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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  November 13, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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ernie: good evening, everyone. i'm ernie anastos. it is a very busy night. we are starting with major breaking news for you. french police say there have been multiple attacks in paris causing several fatalities, perhaps as many as 60 dead. alison: sharon crowley is tracking the latest and joins us now. >> reporter: we heard from president obama. he calls these terror attacks heartbreaking and outrageous. this is a situation that is
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still unfolding. here's what we know. 60 people are dead in central paris and 100 being held hostage. let's take a look at some of the pictures that are coming to us from paris right now. here's what we understand. it happened just about an hour ago in multiple locations in central paris, france. it started at a soccer stadium where a french soccer game was underway. france was playing germany. we're told the french president had to be evacuated from that stadium when the shooting started. the gunmen, we're told, were not wearing masks. apparently they were martyrs, planning to die. there was a shooting at a shopping mall and restaurant. eyewitnesses saying bodies were falling down. that people were throwing sheets out the window to cover the bodies. the gunmen appeared to have gone to multiple locations. there are reports that some of the gunmen escaped in a car. you could hear the explosion
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taking place in the stadium as the game was going on there. president obama said he has not reached out to the french president because so much is still unfolding. so much violence still unfolding. this all comes just as jihadi john, the famed executioner who beheaded hostages from both britain and the u.s. and released those devastating videos, was likely killed by a u.s. drone attack by coalition forces. still waiting to positively identify his body. there's no saying whether the cases are linked. it is something that happened just yesterday. and then this happens. as we said, multiple locations. we heard from president obama. let's hear what he had to say just a few minutes ago. >> once again, we've seen an outrageous attempt to terrorize innocent civilians. this is an attack not just on paris.
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people of france, but this is an attack on all of humanity and the universal values that we share. we stand prepared and ready to provide whatever assistance that the government and the people of france need to respond. france is our oldest ally. the french people have stood shoulder to shoulder with the united states time and again. we want to be very clear that we stand together with them in the fight against terrorism and extremism. paris itself represents the timeless values of human progress progress. those who think that they can terrorize the people of france or the values that they stand for are wrong. >> reporter: i do have some information from some eyewitnesses in paris, france, from fox news. eyewitness ben grant said he was in a bar with his wife when the
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he had seen six or seven bodies on the ground. he told the bbc, i was told people in cars had opened fire on the bar. as i said, the shootings in multiple locations. as many as 100 hostages being held now at a concert hall where a rock band was playing. this happened at a stadium where a football game, a soccer game, was underway, france playing germany. we're told the french president was in the stadium at the time, but had to be evacuated. of course we're going to be following this for you. i'll send it back to alison and ernie with the latest. ernie: thank you for that. we've been following the information. this is a very fluid story. we've heard now that french president hollande declared a state of emergency and closed all border. now we have a special guest. alison: security expert robert strang has been with us throughout the evening. thank you. they hit a variety of different
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areas throughout the north of paris, even into the suburbs. it seems like a large scale relatively planned attack. >> right. take a look at what we see on the street. take a look at all these different situations happening very close together. and take a look at the numbers of people. this is the key here. you've got tens of thousands of people who are in the stadium. the president happened to be there as well. you've got hundreds of people in the nightclub. this is a well orchestrated, organized event. this is something that terrorists try to do. they want to be able to get the most they can in terms of putting panic into most people. think about the families with all those young people in the stadium tonight and how they're gathered together. they're not allowed to leave. paris is in a state of shock right now. unfortunately the police can't tell everyone this is over. they can't close the case.
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this is a very active shooting situation where you've got these young men who are armed with automatic weapons who have already killed dozens of people and in a position to kill other people. this is what we know about. this is a very fluid situation. the police are trying to get a handle on it as quickly as they can. frankly, you know, this is what you train for. when you see in new york city when our cops are going around 20, 30 cars or walking around with their automatic weapons, these are the kinds of things you're constantly -- ernie: when you're talking about training, you're right. as much training as you have, every situation is new. you're dealing with the same, but at the same time, you really don't know what's going to happen next. that's where you have to be really prepared. >> exactly. that's law enforcement. that's police work. that's security. that's just being trained where it comes into place and you take control of the situation. you know, you have to shoot somebody if need be quickly. these are the kinds of things
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that become automatic pilot for police officers. ernie: what we're talking about what's going on in paris, we're following every detail on fox 5, we heard from mayor de blasio talking about the coordination with french officials, french authorities. tell us about that and how it impacts here in new york. >> we're lucky. our police department actually has nypd officers who work under terrorism under bill bratton who are in france where they can rely information to new york directly. normally there's a chain of command, going through the state department, through homeland security, and ultimately to the cities and states across our country. what happened in new york was we decided we weren't going to wait for that chain of command. that because we were such a target, because we're at the top of the list, like paris, we wanted to get realtime information. so there's a whole web right now of social media, informants, people monitoring cell phones, e-mails.
