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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  November 9, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EST

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greg: hi, everybody. welcome. it is monday. the ninth of november. i am greg kelly. rosanna: i am rosanna scotto. mike woods has your weather details. greg: five men shod in the subway. one person shop fatally. rosanna: one group of thieves. the wrong people to try to rob brooklyn. they were nypd detectives and playing close. greg: starbucks and the holiday
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rosanna: would have been to the snowflakes? greg: do you care? some people do. rosanna: things are looking huge for donald trump. greg: here is a highlight from saturday night. >> this is far too much money. rosanna: and a lot of critics said that he was not that funny. greg: my donald trump was better than his donald trump. rosanna: his numbers were huge. the first time in two years saturday night live scored this kind of a rating.
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peanut. i think that that james bond guy is such a grouch. rosanna lost money. maybe. i went to atlantic city. i actually came back even. joy behar was in the restaurant. greg: so what. who cares. [laughter] rosanna: that is funny. of all the places that you are. even. how about you? mike: dr. oz. the expo. that was a big deal. rosanna: we need something for lungs.
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how do you feel, by the way? greg: i think i look great. mike: it is time to get up and rolling. weather is pretty cooperative. in this city, you have 45 degrees here at central park. 36 degrees right now out in islip. 39 degrees in montauk. we have a freeze warning in effect for long island. only for the next hour or so. we will keep it nice and clear. this area of low pressure will be changing things up gradually. right now just kind of getting its act together. direction. we probably do not get rain until later this morning.
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it looks like the rate will try to hang with us to the majority of the rain. even on wednesday morning as this thing is starting to pull out, we still have showers in eastern long island. we will see gradual clearing as we head into thursday. today, no worries about rain just yet. high temperature today goes up to 60 degrees. we will dry it out by next weekend. let's bring in ines rosales. ines: and lot of problems. staten island. the expressway jam heading into the verrazano bridge. there was another problem on the gowanus. previous to blaze trying to get
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norm of delays heading towards the brooklyn bridge. there was an earlier accident by the williamsburg bridge. that was okay. an accident by the l.i.e. holbrook road, traffic slow here. an accident area. hov lanes not affected by that. as far as the trains, running on or close. greg: a shooting. just a little while ago. thirty-fifth and eighth avenue. teresa priolo at the scene right now. things are developing.
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teresa, what do you know? >> reporter: good morning. massive police presence. this is that a ce line. one person that has been shot dead. the bottom of the subway rant here. the shooting happened around 6:15 a.m. one fatally. one shot in the stomach did the other in the leg. all three are male. the two that were wounded were rushed to bellevue hospital. police are looking for a suspect's vehicle that was seen for a northbound on eighth avenue. this is an unfolding scene. police are not able to give us exact details at this moment.
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let me tell you what is happening on sky fox. this is right in the middle of the morning rush. 6:15 a.m. had a lot of people asking what is going on. oh, my gosh. not again. just trying to kick off your week. we will stay on scene. see if anything develops. that is the latest. greg: all right: teresa. thanks a lot. rosanna: playing close to resolve the series change the table. greg: robbing those showing up to work. greg: a guy pulled up and pulled
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he did not know they were cops. >> reporter: they learned it the hard way. this morning some would-be robbers are regarding their choice of targets. last night three plainclothes detectives were investigating a row three. police say the robbery was connected to a craigslist ad. three suspects approached. one pulled out this very real looking firearm which turned out to be a bb gun and try to rob one of them. the detective with to his service weapon and fired once. hitting the suspect in the forearm and for so. he is in stable condition. a 16-year-old was also arrested did the third member of this trail is still on the loose. they are still investigating
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whether the three suspects are tied to the robbery that pop into the neighborhood in the first place. the detective was taken to methodist hospital. he is expected to be just fine. the two suspects who are in custody, charges against them are still pending. police are still looking for the third man. that is the latest. back to you. greg: a 9-year-old girl was fatally attacked by a dog. rosanna: and nassau police officer shot and killed the dog after a leg or the girl and charged at her. unfortunately, the dog had already done the damage. police say the young girl was visiting. the owner of the dog was
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scene on an unrelated charge. neighbors came to try to get the dog off the little girl. they could not do it. greg: with a broom. all right. that plane crash, 90% chance it was brought down by a bomb. rosanna: three teams are now in egypt try to find out if isis is behind the crash that killed 224 people. if it was, they could help the terror group drawn new followers and challenge al qaeda to complete similar task. an airport worker may have put a bomb on the plane. >> ices may have concluded that the best way to defeat airport to vent this is not to go through them, but around that
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with help on the inside. rosanna: flights bound for the u.s. increase security. greg: debby thomas. she was amazing. she really dominated in the late 1980s and early 1990s. she went to stanford. she became a doctor. now, however, her life is incomplete ruins. rosanna: the first african american to receive a medal at the olympics. she is broke now. she has been divorced twice. she has been living in a bed bug infested place with her fiance and children.
