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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  November 13, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". juliet: "good day," everybody. it is 5:00, not too bad out, there'll be some gusty winds and there'll be some gusty winds and cooler temperatures moving in. ben: i might not be able to go with you to your flu shot. juliet: you probably will not because it seems gregory is 6 so you will be filling in for him. in the issue still go. juliet: a a am going to go. i would have gone yesterday. mike has the forecast. ben: serious story on the lower east side, search is on for this man, but suspects wanted in
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several attempted sexual assaults on the lower east side, happened around the time we were on the areas tomorrow morning. juliet: the u.s. is confirming whether or not a drone strike till i-man known as jihadi john. he showed the beating of western hostages, he was there poster boy. ben: we were talking about this guy, the suspected train see if. is lawyer says don't put him in jail, give him a job, we tell you what she has to say. juliet: interesting. ti-hua: has a point. juliet: a point but when you go into the background of this man there are reasons. we will talk about that in a second. i am juliet huddy. ben: i am ben simmoneau, friday, november 13th, greg is ill. juliet: you will be filling in for him meaning your wife well --
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murphy's what everyone is waiting for. >> meteorologist: the perfect combination and ines made a perfect observation, we are all wearing blue. ben: you and i kind of match. >> meteorologist: former anchor dave price, it happened while we were on the air, everyone was wearing the same,. i don't know about different colors but it was roseanna, this is all coming together. she also said yesterday she gives that diet job, the guy who wrote this little best speech. and it is friday the thirteenth. ben: much more put together in man we were. >> meteorologist: half an hour,
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at 66 degrees your temperature, central park, 56 in newark, 53 in bridgeport, 56 in montauk, pretty mild because winds still coming from the west southwest's, generally a warm wind but winds picked up a good amount, wind speeds coming through, some places as late as 6 miles an hour in poughkeepsie but 21 miles an hour in newark, we will see wind gusts up to 30 miles per hour around the tristate sold 00 windy day coming at us, not just breezy but the sky cleared out for the most part, a few clouds from time to time, showers to the northwest but looks like they should stay in upstate new york and that popped into the tristate region but we keep an eye on things in case something wents to sneak over the ridge and come this way. that won't be a problem with this area of low pressure 13 d but not enough moisture to swing down our way in terms of capabilities. you will see some upstate but
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clouds from time to time but it will be windy out side as well as tomorrow and winds also tomorrow coming from the northwest at a pretty good clip. high temperatures will be down even more so, today not too bad, we top out at 57, 55 for a high tomorrow but stay dry for us so mainly clear skies today, high temperature 57 degrees around 2:00 and as we go through the next seven days we have a high of 50 tomorrow, we see all little gradual warm-u let's bring in ines rosales. ines: problems with the commute, tappan zee bridge and you get through the through way, there is an accident westchester bound blocking two lanes, in on long island, suffolk county, no problems on the lie, no
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problems by bradley avenue, things are fine for the verrazzano bridge, problems in the bronx, we have an accident, of fuel spilled some tied, one lane closed, object on the roadway, this is the alexander hamilton bridge. as you come out of the george washington bridge you have delays after webster avenue, and southbound side doing fine, lincoln tunnel doing good, don't forget the gwb upper level you have delays, trains running on or close to schedule. juliet: police on the hunt for a man wanted for three attacks on men in three hours yesterday morning on the lower east side. ben: let's go to robert moses live in that neighborhood where a woman was raped. good morning. >> reporter: the suspect concluded what could only be
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described as his three our horrific rampage, residents say he may have gained entry into the apartment building back there because of a broken lock. it has since been fixed but police of looking into that avenue, how he got inside. let's show you the man police of looking for. authorities say he first followed a 33-year-old woman into her apartment building on james street at 5:40, grabbed her, tried to rob her, she fought him off and got away. the suspect followed a 24-year-old woman on brooms 3, grabbed the victim by her shoulders and took her id, again he got away and an hour after is that, came to the houses as you can see in this video, a 40-year-old woman went into her apartment, the suspect, he
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forced his way into her apartment and raped her. taken to a hospital and has since been treated and released. as we come back to the houses, lot of the focus is on that door that was not secure at the time of this attack. it has been fixed but police and looking at that as an avenue. he went on this three our tear here on the lower east side and they want to get him off the street. crime stoppers 800-577-2. that is the latest. live from the east side, back to you. ben: the pentagon is confirming the u.s. launched airstrikes targeting notorious and militant jihadi john. killed. teresa priolo was following this
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this is a big win. >> you mentioned last half-hour by some accounts he was either that or rated. this was a clean hit. it will be some time before we know for sure if jhadi john is dead. this happened in the syrian city with no u.s. boots on the ground, intelligence ofcials are monitoring social media and nona isis web sites to see if there's any chatter of his dese. is too early to tell of the man known to the world as jihadi john is dead but a senior u.s. military source tells fox news they are, quote, 99% sure we got him. the air strikes occurred in the syrian city, an isis stronghold. the associated press is signed an unnamed u.s. official in the drone target of vehicle believed to be carrying jihadi john whose real name is mohammed emwazi. activists report airstrikes and
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the u.s. says it is one of eight air strikes targeting the terrorist organization. if jihadi john is that it would signal a major blow to isis has relied on the kuwaiti born british citizen for propaganda. he is also known for being a brutal executioner. he was last seen on video carrying out violent be headings including those of americans james foley, stevens that off and peter casey. as for jihadi john's demise, the pentagon would only say we are assessing the results of tonight's operation and will provide additional information as and where appropriate. also by some accounts he was not the only one killed. another one of the terrorists that were part of those with british accents dubbed the beatles, jihadi george was also killed. the family of james foley released a statement, a small amount of solace.
