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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  November 10, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". juliet: easily usually the days that are hardest to wake up, just get our heads to get there but we feel positive today, but we feel positive today, going to be a rainy day so bring your umbrella. michael dell us how much coming. ben: bill bratton may face suggestions when it comes to putting an end to the homeless problem in the city but some people are not crazy about his idea. you will hear what he had to say. ben: president obama's allegation plan faces a big blow that affects 5 million people in the country, we have the latest
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ben: the fourth debate will be the key for some republican presidential candidates, looking to use the debate to move and the polls. we have a live report coming up. it is tuesday morning, november 10, 5:00, thank you for being with us. how was your monday? juliet: greg pal went to all the home goods places. i love those stores looking for little items. little side tables. abc carpet and home furnishings, whatever it is called is expensive but the outlets are great, there's one in south hackensack and one in the bronx, they are amazing. you can get major deals. ben: instead of $12,000 table you get a $9,000 table? ben: you can get a nice couch for $1,500, a pricey. >> meteorologist: it happened to we will take it.
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very good. let's show you what is happening out there. yesterday wasn't a bad day, sunny, on the cool side, but today it is going in the other direction. will be warmer but wet at the same time, all kinds of wet weather to the south trying to work its way into the city. so far in the city we are in good shape, long live in, and northern sections of new jersey, the tristate is still dry but as you flooded into central sections of new jersey along the journalese the shore, monmouth county devotion county light to moderate rain already in that area but it will be making its way to the north as time goes on so during the morning commute we are all getting a little inconvenienced by mother nature but we need that rainfall, 53 and newark, 55 central park, 54 and islip, winds coming from the east northeast so it is a coastal low trying to work its way up the eastern coast and that will bring us these
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and wet weather so is all coming together right now making fairly slow progress but it will continue to inch its way to the north, staten island you should be getting your first showers soon but it is all driven by this area of low pressure which is hugging the coast line, plenty of moisture including a little bit coming of the tropical storm which is kate. we have another troublesome but probably in the season. still possible for it happen and it is but that storm will be held out to see to that is the good news. the cold front, good amount of moisture, we are open, almost nine inches behind in terms of rainfall for the year, we will take every drop we can get, cloudy skies coming to you, rain chances picking up through the day, high temperature 61 later on and as we go through the next 7 days 61 tomorrow with a few morning showers there. and a chance showers, patchy showers coming through thursday and a chance to dry out friday, saturday, sunday, monday, high
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temperatures in the mid 50s which is where we should be this time of year. let's with you over to ines rosales and she will show you what is going on and let you know how workout for you. ines: doing pretty good. no problems withchester rockland county, fine on the tappan zee bridge, new jersey looks good especially union and essex county no problems on 78, the parkway or 280. lot south oyster bay road smooth sailing, cross bronx on the alexander hamilton bridge looking great this morning, no issues with the deegan. fine. the bqe for the brooklyn bridge all lanes closed on the manhattan bound brooklyn bridge but that construction is not affecting the bqe. trains running on or close to schedule, street cleaning rules are in effect. juliet: a school sexing scandal. i can imagine having to deal
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island. ben: robert moses joins us, there could be a bit of drama all little later this morning. good morning. >> reporter: that is certainly the case. this sexing scandalous the talk of kings park high school and this entire district. the superintendent calls sec's mr. jane a serious problem. i spoke to suffolk county police and they tell me that two, 14-year-old boys have been arrest did. in late october, one allegedly participated in a sex act away from school. filmed it. they face multiple charges which include disseminating indecent material to minors, that is a felony, they're doing court at a later date in family court. that brings us to kings park where 20 students have reportedly been suspended for disseminating that explicit material and in some cases for receiving it.
