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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  November 11, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EST

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find over 1,000 special stories at hospital for special surgery. go to greg: look at the flat iron building. rosanna: you love that. greg: it is skinny and interesting. look at that thing. that is cool. rosanna: an is where the veterans are lining up for the big parade today. if you can and have time say hello to them and thank them along the parade route. it is fun to do. boy oh boy they risk their life for us and our freedoms. greg: no problem. rosanna: oh, greg kelly, have i said thank you enough to you today. it is three or four times. greg: you are giving it lip
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service. i have a tribute to me lined up. first, to what we did last night, we went to al smith dinner. it is a tradition. al smith, former governor of new york state. rosanna: his great grandson puts together the dinner every year. it is the movers and shakers. greg: last night former mayor bloomberg and he was funny. he had great material and making fun of bill deblasio. we have things cued up. rosanna: listen to the speeches. >> it is great to see mayor deblasio here, actually in new york city tonight. [laughter] to get him to show up the staff told him that the dinner was in iowa.
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my staff told me as well. >> to get him here on time, we told him the dinner started at noon. great stuff. rosanna: how did the mayor tab take it? greg: i don't know. he got a chuckle or two out of it. here is a little more. >> let me also say, al, something to your better half, nan, congratulations on surviving 40 years of marriage to al. all though i have to warn you sitting between the governor and the mayor might feel like 40 years of marriage. >> get it? rosanna: yes. greg: it is ice cold between the mayor and the governor for a while now. rosanna: you had a quote where he said something about finishing each other's
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greg: we have one more quote from the speech. hit it. >> as you may know, i have always said that this country is not ready for a divorced jewish billionaire from new york city, but watching a divorced billionaire christian from new york city shooting up in the polls, i am reconsidering and tonight, tonight i have an announcement to make. and after deep deliberation and personal reflection, and after consulting with my family to get their approval i have decided to become a candidate for baptism.
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just like sal on the road to demascus. greg: fabulous stuff. all right, despite what you read in the press, governor cuomo and mayor deblasio are close, a close couple, like cane and able, katy perry and taylor swift. like the couple's that finish each other sentences, they finish each other's anonymous quotes. i saw them on a tandem bicycle having a ball, they had a difficulty turning left or far left. rosanna: we were there and saw each other in the hallway and walking into the ballroom there was a mic, there is not a mic we don't like.
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pick up the mic, they killed it. check. i thought you were going to do a new york promo for us. greg: i got stage fright. rosanna: you were clearing it out. greg: that was my big moment and nobody saw it. back to veterans day. roz back to you. >> rosanna, come on. on italian american day. fresco by scotto, they are offering 10% off today for veterans. that is the least you can do. rosanna. rosanna: your 10% is different than most. thank you so much for everything you have done for our country, you and the kelly men and your
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mom. greg: it was a privilege to serve. this is the day i graduated from boot camp, by the way. on the right, that is my dad, ray kelly. you know him. he is a vietnam veteran and my mother was in the coast guard reserve. going forward, my uncles and cousin, this is a day i was commissioned, this is in the living room by the way. it was a ceremony. i graduated from college and sworn in as a marine corps officer. my cousin timmy giving me the first salute. he enlisted in the navy. my late great uncle kenneth he
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rosanna: what was in the drinking water for you kids? >> my dad read the manuals. all the kelly boys joined the marine corps. thank you so my dad, uncles, aunts, america. rosanna: thank you greg kelly. greg: here is the deal, we can't talk about it until next year. rosanna: why, why. greg: i promise you that. think about it, give it consideration. rosanna: give it thought. can. mike tried. his sister finished boot camp. mike: my sister did it. i didn't try. we appreciate your service, greg, to all of the vets, happy veterans day. happy birthday to robert, happy
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boiftd birthday to you. i hope you have a day off and head to parade as well. the rain is coming to a close for us. just a little drizzle in the city in the next hour or so. breaking into the sunshine later in the day. 57 by 1:00 and the high is 59. but yeah we are going to see the skies trying to clear out. the showers up the lower hudson valley. back down to putnam county, it is wrapping up and pulling away. it is a slow mover. it is not getting out immediately. it is not a fast one. we have a country temperature of 51 central park. 47 islip. 52 montauk. and winds are starting to veer and to the northwest a little more so 7-17 miles per hour. and they continue to come at you. it is a breezy day. the low pressure is deepening and moving away.