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hostages home as they were looking for these people. ines: ben: the shooting of 2 to prison escapees was justified, franklin county acting district is an eagle in mcneill says there was quote makes a very real concern the inmates richard matt and david sweat could be armed, matt pointed a shot gun and an agent who shot and killed him. sweat ran away ignoring commands to stop and warning he would be shot if he did not. ben: the man accused of killing an nypd officer is going to prison on unrelated charges. the same judge that put tyrone howard into a rehab program instead of sending to prison on drug charges has put him behind bars. in court justice patricia one as defendants in the him to rehab saying it was part of a plea deal and the reason he was on the street was he made $35,000 bail. howard is accused of shooting and killing officer rand paul holder area chase along the fdr
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drive last month. the officer's mother tells fox 5 real justice will come when the murder trial begins. >> this is -- we are going through hell. it won't bring him back. >> reporter: howard is due back in court to be arraigned on holder's killing. ben: illegal room conversions could be behind a delhi home explosion in elizabeth, new jersey. investigators believe the duplex has been altered to accommodate 16 tenants. the home blew up wednesday killing 24-year-old femme brown and leaving two hospitalized in critical condition including an 11-year-old boy. the cause is under investigation but some reported a smell of gas, natural gas is believed to have caused it. juliet: several homes will have to be raised because of that little lawyer for the serial transit fee was busted this week saying the man you are looking
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at should be hired as a consultant. according to the post, sally butler has said various mccollum help local agencies by a pointing out security flaws in the transportation system. some actually agree with that point. seems like maybe they are on to something. on wednesday he was arrested while behind the wheel of a greyhound bus accused of pretending to be a transit worker. mccollum has been arrested 2 dozen times for stealing trains and buses. yes i said greens. ben: a lot more to come, and caging monster is free after being acquitted in a high-profile case referred to as good fellows. juliet: mike is watching the forecast. it will be windy. >> meteorologist: windy in the as winds pick up as we speak, mostly sunny skies coming today with gusy winds too which is going to bring some cooler air so that arise as the day goes on.
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juliet can'atch this. ben: they tell hundreds of feet down a mountain and lived to tell the tale. that happen to ian mcintosh. he plunged in the bottom of a mountain alaska, a 1600 foot drop. a film called paradise wait. surprisingly there he is. mcintosh was mostly unarmed, and unable to continue filming the extreme sports film. juliet: that is him. so awful. ben: it is ok, it is incredible, he was not able to stop himself. i can't imagine the damage done to your heart while you are panicking about what is going on there. juliet: on and on and on. ben: in the film is coming
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goslin ltd. the not a type of thing i would be interested in seeing which is very upsetting. juliet: abc nymex on everest? ben: i find those things fascinating just to give you the pure beauty. juliet: that, yes but something like that i could do without. >> meteorologist: trying to tease the nfl. ben: the whole point of the film is tackling the hardest things ever and he was trying to speed down this difficult -- and he said i should have done more homework on this trail. heather: should have not done it. ben: skiing, we could use some snow to get the season started around here. juliet: we are going to be fine. >> meteorologist: we have cold weather and toward the end of next week starts to get chile again.