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some parents of the kids to have been suspended say that the suspensions are simply not fair because in some cases kids can't control what gets sent to their phones and point be some drama here because the father of one of those kids who has been suspended says he will send his son to school today even though the school district has threatened to have his son arrested for trespassing if he shows up. the district has been very tight-lipped about the suspensions because of confidentiality rules but this episode clearly highlights the prevalence of sexing and the superintendent says this is not just picking spark problem but in his words a global problem. obviously we would keep track of all morning long. that is the latest from kings park, some will guarantee long island. juliet: the police commissioner conference yesterday, bill
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people can do is ignore panhandlers. cops are limited to what they can do but officers are trained in the nuances of the law in order to keep people from camping on sidewalks but he says giving only encourages people to stay on the streets. >> reporter: my best advice to the citizens of new york city is if this is upsetting to you, don't give. the quickest way to get rid of them is not to give to them so new yorkers complaining so much about it, one of the things they can do is stop contributing. juliet: the city has broken up 21 homeless in camp intensity is working to get more people into permanent housing. ben: an appeals court ruled against immigration plan that would have protected 5 million deportation. the decision was made by the fifth circuit court of appeals which sits in new orleans. republicans criticize the plan overreach. 26 states challenged it in court resources.
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a rehearing or appeal but that process could take months. juliet: that is more like it. republican presidential debate happening tonight in milwaukee. ben: candidates looking at this as their final chance to make an impact on voters and move up in the polls. teresa priolo has more. that is not an understatement is the holidays are quickly approaching and once we get through that it will be time to vote. >> reporter: will be interesting to see how ben carson does tonight. he has to believe very reserved and that has worked in his favor but now that he is the front runner and everyone is trying to attack him we will see if he has a different approach. ben: a good couple days. juliet: we will see how trump response to him. >> reporter: there's a lot to look for tonight. this could be very exciting despite the fact the focus is on the economy and creating jobs. can potentially be a boring
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subject but tonight we will see a lot of fireworks, the main event gets underway at 9:00, all eyes on front runner ben carson and a floundering jeb bush. as some candidates surge and others sing tonight's g of the debate on the fox business network is a chance to break away from the past as candidates attempt to prove what kind of job they do handling the nation's economy. >> we have to recognize we don't have this glowing economy many in the administration want you to believe we have. >> reporter: in the days leading up to the debate the crowded field of candidates have been all business dodging and explaining controversies of their own while attempting to discuss their economic plans and ways they hoped to create jobs if elected president. >> think how fast things are changing, it took the telephone 75 years to reach 100 million users, the telephone. it took candy crush one year to reach 100 million users with the world is changing. >> reporter: on the main stage the ten they vix fearing best in
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carson, marco rubio, ted cruz, carly fiorina, john kasich, paul, chris christie, mike huckabee among others. moderators and although economic can be doll, tonight's performance won't be an economics class but it will be heavy on social security, taxes and job creation. substance over salacious and scandalous questions, the kind of questions some candidates say they only receive on the campaign trail. >> the big questions that existed, just saying. >> reporter: he asked if people would not mind coming to the arena to ask the questions tonight. the undercard debate kicks off, the main event with those topics contenders will happen at 9:00 and again everyone has to be watching. we will see what happens. juliet: dari: what is donald trump who was on fire yesterday. >> reporter: not talking about the economy but had some good 1-liners. the guy delivers a line, he did
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so yesterday. ben: president obama has his own personal facebook page. juliet: the president's first those shows him strolling white house grounds talking about climate change. ben: it is up policy, he is not really like -- juliet: he won the place where real issues can be discussed. one thing, you can't friend the president. ben: why did we go there? juliet: he is no stranger to social media, he joined twitter in 2007. ben: we have a lot more to come, moms and dads suing the city of tremendous tory flu shots, they say it is illegal to make their kids get mad magazine. juliet: mike is watching the rain coming in. >> reporter: the range working its way north and that is what we expect, cloudy skies with rain which will hang with us, it will come down pretty hard but it is going to be a gray day,
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goes on for a little while with some wet weather you might want to track it, get the weather apps at the apple itunes store and google play store, live interactive radar very detailed, all the way to your neighborhood catch holiday-cookie cheer on the tip of your tongue with dunkin' donuts' holiday- cookie-flavored coffees, lattes, and macchiatos.