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high pressure is moving in and fair skies are trying to come back later the afternoon. looking at the futurecast, we are not seeing completely clear skies but dryer skies headed to the afternoon and early tomorrow same thing. the clouds are thickening up later. more clouds and showers are popping through. it is not going to produce a lot in terms of the rainfall. we head to friday and the weekend, lots of sunshine out there. temperatures back to where they should be. but today, well, it is on the mostly cloudy and cool side with morning showers out there and a little sun in the afternoon, partly cloudy for you tonight and lows 40-48, throughout the next 7 days, high of 59 today. 60 tomorrow. a few showers in the middle of the day. sunny skies friday, saturday and sunday through tuesday of next week.
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the temperatures mid to upper 50s. cool mornings out there. no frosting or freezing conditions are coming at us any time soon here. >> hey, that nick guy is great on america's got talent. rosanna: he's amazing. he's a good host. greg: he's got great energy and he's great on it. rosanna: he's talking about an i vent that you co-hosted, greg, for st. mary's hospital concert. greg: they are really special people. again, how you can be on america's got talent. >> this week we are at queens college auditioning and come out and any talent, any age, we want you to be there. rosanna: what are you looking for, sometimes these people, they all sound great, breaks your heart, you know. >> we look for unique acts.
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shows out there and focussing on being the biggest super star singer, we are not that. we want someone young, old, someone playing the spoons, you never know what it can be and i that is what makes the show unique, a fun and family environment. rosanna: and this year simon cow ell is coming back. yes, he's the boss, the wizard behind the curtain for so long and the judge on britain's got talent and now i felt it was inevitable inevitable. >> greg: you are the nice guy. >> i'm the cheerleader, i get you pumped up for the performance of your life.
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judges are the ones that say yes or no. >> i will miss howard. >> throughout the process, we have created an outstanding relationship. we are going to miss him sitting in the judge's chair. that is the judge's chair, stern, honest type of guy, from morgan and howard stern and how to simon. that is a tough seat. rosanna: how do you do it, you juggle a lot of stuff. >> it is one of the stuff that hurdles are meant to jump over. whether my own health or anything that anyone is going through, love yourself and take care of yourself. greg: you are looking great, what was the issue? >> i was diagnosed with lupus. it is a condition that i live with.
9:13 am
i have great days and some days i push a little harder. rosanna: you were in the hospital? >> yes, hospital visits are frequent for people with lupus. the first one i had a kidney failure in 2 012. eat healthy, drink a lot of water and get the flu shot. rosanna: yes. you are not feeling so hot? >> well, it is morning stuff. rosanna: he's hacking up a lung. >> it is the weather, it is changing, getting cold outside. kids. everybody is bundled up and you have to keep it going like that. greg: nick will be a long life association with st. mary's hospital in queens. >> thank you. >> who me? >> for helping us out there and being involved with the st. mary's
9:14 am
kids kids. i had the opportunity to visit the st. mary's hospital a few years ago and seeing the love and affection going on there for the kids dealing with really, really difficult circumstances in life and so many smiles and i get the opportunity to take a lot of my friends. i took nellie out there. it is cool to go there and seeing the smile on the kids' faces. rosanna: you put together a concert. >> greg was on the hoover board thing there. greg: it was a hit. rosanna: did he fall? not on the stage. he was working it. you are way better than me on the thing. i had to try to get on it. i fell about five times. that is outstanding. rosanna: st. mary's concert is here on fox? greg: channel 5, nick rocked
9:15 am
times square. once again, queens college, all day long, if you have talent. >> get out there this weekend, just go to agt rosanna: how are the kwids doing? >> wonderful. rosanna: your kids, i mean. >> all of the kids of the world are amazing, especially my twins. rosanna: that is nigh, what are you doing for thanksgiving?
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allergy symptoms. so, you can breathe easier all day. zyrtec -d. at the pharmacy counter. greg: hi, everybody, you know mitch album authors, musician. that is mitch playing the guitar. rosanna: i didn't realize he actually wanted to be a musician before becoming a writer. greg: well, the writing turned out well. the 7th book is called... >> the magic strings. >> it has a sound track. i never heard of a novel having a sound track. that is a great idea. mitch, welcome back to "good day new york." >> thank you.
9:19 am
that makes perfect sense, it is a story of a musician. >> yes, the greater guitar player to walk the earth and so gifted and suffered as a child and granted a magic guitar. when he changes a life with the playing, the string turns blue and disappears, and so over the course of the years, he's fictional, but everything else in the book is real. he's with duke elington as a child and in elvis's band, and little richard, going to woodstock and it is meant at a metaphor showing that our talents influence one another as they do, everyone has a talent. but meanwhile i had so much fun doing it and it has taken on a
9:20 am
rosanna: you talked to tony bennett and other musicians. >> yes, over the years i have become friends with a lot of musicians and called them and can i write as you in the book and you come with the stories. a number of them, they all allowed me to use their voice and they remember a time when they found frankie when he was down and out and it turned bigger than that, they made videos and filmed and they told stories, burt was crying, i miss frankie, i mess him. but he's not reel. >> rosanna: we have the video, let's see it. >> those are not elvis' moves or james brown, they are frankie's movies.
