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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  November 12, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EST

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>> from fox 5 news, this is good day new york. >> all right. good day, new york. thursday, november 12th, i'm rosanna scotto. >> hi, i'm greg kelly. what's happening? yes, outside let's take a look, it is -- >> dreary. >> yeah. >> and rainy. another one. sunshine tomorrow. we have got to get through a little bit more rain today. hopefully, won't be too bad. mike has all the details for us. >> okay, this guy. interesting man. he likes to steal buses and trains. he actually would like to take a plane, if he could. he did it again. for years now this guy has been stealing big city buses. the latest allegedly, a greyhound bus, rosanna. >> wow. >> just what he likes to do. >> i know. all right, are you into this fantasy football? fandual and draftkings still
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taking bets in new york. defying orders from the state attorney general to stop operating in new york. we're hearing there may be some new developments in the next 24 hours, but we have the latest for you. >> okay, jaywalking, that's crossing against the light, in the middle of the block. the city cracking down once again on jaywalking. oh, that's a hoverboard. he's just owning the streets. >> that's right. >> you're not supposed to jaywalk. it's dangerous potentially, and we've had a lot of pedestrian fatal todays lately. >> right. have you seen this car around town? because if you did and you call it in, you could score $100,000. that's the reward being offered to find this lamborghini. it was stolen outside of a rec center in queens. >> probably buy yourself a new lamborghini for $100,000, how much do they cost? >> half a mil. >> if you've got to ask, you can't afford it. >> how you feeling, by the way?
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mom has already started cooking. >> she has? what? what is she making? >> i don't know, the pots, the pans. >> you have no idea what your mother's doing. >> fruitcake. >> anyway, doesn't it seem like -- >> well, because the weather's been so mild. >> yeah. labor day was basically two days ago. >> i know. i think also the mild weather played tricks with us. but i'm looking forward to it. i'm looking forward to relaxing with the family and hanging out. >> and not traveling. here. >> well, in a car. the l. i.e. can be, you know -- plane. >> it beats laguardia, you >> yeah. thanksgiving? case. as bad. >> i'll be here, thank any. >> do you have to contribute? >> i'm going to bring a pie. i've got a pie specialty i'm going to bring.
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>> all right, michael, good for you. >> gotta contribute. >> don't eat too much pie. your physique. >> i know, i know, and duke -- >> you may have a physique-off today. do you know scott foley from scandal? he always likes to take his shirt off. >> ines is like, yeah. >> now she's hiding her face. we. >> we're making greg uncomfortable. >> well, yes -- never mind. >> there are some showers coming to us. right now it's just drizzle in the area, but there are some heavier showers that will be coming through here soon. radar. so far there's not much, light showers passing into the central and northern sections of new jersey, they aren't holding together that well, but there has been some reports of light rain and/or drizzle, but there's us. temp wise, 53 in central park, 51 in bridgeport as well as
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montauk. winds are coming in from the southeast around3-7 miles per hour. we do have a coastal flood advisory, western long island sound as well as new york harbor and the south shore of long island, minor coastal flooding, primarily between 7:30 to 8:0 30, that's high tide time. warm front goes new first, then the cold front behind it. it'll all work through the tristate region fairly quickly, and that means we're not going to have to deal with rain for too long. it comes through right in the middle of the day, so it depends where you are and what you're doing, but we are expecting rain pretty much for everyone right through the middle of the day. high temp up to about 60 degrees, and the next seven days, high of 57 tomorrow, but the sunshine back.
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quite windy tomorrow, and the colder temps are here as we kick into the weekend. let's get over to ines row ines row sal access and see what we have when we hit the roads. >> time to go to work. the bqe had a stall earlier by meeker morgan avenue, traffic remains slow to queens boulevard. and the northbound be van wyck, watch out for an accident. the staten island expressway approaching highland boulevard, delays before and after as you held towards the verrazano. let's go to to guarden state parkway, there's an accident, now there's a stall here. this is past exit 135. this car just stalled out here, then as you approach exit 136 there's an accident blocking three lanes. police are trying to push him off to the side. you see delays on the parkway. from exits 131-135 northbound.
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as for the trains, everything running on or close to schedule. street cleaning rules are in effect. greg and rosanna. >> okay, thank you. >> all right. some guy really likes big buses. he just, like, i don't know how he lengthed how to drive them -- learned how to drive them. >> this is darius maccallum you're looking at. he's been arrested nearly two dozen times for stealing trains and buses. his first arrest came when he was 15 in 1981. he got on subway and started operating the train, the e train, drove it. >> yesterday he was arrested behind the wheel of a greyhound bus pretending to be a transit worker. >> let's go to robert noses with more. >> greg and rosanna, good morning. a greyhound spokeswoman told me by text message the company is conducting an internal investigation to figure out how darius maccallum gained access to that bus.
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he has been so many times in the past, he was once again arrested. he has done it again. police say 50-year-old darius maccallum, who's expected to be arraign today, stole a greyhound bus from the bus terminal. a supervisor noticed it was missing at 2:15 yesterday afternoon. the supervisor notified company headquarters in texas. workers there pinged the bus and tracked it to brooklyn. officers pulled it over in the gowanus section with maccallum him. they say he displayed an alleged homeland security shield and an alleged idea from the home front task force. maccallum has done this sort of thing many, many times before. comes tell me -- cops tell me he's been arrested more than two dozen times. >> darius, where were you trying
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to go? >> back to new jersey? >> why in. >> well, that's where it came from. i figured i'd bring it back. >> maccallum began his transit-centered crime in the '80s. he was just 15 years old at the time. he has autism spectrum discored, and a psychologist says people like him cannot control their impulses. >> they can focus on one particular thing at times, and sometimes they become on to accessed with that. it shows a very high level of intelligence and a particular extraordinary focus. >> unfortunately, this might be maccallum's last run-in with the law. he reportedly told detectives after his arrest yesterday that he next plans to steal a plane. again, we are expecting maccallum to face a judge as early as today. he faces multiwill charges in-- multiple charges including
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property and unauthorized use of a vehicle. by the way, fortunately, there were no passengers aboard that bus. that is the latest live from the west side this morn being. greg and rosanna, back to you. >> thanks a lot, robert. mr. maccallum, huh? this comes as a wild maybe only in new york story. i haven't heard about this happening in other places going back 30 plus years. got to find him a new hobby. >> i think so. or get him a job doing something close to that, because that seems to be his passion. >> a related field. >> yeah. meanwhile, there was some bar fight involving members of the military. stabbed in the back. >> yeah, a marine veteran was at the turtle bay bar on 52nd street and second avenue. he is in the marines no longer, got into an argument with a bunch of men who were drinking utilities. it's unclear if they were actually in the army, but the marine veteran, alfonso matos,
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said you guys shouldn't be drinking in uniform. well, a terrible argument ensued, they started fighting outside the bar, and this man was stabbed in the back. no arrests have been made. mr. matos is in the hospital in stable condition. >> police arrested two men accused of pointing a laser at our sky fox helicopter and another news chopper in brooklyn. >> jim smith, who flies that thing every day -- >> right. >> the pilots reported the incident which happened last evening flying near barclays center, and an investigation led to the arrest at a building on fullson street. a thid -- fulton street. a third news copter was also hit. the penalty carries a maximum of 20 years in federal prison and a quarter of a million dollars' fine. >> we've heard about those lasers aimed at airliners, first time a helicopter. >> right. dangerous. >> meanwhile, we had a big house
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explosion in elizabeth, new jersey. take a look at the aftermath. here we go. >> it was all caught on surveillance camera. one person died, 15 others injured, two of them critically, including a young boy, 11 years old. officials say the blast damaged seven other homes, three of them will need to be torn down -- >> now, we don't know what happened. it could be gas, but they're not ready to rule that officially. listen to this. >> i was in the shower, heard a big boom. i came out, i said, yo, the house blew up. >> it was, like, a big boom, like a bomb. tail, it knocked down a couple of pictures that was on the wall. >> some people, obviously, said they smelled gas yesterday, and at this point they don't really know whether it was a gas leak that caused all this. >> we have these occasionally, you know? these houses that blow up, and often it's a gas leak. >> scary. all right, let's talk about those fantasy sports sites.