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ben: a british man climbing the eligible tower at night. that is trespassing. james kingstoniffel tower at night. that is trespassing. james kingston posted it on line. it happened more than a year ago. his original plan was to buy tickets and sneak out of a stairway but it was too busy, he slipped past armed guards around midnight and started to climb. i was confused about this, it was a:00 in the morning. he was caught and not to george. juliet: he slipped past armed guards and i was there not long ago and there were a lot of guards over there. juliet: makes you wonder who else could slip past the eiffel tower.
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landmark in the world, one of them. that is frightening. juliet: speaking of raining, hi, michael. >> meteorologist: me? the rain. actually okay, looks like an inch or so or less. ben: we need more than that. >> meteorologist: we need almost 10. we will take what we get even though is inconvenient, looks like a decent amount of light to moderate rain will come through today, he it is what to expect, periods of rain coming at you with rain, under an inch in most locations but somewhere in that neighborhood, would be nice to get in and out of it but we will keep unsettled weather conditions are round for a while, three day stretch in the area and we will see sunshine back in time for the weekend so today is the start of the gray and wet days here, most of showers at this point are to the south of the city but central
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and southern sections of new jersey have a rainfall, light to moderate side, that is what we see on the radar, sky guardian. we he 55 central park, 51 in bridgeport, 43 in poughkeepsie, definitely milder this morning with cloud cover keeping temperatures from dropping too much but plenty of rain to the south and is mainly belmar peninsula area, and it is pressing up in to us. you have some decent rain, the heaviest showers will be in the offshore waters but low pressure takes its time getting, heavier stuff we get out of this won't be here until later tonight into early to mario morning but continues to pull away tomorrow, this next one follows up with another round of showers passing
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through at that time. showers scattered through the day on the lighter side, breezy as well, 61 tomorrow with morning showers and periods of rain thursday, and high temperaturess on the cool side. let's bring you, is to ines. if it was relieved that we would have a problem but not that bad. ines: things are fine in queens, no problem on the lie, in great shape, no problems 95 to the milwaukee area. and by the garden state parkway to the tappan zee bridge, southbound, on the northbound side. on or close to schedule street
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juliet: so fired up about the university of missouri, football practice will resume today at the university of missouri in columbia. this is a day after the university president kim wolf resigned cheerfully evolving complaints he didn't respond timely and effectively to racial incidents on campus. football players went on strike and the students held protest, one went on hunger strike. >> my resignation to deal and start talking mcgann, to make the changes necessary and let's focus on changing what we can change today and in the future. juliet: they plan on several initiatives including the racial atmosphere and campuses, and educate their students a little bit better on the first amendment. maybe get rid of some professors too. ben: these protesters wanted media coverage a couple days ago, now than they got what they
5:20 am
wanted they don't want the coverage. >> one of the professors, mass communications professor, someone who should be familiar with journalism blocking a student journalist from taking pictures and it starts to get not violent, never got that violent but started to get physical. ben: i tweeted it out. a group of mothers without kids are suing the city. juliet: fighting the mandate that all public school students vaccine. kerry drew has more on the story. >> reporter: five manhattan and brooklyn mothers are the ones behind this lawsuit to. the parents claim of 2013 rule passed by the city health department under mayor bloomberg is illegal because it was not voted on by state lawmakers. the attorney for the mom says the parents support the other required vaccinations, just not the flu vaccine because the mandate does not apply to
5:21 am
everyone. >> there are 11,000 right licensed -- this is a price for approximately 2,000 of mm-hmm. also about 20,000 legally exempt city. this will dictate not to apply to them. >> reporter: the city has released this statement saying, quote, we are confident the board of health has the authority to require flu vaccinations which protect children and the broader public from serious illness. we will review the specific claims once we are served with the loss of the doctor at fox 5 supports giving kids his vaccine, highest death rate for the flu is with children under the age of 5. juliet: thank you very much. ben: i am a fan of a flu vaccine. i know you had your issues with it. juliet: they would not let me get one because i had a bit of a cold. don't use our rivers.