9:21 am
>> even if you took the guitar away he influences me. >> it sounds beautiful now and beautiful 50 years from now. >> he had magic fingers and magic strings. >> never in a million years would i -- >> greg: he speaks about a guy that is a figment of the imagination. >> yes, music is an incredible language that it speaks on a whole different level and there are not many books that address it, not novels and they jumped it. and i do to. there is metaphors. in every band someone plays a lead and someone keeping the rhythm, life is like that. a family is a bond, everyone has a role in a family. i used music to say we all influence one another with the
9:22 am
somebody wants to be a lead singer rather than the drummer, that is what life is. >> beautiful. rosanna: so the music sound track is sold separately from the book? >> yes, frankie becomes a big star and something bad happens to him and he dis'peers and the songs that made him a hit, i had the real musicians making the them. so the sound track at everyone, to kiss, to little richard and they are doing all kinds of remakes of songs that never existed. greg: this is your 7th book. >> i think so. >> tuesdaying with morrie. how old were you? >> 37. >> you started a little later than most writers.
9:23 am
yes, little scraps in the num. >> tuesdays with morrie, morrie passed away 20 years ago last week and i'm still in many ways returning to the themes of that book, even in the book, we influence one another and affect the teachers that we have, he as a blind guitar teacher and he's an orphan in the book. that stems from the tuesdays with morrie experience. i'm reliving the lessons 20 years later and the lessons are in the books that i write. rosanna: writing is a second choice of paying the bills? >> yes. i came to new york to be a musician. i flopped. i played every little dive club. >> which ones? >> kenny's cast aways. >> t bitter end? is>> yes, you had to bring your own crowd.
9:24 am
while i was here, i volunteered for the queens tribune. i worked for six months for free. i saw my name over some writing, something clicked with me, if writing. so to come to new york and going full circle on this and now having an album, sort of and a book about music. it is a part of weird thing in life if you live long enough it comes around. >> you can meet mitch. you are at the ridgewood women's club this is tonight. rosanna: at 7:00. greg: what's next for you, man? >> i do a lot of charity work. it is my dominant thing and going to haiti every month with
9:25 am
then i return to detroit. greg: how are they doing after the earthquake. >> it has been six years. i go every month for 3, 4 days and work at the orphanage. it is getting better. haiti and detroit, the two places in their own ways have back. i focus attention on that and work on another one. rosanna: beautiful. the magic strings of frankie presto out now. >> greg: we are capping the week. we have a fantastic week. rosanna: rosanna: hemingway is here. greg: joining us and talking
9:26 am
about important mental health why let someone else have all the fun? the sometimes haphazard, never boring fun. the why can't it smell like this all the time fun. the learning the virtue of sharing fun. why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun. unleash the power of dough.
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rosanna: we have breaking news, a house explosion elizabeth, new jersey. greg: what happened, jim? >> the cause is not known. this is a block off of route 1. the fire department activity is
9:28 am
in the area. they are going back into the house. there is damage to the adjoining houses. the debris is all over the place. it is looking as if this house was cracked in half. the roof is split or the backside of the roof is sloping down to ground. on the front of the building, it is bloun off of it. as i mentioned there are two adjoining houses. there is damage to those houses as well. you can imagine, debris, lumber, siding, anything you can think of in a home is in the backyard as well as on the sidewalk and the street. still waiting to get official word on injuries and extensive injuries, and the cause of this explosion not known at this time. there are no signs of a fire at this time.