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do you play fantasy football or something like that? some to have people who do not happy about what's happening about these sports sites being shut down. >> two of the biggest ones in new york state, and they can't take bets anymore at least that's what the attorney general has decreed. let's go to carrie drew with more in the newsroom. >> good morning. the fantasy sports feud is heating up. the attorney general sent a letter to fan duel and draft kings ordering both 150eu9s to shut down, but this here is fan duel, you can still sign up and still play fantasy sports. >> listen to the fans, listen to your voters and say, hook, they don't want fantasy sports to be taken from them. >> nigel eccles, the ceo of fan duel, says he's disappointed after receiving this cease and desist order from state attorney general eric. >> nierldman ordering both companies to stop accepting bets in new york.
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are reasoning an illegal gambling multibillion dollar or scheme intended to e vailed the law, but exls says it's not gambling. >> anybody who's played it understands the game of skill that a high-skilled player wins overwhelming over somebody who has no skill. >> companies like the nfl and 21st century fox have invested millions of dollars into fantasy sports companies like draft sports companies like draft kings which has half a million users in new york state. here's how fantasy sports works. players assemble their own team of professional athletes and earn points based on their performance in real games. sports fans either love it or hate it. >> it's totally a skill. >> yeah. >> because you have to know what's going on with the players, what's happening with the different teams. now s there a chance that the them a will or won't win? yeah, of course.
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>> eccles says fan duel is open to regulation. he says the company has worked with other states and would be york. >> fantasy sports has exploded in popularity, and it's gone from being a cottage industry to an industry with billions of dollars going through it. is so it's appropriate at this level to say how do we put consumer protection in place to insure the games are fair. >> now, here's the home page for draft kings. the company is based in boston. it is also still up and running this morning, and it plans to stay that way. fan duel and draft kings have five business days to respond to the attorney general. a lawsuit to shut down these businesses could come as soon as monday. meanwhile, eye onically, there's actually a daily sports players fantasy conference happening in new york city right now, the paris day is today, at the marriott in times square. and the conference is designed to help you become a better fantasy sports player, so it's
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happening as all of this is going on as well. back to you. >> we'll see how this plays out. thanks so much, carrie. those sports siepts are not back down. >> yeah, i know. we, rosanna and i, only play the lottery. >> the state gets their cut of that. that's what a lot of people are accusing, you know, the state attorney general of, you know, they basically want to get taxes and have a piece of it. right now they have nothing. >> okay. in the meantime, folks, how about this? do they have nothing? no, they have a pretty decent salary, and they want it to go up. members of the city council, rosanna, they are reportedly working behind the scenes to engineer a 71% raise that could bring their salary toss $192,000 plus a year. >> right. the daily news is reporting more than half a dozen members have been holding very, very secretive meetings to try and work that out. they reportedly hope to make it happen by agreeing to various ethics reforms that will get the government groups to back their
7:16 am
plant i think they should take it to the people, right? little town hall meeting here and there. >> well, you know, the nypd, i think they're looking at a 1% increase? so there's not a lot of receptiveness to this idea. here's a graphic from the daily news. here's who makes what in city government. the mayor, $225,000. governor, 179. so if they got this raise, a city council member would be making more than the governor. >> that's interesting. and how much does a fire fighter and a police officer make? >> firefighter's salary after five years, $76,488. about the same for a cop. so, all right. you can look at it in today's daily news. >> huh. okay. mike woods, what's happening? >> all right. we've got the gray skies back again. one more day of rain, that's today. right now cloudy skies out at central park, 53 degrees there. winds out of the east/southeast at 5 miles per hour. and let's check out the nationwide temps, there's some interesting things going on.
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of the country or the eastern third, i should say, and pretty cool to the west, and that is indicative of the changes to come. there's a cold front right here, and it's rolling toward us here in the tristate, and we're going to see those showers coming through along with the cooler temperatures behind that front. but that takes about another day and a half to arrive. anyhow, here's what we have with our conditions right now. mostly cloudy sky, few showers coming across northern new jersey, some may be crossing long island in toward brooklyn and queens, even manhattan seeing light rain and/or drizzle, but the heavier showers are expected later this morning and afternoon as the cold front gets closer to us here. that will be bringing us some more scatter ored showers at that time -- scattered showers at that time. mainly through the middle of the day, and our high temp gets up to about 60. breezy today, sunny skies coming tomorrow, but it will be cooler
7:18 am
breezy on saturday, high of 51. then we start to warren back up -- to warm back up. let's bring it over to ines and see where the backups are. >> of course we have problem spots out there. ordinary. the l.i.e., you have your normal delays, traffic slow on the northern state parkway, no issues on the southern state or the meadowbrook. as far as putnam county, watch out for 684 southbound by exit 7, looks good through yorktown heights. garden state parkway, the best camera shot i could find, this is by the colonial service area over by 131. northbound traffic moving better than before, there was an accident by 136. let's go to the tappan zee bridge. 45 mile-per-hour speed restriction on the bridge, westchester bound. crossing the hudson, george washington bridge, 40 on the
7:19 am
495 backed up to route 3 on the turnpike, the holland tunnel has back to you. >> thank you very much. let's go outside for a moment as we tell you the latest developments internally at fox 5 news. >> greg is hacking up a lung. i'm concerned. >> popular demand and also my own common sense hassic canned in. i'm going -- has kicked in p. i'm going home sick. >> i have to say, i think you might need antibiotics. >> how about that though? >> you've had it, like, ten days, this cough. >> and poor rosanna, every time i look at her, she's disinfecting something. >> i am. but i'm not telling you to go home. >> this is not on anybody. this is biology. >> yeah. >> so ben simmoneau is warming up, doing his thing. >> as we speak. >> then again, i'm already here. [laughter] ines, please -- >> it's really up to you. nobody's forcing you to go home. >> i understand.
