is november 9. it is a monday and still no baby for you. michael, do you have a cold? >> mike: a little bit. i think i'll be okay. >> ben: i understand you and ines went on some dates. >> juliet: i met some people at the judas priest concert. >> mike: good morning. hope you had a nice weekend. we the cool side. it is a cool this morning too.
5:31 am
and alan time, 40 degrees in montauk. we have clear skies out there now. we will see sunshine around 6:35 a.m. then this starts to roll in. an area of low pressure brings out clouds, today we are fine we'll see clouds get up to 56 by midday and a few high clouds this afternoon. showers by tomorrow, today it will be breezy and a few showers on wednesday and thursday. let's bring in ines and check it out. >> ines: we have problems. let's look at staten island, no problems the expressways doing fine heading toward the verrazano.
5:32 am
long island is fine in nassau county. the b.q.e. b.q.e. has a problem right now. an accident all lanes are closed. they reopen the shoulder. tow truck is on scene, this is eastbound, no westbound on the b.q.e. they're holding up traffic for bit. the right lane is blocked, the eastbound side this camera shot your fine but there is a stall to watch out for. look at the alexander hamilton bridge, looks great this morning. the trains are running on are close to schedule. >> ben: thank you ines. the police involved shooting since young man to the hospital. >> juliet: detectives were investigating a robbery when three people approach them. let's talk with robert moses for details. >> reporter: good morning, one of these plainclothes nypd
5:33 am
detectives was reportedly wearing some sort of fluorescent best with nypd written on it, that makes it all the more baffling why these three suspects would have chosen these three detectives as targets. this morning, some would-be robbers are regretting their choice of targets. please say last night three plainclothes detectives were investigated in an earlier robbery on munro and bedford avenue. that was connected to a craigslist ad. as they were investigated three suspects approached and pulled out a firearm which turned out to be a bb gun and tried to rob one of them. the detective drew his service weapon and fired once adding the suspect in the right arm and torso. he was taken into custody and was taken to the hospital. a 16-year-old was also arrested, the third member of this trio is
5:34 am
on the loose. please are still investigating if they are connected to the robbery that has brought them to this place to begin with. charges on the two suspects are still pending and police are still looking for that third man. the detective who fired the weapon was taken to the hospital to be treated for ringing in his ear, he is expected to be fine. that is the latest, back to you. >> ben: thank you robert. please in the bronx are on the hunt for a machete wielding man. you can see the guy trying to break into a locked cabinet with a machete. this happened on seventh boulevard on late sunday night. please call crimestoppers if you have some information. >> juliet: funeral services were
5:35 am
lieutenant who died from a 911. she lost her battle to cancer on thursday. her medical medical costs were covered by the act which congress has not renewed. that is beyond my comprehension. >> ben: ben carson is coming under attack for what he published in his autobiography. >> juliet: not surprisingly, donald donald trump is speaking out on the situation. tresa has the latest. >> reporter: his comments were quite nice. good morning. the president hopeful ben carson spent the last few days defending his regulation of the pass. claiming he received a full scholarship, and he attempted to dab a friend or family member when he was 18.
5:36 am
autobiography, gifted hands. carson called the comments media witchhunt. >> there is no question i'm getting special scrutiny because a lot of people are threatened, they see the recent polling against hillary and how well i do. they are worried. >> reporter: donald trump responded by saying he's a nice guy who i like a lot and hopes it all works out well for him. trump was on saturday night live this weekend. perhaps people tuned in to see how he will pay for that border wall take a listen. >> the president of mexico is here to see you. >> all that is great. >> i brought you the check for the wall.
5:37 am
>> this is far too much money. >> no i insist. >> reporter: you have to hand it to them, he knows how to take a joke. you will hear will hear the republican debate on the foxbusiness network. it starts at 7:00 p.m., i meant maine candidate will be on at 9:00 p.m. that includes a ben carson, and donald trump. >> juliet: thank you tresa. >> ben: let's check the forecast. a a cold start out there today. >> mike: sunshine for us, it is a cool start for sure. thirty-nine in newark, 30 degrees in allentown. 30 degrees in sussex.
5:38 am
we have a freeze warning in effect until 8:00 a.m. the growing season is coming to a close, we have a mainly clear sky right now. clouds will be coming into town later on as that low-pressure gain strength. the rain starts pressing them by tomorrow morning during the commute. it hangs out for the day on tuesday and wednesday morning. then it should wrap up for a drier day on wednesday. the rain makes a comeback on thursday, a high of 60 today, sunny skies and a few showers left over.