9:29 am
but no smoke coming out of the building. a number of firefighters are on the scene, fire trucks are parked up and done magnolia avenue. the cause of the explosion is under investigation. greg, rosanna, back to you. greg: thank you, jim. nine times out of ten it is gas related. jim, thank you. >> in the meantime, muriel is joining us. she was born famous and then becoming famouser if that is a word. she was 17 years old here. and in star 80. muriel hemingway, behind the scenes, struggled with depression. rosanna: she saw several family members dealing with depression. she's being honored at the hope for depression research
9:30 am
yesterday they would a big lunch. muriel is here with the organization's founder, audrey, nice to have you here. great to be here. thank you so much, rosanna. >> rosanna: you have talked about depression before. some people think so take a walk around the block and get over it, right. if you are really suffering with depression, it is debilitating and suicidal. >> i talk more about my family and their struggles with alcoholism and their depression, and yes, you know, telling somebody who suffers from deep depression to take a walk, wonderful to get outside, it is not a soul solution and we have to have compassion and open our hearts to understanding that depression is a medical illness and look at it. hope is looking at it and doing
9:31 am
she put together a depression task force. which are amazing doctors coming together to work on the solutions for depression. greg: there are a number of medications research foundation? >> amazing research. prozac was 30 years ago. people, certain people need medication and need therapy also, but the research foundation is doing the most advanced research to find new medications. rosanna: are there new ones? >> they aren't. we have found new genes and molecules and proteins involved in depression, it is a struggle to develop these things, there is not enough research and money
9:32 am
>> three decades is a long time. it is fizz logical, right, it runs in the family. >> it is complex. the braen is complex. our lives are complex, our histories are complex, so much about everything. when i speak about depression or any kind of mental illness, i talk about how incredibly important it is to look at every part of your life. life style is important, my passion is really have people take responsibility for their own body, mind, spirit. our heads are not disconnected from your body. how are you living your life. i bring that element into that with these doctors who are the doing the work of trying to discover what other kinds of medications. not everyone needs medication
9:33 am
and not everybody doesn't. it is very complicated. brain. we need to really understand how mental illness is something that we have to pay attention to. one of the things, i want to take the i out of illness and put in we. wellness. rosanna: you started the organization because of your mom. exercise, where does that fit? >> we honored muriel, she's amazing and such a proponent of the healthy life style, you need proper exercise and 8 hours of sleep a night and good nutrition and she's the epitome of over coming the struggles with legacy and alcoholism and suicide, muriel had 7 suicides in the family and she's a proponent of
9:34 am
doing the right things. >> i like her. you are so nice to me. greg: with your predisposition to these, was hollywood is best choice for you? >> no. it is a rough, you are only as good as your last project. i'm healthy, happy, i life a balanced life. i figured out my solution. i'm getting back into acting. rosanna: are you? >> oh, yeah. i look an a lot of time to be of service. this issue it is in my heart. i want to continue doing that for the rest of my life. because i have come through this, i'm interested to see what it is like to get back into film and a how that affects a character.
9:35 am
>> the website is hope for we have a lot of information on there for those that think they could be struggling with depression, if you are not sure, if you are feeling the symptoms of being out of balance and not feeling great, feeling down, not eating properly, not sleeping properly go to the website and we have a list of organizations or places to help you. >> realize you haven't done something wrong. people don't like to talk to mental illness. flaw. stigma too. >> yes, the more we talk about it, there is no stigma. it is another thing that we have to work together to find a solution for. rosanna: awesome. greg: former movie star, maybe future movie star. rosanna: she's coming back.
9:36 am
>> pardon. star 80, it is a favorite. check that out. check out manhattan. thank you so much. rosanna: thank you, audrey. >> thank you. rosanna: where'd you get that. >> with krystal young.
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rosanna: all right, where'd you get that, maybe a wardrobe malfunction this morning. greg: why are you laughing like that? >> i went to the bathroom and couldn't zip back up. it ripped again. all i have to say, if i move this left arm we are in trouble. greg: well, you are looking great. >> okay, so i went to the new whitney. you have to check it out. it is 20th century art. it is a cool area. international. take a look. the new whitney museum, in the
9:39 am
meat packing district, a lot of hustle and bustle, is there style. my romper is one piece, 50 bucks at zara. the boots sam edelton. where'd you get na>> dkny. >> i saw them on one of the mannequins in the window. yes, i bought them in black too. >> i like the interest without too in your face. i think you are bag is really interesting. where'd you get that? >> england from a friend. she had it and i love it and she got a new bag and gave it to me. >> that is really sweet. she passed it on. paying it forward.
9:40 am
how are you enjoying new york city? >> brilliant. >> say that again. >> brilliant. >> thank you so uch many. enjoy. >> i noticed the dress and she's rocking the white after labor day. >> we love the white. i got the dress for a friend of ours, stella mc carthy from baby gap. >> how old is she? >> 3 years old. >> she's working it. >> cool bag, seems to be the theme of the day. where'd you get that? >> my cousin. >> do you remember how much? >> a 60. >> very, very cool. i like it.