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ben: get the flu vaccine. we will go together, maybe today. ben: a lot more coming that. a goodwill gesture from volkswagen's owners of those diesel powered cars involved in the emissions cheating scandal, we will tell you what the owners can get. it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you.
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ben: those poor people in oregon and washington state have avoided chipotle for more than a week but jacoby restaurants in the northwest could reopen later this week, 43 close after an outbreak of e. coli left 40 people sick but investigators have not been able to find the source. all tests of the restaurants in oregon and washington have come back negative. the shops reopen tomorrow or wednesday. no restaurants in our area affected by this. juliet: owners of will flagons involved in the emission cheating scandal would get an early christmas present is the german automakers trying to soothe some vendors here. they are offering $1,000 in gift cards and vouchers to nearly half a million u.s. owners as a goodwill gesture. volkswagen has admitted its we 4-cylinder diesels from the 2009-2000 a team model years were equipped with software designed to cheat u.s. emissions tests. on top of the gift cards the company is looking at billions
5:25 am
more in fines and lawsuits, 24 hour roadside assistance, $500 but that $5,000 will go to volkswagen dealerships and other dealerships. >> would you like to own a piece of the old nassau coliseum? that company that is rich developing the coliseum is selling pairs of the green cushions seats for $500 a set, 1500 pairs will be sold in all, no word how many so far. eminem is, new flavor out in time for the holidays. juliet: hot chocolate 7 eminems, a hit show that walmart. people say they taste like a dark chocolate mixed with cream but a lot of eminem lovers on social media not buying the hype, saying it does not taste any different from the original, like coke and pepsi, people go crazy about that. the difference between coke and pepsi.
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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". juliet: get ready for a rainy day, the question is how much are we going to get? mike is eagerly awaiting the opportunity to tell you. ben: a case leads to 20 suspensions from a long island high school. we will take you there live. juliet: fast-food workers in 300 cities including new york city plan to strike, the biggest action yet in their quest for a $15 an hour minimum wage. ben: animal rights activists, plotting see world's plan to end at orca show but will there other parks follow?
5:30 am
juliet: i am juliet huddy, happy tuesday, november 10th. ben: mike woods is here, grab that umbrella because we could need it off and on throughout the day. >> meteorologist: i hope no one's umbrella is missing. juliet: names is filed after -- ben: i do follow suits and name but child such as requested, do returned? i have doubt. ben: i spoke with the kidnappers and they said they will follow very nice umbrella. i saw a picture of it. >> meteorologist: we will see. that out. let's figure out what is going on, clouds, showers, you have seen the rain for a while and central and southern sections, just making its way to the north
5:31 am
and they will be coming to is in the city, looks like the southern tip of staten island seeing their first few showers could take a little time for the air to saturate and they will eventually do so, we are looking at light to moderate rain coming to us, 55 at central park, mild start today, 43 in poughkeepsie, no one is freezing, don't have to worry about snobbery is a problem for the day here today, low pressure slowly but surely works its way through the region, it will be bringing a lot of white to moderate marine cominglight to moderate marine coming through during the day. high of 61 tomorrow, 59 thursday, rain chances on all those days, today looks the most when it comes to rain fall but we get out of it by the weekend, time to dry it out. debts which you over to ines rosales and keep an eye on what is going on with the commute
5:32 am
because the weather will give us some tricks later on. ines: dry conditions and a commute looking great. no problems in new jersey, for 7980, 287, same goes for orange and dutchess county, the newburgh beacon bridge, both sides, the through when looking good, let's go to long island and look at the lie by 106.107 west bound, no problems, things going rate, no issues on eastbound side, trains on or close to schedule, street , no issues on eastbound side, trains on or close to schedule, street cleaning rules in effect. juliet: a lot of students planning to come the class because they don't feel they should be embroiled in this sexing scandal. the students could be arrested. >> reporter: good morning, one father of a suspended student
5:33 am