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right now for whatever reason. it looked like she would be president of the united states someday. rosanna: hopefully now that she is under the opera umbrella she will get her life back together a little bit. greg: starbucks. the coffee people. it is holiday time. you can get this latte in the red cup. just with the logo on it. they have simplified their design. some people say they are blowing off christmas. rosanna: some people in social media are going crazy. everyone who orders their drink, state their name as merry christmas. actually, that is kind of fun. >> i feel like you will get the essence in new york no matter what.
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>> taking away something that people love and respect about the season. >> i think that it looks christmas it enough. rosanna: starbucks said it wanted to usher in the holidays with a purity of designs. greg: remember when we met the boss of starbucks? great guy. we will give him the benefit of the doubt on this. rosanna: roosevelt field. are you going to declare war on this? santa claus in like some igloo. i don't know what it is. it was a glacier minus eight christmas tree. lots of people very angry. they started a petition. the glacier is gone. in its place, a slate and christmas trees for santa.
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what do you think? we all have memories. i think it is a little too early for christmas. greg: not really. two weeks from this week it is thanksgiving. rosanna: i think it makes a lot of us very anxious. they want you to start to shop. greg: mike woods. rosanna: let's talk about the thanksgiving day parade. greg: does this make you angie? they are filling up the balloons over at citi field. rosanna: no. this makes me happy. greg: they do this every year. sometimes they do about that life. rosanna: it is a practice run around the parking lot. angry birds. some prehistoric friends. this year also marks the return
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of ronald mcdonald. it is the 89th year for the macy's thanksgiving day parade. mike: mike. what's up? we have clear skies. all of that sunshine. today typical for this day. fifty-seven is to advertise for today. we dropped it down to 43 at one point. it looks like it will be a pretty good-looking day coming at you. wind is calm at this hour. cool, but typical range here. freezing in poughkeepsie. twenty-six in sussex. montauk, 39 degrees. we have been the clear skies throughout the northeast. not much to see on the radar and satellite. if they come way down here to
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the south to see the area of low pressure that will be affecting us as we head into tomorrow. the area of pressure will continue to make its move. basically hugging the coast line area. more clouds and showers by tomorrow morning. also, a tropical depression that will pick up as well. we still get plenty of moisture. it looks like it goes on for about one day, and a half. looks like some soggy weather coming up for us. high temperature gets up to 60. a little left over on wednesday morning. another round of showers on thursday. did we dry try it out in time for the weekend. let's get over to ines was alice. ines: good morning.
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been a little hype that. let's start off with the garden state parkway. traveling on route three, expect delays. traffic slowed there. long island. sl county, several issues. so working on an accident 5106-107. a new problem on the northern state parkway. i will show you a live look at the delay. traffic flow westbound. fire department on scene. eastbound looks good. george washington bridge, upper-level 40 minutes. linkedin " -double-low-quote 45 minutes. holland tunnel has a delay.
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flying both directions. greg: a relatively productive weekend for roseanne met and i. she gambled and did not lose money. movie. i am very proud of you. greg: he mumbled throughout the whole movie. rosanna: maybe you need to clean out your ears. you are sick. maybe you are congested new york city. greg: there is that. rosanna: we are live this morning. greg: if you are not into james catch holiday-cookie cheer on the tip of your tongue with dunkin' donuts' holiday- cookie-flavored coffees, lattes, and macchiatos.
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enjoy every sip of the new
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every sip. the taste uniquely dunkin'. each cup uniquely you. brewed fresh because it's not just any coffee. it's your coffee, your dunkin'. america runs on dunkin'. rosanna: beautiful day today. look at how nice and clear it is. greg: just in time for monday. rosanna: it makes monday just a little bit better. we're just a day away from the debate. greg: donald trump and then carson. carson on friday lied about getting into west point.
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he is done. that is it for carson. then i saw the press conference. he totally turned it around on the reporters. rosanna: tromp was on msl. he spoke out about carson. >> is the pass catching up with doctor ben carson? he spent the last few days defending his recollection of the past. being held at gunpoint at a fast food restaurant. attempting to stab a friend or a family member when he was a teenager. the level of scrutiny he is facing is unfair. >> there are a lot of people who are very threatened. they have seen the recent head
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and how well i do. >> wanted to do something on this whole situation about bad. you are wanting to smother it with a hammer. you want to prove it to place an order to keep credibility. >> reporter: speaking of tromp -- >> larry davitt. what are you doing, larry? give me $5000. [laughter] >> i can totally respect that. >> reporter: mixed reviews, but record ratings. ratings are forwarded 7% -- 47% higher than hillary clinton. >> the president of mexico is here to see you.
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send him and. >> donald. >> henrique. >> i thought you the check for the wall. >> reporter: teresa priolo. "good day new york." >> who knows what will happen there. greg: i urge you to go to our website. we did this for halloween. rosanna: if you went to the shopping mall in texas this weekend, while. greg: look at what date did to this alligator. they tied him up.
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gator lived in the creek behind the complex. they took it to a sanctuary. it is at a spa, basically, right now. do not worry, it is fine. greg: the guy that runs cooper in new york city is joining us in a couple of minutes. rosanna: a great way to date. greg: and article says they have a new feature. strangers, essentially. rosanna: okay.