9:41 am
>> monique lushman. >> a lot of the stylists come to me and find out what is hot and new in the industry. >> let's talk about this. hand stitched. 4,000 stones on that. >> all right, rock on, girl. continued success, you are working it. >> i'm trying. >> you got it. you are super cool jacket, where'd you get that? >> paris. >> every time i see something in a magazine, i want that, american under a thousand? >> yes. >> i love the texture. it kind at makes you want to touch it. very interesting. when you clean it, do you have issues? >> i have pt had to clean it yet. >> it is making everything you
9:42 am
have on pop. >> one of the coolest things about being in the area, there are really amazing street vendors, check out the glasses. can't you smell it, they are just 20 bigs. let me show you two alternatives that i like. this pair 20. and check it out, this pair 20. very nice. i mean come on, how cool. rosanna: i like it. all right. >> so get culture at the whitney. >> how much does it cost to get in and one of those suggested prices? >> yes, and yes. as a journalist, media, you can go in at any time. it is about ten bucks. greg: okay.
9:43 am
place, the building done by an aallian architect. >> this is williamsberg. rosanna: this is the old knitting factory. greg: working with the chef here. no mistaking you for chef boy are if you struggle with type 2 diabetes, you're certainly not alone. fortunately, many have kind of medicine that rimagine what it would be like to love your numbers. discover once-daily invokana . it's the #1 prescribed in the newest class p of medicines that work with the kidneys to lower a1c. rinvokana is used along with diet and exercise tto significantly lower blood sugar t in adults with type 2 diabetes. p it's a once-daily pill that
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>> all right. check out this place, called federal hall. federal bar. rosanna: in a carriage house next door to the knitting factory in williamsberg. >> yes, the hipster capital of the universe. we like to play spot a hipster. any there? rosanna: no, no. there is a certain look for a hipster. i spot a hipster here, greg. greg: me too. he's got the ironic cap. the yellow cap. what else? rosanna: facial hair.
9:47 am
rosanna: a tat and skinny jeans. >> you are a hipster. >> great, i'm a chef in brooklyn. >> welcome, sir. >> we have been open five months. right next to the knitting factory. rosanna: you are in a very historic place. it was a carriage house? >> yes, it housed an old men's club. reservations? >> no, you can make them if you like. >> greg: specializing in what? >> craft beer, local whiskeys and food. rosanna: what are you making today? >> i brought a handful of dishes. we have a roasted cauliflower. rosanna: you have everything
9:48 am
from burgers to i see chicken there. right? >> yes, the chicken and waffles and burgers. half turkey with dirty rice. gloves for the messy projects. we have the marinade for the cauliflower. it is a fermented chick pea paste and paste. rice vinegar. roll your cauliflower through there. it is giving it a great color. >> you don't tear it up? >> no. >> were you this cool before going to williamsberg? >> i was born this cool. >> that looks like brains. >> cauliflower is in to eat? >> yes, it is great for you. it is a great vehicle for
9:49 am
>> and it is crunchy. >> a vehicle for flavor, i like that. >> marinade, 350-400 degrees for 20 minutes. >> you are cooking. >> yes. when it comes out it has a hard roasted look. that is coming out. cast iron on the stove. this is my great grandma's. >> how long do you want someone staying in the restaurant. seriously, what is the average dining experience. >> as long as you are spending money, i want you in the restaurant. rosanna: if you are sipping water, well he's got bills to pay. >> we are hospitalable. >> is it crowded? >> we have about 50 seats. it can get full. >> letter grade yet?
9:50 am
>> we haven't yet. it is not pending. it is a plus in our minds. >> garlic, shallots. >> we are getting it going. infews with red chili flakes. a little spice. a little salt. we are creating a flavored oil. greg: while we are waiting, you brought in refreshments of the liquid variety. >> yes, we did. we are in the middle of cider week new york. >> hard cider? >>, oh yeah. the only kind. this is not apple juice. it is the morning but you can always drink. >> it is 5:00 some where. >> i just threw in a little faro with the infused oil. wow, this is good. >> so easy. >> my mother never gave me this growing up.
9:51 am
>> this has a punch to it. >> this is smelling good. >> check out the federal bar. you can get the chicken and waffles looking good to me. what about the salmon looking great. burger. i heard the burger is fabulous by the way. >> the burger is getting a lot of heat. >> on metropolitan avenue. say hi to all of the hipsters. >> we need a cup of coffee for
9:52 am
>> and ear rosanna: leslie, she should be a hipster too. greg: hey, we like hipsters. rosanna: yes, my daughter is a hipster. greg: happy veterans day. rosanna: happy veterans day. greg: i'm so proud and graft to feel the marine corps and the united states for the experience.
9:53 am
marines, my mom was in the coast guard. this is her. rosanna: she's looking great there. greg: and any way, oh, all my uncles, my dad's brothers were all marines. thank you. >> thank you to all of the veterans out there. check us out on facebook and periscope. fact. advil pain relievers are used by more households than any other leading brand. to treat their aches and pains more people reach for advil. relief doesn't get any better than this.
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