son to class today even though the school has threatened to arrest his son for trespassing. there could be some very high drama at kings park high school later this morning. i spoke to suffolk county police today. they tell me in two, 14-year-old boys from the smithtown school districts have been arrested. in late october, one allegedly participated in that sex act away from school grounds while the other films it. the two of 14-year-olds face serious charges including disseminating indecent material to minors. that is a felony. they are doing family courts at a later unspecified date. that brings us to kings park were 20 students of reportedly been suspended for disseminating that explicit material and in some cases they suspended simply for receiving it. some parents of the kids who have been suspended say the suspensions are not fair because their kids can't always control
5:34 am
the district is cracking down nonetheless. the superintendent here has said very little, he cited confidentiality rules but clearly this episode shows how prevalent sec'sing can be. we have seen cases of it not colorado. the superintendent year says this is not just the kings park problem. is a global problem but could be high drama and the eiffel later this morning when classes get underway at 7:30. that is the latest from kings are in suffolk county this morning, back to you. ben: we expect to hear from these parents later on. >> reporter: two parents will speak to us after they send their kids to school, they will come over and talked to was so we will hopefully hear their perspective later run. ben: robert moses on long island, thank you very much. back here in this the fast-food workers in 300 cities including new york are set to walk off the job once again this morning, this is part of an effort to
5:35 am
increase wages to $15 an hour early scenes to be working. this was timed to come a year before the presidential election. organizers hope to get candidates to support increasing the minimum wage and the right to unionize. it has been successful, workers will rally in support of other workers across the country because fast-food wages here, set to wage at $15 an hour by 2016 and the rest of the state by 2020 one. juliet: lawmakers are agreeing the zadroka act needs to be extended permanently. they are upset over republican bill that would extend payments for only five years and cut compensation by 60%. they are calling on house speaker paul ryan to make the change. responders who become ill after working at ground zero and their families say they need help with medical bills and that help
5:36 am
ryan has not committed on that. ben: the fourth gop debate. juliet: they have been very entertaining, this will be held in milwaukee. teresa priolo is here. >> including maria bartiroma. this is supposed to be centered around the economy, creating jobs, social security, taxes, things like that but you can also expect major fireworks. a depend on the position ben carson takes if donald trump decides to attack and how jeb bush handles himself. for all the contenders it is said to or die as they fight for support. as some candidates surge, it is a chance to break away from the pack as candidates attempt to prove what jobs they do and
5:37 am
elimination's economy. >> we don't have this glowing economy that many in the ad industry to when you to believe we have. >> in the days leading up to the debate the crowded field of candidates have been all business. dodging and explaining controversies of their own by attempting to discuss their economic plans and ways to create jobs if elected president. >> think of asking that changing, it took 75 years for the telephone to reach 100 million users. it took candy crush one huge regional one hundred million users so the world is changing. >> reporter: the eight candidates caring best in the national polls, trump, carson, marco rubio, ted cruz,. carly fiorina, john kasich, paul, the indycar debate, chris christie among others. the moderators of tonight's debate say although economics can be dull, tonight's performance won't be an economics class but it will be heavy on social security, taxes and job creation. substance over salacious and scandalous questions, the kind
5:38 am
they only receive on the campaign trail. >> moderated debate question. >> reporter: the main event will happen at 9:00. ben: could be very interesting. juliet: it will be very interesting. ben: teresa priolo, thank you very much. juliet: we should get over to mike woods. >> meteorologist: i won't -- when is the ring going to move in? depends on where you're speaking of. in the city probably in the next couple of hours, it was hung up to the south, trying to creep into staten island as we speak, southern sections of brooklyn year queens might be seeing the first few sprinkles but it is edging its way to the north and
5:39 am