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don't you worry, we have plenty of time. 56 degrees, partly cloudy sky, central park, wind and coming through at 23 miles per hour, gusts going higher than that, wind gusts today are a little nasty. be ready for that coming the to 30 or 40 miles per hour likely throughout the tristate and northeast, temperatures pretty warm, 56 central park, 50 in boston, 45 in pittsburgh, 30s and a lot of colder air is going to push into the tristate later today and even more so tomorrow. wind gusts 33 at newark, 25 in allentown and a 22 in sussex, again central park has sustained winds, windy day out there, partly cloudy sky, a few precip pickups to the northwest but not in the tristate, low fresher continuing to develop and
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strengthen, high pressure and the difference between the area of low and high pressure is in the winds, that is going to be a player for you today and tomorrow, on the windy side, high temperature 57 degrees, close to noon, somewhere around that range and coming back down, 50 for you tomorrow. windy as well, high of 57, winds ease up, nice and sunny with a high of 60. let's switch you to ines rosales and take a peek at what it is like. ines: some problems already, tappan zee bridge, westchester expect delays of a lot throughway, accident blocking a lane, southbound thruway no problems in new jersey, union and essex county, let's go to the cameras and see how things are moving by south oyster bay road, west and east bound,
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fuel spill. the alexander hamilton bridge, traffic flow eastbound after webster avenue, a lane blocked, no problems here, acting from led deegan it looks good and the bqe the delay is approaching the brooklyn bridge, construction closing lanes on the brooklyn bridge as usual. juliet: the real-life end to a classic hollywood movie. this is pretty shocking to a lot of folks. i don't know if it was shocking to the mobster himself. the mobster accused -- accused mobster, helping to pull a heist in 1978. begin in the movie good fellows has been acquitted. >> an interesting story.
5:21 am
out of frame and. and the crime family captain believes jurors found him not guilty. it is, quote, over kill. >> i want to repeat i think my lawyers, without them i would be here now. i want to thank the service for treating the great. >> reporter: the highest happened in 1978 when armed thieves and made off with $6 million cash and jewelry at kennedy airport. at the time it was a large as robbery in u.s. history. investigators suspected mafia involvement but have not brought charges against anyone until the case which was left unresolved for decades, the story inspired the movie good fellows which we all know and portrayed a violent group of mobsters who pulled off a robbery. the film was released in 1990 and was nominated for several academy awards. isis ro had been in jail since
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january of 2014 and was dying to go home and the thing he was looking forward to was a good meal. looking forward to spending the holidays with his family and getting a good meal. ben: probably the happiest man in new york. juliet: a lot more coming up this friday the thirteenth. walmart changing its black friday plans. why they are ditching the door buster is. ben: be right back. it's the holidays. which means a house full of people -- who all want to get online. so it's the perfect time for verizon fios. it has the fastest internet and wifi available. with speeds from 50 to 500 megs. and right now, you'll get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone for 79.99 a month online for your first year. and with a 2 year agreement, we'll give you all the premium movie channels for a year. plus, 400 dollars back. so go online or call now.
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ben: walmart making black friday simpler, it was ditching those door buster deals, they are gone. in the past the retailer stretch massive sales over a five day period. it has gotten out of hand, this black friday nonsense. they stretched the sales over a five day period, different deals every single hour. this year -- it is gone. will offer deep discounts on items the whole time, it will be the discounted until the shells are and become a discounts start at 12:01:00 a.m. on thanksgiving day. in a statement walmart says last year's our release sales left consumers confused about the best time to shop and plan to, quote, fundamentally make shopping easier, will be assisted by the new plan this year. juliet: facebook, disappearing messages, this is -- i can't
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ben: it is aimed at not so good behavior. juliet: photos and a message left disappear over a short time, facebook testing a feature that lets you obliterate a message you sent to someone after an hour. the feature can be turned on or off at will but it is tested on the french version of facebook. no word on when or if it will come our way. though many new twists and turns, i can't keep up. ben: apple working on a new person to present him in service. at u.s. banks developing service would let users send money directly to one another for their iphones, the service would put apple in competition with an increasing number of firms such as square, persuading americans to go digital and get rid of their wallets. two years ago didn't even know
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thank you for reminding me with your television expertise. want to your hats, going to be a breezy day. all little -- mike has your complete forecast coming got. juliet: the search is on for a east side. details coming. ben: donald trump on the attack, what he is saying about ben carson and the country at large. juliet: the lion king lottery, $30 tickets to see the show. we will tell you when the online lottery will begin. ben: a miserable afternoon speaking of disney productions all my daughter and i watched mary hopkins. juliet: i have never seen it. did she like it?