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7:22 am
that's a big deal. >> i'm watching tv one day, so i wrote, basically, this big rant, and i mailed it to them, and guess what? that f they printed it. >> that is crazy. >> i was, like, wow. >> i wonder or if they'd do that now? i'd have to change my name. >> anyway, let's talk about what's happening at colleges around the country. students were protesting at the university of missouri, and they're turning the spotlight on the problem of racial tension on some college campus, even in our area. >> we just want an acknowledgment. >> there were protests at ithaca college and yale university yesterday. students say they have been inspired to speak out saying it is necessary to fight against covert and overt racism in all places of education. the protests came after university of missouri president tim wolfe resigned following complaints he did not respond timely or effectively to racial
7:23 am
incidents on that campus. one former student from southern methodist university that we spoke to says what has been happening on campuses is really nothing new. >> and i think right now it's just coming to light. this is nothing that's new. that's been -- i mean, on my campus it's been happening for a very long time, since black students were allowed on campus so, you know, it's been going on. i just think now it's become a nationwide and global issue because of twitter and instagram, etc. >> yeah. and it also helps when the football department decides that they're not going to play, because most colleges depend on that revenue. it's high profile. >> talk about power. when they said they weren't going to play, not only the university president, but the chancellor pretty much it seemed like overnight -- >> i know, yeah. >> we have this. in new york city a new report says city kids are missing something like 10% of all school. >> and these are not high school kids, these are grammar school kids. >> city students, according to a study from "the new york post,"
7:24 am
says, let's see -- >> found out more than 40% of the students at 127 of the city's elementary and middle last year. >> yeah. skipping class once every ten days on average. >> ps50 in harlem and ps123 in central harlem where the report says half the kids were caron create absent. -- chronically absent. >> a stolen and missing lamborghini, there is a $100,000 reward if you find it. let's go to the picture, please. >> this is what the white convertible looks like. wow. that's a nice looking car. it is worth $450,000, greg. >> i think it's a little cheesy. it's too much. >> i know. but why park it on the street? i don't understand that part. >> pinkerton, the famous private detective agency, wants information leading to its recovery.
7:25 am
the nypd hasn't gotten a missing report for a lambo. >> i love it. >> a police source tells fox the car probably would have been exported because it was too hot to have been spot chopped up for parts here. >> if you have a lamborghini, aren't you just going to the lamborghini dealer for your parts? >> i don't know. those are not my problems. >> these are in the our issues. we wouldn't mind having these issues. let's go outside, shall we? rosanne narcs i feel a burst of -- i feel a burst of health. i might just stick around. >> you are killing me. [laughter]
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>> kung fu tea. get me some of that. >> i have to tell you, there's a culinary explosion going on in flushing. >> this is flushing, queens. yeah, the wining and dining special. you ate, like, ostrich intestine or something. >> what was some of the stuff that you ate? >> stuff i wouldn't even try. spleen and -- >> spleen! how was the spleen?
7:28 am
>> i didn't try spleen. they do in some cultures, it's considered a delicacy. >> maybe last year, i remember you ate something crazy. >> yeah. there was, i'm telling you, very exotic parts from various animals. >> pan crease? >> i don't -- pancreas? >> i don't eat that kind of stuff. motions. >> no, i said i was not going to do it. e just, you know, i couldn't -- >> the red bull is open 24 hours, by the way. >> but i like regular food, you know? give me a little,down, dim sum. >> chicken feet? that's a hot ticket item. >> see like that? i wouldn't do it. >> you're like, no. you see the little toenails. >> oh, stop it! >> mike, use the correct terminology. the hoof. i think it's the hoof. anybody remember deniro when he's trying to figure out the foot of the deer? the paw, the paw, the hoof.
7:29 am
flushing, queens, good morning. >> ann twi innocent watches us, and so does maureen murray from franklin square. thank you so much and have a beautiful day. >> please do. >> all right. but, mike, the rain. >> yes, the rain, i know. it's been -- we've had two days, now we're going to make it number three, then that'll be it for a little while. >> okay r. the reservoirs getting -- >> they're doing okay. >> they're okay? >> they were never hurting, it's the groundwater that might be be running a little bit low, the water that feeds the plants from below without having to water >> oh. >> anyhow, here's what we have out there in terms of the rainfall and what not around the tristate region right now, and the general temperature trend, this is something you're going to notice here, rosanna, i'm sure you're going to have something to say, big change we have coming up in the next couple days. first of all, high temp today forecast going up to 60 degrees today, above normal temperatures. the average is where that line is right there, the average high is right around 54. 57 is your high forecast for
7:30 am
that's only real cool day, then we start ramping back up to the mid 60s by the middle of next week. lots going on with our temperature changes, but we are on our way down. 54 at newark and belmar, 51 in bridgeport. a lot of clouds and a few showers heading through new northern new jersey, light showers passing on by. that's the warm front trying to slide on by here, and the cold front with the majority of the showers that we will see isn't too far behind. it's actually the showers ahead of the cold front, the prefrontal showers that are going to come by. anyway, changes coming up for us here. the showers will come through right in the middle of the day. hey, maybe you'll be indoors at the office and kind of miss out on it. you might be okay. but we're still going to get some showers out there. high temp goes up to 60, it and will be breezy today. sun will back again tomorrow, but it will be windy and cooler with a high of 57.
7:31 am
overnight lows, upper 30s to low 40s. okay, let's get over to new york access rosales and take a peek at what's happening with those roads and rails. >> good morning, mike. just dealing with those normal fender benders and stalls. right now an stent on the saw mill an accident on the saw mill southbound. watch out for an accident by king street. staten island expressway, you have delays before highland boulevard heading towards the verrazano. take a look at the garden state parkway, actually, you know what? we skipped that. 59th street bridge, normal delays. bqe, normal delays approaching the brooklyn bridge. >> okay. it's kind of sad lately, but we've had a spike in the number of people august walking around new york city getting hit by cars. part of the reason may be people crossing or roller blading in
7:32 am
the middle of the street, jaywalking. >> jaywalking. if you're a new yorker, boy, oh, boy, you can't help yourself. you see the light change, you're in the middle of the block, some of these lights are so long, you just decide to do a diagonal across the street. >> technically, it's against the law, and the city is cracking down. i never heard of tickets being handed out until recently -- >> well, teresa priolo, she knows firsthand, she's in flushing. >> good morning, everyone. yeah, jay walking seems to be a way of life trying to get from point a to point b the quickest way possible, but the it is against the law. here in flushing, we have seen it all over the place right here in the middle of this intersection. it's a free-for-all, wild, wild west out here. this is against the law, and now police here in the 109th precinct are cracking down. you could call it the real rules of the road. one after the next, jaywalkers
7:33 am
boldly jetting into the middle of main street. >> i pay attention to what's coming along before i do that. >> for some, it's a matter of convenience. others, it's saving time, and then there are those who feel like they're safer avoiding the crosswalk altogether. >> there's no choice. >> because why not? >> because these cars won't stop for you. they don't care. >> the nypd is cracking down, issuing tickets for anyone who chooses to cross away from and against the light. >> i think they should give tickets for jaywalking, and if i get one, i deserve it. >> the move comes after last week an 84-year-old woman jaywalking was hit by a bus and died in the street. >> these are tragedies that we don't ever want to see happen again in our community. >> so the new motto now? cross at the green, not in between. >> not going to work. >> how come? >> too many people. >> opponents take issue with the
7:34 am
pedestrians for their own deaths. there have been 12 traffic fay balties since -- fatalities since halloween. the nypd is also mobilizing extra personnel to catch drivers who are distracted, speeding, blocking traffic lanes and those who fail to yield. all this to lessen the contact city cars make with city residents. whenever, wherever it happens. flushing. as soon as the light turns, it seems as though people just walk wherever they want to despite traffic and the flow of it. we again want to mention to you there's a two week grace period, and then the tickets will start to flow. $250 fine for jaywalking in new york city, but it is unlikely a lot of people will get them. looking at some statistics, less than a thousand people a year get jaywalking tickets. back to both of you in the studio. >> we're going to stay on this
7:35 am
well, it's left and right, we do it all over the place. >> i know. >> they're bringing that thing back. >> in the middle, in the middle of the block. keep your eyes to look up, right? >> oh. that budget -- i had not heard, but i love the way you sang it. >> very old school, that one. they actually don't walk. sight? >> exactly. i was amazed. >> they've got a lot of time on their hands. >> new york is a different -- we're a different breed here. >> we're very impatient. let's talk about d.c. and, you know, the baby panda cub? i think the name is bebe? took his first steps yesterday at the national zoo. look how cute. >> the little one. and that's the big mother there? >> yeah. the moment was captured on video by the smithsonian zoo's panda cam.