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centers of america in philadelphia, we give our patients the freedom to make appointments that fit their schedules, even on weekends. because we believe in being here when our patients need us, so they can keep living their busy lives. weekend appointments are now available here. learn more at greg: what else is going on? staten island has big parks. you can feel like you are in the middle of new england. rosanna: we tend to go by and
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greg: you can feel like you are in the middle of nowhere. rosanna: there are some great restaurants. there are a lot of nice things to do. the staten island zoo. greg: half a million plus people call it home. welcome back to the workweek. rosanna: how are you feeling? greg: fantastic. peanuts movie. james bond movie. rosanna: everyone was talking that it was really good. greg: i was in the very first row at the movie theater. why did you play? rosanna: blackjack. it was not that busy.
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greg: free cocktails when you're gambling. as long as you are gambling. rosanna: i got a table for $15. mike: not too bad. greg: perhaps you would be more comfortable at a lower stakes table. [laughter] mike: let's get you going. it is time for the workweek to get underway. our temperatures are a little bit cool. 37 degrees for belmar. thirty-nine in montauk. sunny skies throughout the tri-state region. there is a freeze warning. only up for about another half hour or so. the freezing temperatures making a comeback. we have mainly clear skies. lots of sunshine for the time being. change is coming to us.
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right now you can see all of the rain over north and south carolina. it is heading in our direction. it will not be here until late tonight into tomorrow morning. you have a little time before that happens. the cloud starts clouds start evening. by tomorrow morning, the rain is pressing up to the tri-state region. it will be a wet and breezy day for you tomorrow morning. tuesday and into early wednesday. it should start to dry out after that. a little bit of everything. temperature wise, we are going up to 46 by 9:00 a.m. 50 degrees by noon. tomorrow you have that rain for the majority of the day. a few morning showers for you on wednesday. another shot on thursday.
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let's bring in ines now. a lot going on with your commute. ines: a lot going on. southbound at atlantic avenue. your normal delays northbound. bqe. second accident out there this morning. one man blocked. traffic backup to beyond queens boulevard. the l.i.e. itself, westbound, another accident. belt parkway, eastbound flatbush avenue, two lanes blocked within accident. a slowdown as you approach exit 39, route 10. things are okay on 80. not too bad. staten island expressway. you have volume. just a little stop and go. westbound, you are fine.
7:32 am
alexander hamilton bridge, heading towards jerome avenue, you are fine. delays. there is a crash by yankee stadium. greg and rosanna. greg: three people were shot in the subway this morning did this was around dirty fifth and eighth avenue. rosanna: teresa is there right now. teresa priolo. i am hearing that there is a methadone clinic nearby. >> reporter: just a few blocks away. i can tell you i just spoke to a man who said he got a phone call from a friend that his childhood friend is the person that was shot. early this morning. 6:15 a.m. he told me he would not tell me
7:33 am
that has to come from family. if it is in fact connected, we do not know. 234 street. three people shot. one has been fatally wounded. they were rushed to bellevue medical center. police are looking for a silver car. that is the latest from here this morning. greg: you without your phone into press a couple buttons and a black car shows up. you get a pretty decent ride. rosanna: yes, you do. pretty quick. greg: it is deluxe.
7:34 am
we will get to that. relatively new. let's bring in the boss of hoover in new york city. welcome to "good day new york." >> if you are on the subway, it is the unspoken rule to not make contact with somebody. 50000 people shared rides throughout the city. >> okay. how does it work? going from brooklyn to make down. you go off the beaten track to pick people up. >> pairing you with someone that goes on your route to try to
7:35 am
it will not waste more than three-four minutes. greg: we need an algorithm to figure that out. rosanna: one or two blocks could mean a half-hour or more with your commute speed. >> maybe walk to the corner. we try to minimize how long it will go out of your way. greg: conflict between driver and passenger about best route. or who gets dropped off first. >> the algorithm determines that. the riders are happy because they are sharing the cost. the driver is happy because the trip is longer. rosanna: the uber pool has become the new dating game. calm on now. >> that is a great story. it is a great true story. people are starting to get used
7:36 am
business or needing something you really like. greg: josh, you know these guys are critics out there. some people scared of hoover. that may or may not include mayor de blasio. >> a conversation over the summer about congestion and how hoover can impact that did probably more the solution then the problem. taking cars off the road. 60000 fewer miles were driven. that is small compared to where we are going to be. rosanna: what about the search pricing? that gets me a little upset does it happen while it is raining out? 's does it happen when it is rush-hour times? >> it is based on an algorithm again.
7:37 am
it is designed to keep cars reliable. tell me when the search is over. nine times out of 10, five, 10 minutes, the search is over. the price will almost always go down. greg: if you want to drive for our company, you get to keep your tips. unlike uber. >> we designed uber as a tip free world. you really are required to tip. it does not matter how good the services. it is often a replacement. waitresses maybe panthers by the owner because they know the tips will be good. drivers actually like it.