5:30 am
super clallam fragile mystic xp although this -- you have never seen it? how could you have never seen it? juliet: my parents did not love me apparently. i didn't have time. wizard of oz. after the sound of music there was nothing. ben: she did mary hopkins first. any chance to correct you. juliet: stock samantha, i will be meeting her. my ball is a musician, she may be going. i'm a meet her in a flash after three years. famous viewer of hours. ben: i will be the lone
5:31 am
juliet: you are welcome to come. it is heavy-metal. newborn. ben: i'd doubt he'll be here saturday night at the rear going. juliet: looking at a jobs than. >> meteorologist: let's get you up and running out the door, 5:30, 6:30 wishful thinking, 56 degrees central park, same thing newark, 53 in bridgeport, parity uniform temperatures here and a good amount of wind coming through, sustained winds at 21 miles an hour, 18 allentown, 13 in bridgeport with wind gusts going even higher than that and that will be happening throughout the day, strong pressure gradient coming up with a partly cloudy to mainly clear sky, not much happening at this point, the freeze it to the northwest should stay there. we are going to see another cool-out there, cool and windy
5:32 am
with low pressure driving down the cool air from canada keeping high temperature at 57 degrees, windy today, windy tomorrow and winds died down by sunday but look at the sunshine over the next five days, pretty good shape. the bring in ines, the commute is not so bad. ines: we have a problem spot. a stall on of rahway as you approach the tappan zee bridge blocking two lanes, things are fine and 95 through nor what is the major way towards greenwich. let's go to the cameras and look at route 85 maple avenue. traffic looking good both directions, no problem these double west bound, cross bronx has its problems, one problem delays on the alexander hamilton bridge east bound because of a fuel spill after webster avenue instructing one lane on the east downside, with that you are fine, no problems on the deegan
5:33 am
ben: the search is on for a man wanted in three attacks against women and agrees side. juliet: it happens on james street, where robert moses biz is one on the lorries on where a woman was raped. what is the story? >> reporter: good morning. this is where that attacked a police. i want to focus on that board in the distance because presidents who did not want to go on camera told me a few minutes ago that the war's walk as been broken for months now, months. it has since been fixed but obviously that fix took place too late. this is the man police are looking for. authorities say he first fallen a 33-year-old woman into her apartment building on james reed at 5:40 yesterday morning, tried to rob her, she fought him off, he got away and two hours later at 7:40 the suspect all of the 24-year-old woman into her
5:34 am
building on broome street, grabbed a victim by the shoulders and took her identification, again he got away and an hour after that attack, 8:45 a.m. yesterday he arrived at the brewhouse as you can see in this surveillance video police have released, 40-year-old woman was going into her apartment. that's suspect emerged from the stairwell and started talking to her, then forced his way into her apartment and police say he raped her. she was taken to hospital, she has since been treated and released, he got away. this morning police are still looking for that suspect. one of the presidents told me off-camera that live victim here is a mother and quite simply she did not deserve to go through this. that is the latest on the lower to you. juliet: officials of trying to confirm whether an islamic state milicent described as a
5:35 am
poster child for isis is dead. italia and thrown strike targeting the militant jihadi john is believed to have killed him. teresa priolo has the latest on what we know. >> reporter: this was a clean hit, he was evaporated. if that is true, that is good news for those of us who do not believe in the same things isis does. it will be some time before we know if infect jihadi john is dead. this happened in the syrian city where there are no u.s.. on the grounds of intelligence officials are monitoring social media. nona isis websites to see if demise. still too early to tell of the man known to the world as jihadi john is dead but a senior u.s. military source tells fox news him. the air strikes occurred in the syrian city an isis stronghold, the associated press is quoting an unnamed u.s. officials saying the drone target of vehicle
5:36 am
believed to be carrying jihadi john whose real name is mohammed emwazi. activist groups reported air strikes and explosions last night. the u.s. says just one of eight air strikes targeting the terrorist organization. if jihadi john is dead, it would signal a major blow to isis who has relied on the kuwaiti border british citizen for propaganda. brutal execution. he was last seen on video carrying out violent be headings including those of americans james foley, stephen sotloff and the case it. we are assessing the results of tonight's operation and will provide additional information as and where appropriate. jihadi john got his name from former isis hostage plans to -- four captors the beatles for their british accents. is believed jihadi john was traveling with one of the men, a
5:37 am
we have not heard much about the person terrorist cell. betty is another one. we will see, we hope to get confirmation very soon. juliet: that would be great news. ben: donald trump goes on the offensive and attacks fellow gop front runners with a rally and i will equated ben carson's childhood, pathological temper for the elizabeth child molester. he also questions his religious awakening and be rated voters whose support him. trump went after marco rubio saying he was, quote, week like a baby and also accused democratic front runner hillary clinton of, quote, playing the one in card big league. ben: the university of missouri named interim president. juliet: mike middleton takes over for tim wolfe who resigned on monday following protests by students and staff, they claim