5:39 am
down. daily and hourly forecasts are on the fox 5 ny weather app. you can download it on the google play store and the apple itunes store. let's look at our commute this morning. >> ines: the b.q.e. and gowanus are not looking good. norwalk, stanford, no problems. new jersey commute is doing fine. a b.q.e. there is an accident by the williamsburg bridge. they have been holding up traffic, only one lane getting through. three cars were involved in the accident and one struck the barrier. on the gowanus in brooklyn, there's a traffic jam because of an accident by 38th street. it is hard to tell how many
5:40 am
lanes are open. back to you. >> juliet: thank you very much. that looks messy. >> ben: we have more to common sports, and what does the giants, jason pierre paul have to say about his performance. we will be right back. catch holiday-cookie cheer on the tip of your tongue with dunkin' donuts' holiday- cookie-flavored coffees. from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m., enjoy any medium latte
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>> juliet: check in your headlines. the insurance claim is taking longer than expected. fewer fewer than 200 checks have been issued, home owners say they are shortchanged in fema said that was true. >> ben: president obama and the prime minister of israel he will meet today, their their first face-to-face meeting and more than a year. their relationship has been strained, the issues with the iran nuclear deal are at the forefront. >> juliet: a hunger strike at
5:42 am
regarding racial diversity. >> ben: a 600-pound alligator took a stroll, the gator lived in the creek behind the complex and lost its way. if wound up in the parking lot. they used a forklift to take it to a sanctuary. >> juliet: when i was in jacksonville there is palms, these things would come crawling out. they were really ponds, their big lakes. let's talk about sports. >> duke: the giants were in tampa yesterday jp peed and have big numbers but he played, he made it count when it mattered. eli manning had a big game
5:43 am
first app. then a tampa turnover and giants led 17-7 holding off tampa. >> i had fun out there i think i played good, this is my first game back so all go back and watch the tape and see what i can get better at. >> the giants in the nfc east the game went into overtime. and then you fine jordan
5:44 am
eagles win. the jets at jacksonville, they played at metlife stadium, in the end they got the job done. no style points in the nfl, they played well, eric decker and then the jets were up they lead in the fourth, then a fumble that was recovered and that is going to kill jackson's bills chance to take the lead. jets up 28-16. the nixon lakers at the guard yesterday, pick things up in the first quarter. they did not have a vintage performance but finished with 18
5:45 am
anthony. he goes in for the two-handed slam. it was close on the stretch but the next took the lead for good on this three-pointer. that put new york up, the next when 99-95. the game was scoreless until two minutes and then the red bulls were up 1-0. >> juliet: thank you very much duke. very quickly, i went to the judas priest concert, i met some great people. these folks, beth and dave were
5:46 am
the show all of the time. they had questions about certain people, and of of course i told them all about it. of course about mike. so hi guys. so he comes in on a motorcycle, very dramatic, it was really cool. >> mike: she looks so excited. she's fired up. good morning everyone. hope you had a great weekend we are off to a cool, clear start. fifty-seven would be the average high, we are going to be close on those numbers. sunrise is at 6:35:35 a.m. lots of sunshine out there. 46 degrees at central park,
5:47 am
looks like it will be chilly, 28 degrees degrees in sussex, 27 degrees in monticello. long island you could see some freezing temps. we have a mainly clear sky and radar and satellite is quiet for the time being. we will have an area of low pressure that will be developing and it will come up the coast of the carolinas and eventually be an area of low pressure here. take a look at future caste, in the area of low pressure comes up the seaboard and brings clouds and showers by tomorrow morning. that continues to bring rain throughout the day tomorrow and it continues. there is a tropical depression
5:48 am
in the atlantic waters and that will be held offshore. hurricane season does not and until the end of november. for the most part it will be heading offshore. mostly sunny skies today, temps get up to about 60 degrees in the city. showers will develop by tomorrow morning. as we go through the next seven days tomorrow is our wettest day, high temp of 58 degrees. it will be breezy tomorrow. wednesday morning a chance of showers, the weekend looks nice and sunny. let's get over to ines. >> ines: will start off on the an overturned truck between exit
5:49 am
at least one lane is close. at the b.q.e. all lanes are metropolitan avenue. on occasion they make some cars through. that's between the li in the brooklyn bridge. three cars are in wall. there's another problem near 106, 107 westbound. a traffic jam, eastbound side is not affected. there is a problem on the gowanus, traffic flow on the inbound heading toward b.q.e. there is an accident. ben and juliet, i don't like today. >> ben: it's not even 6:00 a.m. >> juliet: thanks ines. we have more coming up.
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i know, it was weird. i kept checking your twitter. >> anna: okay let's talk about movies, the latest is the double 07 that went straight to the top of the box office. >> that took in $73 million on the opening weekend. makes it the second highest opening. it didn't do quite as well as still very good. some estimates were 80 million. fox animated the peanuts took
5:54 am
second place, which with a strong 45 million-dollar debut. >> ben: i've heard people say this movie was phenomenal. >> anna: and has gotten great reviews. then martians, goosebumps are rounding out the top five. the cue stick guitar that john lennon used to write several hits has been sold at auction. this is a guitar that was used to record and write songs like i want to hold your hand and ps i love you. it's over $2.4 million to an anonymous buyer. he swapped it with george harrison that it went missing during a christmas concert in 1963, assumed stolen. the man who owned it, i believe he bought it several years after it, he recognized it in a video and thought it might be the same guitar.
5:55 am
serial number, at and woodgrain. >> juliet: alright. thank you anna.
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