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everybody is trying to get as much intelligence information as they can while the cops are in the street trying to control the situation. so it's a combination of the police taking control of a bad hostage situation on the street and possible other speculations. it's coordinating with all of the intelligence networks in paris and france and here in new york and around the world. ernie: massive job. >> you've got -- this is really -- this is really everybody kicking in. this is a global war on terror. this is the kind of thing that we do that we train for. you're seeing it right now. in spite of the chaos, the police are actually trying to control the situation and doing a pretty good job of keeping the other innocent people that have been standing around here in the stadium, in the other restaurants, in the subways, trying to keep everybody safe. alison: the french police for years have been incredibly vigilant. they've had a program in paris which is a watchful kind of
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they took all of the garbage pails and replaced them with plastic bags. they were concerned about bombings and situations in major areas. i know you mentioned that we're looking a little bit at how orchestrated this was. you look at the places they went to. we mention the shopping center. that's a major hub for the subway. it seems like they knew the areas on a friday night that would be just bustling. the subways which come in, seems like they knew how to get everywhere where people would be on a friday night in france. >> what they did was -- this is all fluid and we're speculating at this time, but clearly there's a smaller number of people that want to have a huge impact. that's exactly what you're saying. that's what they planned for. where can they be where they can have the most impact? where can they not only injuring people, holding hostages, creating chaos with all these tens of thousands of people, but
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at home watching television in paris, in france. they're terrified. ernie: i spoke to someone an hour ago. they have family in paris. they said it was like a war zone. they don't know what to do. it's a very difficult situation. as we've been saying, several attacks in paris causing a number of fatalities. as many as 60 dead right now. that's the latest figure. 100 hostages being held. this is a very fluid situation. we're following it now. keep it here on we at time warner cable need to apologize to you. we no longer offer an excuse to stay home all day just in case the cable company decides to show up. we're making a bunch of changes at time warner cable, including one-hour arrival windows. we'll also tell you how long our visit will take before your appointment starts. so now you're not stuck waiting on us. and if you still need an excuse to stay home all day, p we've compiled a whole list at
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ernie: we are back right now. it is after midnight in paris with a major developing story there right now. alison: we're hearing word as many as 60 people may have been killed in a series of terrorist attacks in and around paris. it may have been in six different locations. the very latest, french president hollande has declared a state of emergency. the borders will be closed. he said we have to show compassion and solidarity and unity and keep our cool. obviously the president with a daunting task of trying to figure out what's going on and who's done this and whether or not the french people is safe or if this is going to continue. ernie: the story changes minute to minute. we'll go to liz dahlem monitoring social media for us. bring us up to date.
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>> reporter: you said the president was calling on solidarity, for people to come together and be there for one another in paris. we're seeing exactly that. the big paper out there posting a tweet that emulates how everyone is feeling there right now. they're opening up their doors. alison you can probably translate that better than me and allowing people to come in to seek a safe place. a lot of people are concerned on the streets. the next tweet, you can see the big police presence just outside of that concert hall. tons of ambulances lining up there. and then a tourist sent this picture from the eiffel tower saying quite a remarkable night to be there, seeing all this happening and unfold before his eyes. we heard from the mayor a while ago. he sent out a formal statement as well as this tweet saying his heart is heavy with news from overseas along with new york city. we are holding you in our
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you're seeing a stepped up police presence from the nypd in pockets throughout the city. we see our own force react when you see this just to keep a special eye on thing. we can assure you the nypd is on top of this news and looking at all different locations around the city to make sure we are safe safe. the president of france saying tonight that they are making sure the borders are closed off this evening. no one coming in and out of the under control. we're monitoring social media. we'll have more in the next update. back over to you. alison: all right. thanks so much. the hashtag they were showing, it means doors open. let people in. help them out. do what you can to help people who are in a panicked situation ernie: very much so. robert strang is still with us. no one has claimed responsibility so far for this. it varies.