5:38 am
requests to deal with racial incidents on campus. the 16-year-old middleton spent three years at the university of missouri first as a student, then as a law professor and administrator. ben: the lion king joining other shows, the musical will offer a $30 tickets on line next week. disney has discount policies in the past 2 orders -- avoid scalpers. the lottery will be a limited number of winners, pair of tickets to the next day's performance. winners will have an hour to pay, the show says seeds will vary depending on availability. juliet: let's get to michael, good morning. >> meteorologist: were you all good? juliet: feeling ok after the flu shot yesterday. did not -- it is not nice to lie
5:39 am
not nice to lie to the viewers. i tried to go last year. ben: the year before that? juliet: i did not go. >> meteorologist: they will come at you, the bus stop, the train stopped, the bus will pull up, you got to be ready for the wind, the windbreaker, is a little chilly, start off temperature down to 50 degrees, we are at 53, 56 at central park but temperatures will be coming down as time goes on the winds out of the west at 23 miles per hour, the windbreaker that you need to be prepared for and not much out, cloudy to mainly clear, any showers you see upstream not problem, we will see more sun than anything, i temperature of to 57 degrees from noon to 2:00 and it starts coming back down but it will be windy with that wind coming through, gusting even higher,
5:40 am
highs at 50 tomorrow, a 57 words. daily and hourly forecasts that up on the weather apps. download at the google play store, is free. it works well. ines: it is pretty good. and you can go to the future. >> meteorologist: you can get some really good stuff and alerts too. let's bring in ines. let's see what is going on with the commute, traffic doing good, stop and go on the lie, westchester tappan zee bridge, on the freeway, two lanes blocked, take a look, a bronx parkway south bound, northbound,
5:41 am
are fine this morning, northbound and southbound and accident in the truck lanes before 13 a blocking two lanes. minor delays, for the holland and george washington bridge. juliet: a lot more coming got. ben: you were going to get flu shots with someone else. rex ryan, neil diamond get some revenge as the jets giveaway the game. let's listen to sweet caroline on the way. catch holiday-cookie cheer on the tip of your tongue with dunkin' donuts' holiday- cookie-flavored coffees. from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m., enjoy any medium latte or macchiato for $1.99.
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juliet: checking your headlines illegal room conversion could be the honda deadly home explosion in a lisbon, new jersey, the home blew up wednesday killing 24-year-old brown and leaving two other people hospitalized in critical condition including an 11-year-old boy with terrible burns. ben: when in five and yorkers suffers mental health problems. one in five including depression, substance abuse and suicidal thoughts. the city department of health is working on a plan aimed at
5:45 am
psychological disorders. support of fantasy sports. a lot of people love doing this. bqe new york attorney general eric schneiderman sent a matter to draft kings ordering their sights to stop taking bets from customers. both sites are still taking them. ben: they did you see the game last night? juliet: it was a big issue for men with, blind issues. if the you said red and green, difference. juliet: 6% of the male population cannot differentiate between red and green, shocking to me. ben: those uniforms did not help, rex ryan facing the jets for the first time since being fired by that team, look at these uniforms, second quarter, rye and fitzpatrick, picked up by corey gramm, you fancy uniforms clearly.
5:46 am
eminems leading to a field goal. evan smith hit and fumbled the ball and goes in 16 yards. fitzpatrick is going to find eric decker over the middle. wait for it here. it will be a 31 yard scoring strike and jets will be able to cut it 22-17 but it was not enough, the bills hold on for the 22-17 win. >> we lost the game because of the turnover battle. we were in it and fought hard, executing a lower red zone. >> it feels great, at beach a hell of a football team, talented team. juliet: ryan fitzpatrick and head coach, fitzpatrick will have surgery on the tour
5:47 am
ligaments today. the non throwing hand, he will be ready to play in the jets''s next game against the texans. i wonder if players themselves have any problems. ben: as for tom coughlin's 5-4 giants they have a big game with tom brady, cheater, leading eight patriots, cheaters, coming into town. this is the first game between teams since the giants, 21-17 win over new england in the super bowl back in february of 2012. even new england couldn't lead them to victory. new england continued to roll, made the playoffs six straight seasons beating the giants trying to rebound after missing the post-season last three years cheat. juliet: we will get annihilated on twitter. knowledge. heather: la harlem globetrotters
5:48 am
something to watch, to get into the guinness book of world records. ben: three new world records, first up was the 69 feet away blindfolded. juliet: that is crazy. ben: franklin broke another record achieving of artists kneeling basketball shot made backward, 60 feet, 7.5 inches from the basket, a big loss, he achieved but farthest record. juliet: how many attempts? ben: maybe they try and got it. juliet: the answer to my question makes it more interesting if you think it is two shots or three shots. hundred shots. i am not -- i think they are ben: bedtime. we have all been excited to get to bed at one point or another.