7:38 am
rosanna: how much does an uber driver may compare to a taxi driver? >> the average drivers here what's right dirty hours a week. they loved the flexibility. the earnings per hour. >> the uk health insurance? >> they owned own their own equipment and they set their own schedule. >> the algorithm. what does it say about a small town? rosanna: the hamptons. they did not want them out in the hamptons. >> drunk driving is traveling in suffolk county. nassau county. taking him out of drug drivers off the road.
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thirty-nine in newark. as well as belmar and montauk. a few spots are freezing up to the northwest. we do have clear skies. lots of sunshine coming to youth today. this area of pressure will start adding in the general direction. taking over. that area of low pressure continues to develop. clouds increase tonight. it should be light to moderate rain for the majority of your tuesday and even into early wednesday. it looks like it will be a little messy for you tomorrow. tomorrow we make it up to 58 for a high. a little bit left over for you earlier. thursday has a few more showers. catching a break by the weekend. you can get the fox5 weather app
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on the apple itunes and google placed or. ines: all over. a busy monday. let's check in with westchester. you have your normal delays. westchester side, were the most part, you are fine. 287, route 10, that has cleared. let's go to our cameras. long island. problems on the northern state parkway. westbound a little bit of a delay. in accident being cleared from the area. upper level 40 minutes. lower level, 30. there is a stall inside one of the tubes. 495. sixty minutes inbounds. holland, 30. greg: inky. much. rosanna: the boys are discussing bond.
7:44 am
duke: we begin with the giants. the return of jason pierre paul. the first game for him. he did not have big numbers. two quarterbacks. i thought he got better at the end of the game. eli manning had a big game. also taking advantage of a turnover. giants led 17-seven. beating tampa bay 32-18. the eagles and dallas. game went to overtime. the game-winning 41-yard touchdown. the eagles went. giants still a top. metlife stadium.
7:45 am
the jets of jacksonville hang around. done. ryan fitzpatrick playing with hand. 7-yard touchdown pass. they led 21-16 in the fourth. jacksonville threatening. big hits yesterday. getting it done there. picking up a fumble. fitzpatrick takes the jets down the field. jets up eight-16. basketball. this may have been the last time we saw kobe bryant play there. he did finish with 18. hits a three pointer. i'll played by carmelo anthony.
7:46 am
nice pass. leading the way with 24 points. that put new york up. ninety-nine-95. the conference on my finals. the game was scoreless until two minutes. he will score. that was the final. hockey. the islanders and the bruins. one-zero. it goes. two-zero. all right. over time. game tied at three. getting the rebounds.
7:47 am
new jersey wins four-three in overtime. that is a look at sports. >> figure out what is going on. maybe they are very confused. >> it was great. all over the place. greg: what is to be upset about? greg: oh my goodness. rosanna: at least you are not paying a babysitter. duke: that is a good point.
7:48 am
greg: let's go outside. rosanna: when did you babysit
7:49 am
greg: you cannot just impose on
7:50 am
let's talk health news. did you see senator schumer yesterday? he was eating some peanut butter i had never heard about. greg: it was sunday. >> asking the fda to look into a new type of peanut butter that is actually caffeinated. they should really have more oversight over caffeinated food products that children may be inadvertently exposed to. rosanna: where did you get that? i have never seen it. >> it is new. you can also get it online. greg: there are a lot of things that have caffeine in it. what's the big deal? >> children, traditional late -- he is just saying that it should be regulated.
7:51 am
two cups of coffee. greg: it is clearly labeled. rosanna: senator schumer does a press conference every sunday. this is what we have on the agenda that you can talk about. it is not even sold in new york state. greg: a lot of good things for new york. >> it is very clearly labeled. originally created as a hangover cure. peanut butter plus caffeine. greg: there is a guy like the bionic man taking off. it is not skippy. >> anyway -- rosanna: you can get it online. >> online as well as in some stores.
7:52 am
schumer a break. i love it. i love almond butter. i am always on the lookout for that. greg: you are laying it on a little bit thick. rosanna: we lost him on this one. thank you dr. raj. greg: let's get back to anna gilligan. anna: shot straight to the top of the box office this weekend. the new james bond movie. ben: number one at the box office. he is in the train. the conductor says, right away, sir.
7:53 am
go on the long island railroad. i thought that it was ludicrous. rosanna. anna: did you think -- that is what some critics said. regardless, it took seven years to make. greg: i had no choice. i could not not watch. i was in the first row. anna: fox's the peanuts movie. second place. $45 million debut. did really well with people under 18. this could become a franchise. the guitar that john lenin used to write several hits has been
7:54 am
it was set to compose all kinds of songs. it sold for $2.4 million to an anonymous bidder. it went missing during a christmas concert back in 1963. he said he had no idea that the guitar was stolen. he recognized it and thought it may be worth something. they matched it with the serial number to confirm its authenticity. in new york city, comedy festival kicks off tomorrow. it has hosted some really big names over the years. amy schumer, bill cosby, bill barr. gilbert godfrey, norm mcdonald, you can get better deals by buying a package.