7:36 am
>> i've always found pandas a little disappointing. they're usually pretty dirty. they're not as cute as they lack in cartoons. >> i'm sorry. the young cub is thriving at the zoo. >> you have got to go to d.c. to see this thing or just look at the zoo cam. >> which is great for conservation efforts. this is great, we have one who's thriving in d.c. >> i'm told they like to eat bamboo. they love that stuff. let's go outside, huh? >> what's the matter with you? >> let's see.
7:37 am
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catch holiday-cookie cheer on the tip of your tongue with dunkin' donuts' holiday- cookie-flavored coffees. from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m., enjoy any medium latte or macchiato for $1.99. >> remember this song from way back when? >> yeah. >> he's in a relationship, but he's bored to tears. so he puts an ad in the personal column. or, no, he respond today a personal column. >> yeah. >> basically, some girl was, like, you want to go to the beach and drink? i'm down. >> yeah. >> so he goes to the bar -- >> and? >> it's each other.
7:40 am
>> oh, interesting. >> here, listen to this part. the words are coming. >> so what happened? do they get back together or not? how does this end? >> they do. i didn't think about my lady, i know that sounds kind of mean -- >> he's getting ready for the date. but me and my old lady -- >> he call her his old lady, that's not nice. here it comes. >> so i looked in the paper, took out a personal ad. and though i'm nobody's poet, i thought it wasn't half bad. >> and this is his personal ad. yes, i lycopene ya coladas -- >> okay. >> he's looking for a pina colada. >> i think we've got to move on. >> he puts an ad -- the girlfriend responds or vice versa. >> so they really had a lot more in common than he thought. you men. >> interesting. >> mike woods.
7:41 am
was a co-conspirator once ea moved. >> okay. maybe. mike? >> everybody was guilty there. [laughter] right? bottom line. all right. let's see what's going on. we've got some rain coming to us here. if you don't have it yet, it will be here soon enough. so far on the rain going, nothing, but here's the average for today. 56 is the average high temp and 43's the low. we're at 53 right now. 50 in sussex, same thing in islip. a lot of clouds. winds coming in from the east/southeast at around 3-7 miles per hour. we do have a coastal flood advisory for the western long island sound and the new york harbor from now until about noon or 1:00. it's basically around the borders of new jersey and new york, some light showers passing through there. elsewhere you may have some drizzle, but the main showers are right here coming into the central sections of pennsylvania. they're on the move.
7:42 am
so later this morning and into the afternoon it will come through. it's not going to stick around for too long, don't expect a ton of rainfall, but at times the rain could come down at a decent rate. anyhow, it'll be clearing out later on this evening, and we should have dry skies starting tomorrow. still have a little rain to deal with. high temp up to about 60, showers in the middle of the day, their out of here to -- they're out of here this evening. and bright skies through tuesday of next week, even wednesday with partly cloudy skies and high of 64 degrees. the fox 5ny weather app lets you know if there's any kind of severe weather or alerts in your area, lightning too. just download it for free at the apple itunes store and google play store, and away we go. let's bring in ines and see where you're not going when out come toss the commute. >> normal delays. you're fine putnam county, but watch out for an accident, 84
7:43 am
let's take a look at route 08 by exit 52 -- 80, eastbound side moving find, but before this exit there's an accident blocking a lane. westbound side looks good. 45 minutes on the upper, 30 on the lower, george washington bridge. an hour delay heading towards the lincoln tunnel, if you want to take the hold land tunnel, 20-30 from each approach. greg and rosanna. >> all right, duke. duke is up. >> i'm all right. >> tummy hurt? >> hanging in. >> i think he feels better than the knicks though. >> yeah. [laughter] this' a good point, indeed. knicks taking on the hornets down in charlotte. incredible ending, well, for charlotte. fourth quarter, carmelo anthony's going to hit the three from the wing, tied at 89 and, no, -- melo had 29 points on the
7:44 am
night. zeller beats to the hoop. the rookie at buzzer, it's good, right? nix one, they're excited! knicks win. uh, no. does he beat the buzzer? zero, out of his hand, red light goes on. >> do they count it or no? >> no, they didn't. hornets win, 95-93. nets, fourth quarter, up 1 down in houston. mets take the 4-point lead. later in the fourth thomas robin szob gets the steal, goes in for the easy two-handed jam. innocents win it on the road, 106-98, the final score. yankees' general manager ryan cashman following through, acquiring switch fielding outhitter for murphy yesterday.
7:45 am
he will take the roster spot of chris young. can play all three outfield positions. last year he hit .256, 11 home runs -- >> i'm sorry, are both of these guys yankees or one going away? >> murphy is going to minnesota, and aaron hicks is coming back to new york. >> both look like nice guys. >> yeah. here's the thing, though, this deal may open up another deal possibly for the yankees to make, possibly brett gardner. yankees also sent jose pa drill will that l.a. for a pitcher. we all know rex ryan is returning. finish the team activated corner back dean miller in. all right, this is a huge game. jets coming off their big win over jacksonville sunday. they know they must be ready and raring to go to take on buff hoe. an important -- buffalo.
7:46 am
an important game against a quality division opponent. >> yeah. i think it's, obviously, evident that his time here there will be some kind of reaction with the fans and with everyone. but, you know, our focus in the locker room is on the game, is on, you know, winning a big divisional game, you know? this is going to be a battle. it's a tough opponent these guys are good. >> eric decker sounded excited there, didn't he? [laughter] first place giants back on the practice field yesterday, they have beaten bill belichick and tom brady, and yes, new england is undefeated. but the g-men tell us none of that matters. what matters is getting the job done this sunday. >> we know their offense is doing a good job scoring points, and they have that ability, but, you know, we've just got to play smart, protect football and execute our game plan. >> eli has had success against
7:47 am
success. the two coached together under bill parcells. >> why do you take your shoes off -- >> it's like a nest, the ic. -- nervous tic. i always do. yeah. in the middle of my sports cast, my shoes come off. >> i'm going to tweet it. you've got nice socks on at least. >> mike does the weather without shoes. >> he does? >> yeah. >> i've known you guys for ten years, i've never noticed. i'm not into the feet.
7:48 am
>> you don't have a foot fact. when emergency room doctors for their patients muscle, the medicine in advil is their #1 choice. nothing is stronger on tough pain than advil. relief doesn't get any better than this.