5:49 am
juliet: this one over here. oh yes. ben: watch this. that is pretty cool actually. juliet: taking it to a whole new level. ben: pretty soft mattress. juliet: we don't know who she is that she is performing a backlog on her bed and pulling the covers of. it is on a body builder's face would page with hundreds of thousands of likes and comments. i can imagine what a comments are. come on, people. ben: michael, anything to say? >> meteorologist: i hope she lives in a house and not a new york city apartment. neighbors will lose their minds but cool trek. let's show you what is up out there for the day, what to expect, sunshine is back with gusty winds already happening and as we get into the weekend it will be windy tomorrow and not only that but chilly too and dry weather continues into the
5:50 am
next work week here making it around for awhile but not forever, 62 and islip, same in poughkeepsie, 56 that central park, winds from the west southwest at 13 to 21 miles per hour, pretty strong wind and coming from that direction brings us warmer temperatures but it will only get so warm because there is more cool air to the northwest which will be pulled into the tristate region and starts to rival little later today. high-temperature 57 with mainly clear skies the majority of the day, gusty winds, the big deal we have out there, wind advisories, wind gusts 30 to 40 miles an hour will be here, 57 today, 50 for you, tamara, a 57 sunday, then we go to the 60s from monday on. keep that in mind. keep in mind you can have the weather forecasts, text the word whether to 077, we will tax it out to you for free, good stuff, let's bring in ines to see what
5:51 am
ines: we have some problems on the george washington bridge because of an issue on the cross bronx. let's start with putnam county, you are fine on 684 but southbound by 134 watch out for an accident. let's take a look at how things are moving this morning on the southern state parkway by exit 17 and said avenue east bound west bound looking good, george washington bridge not looking as good, 30 minutes on the upper level because of problems on the cross bronx right after webster avenue lane blocked because of fuel spilled causing a 30 minute delay affecting the level tend to 15 in bound. if you want to take the lincoln or holland tunnel as an alternate that is a better option, 5 to 10 minutes delayed.
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to master the kick line. but only a few moves to master paying bills on technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. this holiday, i can count on my aunt judy once again, going off list. and knowing right when my packages arrive. so that's two things. introducing real time
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ben: hello, good morning. anna: in an interview with the british magazine justin bieber is opening up saying he relates to any winehouse, people see the glamour and amazing stuff but they don't see the underside, he gets the press all the time and feels isolated, can't go anywhere and, quote, wouldn't wish this upon any one. i guess fame. as for winehouse people thought it was funny to keep pushing her down until she had no more of herself and that is what they
5:55 am
are trying to do to me. his new album is dropping today. juliet: amy winehouse was not so nasty to people. her documentary was amazing and does give you an inside look at the pressure. anna: if he is feeling that bad we don't want to lose another person at 27. ben: although he has been known in the past to do things to draw attention to himself. we don't know. we do not. juliet: i can imagine what that life would be like. ben: you really can't go anywhere. inkompier when he became famous as a kid so he never had a normal life. juliet: he has a lot of amazing charity work. anna: backpedaling on justin bieber. if you are jennifer lawrence this is another story about it is hard to be a celebrity, she
5:56 am
is says dating is very hard for her. in a cover story she gripes no one ever asks her out, she says she is lonely every saturday night and guys are mean to her because they're trying to establish dominance and it hurts her feelings. she feels she has to meet someone who has no idea who she is. it appears he is saying goodbye to the hassle. david hassle of changed his name or has he? >> i've been wanting to drop the hassle from my life for years, now i have made it official. david hoff. anna: he is having fun with fans. it is an excerpt from an ad campaign that lunch is in australia this weekend. thank goodness because i love the term don't hassle the hoff and it would not work any more. people were freaking out on
5:57 am
why would he do this?
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