7:55 am
over the city or what? times. schedule. rosanna: thank you, and not. did you see donald trump doing
7:56 am
greg: i saw the monolog
7:57 am
rosanna: it is a "good day new york." i am rosanna scotto. greg: greg kelly. mike woods back with the rosanna: we have some breaking news out of midtown. it all happened at a subway station at 35th street. right near penn station. it happened around 6:15 a.m. this morning. several men in a car. they took off. greg: santa clause kicked out of christmas celebrations. looking at a scene from the mall. some controversy over what they did or did not do with santa claus. it looked like he was removed from the festivities. rosanna: donald trump has a busy weekend. doctor carson has a lot of explaining to do.
7:58 am
greg: doctor carson trying to explain it on friday. totally turning around on the media. trump, the highlight for him was as the now. how did you do? >> the critics out there said that he was not very funny. rosanna: i thought he had a good open monologue. greg: do we have a little bit of that ready to go? rosanna: drake, when he did his video, he got some slack for the way he danced in it, too. this was really immersed into daddy dancing.
7:59 am
>> this is terrific. >> it is basically a booty call. [laughter] greg: this is good stuff. the critics did not like this, but they liked the james bond movie. they are crazy. rosanna: everyone watched them. apparently, the highest rating in three years. greg: we are still looking at our ratings from halloween. we did a little spoof. brilliant. rosanna: it is on the internet.
8:00 am
how are you? rosanna: putting us all to shame this morning. mike: he knows how to have a good time. it looks like we have just cool temperatures left. only a few spots freezing right now. monticello. 30 degrees and monticello. 47 degrees. montauk at a pretty comfortable 52 degrees. a lot of sunshine coming to you as a gate your workweek going. we have an area of low pressure develop. it will eventually, the coast.
8:01 am
we will see more clouds as we the showers hold off until sometime tomorrow. looks like they are pushing in through that the mu. even into early on wednesday. finally pulling away as we had towards thursday. some iffy weather on thursday. today you have more sunshine than anything. as a go to the next seven days, a high of 58 tomorrow. a wet and somewhat windy day out there, too. another poppo frame comes to the tri-state. let's bring in ines and see what we have. hitting the roads and the rails. ines: it has been a very busy morning. two separate accidents. take a look at them both and
8:02 am
mild delays here. northbound side, and accident plucks a lane slowing everyone down. bqe, a stall by the l.i.e. blocking one lane. westbound side, several problems. if you are traveling on the l.i.e. westbound, watch out for and accident by exit 123. let's go to our cameras and show you your commute. as far as 495, there is a stall inside. 495 left with an hour delay of inbound. gwb, 40 on the upper. thirty on the lower. trains running on or close. greg: thanks a lot. a shooting on the subway. the people shot.
8:03 am
rosanna: it happened at the subway station. a very busy subway station. hello, teresa. >> reporter: the nypd here on scene. shortly. this all unfolded around 6:15 a.m. this morning. three people shot. one fatally wounded. shot inside the subway station. i just spoke with john miller with the nypd. although this investigation -- they believe that this is connected to an altercation that occurred inside mcdonald's. it somehow ended up inside the subway stop.
8:04 am
it started inside a mcdonald's. i spoke with one man that said he was on his way this morning. his good friend had been killed. take a listen to him. >> batman tells me he was a victim for some time. coming here to get some medical care. we're still waiting for police. the identity for all of these victims. what the exact connection is to each other. hopefully coming from nypd very soon. we understand that they are expected to make a full recovery. one is still listed in critical condition. rosanna: when you hear anything new, please let us know right away. over the weekend, there were
8:05 am
three people dead. sixteen hours before he allegedly struck a woman on the upper west side. greg: she was crossing west 109th street yesterday morning. she was hit by a car. reports are that he was behind the wheel for 16 hours. technically, you are supposed to be behind the wheel for no more than 12 hours. he has been charged with failing to yield to a pedestrian. >> a man that was wielding. greg: take a look at the videotape, please. rosanna: i thought that i saw
8:06 am
greg: which i too see him break into a locked cabinet. greg: if you have any information, please call crime stoppers. 18577 tips. rosanna: a woman lunging at a man with a knife. this is south of jerusalem. greg: asking for identification. rosanna: they think this palestinian woman believed to attack. greg: she is in the hospital in serious condition. rosanna: president obama and benjamin netanyahu will meet at the white house today.
8:07 am
their first face-to-face meeting in over a year. greg: back to politics. the campaign. ben carson on friday. a wild story came out that he lied about getting into west point. apparently, it has been part of his autobiography for a long time. let's listen. >> it has to be a scandal. it has to be something. they're getting desperate. >> it was some performance.
8:08 am
maybe he won that. the special report. rosanna: did you watch the press conference? >> you are right. he has turned it on his head at least temporarily. raising some eyebrows. getting a west point scholarship. they gave appointments. it is some man tics. he admitted that he should have clarified more and written it better. media derangement syndrome. when the media all goes in one pack. that candidate is skillful. he can campaigned back to his advantage. doctor carson has done that so far. >> talking about some of the things that he said. saturday night live.