eventually working its way through the rest of the tristate region but during the morning commute depending on where you are you should expect showers to start up for us. we are still reporting cloudy skies, central park the rain has not begun officially the line wouldn't be surprised to have a few sprinkles here and there, 55 degrees your current temperature with winds from the northeast at 12 miles per hour. here we are at 5:40, the rain can't be far away, in the next hour or two we should be seeing some rain. to the south, looks like it is almost pausing to the south, almost teasing us, it will get a push from that area of low pressure approaching from the sow forcing the rain shield up into the core of the tristate so long island, northern sections of new jersey, won't be long before the rain sets up and looks like a day of rain all the light to moderate rain coming in the tristate and that tropical system kate which is a tropical storm, held out to sea because
5:40 am
its offshore but today showers scattered throughout and high-temperature to 61 degrees, tomorrow 61, mainly morning showers, another round of rain or at the showers thursday. the weekend still looking dry at this point in time. the weather apps, checking out the radar, really comes in handy on the weather apps. it is live, interactive and you conjecture out right now for free, google play, apple itunes store. let's give you set to go on the road and rails, ines has latest. is it picking up yet? ines: note. let's tell you what is going on this morning. as far as your commute a little quieter than yesterday starting with staten island, the expressway, the stretch to beat verrazzano bridge moving fine, no problems on the guana or the parkway, new jersey traveling through the hope area. 46, route 80, you are fine, pretty much in the poconos
5:41 am
towards 287 smooth sailing. let's go to the cameras and see how things are moving, no problems on the east bound or less downside, the bronx checking in with no issues, let's go to the cross bronx camera on the alexander hamilton bridge moving fine, flashing light on the right side not affecting traffic at the moment, major deegan looks good, bqe towards the brooklyn bridge, smooth sailing, street cleaning rules in effect today, suspended tomorrow, guess why? ben: veterans day. ben: how is your leg doing? ines: my foot? a little store. stumbled down the stairs. we women, spikey feels. juliet: a lot coming up including rex ryan's opposing pick 14 capt. thursday night. ben: he is something catch holiday-cookie cheer on the tip of your tongue
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juliet: see world says by the end of 2017 it will no longer what on killer whales shows at its theme park in san diego. in the wind comes after harsh criticism over the treatment of orcas in captivity. the change applies to the park in san diego.
5:44 am
finney and appeals court ruled against president obama's immigration plan protecting 5 million illegal immigrants from deportation, republicans call the plan and illegal of reach. challenged it in court saying it would strain the resources. juliet: will marijuana be legalized in new jersey's? lawmakers say they are considering legislation to legalize it. a bill to the lies and tax it is sponsored by democratic state senator nicholas spent far. ben: guilt or gambling? lawmakers shelves a debate to debate whether fantasy sports leagues need to be regulated. much of the discussion centered on whether it is a game of skill or chance with attorneys for the industry insists fantasy sports is still based which would make it illegal under new jersey law. juliet: duke is here. ben: rex ryan.
5:45 am
duke: you had to see this coming. it was -- this makes sense. former jet inkompier who punched geno smith will be captain of the bills there is a night when they face the jets at metlife stadium. inkompier was picked up off waivers after the jets cut him in august over the incident and when asked about it, captain ryan said he would make anyone -- jets players called the move, quote, typical rex. brandon marshall said typical rex. this is a big deal, for four weeks. all right quad strain before sunday's whenever jacksonville. that is an excellent kicker so this could be costly because when you think of and how many games in the nfl are decided by three points or less. the giants getting ready to face
5:46 am
metlife stadium and the giants beat the patriots 42, 46, two greatest super bowls are embarrassing, giants offense and defense phase of last night but not against tom brady. this was in the kitchen for the taste of the giants event which raises money for rocket and wrapped it up, the anti poverty and hunger relief group the defense to come bragging rights, now the attention shifts to sunday's game. he hopes to play and serving the patriots in defeat. >> i really want to play this game. this is one of the games that was circled on brian nestande anytime we play the patriots been no we will get their best and they will get our. duke: those were two of the greatest super bowls ever. jose reyes won -- his wife told police the call or rocky shortstop grabbed her by the
5:47 am