7:49 am
>> all right. birth control. >> i think men need to be more accountable, dr. raj. >> now you're just trying to make me feel awkward. >> you have a medical report. >> we do have a report, yes. we're talking about a form of birth control called the iud or that either contains copper or progestin, hormones that prevent pregnancy. this was something that was introduced in the 1970s, fell out of favor in the mid '70s because there were some complications associated with
7:50 am
the early form where women were getting infections, miscarriages, so really fell out of use. but now a study is showing there's a rise in the use of this form of birth control. it's called hong-acting reversible -- long-acting reversible contraception, and they found only 6% of women -- it's very long acting so sometimes five, maybe ten years of birth control. >> is it safe? >> it is safe. the new form, there's better education over how to use it and, yes, it's a very safe and effective form of birth control although it doesn't prevent stds, only pregnancy. >> gotcha. >> all i remember is john that travolta in saturday night fever kept on calling it an iou. >> i don't remember that, that's funny. >> so speaking of safety, i'm working with a man who's been infected for, like, two weeks. >> yeah.
7:51 am
>> i have a cough, but the weird thing is -- >> you sound congested. there's no nasal congestion? >> yeah, but i don't notice it. i just power through. >> he's very loose. cough for the doctor. [laughter] >> you made me laugh. >> you bringing anything up? >> yes. >> what color is it? >> you know, i'm a little uncomfortable. don't we have a hipaa -- >> only if you're comfortable, yes. >> i could use some medication. >> okay. but remember what we always say, don't rush the abilities. >> let her see what it is. >> oh, gosh. [laughter] >> she's your -- doctor, seriously, at some point i guess i should see a doctor. either you or one of your friends. >> if it's been two week, it's probably time to see someone. no fevers. >> nope. i feel fine except when i'm coughing. >> you want to make sure it's not some kind of pneumonia.
7:52 am
>> she has made some observations, she can tell by the sound of the cough. >> i'm sitting next to you for three hours -- >> it is weird, when you think about it. [laughter] it's stuff that i can hear things that happen inside her. literally. when your stomach makes a noise be, we can hear all these things in each other. >> from i bet. >> doctor, this has been inconclusive. >> you need a good lung exam. >> a lung exam? that sounds very involved. >> no, just go get an antibiotic, please. otherwise i'm going to find a pad and write one -- [laughter] >> all right. thank you, there. >> thank you. >> just in from the beauty parlor, take a look -- [laughter] look at you. >> wonderful stylist here, she did a little curl to my hair. >> your hair is different. >> it is different. it's very real housewives, in fact, if you watched that franchise. they do the loose waves, and speaking of that, they're expanding their horizons. bravo announced it's going to
7:53 am
franchise, the real housewives of potomac and real housewives of dallas. >> why? >> potomac comes first. because they think everyone loves the housewives. they had the real housewives of d.c., that was a giant flop, so they're going to a close-by area but a different, a slightly different community so that they're not -- >> we're going the celebrate when they cancel the whole thing. we're getting a little sick of out. >> i love housewives. >> you do? you still watch them? >> yeah. it's just a guilty pleasure. >> which is your favorite group? >> i love new york because of new york, but real housewives of new jersey still -- they don't know if they're going to be back for a seventh season even though teresa will be out of prison soon. >> oh, that's right. still in the joint. >> and if you love scary movies, the new york city horror film festival kicks off today and runs through sunday. there'll be over 50 movies shown -- >> oh, my gosh! did anybody just see that? [laughter] my head exploded.
7:54 am
bad dreams. >> check out ticket pricing and the lineup at nyc horror it's a fun thing if you love to be scared. >> yeah. >> they get uptight around here when somebody says s-u-c-k-s. you showed a head that exploded, just for the record. >> hey, rashid, thanks for watching us.
7:55 am
we'll okay. for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... are you having?! savings are up. pwhich makes the checkout lane, victory lane. my stop&shop. we work weekends here. because it works for our patients. centers of america in patients the freedom to make appointments that fit their schedules, even on weekends. being here when our patients need us, so they can keep living their busy lives. weekend appointments are now available here.
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7:57 am
york," thursday november 12th i'm rosanna scotto. greg: i'm greg kelly weather wise what do we have out there. cloud did, and rain, tomorrow is nicer, mike woods has details. >> stop despite an order from state attorney general fan dual and draft king not banning new yorkers from their sites we have stuff going on. we have the latest for you. greg: this guy at it again. darius mccollum you heard of his voice been stealing buses and trains. bus. when he was 15 he once got into the cockpit of a subway and actually operated the train. are bans on tipping becoming
7:58 am
trentd testing a no timing policy. joe's crab shack in 18 locations, is this a new trend? >> no tipping. included. >> extra money their pay up. >> look at oy, if you see from one angle it is yo, other is oy. two different meanings it is the good day new york show. yo for you -- kind of luke a yiddish for momma mia, what a problem. what a mess. so if you see it from one borough i think from manhattan from manhattan more of an oy thing. talking. >> very creative under the
7:59 am
>> are you more yo or oy. >> i say it in text messages. >> you at least it's a word, because lately you like to show pictures of yourself cartoon of rosanna and her phone. her end will be various pictures of her. rosanna: it is which i turned on ines and mike to. yesterday they have a u new one. a patriotic one with a flag for veterans. >> ox -- >> it is cute kind of weird but cute. >> it is fun kind of express yourself. right, mike? >> make it look like yourself. so what is not fun is the rain. >> yeah -- >> coming down heavier? >> sprinkle.
8:00 am
streng pals out there checking it out. wet folks missed out only idea twheald have rain out there before new showers o on the way mainly through the medal of the day. so most folks want umbrella assumes you're out during the daytime hours. anyhow more showers out there. it will be breezy at times and then the rain and skies clear later on tonight and it will turn cooler for us somewhat tomorrow. more so into saturday, sunday gusty winds back out there. right now your temperature 52 degrees in bridgeport. 55 newark. 51 in monotalk. winds not huge but from the east, southeast three to 7 miles per hour. we have some coastal flood advisory it is that are up for you. there they are, western long island, and along new york harbor and south facing side eve western long island. anyhow that's up until noon for motion of us here. time of high tide basically
8:01 am
as we see coastal flooding. working its way through question of showers passing through light stuff. but we expect heavier rain to pass into the tristate region as day. there are heavier showers up around orange. sullivan county over to rock land county up in duff, and here's the good news, though, rain shouldn't be here for too long. not going to have 24 hours of plus of rape but mainly during the day. as confront slides through, we're going to have some nationy nasty weather. but high temp up to 62 degrees this morning. winds not so bad. breezy but tomorrow on the high side winds to 40 miles per hour range. 57 tomorrow. 51 only on saturday. and then on sunday high goes back up to 55 so cooler temps
8:02 am
bring in ines -- the traffic situation, o yrgs. >> not that kind of day. we always vo problems. the hutch technician southbound by co-op city causing delays. both directions traffic slow, and heard about an accident on deegan southbound by 138th street. traveling in new jersey route 80 delays approaching 287 like that lately. as farroute 24 an accident on westbound side approaching columbia, and route l 80 cleared away by exit 52 eastbound. trains actually let's go to suffolk county and start slowing down, but normal eastbound side doing fine. trains everything on or close to schedule. street cleaning rules are back in effect. greg and rosanna. rosanna: everybody is into that fantasy sports betting. they say it is a game of skill.