8:09 am
did you watch? >> oh, yes. i watched. seeing trump dance to drake was really something. listen, it is the highest viewership and four years. i think that it is only to the benefit. it is in your face. >> this is something. i direct you to our website. we did it in a big way. i think we have an image. i think, quite frankly, we did it better than they did did brett, we will see your show tonight at 6:00 o'clock. >> all right.
8:10 am
>> all right. there is still controversy brewing over at starbucks. it has to do with the red coffee cup. >> they took away the snowflakes greg: somebody on social media is upset about this. >> santa claus is still apart, will be a part of the decorations over there. the christmas trees are back. it looks like crisis averted head maybe not. rosanna: a big scheme on political correctness and trying to erase one religious -- i don't know. >> putting together this whole political correct as things during the holidays.
8:11 am
can all get along. november. we should be talking about november. we should be talking about thanksgiving. a simple red color. the starbucks logo there. it is different from the cup featured in years past. perhaps snowflakes or snowman. those kinds of things. people are upset. they say it is not christmas enough. starbucks, in its defense, says the cubs have not been christmas for years. they are a generic winter themed. these are the kinds of things that we post to twitter. this couple is red. just list some snowflakes on it. we spoke with some folks here
8:12 am
>> we are losing everything here. >> you get the essence in new york no matter what. even if the cup changes. >> biscom's, as you guys mentioned, after this controversy at rose about field mall. what they call a glacier baseplate. inside a star trek spaceship. christmas trees, christmas lights, those kinds of things. added some christmas trees. more coming as they attempt to do so. this is the dunkin donut holiday cup. it is red and green. on the back here you see joy. there you have it. perhaps if you are not happy
8:13 am
with starbucks, had to dunkin donuts. rosanna and greg, back to you. greg: thanks a lot. this is the place where i go to get coffee. they are oblivious to christmas. at least in coffee cup form. that does not mean that they are not supportive of christmas. rosanna: i just think people are very sensitive to the christmas holiday. there have been issues where people are trying to kind of neutralize it. greg: i have not felt that kind of heat. i think it may be a little bit overblown. rosanna: i don't know. go to our fox5 ny facebook page in way in. greg: all right, mike. i want an opinion. rosanna: the balls, when people take them to the mall, the
8:14 am
a white igloo. greg: igloos are cool. mike: we are closing in on the holidays. we had some nice, cool, fresh weather over the weekend. these are the averages. dropping down to 43 degrees at one point. on our way back up. sunny skies. when this: at this hour. not a big deal. definitely feeling like we're getting closer and closer to the holidays. thirty-three in poughkeepsie. belmar, 45 degrees. sixty-two, montauk. clear skies means sunshine. now, we will see more clouds moving into the tri-state region from the south. this area of low pressure being put back together. it looks like we will have the area to area of low pressure just kind of developing.
8:15 am
tonight into tomorrow. that will bring us more clouds cover and showers. this is a tropical depression. tropical depression number 12 is getting caught up. we are still getting plenty of rain. still some showers here. very sunny. very nice today. high goes up to 60. some of the rain goes into early wednesday. by the way, the fox5 weather app has your daily forecast. now, let's bring you over to ines rosales. see what the commute looks like. >> the bronx. we have the major deegan back up. and earlier accident by yankee stadium.
8:16 am
approaching the bronx river parkway. your new jersey commute. busy here as you approach columbia turnpike. garden state parkway. both directions. let's go to our cameras. over by bradley avenue. traffic moving pretty good. the verrazano bridge. westbound side, you are fine. let's go to the camera shop. traffic, well, moving better than before. eastbound side looks good did. greg: thanks a lot. rosanna: nick cannon. he will be here talking about the show.
8:17 am
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greg: what the havoc else. the weekend was delightful. for the most part. rosanna gambled in new york city. rosanna: the water club. connected to the board got up. greg: what else? rosanna: does this ever happened to you? i got up sunday morning. you know how it is. husband. took a quick shower. went downstairs and try to get some quick's coffee. i pretended it was not me. greg: is he that restaurant guy? rosanna: yes. you. i was like it must be a version
8:20 am
and uglier version of me. afterwords, i should've just said i'm sorry. i did not take a shower. husband. greg: let's go to adam shapiro. >> snap chat. snap chat now has more than 6 billion a late video views. catching up to facebook which has 8 billion video views. facebook try to buy snap chat two years ago for $3 billion. it is now valued at something like $19 billion. the advertising dollar is most than on those videos. there is a problem. snap chat, a video view is anything that is three seconds long. google, video view is 30 seconds. advertising as may want to take
8:21 am
issue with that. snap chat will take it all the way to the bank's. greg: thank you, adam shapiro. he is the guy that runs those restaurants. rosanna: he looked like he walked out of a magazine. he had a sports jacket on. he had his glasses on. the guy looks good. greg: i take it jeffrey is okay with you telling everyone he was in atlantic city for the weekend. okay. meanwhile, cedric the entertainer. everyone loves this guy. >> the final episode of friends.