neck and shoved her on her sliding glass door. she was reportedly treated in the e r for injuries to her side, neck and wrists. was arrested on october 31st on suspicion of abusing a family member. according to the tv station khnl , he could be the first to be subject to the domestic violence policy which was agreed upon by major league baseball and the players association in august. jose reyes is free on bail. the annual general manager's meeting, the team says he is undergoing an unspecified medical procedure. the mets did not say if this has anything to do with him suffering a fainting spell during a news conference at city field. the mets said the procedure was scheduled for earlier during their postseason run but the team reached the world series. cc sabathia will get a paycheck but doesn't mean he will be in the starting rotation, the keys
5:48 am
minimum of $30 million for the final two seasons of the contract, $25 million next year and that is 2017, $25 million if he doesn't stand on the disabled list. the general manager brian cashman says the 35y will have to earn a starting spot in the starting rotation according to espn new york, cc sabathia just completed a stint in rehab for alcohol abuse for general manager brian cash and says that is not the decision, rather the number on the team and in accordance to the new york post general manager brian cashman is not interested in bringing daniel murphy to the yankees which is interesting. i thought maybe they would kick the tires because he is an excellent hitter, defense isn't his friend. ben: i think the yankees have seen the light on that little bit. duke: signing a guy over 30 for
5:49 am
four years. ben: never take. and brian cashman has learned that. would that be nice to get $60 million? guaranteed? juliet: i would buy you guys gifts. if i win the lottery i will buy you a car. you, too and you as well. maybe not. we will talk about that next hour. >> meteorologist: a lot of folks going where is this green? it is to the south of us over central and southern sections of new jersey. sky guardian 3d shows it pushing into northern new jersey but the air is not saturated yet in terms of rainfall so it may be falling from cloud base but not making its way to the ground just yet but within the next hour or so you should be getting
5:50 am
the rainfall at the ground and $0.55 for par, 54 in islip, 51 in bridgeport and a wet day out there, low pressure slowly but surely working to the northeast, light to moderate rain, same thing tomorrow, patchy showers thursday, dry it out for friday and saturday. let's switch you to ines rosales. what kind of car would you ask for? ines: i don't know. i want a house instead. juliet is very giving like that so it wouldn't surprise me. the commute, not a lot, look at staten island expressway on the verrazano, you are fine. let's take a live look at the expressway by victory boulevard. you are flying eastbound and westbound. a couple issues as far as fdr drive and the gwb goes. 96th street tough to see but there is a tractor trailer being backed away. the right lane starts slowing
5:51 am
down, somewhere around the trees here they have to get him off by 96th street, gwb backed up on the level, the accident, 20 minute delay you are seeing a lower level, everyone using that as an alternate, ten minutes inbound. if you want to see the lincoln 15 to 20. approaching the 6:00, holla it's the holidays. and of course, everyone wants to get online at once. to watch things. buy things. but slow internet makes it hard. that's why it's time to get fios. it has the fastest internet and wifi available. with speeds from 50 to 500 megs. and right now, you'll get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone for 79.99 a month online for your first year. and with a 2 year agreement, we'll give you all the premium movie channels for a year. plus, 400 dollars back. so go online or call now.
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juliet: anna gilligan is here. anna: what started as a joke turned into an international incident. actors jennifer lawrence said she doesn't wash her hands. she took her face book page to dispel those rumors, people were horrified by this and she posted this mock video. >> a weird coin toilet . anna: she said in an interview she doesn't watch her hands. she says of course she does but the joke got out of hand so basically she grows out the entire world's when she only meant to grows out of them. ben: really funny actually but i can tell she's really funny or she might be a little bit crazy.
5:54 am
she was a little wacky and said funny things and she has doubled down to the point that it is like -- may be. maybe. ben: anna gilligan has had enough. anna: deegan is pregnant and hasn't always been feeling so well which is normal for pregnant women but she was thankful her husband is cooking her favorite meal wishy posted this picture on line showing him making a tuna casserole with casserole with jalapeno chips on top. juliet: i should cut that for you. juliet: make that for many. anna: seems like a feistiness -- i think you need something like that. adele is confessing to drunk tweeting earlier in her career and got her in trouble.
5:55 am
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