8:03 am
website fan dual they take bets, state. they say bay what you're doing is against the law. but this is not over yet. >> head of fan dual is telling them to keep entering the contest despite what attorney general has to say. kerry drew is live. the next 24 hours could be interesting we have bunch of lawsuit it is going on. >> there's the a lot at stake here there's a million who play fantasy sports in new york state. attorney general sent a letter ordering both sites to shut down but this morning they're up and running this is where you can sign up, log into your account and you can play fantasy sports. >> they don't want fantasy sports to be taken from them. >> nigel say he's disappointed
8:04 am
after receiving this sees and decent order from schneiderman sent by draft king ordering both companieses to stop accepting bets in new york. in the letter schneiderman says both companies are unking illegal gamabling multibillion dollar scheme is intended to evade the law. but he's vowing to keep his site up and running because he says it is not gambling. >> played it, understand it is game of skill that high skilled player wins overwhelmingly. >> company leak nfl, nba and 21st century fox parent company eve fox five have invested millions of dollars into fact city sports companies like draft king. which has mrp half a million users in new york state. faan t fan dual has 600,000. playerses assemble their own fantasy team of professional athletes earn points based on their performance in real games.
8:05 am
hate it. the chance whether they'll win or not, of course. >> fan dual is open to regulation. they have work west side other states and would be willing to do the same in new york. >> it has accident exploded in new york city, and it is billions of dollars going through it. so it is proarpght at this level to say u how can we put consumer protection in place, and ensure that gaps are fair. >> this is draft kings here up and running a lawyer says it plans to stay that way. draft king and fan dual has five days. they plan to take this matter to court. attorney general office says lawsuit to shut the site down could come monday. meanwhile ironically first day of a conference happening here in new york city at the marriott
8:06 am
called daily fantasy sports players conference that is billed to help you become a it better fantasy sports player. this is big industry greg and rosanna affects a lot of people. we have to see what happens with this. latest live from the newsroom back to you. >> who knows that league with nick and the guys very funny about that. >> popular. thanks a lot kerl kerr. >> all right a man who has a fascination with all things transit related it buses an trains. he was busted again this time driveling a gray hopped bus. >> that's darius mccollum for decades stealing things he's been quite a bitted hi stole a subway car once. got in bus and drove away. the latest he got into a greyhound bus he's on ssessed with great big vehicles. >> robert moses outside the port thorgt. they have to find a nice little job for him so he can live out his passion without putting
8:07 am
anybody in danger. >> greg and rosanna. a million issue in addition to a million one. an internal investigation as to how darius mccollum gained access. fortunately passengers but this could be a dangerous situation. >> expected to be aaroned today stole a gray hopped bus. a supervisor realized the bus was missing before it was scheduled to make a trip to richmond, virginia, and tuesday wednesday afternoon. supervisor notified headquarters in texas. workers there pinged bus and equipped with gps and tracked to brooklyn. they fulled it over in the gowanus section and arrestinged him.
8:08 am
>> back to new new jersey. >> why? back. >> in the 80s he drove an e train filled filled with passengers 15 years old at the time. he has autism spectrum disorder and psychologist jeff says people like him cannot control their impulses. >> these vegs individuals can focus and become obsessed with that, that shows a high level of intelligence and a particular
8:09 am
>> unfortunately this may not be mccool last run-in with the law. he told detectives after his arrest yesterday that he next plans to steal a plane. >> darius mccollum faces multiple charge when is he faces that judge today including criminal possession of stolen property, unauthorized use of a vehicle, as well as impersonating a police officer. latest live from the bus terminal on the qdz this morning. greg and rosanna back to you. greg: 1981 or so, 15 years old he was caught operating the e train. he does have clearly an obsession. rosanna: some kind of knowledge to actually do that. greg: no, he's an extreme hobbyist. but robert did say that -- there's kind of an underlying medical issue here. mental health issue.
8:10 am
something with him in a constructive way give him a job to live out his passion. so he doesn't do that again. greg: we have something else. a woman in westchester county tribed her as a social lite 83 years old found murdered on monday. the investigation is ongoing rosanna. rosanna: name is lois kolly murdered on monday as you said. she was they think she was extinguisher. there were no sign of forced entry which could signal maybe an inside job. but police say her husband not a suspect. greg: mansion is is 25 million. it is worth 25 million. the husband by the way made his money -- owned scores of mcdonald's restaurants. rosanna: houses in westchester county police looking to the possibility to linked stoaferl to several robberies sadly this now.
8:11 am
greg: do you remember we started the week, monday morning with a shooting. near penn station three people requester shots. one fatally. we have this new. rosanna: this is man they're looking for with the gun. his name is francisco he's 23 that's the other person. he and vincent accused of arguing with three people early monday morning at a mcdonald's. those three people were later shot near the subway entrance at 38th and fifth avenue. both died. both should be considered armed and, if you know who they are, where they are call crime stoppers 1-800-577-tips. >> what else we got going here? rosanna: hasn't happened in new york state in 100 years. marijuana legal harvest. preparing first crop some two months before the state new medical cannabis program is set
8:12 am
governor cuomo sign at the new law providing emergency medical mairnl to patients who really need it. allows people with degenerative diseases, access to the drug in a nonsmokable form before the program officially launch it is in january. greg: ever increasing push to ban smoking permanently in public housing not only in new york city but across the the entire country. "new york times" is reporting that the federal department of housing and or urban development expected to make this proposal today. >> city proposed ban first announced last month. greg: it makes sense, you say that is my business but you can smell it dodge -- down the hall. >> it would require that common areas and administrative office bees smoke free. here in the city it would affect
8:13 am
new apartment buildings all over town they're nonsmoking buildings that were going up. part of the agreement you make when you go in. greg: we made an groament to not smoke after parties once or twice a year. you night see knuckle heads we doapght do that anymore. it is a good thing. mayor de blasio -- thairl giving him a hard time about how late he can be. even though to his credit he's improved looks like he's made an effort to improve. most notorious incident a year ago when he showed up in the middle late of memorial ceremony. >> american airlines flight 187. greg: that got this ball rolling. i mean, even this weekend making fun of him and showing up late at the -- this was st. patricks day mass. rosanna: just a reputation now? it seems like had and his office are making a real effort to be on time. but sadly, it's kind of
8:14 am
following him wherever he goes. wall street journal writes that many city officials are quoted saying they expect him to be raised for almost everything. greg: also he's been generally on time for past six months. he's sometimes early in rarely 20 minutes late. working on it. but all pflt jokes he cracked it is a 6:00 dinner but told de blasio noon so he would be here on time it stuck. so might be here for a while longer. journal. >> 8:17 in the morning what's happening outside mike? >> that emoji. >> do you like it? >> i like it. you look good. greg: take it -- full, you look a little unimpressed. rosanna: i look serious. greg: eyeing somebody --
8:15 am
>> you have to get this app here. >> which one? >> wonder who that is. oh look at you. rosanna: who's that? mike woods with swagger. mike: a fun thing. isn't there people in magazine issue that iftion -- we won't talk about that one. anyway, yep. 54 at central park if not i'll tweet it. cloudy skies right now. 54 degrees rain starting to close in. we have spring les out here and rain will be picking up as day goes on. right in the middle of the day. late to mid-morning and earlier afternoon harls you've got showers coming on by. temp wise we've got 55 newark right now. 584 central park. 52 bridgeport. not bad with the temperatures. there's the showers sliding by.