8:22 am
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8:23 am
greg: half the city is under the scaffolding on the sidewalks. rosanna: yes, i agree. greg: so the city is old. rods roz the other night i called 311. greg: how did that work out? >> rosanna: well they wanted to switch me to dpd. there was construction going on throughout the night for the second night in a row. greg: to a noise complaint? rosanna: they wanted to switch me to dpw. i have a case number and waiting for a reply today. greg: oh boy a case number. the man with a jackhammer is
8:24 am
rosanna: my husband even went out, why are you working in the middle of the night. ot. greg: over time. beat it lou. i know what you mean about the noise, hey, it is the city. mike woods, how are you, issues over the weekend? mike: no. rosanna: i had a lot of issues over the weekend. greg: glad you called 311. mike: it was a very good weekend, busy. lots of events. rosanna: hats off to you mike. mike: yes, a shout out to the folks out there, the health and wellness expo. . it was at the sheridan. there is a crazy group of friends. we were part of the panel speaking about the good things
8:25 am
thanks for showing up out there. with dr. oz. lisa. a good crowd. cool start to the day. 30 sussex. 34 monticello. it is a sunny day coming to us. we have clouds closing in on us here and here it is, the area of low pressure that is forcing up the moisture and getting the showers showers going. that happening later tonight and tomorrow morning. here with the futurecast. the rain is going about as we head to the commute for you tomorrow morning and hanging around throughout the day. so it is a soggy tuesday coming to you. early wednesday still some of the rain is in the air. so today mostly sunny. very nice out there. high up to 60 degrees. later on tomorrow is when the rain is here and throughout the day. a few showers early on wednesday.
8:26 am
now the upcoming weekend is looking sunny and dry at the same time. we have a shout out, we did the national kidny foundation walk and we have a selfie with the crowd in the background. we had a great crowd, hundreds if not thousands of people. ines: it was a lot of fun. mike: thank you for coming out and supporting the national kidney foundation. now to ines and seeing what we have on the roads out there. ines: to the roads, the commute is a mess this morning. 287, an accident southbound by exit 35. route 10 delays. route 80 bumper to bumper approaching 202. queens the l.i.e., the bqe a number of accident this is morning. delays are there.
8:27 am
slow on the bqe. the l.i.e. eastbound, westbound you have the slow down. now to cameras and l.i.e. over by southeast oyster bay road. george washington bridge upper level 40. lower 30. lincoln tunnel an hour inbound. a stall inside of the tube earlier. holland tunnel 30. trains are on running on or close. greg: a book he called them all. it is about a robert derst case. rosanna: he comes from one of the wealthiest families in new york city and he admitted to one of the missing persons.
8:28 am
juliet huddy as more. juliet: he sment nearly half of his life suspected of murder. now facing a death penalty. accused of killing susan. he was arrested just hours before the shocking finale of the jinx about his life and he's caught with open mic and seeming to confess to all of the killings. >> there it is, you killed them all. of course. >> the district attorney recently interviewed one of the alleged victim's friends that believes that robert killed his wife kathleen. >> she turned to me and said promise me if something happens to me you will check it out, i'm
8:29 am
afraid of him. >> we are joined by the former district attorney for westchester county and on the fox news channel and the author of the new and some what controversial book, welcome to "good day new york." >> hi guys, i mess you. rosanna: yes, we used to have a weekly thing and now you have a weekly show. >> yes. rosanna: and now to book, new evidence in the book? >> there are a lot of new things in the book. one of the things that is stunning for me what were they looking for in the lake, body parts. he chopped up the first wife too. he didn't say my wife, he said body parts. we find out after the trial one of the jurors visited him in
8:30 am
i mean, all kinds of craziness in this surreal world. the unfortunate part, had he been stopped sooner, two people might not have died. greg: do you think they'll solve the situation with his wife? >> well, tom brown, the track i hired said he got 600 requests from exstudents that want to go out and look for the body in the pine barrens. i believe this guy did it and he killed her and i was not going to allow power and money to interfere. rosanna: his family, he's not getting along great with the family. in fact, his brother is afraid of him. >> and now. rosanna: more so? >> yes, well now. rosanna: how are they reacting
8:31 am
to the book? >> they are always threatening me. here is the bottom line, the derst hired an investigator, a guy, they found out that robert was lying, hef contradicting himself, he didn't call her there or take her there, and had it been shared with the law enforcement, things might not ended up with the way they did. this is a problem, we have to make sure people with power and money and connections don't get away with it. this case was investigated substandard, the investigation, it was like she fell off the face of the earth. she's a meddle student and going to graduate, and probably ran off with another man, really? greg: there is controversy associated with it, the new york times had a story about ten days
8:32 am
challenged by some of the former investigators, friends and relatives of the derst family, the critics fear called aid the defense and providing a headache for the prosecutors in los angeles. >> that is crap. i spent my life in law enforcemented and in this particular case searching for justice at a time when i was supposedly the boogey man. this is about justice. sure some of the people are not happy, some of them are being represented by a derst lawyer. >> it is a long time, the investigator that reopened the case. >> greg, wait a minute. read the book and you will find out why. this book is about the truth. when people don't like the truth coming out, they are angry and the bottom line is every fact
8:33 am
issette haved. i know this case, i was a chief law enforcement officer and i reopened this case. so i really don't care about what they say. greg: they don't like robert derst? >> the theatre of the surreal, there are people wanting to be bigger players, and in this book, i talk about the truth and the facts, everything is backed up, and simon and schustor published it for that reason. they are diswading me from the accountable. >> page six, a big article about your co-writer on the book and you had a problem with her. >> she's the one i fired and now represented by a derst lawyer,
8:34 am
>> greg: if you see the film that he did, i think called all good things, there is a character like you protrayed, it is not you, but implication in that film that you were one over by the derst? >> well, if you believe that, i have a bring to sell you. the jinx played me as focussed on the investigation and getting justice for kathy and her family. >> rosanna: this book is your way of saying this is what happened and this is how i conducted the investigation and setting the record straight? >> absolutely. everything is backed up. it is the true story of what happened, there is no way that i will stop focussing on kathleen and finding justice for her family.