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sometimes it's quick. sometimes it's not. this is fluid. there's still activity going on. is that why there's a delay? >> it's not over. that's the reason. this is an active terrorist attack that you still have hostages. you still have people who are injured injured. not everything has happened at once. there's been slowly different explosions that have taken place. this is very fluid and dynamic. there's a tremendous amount of activity going on. you're not going to have anybody who's going to claim responsibility until this horror show is over. because let's face it, part of what this process is is to get people like us to see it and, you know, and to feel the pain and to be able to -- this is what terrorists do. ernie: unfortunately, robert, we have seen this before. you know, you have to talk about -- and you know about this -- the mentality, especially of all these young
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terrorists involved. >> right. they just don't care. it's a mission they're on. that's the hard part about fighting terrorism, that you've got people who don't care if they die. they want to cause as much harm as they can as quickly as they can and do it in a very public way. that's the definition of a terrorist. clearly this is exactly the kind of thing that, you know, you prepare for. this is the kind of thing that they prepare for. unfortunately, we've been so good around the world with our intelligence information, we've been able to stop things like this in the past. somehow this is the one that slips through. unfortunately, this is what you're dealing with now. luckily for us and the french and our counterparts have trained as we have in the united states to deal with this. ernie: thank you. alison: thank you so much. appreciate it. we're going to head to a break and we're coming back. we're not going to the break.
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alison: jean lives in paris. he is a friend of fox 5. can you hear us? ernie: are we making contact? a live phone we're trying to make connection with. are you on the phone, jean? i don't think so. i think -- alison: we'll take a quick break and get to him if we can right after the break. and of course, everyone wants to get online at once. to watch things. buy things. but slow internet makes it hard. that's why it's time to get fios. wifi available. with speeds from 50 to 500 megs. fios internet, tv and phone for
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ernie: breaking news out of paris. it is after midnight, 12:30 right now. french police dealing with multiple attacks in paris causing several fatalities. the last number that we have is about 60 dead, 100 being held hostage. we have heard from the french president saying there is a state of emergency and all the borders are closed. we're following this story. alison: linda schmidt is live at the french consulate. tell us what's happening there. >> reporter: not a lot of activity going on. there are two people standing at the door. what they're doing when anyone approaches, it is locked. someone comes to the door and confirms who they are. so far we have not seen anybody going in and out. just the two people that came to the door. there are a couple of nypd police officers here. i'll step out of the way.
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the elite hercules team is across the street. you have seen them many, many times in the city since 9/11. they are now stationed across the street here. also not a lot of activity. fifth avenue in this area, it's a community. it's a neighborhood. twles there's not a lot of foot traffic. most of the people are on their way home from work and most people having no idea what's going on. one thing i want to do, the mayor's office released a statement. i'm going to read that to you. i've got to pull it up on my e-mail. this is it from mayor de blasio's office. he's saying the people of new york city are heartbroken to see our sister city of paris shaken again. we stand in solidarity with the residents of paris and with the mayor during the tragic time. the victims of the horrific attacks, the families and residents of paris are in our hearts tonight. he goes on to say that the nypd
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is in close contact with our international liaison. they are closely -- as for what's going on outside of the consulate, very quiet right now. that's the latest from here. back to both of you in the studio. ernie: we continue to follow a horrific story tonight. a deadly situation in paris. an act of extreme violence. the numbers are staggering. 60 dead. that's the latest number we have. numerous injuries reported. this story is still developing right now. alison: the french government taking measures to secure the people there. they've closed the borders. now. first time they've done that since the '40s. anything they can do to keep people inside and safe and try to figure out -- ernie: six separate attacks. we continue to follow the story. we're taking a break.
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your next one. ernie: painful story to report tonight. we hear that fox news is reporting the 100 hostages being held are being killed one at a time. they're begging for their lives. unbelievable story. you have eyewitness accounts. >> reporter: it's hard to talk about. about. >> here's what one eyewitness had to say. there are lots of dead people. it's pretty horrific. to be honest, i was at the back of the bar. that's where one of the shootings took place. i couldn't see anything. i heard gunshots.
6:27 pm
we put a table over our heads to try to protect us. no one has claimed credit for these terror attacks. they were clearly coordinated as we've been talking about in several different locations almost at the same time. it's really something that is just horrific. ernie: unbelievable. no words to describe it. alison: thank you so much. sharon. we'll have more on this throughout the evening. thank you for being with us. ernie: painful story for us to report and certainly painful for the people involved and those of you watching. that's it for now. the 10:00 news comes up later
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