8:16 am
way up to the north rain to fairfield, westchester county. rockland and orange can want brewster you have showers up there soon enough. not bachelor's degree over central new jersey. but a lot more back to the quest of us to work its way as time goes on. so we'll have scattered showers through the day here. area of low pressure with great lakes will fen force cold front through the area to bring us scattered shower it is again you need that during the day here today so it is fin inconvenient. shower it is shut down later this evening. we go back to sunshine tomorrow. 57 for you tomorrow. windy with gusts prapts perhaps up to 30 to 40 miles per hour. stand. down somewhat on saturday but high it have 51 saturday. and then warm you back up. fox 5 weather app has headline, alerts download it today at good google play store search fox 5 rock-and-roll.
8:17 am
all right one more -- pattle emoji. [laughter] really so tabs? >> not really. >> into this. traffic normal delays westbound. heading to queens boulevard if you'ring this about taking white stone or throgs neck bridge both good options. cameras at the throughway. rock planned to tappan zee brim. roads are wet but no delay southbound. northbound side you're fine. bqe to brooklyn bridge normal delays northbound. qb to gowanus you're fine. hudson river cross technician george washington bridge 30 to 40 inbound. upper level. 20 to 30 lower level. heading to lincoln tunnel backed up to route 3 in turn pook. an hour delay. 20 po 30, and red railroad expect delays westbound. 15 nines eastbound. this out of penn station bauds of a stalled am track train earlier.
8:18 am
greg: thanks ines. rosanna: if you watch scandal jake is coming here. scott foley has bike assignment fr catch holiday-cookie cheer on the tip of your tongue with dunkin' donuts' holiday- cookie-flavored coffees, lattes, and macchiatos. enjoy every sip of the new snickerdoodle macchiato. new york.
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every sip. the taste uniquely dunkin'. each cup uniquely you. brewed fresh because it's not just any coffee. it's your coffee, your dunkin'.
8:21 am
>> hello chairman. an ann drink -- andy version. sold for? >> 74 million. >> at sothebyings. there's like this big art push this week like a billion worth of art transaction this is blackboard sorry. >> just 70.5 million. >> the artist four years ago. jackson fake a look at that. number 178. this is number 17, 1949 sold. i swear my kids did this.
8:22 am
what makes it? they look at various things leak coloring -- texture. >> should have it more art appreciation classes. jack can't enjoy proceeds anymore. >> fox means business adam shapiro. >> did you hear had about? joe crabs shack picking up ball that those in new york have with the no timing policy. tested 18, so if you eat at joe's check with your server before you shortchange them. a lot of people they're paid right now, 27.13 an hour with tips. but without tips at the restaurants where they're testing goes to 12 to 14 an hour. be sure to check bump before you leave a tip. we believe that consistently great service should be included in menu price so we're taking the responsibility for paying service staff so they're going to increase price on menu 15%
8:23 am
but going to to increase hourly wages for server between 12 and 14 dollars. >> feel weird paying check and not leaving a tin. tip. >> a lot of it has to do with the legal problem it is that are going on with the restaurant industry. >> could be a big flop. it hasn't started yet. your friend the shake shack dude he's gong to try the same thing at the restaurant. >> rolling them out in november. greg: so we should have a tip jar around here. you never know. rosanna: question to gladly accept times. paul, ttrrific actor. he's appeared in a number of great movie it is, a beautiful mind. da vinci code. greg: the albino he has a new film it's called shelter it stars his wife, jennifer conley,
8:24 am
and in's based on something that happened to him in new york city. and if it deals with a homeless situation which is quite timely these days. paul talk about about him in meet the new, 3rd generation nest learning thermostat. it's proven to save energy. and if you're a conedison customer, you could get $85 back.
8:25 am
just about anywhere you use sugar, you can use splenda ... calorie sweetener. splenda lets you experience... ...the joy of sugar...
8:26 am
rosanna: you know. despite the rain it's not so bad outside. it is if going to be almost 60 degrees. drizzling. it is november. >> you're looking at flushing rosanna and i are trying to figure out origin of flushing. >> dutch? >> what else is? jay walking sorry, hall monitor. >> that would not be consider a total jaywalk. >> right through it again. through the intersection on his phone. careful. oh, busted across. really? >> in between two crosswalks
8:27 am
that would be acceptable. >> that is one of the only in new york things. we do it too. >> when light changes you want to make the light. people to see. >> some of the folks seem frankly oblivious to everything including live camera taking their picture. why we're talking about it, well down on it. over the past ten days or so, and we have a lot of people and a lot of cars that's not a good mix sometimes. >> news diva sent me where it originates apparently back in old day chauffeurs upset when they cross the street that way. so it was a derogatory comment to say somebody was jay or jay walking. : what j mean? >> what a cute kid. but jay, just like flushing we
8:28 am
had is origin? latin, is it dutch? >> mike woods i demand an answer. >> ask siri. birthday. >> guess whose birthday it is. >> leonardo dicaprio. >> i thought it was yesterday. >> 41. >> 53 november 12th. >> happy birthday leo. shares birthday with leo. you've got that right. but yeah as far as day goes we've got you know as you mentioned gray skyings maybe spripg l and drizzle but more rain coming to us. now there are solid showers through lower hudson valley up into connecticuts parts of long island seeing showers coming through central and suffolk can want u right now.
8:29 am
it wopt produce a whole heck of a lot of rain but more showers follow-up on backside. that is deeper into the afternoon hours but nots for long. now 53 al it been town. 54 central park. witness stands not so strong from the east, southeast 3 to 7 miles per hour. and that's about it. we have cloudy sky right here but more tote west of us. we expect more widespread showers to roll through the tristate region. again, midday and then it should clear out later on tonight into tomorrow. tomorrow we've got sunshine back again but wind out there. 60 degrees warmer than average high today for about 55. 60 today. 57 is your high tomorrow. 51 on saturday. again windy out there.
8:30 am
two days keep that in mind, and at least question of a lot of sunshine coming up for you. a lot of folks like that. bring in ines we have to have backups there. every day -- >> as far as accidents not a lot going on. things fine in sunset normal delays here. l.i. te. glen cove road you have delays southern state park away approaching meadow brook past wantagh. essex county, an accident by columbia caused this delay eastbound. rubber necking delay. 280 cleared by mccarter highway. see thingings this morning on staten island expressway bid bradley avenue. normal delays heading to verrazano bridge eastbound, westbound you're fine. lower level 30. holland tunnel 20 to 30 from each approach.