8:35 am
documentary, we saw the first one, he said that he admitted lying to the investigators. >> when i started the investigation in '99, my investigators went out, the d.a.'s investigatorers went and he was lying and protected and got away with it. >> greg: why still in new orleans? >> there is a federal indictment and charged with gun and drug charges. the feds can decide if they are going to trial and then you have los angeles waiting to try him for something they should have tried him for in 2000. rosanna: when you think the book, how do you want the closing chapter to read? >> i want him in jail and sit there and reflect on the money he had and simply blew because he wanted to kill people. i believe he killed them all. it is from his quote in the
8:36 am
documentary, and the truth is he did. he got away it for a million and a half. money shouldn't allow you to get away from injustice. greg: he admitted to kills and dismembering his roommate. that is wild. we'll see what happens next. >> i made him do it. the jury actually bought it. we can understand how he had to chop them up, no one would believe him because she was chasing him in new york. i was investigating the guy. but others that actually started leaking information. rosanna: there is something mentally wrong with him, right? >> that is too easy. some people are evil and in the risk benefit, they make a decision that i have to shut up
8:37 am
my spokesman from kathy's case and why he killed morris. >> the book, he killed them all. it is a wild story about robert derst. rosanna: rosanna: congratulations on the book. >> coming up, we are looking outside. it is a beautiful day. greg: all right, we'll be i was running 6 months after a hip repair. hiking 2 weeks after spine care. and setting records 9 months after shoulder treatment. one special hospital, over 1,000 special stories. see them all at
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rosanna: dr. raj is back. greg: what is your favorite show about medicine? >> i never got into those shows, it is like work for me. rosanna: grey's anatomy? >> no. rosanna: you don't have a doctor mcdreamy? >> well, we lived it. rosanna: find the empty rooms. >> any way, that was a long time ago. to the health news, caffeinated drinks, energy drinks in particular, one, 15 once drinks increases the blood pressure and
8:41 am
which then goes on to create cardioevents. they did give them half the group getting the drink and measured the blood pressure and increase in the blood pressure and the stress hormones, telling us that one emergency drink is not good for your heart and not for your health. greg: i notice we are pouring this into plastic cups. unless you are mixing with vodka. >> and self-weighing, weighing yourself every day, getting on the scale, a lot of adults do that, they are looking it for it young adults and teenagers and
8:42 am
depression and decreased self-esteem. those that reported more self-weighing tended to be more likely to poet rnl have low self-esteem and depression. weighing yourself may not be so great, especially for the young people. rosanna: what is excessive? >> every day. for young adults. do you weigh yourself every day? rosanna: no, not on mondays. >> greg: yes, that is bad news. rosanna: we have a psychic coming up here. greg: she says she speaks to the other side, dead people. >> go for it. your doubting yourself and not trusting in your own light and you already know the answers. >> a bunch people wanted to
8:43 am
relatives and leaving satisfied. they believe she's got a special power. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] business travel isn't just about the going. it's also about the going home. and being connected all along the way. whether you're working or recharging, do business travel on your terms.
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rosanna: okay. let's talk to anna gilligan. greg: hello, what'd you do this weekend? anna: i want and thinking about adopt adopting a dog. rosanna: small or big. anna: i don't know. greg: you went and didn't bring one home? >> he was barking at me. what it takes to get a vip experience on the tour. they are offering a package for the tour for $10,000. that gets four people access to a private backstage dressing
8:47 am
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8:48 am
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rosanna: diane, you are the facebook fan of the hour. thank you for saying nice things about us. greg: positive things on the internet, you deserve a medal. rosanna: who else, nick cannon and he's here and you and he got along well for the st. mary's special. greg: cool dude and a woman that can speak to dunkin's new sweet black pepper bacon sandwich, with double the slices of caramelized crispy pepper bacon. it's the bacon experience you've been waiting for. bacon up.
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