8:31 am
15 minutes westbound, heading into penn station earlier stalled amtrak train on eastbound side if you're leaving penn station a 10 minute delay. street cleaning rules are in effect. i found that by flushing. it is basically fist settler calledded it. that is where they sought refugee in holland. >> what does that mean? >> a town -- where they sought refuge. >> not enough like flushing. >> that's how it translates into english. >> mirrors solved back to flushing actually for our next story. jay walking a real issue in the city they tell us and cracking down on it. authorities are handing out more tickets ever been is law-abiding right now. this one seen, but you know it means crossing the street. origin of jay used it be a
8:32 am
an idiot, dull, unsophisticated poor or simpleton. >> yeah. >> lots of smart people named jay now. >> i don't to be called a jaywalker. there you go thank you news diva she does the research on the air. >> meantime, there have been a spike me fed fatalities. one of the reasons crossing spots. the city is cracking down. teresa priolo let's go to flushing neighborhood. hi teresa. >> good morning greg and rosanna, everyone it is incredible to watch people who what they want doesn't matter if there's a bus coming or in the looght or in the crosswalk they do what had they want. that is the way that new yorkers do things anyway. they, you know, question go where we want to go when we want to go there. this is against the law and
8:33 am
here in flushing in 139 precinct cops say they'll be cracking down on jay walking. >> one after the next. jaywalkers boldly jetting into middle near kissena boulevard. for some it's a matter of convenience others it is saving time and then there are thoatdz who feel they're safe avoiding crosswalk altogether. >> why not? >> whatever the about reason nypd is cracking down but issuing tickets to cross away from and against the light. >> i think they could give tickets to jay walking. the move comes in wake of the very intersection. 84-year-old woman hit by a bus that driver never stopped. she died on the street. these are tragedies that we don't want to see ever happen
8:34 am
again in our community. >> new motto cross at the green, not in between. too many people. >> opponents take issue with seemingly blaming pedestrians for their own death. 12 traffic fatalities since halloween. some of the victims pedestrians, some wrnght swrai walking. so as part of vision disaster napped is mobilizing extra personnel to catch drivers distracted. speeding, blocking traffic lanes and those who fall to yield toless it been contact city carries make with city residents. whatever, whenever it happens. this jay walking ticket carries hefty fine. 250 dollars. however, we should tell you if you go back and look back at if nypd statistics, they hand out 5, 600 a year greg and rosanna see if this recent crack down
8:35 am
all and if police are really aggressive latest from flushing. back to you in the studio. >> rosanna has a bit more information about jay and -- >> apparently first term jay issued in 1915 where they found that term jay walking highly shocking and shameful. >> what year? >> 1913 -- >> what would that guy do 137 in the new york times in many streets like oxford jayers in the middle look it was a country lane look a hick ore idiot. a simpleton. so it shall >>. >> at one point you know, somebody call me a jaywalker i would be fine with it. why not?
8:36 am
i'm a new yorker, jaywalker synonymous now i know the origin opinion, i will be sticking to the crosswalk. if we did know we would be home under our beds. a monument to urban slang. it's art. >> if you look at oning aing a it a -- angle it is yo and then oy. eight feet tall in brooklyn park. something she only realized after transforming her painting oy into 3d then it all came down to placement. simply it was a matter of how can you not say yo brooklyn?
8:37 am
way, is under the manhattan bridge. >> do not climb on it. >> not interactive. artist doesn't want it. >> graph teed? >> no. respect the art. yo stay off that thing. speaking to selma. many thought it should have been best picture. >> a terrific filmmaker now she has a new distribution company. but she wants to show -- shine a light on some of her fellow filmmakers. it's the holidays. which means a house full of people -- who all want to get online. so it's the perfect time for verizon fios. it has the fastest internet and wifi available. with speeds from 50 to 500 megs. and right now, you'll get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone for 79.99 a month online for your first year. and with a 2 year agreement, we'll give you all the premium
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>> shocking behavior. all right so you're not feeling well right contemplating going home. >> dr. raj said i was aling tearer. >> afraid do you have fear of missing out? >> i totally have fomo. >> how many people come to you with -- bogus symptoms? >> bogus symptoms? >> i am a gastroenterologist so not bogus but we can feel certain things. >> psychosomatic. >> i see that but there are
8:40 am
our gut so a lot has to do with how you're feeling mentally. psychologically do you feel like tasks at work are hanging over your head and can't detach when you are home? perhaps writing when and where you're going to resolve issues at work can wind down and not think about work when you're at home? so a lot of people they're thinking about those projects and how to fix them. they can't relax or destress. so this study shows that volunteers who actually did write down specific plan of how they were beginning to accomplish test even if they didn't finish before they left work actually wrl better able to relax and enjoy their leisure time and not have more over their head. something to think about if you have things that you think you need to get done. write down to enjoy your time. >> you have to give yourself a home work assignment.
8:41 am
a plan it is on paper. go home and forget about it. >> i don't know if we're doing that. something to they be. not hanging over your head like that term paper. >> nothing to worry your pretty little head. >> how sweet. : she's being condescending. >> usually just a meaning. obesity we've talked about the crisis here in the u.s. we have bad news which is that the rate of obesity is slightly increasing despite efforts by government and industry to curb this trend actually now there's about a 38% rate of the obesity across americans and this is compared to 36% just a few years ago so going in the wrong direction, this is troubling for particularly middle aged americans prate is as high as 40 -- >> just a regular guy. >> he's -- >> but actually in some et
8:42 am
among black women 57 pbt rate of obesity. rosie and i if you look at bmi we're obese. >> can't base everything on height and weight but fat content but seeing disturbing trend. even though people are drinking seeing. more needs to be done. >> all right. thank you, doc. >> thank you, julie penn will be a great actress here just starting out she's got the genes. sean penn -- you know they produced a wonderful woman named dylan. she's here on good day new york. her first movie coming out.
8:43 am
you see this look on my face? sfx: growling that's not anger, that's hunger. so i'm gonna have a snack to make me feel better and once i do you will see a look of satisfaction and contentment blossom across
8:44 am
see, now i feel better. make your tummy happy mmm
8:45 am
so empire was on last night that mega hit show. i kite frankly haven't watched six episodes. >>sit at home today might be a good day. rainy day. like to have a decent conversation around here. about this show. >> it was a sexy episode also great music. spoiler alert hit mute for 30 seconds. let's listen to some of the music from last night. jamal is perfecting a new song but realizing it mean cookie has been working with him and despite them being at competing labels so there's some more strife wng the family. jealous. that's the moment that his mother has has been helping when she shouldn't.
8:46 am
promoter but the men capture. but has his own protege here working on a song that is unlocking a lot about his past. lots of rapping this episode. so see what happens next, empire returns on fox 5 next wednesday and reemp out here on good day. we're learning moreing the possible reason between gaifn and gwen. another famous couple breaking up, and then the nanny is blamed, it is uncovered by another nanny who found photos and plans to meet up on family gavin's phone connected to ipad so the cloud sent it all
8:47 am
figured it out and gave it to gwen. announced their split in august and linked to her voice co star blake shelton who is also in the middle of getting divorced. >> this i'm up to speed on. i've seen movies, read bocks. >> ending disappointed but this is the third. >> i bought with the last one. but this is the finale. the reviews are mixed but more negativing ones say it is a great finale in the end. some say it mawks them want to rewatch earlier ones. a new found appreciation so the last hunger games hit theaters november 20th. next week. and force is officially in new york city as exhibition dedicated to star wars is unveiled in times square.
8:48 am
films including upcoming one on display in the smithsonian in myself. >> you are? >> star wars set for release on december 18th, of course. thanks. coming up. we've got first of all our 9:00 hour is kicking. we have paul you know from beautiful mind now he's
8:49 am
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